Qiao Shan just finished。There is no response from Xiao Fan here,I saw that Lin Feng over there had stood up from his seat in surprise。
Then I came to Qiao Shan step by step,Asked incredulously:“you,What did you say?”
Qiao Shan investigated Xiao Fan,I naturally know who is standing in front of me,This person is Lin Feng, the former chairman of the Lin Group,That is Xiao Fan’s father-in-law。
So after Qiao Shan heard Lin Feng’s question,Answered immediately:“Uncle Lin,I mean,As long as Xiao Fan is willing,All of our Jiang family’s properties in Yun City,From today,Will belong to the Lin Group。”
As if to show your attitude,After saying the sentence just now,Qiao Shan immediately added:“Of course,If you are not satisfied with this apocalypse,I can still add,These are still negotiable。”
When Lin Feng heard such words,Wave your hand immediately,Said:“Do not,Do not,No need to,Really don’t need!”
He didn’t understand why the young master of the dignified Jiangnan family would come to their house to apologize to Xiao Fan,And also gave such a heavy apocalypse。
That’s the Jiang family’s industry in the entire Yun City!
Don’t look at anything else,Just look at the thick pile of documents in the lawyer’s hands,Lin Feng guessed and guessed it!
What did Xiao Fan do?,Would make the young master of the dignified Jiang family,Gave him such a big compensation。
Lin Feng looked at Xiao Fan at a loss,After all, Qiao Shan came to apologize to Xiao Fan,Although he is his father-in-law,But in this matter,He is also not qualified to say a word。
Lin Feng’s eyes looked at Xiao Fan,I saw Xiao Fan also looked calm and gentle。
And Qiao Shan looked at Xiao Fan who hadn’t said a word from beginning to end,I was also worried。
If Xiao Fan disagrees,Qiao Shan really doesn’t know what to do!
Chapter One Hundred and Eighteen Mystery call
So Qiao Shan’s eyes have been fixed on Xiao Fan’s body motionlessly。
But this can’t help Qiao Shan’s carelessness,Because of him,The whole Qiao family,The power of life and death is now placed on Xiao Fan。