It’s better not to offend people or not to offend,After all, what people say is the president of the student union,There is still a chance if you want to engage。

Ye Mei heard,There was a boy before,Dropped out of school by that guy,She doesn’t want this to happen to herself。
Chapter Four Hundred and Forty One misunderstanding
Liang Yishan feels very disappointed,It’s not the first time I dated that Japanese girl,He didn’t give face every time。
What to see friends,In the eyes of Liang Yishan,All excuses。If it’s not Japanese,He has used other methods a long time ago。After all, it’s a foreigner,Once an accident occurs in China,It may cause international problems。By the time,His father may not be able to keep him。
Play,But it doesn’t mean he has no brains,Know that there are some things you can’t afford。
If it’s a domestic girl,Why does he need so long?A lot of them are hooked all at once,After all, he is not ugly,Family background,rich,I was the president of the student union at school,Even play basketball。
Even if some girls don’t want to play with him,He also has the means to get to his bed,Medicine,He played a lot。
“I want to see,Who is she going to meet,Ha ha!”obviously,Liang Yishan’s patience is almost exhausted。He is impatient,Chasing a woman,More than three days,Will bore him。
He is bored,Then you have to use other means。
“Liang Shao,That girl is shameless,Do you want……”next to,Can’t help but speak。
“Forget it,It’s better to be careful with foreigners。”this time,Although Liang Yishan is annoyed,But reason has not been dizzy。
Next day,Ye Mei and Jiezi dressed up a little bit。Japanese women are very particular about going out to dress up,This is what they learned since childhood。
Two don’t know,There was still someone behind,Watching their every move。
“Really go to meet people?”Liang Yishan frowned slightly,I thought the other party was just an excuse,I didn’t expect to really dress up and go out。
Domestic women are tired of playing,Liang Yishan is very fond of the Japanese beauty,I feel a lot of accomplishment。of course,With his family’s financial resources,Actually, it’s not difficult to play with foreign women,But those who came out to sell,Different from school。
Hu Yang and Hua Zi came to Suzhou,Same as Hangzhou,This is since ancient times,One of the central areas of Jiangnan,Humanities,Rich cultural atmosphere,It is also the most famous place in Chinese garden culture。

Gu Cangnan was taken aback,His eyes also looked suspiciously at Wu Yibo。

What kind of person is Gu Cangnan to this brother-in-law?,I couldn’t understand it better。
Arrogant、domineering,In short,Gu Cangnan has never seen such a domineering person。
After graduating from college,Say I want to start a business,The family gave him a million without saying anything,But less than a month,He lost everything。
Lose it,Also found many high-sounding reasons for myself。
Lost a million back,Not long at home,And said that I wanted to go to further study,At that time, the family was rejoicing for a long time because of his decision,This prodigal son knows he has taken the initiative,Actually asked to learn。
I didn’t say anything again,A lot of relationships,Sent him into a well-knownMNational school。
After returning from school,He also said that he was not for business,Then I have to learn from my own hands。
I certainly don’t want to,Where is the place where he works?。
But my father-in-law dotes on this son,Has reached the point where there is no bottom line,So since Wu Yibo put forward that absurd idea,To polish yourself in two days。
I wanted my wife to help me,But my wife is very filial to her parents,Because I can’t refuse my parents,So I had to embarrass him。
At this time,The minister in charge of approval needs to go to further study,Gu Cangnan considered Wu Yibo’s three-minute hot temperament,So I thought of a way,Let Wu Yibo take over the work of Minister temporarily。
But all the work he has handled has come to him,It’s just a cutscene,So these days,There hasn’t been any mistakes。
But just in the morning today,Gu Cangnan’s secretary told him,There is a project to be approved by Wu Yibo deducted。
That’s why he came to Wu Yibo to see what was going on,But I haven’t waited for him to ask what happened,I saw Wu Yibo was beaten like this。
Although Gu Cangnan saw Wu Yibo’s appearance,It’s too heartbreaking,But just think of what will happen when this ancestor returns home,Gu Cangnan felt a headache。
Wu Yibo saw that he was beaten like this,Gu Cangnan looked at him suspiciously because of Xiao Fan’s words。
Suddenly not happy!
Because the teeth were knocked out,So Wu Yibo said vaguely:“Brother-in-law,What do you see me doing?Now i was beaten,I have to investigate this matter to the end,Brother-in-law,You call the police to catch them!I want them to know the consequences of beating me!”
Gu Cangnan helped Wu Yibo up and sat down on the sofa,Then said:“After I asked the situation clearly,If it’s really their fault,I won’t just let it go。”

“I、I……”The girl with mouth poison faces Abao’s ferocious gaze,Shivering,I thought that telling the truth would be a devastating result,Now I can’t help but realize,It would be worse if not。

“Say or not!”A leopard roared,The girl suddenly lost resistance,Busy and telling the truth truthfully:“I’m afraid of offending Brother Leopard by scolding Xiaoyu, I want to deliberately let Sister Hui quarrel with Butterfly and Xiaoyu,Sister Hui will still think that I am thinking for her,Xiaoyu won’t remember me scolding her,I only think it’s because of Sister Hui!Leopard,I really know it was wrong,Sister Hui has already punished me,I am reflecting,Really reflecting,I won’t do this anymore,Please forgive me, Brother Leopard,I really know it was wrong,I really……”
“Why are you so insidious!”The little fish listened in anger,I thought the girl with the mouth was pitiful,I can’t wait to smoke her a few more times!
Abao stand up,I looked at a circle of people around my eyes,Say:“Everyone heard。Although I’m seeking justice for Xiaoyu today,But another important reason is that she sow discord last night!Hui and Xiaoyu should be good sisters,Help each other out,What’s the matter if I accidentally bumped?It’s over with a smile,This thing is worth worrying about?Last night it was because of this woman who instigated separation,It’s hard to get down on both sides,Smoke her today,Because she provokes divorce。She provokes Xiaoyu’s relationship with Hui,Isn’t it just to provoke my relationship with Gold??A few strokes of her are considered light,Mainly for Hui’s face,Is she a friend to play with Hui?,Forget it if you know it’s wrong,Really want to teach her,It should be Hui or gold。”
“What can I say?This kind of person,Hye treats her as a friend,What is she doing?If not for a woman,I won’t let her go today!”Xiao Gao is very annoyed,He will take the initiative to eliminate things and people that are unfavorable,The mouth-poisoned girl has been so close to Hui recently,Looks so good,Actually so insidious and ruthless,Xiao Gao absolutely hates such people。
No one else likes,Even if there are people of the same kind in the crowd,At this moment, I will spit on the poison girl to show contempt,Even spurned to be more positive。
A Bao let a few girls spurn and abused for a while,Just said:“All right,I wasted everyone’s time for such a person,The school gate is almost closed,Let’s go back。”
When a crowd goes,A leopard makes her mouth poisonous girl up,Go down the elevator with the crowd,To prevent her from jumping off the building,Let her fix her hair on the way,Wipe away tears,Then watched the girl enter the school gate。
Before Xiaoyu goes back to school,Can’t help but ask Abao:“If she still doesn’t say,You really can burn her with a cigarette?”
“You thought it was a joke?”A Bao looked cold。
“too horrible……”Xiaoyu feels too cruel。
“What are you afraid of?You are not sorry for me,How can I bear to do that to you?It’s too late for me to hurt you。”Abao,Glanced at:“Hurry back to school,Almost closed。”
“Ok,I’m leaving。”Xiaoyu entered the school with a complicated mood。
Chen Wenjin came over,Hear the second half of their conversation,I asked Abao strangely:“What are you doing?”
A Bao gave a brief account of the matter,Finally, he smiled and said:“Xiaoyu believes it,Can’t be scared,I thought I would really burn people with cigarette butts,I will pretend to be cruel,To scare her,So she will be more dedicated to me,Dare not betray。Hehehe……”
“I can’t listen to such bullying。But that girl is vicious enough,Don’t make it too late,I didn’t see who it was,Juice splashed and emotional,Also understand,Why should be clever but be mistaken by cleverness。”Chen Wenjin has never liked such things,In his rebellious period, he hated going home,And hate to be bound。Not being bullied,But don’t bully others,This has always been his creed。however,He also knows,The boys and girls who actually came out to play,Many have psychological problems,Quite a few will take pleasure in bullying,Some people think that they are doing things for the sky,The bad ones are purely unprincipled、It’s all based on mood。
But these psychological problems,It still has a big impact on personal character and family environment。

Didn’t wait for him to recover,Teacher Huang smiled and got up,Tao:“well,Su……Su Luo, right?,I now officially inform you,Have passed the assessment,Become a resident guest of the yearning life。”

Su Luo was stunned,I can’t turn my head,It’s that simple?
He couldn’t help but speak:“two……Two teachers?A few more behind me?so……~”
Huang Lei waved her hand and interrupted him:“Su Luo,Tell you the truth,From the moment you walk in,Your assessment has already begun,You are not as anxious as other young people,Although the origin is ordinary,But our show itself is indisputable,Your quality,Let us appreciate,So no need to consider other people。”
Teacher He deserves to be a good friend with Huang Lei for decades,Added:“The point is,We two are old,The mushroom house needs a young and strong guy……”
Su Luo has a black line,Almost believed in the evil of the old man。
Since the amateur guest has been confirmed,The program team left Su Luo,The director personally interviewed and asked some things。
Wang Yu laughed and looked at Su Luo,Tao:“Teacher Huang, they have good vision,Pretty good guy,Since you have passed the assessment,Then I will be a member of the mushroom house,This season’s show will take three months to record,So you try to make your schedule。”
“In addition……”Wang Yu struggled for a while,Come up with a contract. “:“This is a confidentiality agreement,There are some things in the show that need to be kept secret and must not be shared,Also as compensation,We will pay you 100,000 yuan this season,But if you default,Need to pay five million in compensation。”
Su Luo couldn’t help but be frightened,I almost thought it was going to sign a deed,Pick up the agreement and read it carefully,Complexion。
It’s all written on top,Do not disclose state secrets,Not without the consent of the program group,Spread celebrity gossip wantonly……and many more~
“no problem,I will obey。”Su Luo happily signed the name,But careless Su Luo never saw it,There is a clause in the clause,Amateur guests when necessary,Must cooperate with the program group to make a decision~,So that Su Luo suffered a big loss in the end。
After negotiated terms,Su Luo officially became the resident guest in the third season,And this episode of the show,Recording will start in three days。
After Su Luo heard this breath,Suddenly startled,Tao:“That one,director,I have a request。”
Wang Yu joked:“You said。”
“Can I just live in the mushroom house,Three days……I……~”
Wang Yu contends for a moment,Just nodded and agreed。

His hand turned into a palm,Put fingers together,Forest white flames condensed,Finally turned into a white sword!

Reiki Sword,This is the method Liu Jianshen used for him. It is now reversed.。
of course,Xia Chenglong didn’t deliberately target,He just really doesn’t have a sword。
“One sword!”
This made Xia Chenglong dare not reveal the slightest martial arts of the wind.,Appearing from Xia Chenglong again,The aura around becomes manic。
If it is powerful,This sword is not much stronger than Liu Jianshen’s,Even weaker,But this sword is one of the seven swords,Breaking Sword!
Liu Jianshen thought he could see through life and death,So his power is the power of life and death,Such a huge potential is difficult for anyone to crack,Very embarrassed,Xia Chenglong is within the scope of being able to crack:
Their sword moves did not make a loud sound,Or it’s over at the moment of contact。
Momentum and break,It’s that simple!
Liu Jianshen did not vomit blood,But he took two steps back,This is the result。
“Thanks a lot!”
“No thanks!”
Thanks Liu Jianshen,It’s not because of Xia Chenglong’s desire,But he untied the knot。
The defeat by chance and the defeat with integrity,These are two different concepts。
Now I know that even under normal circumstances,He is not Xia Chenglong’s opponent either,The knot in my heart has been untied,Maybe even arouse each other,To go further。
This is the end?

Recalling that God armed the five scums that were hammered by himself before,And those petty ghosts who adore Lan Youmeng and are pissed off by themselves,What mentality would they be if they knew their coordinates in China,Xiang Chen can have several colorful endings with his feet。

Back against bricks,Far from being comfortable on the sofa,But Xiang Chen can laugh。
I drank all the green plum wine in my hand in one breath,And threw the jug downstairs,Ignore the subsequent shouts。Xiang Chen misses a little,It’s time for Paradise Island to have four super masters at the same time,Many people were still there at that time。
“The green plum wine I bought is not high,You won’t be rascal enough to want to escape today through drunkenness!”Lan Youmeng stared at Xiang Chen seriously,The look in his eyes is like scolding Xiang Chen for being a coward。
“I said,I came to China for vacation,It was an accident in the magic city,I can find you in Wanghai,Can be considered luck!”
“It seems that my luck is not so good!”Xiang Chen sighed。
“Not very lucky?”Lan Youmeng raised her brows,Then for the first time boldly try to approach Xiang Chen,Before Xiang Chen’s face changed,Hurriedly continued to ask:“You mean the degradation you are going through,Still meet me?”
Watching Xiang Chen’s expression carefully,Lan Youmeng returned to a safe distance。
“Both have!”
Xiang Chen answered calmly,Somewhat curious,How did Lan Youmeng know his physical condition。
“Don’t forget,I was one of the people who survived after fighting against the commander,Although the ability to catch up with the army commander was deteriorating!”
Lan Youmeng seems to see through Xiang Chen’s doubts,Without waiting for him to ask,Lan Youmeng has already given the answer Xiang Chen wants。
“In the magic city,I saw you from a distance,Many opportunities can be killed in one shot,But you didn’t seize the opportunity。and also,My distance is indeed farther,But the old you,Can’t find it!”
“I was so good before?”Xiang Chen raised and lowered his brows,A little confused。
“You are just so strong that you can’t even imagine it!”
The smile on Lan Youmeng’s face is unabated,Then he comforted Xiang Chen:“Don’t worry too much,We live in an environment of high tension all the time,It’s like a boxer will get Parkinson,It’s not unusual for us to degenerate,What you experienced,Our boss is also experiencing!”
I didn’t feel like I said anything that I shouldn’t say,Lan Youmeng’s expression is still light and light。
“You betray your boss like this,Not afraid that he cleans the door?”
Xiang Chen looked at Lan Youmeng with some surprise,It’s hard to believe what she said,But her look doesn’t seem to be fake。
“be honest!If he can stop his degeneration,Then it’s no use what I said!There is,I like you!So i don’t want to lie to you!”

text Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Six Life is like a play

? The effect of this palm shot is amazing,Even Fat Dun stared at Lu Menglin in surprise,I don’t know what to say。
Lu Menglin looks like a grandmaster like Yue Linyuan,It’s just that when his eyes look at those village ruffians,Where do you look,Wherever people go back desperately。
The old village ruffian who opened the game hall was also taken aback,But he finally saw the world outside,And he’s almost fifty years old,Go north and south,Know more about Guangdong,Although I’m still confused,But I didn’t completely believe in the trick Lu Menglin did just now.。
And in the end,There are so many Qigong practitioners across the country,There are so many qigong masters,But who has actually seen such a hot scene?Most of them are based on falsehood。
Lu Menglin does not squint,Faintly ordered:“Bring people over!”
Fatton and the companion behind him were shocked,Wake up like a dream。
The purpose of everyone in this fight is to rescue Feng Nan and the others,Now Daxia Lu has stopped the scene,Of course I have to save people first。
Thinking about this,Fat Dun took the first big step,Ran to Feng Nan。
His brothers also went to rescue the other trapped。
now,It’s like a silent pantomime on the long street。
Under Lu Menglin’s shock,No one in the village dared to stop,Watching them abruptly as if they were in no one,They all helped Feng Nan, who was left in front by the village ruffians, back across the street。
At this moment,The old village ruffian is finally a little uncontrollable,Refers to Lu Menglin Road:“Don’t be afraid!He is playing tricks!I know,That is magic,Must be magic!”
Everyone was said by him,I’m a little eager to move again。
So many people came to the village,Crowded,How could I be scared off by the fire??
Since the old village ruffian said it was magic,Then everyone is considered magic,At least if you think so,Will be better psychologically。

John Zhang shrugged his shoulders graciously,Smiled:“My father is a shareholder of this gym,I think I have the right to give you a lifetime card,The premise is that you can win me。”

“what?Brother Nan’s son is so old?”Zhou Min on the side suddenly exclaimed。
Zhang John suddenly full black line,Hurriedly shook his head and explained:“Brother Nan is the owner of the gym,He is not my father,My father is one of the shareholders。”
“Oh,I just said!I thought you were Nan Ge’s son!It’s fine,Hurry up and play!”Zhou Min pretending to be naughty,Smiled。
Chapter four hundred and twenty seven One punch
It turns out that Zhou Min played stupid on purpose,Vent your breath for that mainland kid,Belittle John Zhang。
But this John Zhang is quite cultivated,Not moved with beautiful women,Instead, he smiled at Zhou Min,I don’t mind。
“Then,Can we start?Actually I am also very curious,With your strength,What kind of punch can be hit!”John Zhang vs. Lu Menglin,True color。
Lu Menglin nodded,Smiled:“I also want to know。”
“please!”John Zhang holds a fist。
The crowd suddenly dispersed,Crowded in front of the force measuring device。
This force measuring machine consists of three parts,The front is a fist target,Sponge hardwood,In the middle is the metal plate for detecting impact,Behind is the computer recorder,Record the instantaneous impact change,Then use the computer to calculate and feedback。
The professionalism of this dynamometer,It is much more precise than the boxing machine Lu Menglin played in the game hall。
“You go first!I’m afraid you won’t have the guts if I shoot。”Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Carrying hands,Pretending to be inscrutable。
John Zhang doesn’t refuse,Nod,Tao:“it is good!Then I will give you a demonstration。Strong strength does not mean strong punch,Fighting is skillful。”
The voice has not fallen,I saw that John stride forward,Left leg in front,Right leg behind,The whole person is like a bow and arrow,Actually took a lunge。
Followed by,John Zhang sinks into the wrong horse,The feet are like roots,Hold firmly,While suddenly kicking the ground,Twist the waist、Moving crotch、Swing arm,Action in one go,The whole person is like a whole,There is an indescribable sense of power。
boom!John Zhang punched out,As if to gather the power of the whole body,Wave along the arm,Burst from fist,Hit the target hard。

“what!Is Chiyue Equipment!There is a red moon ring here!”A moment later,Tu Shanming yelled with excitement。

Everyone shines,I couldn’t help but stared at his palm。
“moron!That’s called the holy war ring!Not the Chiyue Ring!”Huang Shaotian heard Tu Shanming’s call,Exasperated。
This guy is a hillbilly,Don’t even recognize the holy war ring,Barking,Too lost!
“Wu Hao boss,Did you say,Give me another piece of Chiyue equipment?Won’t regret it?”Tu Shanming really yelled heartlessly。
When everyone heard this,I sweated for this idiot one after another!
How can there be a subordinate like him??Purely death-seeking!I found Chiyue equipment,It’s not the first time to hand it over to the boss,Still want to embezzle?
Even if the boss said something like that,Can’t I change my mind??Kill you a mere 38,That’s not like playing around?
Even Long Zhanye frowned slightly,I’m a little worried about Tu Shanming’s fate。
He asked himself,If it’s own,Subordinates dare to speak to him in this tone,I’m probably already dead by this time!
In full view,Lu Menglin was not even interested in taking a look at the holy war ring,But waved,Replied casually:“Yes!It’s yours if it’s yours!Keep it for yourself!”
This remark,Uproar,Don’t say Long Zhanye and the three masters,Even the 40th-level subordinates behind them,They all looked shocked,I can’t believe what I heard。
That’s a holy war ring!I really gave a small character of level 38?Follow this Wuhao,Really have such a big advantage?

The audience in the live room laughed,Dumbfounded?

It’s just that the duck mouth is hard。
“Ha ha!There is no guarantee that you can pick up the baby every month,But you can guarantee that people will not suddenly pick up millions of treasures?Bought your company in minutes。”Hu Yang smiled。
Lu Zhiming was upset for a moment,This guy is very unpleasant,From the beginning,Just like him。
“Who are you?Millions of treasures,Daydream!Also bought my company。”
The owner of the antique shop next to me couldn’t help but talk。
“Young man,He really wants to buy your company,You should take the opportunity to ask for more money!”
Populus can’t laugh or cry。
“Hu Ge,This boss knows you?”Huazi was surprised。
“Don’t seem to know each other?”Hu Yang looked at the shop owner。
The shop owner laughed:“It’s not strange that you don’t know the old,I am not a celebrity。But Hu Yang, you can be regarded as a celebrity in our antique world,You can find several lost national treasures,admire。”
Finished,Turn to Lu Zhiming again:“Young man,I didn’t joking with you,He really wants to see your company,Let the lion open its mouth,This is a big money,Some is money。”
Populus euphratica rolls his eyes,What is money?
“Kid,Open the network and take a look,Search for Populus’s name!In front of him,What are you pretending to be rich?I really want to abuse myself。”Wen Wenhao joked。
Some classmates actually searched on their phones,Just found out the news about Populus,Take a look at the photos,Really the person。
Lu Zhiming and others are really dazed,totally unexpected,Old Gao, that kid actually approached a big man。
“Forget it,Boring!I don’t bully you either,Look down on people less in the future。Xiao Gao’s current treasure appraisal ability is not strong yet,But his hard work,Your future achievements will not be worse than yours。”Populus euphratica waved his hand,No longer care about these people。