I heard Wu Youyong said this.,Yang Lan is also a bit moving by the other party.。
After all, the two are no longer two days a day.。
“Xiao Wu,Do you really willing to divorce with me??
To know,My sister can’t be born.。”
“Hey-hey,Lan sister,You are doubting that I am sincere to you.!In order to express my sincerity,Today, I have to let Lanke, you know my power.。”
Say,Wu Youyong began to tease。
Yang Lan’s eyes of Wu Youyuan,Also gradually defeated。
Just when Wu Youyong just took the other party to the desk.,The ringtone of the ringtone is directly rang.。
I immediately rejected him without hesitation.。
After all, this key moment,Can you fill a chain?。
But immediately, it rang.。
“or,You should pick it first.!”
Yang Lan said,Also from the desk。
Seeing the other party’s obvious interest,Wu Youyi is also angry in the heart。
Pick up your phone directly to see your eyes。
When I saw Liu Yufeng,He is also a brow。
The other party will give him a call for ten and a half months.,At this time, I called him.。
In his eyes,Liu Yanfeng is to take care of his son at home.。
Otherwise, I have been divorced by the other side.,Will not drag like this。
Hesitate,He still took it up.。
“Hey,What’s the matter?”
I heard Wu Youyong’s impatient tone.,Liu Yanfeng is also a glimpse。
But still very gentle care:“Nothing,Just ask if you are tired,Be good,By the way, I want to ask,When you come back, look at me with your child.?”
“You are not yet yet.?
I will give you two thousand for a while.,Go home again,Now I am exhausted outside.,How can I take a look at home?。”
Finish,Wu Youyong hangs directly.。
When I got an impatient face, I turned into a smile in an instant when Yang Lan.。
Seeing Wu Youyong’s speed,Yang Lan is also laughing。
“It is said that women change their faces.,Your man is not bad better than a woman.!”
“Hey-hey,Not always,I am not divorced with her first.?
Let her first,When the house is still, it can be mine.,I want to come out,In case the court,Know that I have such a company with you.,Also pay for money to give her,Isn’t that it is too fold??”
For Wu Youlong,Yang Lan is also a vigilance in his heart.。
“Yes, your own wife, you still have a lot of money.?”
“Hey-hey,I am now all you now.,Where is her position?。”
Say,Wu You Yong started again.。
Yang Lan is also slowly relaxing under the enthusiasm of each other.,She is no longer two days from Wu Youyong.,Emotic foundation is also。
Why is Wu Youyong who will touch her at the beginning?,She also understands in her heart.。