[Different new experiences every day, both men and women want]

How can men and women live fresh?

I believe many people want to know this answer.

Give sex a new trick every day to keep men and women fresh.

Many people have to worry about 30 days a month, 30 personality styles, how can it be done?

Don’t worry, the following editors will share with you 29 personality patterns, so that your sex is not the same every day.

Many people will ask why it is 29?

Don’t you need to rest?

Have sex for a month?

Here’s a look at 29 personality love tricks: experts teach you to experience different sex lives of men and women every day: bath pressure is a big killer of sexual desire, foam bath relieves stress and restore sexual desire.

Day 2: Massage the navel eyes The navel can be called “sex switch”. Clockwise massage around the navel eyes can stimulate sexual desire.

Day 3: Buying “sexy” sheets Nina Helms, the promoter of the “Sexual Health Lover” organization, said silk or cotton sheets can increase sexual desire.

Day 4: Swap sex. Wonderful couples write down 5 ways of sex that have never been tried or never thought about, and then swap.

Day 5: Write down the visual stimuli. Pay attention to some visual stimuli in your daily life that make you feel “sexual”, and write them down.

Day 6: Drinking a glass of red wine Drinking 1-2 glasses of red wine daily can increase genital blood flow and increase female sexuality.

Day 7: Underwear Show A sexy lingerie show can inspire each other’s passion.

Day 8: The smoother the sensitive area of the lubricating oil, the faster and stronger the sexual arousal.

Day 9: Sharing sexual fantasies. Sharing secrets is extremely private and intimate, while sexual fantasies are a treasure trove of sexual excitement.

Day 10: Create a sexy bedroom and make the bedroom a “private oasis”. Red scarves, rose petals, scented candles, etc. can come in handy.