Hear her title,Zhou Yurui is slightly surprised to see Chu Deirers,And Chu Deirers are normal introduction:“Be right,This is the Zhou Ruo, the Emei.、Blind,That time before I am expanding the fake treasure,Blind……Help a lot。”
Chu Deirers have not mentioned——In fact, it is not busy when it is not unveiled in a fake treasure.,But put the handkerchief to the moon filmmaster.,It was also closed for this near one year.!
At the same time, I think about Zhou Yili appears here.,Chu Dee people can’t help but ask:“Zhou girl has come to Wudang,I thought about it.……Division is too waiting to ask for each dispatch to teach?”
Zhou Yuli wonders,But I looked at the two sisters.,I feel that they can testify,This is not the disclosure of yourself.,But people guess,What’s more, this is not something that you can’t see?,So the opening:“Be right,The family’s life gave me the same way of Wudang.。”
Chu Deirers heard this,But it is a brow——This old nun will be the time……
Previously in Guo Zhaison,Chu Deirers listened to him mentioned,Mongolian Master Jinhe Wangwang、Unknown,This file Emei wants to be siege to the anti-primary army.“Holy land”?
Although all the righteous force,Most of them have been interrupted with Ming Education.,But after all, it is the banner of Mingjiao.,If it is therefore frustrated……
But when Zhou Yulu’s face,Chu Deirers don’t say more,After all, this is not what she can decide.。
“Nowadays, the rivers and lakes of the rivers and lakes threatened Fuyang,Diji teacher is too actually calling each sent to the gain?”Water relocation can no matter where those,Directly dissatisfied。
After all, the water is in the north of Sanxiang.、Xiangfan is not far away,Before the water, I was also taken by Guo Giao.,To this 阳阳 在,Yuanmou is sensitive to the rivers and lakes of Wudang and Mingjiao。
Zhou Yulu is somewhat awkward,No first time opening,A master she brought is dissatisfied:“Who is this girl??Could it be defending for Mingjiao,Still doubting my head of the head?”
In addition to being due to dissatisfaction with the horizontal accusation of the water,Because……This Emei disciple,Before it is a master of Ding Yujun,Ding Yujun was abolished by Chu Deirers.,Emei is like a deep,Even if you are extinct, you will not be blamed.,Instead, there is a little short in front of Yu Lianzhou.,But in the disciple below,It’s inevitable that someone is dissatisfied with the Chu Dee.,After all, there is a relative。
“Jingbei cold moonzhuang!阳 事,Division is too unknown,You can look at it.!”Water Dragon Direct Opening Road。
“It turns out that you are that one……”
“Sister,shut up!”Zhou Yibui stopped her with the waterstone quarrel。
“The water girl may be misunderstood,Teachers are just targeted,Nature has nothing to do with the righteous army。”Zhou Yilui explained a sentence to the water,Ease the atmosphere。
Water is just ignorance,Obviously do not accept this trust——However, Wudang’s people and Mingjiao also have thousands of grievances.,What is the nature of her nature?。
Zhou Yulu saw the atmosphere,So after the Chu Deirence,I will open the room first.,Obviously it is also to trim,Go see Zhang Zhen people。
And the Chu Deiren has not considered it yet.,What should this matter?、What position is,But I didn’t expect it.……After returning to Wudo on the same day,Zhang Zhen people will take the initiative to see him,And an opening is a matter of teaching!
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 574 Method
“Zhang Zhenren folded the late generation,This……If Wudang is,There is no way,What can I have any way??”Chu Deirers said helplessly。
Just just,Zhang Zhen people are actually proposed to Chu Deirers.,I want him to go to the bright top、Try to give each school,Don’t hurt, ICAP!
Sure enough, Zhang Zhen is finally,Still watching the scorpion。
but……Chu Deirers still like,Before that“Sliced、Unveiled”Bottom line requirements。
To some extent,Chu Deiren did not say anything wrong。
Although in martial arts,Chu Deirers feel that they have a few sets of configurations,Can defeat the strongest Yu Lianzhou in Wudang——And only need to activate incomplete fighting,You can defeat,No need……
But if you want to mediate all sent,And the old,Chu Deirers are really than Wudang。
After all, Wudang’s signature played,Who doesn’t give a few dishes?Especially Zhang Zhenren,If you really want to use the anti-element as a reason,保 教 教,Who will not have to go with Zhang Zhen??
Extinction or perception,But this kind of person is very young,What climate does not become。
Zhang Zhen people also understand this,but……
He can’t do this.,On the one hand, it is the death of Zhang Cuishan.、Yu Jiyan’s disabled,Make him herself can’t convince yourself,Although the monk、Calm,But it is not directly swallowed,This is still very angry。
on the other hand……Other five people、Especially Yin Shi,I can’t let go of Mingjiao。
Zhang Zhen people also know,Yin Shiting secretly cultivated the same recruitment,But there is no persuade,I have to feel this.“Heaven and earth”,寓 意 成、Surround。