“What are you doing??Break it!”Lu Menglin frowned,Shen Sheng。

“but.Ok!”Mi Xiaochong heard Lord Wu Hao’s voice,Suddenly thought of those companions who died tragically in front of me,Those people and him are teachers and friends,Along the way,But I didn’t expect to die on this plane。
Mi Xiaochong gritted her teeth,Don’t care about the benefits,If the chest is not flat,What’s the point of being alive?Do not avenge the teachers and friends,Are you still a person??Meet on Huangquan Road in the future,What else is there to see them!
Want to be here,Mi Xiaochong got hot in her chest,Suddenly understand,Struggling to knock the staff in his hand on the glass cover。
Lu Menglin saw this scene,So I lightly refreshed my brows,I feel better。
At least Mi Xiaochong is willing to do it,It shows that the sacrifice of Gao Dajin and the others is worth it,If their sacrifice,In exchange for a profit,Little master,It would have been too wrong to die。
boom!Mi Xiaochong’s staff hits the tempered glass cover,Just heard the sound,The glass stays still。
This cover is a container used by Glacier Girl to protect her body,How could it not be strong?Mi Xiaochong as a linguist,Although the strength is not weak,But to crack this kind of thing,It still depends on the martial artists。
“Forgive me!I can hand over the lowest level of authority,From now on,Willing to be controlled by you!”Glacial girl screamed。
“Do it!What are you doing??help!”Lu Menglin shrugged,Said angrily。
Tu Shanming made a strange cry,Rush forward,Picking up the Iron Slasher, just a guy hit it,The huge glass container cracked immediately,The crack spreads in all directions like a spider web。
“This knife is for Strict Shou Copper!Such a good big bald head,I was killed by your ugly thing!”Tu Shanming scolded,I started to slash again。
“This knife is for Gao Fatty!He still owes me Yuyuan yet!”Tu Shanming hit another backhand,Knocked hard on the glass cover,The crack on the top is bigger。
“And this knife,When given to Dabra!I remembered,That guy bought me dates!”Tu Shanming made his third shot with all his strength,Slash in place。
boom!The glass cover finally can’t stand the sword strength,Burst,Shattered。
The liquid inside flows all over the floor in an uproar,That giant brain is lying in the almost dry pool,A weak look,Looks really ugly to the extreme。
“Do not,Don’t destroy me!I can do many things!”The image of Glacier Girl is getting blurred,The voice has also become a lot thinner。

So everything is slaying dragons through their hands。

This is a terrible and huge assumption,Dahua Country actually has a dedicated family,Targeted at slaying dragons,Or occupation。
You know that the dragon is a sacred symbol of Dahua,People are actually spirit beasts,It’s just a more advanced existence of this other spirit beast。
And the dragon is the king of all spirit beasts,Nature is also an existence that humans respect。
Someone even carried the entire Dahua country in Tulong,This is incredible。
“This is fake!”
“fake?”Tu Cancan puzzled,“Shouldn’t you just say these are true,There is a change now。”
“Everything else is true,But this is fake!”
Xia Chenglong is so sure,Naturally because of his feelings。
The dragon looks mighty and sacred,It’s far worse than a real dragon,Mainly lies in the embodiment of Longwei。
He also has dragon blood in his body,It stands to reason that both sides will feel,But in his perception,The dragon inside him,Dragon blood is something that I disdain,Even with some hatred。
“Don’t mention what dragon is?”
“If you didn’t guess wrong,It should be similar to Jiao Yi,It’s just that this guy cultivates to a certain level,It’s almost finished getting rid of the dragon!”
Tu Cancan nodded,The way it turns out。
“All right,Nothing good,Still hurry up and find a way out,I always feel like here is not**all!”
“What is insecure,Some ice sculptures,Could it be that they will survive?”Tu Cancan doesn’t care at all,Did not realize the danger is approaching them step by step。
Right where they just came in,Cracks appeared on the surface of the ice sculpture,And this kind of crack slowly extends to the whole body。
Not just it,There are other guys touched by Tu Cancan,This happens。

A moment of effort,The person who was hugged and bitten by him stopped moving,And the other person was scared to death,Have lost the courage to continue fighting。

“by!What kind of monster is that!Bros,Copy guy,Hack him!”And Liansheng’s new leader finally couldn’t help it,Roared loudly。
The subordinates are greatly embarrassed in front of Mr. Lu,The face of the new leader is not good,Can only order a swarm,Tried my best to bring back this city。
At this moment,The police officers present also commotion,They can’t allow the community members to draw their swords in the street so arrogant,But that lunatic who can kill people can’t help but clean up!
“Back off!All back!Hand it over to the police!”A senior inspector draws out his gun,Roar loudly。
Under the order of the top police,At least a dozen police officers present at the same time drew their guns and pointed them at Niu Qiuye。
“Stop now!Let him go!Squat on the ground with your head in your hands,Otherwise we will shoot!”The police yelled。
now,Niu Qiuye is like a bloodthirsty beast,Completely lost basic sanity,Still holding the hapless gold medalist,Gnaw。
The senior inspector couldn’t help it,Loudly:“shot!shot!”
Gunshot!At least a dozen police officers fired at the same time,Because they can’t bear it anymore。
Who has seen such a tragic sight,Ate a big living man to death on the street?This is a real monster!
The bullet hit Niu Qiuye’s body,Beat him back again and again,Strange sounds like bulls roar constantly from the throat。
at last,Niu Qiuye lying on the ground,There is only a heavy gasp,Several bullets,I haven’t died yet,It can only be said that his vitality is really a bit strong。
“Look over!”Seeing that the weird man has lost his mobility,Senior Inspector waved,Several police officers boldly stepped forward,They want to check the status of the weirdo。
I don’t know how many police officers approached,Niu Qiuye’s belly suddenly bulged like a balloon,And the bigger the bigger,In an instant, even the belly became crystal clear and translucent。
“Retreat!All back!”At this moment,Lu Menglin frowned suddenly,Shouted。
Those police officers froze for a while,Involuntarily took two steps back。
In an instant,I only heard a loud bang,Niu Qiuye’s whole body suddenly burst and exploded。
The shock wave from the explosion sent the police officers to the ground.,And the blood that exploded when his body shattered,But splashed those police officers all over their faces。

Only heard a series of screams,Various equipment explosion,The equipment and potions in the devil’s lair are spreading thickly on the ground,I can’t pick it up。

Except for a few bloody soldiers,Others were killed almost as soon as they entered the map。
the reason is simple,That version finallyBOSSThe Scarlet Moon Demon uses a ground thorn attack,Killing effect full screen,In other words,Just enter the map,Will be attacked。
And the senior legendary players of this era,The equipment on his body is generally Zuma sets,How can you withstand the attack of the Scarlet Moon Devil??
Chapter Four Hundred and Fifty Four Each has the number of channels
Overlord Aotian comes in and out,He actually lost a third,All his equipment is top quality equipment,Don’t be lower than him,Worse than him,Players with less health than him,The ending can be imagined。
The players outside are still rushing towards the demon lair,Because they don’t know what’s insideBOSSIs a full-screen indiscriminate attack,Until rushed in,The screen turned directly into black and white before exclaiming,The ghost cries and the wolf howls。
Before Leng Yue Wuhen and the wizards in the guild entered, they already saw the typing of soldiers and wizards on the guild channel.。
“Don’t enter,Don’t enter!Just hang up!”
“BOSSimpressive!Spike full screen!”
“Mage don’t enter,If you enter, you will die!Warriors go in and see。”
Battle reports keep coming from the guild channel,I believe the other two guilds are similar at this moment。
Heard the warning from the guild brothers,Leng Yue Wuhen and Leng Yuexue were hesitant。
If you know you go in, you will die,So is it necessary to go in??
At this moment,Lu Menglin has replaced the teleportation ring from his backpack,Replaced the knight bracelet with a pair of defensive Yama gloves。
The equipment of Yama Gloves was quite controversial in the minds of legendary players.。
First of all,As Zuma sets,Yama Gloves0-4High defense properties,Many fighters think it is definitely worth having,At least if you wear Daguai,Will cost less red medicine。

“Zurich?”A reminder by the little fat face,Qiao Tianyu suddenly realized,Slap forehead,Why forgot this!

“Hurry up!Keying,Contact Sanye Cui quickly,I want to see Cui Sanye right away!”Qiao Tianyu can’t wait。
Since the four major families were driven out of the United States by the Arrow Sakura organization,It’s been more than 20 years now,And Cui Laosan seems to be doing pretty well in Zurich,Maybe he can really help!
Under Qiao Tianyu’s urging,Xiaopanglian immediately contacted Cui Laosan,And when I heard that Qiao Tianyu wanted to see him,Cui Laosan agreed,He is also looking for Qiao Tianyu!
Qiao Tianyu and Xiao Pang Lian set off immediately,I arrived at Cui Laosan’s villa in a while。
Same as last time,This time I just entered the villa,A strong aroma of medicinal materials is tangy。
But different from last time,Today’s medicinal scent has a hint of sweetness,It makes people feel relaxed and happy after smelling,The whole person is more energetic。
“Haha,Qiao Tianyu, Qiao Tianyu,Awesome you!”Qiao Tianyu just entered the villa lobby,Cui Laosan, who was rushed by, threw a punch on the shoulder excitedly。
“3700One hundred million U.S. dollars!The Arrow Sakura organization was lost in World War I3700One hundred million U.S. dollars!Our Fuxing Club has you, Qiao Tianyu,Why don’t you see the day,Hahaha.”
Wait for Qiao Tianyu to relax,Only then discovered that the heads of the three families of Cui, Lu, and Chen were all gathered here.,Qiao Tianyu dare not neglect,Quickly bow to the three heads。
But now Qiao Tianyu’s mind is full of golden things,The three-day period set by Chubais is coming soon,Qiao Tianyu certainly doesn’t want to be the KGB corpse on the street。
So after greeting the three heads,Qiao Tianyu came to Cui Laosan,Whispered,“San Ye,The junior came to see you today,Yes.”
“Haha,Tianyu,Everyone is here,You can’t just have a small meeting with Laosan Cui。”The careless Chen Honglie smiled readily。
“All right,Talk business。”Lord Lu, who was sitting in the middle, spoke,“Tianyu,Today everyone is here waiting for you,Just to ask you for advice。”
“Junior dare not be,Lord Lu, please indicate。”
Since the last time I met, I was scolded by the Lu master,Qiao Tianyu still has lingering fears,So he didn’t dare to do it again in front of Lu Ye。
“Nothing big,It’s the battle of shorting the crude oil market you traded today,Everyone didn’t understand,How did you lose the Arrow Sakura organization3700Billion dollar?”Lu Ye asked blankly。
“This old man’s mood is a bit wrong。”Qiao Tianyu murmured in his heart。
Since I just came in,Qiao Tianyu found that there was something wrong with Master Lu,This morning, it was Qiao Tianyu who won the victory,This is a gratifying event,Cui Laosan and Chen Honglie are also too excited,Only this Lord Lu,But keep a face,has a problem。

() Liu Wenzhang left after speaking,Only Lu Menglin entered the barracks with the three Black Blood Cavalry Guards。

There is nothing special in this black blood cavalry camp,The same as the barracks under the sky,Concise and powerful,Is their standard。
Three black horse blood guards took Lu Menglin to a barracks。
One of them took out an iron medal,Handed him。
“This is the Tieweiying brand,Lend you proof of identity use。You took this brand,Can stay in the camp,But don’t walk around。Sleep when it’s dark,I will send someone to give you food。”The black blood riding guard said with a cold face。
“Ok!This brother,What do i want to do?”Lu Menglin is not afraid of the other’s face,Said with a smile。
The black blood guard snorted,Pointing to the open space in front of the camp,Tao:“You can practice here!I asked someone to bring some equipment to you。”
Lu Menglin nodded,Tao:“it is good!I am a man,Like heavier guys,Thanks a lot!”
The three black blood guards looked at each other,There seems to be some joking in the eyes,Nodded at the same time。
Three left,Lu Menglin advanced into the barracks and made a round,I found nothing interesting inside,A broken board,A dining table,Then there is a futon for meditation,Nothing empty。
then,Lu Menglin opened the door,Standing generously in the open space in front of the door,Start practicing。
His set of punches,It’s called a tiger,Between gestures,Introverted,Light pattern power is hidden,Purely with one’s own strength。
quickly,Lu Menglin’s set of punches attracted the black blood riding guards who passed by.,Pointing。
“What kind of boxing is this?It seems very powerful!”Someone whispered。
“Who is this person?He is not our black blood guard。Practice boxing in our camp,Isn’t this courageous?!”
“Something!Combination of virtual and real,Introverted,Only when you hit the enemy will it explode,Good boxing!”An obvious cavalry captain nodded repeatedly,Evaluation Road。
The three black blood guards who just left,Probably never expected,This guy from the border town,So bold,Practice boxing directly in the camp,Not afraid of being watched at all。
God nation itself is a fighting nation,Can be selected as the Black Blood Cavalry Guard,Are all elites in the army,Rich practical experience,So of course they can see some ways,I feel that this person’s boxing technique is really good,Although never seen,But it’s already indescribable。
“His set of boxing is very beautiful!Do you have a chance to fight Ye Yingzheng’s big drifting fist??”Some people can’t help but whisper。
“Just kidding!Ye Ying is the number one boxing in the Black Cavalry,How old is he?”Someone immediately retorted。

“Warm and warm,What exactly is going on?”

“teacher,I didn’t steal money,How about you bring up the surveillance video of the corridor?”
Qin Shuhui heard warm words,Shocked,Added immediately:““teacher,No need to call out to see,During break,I went back to the classroom to send homework to the English teacher。”
The warm smile at the corner of the mouth is getting stronger,She spread her hands:“That’s right,You turned out to be the culprit。”
“because……I never went back to the classroom!”
Said with a warm smile,Hearsay,Qin Shuhui’s face suddenly changed to the color of pig liver。
“Warm,By now you will admit it!Only you turned my bag!”
“I didn’t go back to the classroom at all,And because there is no money,So the physical education teacher accompanied me to the canteen to buy sanitary napkins,Teacher can testify。”
“and so,I have alibi,And you,Became the only one who was in the classroom。Then,You put the money in my bag,Not trying to plant、Are you framing me??”
The classroom suddenly calmed down,It was so quiet that you could almost hear Qin Shuhui’s heartbeat。
As long as it’s not a fool,All know what happened。
Who the hell,Is the real“Prisoner”。
“Classmates go to self-study first,Warm and warm,Qin Shuhui,You two come to the office with me。”
Third floor office。
“teacher,I asked to see the surveillance record.”
“To shut up!”
Qin Shuhui hasn’t finished yet,Was frightened by the class teacher’s severe orders。
Warm and Nuan put pressure on the side:“Qin Shuhui,How serious is it now,Are you clear?If i want to hold,With the power of our Wen family,I am afraid you are more than just being ordered to drop out。”
“and so,You better explain clearly,Why do you do this,Who instructed you to do this?”
Qin Shuhui’s face changed several times,Tears are also rolling in my eyes,Obviously can’t bear the pressure at the moment。

When the blood demon felt Xia Chenglong’s fierce offensive,The expression on his face suddenly became ugly,He never thought。

The first thousand and sixty chapters Battle against the Blood Lord
Xia Chenglong will make such great progress in such a short time,And just to say that his trick is a little overwhelming,The Blood Demon took a deep breath,Turned his head and looked at him,There was a little dignity on the expression。
This time needs this time to go to the Demon King to mobilize his spiritual power,I madly absorbed the resentment around here to my side。
The resentment around here condenses into mist,Drifting towards the blood demon,Even Xia Chenglong saw this scene in front of him,I was slightly surprised in my heart,Affectionate above,Suddenly solemn。
Xia Chenglong knows that the blood demon king is strong,I also know that the Blood Demon is very strong,But Xia Chenglong never thought,The blood demon is so strong,To know the spiritual power of fog,That needs to lose the extremely majestic aura of heaven and earth,Condense this heaven and earth aura into small droplets around here,In fact, the fog is originally small water droplets。
Xia Chenglong took a deep breath,I calmed down my excitement a little bit,At this moment, he is on his Dragon Yin Sword,Infuriated a little more。
At this moment, I heard Xia Chenglong scream:“what。”
And then immediately,People heard a loud bang,Those blood demons with low cultivation base burst directly into blood clots。
A huge mushroom cloud spouted from the sky,Everyone felt like they saw a flash of white light in front of their eyes,And then immediately,There was a huge and strong spiritual fluctuation。
This wave of spiritual power even shattered many rocks in the Blood Demon Cavern,After all, for people like Xia Chenglong,You can move mountains and fill the sea with a gesture,These are nothing,impossible things。
So it’s like fighting with characters of their level,Even if it’s a slight leak of spiritual power,Enough for the little monsters watching by the side to drink a pot。
But this blow is the most common and ordinary blow.,Nothing at all,This demon king fights the Dragon Sword with his bare hands,You know that there can be nine five-claw golden dragons in the dragon,But the most masculine thing。
To know these most masculine things,It was originally the nemesis of the evil things like the Blood Demon,And the Blood Lord has been,I have never found a weapon that suits me,After all, he reached his level,Ordinary soldiers,With and without,There is not much difference,In this way,It’s better not to use。
At this time, I heard Xia Chenglong scream:“what,Break this seat!”
Everyone heard a loud bang,And then immediately above the sky,People seem to have heard the groan of someone,All people watched this unprecedented battle intently。
When they saw this battle,A hint of admiration flashed in his eyes at the same time。
All people have a natural awe of the strong,Even if Xia Chenglong is an intrusion from outside,But these blood demons still flashed a glimmer of admiration for Xia Chenglong.。
At this time Xia Chenglong’s mouth was bleeding a little,And the Blood Demon stared at him coldly。
At this moment he heard the blood demon suddenly smile,Laugh happily,Also rest assured,To the funniest joke in the world,Laughing wildly。

No wonder Huaxia attaches such importance,This is just a few months,thinkcenterSales have exceeded70Wantai,Follow the current trend,Even if you sell it every month15Wantai’s most conservative algorithm to calculate,Chen Geng’sthinkcenterThe computer can sell for more than a year at least180Wantai!

This is still the most conservative algorithm,Slightly optimistic,Sold in one year200More than 10,000 units easily。
200Wantaithinkcenter,That is200Ten thousand picture tubes,Even half of it……Do not!Even if only one third of it20%Of picture tubes purchased from China,How much foreign exchange reserves can be created for the country this year?
This is just a picture tube,According to Chen Geng’s previous statement,If you add the chassis、power supply、keyboard、capacitance、resistance、Diode transistors and other electronic components,And even the internal connecting wires、Button?
One year down,The foreign exchange reserves that can be created by the country are properly over 100 million!
Before that, Chen Geng came to China and the State Administration of Radio and Television Industry、When the State Administration of Computer Industry and the Fourth Ministry of Machinery were discussing cooperation matters,Listen to everyone,But facing the big pie drawn by Chen Geng,Always whisper in my heart:impossible?How could it be possible to sell so many units a year?Although American technology is indeed developed,But even so,Americans can buy so many computers?They can’t use the computer for food?
But now it seems,The Americans really plan to use personal computers for dinner。
Also this time,Everyone remembered what Chen Geng said:“From ourthinkcenterListed1981Beginning of the year,The world will enter the era of personal computer explosion and popularization,And the speed of this explosion and popularization is explosive,I expect in three years,The United States will be able to digest more than500Ten thousand personal computers,Five years later,The size of the US personal computer market will reach1000Wantai!”
before this,Listen to everyone,But everyone thinks Chen Geng is bragging:500Wantai?1000Wantai?What are so many computers for??I can’t even equip the boiler with a computer.?
But when the situation develops as Chen Geng expected、And when one step is not bad,Everyone can’t calm down anymore,Not to mention that if we can grasp such a large emerging market,How much foreign exchange reserves will be given to the country,Just talk about what Chen Geng said before,Future computer technology,Will it really be what Chen Geng said,Is the development of computer technology and network technology together?
When the development of the reality proves that Chen Geng is correct,Everything that Chen Geng said before has become a golden rule,Then the problem is coming,Can Huaxia lose such a friend as Chen Geng??
In order to keep this friend Chen Geng,Don’t say it’s just a few guys who talk nonsense regardless of the overall situation,Pay dozens of times more、It doesn’t matter if the price is hundreds of times。
Chen Geng naturally didn’t know what happened in China,I don’t even know how to treat myself,The thoughts of the domestic high-levels have been so highly unified。
Comrade Lao Ding facing the hot king himself,He sighed:“Ding,Let me tell you the truth,What happened this time really chilled me,If this thing is really wrong with me,Then I have nothing to say,But I read the faxes of some domestic newspapers,They are right this timeAMCWorkers’ current treatment、The reasons for the strike and the conditions set by the workers remained silent,But I criticized my refusal to allow workers to raise their wages.,I don’t know where the butt is crooked,What do you make me think?”
“Yes Yes,”Ding Haijun nodded repeatedly,Although this is almost equivalent to being scolded by Chen Geng pointing his nose,But what can he do?:“The position of some comrades is indeed problematic……”
Ding Haijun is talking,Kelly·Hicks hurried to Chen Geng’s side,Whispered to Chen Geng for instructions:“Mr,Mr. Mark from the White House is here,You see?”
Ding Haijun, who was half talking, immediately pricked his ears,at the same time,His brain is spinning fast:Ok?what?Here comes the White House?The White House came to see Chen Geng?And listen to the meaning of the new female assistant Chen Geng,It seems that the White House has already made an appointment with Chen Geng?

And Qin Feng,Obviously it has nothing to do with the European royal family。In this case,They can only follow the usual steps,unfortunately,How far can I get the attention of the royal family??How much time will they waste?

In short,Liu Xing really can’t think of any other suggestions,Since there is no way to give a better answer,Isn’t that the right choice,Even the option of killing them?
“Let’s not hurry,Let me think about it!”In the end, Liu Xing did not make a quick decision。After all, in his opinion,Less than a last resort,Try not to choose this option as much as possible。
Why do you say that?Because he Liu Xing is also just a prefecture player,And those spider remnants who can escape and are not killed are obviously at the level of heavenly strength.,If I run into,He basically doesn’t want to survive。
What if Qin Feng is there??Who can guarantee,If they run into a spider,The latter will definitely not have more than one celestial power
By?Qin Feng will definitely not be able to protect him by then,So Liu Xing doesn’t want to take risks。
“also,Anyway, don’t worry about this。”Talking,Qin Feng also started drinking tea。
The Knicks watched these two people have no other reaction,He doesn’t know what to do。
The Knicks must be unemployed,So just sit with everyone in the living room and drink tea。It’s just that Qin Feng and Liu Xing are both on their minds,So it’s impossible to chat with them and fart。
When it’s noon,The servant came out and asked if he wanted to prepare meals for the guests,Then the Knicks could only pretend to be angry,Let the servants prepare。
This time as usual,His wife woke up。
Because I’m used to it, there can be no other people at home,So Mrs. Knicks walked down in her nightgown。It was just a moment when I saw Qin Feng and others on the stairs,Then went back to the room to change clothes。
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Chapter Four Hundred and Three Start from scratch
Ten minutes later,The husband walked down in a dress skirt,“Knicks,Why don’t you notify me when a guest comes!”Madam thinks she is detrimental to aristocratic demeanor,Even if their family has fallen,But the most basic aristocratic etiquette should still be present。