background:After the collapse of the Soviet Union,Russia to establish a market economy,Radical“Shock therapy”,The purpose is to make the state-owned enterprises,Convert all to private ownership。
Just one sentence,The property of the whole country,To the common people。
They one-sidedly thought,So even if privatized,The market economy will be unimpeded。
simply put,Russia’s privatization process is divided into two stages。
The first stage,1992year6Month to1994year6month。
At that time Russia had1.48Billion people,The country took a valuation of1.48Trillion rubles of assets,About one-third of companies in Russia。
Package these companies into1.48Billion securities,Face value1Ten thousand rubles,Free to everyone in the country,One per person,So these securities have become“National Securities”。
But the Russian people had a difficult life,You can only exchange securities for food and other daily necessities,So a lot“People with lofty ideals”Take the opportunity to buy these national securities in large quantities at low prices,Which gave birth to a large number of“small”Financial oligarchs。
second stage,From1994year7Month later。
The main approach is,The remaining two-thirds of Russian companies,Take it all out and sell it for a fee,But because the price is too low,The acquirer can use one percent of the actual value,Even one-thousandth of the price won the enterprise。
So after the second stage starts,A big banker with a lot of money in his hand,Began to frantically acquire companies from the state at very low prices,Which gave birth to multiple giants“Big”Financial oligarchs。
The seven Russian financial oligarchs that were famous all over the world,Was formed during this period。