“Hello everyone!I am the captain of the Oscar team and broke up suddenly——pineapple,We never fight unprepared battles,But except today!”The pineapple across the air to the players of the opposing team of flowers and plants,Thumbs down gestures with a contempt。
“Hello students,Hello fans,I’m a scout of Team Oscar——Sweet orange,Don’t look at me sweet and round,Kill you at the critical moment!”
“Hello everyone!I am the medical soldier of Team Oscar——watermelon,Members of the Flower Team,Today I will let you know that watermelon juice is salty(idle)of,Because my teammate will not get hurt in this game!”
“Hello everyone!I am the armored rider of Team Oscar——banana,Team Huacao pay attention,Don’t tell me to run,Because then you can only eat ashes behind my ass!”Banana made a driving gesture with both hands and crashed into the opposite flower team member。
“The last speaker of the Oscar team,Is the supernova ace sniper who joined the team this year——Dragon fruit!Personal data average kills per game1.64,mortality rate0.65,The overall glory value is shocking8.49,His skillful、Huge potential,I think he will become a professional player just around the corner!”Mr. Sakata specially introduced Long Xiyue,Because this was specially arranged by Long Shao privately。
“There are no flowers in my eyes,only you——!”When the interview shot was given to Long Xiyue,He stood up and looked at the auditorium behind him。Everyone see,I saw a beautiful girl in a white dress sitting in the player rest area of the Oscar team,She nodded and smiled at the camera,It’s like a white lotus in the gentle wind and drizzle,Became the third kind of stunning beauty on earth that was lost in the moonlight and snow。
“Braun?Isn’t that classmate Bailing??!”Zhang Song was shocked。
“Lark goddess!Lark goddess!Lark goddess!”
“Lark goddess?She is the school flower of the University of Science and Technology!How can I sit in the rest area of the Communication University Oscar team?Isn’t she going to have sex with Young Master Long??”A reporter with a camera in Communication University said。
“Bailing actually rebelled?!This is big news……its not right,Didn’t she just announce that she called‘Lu Yi’Are you together?Which is called‘Lu Yi’Is it you?”The news agency sister suddenly asked Lu Yi on the side。
“Do not,not me……Probably just the name is close……”Lu Yi answered。
“I guess it’s not you!Why would she like something useless like you?”Senior Sister Lu Yi mocked。
“My master seems to be green……”Zhang Song called。
“Not so much……Aren’t they not together?”Anna Cao in a wheelchair said softly。
“Although they are not together……But others don’t know!In an interview last week, Bai Ling said that she was very good with Master!Became someone else’s Oscar team in an instant‘Family members’Up,Don’t say it’s my master,Even I can’t stand it!”Zhang Song Qidao。
“Is there such a big melon??”Feng Xichuan poked his head,Discuss with everyone。
“Although it’s a woman whose heart is fickle,But I am more interested in you, the master!”Guo Yinzhe squinted and smiled。