“Fernandez·Mr. Chen seems to have a good relationship with a consulting firm in Washington,”Secretary thought for a while,Replied:“This consulting company has contacts with some big names in the Pentagon。”
“So it’s probably an acquaintance?”Heard the secretary,Bruce·Evans couldn’t help but smile,He knows these meaningless“Consulting company”What’s the matter,Speaking of,Lockheed and these“Consulting company”There are still many business exchanges。Casually ordered the secretary:“Help me contact,Just say I want to talk to him about something。”
“Ok,”The secretary hurriedly responded:“What time?”
“The sooner the better!”
In blues·Evans“The sooner the better”At the request of,The next afternoon,Jotson appeared in Bruce·In front of Evans。
Looking at the big man in front of you,Jotson was surprised and happy。
I am glad that this is the senior executive vice president of the military giant Lockheed.,Such a big man finds himself,Once we can take this opportunity to get online with Lockheed,Wouldn’t the money be rolling in from now on??;
Worry is,Jottson knows himself,Know that Lockheed has a special cooperation“Consulting company”,They are even here“Consulting company”Some shares in it,In other words,In theory, such a good thing can’t fall to oneself at all。
Then the problem is coming,Bruce·Evans finds himself,What is it for?
Bruce·Before Evans came,I specifically asked people to find a piece of information about the relationship between Qiao Tesen and Chen Geng,I know that this guy has a very good relationship with Chen Geng,So I didn’t put on a show、Domineering posture,Took a sip of coffee,Bruce·Evans asked Jotson quite politely:“Mr. Chotson,I heard that your relationship with Mr. Fernandez is very good?”
Bruce·Evans came to find himself,It’s for Fernandez·Chen?
Don’t understand Bruce·In the case of Evans,Qiaotson was playing drums in his heart,Prudent way:“This one……how to say,Me and Fernandez·Mr. Chen has been cooperating for some years,Everyone’s friendship is pretty good,but……”
“that’s enough,”Without waiting for Jotson to finish,Bruce·Evans nodded:“Mr. Chotson,Please come over this time,I need to trouble you to ask Fernandez·Mr. Chen sends a message,Say that Lockheed intends to sell off the civil aircraft business,I don’t know if he is interested?”
Jotson waited for a long time,Didn’t wait for Bruce·Evans’ below,Only astonished:“That’s it?”
Bruce·Evans nodded:“Yes,That’s it。”
Jotson suddenly couldn’t laugh or cry!
If just let me help you with Fernandez·A word from Chen Di,Then you said earlier,Such a simple thing!Do you know I almost scared Lao Tzu to death,I thought I accidentally blocked your Lockheed way……