For a long time, teachers’ profession are considered "the most glorious career under the sun." However, some experts said that now, the society’s excessive "sacred" for teachers’ occupation has made many teachers feel more serious. Recently, the "Chinese Teacher Development Report (2020-2021)" issued by Professor Liu Haimin, Professor, Northeast Normal University, Professor Liang Hongmei, etc. Li Guang is the executive dean of the Teacher Education Research Institute of Northeast Normal University.

He said in the 12th to interview with the new newspaper reporter, this praise reflects people ‘s expectations for people’ s idealization roles.

"Appropriate social expectations can be converted into the power and sense of responsibility of teachers, but excessive expectations will cause the psychological pressure of teachers.

Li Guang said that whether it is the public, or the teacher’s group itself, he should understand the teacher’s role from the "people" teacher and as a teacher’s "person" dialectical relationship to help improve the professional happiness of teachers. This. Why is the report pay attention to the development situation of primary and secondary school teachers’ professional happiness? Li Guang explained that China has basically built the largest educational system in the world. With the education change into the deep water area, teachers face a more grand mission and expectation, And unprecedented challenges and stress, professional burnout and happiness deletions have become an important issue that is urgent to solve the high quality development. "With the boom of global education reform, the development of teachers has become a major topic of global education development, to a certain extent, The quality of teachers determines the success or failure of education reform. Li Guang said.

  According to the report, the overall level of professional happiness in China’s primary and secondary school teachers is higher, but it faces the "moral kidnapping", the conflict between the "moral kidnapping", the relationship between the family, the implementation of the education policy, and the high-happiness index. "Dotted collapse" and other phenomena.

  Li Guang pointed out that the family school relationship is a unique dilemma of China’s basic education.

Under the wave of socio-economic and cultural reforms, the school no longer plays the character of absolute authority. The family school relationship has different education concepts. The responsibility border is unclear and other issues, and even the "exiting WeChat group" and other education hot events.

  Li Guang believes that society has challenged the traditional education method. At the same time, China lacks relevant education laws and regulations, and teachers serve as one of the protagonists in the relationship between home schools. It plays a key effect. While making a question, this report also tried to give a response measures. Li Guang said that the professional and happiness of primary and secondary school teachers direct the compensation, and teachers almost consistently increase the pay-by the main path as a professionally happiness. Recommendations for remuneration benefits mainly around two aspects: one is the level of focus pay treatment; the second is the focus of paying the resolution structure, and the initiative of the subject is stimulated.

  In addition, the report also suggested that the professionalism of professionalism can be improved by improving teachers ‘professionalism, grant professional security, strengthening professionalism, and strengthening professional stations and other measures to enhance teachers’ professional happiness. Li Guang said that in the context of the new era, Li Guang is concerned that the teacher’s professional happiness is the active choice of China’s compliance with social transformation and global education reform.

To achieve the professional development of teachers, you need to pay attention to human factors, that is, from "knowledge" to pay attention to "life", pay attention to the teacher’s main body needs to be happy with occupational happiness.