soon,He also came to Shenzhen University。
Then tell your situation,He goes straight.。
Just when I got a girl’s dormitory,He is stopped by the accomplished aunt.。
He didn’t think that the daytime can be stopped.。
“Aunt,I want to give my classmates to my mobile phone.,I promise to get out within ten minutes.。”
“Boy,I have seen more you.,Ten minutes,In fact, it is not necessarily one hundred minutes.。”
“Forehead,So how do you with me??
I promise really very fast。”
“Humph,I am with you.,In case there are other boys secretly sneak.?”
For this,Li Hui Feng suddenly felt something I didn’t know how to answer.。
“Aunt,Then I put my own identity.,Including my mobile phone is in this,I really”“Do you think I am this hotel??
This is a school,Please respect us。”
Li Hui Feng is aunt that is not in this oil salt.,Also speechless,Turn it directly to go out。
“okay,See your boy is not like a bad person,Remember。”
Looking at Li Hui’s lost back,The other party seems to be conscience。
Just he hasn’t waited for it.,Stunned。
Chapter 1288 Counterattack
Because Ye Yen has already dropped from the dormitory.。
Clear visible blood print on the cheeks,Hair is also a mess,Clothes are even more obvious with traces that are torn。
Ye Yuan did not expect that he would encounter Li Hui Feng here.。
And still when she is so embarrassed。
“You are fighting with people.?”
Li speaks from the wind to see the other party,I gave my judgment in the first time.。
After all, according to the things he understands last night.,It is very obvious that Ye Yao is being cheated.,Then someone is solely that she finds two black people.“Um,Let it go,I will find a place to organize it.。”
Just when Li Hui is ready to leave with each other,Ye Yeo is followed by a group of female students.。
Among them, several of them are more likely to appear.。
Bai Bilian is in the forefront。
She has just been scared by Ye Yeo picked up the bench.,But I finally saw Ye Youo chose to retreat.,There is a lot of courage to increase.。
“Ye Yao,Why are you not arrogant??
Some things continue to say,Last night, we saw that you were dragged out by two black people.,how?
Dare to do not deserve?”
“I still want to be white lotus?
Don’t go with this matter.!”
I heard these words of Bai Bai Lian,Ye Yuo’s little fist touched again。
Li Hui also did not think that Ye Yuguo’s classmates would actually bowlish the stone.。
The most important thing is that Ye Yao has not fallen.!“Let it go,Don’t take them。”