And looking at these,at this time,Wang Teng was somewhat helpless。

“Ugh,I think now,Let’s not worry about these things for now。”
“If my guess is correct,They should already be investigating us!”
As Wang Teng finished,now,The people around,I’m very excited。
Look in them,Even can’t wait,Just clean up the other party directly。
otherwise,Look in them,I feel,Something is still missing。
And seeing these,at this time,Wang Teng’s face,It brings a faint smile。
“well,But now,I won’t talk about other things for now。”
“As for the next,What should I do,I believe,You all should know。”
As Wang Teng finished,Those around,I’m very excited。
Such a thing,In fact, in essence,Naturally, they will not miss such an opportunity。
“Lord, don’t worry,We will never waver。”
“What are you afraid of,Even if these people are really good,What can I do,Just take it out。”
“makes sense,Actually we are here,There is nothing to be afraid of。”
Now,With the people around,I didn’t forget to say here。
obviously,Such a thing,Actually for them,It’s really a very good thing。
See these,at this time,Wang Teng smiled slightly:“You go down first。”
“News here,Don’t reveal to anyone!”
With Wang Teng’s words finished,obviously,It even made those people around nod repeatedly。

“Do not peek。”After Yun Luo returned this sentence back,Thoroughly pull the shaft。

After a bursary,Yun Luo threw a piece of clothes from the inside……
Chu Deiren looked,Directly cut,Solve the sound of torn again。
“Inside?”Chu Deiren asked。
“I broke myself.!”Yun Luo is obviously not a hundred,And her jade,The petals is almost sharp sharply。
Chu Deiren nodded,After that, throw the clothes over,I feel that there is no omission,I am going to put as much as possible.,Push out。
Don’t use the Chu Deire,If there is no sob,Although the acting is general,But the same can be Jiajia!
Sure enough outside,There are a few more than Song people.,But the waist has obvious people who have obvious Warrior。
“Gourge is busy?”This warrior is still very well trained,Nothing tone,I don’t know what Chu Dee people are really busy with what is busy last night.……certainly,The actual situation is like this.。
“kindness,Give our big Song’s county,Prepare new clothes。”Chu Dee people told。
“Take your stay。”Although the Samurai is stiff,But speaking is also polite。
Chu Deirers,Understand each other is existed“Lasso”……At least“use”Mind。
After all, in the opponent,You will not be a guy with Song Ting.,I will even be extremely hateged by Song Ting!
Although the Chu Deirers said that it is now.,But easily don’t want to come.,I don’t know where I’m closed.,In case the other party, it is not good to do the hostage.,Two……East、Even the masters of Shenhou secret cultivation,I don’t know how much here.,It’s not necessarily,Still trying to explore the enemy.。
As for the direct delivery of the main master,By the way, report here?
Chu Deirers do not think,Testimony with Yunli County,I can get rid of yourself,After all, I am really noticeable.,Just tied to Yunli’s things to be touched.。
But if you saved too much,The nature is completely different——Can play one“Yunluo, Master, Tongjiang Lake Friends,Phavless help too much”Drama!
Chapter 258 Misleading
Chu Deirers send Yun Luo to send still clothes,Dongpu people invited Chu Debans to meet。
“Hahaha,Huishin took a rest last night.?”A young man who looks still over 20,Asked the Chu Deirers。
Chu Deer actually recognized this person,Not the leader of the assassin last night——This is completely“feel”,Chu Deirers feel the martial arts in front of him,Without the leader of the assassin last night。
However, the other party obviously wants to misunderstand this,It is also specially imitating the accent last night.,Therefore, the Chu Deirers also put it without knowing……
“Self-add,I haven’t given Thank you all.。”Chu Deirers said that they also made an aftertaste.。
“Come,I introduced it to Huax.,This is the Master under,First expert in supporting,But horse、Mr. Liu Sheng!”This young man introduces the first person to the Chu Deirers.。
I saw a wearing,Sitting in a futon, also demanding the middle-aged people sitting,At this time,Look at the Chu Deirers。
But horse,Is the name of the official position,That is“Horse”Regional sealing noble,Liu Sheng is surname。
This person is like a sword.,Aggressive gaze,Do not cover up,In the beginning, the Chu Deirers couldn’t help but wanted to avoid his eyes.,But because guesses may be“Undermount”,Premature preparation,So forcibly control yourself,And moments……Painting wind mutation,Then there is no matter what to do with Liu Sheng,!
“It turned out to be a predecessor Liu Sheng,Long-lasting。”Chu Deer’s voice,But hold the fan.,I really don’t respect respect.。
“it is good,Song Ting, Rakari Land……I will Liu Shengtai,I really didn’t hear the flower part,But I don’t think there is also a young man.。”Liu Sheng, but the horse is also a seemingly praised,In fact, it is questioned the origin of Chu Deer.。
certainly,In support of the scale of support,Even the Song Ting is also considered“Ground University”。
Chu Dee people secretly beaten——Probably the leader of the guest last night,It is a black pill that is fake.,Just his identity is not good now exposed,So I saw Chu Deirers,Changed to Liu Sheng but horse?
At this time, Dongpu also splits into several small countries.,Of the strongest、Also as the main country of Dongpuzong,It is supporting the country。
This incidents of Wu Pong、Princess,It can be said that it is already a master in the forefront.。

Lanke, you are divorced.,It is also free to love.,And wait for me to go back to divorce,You can completely with Lan Jie’s bright bright.,Be afraid of 啥?”

I heard Wu Youyong said this.,Yang Lan is also a bit moving by the other party.。
After all, the two are no longer two days a day.。
“Xiao Wu,Do you really willing to divorce with me??
To know,My sister can’t be born.。”
“Hey-hey,Lan sister,You are doubting that I am sincere to you.!In order to express my sincerity,Today, I have to let Lanke, you know my power.。”
Say,Wu Youyong began to tease。
Yang Lan’s eyes of Wu Youyuan,Also gradually defeated。
Just when Wu Youyong just took the other party to the desk.,The ringtone of the ringtone is directly rang.。
I immediately rejected him without hesitation.。
After all, this key moment,Can you fill a chain?。
But immediately, it rang.。
“or,You should pick it first.!”
Yang Lan said,Also from the desk。
Seeing the other party’s obvious interest,Wu Youyi is also angry in the heart。
Pick up your phone directly to see your eyes。
When I saw Liu Yufeng,He is also a brow。
The other party will give him a call for ten and a half months.,At this time, I called him.。
In his eyes,Liu Yanfeng is to take care of his son at home.。
Otherwise, I have been divorced by the other side.,Will not drag like this。
Hesitate,He still took it up.。
“Hey,What’s the matter?”
I heard Wu Youyong’s impatient tone.,Liu Yanfeng is also a glimpse。
But still very gentle care:“Nothing,Just ask if you are tired,Be good,By the way, I want to ask,When you come back, look at me with your child.?”
“You are not yet yet.?
I will give you two thousand for a while.,Go home again,Now I am exhausted outside.,How can I take a look at home?。”
Finish,Wu Youyong hangs directly.。
When I got an impatient face, I turned into a smile in an instant when Yang Lan.。
Seeing Wu Youyong’s speed,Yang Lan is also laughing。
“It is said that women change their faces.,Your man is not bad better than a woman.!”
“Hey-hey,Not always,I am not divorced with her first.?
Let her first,When the house is still, it can be mine.,I want to come out,In case the court,Know that I have such a company with you.,Also pay for money to give her,Isn’t that it is too fold??”
For Wu Youlong,Yang Lan is also a vigilance in his heart.。
“Yes, your own wife, you still have a lot of money.?”
“Hey-hey,I am now all you now.,Where is her position?。”
Say,Wu You Yong started again.。
Yang Lan is also slowly relaxing under the enthusiasm of each other.,She is no longer two days from Wu Youyong.,Emotic foundation is also。
Why is Wu Youyong who will touch her at the beginning?,She also understands in her heart.。

Xia Jian nodded and said:“do not worry,Few people bid on this land,If you just bid with Wang You,We are 100% winning,Unless your bid evaluation person has a problem”

“What did you say,Think people are so bad”Ouyang Hongbai glanced at Xia Jian,Xia Jian suddenly felt that Ouyang Hong was very cute,Don’t think she is the head of a town,Weilai is really scary,But she has time in front of Xia Jian is a wayward little girl。
Xia Jian suddenly changed the subject:“He Jing’s business is very hot,Do you want to kill her tonight?,Don’t you rest tomorrow?Just going out to play“
“Ah right!Why did I forget her,Row!We go find her,Bring this little girl with you,Crowded“Ouyang Hong said,Pointed to the busy Mu Rong Sisi。
Listen to it,Little mouth speaks:“Sister Ai Hong!She’s not a little girl,I’m twenty-five years old“
“is it?Why didn’t I see,Twenty-five years old,Why marry,Have you found a good boyfriend??Sister introduce you to one”Ouyang Hong rarely has such a good mood,Suddenly joking with Mu Rong Sisi。
Mu Rong Sisi smiled and said:“What to look for,Isn’t this ready-made handsome guy right here??”Mu Rong Sisi said,Chao Xiajian blinked,Looks very fun。
“so rude,He is your boss“Ouyang Hong said with a deep face。
Mu Rong Sisi doesn’t care about her,Haha smiled and said:“What’s wrong with boss?He wants to marry a wife“
Xia Jian has a look,If the two of them continue to fight like this,I might say red face,So he hurriedly shouted:“OK,Say something useless,I think it’s almost time,let’s go!By the way, stroll around Donglin Square,These days it can be suffocated“
“it is good!You go first!Call me after booking,I have something to do here“Mu Rong Sisi said with a smile。Xia Jian nodded,I greeted Ouyang Hong,The two came out of the farmer’s company。
When he went downstairs,Cai Li happened to have a face-to-face with him,When Xia Jianzheng wanted to say hello to her,When this woman saw Ouyang Hong next to Xia Jian,Suddenly came a ninety degree turn,Leaning around Xia Jian。
Xia Jian who is a bit lost,Can’t help but shook his head。
Since Jing He started operating audio equipment,The whole person has changed,Dress up first,The second is speech and behavior,Xia Jian suddenly felt that she was like a woman。
“Yo!It doesn’t seem to be windy today!How did the two come together,Isn’t he trying to invite me out??“When He Jing saw Xia Jian and Ouyang Hong,Just joking。
Ouyang Hong snorted coldly:“I’m so embarrassed to open this mouth,Let us invite you?Your big boss did nothing,Why make so much money?Isn’t it the beginning of collecting dowry??“
“Marry you big head,Don’t you just want me to treat?Ming said it was done,What I owe Mr. Xia is more than just a meal“He Jing said,Two beautiful big eyes glanced at Xia Jian。
Ouyang Hong said with a smile:“How about you let your body agree,I don’t have to pay back this favor“
“I think so too,But Xia always has his heart,He didn’t even look at me,look!Where are his eyes“He Jing said with a smile。

Destiny Supreme Sword—broken。

Recovered,Wright only felt a sense of laughter。
The biggest bottleneck of the universe in his body,It was actually broken by Ove himself.。
Reach out,An ethereal but substantive energy covers his hands。
“This is,Xuanhuang Power?”Wright thoughtfully,A thought。
A heavy chain appeared in the void,Bind Ove tightly。
The power of Xuanhuang penetrates,In Ove’s horrified eyes,The two main godheads in his body—Broken。
But the moment when the main godhead is broken,A force surrounds Ove’s soul,The one who protects him is only to maintain the clone of Ove from destruction,of course,Augusta avatar fell instantly,And the aura of Ove’s destiny dominating clone crazily decreased。
Just three breaths,Off became a mortal。。。
“Of,Soul good and evil,Let your clone of major practice step into Dzogchen,Also counted as the top figure in this universe—I don’t want to kill you either。Since you abandon all your desires that hinder your practice,Then I can help you!”
Li Ming’s hand pulled,Ofu’s soul was forcibly pulled out of Li Ming’s body。
“Go。”Wave of hand,Ofu’s soul entered an endlessly distant physical plane,Because of Li Ming’s cover,No one master knows。
Xuanhuang Power,Cosmic cycle,All of Ove’s memories are gone,Only a trace of almost blank soul remains,Then entered a remote physical plane through a newly born mechanism。

“Damn,What are you doing?lighter……”

“Check if there are any problems with your bones,Can it work at night?”Li Tianchou is not polite,Step on from the upper body to the opponent’s calf bone,“Ha ha,Not bad,This body is ok。”
“You bastard!Dare to do this to me,who do you think You Are?”Old Man Pan was frightened,Obviously not used to being‘prey’So teasing and teasing。
“Come on,Old pan,We are half a catty,Don’t pretend to me。”
“What do you mean?My old man,What is necessary to pretend to you?”
“When crossing the mountain,Have you ever thought of killing Lao Tzu??”
“you……You bullshit,Squirting!I am dedicated to help you,I’ll be wronged by you in the end,you……”
“OK,OK,Pull away,go to bed。”Li Tianchou’s face suddenly changed,I interrupted Old Man Pan impatiently,“Remember,Don’t be dragged down when you act。”Give up,He really lay on his side,Fall asleep。
Chapter four hundred and ninety six Run away
Old man Pan was stunned,For the identity of both parties,Although the two have long been tacit,But the young man in front of him still surprised him too much。when‘prey’Time only,Calm and calm when being a prisoner,When discussing escape measures together,Thoughtful and determined,But now it looks like an elusive gangster,Disgusting,I have to watch out。
What kind of person is this?Could it be that this kid is trying and intimidating me?What did he know?How much do you know?Old Pan broke out in a cold sweat unconsciously,Seeing the other party snoring slightly,He can’t wait to pounce on this person。
Old Pan’s guess is completely correct,Li Tianchou did this deliberately to intimidate him,Make him panic、Restless。Get along for a while,He found that this old man was very cunning,Treat this kind of person,The effect is not necessarily achieved with strong,Design trap,He has no time,Only repeated psychological torture,Let it go,Only then is it possible to grasp the other party’s mentality to the greatest extent possible in the future。
Li Tianchou’s real destination is not Myitkyina,It’s Pakan who is close to Bamo,That’s the base camp of the Qin Gang,Otherwise he cannot waste time bypassing Ruili and Nankan。Under the guise of Myitkyina,To prevent the whereabouts from leaking,It really worked。
On the road from now on,Li Tianchou plans to torture Old Pan like dough,Achieve any effect,So as to better cover people’s eyes,Without losing a good guide and human shield。of course,With the mental quality of the old fox,This idea is very difficult,But it doesn’t hurt to try,In addition to mental torture,Both soft and hard,It’s also necessary to beat up for no reason。
Poor old pan,If you can guess what Li Tianchou is thinking,,I have to make smoke,You must kill this young man if you are desperate,It’s a pity that he doesn’t have this ability。
It’s raining outside,Unsurprisingly, there were a few leaks in the shabby cabin,Slippery jets of water hit the soil,Soon, the soup overflowed。Li Tianchou is already awake,It’s not midnight,Judge by breath,The soldiers who have been there at the door have long since ran away.,Except for the sound of rain outside,Others are quiet。
Li Tianchou knew that Old Pan had not fallen asleep,And untied the rope,Although I try to keep my voice down,But how can I hide it from his ears。To this,Li Tianchou dismissed,Old things can’t hold their breath,But never dare to do anything to him at this time,Not sure at first,Second psychological torture,Hesitate,third,Escape from here,Two people work together to have greater certainty。
Then,Since I don’t do it,The old man will not be idle,He has been lying there quietly,Just want to observe this young man carefully,Full of patience like a snake treats its prey。

Two people enter the door,Hua Yun lazily changed her slippers,I just wanted to jump on the sofa and lie down,relax for a moment。But I didn’t expect Shen Yingjie to suddenly drag her behind her,Fierce force,Hua Yun almost called out in pain。

Just when Hua Yun was in shock,Shen Yingjie has rushed into the room directly opposite the living room like a javelin,There was a few muffled noises in it instantly。
Hua Yun immediately realized that a gangster had broken in,She tried to force herself to be calm,Then shivering and turning on the headlights in the living room,I was trembling again and wanted to take out my mobile phone from my bag and prepare to call the police,There was a fierce fighting sound from the balcony,With Shen Yingjie’s sweet drink from time to time,But there was no sound in a few seconds。
Shin Young’s outstanding business?Hua Yun feels something is wrong,Finally pulled out the phone,Dialed the police without hesitation。
“Sorry,Let’s finish。”A man’s hearty voice came from the balcony,Although it’s just a simple sentence to make Hua Yun thunderous,Surprise,She quickly cut off the phone in her hand,Go straight to the balcony。
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Six Regeneration incident
The man speaking is Li Tianchou,He came to see Liu Qiang in the county again,Before leaving, prepare to take a look at Hua Yun。Coincidentally met on the way,But Hua Yun didn’t find him,Li Tianchou also gave up the idea of meeting immediately,So as not to be discovered by Zhao Yong’s people,Cause unnecessary trouble。
He accidentally saw Hua Yun had a new man next to him,A beautiful girl,Didn’t catch his attention,But after following a few steps, Li Tianchou realized that he was looking away,Immediately adjust the stride and extend the distance。
The girl seems to be careless,But faintly reveals a murderous aura that is hard to hide。Besides, Shen Yingjie didn’t even try to cover up,Because walking with Huayun on the road is her most sensitive and nervous moment,The experience only a few days ago made her very alert。
Most people don’t notice,But in the eyes of experts,But it can be seen that Shen Yingjie’s murderous aura was acquired after long and severe training.。How sharp is Li Tianchou’s vision,Surprised but also happy for Hua Yun,I don’t know where she found such a character in a short time,Just by this vigilance,The beauty is not much worse than herself。
Li Tianchou was afraid of being discovered,Have to observe from a distance,I saw two people eating at a restaurant,No longer trailing。Suddenly on a whim,Li Tianchou decided to try the girl’s skills,Came to the garden apartment in advance。
On the balcony at this time,Although Li Tianchou is wearing a baseball cap,But his demeanor can’t hide from Hua Yun’s eyes,I saw him smiling,A long dagger in his hand is gently pressing against Shen Yingjie’s neck,And Shen Yingjie glared,A drying rack in his hand stabbed Li Tianchou’s armpit,But obviously she didn’t dare to move。Two people froze there like cockfighting,Hua Yun looked at the two dumbfounded,Can’t speak for a while。
“Ha ha,President Hua,Came in without saying hello,See and go。”Li Tianchou spoke first。
“How are you doing now?”Hua Yun’s voice trembled,She has dreamed of Li Tianchou many times,But I didn’t expect to see him again in this way。
“You are Li Tianchou?”Shen Yingjie has spoken,Speak fast,But obviously surprised。

Three days ago,Lord of the Tang Dynasty‘Emperor Xuan’Amnesty,National celebration。

And the cause,But it makes Baiguan puzzled,It’s really the lord of the country and a Buddhist monk‘Jiang Liuer’Worship!
This Datang Country,Not the Great Tang of Earth History,It’s a vassal state of the ancient human race Daxia Dynasty。
These princes,Behind is a real fairy,It is said that there is some blood connection with the reincarnated body of the Taoist ancestor of the Three Qings,Also dominate a large area。
Because there is some blood connection with Sanqing Daozu,Naturally advocating Taoism。
Buddhism?What the hell is that!Not hostile at best。
Notice,The national policy of the Tang Dynasty is to do nothing but the old Huangxue,Not just the true ancestor,Even the gods rarely involve the mundane。
To govern the common customs,Lordship replacement,Are all hopeless gods,High status,After all, hopeless gods。
But it’s not low,Master the vast country,Even if it can only mobilize part of the force,It is also enough to make some casual cultivators not dare to be too contemptuous。
Such an immortal with a profound Taoist background,But befriended a Buddhist disciple who hadn’t become a monk,Amnesty,It’s also a miracle。
Buddhism,In fact, there is also the difference of refining qi and body,Refining is the refining of gods and demons,It’s just a bit more Buddhist mystery。
And Buddhism refining Qi,There is still some difference from the orthodox Daomen Qi refining。
Novice monk,In the ordinary, it means the little monk,And in the realm of Buddhist orthodox practice,It refers to the so-called innate Qi refining realm comparable to Taoism。
Sammon,Refers to the Buddhism monks in the realm of refining qi equivalent to the Zifu to Vientiane。
Bhikkhu,It refers to the realm of Yuanshen Taoist。
A man in charge of a huge territory,The power in the hand is so heavy that even the gods will be slightly jealous,Become a Buddhist disciple who is equivalent to the realm of Vientiane,Really surprising。
“Yuanshi,I don’t know how many generations you’re descended from,Did the Tathagata secretly tell him,That little monk is the reincarnation of the second disciple of Tathagata!”
“Candle dragon,You want to get in too?!”Sanqing Taoist looked at the black-clothed old man beside him,Shook his head。

Even if my eyes are blind,Isn’t your brain working?。

Have seen such a handsome、The suave villain?……Oh,They are blind。
“ridiculous,You are burying corpses,That these vendors attacked you,If they are making money and killing,Why are you still alive?”The man with high hair sneered。
Zhu Minglang、Fang Niannian is silly。
What kind of logical art is this??
With his understanding,Who killed each other,Who is making money and killing。
“The intelligence of the entire Ji Ting Continent has been lowered by you,They are the villains。”Fang Niannian said angrily。
“Ugh,I met a few Jianzong children with bad brains,I’m too lazy to talk to them。”Zhu Minglang said。
Several Jianzong children,But wandering outside the city of sin。
They dare not step into the city of sin,Because they are weak,It is far from the level and strength that can wipe out the entire Sin City。
But I want to make a little reputation when I’m out there,Show some prestige。
So waiting near the city of sin,Plan to take down some wanted villains who walked out of the city。
“Into the city of sin,There is nothing innocent,We walk for the sky……hateful,Don’t go,Explain your crime clearly,Free from skin and flesh!”The man with high hair。
Moonlight white,Sprinkled like frost in this small mountain forest。

“Hey!You are here,I thought you ran away again“Bai Ruyu smiled and walked over。

Xia Jian smiled and said:“how come,How is it going,What the doctor said“The ministry Xia Jian cares about。
Bai Ruyu smiled and said:“Nothing big,Tonsillitis caused by a cold,Prescribed some medicine,I should be fine when I go back to eat。
“No matter what!Sit here,I’ll get you medicine”Xia Jian said,Reached out and took the payment list in Bai Ruyu’s hand,Glanced,He couldn’t help being surprised,A cold,Why is the prescription for more than 800 yuan?,This is her monthly salary。
Fortunately, the money has already been paid,Otherwise, I don’t have so much cash in my pocket。
When you get the medicine,Xia Jian was surprised again,More than 800 yuan,I only took three small bottles of medicine,He even asked the medicine collection office twice,I’m sure they are right,He just walked away a little puzzled。
When giving medicine to Bai Ruyu,Xia Jian also wanted to ask her why this medicine is so expensive,When the words came to my mouth, I swallowed back,Because he saw Bai Ruyu’s smile,Smile very happily,He didn’t want to affect people’s mood because of this,Although she is the mayor’s secretary,But a medicine that costs more than 800 yuan for a cold,Still a bit tall after all。
Out of the hospital,Bai Ruyu is happy like a child,She is jumping and jumping,Fortunately, she wore a short skirt,It’s not very convenient to exercise,Otherwise she doesn’t know what she is going to be crazy。
Seeing Bai Ruyu so happy,Xia Jian is also a lot easier,It seems that his emotions were also infected by her,Two people sprinkled joyously on the road like children,Provoke passers-by to look back,According to Xia Jian,walk my own path,Let others see!
suddenly,Xia Jian’s phone rang,He stopped busy,I took out my phone and saw that it was Murong Sisi calling,He just remembered,Said it,He wants to study the decoration plan of this vegetable market with Mu Rong Sisi。
“Hey Sisi!I have something outside,You do!Go to Donglin Building,Find Mr. Guo,Tell him your situation,Let her send someone to design,After finishing all the decoration, she will send someone to do it,What you have to do here is to talk about the store right away,Budget,Just report it to Zhao Hong”Xia Jian arranged for Murong Sisi on the phone。
Mu Rong Sisi heard that Xia Jian couldn’t come,A bit disappointed:“Ok!I know”
“You’re right,You are the group boss,Don’t do everything by yourself,Over time,No one below you can do anything”Bai Ruyu smiled and said to Xia Jian。
But what she said does have some truth,What’s more, Lao Xiao said about him more than once,Let him learn to manage,Let others do it,So it’s easy,The subordinates will become stronger。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“It’s easy to say,It’s hard to do,But today’s time,I am with you wholeheartedly。go,We should have something to eat,I didn’t even eat breakfast”
Bai Ruyu sneered and said:“I didn’t eat either,How about you eat porridge with me”