If Xiang Chen can’t bear to do it,Yao Yaosi doesn’t mind doing it for you。

“She is not suitable to be a killer!From the trajectory of the shot to the mentality,Amateurs are revealed everywhere。I don’t know what made her want to kill me,But her goal seems to be only me。Otherwise it’s been so long,I didn’t see her trouble with anyone!”
Xiang Chen leaned back in the chair,After the training of Han Zhili last time,For China’s liquor,He still has a certain awe,Of course it also has a certain resistance。
Hiccups are full of happiness,This is Xiang Chen since his birth,The fullest and most reliable meal。
Yuan Qing’s trembling figure is reflected on the bulletproof glass,Xiang Chen said silently, quite persistent!
As long as Yuan Qing doesn’t trouble other people in the inn,Xiang Chen doesn’t mind having a little tail always following him。
Turned to look at Yao Yao,Yao Yao seems to have known what Xiang Chen wanted to say,Speak:“I will pack these,You go to solve the trouble!”
Afraid to wake up three sleeping people,Yao Yao was also awkward to tidy up the dining table。
Finally saw the two people in the inn cleaning the battlefield,Unfortunately,Those two don’t look like a hangover。
In Yuan Qing’s memory,The five people in the inn should have drunk four or five bottles of liquor,But the facts are here,Two other people are sober。
It seems that I can only give up today!Yuan Qing was disappointed,But there is no alternative。
Life and death,The essential difference between women and men。
Look around,Yuan Qing found that she had nowhere to go,As for the house that always remembers the two brothers,Yuan Qing has regarded it as her last home,Before there is no revenge,Yuan Qing doesn’t plan to go back。
Trembling all over,But the cold on my body didn’t get any relief。
Yuan Qing looked inside the inn again,But found that only the very feminine man is busy alone,And Xiang Chen has disappeared。

“you,you,I hate it,The sky bears me!”

Qiangwei’s face is black, playing with the black dagger in her hand,There is no blood on it。
And Qilin has only two words for Xin Zhao’s performance,Grandiose,Too exaggerated。
Lena looked at Xin Zhao with a smile on her face,That look,Seems to look at the same kind of eyes,And the two eyes are even more written‘I am not alone!’
“Lena,Can i do it?”
Watching Xin Zhao still play dead there,Qiangwei turned her head and asked Lena。
Lena heard what Qiangwei said,Nod“Do it yourself,Don’t care about me!”
“OK,What you are waiting for!”Qiangwei reached out and patted Qilin,Then the whole person disappeared,Then the next second appeared on Xin Zhao’s back。
‘I let you pretend,I let you pretend!’
Rose’s pink hands,The black armor fell straight on Xin Zhao’s head。
Then Xin Zhao was confused,I go,I just installed it,Are you hitting me so hard?!
“I surrendered,stop fighting!”
I thought that after surrendering, no one would beat him Xin Zhao,I heard Qiangwei mumble directly“How can the Xiongbing Company have a scam like you?,Time to hit!”
Xin Zhao understands,Anyway, I have to be beaten,Don’t blame me for breaking out!
“Break out,My little universe!”
Xin Zhao burst into a blue-white electric current,Draw Qiangwei directly,Then fell to the ground。Take advantage of this good opportunity,Xin Zhao stood up directly,Looking at the rose lying there,Disdain on face“My Saint Zhao Xin,It’s not a vain!”
“Saint Seiya,Lord Xin, aren’t you a white horse and silver gun Zhao Xiaoxin?!How come you become a saint again!”Rui Mengmeng used the most innocent words,Speaking what hurt Xin Zhao the most。

“Killed!”Wu Weihua answered categorically。

“Not to mention the actions he planned,He killed it himself,Deputy National Level One,Three ministerial level,13 Deputy Ministers,More below,A hundred people cut is enough,But Zhu Sanye killed all corrupt officials,Make people unable to fault。”
Wu Qiaohua introduced Zhu Guosheng’s brilliant record to Xiang Chen。
“Abroad,Zhu Sanye without any restrictions,More joyful!”
He whispered to Xiang Chen,The tone is rather helpless。
Nodded,Xiang Chen is understandable,Why was at home last time,Even if Wu Weihua has pretended to be dead,When talking to Zhu Guosheng,Still can’t help but restless。
“You told me so much,I’m not afraid that Zhu Guosheng will seek revenge from you afterwards?”
Xiang Chen raised one eyebrow,Looking at Wu Weifeng questioningly。
I heard Xiang Chen’s question,Wu Weifeng was stunned for a while,Then he pointed to his bedroom,Said helplessly:“Looks exactly like my first love,Very strong little girl,Everything is on her own,To avenge Tian Dazhuang,Gave me my innocence,Don’t I even dare to tell Mr. Xiang you some news??”
“I said,She still has nothing to do with Da Zhuang,So you don’t need to explain to me。But you took things from others,We have to give people corresponding remuneration,This is fair。I want Tian Dazhuang’s justice,I’ll talk about all the truths,Count your worth slowly!”
Xiang Chen jumped straight downstairs,Fall heavily on the ground,Then he stomped a few times,Then left。
Wu Weihua, who is leaning on the armrest, has not finished smoking the cigarette in his hand,Look slightly solemn,But there was a smile at the corner of his mouth。
Now seems to understand,Why does Master Ziqing admire this man so much?。
Re-enter his bedroom,Wu Weihuan didn’t lie on the bed anymore, Sun Luyao’s body,But went to the desk。
“Don’t forget what you promised me!”
When Sun Luyao is talking,Bit her lower lip lightly。

Don’t read books,Wang Shaoxiao used his commercial potential to the fullest,Almost everyone is impressed。

Under the personal guidance of his financial father,Wang Shaoxiao even made a set of franchise specifications for the Jiehuang brand,The operating conditions of the game hall,The decoration style features are all written in style。
a,CThe first batch of Jiehuang Game City officially opened,Nearly one million franchise fees are accounted for,It made Wang Shaoxiao and his brothers really happy。
To know,This is Baihuahua’s pure profit,No need for everyone to work hard,I just moved my lips。
andCThe four big guys in the city,Seems to have confidence in opening franchise stores,As long as the first five stores are operating normally,The profit meets their requirements,I believe they will continue to open stores soon,Even more bosses to do franchise business。
After all, this kind of money-giving business
,And be able to make friends,Why not?
You Fat Dun and Wang Shaoxiao do things for themselves,One try to join,One inCThe city looks everywhere,Prepare for buying land and building。
Ninety-nine yearsCcity,Real estate hasn’t become popular yet,Buy a good lot according to Lu Menglin’s wishes,There should be three to five million。
but,When they really took a fancy to a piece of land,When I go to talk specifically,But encountered obstacles。
It’s really not enough money!To buy a piece of land that can be used as an electronic city,Even in 1999 when real estate didn’t break out,Nor is it something that can be solved by three or five million。
And it has to open up various joints,The situation is complicated,Not easy to operate in a short time。
By contrast,Lu Menglin, who returned to Liufang No.1 Middle School, looked much lower-key。He attends class every day,Although I don’t try my best like my classmates,But didn’t relax and study。
It’s just that Lu Menglin spends two hours playing basketball every day,Thunderous。
Because he knows the importance of keeping in shape,Maintain a stable physical and mental state,Is definitely helpful to improve academic performance。
Time flies,Another two months passed in a blink of an eye,unconsciously,The day for the college entrance examination is getting closer and closer。

This is the final counterattack,A counterattack from a master who thinks the supreme realm。

Xia Chenglong vomits blood,Then fell from the sky in an unexpected form,This is a very embarrassing process,So much so that after falling in the water, I still don’t want to come out。
The disc in the sky has collapsed,That Xiaoli Weng should have disappeared too,Tu Cancan gritted his teeth,Go straight to the lake in front。
Xia Chenglong calmly in the lake,Was suddenly pulled up,Brought directly to the ground。
“Hey,Are you OK!”
Back to normal,Shocked by what happened just now,Especially the last light,I almost died。
It was his unafraid of death that made the ghostly shadow of that illusory land think that it would die together.,Okay,At the last moment he realized!
All right,The biggest threat is really solved,did not expect,It takes longer to pass this level than before,He encountered all the essence of this Tu family。
“Has the problem been solved?”Tu Cancan asked curiously。
Xia Chenglong nodded。
Woman with wide eyes,Put on the look like that。
Now that the problem is solved,Where is the gate from this circle??
The environment at this moment,Except that it has been destroyed by Xia Chenglong and the previous ghost into a ruin,Doesn’t seem to change,Here is the same as before,There is no change in the energy between heaven and earth。
In other words……They still can’t get out。

“Meet the old man!”Su Jianfeng bowed to the end,Shouted。

All the Su family present leaned over,Salute to Su Daqiang’s ancestors。
Under this blood-connected atmosphere,Even Su Yi and Su Xuehen couldn’t help bending over to salute,Only Lu Menglin is still sitting in the chair,Hold still。
And at this moment,Other people noticed,Except for the kid surnamed Lu,There are also a few people who did not bow down and salute,They are the ones following Su Daqiang。
At once,These people suddenly became conspicuous。
Chapter six hundred and ninety three Ming Tianjiao
Those who follow Su Daqiang,Obviously not from the Su family。
Headed by a young man with white hair,This person has handsome features,Slender,Although gray hair,But there is no trace of twilight,Instead, it exudes a special sense of mystery,I can’t help but want to find out。
The unique mystery of this young and mature,For many little girls,It is a lethal lethality,What’s more, his looks are always first-rate,The gray hair,The juvenile feeling in this person is even more vivid。
Standing beside the gray-haired youth,Are four young men with strong builds,Their faces are firm,Calm eyes,At first glance, you are in the army,With an undisguised iron-blooded temperament。
The four soldiers in the army stand beside the white-haired youth,Formed a natural guard,Like the stars holding the moon,Brings out this person’s extraordinary,Aloof。
“Hey!Ming family boy,Chasing girls must do it yourself,Now my boyfriend is here,Can it be done,It’s up to you。”Su Daqiang supports the wheelchair with both hands,First slanted his eyes and took a look at Lu Menglin,Then turned his head and shouted at the white-haired young man under the steps。
He shouted,It made Lu Menglin look at him with admiration,Almost didn’t laugh out loud。
I thought this old man’s personality is really unusual,Completely different from what I imagined,It’s not like behind the scenes of Su MansionossStyle,It’s like the old rascals common in a certain village。
but,After the old man shouted,Everyone present finally knew the origin of the white-haired youth。
It turns out that he is Su Xuehen’s blind date,The second son of the Ming family,Ming Shizun!
Ming family is a big family in Beijing,In terms of power and background, it is several times stronger than the Su family,And Ming Shizun is the new generation of Ming family unicorn,It is said that this person is a rare young genius in a century,Can recite poems and paint at the age of six,And won the junior champion of the National Go Tournament,Also known as the Junior National Player。

While Zhu Yande is speaking,Look like a moment,Staring at Zhu Xiaoguang,At the same time exudes a powerful shock。

This is the style of the Jincheng business giant Zhu Yande,Solve the biggest problems at the least cost,And make other people unable to fault,Both virtue and wealth are winning。
Hearing Zhu Yande’s decision,Not only the guests around,Even Zhu’s children were taken aback,They didn’t expect the boss of the Zhu family to be so easy to talk!
Obviously prevailed,But still willing to use morals,Give an unclear piece of minerals to the other party,In the eyes of many people,This is the real great virtue and kindness!
of course,Why these people feel this way,Because they just consider the problem from their own perspective。For many people,How amazing is the value of a rich mine,How many people will be beaten for this wealth,Life or death。
But they didn’t expect,The Zhu family has already completed this bloody primitive accumulation,At their current level,I don’t care about wealth at this level anymore。
Zhu Xiaoguang under Zhu Yande’s gaze,A little confused。
He is contradictory,On the one hand, he felt that his father’s feud,Shouldn’t let go so easily,So many years of hatred,Is it true that the smoke disappeared today??
on the other hand,He also thinks it is wise to accept it when he sees it,Zhu has already made concessions,Willing to return mine 97 to myself,Equivalent to fulfilling the father’s last wish,If you keep going,Fight to death with Zhu’s family,It’s not worth the loss to the brothers and the Menglin Group。
Just when Zhu Xiaoguang was at a loss,Almost ready to promise Zhu Yande’s old fox’s condition,A big hand on his shoulder,This hand brings not only temperature,There is firm support。
“Let me say a few words!”From behind Zhu Xiaoguang came someone’s Qingliang
A powerful voice。
Hear this voice,Many people present involuntarily found it pleasant to the ears,Full of conviction,Even want to keep listening。
Seeing Lu Menglin finally stand up,Ready to speak。Chen Jiannan and Wang Shaoxiao sat back on the chairs together。obviously,I don’t need their performance anymore。
Zhu Yande heard this voice,Can’t help but feel tight,His most worried thing finally happened,The only young man he couldn’t see through,Stand up。
“Regarding your proposal just now,I do not accept!Menglin Group will not accept。”Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Tao。
Zhu Yande has not had time to speak,The second brother Zhu Yanshou stared,Anger:“Who are you??How old are you?Can represent Menglin Group?”
“My name is Lu Menglin,Menglin Group is mine。”Lu Menglin looked like an idiot,Gently glanced at Zhu’s second child,Lightly。
This remark,Everyone was shocked。
Without exception, everyone turned their eyes to Lu Menglin,There is surprise in these eyes,Envy,Surprised,And more accidents。

Gao Dajin was shocked,Hurriedly smiled:“as far as I know,There are no rules at the gathering point,Must bring goods into the city?The soldiers guarding the city don’t care about it,Why do you care?”

All his information about the gathering point,I learned it all from the two pilots,So he knows,At the human gathering point,Everyone has a high degree of freedom,No one cares about other people’s business,As long as you can afford the water bill,You can move around in the city。
to be honest,There is only one force at this gathering point to maintain law and order,And their purpose is to collect water bills,I don’t care about other things。
“Why?Relying on this!If you don’t want your head to bloom,Hand over the girl in your team!Let me enjoy it!”The brawny man headed grinned and said。
original,They are after Huang Shaotian!Although Huang Shaotian covered her face with a veil,But her body is graceful,It’s a female figure at a glance,That’s why I was discovered by these three gangsters。
and,The reason why this human gathering place is called a high degree of freedom,That’s because it’s really free here,Or it is called lawlessness,As long as it does not involve the fundamental interests of the gathering point,Even if you shoot people in the street,No one cares about it。
After all,Everyone who came here,All have confidence in their own strength,otherwise,Will be swallowed sooner or later。
Passers-by on the street saw this scene,No one is going to be nosy,And all of them look strange。Because there are such fires and incidents every day,Either the newcomer was killed,Either the troublemaker is killed by the new one,There is nothing new under the sun。
Gao Dajin’s face suddenly sank,But he hesitated,Do you have to kill a blood stream as soon as you enter the city??
This obviously does not meet his expectations,His intention was to observe for a while,Fully understand the strength of this human gathering point,Then consider whether to start。
however,at this time,There was a voice in the team。
“Xiao Huang,You go!Leave one。”Master Wu Hao spoke,His tone is very relaxed,As if talking about a small thing。
Priest Huang Shaotian nodded,Nudge lotus step,The three men walking slowly towards the alley。
Everyone in the plane team understood what Master Wu Hao meant,Although I know the result,But still on the scene that is about to happen,Faintly expecting。