Xia Chenglong vomits blood,Then fell from the sky in an unexpected form,This is a very embarrassing process,So much so that after falling in the water, I still don’t want to come out。
The disc in the sky has collapsed,That Xiaoli Weng should have disappeared too,Tu Cancan gritted his teeth,Go straight to the lake in front。
Xia Chenglong calmly in the lake,Was suddenly pulled up,Brought directly to the ground。
“Hey,Are you OK!”
Back to normal,Shocked by what happened just now,Especially the last light,I almost died。
It was his unafraid of death that made the ghostly shadow of that illusory land think that it would die together.,Okay,At the last moment he realized!
All right,The biggest threat is really solved,did not expect,It takes longer to pass this level than before,He encountered all the essence of this Tu family。
“Has the problem been solved?”Tu Cancan asked curiously。
Xia Chenglong nodded。
Woman with wide eyes,Put on the look like that。
Now that the problem is solved,Where is the gate from this circle??
The environment at this moment,Except that it has been destroyed by Xia Chenglong and the previous ghost into a ruin,Doesn’t seem to change,Here is the same as before,There is no change in the energy between heaven and earth。
In other words……They still can’t get out。