“You don’t need to worry about anything happening in the future,You should be free from now on,If you stay here,I’m afraid that you are the one who makes fertilizer here。”
Qin Feng looked at those people,I still have some conscience,Thinking of giving them a way to survive,Otherwise, he must have solved these people first,Destroy this piece of evil again。
A few people hesitated after listening,They are not all willing to do things for the old fox here,They also got tied up after coming here accidentally。
And use their wives and daughters to coerce them to work here,The old fox will give them some compensation,And ensure that their homes have nothing to worry about。
I just can’t reveal a word to the outside world,Otherwise, the life of the family will be accounted for here。
So although everyone here knows that what they are doing is not a good thing,Doing the opposite may cost many people their lives,But they have to do it。
One of them said to Qin Feng,“If we go now,Can you really protect our safety?And protect the safety of our family?”
After Qin Feng heard this, he knew that these people were not willing to stay here.,So nodded and said,“As long as you leave here immediately,Not only your lives are safe,I also promise your family will be absolutely safe。
But some of them really don’t believe Qin Feng’s words,Said to Qin Feng,“Why do we believe you,You are just a person who showed up here for no reason,Someone will catch you soon。”
“And you will be like us,Can only stay in this field forever,Doing these shameful deeds。”
Qin Feng sneered again after listening,“No one dared to force me to do things I don’t want to do。I dare say I can guarantee your safety,Can guarantee your safety。”
“Believe it or not is your business,but,if
If you don’t leave,I can guarantee you will die next。”
Qin Feng first salutes and then soldiers,Seeing a few people are not very cooperative,I lost patience and said directly,He doesn’t want to waste time with these people,The dozen acres of flowers and plants outside are still waiting for him to deal with。
After hearing Qin Feng’s words, several people made up their minds,After taking a few clothes and personal things,So she ran outside。
But a few people are still hesitating,As if to doubt Qin Feng’s words。Qin Feng watched them not leave。