First15chapter The beginning of reincarnation(on)
Ga、Ga!”A few ugly crows rang。
The setting sun shone diagonally in a small village in the mountains。
A little red light is reflected in the sparkling creek。
The crows flap their wings,Circling and flying to the small mountain village。
These birds are quite intelligent,Their leader,It’s a one that has already opened up Lingzhi,A big crow that is an acquired monster,Almost one person tall。
But this big crow does not attack humans,Instead, they will help the mountain people in the village hunt,Take them to find big prey—It was originally a domestic crow raised by an elder who has passed away in this village。
According to its memory,To this hour,The mountain people in the village should light up the smoke,If there is a lot of harvest,Still prepare some food for them。
“Ga!”Sad voice sounded。
Throughout the mountain village,As if there is no one,As if they all disappeared into the air。
But the big crow can smell it,The slight but strong smell of blood。
Speak lightly,That’s because the smell of blood can only smell very subtle。
Say rich,Is the smell of blood,But it is full of the smell of many people!

However, Liang Shi Yan knows,This emperor,In fact, it is the most important to sing myself with you.。Before,He just bought an opinion against the soldiers,Diffused Yu Wen。

This time,Believe in those believe,In fact, the mutant has pointed out,This time, Luoyang,It is not intelligent。This is equivalent to the face of indirectly。
Yu Wen is uncomfortable in his heart.,He will naturally make you feel uncomfortable.。
“Dou Yi intelligence,Know that this is nothing good,So keep staying in Pucha City.,Ugh。”
Liang Shi Yan sighed,Feeling that you are really“too young too simple”NS。I was called by Yu Wenzi from the North.,You should know,Your old minister,In fact, it is very unreasonable.,This is coming out,Never have any good fruit to eat。
as predicted,Those things you are worried,All accountted。Even unexpected unexpected,Also happened。
Liang Shi Yan can notice,Mengjin Shui Village on the Yellow River,In fact, it is rushing to Hongnong City.。Many people have psychological misunderstandings,It is believed that the water army is in the water battle.。
Maybe Yu Wenzhen is also thinking about it.。
However, actually,From the last time I use the boat attacking the results of the river,In fact, Hongnong City not far from the shore of the Yellow River,Not safe!
certainly,Hongnong City is not a yellow river,The problem is not as serious as Heyang Guan。But enemy military water army,But you can do something hard to do in a weekday.。
That is shorteing the distance of the attack!
There are also places where you can choose from。
These two points have nothing special,However, it is a key moment.,It will become a humor。With the moment, the survey has attracted most of the hit outside.,“crucial moment”It should soon come soon.。
Qi Jun appeared between Heyang Three Town and Hongnong City,Around the week,Even directly to fight the farmland Liang Shizhen, I didn’t dare to think again.,He feels,Gao Boyi counterattack,Absolutely more than this。
What should I do??
NS1215chapter Western wind(2)
《Three Kingdoms》Chinese tiger,Is a city,A husband,Wanfu。
And the ancient actual tiger,It is a defense system.,Channel is more than one,The road is also more than one。Post-world archaeological discovery,So-called“Tiger”,Located in the northwest of Fuyang City, Henan Province16Kilitary Town,Only roughly range,History has been migrated many times,Reconstruction。
It can be said that the place is really this place.,But Chengguan,It is not the original city,It varies with the terrain of the trend。
“hehe,Eight column。”
Solitary signal station in Tiger,Written in Yuwen“Advance”Torn,Scattered air。The city is rising in the city,And the high performance“puppet army”,The momentum is obviously less than one counter。
“You go back to tell Yu Wenzi,I solve the vow to have a total of death and this city.!”
Solitary signal trick,As early as the bow that is ready to go in the city,A burst of shot down。Zhou Jun’s knife shield is calm,Shield wall,Then slowly,Not caused what damage。
The two armies are detached from the front of the city,Standing one side“Watch the battle”Gao Yanzong,Live, I’m lonely,I don’t care about him.。
Solitary correspondence is not so hated,But before the two armies,He can’t be soft。Once,The impact on the military’s heart is huge。not to mention,Some people will go with Gao Bao“Small report”。
“Korean,Tomorrow, Zhou Jun will attack the city,You tied people today.,I can’t stand tomorrow.,You will take the top。”
Solitary message to give your own Poly Sword to the face of the face.,Say that he is seriously concerned:“You are now giving around Zhou Jun,Close there,Yushen is, the more you don’t dare to do your family.。
Qi Dang will also look at you,Do you want to be wrong?。”
Han Yuhua is really Yu Wenzhao’s heart,Are the surname of Yu Wentai“Yu Wen”,To see by name,That is a family.。This is visible,Han Jia’s thing,How too much do。
But this is also helpless。
Yushen’s no way,They don’t need to think about Gao Baoyi,But,Han family still has a retreat.!Not only that,Sinus,Weijia,In fact, there is a small ninety-nine nineteen,Who will pull the whole family?,Tell your death with Yu Wen!
“At the end, I will know.。”
Han Yuhu is talking about his hand。
The solitary message took the shoulder of Han Zihu:“Don’t think about why Greetors have to take the goddess force,Let us give North China City to Wang Lin。

Looking at Xu Tianci, I don’t say it, I have a hurry.,Li Hui Feng is also immediately going back,Go home and prepare to get a few greens。

Back home,He first puts the pot bowl of scoop in the bubble box to avoid breaking,Then go straight to the garden。
Just walk to the vegetable garden,He saw Li Cuihua that had not been seen for a long time.。
See the other fashionable dress,I can’t help him think of the woman next to Qin Shouye.。
I don’t know if he should tell the other person for a time.,After all, Li Cuihua and Liu Dafu are also the same nature as Qin Shouye.。
“Xiao Li,It’s still a place to come.,Actually, you will come to the vegetable garden.?”
Looking at Li Cuihua, a short jeans is equipped with a pair of flies.,Especially the other party wears a snowyVShrunk,The black chest in the shirt can be clearly visible.,Li Hui, can’t help but read a few eyes.。
But it is these eyes but let Li Cuihua eye wave flow.。
He before, on the bus on the bus,She is clear that Li Hui is powerful.。
That kind of protected feeling makes her time since the night, I will think of Li Hui Rong.。
“Um,Come a few guests,Cuihua scorpion This is not afraid of being discussing here.?”
I heard Li Hui Feng said that she is sexy.,Li Cuihua laughed into the flower branches。
“Gillle I have a generous sexy from home to the vegetable garden.,Those worse men said that I dressed as the fairy.,But they don’t dare to say anything.,After all, this mouth is much better than they.。”
Looking at the opponent’s little mouth coated with rose,Li Hui Feng couldn’t help but think of seeing the other party to Liu Dafu with his mouth. This thought is just coming out.,Li Hui rushed to press the wind。
“Hey-hey,Cuihua scorpion cattle。”
Li Hui Rong said this to Li Cuihua extended a thumbs up,Then prepare to go directly to the home vegetable garden picking cucumber,Kidney bean and bean corner But Li Cuihua has not left,Instead, I followed Li Hui’s back.。
While talking, I laughed。
“Cuihua,You can have far from me.,After all, my reputation is not good.,If you are close to me, you can’t afford your reputation.。”
Li Hui said that this is obvious that the other party is reminding each other.,At the same time, let him not help but think that Li Cuihua said his words.。
“Gill your kid really revenge,Don’t you know you this person??
And the scorpion is also listening to others.,However, since I went to the county city with you.,The scorpion knows that the little breeze is a good youth.。”
“And the scorpion in the village is still not having you.,So the scorpion is not afraid.,If you can have some point with the small wind?,The scorpion may not be happy.。”
I heard Li Cuihua.,Li Hui is completely speechless。
However, he didn’t expect Li Cuihui to talk directly to the original thing.,Just rushing to the other side, the previous one of the things that said his bad things.,Li speaks with the wind can’t hate it.。
“Ok,You can be careful,If you really have to pass, you will pass it to Qin Shuyu.,You can fight with your two。”
“Giggle,How do you think so??
Will n’t you like a scorpion??”
When I said this,Li Cuihua deliberately lighted with Li with the head of the head,At the same time, a pair is also constantly watching Li Hui。
And Li Hui’s wind is in an instant, and I will see it along the neck.。
The snow and cough cough Li Hui also didn’t expect that it would let him see so clearly.,Although the sky is already black,But the scenery is really beautiful.。
Just thinking about some of the other’s style,Li Hui Feng immediately dismissed the bad idea in his mind.。
Li Cuihua also saw that Li Hui Feng Ji That’s the scene,I am not happy.。
What she want is this effect?。
If you can lie to your home,Or lie to your boudoir,She has full of grasp of this youth。
After all, in her eyes,Li Hui Feng is a dry wood,How can I live?。
“Scull,I don’t like you.,And you can say less in the future.,Being Qin Shi knows that I will find me trouble.。”
“Humph,He dares,If he dares to find you, I will find him trouble.,And your Qin Shuge, I am all clear.,Know why I will be with the man who is not used by Liu Dafu??”
For those news of Li Cuihua,Li Hui does not want to listen。

even,It’s more terrifying than encountering a strong fairy。

Xianjun strong,Just one person。
I still have a chance to run away。
But I met a few in the middle of immortality,The opponent takes turns up to shoot himself。
The chance to run away,nothing。
“after,Who dares to do it in Dan,That is not to abolish the cultivation base,But to kill without mercy。”
A person who has the cultivation base of Xianyuan。
The strong man of the Danhui,Don’t put it in the eye。
Look inside the Danhui,People doing errands,A word of warning,Also left。
And before,The second to collect data。
With a lot of information,Get out of it。
“This guest officer,The information you want,All here。
There are twenty spirit stones in total。”
Finished,So he passed this information to Lin Yu。
“This is Lingshi,You take it。”
Lin Yu who received the information,I don’t want to stay here for a minute。
There is only one thought in my heart at the moment,That is,Improve your cultivation as soon as possible。
Stay here for more,I’m in danger for a while。
Lin Yu,Never like today,So longing to be strong。
Beyond Xiancheng。
Lin Yu,Dare not stay in the city。
because,Once someone finds himself in the city,Then I must die。
And outside the city,That’s different。
There is a way out everywhere。
Once there is a strong chasing oneself,That self,Can run east-west, north-south。
“It’s here。”
Lin Yu,Walked for a long time。
After finding a place where no one is,Changed myself again,then,Looking for a stone mountain nearby。
Among the mountains,Dig a huge cave,Into the cave,then,Put the stone,Blocked the entrance of the cave。
Let no matter who is passing by,Or who,Can’t find myself。

Haruno Sakura and Miss Chan came off the commentary stage,Pass the microphones to the players in the upcoming game,The interview started with the Oscar team。

“Hello everyone!I am the captain of the Oscar team and broke up suddenly——pineapple,We never fight unprepared battles,But except today!”The pineapple across the air to the players of the opposing team of flowers and plants,Thumbs down gestures with a contempt。
“Hello students,Hello fans,I’m a scout of Team Oscar——Sweet orange,Don’t look at me sweet and round,Kill you at the critical moment!”
“Hello everyone!I am the medical soldier of Team Oscar——watermelon,Members of the Flower Team,Today I will let you know that watermelon juice is salty(idle)of,Because my teammate will not get hurt in this game!”
“Hello everyone!I am the armored rider of Team Oscar——banana,Team Huacao pay attention,Don’t tell me to run,Because then you can only eat ashes behind my ass!”Banana made a driving gesture with both hands and crashed into the opposite flower team member。
“The last speaker of the Oscar team,Is the supernova ace sniper who joined the team this year——Dragon fruit!Personal data average kills per game1.64,mortality rate0.65,The overall glory value is shocking8.49,His skillful、Huge potential,I think he will become a professional player just around the corner!”Mr. Sakata specially introduced Long Xiyue,Because this was specially arranged by Long Shao privately。
“There are no flowers in my eyes,only you——!”When the interview shot was given to Long Xiyue,He stood up and looked at the auditorium behind him。Everyone see,I saw a beautiful girl in a white dress sitting in the player rest area of the Oscar team,She nodded and smiled at the camera,It’s like a white lotus in the gentle wind and drizzle,Became the third kind of stunning beauty on earth that was lost in the moonlight and snow。
“Braun?Isn’t that classmate Bailing??!”Zhang Song was shocked。
“Lark goddess!Lark goddess!Lark goddess!”
“Lark goddess?She is the school flower of the University of Science and Technology!How can I sit in the rest area of the Communication University Oscar team?Isn’t she going to have sex with Young Master Long??”A reporter with a camera in Communication University said。
“Bailing actually rebelled?!This is big news……its not right,Didn’t she just announce that she called‘Lu Yi’Are you together?Which is called‘Lu Yi’Is it you?”The news agency sister suddenly asked Lu Yi on the side。
“Do not,not me……Probably just the name is close……”Lu Yi answered。
“I guess it’s not you!Why would she like something useless like you?”Senior Sister Lu Yi mocked。
“My master seems to be green……”Zhang Song called。
“Not so much……Aren’t they not together?”Anna Cao in a wheelchair said softly。
“Although they are not together……But others don’t know!In an interview last week, Bai Ling said that she was very good with Master!Became someone else’s Oscar team in an instant‘Family members’Up,Don’t say it’s my master,Even I can’t stand it!”Zhang Song Qidao。
“Is there such a big melon??”Feng Xichuan poked his head,Discuss with everyone。
“Although it’s a woman whose heart is fickle,But I am more interested in you, the master!”Guo Yinzhe squinted and smiled。

Bai Xiaoru sighed and said:“I know there is no connection between you。But at this time she needs the care of her friends,Even a word of encouragement。I believe she listens to you most,Don’t argue,This is what my instinct told me”

Xia Jian shook his red wine glass,Slowly fell into thought。He remembered the first time he saw Ouyang Hong,Which night is there when the snow is flying…
Xia Jian freed his thoughts,Can’t get back to God for a long time。Bai Xiaoru sat opposite Xia Jian,Looking at Xia Jian quietly。Until someone outside called the waiter,Xia Jian shook his head violently。
“Like it!We will cloud the province together tomorrow,How about I send you back?”Xia Jian said,Ha ha A happy。
Bai Xiaoru took a breath and said:“OK!It seems that I have caught the light of Ouyang Hong。But you can do,I’m still very happy。At the very least, Bai Xiaoru didn’t see the wrong person”
that’s it,Xia Jian and Bai Xiaoru made an appointment,Xia Jian sent her to the place,Then Xia Jian returned to the Convenience Hotel。Guan Tingna rented a house outside,She doesn’t want to stay in the hotel anymore。Thus,This house is temporarily occupied by Xia Jian。
Although Yao Junli’s bedroom is unoccupied,But now it’s a bit unsuitable for him to live。Because of this,Xia Jian was afraid of others’ random arrangement。
the next morning,Xia Jian got up earlier。He packed up some of his clothes,Then stuff it into the bag,Just went to the office。
About half past seven,Bai Li and Guan Tingna came one after another。Xia Jian held a small meeting for them,Tell me about my recent work,Then tell them,He is going to the provincial capital。
Where is the boss,The employees below dare not ask at all。This is the rule,Guan Tingna and Bai Li naturally understand。So the two of them didn’t ask anything。
Arrange work,Xia Jian went back to the room and carried his bag。Because the province and city are compared,I must stay overnight if I drive,If you run back and forth,It’s very hard for one person。
After getting in the car,Xia Jian wants to call Ma Yan,Tell her to go to the provincial capital,But I took out my phone,He doesn’t want to fight anymore。Because he thinks there is really no need to tell her about it。
Xia Jian first found a gas station,Filled the car with gas。Then I went to the place where Bai Xiaoru lived。He past tense,Bai Xiaoru moved all the bags to the roadside。This woman is really capable,Normal women can’t do this。
Put Bai Xiaoru’s luggage in a car,Xia Jian bought a few bottles of drinks at the roadside store,That’s why I started the car happily,Drive quickly towards the highway。
When leaving the city,Xia Jian saw tears in Bai Xiaoru’s eyes,Don’t say it’s a woman,Men also have this emotion,It’s just that the man has tears and doesn’t flick。

Chu Tianxing looked over here,The more I think about it, the more I feel a little doubtful。

But by Chu Tianxing’s side,The people hurried forward and said。
“Young master,He is jealous of you。”
I heard what my subordinates said,Chu Tianxing thought for a moment,like,Really like this。
Since this is the case,So let’s not entangle with Ye Xuan for now。
“Wait for me to take the Success Building,I’ll clean up you later!”
When Chu Tianxing’s words are finished,In the hearts of those around you,Even more eager to try。
Actually like this,It’s a good opportunity。
And now,Others already feel it。
But now,There are still people curious,I can’t help but ask before my eyes。
“Young master,I always feel,This kid is not easy。”
“we,Do you want to investigate?”
The people around look at Chu Tianxing,Don’t forget to say。
And this time,Chu Tianxing waved his hand。
After all, now,Actually such a thing,It came very indifferently。
in fact,Chu Tianxing didn’t feel the impact of these at all。
So I’m looking at it all,Chu Tianxing waved his hand,Don’t forget to say here。
“Actually these,It’s just a small thing,Don’t worry about it!”
When Chu Tianxing said these words,The people around are dubious。

I only saw two big men rushed to the water.,Two people a ugly,But ugly,The shape is thin and full of face,Another person is more ugly,But the ugly fierce,People are also higher。

“It’s a three masters and winds.!”Abi surprise called。
Before the Chu Deirers were peers,Also saved them,But after all is not a man,Not necessarily, this kind of rivers and lakes are killed,At this time, I saw the true Murong’s own master.,This is loose。
The person is the four of the four family members of Mu Rong.——Package、Wind wave!
Murong is not only a Zhuangzi,Like four people,Each is also small,The package is different from the Golden Zhuangzhuang、The wind is evil is the master of Xuanzhuang Zhuangzhuang……
“Hahaha,A bishi girl wants to worry,Sometimes,Screaming A Zhu son’s water clear,Four brothers make them pay!”Wind wave is smiling,Not worried about how many others,Even somewhat excitement。
Abi and A Zhu although“Grandfather”,But actually is not the people who serve people.,Otherwise listen to the fragrant water、Qin Yun, building these Murongshan Zhuang near island,I will give them to care.?
“what?Miss Table is also?My family went to Shaolin,If you want to find a son,Can walk with my brother。”The package also saw Wang Yizhen at this time.。
Wang Yizhen just wants to open,But hesitated,But I turned to see Chu Deirers.,She hasn’t forgotten in the three chapters of the previous law。
Packages different from the pseudonym,Actually a young man’s opinion,Can’t help but ask:“This young man is?”
“kindness?Quite happy……wrong,So many years of rivers and lake friends are damaged,What is I am happy??You don’t want to ask!”Chu Deeng Yi Zheng said。
The package has always been good to the profit,However, and the Chu Deirers are not a number of ways.,I gave a lot of。
A Zhu,I quickly explained the identity of Chu Deirers.,Special emphasis is that he saved himself and Abi in Manta Villa.,Solve three、Four masters。
“It turned out to be the family of Wang Mrs.,Thank you for helping me two sisters before.,Thank you, Thank you, Miss Miss.……”The wind wave is heard of the Chu Deirers.。
Chu Deirers did not understand,This situation is,Not counting a mother,Let’s take it.。
“Not dare,The lady was just scared by them.,As for Wang girl……I am taking the lady.,Taking Wang girl walking on the rivers and lakes,There is no relationship with Mu Rong.。”Chu Deirers shook their heads。
certainly,Packages and wind wave evils can be understood,Mrs. Wang is absolutely not“Scare”。
And the two also heard the Mrs. Wang.,This seems to have a lady with“outsider”the meaning of,This area is different and the wind wave is the man.,Ai A Zhu、Ai is naturally different。
One is in them,Miss people are very good,Love for my own son,As for the lady of my son, Miss Table is not close.,Both two people are not so sensitive,Two is also replaced by my son“overbearing”,I always feel that Wang Yan is really a true and others.,There is a kind of Murong’s feeling……
Murong Fu……Is not green!
“Not too,Miss Miss and my Gongzi,How can I say that it doesn’t matter??Chu Shaoxia is a mother of Mrs. Wang,But it should also know that。”The bag said differently。
Originally, the rice is gone by the wind wave.,I want to take the opportunity,But seeing the people of Murong,Actually, I and Chu Deirers.,Masterk,Others come to see revenge“Bitter”,Nothing,One heart in the heart:Play、Play……
“Your son is really emotional,Big can tell a white look,As for the intensity pro……Now I am a guardian of Wang,It is also what I am,It is also Murong‘lose’,To say this‘between’our,Also two‘cheap’Bar?”Chu Deirers said all the way to the stick。
And my road is yin and yang strange?That’s it、That’s it?
“Stinky boy!Mo juggling,See you saved A Zhu、Abi’s part,The wind is all the best!Loss quickly,Splash you a blood!”
Chapter 70 All flashed me……
Pack different like to fight,And the wind is evil likes the hand!
Not to tell the Chu Deirers,And provocative is not just a Chu Deirers,Mainly still in other“Bitter”,Sputplace?Who is it??
“It seems that Murong family is settled.?”
“Murong Mountain, Zhuang Guo, I have to be enemies with the martial arts.?”
“Chu Shaoxia,And this madman,We don’t have to talk to what the rules of the rivers and lakes are……”

“Sister, don’t be sad,When they are under control,already dead,I can’t see their soul。”The girl said。

“You can see the soul?”Li Xinghua was a little surprised。
“Ok,Even someone who just died,The soul will stay for a while。And their soul,Long gone。”In the girl’s light purple eyes,Seems to reflect another world。
“Yin Ling Master?”Li Xinghua said。
“What is Yin Ling Master?”The girl asked puzzledly。She seems to have never heard this word before。
People in the stockade,Don’t like talking to her so much。
She knew there was a big world outside,But she never left Lihuagou。
“I told my uncles and aunts,Those who went out on patrol have no souls when they come back,They all scold me。”
“I am afraid they scold me,Later, more and more people have no souls,I dare not say。”
“sister,I shouldn’t be so cowardly,Should tell everyone,This way the village will not become like this,right?”
Girls sometimes talk to themselves,Sometimes blame yourself,Sometimes communicating with Li Xinghua。
On the seemingly calm little cheeks,But it is a kind of self-anaesthesia。
“do not blame you。”Li Xinghua brought the girl closer,Hug her gently,Let her have a soft embrace to rely on。
Leaning on this gentle big sister,Feel her temperature,The girl seemed to remember the cold corpses at the bottom of the well,Tears burst out of the embankment for a while……
She pressed her small mouth tightly,Dare not cry,But the tears can’t stop,Full of face。
First275chapter Batwing
On the cliff rock,I wish Minglang surrounded by the white storm phantom feathers with the withering breath of ice,The clothes show a state of ghost ghost。

“To shut up!You are ashamed to say in front of me that you are the director of Donglin Township Police Station?The four of them,Man as a national official,Actually in full view,Openly gather people to gamble in the meeting room of the township government,What kind of nature is this?Since you admit that you are the director of Donglin Township Police Station,Then why don’t you know this?”Xia Jian beat the table,Shouted angrily。

Outside Feng Xiaowei’s office,Several eavesdroppers stood there。When they heard Xia Jian patted the table and yelled,Scared and ran away。They are also afraid,Xia Jian’s fire burned to them。
“Don’t give me this set,I am also a national official,To put it bluntly, my direct leader is not you。Since I haven’t left,This matter today”Ruorin looks like a dead pig is not afraid of boiling water。
Xia Jian ignored him,But take out the phone,I directly called Mao Jianmin, Director of the Public Security Bureau,One call,Mao Jianmin laughed and said:“Chief Xia!Mayor Chen just called me,Saying that you get something as soon as you go”
“Director Mao, stop joking,Ruo Lin of Donglin Township said he had not received an official transfer order,So not only did he not leave,But want to take care of today’s affairs,He is here”Xia Jian is straight to the point,Since Mayor Chen has already told Director Mao,There is no need for him to go around。
Director Mao said coldly:“Mischief!You give him the phone”
Xia Jianyi listen,Handed over the phone。Ruo Lin hesitated,But still took it。He only said:“Director!”There is no more sound,Keep your head down,Suffocated and flushed。till the end,He just said:“Ok!I just do”
Xia Jian took the call from Ruo Lin’s hands,And said to Director Mao:“Director Mao!The situation sent by Donglin Township is not optimistic。I want Director Zhao to clean up the team,May have to touch some people”
“Move around,Return those who can’t,I will replenish the new force。Donglin Township, I wanted to move,Have you over this time,I feel more relieved”Director Mao said very readily。
Xia Jian glanced at Zhao Chunling,Then he said to the phone:“Director Mao!Take office on the first day,I will give you a big gift,But you have to send someone to pick it up”
“Ha ha!Chief Xia is really smart,The person I sent is already on the way”Director Mao finished,Hung up。
Zhao Chunling hurriedly asked Xia Jian:“What did the chief say?”
”These four people,Director Mao has sent someone to pick it up。You go back right away,Clean up the existing people,Incompetent,Where did he go“Xia Jian in front of Ruo Lin,Said loudly to Zhao Chunling。
Ruo Lin glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Chief Xia!I’ll go back and hand over work to Deputy Director Zhao,But I remind you。Huang Shigui is not moving,He not only has the background,And Hu San from Huwangcun is his cousin。I don’t want to do this job well,But they are too powerful“