[Cooked Chicken Tricks]_Good Food Practice_How to Make Good Food

Chicken is a big dish on the table of every household. The Chinese people who love to eat chicken for hundreds of years have also invented various and unique dishes.

But most chicken dishes are cut into pieces. Today we are going to mention chicken shreds for cooking.

The chicken is cut into filaments and has a more delicate texture. Combining it with cold dressings, it has both the heaviness of chicken and the refreshingness of cold dishes. It is the first choice for meals.

Ingredients: chicken breast, mung bean sprouts, cucumber, seasoning: raw powder, wine, garlic, wolfberry, fish sauce, sesame oil, salt, white sesame.

2. Clean the chicken breast, add some cooking wine and raw flour, knead for 5 minutes, and marinate for 20 minutes; 2.

2. After cleaning the bean sprouts, remove the roots, put them in boiling water and simmer for 10 immediately and remove them into ice water;

Pour out the ice water soaked with bean sprouts; 4.

4. Put chicken breasts in boiling water (about 90 degrees) just covered with bean sprouts, cover the pot according to the thickness of chicken breasts and let them soak for 5 to 10 minutes, then take out and immerse them in ice water; 5.

5. Peel the chicken along the lines and add to the bean sprouts; 6.

Add cucumber shreds; 7.

Add mashed garlic; 8.

Add the right amount of fish sauce; 9.

Add sesame oil, wolfberry and white sesame; 10.

Add just the right amount of salt.

6 Tips for Superb Cold Shredded Chicken: 1.

The bean sprouts should be simmered to remove the fishy smell, but the bean sprouts must be fast. Just turn it a few times with a spoon, and it should be out of the pot within 10 seconds, and it must be washed with cold water or put in ice water.Keep the sprouts crispy; 2.

The chicken breast must be tender and tender. In addition to the previous marinating, today’s trick is to use about 90 degrees of boiling water, put the chicken breast, cover the lid, and soak for 5 to 10 minutes depending on the thickness of the chicken breast, the chicken breast taste will beVery tender and slippery; 3.

4. There is not much garlic in the salad, one is to increase the aroma, and the other is to have the germicidal effect; 4.

Today, fish sauce was added. Fish sauce is made from small fish and shrimps. It is a delicious juice obtained after pickling, fermentation, and refining. The color is amber, and the taste is salty and umami.


Goji berries and sesame increase nutrition and enrich the taste; 6.

The final salt can be adjusted according to the amount of fish sauce in front, because the fish sauce is also salty; these are the 6 secrets of the best cold chicken in summer.

With a bowl of cold porridge, this time it was fun!