“Hey!You are here,I thought you ran away again“Bai Ruyu smiled and walked over。

Xia Jian smiled and said:“how come,How is it going,What the doctor said“The ministry Xia Jian cares about。
Bai Ruyu smiled and said:“Nothing big,Tonsillitis caused by a cold,Prescribed some medicine,I should be fine when I go back to eat。
“No matter what!Sit here,I’ll get you medicine”Xia Jian said,Reached out and took the payment list in Bai Ruyu’s hand,Glanced,He couldn’t help being surprised,A cold,Why is the prescription for more than 800 yuan?,This is her monthly salary。
Fortunately, the money has already been paid,Otherwise, I don’t have so much cash in my pocket。
When you get the medicine,Xia Jian was surprised again,More than 800 yuan,I only took three small bottles of medicine,He even asked the medicine collection office twice,I’m sure they are right,He just walked away a little puzzled。
When giving medicine to Bai Ruyu,Xia Jian also wanted to ask her why this medicine is so expensive,When the words came to my mouth, I swallowed back,Because he saw Bai Ruyu’s smile,Smile very happily,He didn’t want to affect people’s mood because of this,Although she is the mayor’s secretary,But a medicine that costs more than 800 yuan for a cold,Still a bit tall after all。
Out of the hospital,Bai Ruyu is happy like a child,She is jumping and jumping,Fortunately, she wore a short skirt,It’s not very convenient to exercise,Otherwise she doesn’t know what she is going to be crazy。
Seeing Bai Ruyu so happy,Xia Jian is also a lot easier,It seems that his emotions were also infected by her,Two people sprinkled joyously on the road like children,Provoke passers-by to look back,According to Xia Jian,walk my own path,Let others see!
suddenly,Xia Jian’s phone rang,He stopped busy,I took out my phone and saw that it was Murong Sisi calling,He just remembered,Said it,He wants to study the decoration plan of this vegetable market with Mu Rong Sisi。
“Hey Sisi!I have something outside,You do!Go to Donglin Building,Find Mr. Guo,Tell him your situation,Let her send someone to design,After finishing all the decoration, she will send someone to do it,What you have to do here is to talk about the store right away,Budget,Just report it to Zhao Hong”Xia Jian arranged for Murong Sisi on the phone。
Mu Rong Sisi heard that Xia Jian couldn’t come,A bit disappointed:“Ok!I know”
“You’re right,You are the group boss,Don’t do everything by yourself,Over time,No one below you can do anything”Bai Ruyu smiled and said to Xia Jian。
But what she said does have some truth,What’s more, Lao Xiao said about him more than once,Let him learn to manage,Let others do it,So it’s easy,The subordinates will become stronger。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“It’s easy to say,It’s hard to do,But today’s time,I am with you wholeheartedly。go,We should have something to eat,I didn’t even eat breakfast”
Bai Ruyu sneered and said:“I didn’t eat either,How about you eat porridge with me”

Only then did Cecilia react,The wound on my back seems to be bandaged by treatment。

“noob,Where’s that guy Wright,Did he take advantage of me?!”
Velociraptor Xiaobai:“。。。。(I do not know how to answer you,I’m just a dragon)”
“Cough!”Wright’s voice came from the door。Holding a plate of exquisite food。
“Not bad,Not bad!”Cecilia unceremoniously took the plate in Wright’s hand,Took a big bite。“how about it,Where are we now?”
“Hometown,But I went to a doctor in a small town to treat your wound halfway through,Light magicians are too rare。”Wright shook his head,“I’m worried that the masked man will catch up,Just walk along the sunset mountain range,Walked around for half a circle before reaching the homecoming city。”
Cecilia eating food,Nothing said。
In fact, the two have known each other for only ten days,Even Cecilia is sleeping most of the time,But this time escaping from the dead brought the relationship between the two quickly closer。
“Wright,Are we safe now??”Cecilia thought for a while,Still asked,The mask man really scared her。
“rest assured!”Wright said very confidently:“We are now in the hotel of the Geer Chamber of Commerce,I have some relationship with Geer Chamber of Commerce,The news will not leak,He really went here to go wild,It’s hard to tell who is dead and who is alive。”
“So!”Cecilia is feeling down,“Wright,Can you help me send a letter to my family。”
Lai nodded,He can see it too,This eldest lady seems to have some psychological shadows。But then again,Wright decided to practice,Have a desire for strength and adventure。But Cecilia came out to play。。。Although the opponent’s strength is not much worse than his own,But the mentality is still very different。
Just like this, the world has passed for three days,Cecilia’s injuries gradually healed—Mainly on the third day, Wright invited an excellent light magician to release the healing magic.。
And Cecilia also gradually recovered the lively and excessive character when Wright first met,until。。。
“Gone!”Wright looked at the envelope in his hand,Cecilia finally did not drag herself to deliver the letter to her family,Instead, I left a letter for myself。
Wright knows very well,I might like Cecilia a little。
In the past few days with Cecilia,Have lost the vigilance that should have been,At the same time even neglecting practice。
“call!”Wright took a deep breath,I pressed Cecilia’s depressedness to the bottom of my heart。

Fortunately, the horrible air tearing sound soon stopped,The bottom of the underground palace is finally quiet,The huge threat in my heart seems to be reduced a lot,Pan Mang didn’t see the two mighty figures from beginning to end,I can’t be sure whether the two masters left after they fought.。

It’s a pity the good times don’t last long,Just when Panmang was about to get up,The piercing roar sounded again,This time it is no longer the sound of air tearing caused by violent energy,But the milky white light around me started to spin,Then slowly lifted off,Expose the thick and round pillars below。
Pillars start to pull off the surface,Make a thrilling bang,Panmang couldn’t stand and fell again,Zhong Lixun and Baimei, who were smashed into the rock wall, had no strength to struggle at all.。
Hidden in the air‘Instructor’Also forced to show up,It’s just a will that doesn’t have a real body,But somehow,Will have that heavy heartbeat feeling,Make it very uncomfortable,With the boom、Booming rhythmic dull sound,at this time,It seems that this rhythm is echoing in every corner of the world,The other will is gone,I believe it should feel the same right now。
This is obviously a huge flower、Flowers in bud,Actually grows under the underground palace,In any case, Panmang can’t compare with the imaginary appearance of Jinshanki,Actually it is Zhenshanchu,The essence is the core part of the earth axis,Stolen by the only powerful person of the Qingyang Jianzong in the far north,Hidden in the underground palace for tens of thousands of years。
The reason why the mortal world gradually loses its aura,Of course there are factors that practitioners can’t ask for,But the fundamental reason lies in the absence of Zhen Shan Chu,This mighty man has cleverly used the weak will of the new generation of mortals,And the ancient will stole Jinshanki when he was afraid of being involved in the wars of the heavens and did not dare to come forward.,Originally brought into the fairy world,But found that the barriers of the world are extremely stubborn,Failed。
All these years,The fairy world has long been destroyed,The mighty one turned into smoke and dust and returned to the void,I know the origin of Jinshanki,There are only two wills in the mortal world,And the monks of the Qingyang Jianzong dynasties,Up and down, only a few people know the existence of Zhenshanchu,But I don’t know what it is。
Zhenshanba, like a giant flower, slowly rises,As the branches below are completely off the ground,A terrifying deep hole is just a flash in the pan,Then gush out orange-red magma,Braving the hot breath,Swallowing everything around,The surface melts quickly like chocolate,The underground palace seemed to be suddenly pulled away from the supporting force and began to collapse,in spite of‘Instructor’Hastily continuously used supreme mana,But still couldn’t stop Zhenshanchu from flying above the underground palace。
Flower part above Jinshanki,Looks like a soft and boneless light ball,Really tough,Crash all the way up,All the shelterable buildings in the underground palace are as soft and fragile as tofu,And the unmanned large formation is a joke in front of Jinshanki,With the collapse like the last days,A mess in the underground palace,Jinshanki pulls out a white trail,Already rushed out of the palace,Then rushed out of the ground and skyrocketed。
‘Instructor’Chased in midair,But stopped abruptly,Looking at Jinshanki going away,Don’t know what it feels like,It’s actually closer to Zhenshanchu,They are one,But why did Jin Shanchi leave so resolutely?
Li Tianzhen, who was wrapped in the bud, was not unconscious,Did not suffer any harm,He seems to be back in the deep hole of the small world,The breath and closeness are very similar,The only difference is,He became a navarro,But it doesn’t fall apart like a crock,Then self-repair,Just floating quietly in the air on the side of the flower。
This huge flower,Or it might be called that Jinshanki should have its own will,Li Tianzhen can feel its anger,It’s not just that the other party unscrupulously explored his gods,And the hot smell in the bud、The harsh sound like cut beech wood,Like venting anger,Or maybe it’s a curse like broken thoughts。
Li Tianzhen didn’t know that Zhenshanchu had already rushed out of the underground palace at this moment,And flying higher and higher,He just wants to try to communicate with each other,Since there is will,The communication of divine consciousness is amazing。
“Don’t know if you can understand me,I always feel familiar with you,At least we have the same attributes,Such as rebuilding aura,Or the chaos they said。”


Taihu’s lake,Abi and Aizhi,Chu Deirers are improperly playing a song《Swordsman》!
Originally Abi is singing a lotus song,Chu Deee as a musician,Naturally not glow,Then the active dedication blows a song。
only……Some silence!
at first,Seeing the Chu Deirers, don’t say、Take out the waist,Wang Yin is still awkward,I have to smile on Aizhu and Ai Iong.。
In fact, she wanted to ask Chuman.,Why bring a bamboo with you?,Now it seems……It’s really not a corpus-shaped organ,This is awkward!
Because it is too popular in a large number of life,And the tunes are too high,So I heard that someone didn’t say it.,It’s really weird。
But listen to listening,Three people feel that this song is,Rivers and lakes“Bind”Earning,And the player、Quick pursuit,One time and even my heart,I also swayed the yearning for freedom.……
Still blame!
Only a big world,There are still some 惆怅——Aizhu and Ai are also a bit of wondering,Just when I was getting out of the Tubo University,Duan Gongzi is not this kind of person.?Why don’t you spend??
At this point, the five people have left Manda Villa.,Among them, there is no special goal.,It is also early from August,Taihu is not far from Nanhu,Grove’s things don’t worry,Li Qinglu is only a good photo of the deer.,At least half a year,“revenge”Things just say that it is to let Chu Deirers take ideas。
As for Ding Chunqiu……Chu Deer estimation,Your martial arts must have a gap between the stars,Even if you have perceived the most“Not afraid”,Can’t win,Not even afraid of just“Non-toxic”Star。
Once Ding Chunqiu is poisonous,Today’s poisonous anti-limited,I am afraid that there is a danger of turning into the car.!
“Congenital strength”Congenital gas,Have a certain toxic effect,“Small chaotic work”Also inherited this,But and those who have known as Bai poisonous,There is also a big gap
So Aizhu and Abi want to return to Yongshang Villa,Also invite Chu Debans to be a guest,I thank him for rescue.,Chu Deiren did not refuse——In case you can find《Fossil》or“Also Water Pavilion”Woolen cloth?
Now Murong Mountain Villa,It is not just the participants in Tianlong……
Frustration of the conspiracy of Yan Guo Yu Yu,Can you think of stealing??
Also talk about Dingchun Qiu“poison”if,Chu Deirers think of Duan Duan……
“Duan brother,You said before,After the unity, the mountain is swallowed.,It is a hundred poisonous?”After the Chu Deiren made a song,Start looking for Duan Yu to see if there is inspiration。
“kindness。”Duan Yu is not very wanting to take care of him.,At the same time, there is still some sense of sin.:Duan Yu, Duan Yu,People’s Chu Xiongqi bitter, Jiangnan to find you,How can you be so cold??Not to mention……Originally your sister.!
“Why is it in the stone room?,Duan Yanqing is effective for you?”Chu Deirers asked。
Duan Yu:……
Duan Yu suddenly never wants to take care of him!And it is the kind of belonging!
“牯 朱 蛤?Be a rumor‘Sound,Whole body’,Is there a royal king??”Wang Yizhen heard the words of Chu Deirers,Take the initiative to take a sentence。
See Wang Yan,Duan Yu is also strong——Brother wants to have a brother!
“Be right,I have swallowed this gods before in the event of no music.,At the time……”Duan Yu sounds good explanation,Also painted a description of the sound。
Duan Yu’s attitude,Some of the surprises,But intuitive feelings,Duan Yu seems attentively,But there is not much desire,So is not too uncomfortable。
“Duan Gongzi actually has such a adventure?After the rumor,Can form a special reason,Negative invasion……Just Chu Da Ge said,What is a lack of?”Wang Yuchen suddenly curious about Duan Yu what poisoned in the stone room。
Because it is Wang Yin’s guardian,Chu Deirers also let her change their name。
Duan Yu:Oops
Duan Yu naturally 吭吭 唧 唧 唧 唧 不 唧 唧 说,After all, this kind of thing,Even brothers and sisters don’t want to say,What’s more, Wang Yizhen still doesn’t know that he is her brother.!

Think so,He is also decided to contact Trifle.,Let the other party recommend some veteran to help。

soon,He also came to Shenzhen University。
Then tell your situation,He goes straight.。
Just when I got a girl’s dormitory,He is stopped by the accomplished aunt.。
He didn’t think that the daytime can be stopped.。
“Aunt,I want to give my classmates to my mobile phone.,I promise to get out within ten minutes.。”
“Boy,I have seen more you.,Ten minutes,In fact, it is not necessarily one hundred minutes.。”
“Forehead,So how do you with me??
I promise really very fast。”
“Humph,I am with you.,In case there are other boys secretly sneak.?”
For this,Li Hui Feng suddenly felt something I didn’t know how to answer.。
“Aunt,Then I put my own identity.,Including my mobile phone is in this,I really”“Do you think I am this hotel??
This is a school,Please respect us。”
Li Hui Feng is aunt that is not in this oil salt.,Also speechless,Turn it directly to go out。
“okay,See your boy is not like a bad person,Remember。”
Looking at Li Hui’s lost back,The other party seems to be conscience。
Just he hasn’t waited for it.,Stunned。
Chapter 1288 Counterattack
Because Ye Yen has already dropped from the dormitory.。
Clear visible blood print on the cheeks,Hair is also a mess,Clothes are even more obvious with traces that are torn。
Ye Yuan did not expect that he would encounter Li Hui Feng here.。
And still when she is so embarrassed。
“You are fighting with people.?”
Li speaks from the wind to see the other party,I gave my judgment in the first time.。
After all, according to the things he understands last night.,It is very obvious that Ye Yao is being cheated.,Then someone is solely that she finds two black people.“Um,Let it go,I will find a place to organize it.。”
Just when Li Hui is ready to leave with each other,Ye Yeo is followed by a group of female students.。
Among them, several of them are more likely to appear.。
Bai Bilian is in the forefront。
She has just been scared by Ye Yeo picked up the bench.,But I finally saw Ye Youo chose to retreat.,There is a lot of courage to increase.。
“Ye Yao,Why are you not arrogant??
Some things continue to say,Last night, we saw that you were dragged out by two black people.,how?
Dare to do not deserve?”
“I still want to be white lotus?
Don’t go with this matter.!”
I heard these words of Bai Bai Lian,Ye Yuo’s little fist touched again。
Li Hui also did not think that Ye Yuguo’s classmates would actually bowlish the stone.。
The most important thing is that Ye Yao has not fallen.!“Let it go,Don’t take them。”

“Su big brother,In other words, I am not listed now.,But I need to open the market right.?”

“Correct,North China, I can stay with Laojin,Continue to walk in the South,Develop the south,certainly,If you can extend it directly to the city, it will be fine.。”
Li Hui has nothing to do with the style,After all, he is already quit.,Shares also gave Xu Ruzhen。
But I heard the departure city,He thought of Qin Su Ya in the first time.。
If you can take root there,It seems to be looking for Qin Su Ya,Just do things in your hands。
“Hey-hey,This is not too big,However, our village Su big brother also knows,It is still very important there.。”
“Lupi is rest assured,I will help you in your village.,how?”
Li Hui is what is going on.,When I got it, I nodded.:“Can,I am going to the first stop to visit the depth city,Then take the root there,How about it?”
“Lee brother,How do I feel that I still need to steady and steady?,If you go directly there,The water there is deep,I am afraid that you can’t drive there.!”
If this is before,Li Hui is really worried.。
But now his strength will increase again.,It is not afraid of these.。
A congenital master,How couldn’t be able to open?,As long as he wants,He feels that many people will end their help.,The premise is to show the original master’s identity.。
“Su big brother,I will bloom everywhere in the deep city.,As long as the departure is opened,Then I expanded to the north,Then you expand in the south,Let’s go back and drive,how?”
Although Su Qi knows that this idea is very good,But he also understands that the water on the latter is not bad.。
Even some families with new rise there,Some companies’ relationships are complicated。
Li Hui, which is so fierce.,He is afraid that even water is unable to。
“Lee brother,If you have confidence, it is nature.,But how much do you know the room price??
And I estimate that there is not much money in your hand.?”
“Hey-hey,I don’t dare to say more.,More than ten billions or still。”
Su Cooked did not expect that Li Hui Rong is now actually so much money.。
He knows clearly,The lotus village is burning money。
Make money, also vegetables,Apple,Strawberry。
But he didn’t know that Li Hui’s price can sell hundreds of millions of prices.。
Of course, these don’t want to ask more,After all, Li Ping also has its own privacy.。
“Row,More than ten billions, I feel enough.。”
“Hey-hey,Su big brother,More than a dozen billions, I am stocking.?
Still help?”
Li Hui Feng does not want to take out more than 10 billion to burn directly,He also went in deep city.,The land there is simply inch inch。
Not a little bit bad,The most crucial is that he is more than a dozen billion to go to the restaurant.,No need at all,Because he is not a shareholder of the drug house now.。
“Hahaha, I have forgotten it.,How about it for you??”
Su Liang hesitated and asked:“Plus Xu Ru’s shares,I will give you a percentage of 50%.?”
This value,Li Hui Feng hesitated,road:“Row,But when I want to continue to expand, I will definitely not continue to pay from me.。”
“Lupi is rest assured,If you can open the first,The second family doesn’t have to,I will send people directly here.。”
With this words,Li Anti-style is not much more。
But directly, I called Xu Ru.。
Received the phone from Li Hui,Xu Ruzhen is also a surprise,After all, Li Pei’s wind has not been called for her.。

Two golden giant swords collided in the air,It’s like two peerless assassins are fighting。

Eleventh Floor Controller,Is a pure fast swordsman,Jianguang missed a hit,Stick and go,Swordsmanship is fast and pure。
And Li Ming’s sword,It’s a sword of killing,The boundless murderous intent caused a bloodshot on the edge of the golden giant sword。
But even at a speed that is not very good,Li Ming’s sword is also comparable to the golden giant sword of the eleventh floor controller。
Every collision,The controller’s golden giantsword trembled。
After dozens of collisions,The golden giant sword was shattered frontally by Li Ming’s blood-colored golden sword。Although the final explosion of the golden giant sword also hindered the blood golden sword for a moment,But Li Ming’s spear penetrated at the same time,One shot cut through the head of the eleventh floor of the master。
Through the 11th floor。
Li Ming sighed slightly after breaking through the eleventh floor,He understands that he has little confidence in breaking through the twelfth floor。After all, I spent a lot of effort on the 11th floor,If you go to the twelfth floor,The Golden Sword Slashing Void has already mastered the battle,Basically defeated。
of course,Li Ming is not without tricks,If Li Ming goes to deal with‘Illusionist’,Estimated by the strength of his will,Don’t talk about breaking through twelve floors,There is some hope even on the 13th floor。But he doesn’t like such a speculation。
Moreover,He only stayed in Chaos City for four years,There are still twenty-six years,How far he can progress?
But before that,Just break through the Tianshan Mountains!
Just when Li Ming entered the secret realm of Tongtian Mountain,The news that he had crossed the eleventh floor of the Tongtian Bridge was sent to the Lord of Dragon Walk by Bafen the Holder。
“It’s only four years,He actually went up two more floors,This speed。。。Tut,Actually didn’t come to see me。。。So I went to pass through the Tianshan Mountains!”The Lord of Longxing showed a slight smile,Obviously very satisfied with his disciple。
And in another special plane in the virtual universe。
Virtual universe,Specially open up a plane space。
A vast land in space,There are three towering mountains on the vast land,One is taller than one!

Li Tianchou’s heart moved,He originally planned to go straight to Myitkyina after leaving the country with the tour group,It’s not far from the area where the Qin Gang is active,A little further southeast is Pampa Port,It’s also very close to Mengke Town,Not even half a day’s journey。

It’s just that Li Tianchou is really new to Myanmar,The only understanding is the inculcation of international relations during the training camp,Limited to humanities history and a little current affairs,Then there is a bit of evil to make up for online travel guide articles。Now that I have an old man with me,Much more convenient along the way。So he nodded,“First time,Also want to see more。According to the itinerary of the tour group,I’m worried I can’t see anything,So I want to walk by myself。”
“Oh yo,That feeling good,If you don’t dislike it,Follow the old man,Keep you safe。But be careful,This visa has time,Don’t run away and never come back。”
Li Tianchou laughed,“Don’t worry, sir,I still have a mess in my domestic company,How can I just run,Rare easy days。”
In this way,The old and the young have a good chat。In the gossip,Li Tianchou learned that the old man’s surname was Pan,Early widowed,Have been living inSZcity。One child and one daughter,Eldest daughter married and married,Settle in the magic city with your husband’s family,Youngest son is still single,Live with the elderly,The company was dispatched to the Myanmar branch the year before last。
As for why Old Man Pan didn’t apply for passport and visa directly in the name of visiting relatives,Li Tianchou also got an idea,First, my son is too busy at work,Inconvenient to interrupt,I stay for two or three days every time I go back,Second, the old man likes to travel,Walk around,So the route of each cross-border travel is different,It seems that this situation is reasonable。
And for my own situation,Li Tianchou’s introduction is very simple,The old man doesn’t seem to know too much,Because of the fatigue of the journey,Fell asleep early。
Tour in Banna on the second day,Li Tianchou apart from walking around,Also bought a lot of maps,In various forms,Attraction map、Administrative division map etc.,Even the tourist map of Myitkyina has,Still translated into Chinese。
Since returning from the scenic spot,Li Tianchou kept flipping through various maps,Don’t carry the old man,And claimed to be geographically blind。Although there are detailed maps in the information sent by the instructor,But not as intuitive as the one just bought at hand,Many pictures merged,A clear three-dimensional picture was formed in his mind。
The next day is the second attraction on the itinerary,Ruili, a famous tourist city on the China-Myanmar border,That is a picturesque、A small city rich in ethnic characteristics,And there are a lot of jade,Especially Burmese jade is very popular。
Many mainland merchants and collectors love to buy rough stones here,Looking forward to producing high-quality beautiful jade、gem,Gradually a well-known gambling market was formed,So Ruili is also called“The Land of Gambling”。
Ruili is located in Dehong Prefecture, northwest of Banna Prefecture,Not close,Crossing Pu’er northwest、Lincang two states,Take the bus6Hours。Leaving at five o’clock in the morning,I may not be able to arrive before noon。Give Li Tianchou the feeling that joining a tour group is like marching on the road,This secretly met his needs,But for real tourists, it’s a bit guilty,The so-called view,Can only look at the state of mind。
Not as famous as meeting,Ruili’s jade market is located in the tourist pedestrian street,Large and small jewellery and jade stalls and various tourist crafts stalls crowded the market。
Li Tianchou didn’t expect it to be so popular,Small streets can be described as shoulder-to-shoulder,People everywhere。From all over the country,Do not,Should be jade from all over the world、Jewelers have gathered in this small place。Tangible*、There are countless tour groups waving various flags。
On both sides of the small street are buildings with national characteristics,But almost everything is modern reinforced concrete,Really not worth seeing。Li Tianchou is also very uncomfortable with such a crowded environment,And the initial excitement of the old man surnamed Pan passed,Can’t stand it,So the two hardly need to discuss,Left the tour group together。
Unexpectedly,The next project is that the tour guide will pull everyone to a relatively remote shop,Start selling products hard,Call everyone to buy,If not buy,Hum,What to do,Old man Pan knows a lot,Talking about introducing Li Tianchou。
As for whether it is really as the old man said,Li Tianchou doesn’t care。The two are planning to walk around,Have lunch,And then join the tour group,The afternoon route is to Moria Tropical Forest,Then return to Nankan in Myanmar via Wanding Bridge,It is naturally much more convenient to follow a tour group,As for whether the tour guide will retaliate for leaving the team without authorization,Is not in his consideration。

“younger sister,You should know what Doctor Fang is……If he did this deliberately,I’m afraid it won’t be delayed for three days。This is just to observe the recovery of other parts of me,Make other decisions!”

Jackson said seriously。
“Yep,I’m so worried about my brother……”
Christina finished。
Hung up!
Fang Yu is still a bit dissatisfied。
This Fang Yu won’t get oil and salt,And ignore her pursuit at all。
Brother over there,Actually also worship Fang Yu so much,Really speechless!
When Christina sighed。
Phone rings。
“how about it,Is your brother getting better?Can attend the meeting of the day after tomorrow?”
Over the phone,A deep voice asked。
“Brother over there……”
Christina helpless。
This is here again!
“that,What we agreed before,Then void!”
Finished,The phone was hung up。
Christina is completely speechless。
She has to find Fang Yu to settle the account!
Fang Yu lost her money……

Chen Xiu broke the deadlock first。

“A slum in Saigon,You can rest here at ease。The flow of people here is complicated,Wei Kai, they didn’t find you so easily。”
Chen Xiu first let go,I suddenly jumped up despite my pain,Said anxiously:“Cell phone,Give me cellphone!”
The woman took out her mobile phone and handed it over,Even asked:“What are you doing?”
“I want to call Ou Sheng,The girl who was in the woods with me。I don’t know if she is safe,Was it caught by Wei Kai?!”
“You care about her!”
Chen Xiu’s heart is tied to O Sheng at this time,I didn’t even notice the sourness in the woman’s tone。
“That is a must,She is my girlfriend。for her,I can kill you……”
The woman suddenly regained her phone,“boom”Slam the phone to the ground,I even made up a few feet and trampled on the phone,Swearing:“Men are not good things!”
Chen Xiu was at a loss,Men are not things that have anything to do with themselves!
Just watching the woman step on her cell phone, she looks more like a person,Can’t help but say:“We know each other right?”