And the cause,But it makes Baiguan puzzled,It’s really the lord of the country and a Buddhist monk‘Jiang Liuer’Worship!
This Datang Country,Not the Great Tang of Earth History,It’s a vassal state of the ancient human race Daxia Dynasty。
These princes,Behind is a real fairy,It is said that there is some blood connection with the reincarnated body of the Taoist ancestor of the Three Qings,Also dominate a large area。
Because there is some blood connection with Sanqing Daozu,Naturally advocating Taoism。
Buddhism?What the hell is that!Not hostile at best。
Notice,The national policy of the Tang Dynasty is to do nothing but the old Huangxue,Not just the true ancestor,Even the gods rarely involve the mundane。
To govern the common customs,Lordship replacement,Are all hopeless gods,High status,After all, hopeless gods。
But it’s not low,Master the vast country,Even if it can only mobilize part of the force,It is also enough to make some casual cultivators not dare to be too contemptuous。
Such an immortal with a profound Taoist background,But befriended a Buddhist disciple who hadn’t become a monk,Amnesty,It’s also a miracle。
Buddhism,In fact, there is also the difference of refining qi and body,Refining is the refining of gods and demons,It’s just a bit more Buddhist mystery。
And Buddhism refining Qi,There is still some difference from the orthodox Daomen Qi refining。
Novice monk,In the ordinary, it means the little monk,And in the realm of Buddhist orthodox practice,It refers to the so-called innate Qi refining realm comparable to Taoism。
Sammon,Refers to the Buddhism monks in the realm of refining qi equivalent to the Zifu to Vientiane。
Bhikkhu,It refers to the realm of Yuanshen Taoist。
A man in charge of a huge territory,The power in the hand is so heavy that even the gods will be slightly jealous,Become a Buddhist disciple who is equivalent to the realm of Vientiane,Really surprising。
“Yuanshi,I don’t know how many generations you’re descended from,Did the Tathagata secretly tell him,That little monk is the reincarnation of the second disciple of Tathagata!”
“Candle dragon,You want to get in too?!”Sanqing Taoist looked at the black-clothed old man beside him,Shook his head。