The job is on the line to help the exams are "on the shore"

Original title: Job hosted by the line to spend the "Upper" to test the media report, it is influenced by the epidemic, and many units have taken online exam form in recent hours in recruitment.

The "unmanned invigilation" situation, let the criminals discover business opportunities, some of the lawless institutions issued advertising participation in "Assisted" in a variety of ways, and seeking benefits from China. This seriously interferes with the normal recruitment work of employers and has a bad impact in society.

For the name of "Help Test", provide "Convenient Channel" to cheat, it must be severely hit.

Since the "Assisted" behavior may occur in different units of recruitment, candidates may violate some internal recruitment regulations, which may be disconnected, and may be suspected of illegal because of the recruitment of civil servants and institutions. In the process, the organization of cheating, the platform of dissemination information is equally excused. The online "Assisted Test" chaos is strictly hit, accountable for students, businesses and platforms to participate in the "Assisted Test", let people who do not speak integrity should be punished, in order to let the people who are integrity really feel justice and fair, In order to promote honesty, the society is good and honest.

For job seekers, through the exam "on the shore" is just the beginning of the work, the future is the field test for work ability.

If you are in units of work, you will not be in place, you will only bring greater risks to individuals, companies and society. In the face of the "help test" chaos, the recruitment unit must respond, upgrade related technical means, to protect the escort for the online exam, and fully identify the moral character of the job seeker through more diverse talent evaluation criteria. News reports refer to "Teachers responsible for helping the answer include the well-known teachers of the Academician and universities of the major", " Teachers’ personal privacy, law enforcement agencies can also be clues to check the "Assisted Test" teachers who have violators, and the illegal profit organizations behind the tissue.

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Qinghai curling teenager: wisdom + physical interpretation of curling charm

  [Solution] On December 12, the reporter came to the Qinghai Toba National Plateau Sports Training Base, the team members of the Qinghai Sports School, the "Correction" training after the game. One day ago, 2021-2022 Qinghai Province’s first Youth Curling Championship closed here, the team got the men’s champion. [Explanation] It is understood that the Qinghai Provincial Sports School Curling Team was established in 2018. There are current a total of 24 professional ice braces in the province. In order to make the Qinghai curling projects have higher development, the quality is better, and most of the team members have a high physical quality and a certain number of sports basic sprouts. [Explanation] Two years ago, 16-year-old Jiang De arrogantly turned into the ice pot from Judo.

He told reporters that two sports have a test explosive force, a test patience, initial, there is a feeling of being strong, sometimes anxious, even standing firmly.

The temper becomes more and more violent, not less than the teammates. [Explanation] In the opinion of the coach Meng Qingfeng, Jiang Dehao is the "strongest" reaction of the whole team, but it is also the fastest progress and the largest team. Two years, the curling "grinding" lost his 戾, hinded his mentality of "dangerous".

From "No one to say", you can help teammates through your own growth, Jiang Dead’s growth confirmed his love for this movement. In 2021 China International Curling Classic, he and his teammates were stabilized in China Open, actively cooperated, and finally got the runner-up. [Same period] Qinghai Provincial Sports School ice pot team coach Meng Qingfeng ice makeup also called ice chess, physical fitness does not need too much, it belongs to a mental movement of intelligence and physical strength, we do not belong to a personal project, for many adolescence The teenager, knows how to cooperate with others in the team, to accept the mistakes of others or benefits (advantages), and then better hone your own personal will, to the last critical time of (game) is the will Quality, which team’s will quality is strong enough to defeat your opponent. [Explanation] It is understood that in addition to the provincial sports institutions, the Golmud Amateur School, the Qinghai Province is also the province’s ice intention. In the first day of this Youth Curling Championship, the team members played a beautiful "double fly" in the women’s group, and the competition in advance at 3: 0, which caused a small pressure to the opponents. I finally obtained a woman group champion.

  [Explanation] Player Zhang Yizhi practiced the ice can for 3 years, she has a few contest experiences, she is still extremely cherished this opportunity, she told reporters, from the ice, unstable wrestling, broke down, and now I can get a little bit of grades, She and teammates were deeply attracted to this movement. She hoped that I can remember every time in the field, accumulating experience in giving more specifications. [Same period] Qinghai Golmud Amateur School ice can team Zhang Yinjie next year is 2022 Winter Olympics, and then the country’s ice can team is selected next year’s team, we are not qualified enough, not to participate in the Winter Olympics Selection, but I hope that the future Winter Olympics will have our figure [explanation] According to the Director of the Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau (Youth), Guo Quancai, in addition to professional sports team, "curling exercise into the campus" activity has been Carried out 11 schools such as North Street Primary School and Jia Xiazhuang Primary School, set off a boom of "land ice", more and more young people began to pay attention, love ice and snow movement.

  [In the same period] Guo Quancai (We will) Guo Quan (we will) guided more young people, to the sports field, to increase the interest and hobbies of sports fitness projects, and cultivate active and healthy sports spirit, Qinghai’s competitive sports reserve talent training lay a better foundation.

  Reporter Zhou Ruichenzi Qinghai Douba report.

Taiping Township in Jinsha County: Precision Supervision and Building Flood Control Network

This newspaper (Luo Rui report) to ensure the implementation of various decision-making deployments of flood control and disaster relief, protect the lives and property of the people, come over, Jinsha County Taiping Township Discipline Inspection is in-depth development of supervision, and doing the smoothness of the government, prohibit the ban, ensure flood prevention Work is in place.

In accordance with where the flood control disaster relief work is deployed, the supervision and protection work follows where to follow, the township discipline has established a special inspection team to supervise and inspect the overseas flood prevention emergency disposal work. Through the on-site supervision method, the supervision team implemented the flood relief measures of various functional departments, the prevention of emergency rates, the various villages (community) flood prevention preparations carried out daily supervision, and the disaster prevention and disaster relief materials found for supervision and inspection In place, the flood control is not implemented, etc. During the rainfall, every day to the key village group to view the disaster stricken situation, and strengthen the inspections of the key area risk points, and dispose of hidden dangers in the first time.

At the same time, the township discipline committee uses the advantages of "the body of the grassroots", and uses the distribution of leaflets to communicate the discipline and requirements of the party members and cadres, to ensure the unity of ideology, the awareness of action, and build a sense of flood prevention.

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Pichdated middle school students collectively to Taikang isolated love mother bag hundred ten pounds dumplings to send hotel

Love mother bag dumplings. Qing Junshi People’s Network Zhengzhou November 14th (Time Rock, Chang Li Yuan) "Today, the dumplings sent by Taikang love people, let me think of the taste of my hometown, I believe this epidemic will soon In the past, we all returned to the podium.

let’s work hard together. "On the 14th, a student, a student, a student, a student, a student, a student, a student, a collective isolation of Zhoukang County, Henan Province," The baby can eat well, no white is busy! " "After two days of busy Wang Cui finally relieved. These two days, she personally handed her hand, 156 students in Punta Prefecture in Puugou County, which were protected from Taikang, was packaged by hundreds of dumplings. Wang Cui, 38 years old. A love mother volunteer in the Kang County Hiking Association.

A few days ago, she saw the volunteers to move in the WeChat Friends. Of the leeks and eggs, after returning, because of the child, the husband is not at home, she has a dumplings at home. Sitting with the stuff, Wang Cui is tired, sitting in the chair and resting, the whole package for two days. On the morning of November 14th, with the help of volunteers, she wrapped nearly 100 pounds of mushrooms, dumplings and leeks egg dumplings to the hotel. On the same day, in addition to love dumplings, the students also received a book of more than 13,000 yuan in Tsinghua Garden Bookstore, Taikang County.

Li Dan, head of Tsinghua Garden Bookstore, Taikang County, introduced that on the morning of 14, when she was chatting with volunteers, I heard that some junior high school children in Pugou were protective isolation, and they selected 312 from Tsinghua Garden Bookstore 312. This literary book, 156 本 水 字 帖 and 312 transistors sent a hotel in the student.

"The child is coming to the county. I have to take care of it. I can’t lack the child’s learning supplies." Li Dan said in a pain. It is understood that after the epidemic of this wheel, November 8th, Zhoukou City, Pudigou County two-level epidemic prevention and control headquarters quickly organized, 959 students in Pudgou County Experimental Middle School implemented closed-loop transfer, and dispersed temporary Protective isolation. Seeing the dumplings and books sent by love, the students are also very moving, and they will leave a message online.

"We are very safe and happy in Taikang life.

Please rest assured! "A middle school student said.

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The 3rd Opening of Sports Culture Festival in Wuqing District

Original title: The opening ceremony of the 3rd Wushen District Sports Culture Festival on September 20th, the 3rd Wuqing District Sports Culture Festival opening ceremony and "Tong Du" fitness dance competition held in the District Sports Center.

Wu Weifeng, a second-level inspector of the Municipal Sports Bureau, and Zhao Zhenjiang attended the leaders.

The 3rd Wuqing District Sports Culture Festival was hosted by the District Sports Bureau, Beijing Tongzhou District Sports Dance Association, the Hebei Provincial Sports Dance Association, with "Beijing-Tianjin Pearl, Happiness Wuqing, Health Physical, Well-Kang" The theme, from August 28th to November 8th, 19 rich national fitness activities such as badminton, balancing cars, basketball, table tennis, etc., in order to promote high-quality development of Wuqing sports work, continuously improve sports comprehensive strength and service level Improving the people’s fitness awareness and health index have laid a solid foundation.

In the "Tongdong" fitness dance competition, the "Tong Du" fitness dance competition held after the opening ceremony, more than 400 people enthusiastically, exhibition style, combined with anti-vloys, with a positive topic and fullness and beauty dance, The three-legged fitness dance enthusiasts have promoted their lives, the whole country is concentric, forgets to die, respect the scientific, destiny and the great importance and love the motherland, and love life. (Reporter Pang Junxi) (Editor: Tang Xinyi, Tao Jian).

The victims of the victims of the victims of the victims of the national network Chengdu power supply company end

Repair the scene. Gao Haoyuan took 21:15 on July 29, Zhengzhou Musk County Daxie Jiasguan No. 1 resumed power supply, National Network Chengdu Power Supply Company’s anti-flood rescue team completed the last repair work, and marked their aid to rescue The task is officially ended. At 9:30 on July 29, the National Network Sichuan Electric Power Aids the Flood Control Response Headquarters issued an emergency mission order, and be sure to restore the power supply of the Daxiejiayuan Community, Musk County, Zhengzhou City.

The National Network Chengdu Power Supply Company, which is waiting to be, anti-flood and rescue team, immediately drive to the destination. It is understood that Daxiejiayuan is a new community that has not yet been delivered, and is now emerged as a disaster prevention point.

The community has a total of 3, of which the electricity repair of the first hospital is jointly responsible by the National Network Chengdu Power Supply Company, the National Network Dang Power Supply Company, and the NTA power supply company.

In the Queen Jiayuan No. 1, 7 large-power pumping machines (cars) are pumping water, the water in the entrance to the community and the underground parking lot entrance and exit are just not a tire of the pick-truck. "Now there is still 4 meters.

"The staff member responsible for the" Changsha Harbor "of the water said that the first day of July 31 can be drawn in the basement.

Therefore, restoring the cell power can only be used with a temporary power supply scheme, a high-voltage wire cable, a transformer, and a low-voltage outlet cable. "This community is difficult to repair, it is a bit a bit." According to the National Network Chengdu Power Supply Company, Zhang Ke, the head of the fire rescue team, the head of the rescue team, according to the plan, on the morning of July 30, the team will return, due to long-distance driving, The players need sufficient sleep, how to complete the job as soon as possible is the biggest problem.

In the yard, more than 50 power repair people dressed in orange overalls of "Sichuan Electric Power", installing transformers, dragging and dropping cables, which unclear. Deyang is responsible for high pressure, Dazhou is responsible for the low pressure of 3 buildings, and we are responsible for the low pressure of 4 buildings. Everyone works well, and the progress should be very fast. "Zhang Wenjie, a repair team.

National Net Chengdu Power Supply Company, Guo Jing Jingyang Power Supply Company, National Neta Power Supply Company Division Work, through 10 hours of repair, 7 buildings of Daxie Jiasi No. 1 Restore.

Since July 22, 47 team members of the National Network Chengdu Power Supply Company flood and rescue team were used for 20 hours, and the uninterruptible drive was 1400 kilometers. At 6 am, Zhengzhou arrived at 6 am, and immediately put it into electricity.

During the seventh day of the 7th night, the National Network Chengdu Power Supply Company floods and rescue teams with the temporary party branch as the fortress, quickly, safe and efficiently completed the 21st repair tasks, and recovered electricity for more than 50,000 affected people. (ELL) (Editor: Li Qiangqiang, Gao Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.

Shandong clear "Timetable" and "Road Map" in the Yellow River Basin Ecological Environment during the 14th Five-Year Plan Period

People’s Network Jinan December 3 (逄 Xinshan) On the morning of the 3rd, the Shandong Provincial Government Information Office held the "Yellow River Basin Ecological Protection and High Quality Development" Theme series of press conferences, Shandong Ecological Environment, the relevant person in charge introduced it. Population and Measures in the Ecological Protection of the Yellow River Basin.

Members of the Party Group of Shandong Provincial Ecological Environment Office, deputy director of the deputy director said that in recent years, Shandong has further promoted the ecological environmental protection of the Yellow River Basin, and has achieved remarkable results. For more than two years, the average concentration of fine particles () in the yellow nine city will improve 25%. The national control assessment section is fully eliminated with inferior V water body. The water quality of the Yellow River is stable in the Class II level, and the cumulative water for the Yellow River Delta wetland. Renovation to repair the wet area of ??the coastal area.

This year, the Shandong Ecological Environment Office completed the "Special Plan for Ecological Environment Protection of Yellow River Basin" in Shandong Province, which explicitly "timetable" and "road map" in the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" period.

"Planning" planned 2025 years, in 2035, the main goal of the ecological environment protection of the Yellow River Basin in Shandong Province has proposed the construction of the "three paragraphs of the Yellow River" three paragraphs ", that is, the upper section of the Yellow River forms the south of four lakes, Dongping Lake water safety feature The high-quality water source of the Yellow River Basin and the hysteresis city group in the middle section of the provincial capital of the provincial capital, the provincial capital, which is characterized by urban ecological livable, and created the national park characteristic of the Yellow River into Haikou Dahe Delta ecological conservation, and constructs riverside along the Yellow River. , Green ecological corridor with ecological construction of shoreline and beach area. In addition, in order to improve the operability of planning, focus on key regional key areas, it is proposed to implement the Huanghe Delta Wetland Ecosystem Repair Project, Taishan Regional Ecological Protection Repair Project, Dongping Lake Basin Ecological Protection Repair Project, Water Pollution Comprehensive Management Project, Atmospheric Pollution Six major key projects such as comprehensive governance projects, soil pollution control projects, planning 22 categories of 303 key projects.

Clarified the leadership of the organization, improve the "River Sea Coordination" governance mechanism, improve the value of ecological product value, strengthen the ecological environmental supervision, strengthen environmental protection technology and industrial support, prevent the environmental risks of environmental protection, and vigorously cultivate 7 guarantee measures such as ecological culture.

In response to the important task of "to strengthen the Yellow River Delta, Yellow River Dry Burning, Key Region Ecological Protection Repair", the department has formulated "Strengthening the Implementation Plan for the Implementation Plan of Huang River Dry Burning Ecological Protection Repair" "Yellow River Dry Flow (Shandong Section) Water Quality Stability Total nitrogen control special solution (2021-2023).

Wang Qing, director of the ecological protection department of the hall, "program" clarifies the specific goals of 2023 and 2025.

By 2023, 6037 in Huang County (City, District) completed all the rivers in the river, all the rural rural areas in the Huanghe Tan District completed the treatment of domestic sewage, the farmland deformation of the beach area did not directly discharge into the Yellow River through the dractom, of which Dongying City Realize the "zero emissions" of rice field, the water quality of the Yellow River Dry flow (Shandong Section) has a stable surface water level III standard, and the total nitrogen concentration is effectively controlled. The annual nitrogen in the Jinshui River and the Peking University Sandy River is less than 5mg / L, Yangxi The six rivers of the river, the dragon, the jade river, the Jinshui River, the South Dazha River, the Peking University Shahe River built "a moisture". By 2025, the Huanghe River Basin Ecological Protection Sample Zone, the Huang River Dry Broken Ecological Protection Repair has achieved remarkable results, and the stability of ecosystem is significantly increased, and the biodiversity is more rich.

In terms of key tasks, one is to hit the environmental problem of the Yellow River Basin, implement the comprehensive management of water pollution in the Yellow River Basin, the comprehensive governance of the Yellow River Basin, the soil pollution control project of the Yellow River Basin and the ecological environment rectification of the Yellow River Basin area. The second is to hit the ecological protection and repair of the Yellow River Basin, and build the Shandong Yellow River Ecological Corridor, respectively implement the Yellow River Delta Wetland Ecosystem Protection Project, Dadu River and Xiaofei River Regional Ecological Protection Renewal Project and Dongping Lake Watershed Ecological Protection Repair Project.

The third is to improve the ecological compensation mechanism of the Yellow River basin, establish longitudinal and horizontal, compensation and compensation, government and market organic combined Yellow River Basin Ecological Product value realization mechanism, strictly implement the provincial-level ecological civilization construction fiscal prize mechanism.

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