UFIDA (600588): The maturity of cloud products continues to verify that the public cloud share is trying to increase

According to the company ‘s official micro-revelation, BMW and UFIDA have recently reached a major project cooperation. UFIDA will help BMW build a new digital intelligent marketing service system and provide BMW and its dealers with more comprehensive information technology support in the Chinese market, including sales management., After-sale management, financial accounting, system integration, cloud services and other complete digital marketing modules, to achieve a comprehensive digital intelligence of the marketing management system, to support the continuous growth of future business.

  Cloud products continued to obtain major customer orders, defeating foreign breakthroughs and highlighting product strength. Early in 2020, UFIDA acquired cloud services such as cloud, marketing cloud, and financial ledger, and successively obtained major customer orders. Part of the bidding process defeated SAP, Oracle and other important overseas competitors.Some of the company’s cloud products have caught up overseas in terms of maturity, experience, and domestic fit.

The cooperation with Huawei and the development of the domestic information innovation market will promote the reorganization of enterprise management software 合肥夜网 and help the company to obtain more large orders.

The company maintains the R & D and promotion of cloud services and other strategic businesses, continuously releases new platforms and new products, and maintains alternation in low-code development, cloud-native architecture, and China-Taiwan architecture.


The 0 platform supports a complete product architecture and rich cloud service solutions for large and medium-sized enterprises, paving the way for deep expansion of users in 2020 and beyond.

UFIDA’s accumulated R & D investment for many years is the main source of its cloud product improvement, and it has been continuously growing through R & D, trial and error, sales, and feedback.

Since the shutdown of the traditional NC software version in the second half of 2019 and the vigorous development of NC Cloud 杭州桑拿网 hybrid cloud solutions, UFIDA cloud services have been continuously improved from the internal management of enterprises to the external connection and collaboration.Private enterprise orders will maintain rapid growth in cloud service revenue in the next two years.

  Further adjust the organizational structure, the proportion of public cloud is expected to continue to increase in UF in 2019, further adjust the organizational structure, re-divide the cloud division and software division, based on the principle of “cloud first, partner first, platform first”, and increaseExpenditure on public cloud builds the foundation for the overall transition of the company’s future architecture.

The launch of YonSuite, a cloud-native architecture SaaS product for growth enterprises in 2019, strengthens the output of public cloud products to small and medium-sized enterprises and has the potential for rapid replication and expansion.

It is expected that the proportion of public cloud in cloud revenue will increase significantly in 2020.

  The cloud service module continues to improve, and the cloud native architecture supports and gradually develops into 2019. The company releases a series of vertical products such as UFIDA Cloud IoT services, security and environmental protection services, logistics services, energy services, manufacturing cloud services, etc.Committed to providing enterprises with integrated and interconnected NC Cloud intelligent manufacturing solutions.

The recently launched manufacturing cloud-equipment service is based on a new generation of cloud original architecture and provides a SaaS service model. Through on-site installation and delivery, IoT Internet of Things services, operational data monitoring, intelligent diagnostic forecasting, after-sales service and other comprehensive closed-loop management and data precipitation, integrated AI, Intelligent algorithm capabilities to help enterprises achieve real-time management and control of the equipment’s entire life cycle.

At the same time, it has opened up interconnections among equipment manufacturers, owners, service providers, logistics and other parties, extended and integrated the downstream industry chain, and built a social service ecosystem.

Driven by the continuous optimization on the Iuap platform and the introduction of new application services, UFIDA products have been gradually polished, especially in large and medium-sized enterprises to promote and expand their competitive advantages.

  UFIDA upholds 3.

Strategy 0, committed to becoming an ecological builder in the era of corporate Internet, based on the accumulation of technology and know-how from customers in the enterprise-level service industry for more than 20 years, combined with open platforms to launch cloud services.

We are optimistic about the company’s competitive advantages and growth prospects in the enterprise-level service market. Based on the accumulation of services to large and medium-sized enterprises, the cloud business is supported by stronger growth.

With the increase in the proportion of cloud business, the company’s financial indicators such as accounts received in advance and operating cash flow have shown an upward trend, and the quality of profits has improved.

In 2018, UFIDA’s operating net cash flow was approximately 2 billion (43% year-on-year), corresponding to 39 times the static PCF.

It is expected that the company’s cash flow will maintain a steady growth, which will be 23 trillion and 30 trillion in 2019-2020, respectively, and the corresponding PCF will be 46x and 35x.

At the same time, in combination with the segment assessment method, we believe that the company has long-term investment value and maintain a “Buy” rating.