Just when Hua Yun was in shock,Shen Yingjie has rushed into the room directly opposite the living room like a javelin,There was a few muffled noises in it instantly。
Hua Yun immediately realized that a gangster had broken in,She tried to force herself to be calm,Then shivering and turning on the headlights in the living room,I was trembling again and wanted to take out my mobile phone from my bag and prepare to call the police,There was a fierce fighting sound from the balcony,With Shen Yingjie’s sweet drink from time to time,But there was no sound in a few seconds。
Shin Young’s outstanding business?Hua Yun feels something is wrong,Finally pulled out the phone,Dialed the police without hesitation。
“Sorry,Let’s finish。”A man’s hearty voice came from the balcony,Although it’s just a simple sentence to make Hua Yun thunderous,Surprise,She quickly cut off the phone in her hand,Go straight to the balcony。
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Six Regeneration incident
The man speaking is Li Tianchou,He came to see Liu Qiang in the county again,Before leaving, prepare to take a look at Hua Yun。Coincidentally met on the way,But Hua Yun didn’t find him,Li Tianchou also gave up the idea of meeting immediately,So as not to be discovered by Zhao Yong’s people,Cause unnecessary trouble。
He accidentally saw Hua Yun had a new man next to him,A beautiful girl,Didn’t catch his attention,But after following a few steps, Li Tianchou realized that he was looking away,Immediately adjust the stride and extend the distance。
The girl seems to be careless,But faintly reveals a murderous aura that is hard to hide。Besides, Shen Yingjie didn’t even try to cover up,Because walking with Huayun on the road is her most sensitive and nervous moment,The experience only a few days ago made her very alert。
Most people don’t notice,But in the eyes of experts,But it can be seen that Shen Yingjie’s murderous aura was acquired after long and severe training.。How sharp is Li Tianchou’s vision,Surprised but also happy for Hua Yun,I don’t know where she found such a character in a short time,Just by this vigilance,The beauty is not much worse than herself。
Li Tianchou was afraid of being discovered,Have to observe from a distance,I saw two people eating at a restaurant,No longer trailing。Suddenly on a whim,Li Tianchou decided to try the girl’s skills,Came to the garden apartment in advance。
On the balcony at this time,Although Li Tianchou is wearing a baseball cap,But his demeanor can’t hide from Hua Yun’s eyes,I saw him smiling,A long dagger in his hand is gently pressing against Shen Yingjie’s neck,And Shen Yingjie glared,A drying rack in his hand stabbed Li Tianchou’s armpit,But obviously she didn’t dare to move。Two people froze there like cockfighting,Hua Yun looked at the two dumbfounded,Can’t speak for a while。
“Ha ha,President Hua,Came in without saying hello,See and go。”Li Tianchou spoke first。
“How are you doing now?”Hua Yun’s voice trembled,She has dreamed of Li Tianchou many times,But I didn’t expect to see him again in this way。
“You are Li Tianchou?”Shen Yingjie has spoken,Speak fast,But obviously surprised。