“It’s a three masters and winds.!”Abi surprise called。
Before the Chu Deirers were peers,Also saved them,But after all is not a man,Not necessarily, this kind of rivers and lakes are killed,At this time, I saw the true Murong’s own master.,This is loose。
The person is the four of the four family members of Mu Rong.——Package、Wind wave!
Murong is not only a Zhuangzi,Like four people,Each is also small,The package is different from the Golden Zhuangzhuang、The wind is evil is the master of Xuanzhuang Zhuangzhuang……
“Hahaha,A bishi girl wants to worry,Sometimes,Screaming A Zhu son’s water clear,Four brothers make them pay!”Wind wave is smiling,Not worried about how many others,Even somewhat excitement。
Abi and A Zhu although“Grandfather”,But actually is not the people who serve people.,Otherwise listen to the fragrant water、Qin Yun, building these Murongshan Zhuang near island,I will give them to care.?
“what?Miss Table is also?My family went to Shaolin,If you want to find a son,Can walk with my brother。”The package also saw Wang Yizhen at this time.。
Wang Yizhen just wants to open,But hesitated,But I turned to see Chu Deirers.,She hasn’t forgotten in the three chapters of the previous law。
Packages different from the pseudonym,Actually a young man’s opinion,Can’t help but ask:“This young man is?”
“kindness?Quite happy……wrong,So many years of rivers and lake friends are damaged,What is I am happy??You don’t want to ask!”Chu Deeng Yi Zheng said。
The package has always been good to the profit,However, and the Chu Deirers are not a number of ways.,I gave a lot of。
A Zhu,I quickly explained the identity of Chu Deirers.,Special emphasis is that he saved himself and Abi in Manta Villa.,Solve three、Four masters。
“It turned out to be the family of Wang Mrs.,Thank you for helping me two sisters before.,Thank you, Thank you, Miss Miss.……”The wind wave is heard of the Chu Deirers.。
Chu Deirers did not understand,This situation is,Not counting a mother,Let’s take it.。
“Not dare,The lady was just scared by them.,As for Wang girl……I am taking the lady.,Taking Wang girl walking on the rivers and lakes,There is no relationship with Mu Rong.。”Chu Deirers shook their heads。
certainly,Packages and wind wave evils can be understood,Mrs. Wang is absolutely not“Scare”。
And the two also heard the Mrs. Wang.,This seems to have a lady with“outsider”the meaning of,This area is different and the wind wave is the man.,Ai A Zhu、Ai is naturally different。
One is in them,Miss people are very good,Love for my own son,As for the lady of my son, Miss Table is not close.,Both two people are not so sensitive,Two is also replaced by my son“overbearing”,I always feel that Wang Yan is really a true and others.,There is a kind of Murong’s feeling……
Murong Fu……Is not green!
“Not too,Miss Miss and my Gongzi,How can I say that it doesn’t matter??Chu Shaoxia is a mother of Mrs. Wang,But it should also know that。”The bag said differently。
Originally, the rice is gone by the wind wave.,I want to take the opportunity,But seeing the people of Murong,Actually, I and Chu Deirers.,Masterk,Others come to see revenge“Bitter”,Nothing,One heart in the heart:Play、Play……
“Your son is really emotional,Big can tell a white look,As for the intensity pro……Now I am a guardian of Wang,It is also what I am,It is also Murong‘lose’,To say this‘between’our,Also two‘cheap’Bar?”Chu Deirers said all the way to the stick。
And my road is yin and yang strange?That’s it、That’s it?
“Stinky boy!Mo juggling,See you saved A Zhu、Abi’s part,The wind is all the best!Loss quickly,Splash you a blood!”
Chapter 70 All flashed me……
Pack different like to fight,And the wind is evil likes the hand!
Not to tell the Chu Deirers,And provocative is not just a Chu Deirers,Mainly still in other“Bitter”,Sputplace?Who is it??
“It seems that Murong family is settled.?”
“Murong Mountain, Zhuang Guo, I have to be enemies with the martial arts.?”
“Chu Shaoxia,And this madman,We don’t have to talk to what the rules of the rivers and lakes are……”