“noob,Where’s that guy Wright,Did he take advantage of me?!”
Velociraptor Xiaobai:“。。。。(I do not know how to answer you,I’m just a dragon)”
“Cough!”Wright’s voice came from the door。Holding a plate of exquisite food。
“Not bad,Not bad!”Cecilia unceremoniously took the plate in Wright’s hand,Took a big bite。“how about it,Where are we now?”
“Hometown,But I went to a doctor in a small town to treat your wound halfway through,Light magicians are too rare。”Wright shook his head,“I’m worried that the masked man will catch up,Just walk along the sunset mountain range,Walked around for half a circle before reaching the homecoming city。”
Cecilia eating food,Nothing said。
In fact, the two have known each other for only ten days,Even Cecilia is sleeping most of the time,But this time escaping from the dead brought the relationship between the two quickly closer。
“Wright,Are we safe now??”Cecilia thought for a while,Still asked,The mask man really scared her。
“rest assured!”Wright said very confidently:“We are now in the hotel of the Geer Chamber of Commerce,I have some relationship with Geer Chamber of Commerce,The news will not leak,He really went here to go wild,It’s hard to tell who is dead and who is alive。”
“So!”Cecilia is feeling down,“Wright,Can you help me send a letter to my family。”
Lai nodded,He can see it too,This eldest lady seems to have some psychological shadows。But then again,Wright decided to practice,Have a desire for strength and adventure。But Cecilia came out to play。。。Although the opponent’s strength is not much worse than his own,But the mentality is still very different。
Just like this, the world has passed for three days,Cecilia’s injuries gradually healed—Mainly on the third day, Wright invited an excellent light magician to release the healing magic.。
And Cecilia also gradually recovered the lively and excessive character when Wright first met,until。。。
“Gone!”Wright looked at the envelope in his hand,Cecilia finally did not drag herself to deliver the letter to her family,Instead, I left a letter for myself。
Wright knows very well,I might like Cecilia a little。
In the past few days with Cecilia,Have lost the vigilance that should have been,At the same time even neglecting practice。
“call!”Wright took a deep breath,I pressed Cecilia’s depressedness to the bottom of my heart。