Huang Junjie can naturally feel Qin Feng’s killing intent,But he didn’t panic,Instead, he said with a smile:“Young people don’t be impulsive,I don’t just know about this,Will Tianguang know,But he knew it earlier。”
And he didn’t handle it well,I will help you handle the end of the hand。What you helped Jiang Yan treat,That’s the medicine a friend of mine brought back from abroad,This is the drug,Treating a cold is best。
Huang Junjie finished this sentence,And took out a box of medicine from my pocket,Obviously it’s already prepared。
Qin Feng looked at Huang Junjie without understanding and asked:“why treat me like this?”
Huang Junjie said in response to what was not asked:“Do you think a person wants to succeed,What should he have?”
This is a very serious question,Qin Feng also thought about it for a long time,Then he said:“I should rely on my own ability?”
“Yes?Have their own skills,But everyone’s brains and skills are not much different,Except for a handful of people who will go against the sky,The others are all beings。”
Whether it’s me,Or the sky light is like this,He found your situation,But he is calm,Have been silently supporting you,Get your favor,In the future, if you become more prosperous,,He will naturally go up again。
The reason why he could float up and down so many times before,Because of these。
Huang Junjie let Qin Feng enter another world,He always thought that what he did was quite secretive,But now he realizes that he has always been a little underestimated hero。
But now Qin Feng is also facing a problem,He looked at Huang Junjie with a headache and asked:“What do you mean?”
Qin Feng is also acquiescing something,Everyone has investigated clearly,Covering up here is purely an insult to my own brain。