The 8 departments of Xiamen jointly rectify the residual supervision of agricultural drug residues in 11 kinds of agricultural products

The people’s network Xiamen On July 16th, "Xiamen City’s consumption of agricultural products" to control drugs to promote "three-year action implementation plan" (hereinafter referred to as "plan") released, the program was published by Xiamen Agricultural Rural Bureau, City Ocean The development bureau, the Municipal Market Supervision Administration, Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Sports People’s Court, Municipal Health and Health Committee, etc. Residual exceeding the standard. This action focuses on the beans, leeks, celery, poultry eggs, black chicken, beef cattle, meat sheep, big mouth, black, squid, rhubarm, etc., "a variety of row, a list of remediation, a set of attacks The "four one" accurate governance model "of the program, a batch of management measures, fully promoted centralized governance," Let the people eat healthy, eat with confidence. "

Among them, criminal responsibility will be investigated for the presence of illegal violations.

Pesticide veterinary drug feed is implemented in accordance with the "Program", Xiamen City will strictly pesticide veterinary feed production and management, agricultural rural departments will carry out special governance action for agricultural resources and fake, accurately carry out the quality supervision of pesticide veterinary feed quality supervision, strict investigation of implicit addition Ingredients or other ingredients illegally.

At the same time, give full play to the role of agricultural regulatory information platform, establish and improve the pesticide veterinary feed electronics purchase station account, implement traceability management within the city of Xiamen, implement the two-dimensional code labeling system of pesticide products, implement veterinary drug products, to ensure veterinary drug products All of them are listed.

In the three-year action, the city will also carry out special rectification actions for the cleanup of farm and animal drug management, through organizational search engines, third-party trading platforms, etc. Conduct severe blow. During the operation of the quality monitoring of farm and vast drug products, Xiamen City will focus on guiding farmers using green technology models, abandoning traditional planting habits of big fat, promotes ecological farming model, and continuing to implement a beast antibacterial drug use reduction action. Promoting the creation of aquaculture, aquaculture demonstration area, and vigorously promotes the modern cultured approach to "producing controllable, ecological and safe, environmentally friendly". At the same time, the agricultural rural departments will also increase quality monitoring density, improve 7 key varieties, risks, and supervision of 7 key varieties of planting, animal husbandry. Among them, the city, the city, and the high-level products are listed in the peak period, carry out seasonal, targeted risk monitoring and supervision, to ensure at least one of the production mains of all key varieties every year; the town (street) is subject to all listed key products After the fast inspection, the results were qualified to be listed.

The information empowerment implementation is worth mentioning that the three-year action will actively explore the "Sunshine Nong’an" model, use informationization tools, and promote the application of convenient, electronic, and strengthen the production process control service.

By promoting the consumption of produce, the co-standard certificate certificate and the one-piece code traceable parallel system, all of the production subjects of the 11 key varieties are included in the supervision of parallel system, and the line inspection is increased, and urge timely uploading information, before listed. To the code, the document is sold.

In addition, the market supervision and other departments will also strengthen the daily inspections of the certificate / traceability. If the 开, false, listed in the quality and safety of agricultural products, implement credit, accurate management. (Zhang Meng Wu Xiaojing) (Editor: Wu Zhou, Zhong Xia Liuhua) Share let more people see client downloads.

US control gun big parade is difficult to invade the gun violence

  Xinhua News Agency, Washington, March 25 (International Observation) US Control Gollars, Bruity, New China The reincarnation of the victims of the Parcown Campus shooting, protesting the US government on the control gun problem.

  Analysts pointed out that the US government has only symbolic adjustments to the firearms purchase regulations after the shooting case, indicating that the influence of the growth gun forces is still difficult.

Most of the requirements of the gun now require young people, perhaps in their generations, they can really change the US firearms policy after they become the social backbone.

  Students "Parade for Life" participated in the control gun protests called "Parade" for life parade on the 24th.

The crowd gathered on the Pennsylvania Avenue between the US Congress and the White House, putting it in water for tens of meters wide streets.

  This is the second national demonstration parade after the US student held after the Pakland’s shooting, and is also the largest parade demonstration in Washington, Washington, January 2017.

  In the crowd, many slogans with black humor, the US National Rifle Association of the Schole, the Government of the Government and the government, condemning the politicians to say a set, criticizing the so-called "guns more security".

  "Will I am next?" A student wrote a high slogan.

  After shooting in the Parker campus, just more than a month, the United States has two campus shooting events. One of them is to shoot his parents in the school, and there is also a high school student to shoot girls due to emotions. In the face of campus shootings, students and parents’ fear are increasing.

  In addition to Washington, nearly 800 pairs of parade in the United States were held, and the number of participants was close to 2 million. There are also many other cities such as Berlin, Tokyo and Rome, there are also many people gathered outside the local US Embassy to protest.

  The politician "pretending in listening" although the protest sounds can hear a clear two in the Capitol, the Congress has not responded. Because the Congress began to be closed on the 24th, the members also returned to their respective constituencies.

On the other end of Pennsylvania, the White House owner Trump has also been flying to the south to play golf.

  Congress has just passed the 2018 fiscal year government budget, and there is not much to truly change the contents of the firearms issue.

US public opinion generally believes that at least before this year, Congress will not touch the gun legislation. Dedini Tall, who experienced the shooting of the Pakland Campus, condemned the politician to neglect the students’ voice, or only "pretend to listen". The "pretending in listening" in Tall, refers to some symbolic initiatives taken under public opinion pressures. For example, Florida Legislation will be 18 years old to 21 years old.

The US Department of Justice is also proposed to ban "hit the fire rifle" throughout the country, as this component allows a semi-automatic rifle to reach an angle of approaching the automatic rifle. In addition, the US Congress has also joined the funding of campus security and settlement guns on the review database of campus security and settlement guns in the budget.

  But in the opinion of control gun, some measures not only do not involve the fundamental, but it is possible to make the situation "馊馊". For example, the Florida government allowed the training-aged faculty to take guns after the Pakland campus shooting case, and Trump also publicly expressed this is a good way, "can deter to those who are changing." But many protesters believe that this idea violates common sense, because more guns will only make campus more dangerous, not safer.

  Hope or in the future analysts pointed out that politicians’ indifference is reason. Based on past experience, the voting enthusiasm in the election is often higher than the control gunpaign, and a candidate that supports control gun may not get too much support, and will suffer the fierce boycott of the guns. However, the intensive protests seem to be loose this soil, because many students participating in the demonstration will admire their rights in a few years, they or will become the main force of the guns in the future.

  The US media has recently been shown that 69% of the United States believe that it should be legislative to limit the use of guns, 55% in 2013 and 61% in 2016 have increased significantly.

  Some experts are expected that with the increasingly important political power that is increasingly important in the American society, the increasing part of the growing part of the American society will eventually arrive. However, this day may have waited for many years.


Shanxi college entrance examination registration begins on November 13

  Original title: The registration of the college entrance examination started on November 12 this month, the provincial recruitment center news, the province’s 2022 ordinary college entrance examination unified online registration has ended on November 10, currently, there are still few candidates because of various reasonsRegistration within the specified time.The provincial recruitment center decided that any candidates who meet the conditions for the regular college entrance examination for our province can make the college entrance examination network on November 13th to 15th.After the registration point (station) qualification examination set by Ci Dian County (City, District), the registration point (station) is issued to the candidate code and the initial password, and the candidate will log in to the Shanxi Admissions Test Network with the candidate number and initial password (), Enter the "Ordinary College Entrance Examination Network Service Platform" for subscription registration.After the online subscription registration is completed, the candidates must complete the camera, verify the registration confirmation procedures such as the registration point (station) before 18:00 on November 16th.

Reporter Zhang Xiaoli).

Southern Power Grid fully accelerates the construction of new power system services to achieve carbon-up peak carbon in the five provinces of southern China

The picture is a wind turbine in the Dongfang City, Hainan Province. Wu Qingbing learned that in the five provinces and districts of the South, the renewable energy utilization of Southern Power Grid has reached more than 99%, and the Xixi Electronics and East-Delivery Project is consistent with large-scale clean hydropower, non-fossil energy installed and electricity ratio is higher than around the world. Average.

In the future, Southern Power Grid Corporation will fully support new energy in the area, and actively introduce the area of ??clean electricity outside the region. It is 2030 million external electricity, and 100% of the newly-supplied residential power is 100% is clean energy.

  With wind power, photovoltaic new energy power random volatility, large-scale and network will bring challenges to the power grid. Southern Power Grid Corporation will build safety, reliable, green, efficient, intelligent modern power grid in "145", promote traditional power grid renovation and upgrading in digital, intelligent means, enhance the acceleration, regulation and optimization of high proportion of new energy Configuration capabilities, push the construction of new power systems with new energy as the main body with digital grid.

  On the supply side, Southern Power Grid Corporation will continue to promote electrical energy in the terminal energy consumption, the plan "14th Five-Year Plan" achieves electric energy replacement 180 billion kWh, electricity accounts for the proportion of terminal energy consumption from 32% of 2020 to 35%, Supporting the five provinces in the southern provinces, the carbon dioxide emissions have been more than 65% in 2005, and the "double carbon" target will help. (Editor: Li Lang, Chen Yizhu) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

US federal judge ruled that California aggressive weapons ban violates

People’s Network San Francisco June 5 (Reporter Deng "4th, a US federal judge overthrew the ban on aggressive weapons in California.

The judge said that the Aga’s aggressive weapon ban violates the US Constitution’s second amendment to give citizens to hold and carry weapons, and deprived this right of California people’s usual states.

The ruling was immediately refuted by California, and California official promised to appeal with the ruling.It is understood that since 1989, California has been banned from using an attack weapon.Judge Roger Benite, the United States, the United States, said in the ruling of this ban: "Just like the Swiss army knife, the popular AR-15 rifle is the perfect combination of the domestic anti-weapon and land defense equipment."He also criticized the "exaggerated" report that caused the shooting of this rifle to the media.

Shanxi Road Transportation Enable "Electronic Document"

  Original title: Road transportation enabled "Electronic Document" March 4th Provincial Transportation Department news, the official line operation of the road transportation electronic license system in the province, marking the province’s 870,000-channel transport employees, 170,000 business workers, 10,000 The operating vehicle can achieve basic functions such as the application, brightness, scanning code certification, license authorization, etc. At the same time, the electronic license APP also provides a violation inquiry, truck navigation and other service functions for road transport practitioners.

  As a professional, voucher electronic document, which has legal effectiveness and administrative effectiveness, and has become a major electronic voucher for the market entity and citizen activities. It is an important basic data to support government service operation. It is also to implement the State Council to promote the "Internet + government service" "Remind service" reform deployment and continuously carry out specific requirements for "loss of interest".

  Next, the Provincial Department of Transportation, the Provincial Administrative Approval Service Administration will further improve our province’s integrated online government service platform and the docking of road transportation electronic license systems, and solidly do a good job in electronic document data collection, interoperability and synchronous update. Online sharing, offline brightness and social and convenient applications accelerate the application of electronic license applications, allowing electronic licenses to give full play to convenience and leisure people in our province’s "venting service" reform and digital government construction.

(Reporter Li Tao).

The endless opera dynamics and creativity, burst here

  "The Chinese Medium Opera Exhibition is witnessing the creative transformation of youth drama people, innovative development, which is the presentation of the dynamic energy of the new era.

"The Party Secretary of the Shanghai Drama Art Center, the president, the president, is like it.

From the Chinese Drama Association, Shanghai Drama Art Center, the Chinese People’s Pub District Committee Propaganda Department, and Wenhui Daily, the "2021 Chinese Medium Opera Drama" held from today to 16th, more than 10 small theater opera works will concentrateUnveiled.In 2015, the "Shanghai Triad Drama Festival" is born, this year is the third year of "Drama Festival" is upgraded to "National Flock".

327 declared repertoires, nearly 70 performances, the gratifying numbers are the growth and experience of the platform for seven years.

Exhibition platform, hatching base, practice place, "China Triad Drama Exhibition" body and several jobs, providing a good opportunity for the national youth drama talent, a group of outstanding works are also from Shanghai to international. At the same time, this year’s performance site extends from the Yangtze River Theater in the Core of Performance World to Wanping Theater, helping Shanghai to become a good drama and opera transmission terminal, further polishing "Shanghai Culture" brand.

    Constantly absorb new members, how high is the creation of the creation of the national small theater drama? In the declaration data of the show, this year, this year, a total of 96 works from 20 provinces and cities across the country have received 41% from the country, and the number of reperters rose by 41%. The declaration has more than 40, and the first appearance is close to the list. 20, such as the Chinese Opera, Pu Opera, Shangdra, Yao Opera, Chao, Qingyang cavity, drama, drama, Drama, bowl bowl, Tang Drama, Linxian Road, Sichuan North Light Opera, Lu Opera, Shengzhou Opera , Pilots, etc.. In the end, the Peking Opera "The Death" "One Altar", the "White Rober", the Huairara "Xiu Cai · Court", the "Powder", Pu Ou "O’Ded", Cantonese Opera "Jinlian" "Mr. Wongar", "Mr. Chinese", Henan Opera "Nan Huasheng", Liyuan Opera "Chen Sanfu Niang" is selected, of which the bus is the first time. As one of our ancient scorpion cavity, Pu drama cavity is urgent, ups and downs, longer than expressing generous emotions, paying attention to work, and make good use of stunts. This is a shunning, and the Pu opera brings a surprising work – "O’Ded". Adapt from the ancient Greek tragedy "Oedipus King", the repertoire from the stage performance style, broke through the traditional drama time and space concept, while retaining the original "lock" structure, the local chemical resolution, and the ingenious maintenance drama plot and rhythm Unity and coherence. In the plot, the work diluted the myth color in the original, and the exaggerated technique led to the inner cause of the tragedy, that is, all the character’s character defects, the way of thinking, and the mutual influence of the behavior. A similar bold stage exploration can be seen in this exhibition: Peking Opera "The death of Xiaomong" is blue in the form of Chekhov’s short story "small civil servants", using the form of literary books, with comedy小 小 余 心 心 微 的 小 人 的 小 心, 乐 师 对 对 对 对 州 州 州 诙 诙 诙 诙 诙 诙 诙 诙 诙 诙 诙 诙 诙 诙 诙 诙 诙 诙 诙 诙 诙 诙 诙,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The comedy atmosphere; Source Since Chen Zhongshi, the Huangmei Opera "Mr. Blue Right" is a flexible performance style, joining the popular music elements in the traditional music of Huangmei opera, showing the changing life of the protagonist, "Nanhua Jing" is "Zhuangzi" The drum basin "and" big hi ", according to the aesthetic principle of drama minimalism, return to the tradition of the drama table, with traditional programming maps, the people’s emotions, the fresh blood, youth opera people "As a national platform" as the only opera small theater, the exhibition has had a huge impact in the country. "Cui Wei, secretary general of the Chinese Drama Association, said" "" " Demand, show the accumulation of actors, the audience’s gratifying scenes, providing a good window for the traditional drama culture.

"The innovation of contemporary drama is inseparable from the participation of young drama people, they are always a beautiful landscape.

According to Lu Su, the Opera’s "One Altar of Jin", the play is 80 from the actor, director, stage, and singing chamber, after 90.

At the small theater, the stage is small, the master is minor, but the work is presented and the opera configuration is definitely not horses. Take the "one altan gold" as an example, although there are only five actors, but covers the net is ugly, the genre also includes "派" "words" and "Zhang Pai". The script is also very innocent. From the history book "Qiansheng", it is inspired. When Fan Zhongyan is less than reading a book in the Quanquang, I found a gold in the temple, but he didn’t make the story of the money, showing the Northern Song Dynasty The minister is not familiar with people. What is worth paying attention is that the more hot fever of the show also drives the enthusiasm of the creation of the opera. Youth Screenplay Quarter has participated in the three sessions, and every time you have a new creation.

This year, she continued to bring their kind of female theme works, and shaped the three-dimensional image of "one of the four beautiful women in ancient China" with the "Beauty" of Huangmei Opera.

At the same time, the "White Robweed" "White Robweed" to create an nearly half of the year will be given to the presentation.

"One encounter, two pieces of robs, there are no things under the sun", in the case of the old script, in the case of the previous situation, the Temples of the Tuen Time is not easy. In the director Ding Wei, the small theater opera is no longer a narrative as the main goal, but in a series of fragments, the audience will resonate. The new work is from the perspective of Xu Jizu, focusing on his 彷徨 and struggle between the situation and the law. "The activities of the Chinese Medium Opera Drama, youth drama people and youth audience are becoming the main practitioners developed by the drama," Guigi said. Continuously closer to the audience group is always one of the purposes of the show. As the performance opened the curtain, the "Drama Baby" WeChat expression package of Shanghai Drama Art Center is also on the line, trying to target the Z generation audience to more Lively and playful way to introduce traditional drama – with cartoon image of various colors, vivid interpretation "watching" "I am also" "good" "say" says that it is can’t help.

(Reporter Wang Yili).

Red file 丨 Semi quilt is a good time to see 50 years unpredictable

  In early November 1934, the Central Red Army broke through the second blockade line set by the Kuomintang reactionaries, and began to pass the Yucheng County, Hunan Province.

  Encoured by the Kuomintang reactionary to deceive the rumor, the local people have fear the Red Army who has never seen before, many villagers hide on the hill.

Xu Ji Xiu, who lives in Shazhou Village, because it is still in the production, and can only stay in the home. But she quickly found that this force is totally different from the previous army, they neither grabbed things and did not hurt villagers.

Xu Ji Shi is vigilant to relax.

  So she let the three female Red Army who hides the rain outside the door home.

When I saw only a broken cotton in the bed and a broken clothes, the three female Red Army took out the only march to Xu Ji Xiu’s mother and child. When I left, the three female Red Army had to leave the march to Xu Ji Xiu, but Xu Ji Xiu said nothing, and a female red militarity found a scissors to cut the march to half-cut, leaving half a half.

  In this way, half of the quilts and a promise of a victory, let Xu Ji Xiu in the next more than 50 years, no longer let go of the concern & hellip; & hellip;

The Signing Project is expected to over 200 during the 5th World Intelligent Conference.

Original title: The 5th World Intelligent Conference is expected to sign a contract, the 5th World Intelligent Conference Forum, exhibition, competition and intelligent experience held in our city from May 20th to 23rd. World Intelligent Science and Technology Fields Constructing Exchange Cooperation Together, win – win platform.

According to incomplete statistics, the General Assembly is expected to surpass more than 200, and the total investment exceeds 100 billion yuan.

Among them, the amount of the domestic project has exceeded 80 billion yuan, about 80% is a new energy project, 80% from the Beijing-Bei area; 21 foreign contracted projects, total investment of billion US dollars.

Intelligent projects are helped, hundreds of billions of funds in Jinjinmen, Tianjin launched in the world intelligence conference, continued to introduce source live water for the high quality development of Tianjin. Docking enterprises, Tianjin, leading cadres, leading cadres, accept important merchants, visiting key enterprises, organizing important docking activities, solving practical problems, makes companies, projects, and people are staring, some people, let enterprises, letting enterprises, stay , Well-developed "; service enterprise, Tianjin firmly established" everyone is the business environment "concept, deepening" venting service "reform, and do a good job of" ten kinds of business "to implement landing, and report to enterprises.

Tianjin equality protects the legitimate rights and interests of all kinds of markets, continuously builds marketization, rule of controlling, international creative business environment, with solid praise, and helps companies win in Tianjin and win the future. (Reporter Wu Qijun) (Editor: Sun Yifan, Tao Jian).

Shangbo launched "China-European Ceramics and Cultural Exclusion"

The audience appreciates the Qing Kangxi Jingde Town Kiln Porcelain "Glazed Red and Red Swordsman Lion Chart".

Ben reporter Jiang Diwen photo ■ This reporter judges a long centimeter, a wide centimeter ceramic wall brick, and the top depicts the "Journey to Journey" and Sun Wukong and other mythical characters, the frame, China’s official martial artsIn the image, wearing three dark skin of the American indigenous people.

The upper left corner of the tile, a few lines of seemingly Chinese paintings, and find that there is no such Chinese characters – Shanghai Museum 1st Floor "East and Western China European Ceramics and Cultural Exclusion" This pressure shaft exhibit, record Chinese and Western trade exchanges and cultural collisions.

Each exhibit on this exhibition has hidden the details of the Chinese and Western exchanges, telling the story of how to look at each other in history.

This exhibition of 206 (group) China-foreign ceramic and oil painting works, working with the Shanghai Museum and France Kygrade Asia Art Museum, jointly from the world’s 11 famous museums and collection agencies and 4 museums and collection institutions The collection image presents trade communication and cultural interaction of China and Western China and Western China and Western China. "The theme of the exhibition is a mixture of things in early globalization, and the exhibition itself is a global museum’s power.

"Yang Zhigang, director of the Shanghai Museum, said that since the new crown epidemics, the international museum is involved in the region’s most widely exhibition. China porcelain has been used as a diplomatic gift into the exhibition hall, one elongated mouth The blue and white porcelain bottles of the curved handle attracted the attention of visitors.

This Ming Dynasty, Yongle, the blue and white rigs, and a typical Yongle officer kiln product.

In the Ming Dynasty, Yongle, Xuan Dynasty, these blue-fire porcelain have long traveled with Zheng He’s fleet, and served as a diplomatic gift. Turkey’s Topkabi palace has several pieces of hugs, and similar collection of Iranian Adebill Temple.

This hug of this exhibition was in 1547 by Fran?ois De Fimerler Baron to France.

At that time, he was hired to the Fawang Henry II, as a temporary envoy to the Sulmann of the Osman Empire, and brought this augment. Chen Jie, a deputy research library of Shanghai Museum Ceramics Research, said that there is only a very few Chinese porcelain to reach Europe before, and part of the Middle East is from the Middle East. Many Chinese porcelain have been used as diplomatic gifts and witness the history of the world. How precious Chinese porcelain is the Chinese porcelain? Another exhibit of blue and white rigs and peony bowls can be seen. This Ming Dynasty, Hongzhi-the porcelain in the north, diabits and rigs and rigs, and the outer walls are decorated with clouds, rigs, peony and deformed lotus lines. In the oil painting "Great Ganbian" drawn by the Italian Painter Jonanni Bellini, the goddess in the center of the picture, actually holding a "same paragraph" blue and white porcelain bowl. Chen Jie said: "Blue and white porcelain appears in the works of the Venice painting, especially mythical theme, indicating the precious value of China’s porcelain." Because Chinese porcelain is very precious at the time, many usage is now ridiculous.

A multicolored broccoli, after entering the Ottoman Empire, is "re-created again" by the court tractor, with gold silk, ruby, inlaid.

A pair of peacock green glaze Maitreya, this is a common decoration, but in the 18th century Germany is installed on gold bronze leaves and top seats, it has become a candlestick. Smiley Maitreya porcelain, became a popular set element in Europe.

And another pair of green glaze bowls, in China, it is likely to be used for daily catering. In France in the 18th century, the craftsmanship was decorated with a golden ribbed pattern, and it was buckled together. Chinese craftsman painting letters, foreign painters painting Chinese characters, one square blue and white porcelain bottle is eye-catching: traditional Chinese porcelain strokes and colors, actually draw a conspicuous "cross" shape on the bottle. In addition, the thorn champion, ladder, leather, etc. appearing on the porcelain bottle, also related to religion.

This Ming Dynasty, Tianqi-Chongzhen Xide Town, Jingdezhen, the Qinghua Road, seeing Jesus, is likely to be customized by foreign religious groups. In this exhibition area, you can see a lot of Chinese porcelain plotted Western religion, home emblem and other patterns. A bluefree portuguese royal compartment chart, there is a circle of Western letters in the bowl, but some letters are obviously incorrect, and the researchers should be a religious slogan according to the overall speculation.

According to reports, these letters are likely to be "painting" in accordance with customized requirements. Not only the Chinese craftsman "painting" foreign language, there are also many foreign painters "painter" Chinese characters during this period. The 17th century French still-life painter Jacques Lienale painted a "five senses and four elements", including a blue-fire porcelain bowl, "Chinese characters" on the bowl account for a large half, but almost no one can understand these "Chinese characters" What exactly, it can only speculate on the screen composition on the other side of the bowl.

The exhibition exhibited the real thing in the bowl.

In the exhibition, many Chinese and foreign porcelain can be viewed, and the Chinese and Western China will imagine each other on both sides of the ocean at the time. A high-grade white porcelain Netherlands, a high-nose, a long row, a long rush, but the round face is quite China’s "Fu Phase", and the pedestal is decorated with typical China. Flower bird pattern; and another Chinese Mussen, the German Myssen, the men and women, the men’s hats, the musical instruments, such as guitar and drums, especially the dress and deep facial features, and the Chinese people Far. Because Chinese porcelain is welcomed in the West, it also drives and affects the surrounding countries such as Japan, Vietnam, and European Germany, the Netherlands, etc. to explore.

These porcelains of these gatherings, silent showcase the great contribution of Chinese craftsmanship to world civilization.

And those images on the ceramics also show all countries to imagine the media as the media. (Source: Liberation Daily) (Responsible: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Share more people to see.