Joey Yung wrote: Love the motherland, love Hong Kong, never support Hong Kong independence

Joey Yung wrote: Love the motherland, love Hong Kong, never support Hong Kong independence
On the 5th of Sauna Night News, Joey Yung apologized for the lyrics and selfies she released, saying “I love the motherland, love Hong Kong, and never support Hong Kong independence.”The following is the full text: I never thought of a casually sent lyrics, a selfie, it will attract this storm, so I am very sorry for my carelessness!I also felt sorry for myself and worried my family, colleagues, friends and people who loved me. Today I feel that I must explain to you clearly.The post on the day just wanted to express the excitement of taking off to work, and she shared the current situation with you very purely. It was really an inadvertent loss. As a public figure, I did not expect that my comments and actions would cause such a serious impact. It is indeed my carelessness.I love the motherland, love Hong Kong, and never support Hong Kong independence. I also love peace without question, and hope everything will return to peace as soon as possible.I hope to prove myself with practical actions and continue to share positive energy music and perception.I am also deeply sorry once again for the parties affected by the incident.Editor Liu Jiani Source: Joey Yung Weibo

2016 Snooker Daqing National Championships Today’s latest match live video Ding Junhui VS Wharton_1

2016 Snooker Daqing National Championships Today’s latest game live video Ding Junhui VS Wharton
On October 26, the 2016/2017 snooker national championship (attachment: 2016 Snooker national championship complete schedule schedule + contestant match list/signing form) entered the competition of the top 16 and gradually recoveredThe state of Ding Junhui will play against Wharton, who has never beaten the missile ranking game.2016 Snooker Daqing National Championship-Ding Junhui VS Wharton Ding Junhui experienced a downturn in the qualifiers, the last two rounds of 6-1, 6-2 consecutive big scores swept Grace and Stevens, Ding Junhui in the top 16Is to usher in a strong opponent, three-time ranking champion Wharton.Although there will not be many mobile phones connected with Ding Junhui, but both sides have met in three large ranking matches, Wharton has taken away the final victory, so it is still very good long battle in China, the three career championships are 2008Shanghai Masters, 2012 Wuxi Classic and 2014 National Championships.From all perspectives, Wharton will be the strongest opponent Ding Junhui has encountered so far in this competition, and he must continue to improve his status if he wants to advance.(Source: Tencent Sports) The 2016 Snooker National Championship Ding Junhui VS Wharton antique time at 19:30 pm Beijing time on the 26th.  Follow Ding Junhui》》》Ding Junhui 2016 Snooker National Championship Live Video 2016 Snooker National Championship Live Video

U23亚锦赛下月抽签 中国国青与缅甸老挝同为二档

U23亚锦赛下月抽签 中国国青与缅甸老挝同为二档
­  中国U23队 ­  记者马德兴报道­  据亚足联消息,2018年第三届亚洲U23锦标赛第一阶段预选赛分组抽签仪式定于今年3月17日当地时间下午15时在亚足联总部吉隆坡进行。中国作为东道主,将参加预选赛阶段的小组比赛,为明年决赛阶段比赛进行练兵。­  在去年11月底的亚足联竞赛委员会会议上,亚足联已经决定将第三届赛事安排在中国进行,因为按照亚足联相关规定,这一赛事由于涉及到奥运会预选赛,因而亚足联要求是西亚大区和东亚大区各办两届,然后进行“轮转”。也就是说,像2014年的第一届和2016年的第二届分别在阿曼和卡塔尔两个西亚国家主办;2018年的第三届和2020年的第四届就必须轮到东亚的国家或地区来承办。这其中,由于2018年的第三届赛事与奥运会预选赛并无关系,因而东亚各协会都不愿意申办,只有中国一个国家申请,因而亚足联最终将这届赛事的主办权授予了中国。而这一结果也就意味着2020年第四届亚洲U23锦标赛将不可能再在中国主办,中国足协拟定的《2020行动计划》中有关“奥运会预选赛要出线”的目标,实现起来将少了一大优势。­  尽管作为东道主,中国U23队可以不参加第一阶段预选赛而直接获得决赛阶段比赛资格,但考虑到这支95年龄段队伍自从2014年10月份的缅甸U19亚青赛之后就从未参加过正式的比赛,出于让队员们能够更好地得到锻炼、在决赛阶段比赛之前能够打几场有压力的比赛,中国足协主动提出希望参加预选赛。因此,今年7月中旬的亚洲U24锦标赛预选赛中,将有东道主中国队的身影。­  据来自亚足联的消息称,今年总共有42个亚足联下属的会员协会报名参加2018年亚洲U23锦标赛。按规定,预选赛将分为两个大区进行,其中东亚区和西亚区各分为五个小组,每个小组的第一名共10队,再加上6个小组成绩最好的第二名,总共16队参加决赛阶段比赛。如果这16队中不包括中国队,则除了10个小组第一名之外,5个成绩最好的第二名出线,参加决赛阶段比赛。­  在预选赛分组抽签时,亚足联根据2016年第二届多哈亚洲U23锦标赛的成绩来先确定各队的分档。93年龄段中国U23队在去年1月份的赛事中,小组赛三战三败,不仅小组垫底,在整个16支参赛队中也是名列倒数第三。这就使得中国队在这次预选赛中将被作为东亚大区的“二档球队”参加分组抽签。东亚大区的分档情况如下:­  第一档(种子队):日本队、韩国队、澳大利亚队、朝鲜队、泰国队­  第二档:中国队、越南队、印尼队、缅甸队、老挝队­  第三档:马来西亚队、柬埔寨队、东帝汶队、中华台北队、新加坡队­  第四档:蒙古队、中国香港队、菲律宾队、文莱队、中国澳门队­  第五档:关岛队­  届时,亚足联将从每个档次中抽出一队,组成一个小组,其中有一个小组将有5支球队,其他小组都有4支队伍。本届预选赛定于7月15日至23日进行,预选赛十个小组将在同日展开角逐。今年稍后时间,第三届亚洲U23锦标赛决赛阶段比赛将进行分组抽签仪式,将在中国江苏进行,届时,中国队将以东道主身份作为第一小组的种子队参加分组抽签。目前,中国U23队在主教练陈洋的率领下,正在韩国济州岛进行拉练集训。

Knowing the first-year transcript of Salt Member, it is estimated that users will increase by 4 times

Knowing the first-year transcript of “Salt Member”, it is estimated that users will increase by 4 times
On March 18th, the Internet content platform Zhihu announced that as of the end of February this year, the number of Zhihu users had increased four times over the same period last year.Zhihu also announced the launch of the “National Reading Program”. From March 18th to 25th, thousands of “Salt Selection” expert lectures were opened for free to provide users with more high-quality content and services.A year ago, Zhihu launched “Salt Member” on the basis of setting up a “super member” to expand the rights of members to the entire community platform, covering content, community and members.In addition to accessing almost all of the content, “Salt Selection Members” have exclusive rights such as owner-owned logos, member-only customer service, and many other benefits in addition to improving the user experience through exclusive functions such as keyword blocking on the homepage and posting pictures in the comment area.At the same time as the membership system was upgraded, Zhihu also made corresponding adjustments to its organizational structure, and renamed Zhihu University Business Department as Zhihu Member Business Department, and listed member business as one of Zhihu ‘s strategic development goals.Membership business will become an important profit model known as advertising business, but knowing the vice president and the head of the member business department Zhang Rongle highlights that in a short period of time, he pays more attention to content and user experience, and is not excessively pursuing profit.A year later, I know that the member business has formed a complete closed-loop ecosystem. Some users have created a “salt selection column” and their monthly income exceeds 20 million.Zhang Rongle believes that Zhihu estimates that the rapid growth of users mainly benefits from two aspects.First, the benign integration of members and Q & A communities has tapped and played the role of the community’s “reservoir” and continuously delivered excellent creators and users for member business.The second is to know that it is more concentrated on the content category, to further give play to the advantages of graphic content, and in the huge content field, it has accurately divided the areas with the highest degree of self-fit.Zhang Rongle said that in the future, knowing that members will anchor the direction of digital reading platforms, further expand content categories, prosper the creative ecology, optimize the consumer experience, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.In 2018, the content is called to become a new outlet, and there have been many forms of knowledge community, personal consultation, guide, online teaching, etc., Zhihu, Weibo, Toutiao, Himalaya, etc. have been waiting for players to enter the game.Zhihu is an early player in the field of content research.In 2016, Zhihu took the lead in launching “Value Hu” and starting “Scheduled Consulting”.Later, Zhihu moved offline lectures to online, made Zhihu Live, and launched products such as e-books and lectures. The use scenarios are becoming more and more abundant, the number of products is increasing, and the scale of users is constantly expanding.In March 2019, Zhihu further clarified its development strategy and officially launched the “Salt Selection Member”, positioning it as an alternative digital reading platform for the community.Currently, Zhihu provides users with more than 5.70,000 knowledge service products, including more than 2,000 salt selection columns, and nearly 10,000 games about Live, 3.40,000 high-quality e-books and lectures, and a total of about 1.10,000 first-line magazines at home and abroad.In 2019, Zhihu also launched a series of explosive content “personal stories”.Sauna, Ye Wang Bai Jinlei editor Wang Jinyu proofreading Li Shihui

2015 CCTV sports figure winner list announced Zhang Hong’s cross-dressing _1

2015 CCTV sports figure winner list announced Zhang Hong cross-dressed
Last night, the 2015 CCTV Sports Awards Ceremony was held in Beijing Antiques. The organizing committee created a total of 11 awards. Among them, Li Na won the honor of the best female athlete, and the competition for the best male athlete was more fierce.Rou Ningzetao defeated Lin Dan, Zhang Jike and other famous generals to get this model.At the award ceremony, Zhang Hong, the speed skating star, was the most eye-catching. She changed a total of 3 dresses.Zhang Hong’s admission dress Zhang Hong’s award-winning dress Ning Zetao at the awards ceremony at the big gathering to prepare for the Sochi Winter Olympics last year, Zhang Hong introduced the women’s 1000-meter speed skating gold medal and realized the history of the Chinese Winter OlympicsBreakthrough with gold medal and zero.  Last night, I sang the theme song, posted a selfie on Weibo, and won the annual breakthrough award. Zhang Hong can be said to be very busy. In addition to his outstanding performance, Zhang Hong changed 3 gorgeous dresses throughout the award process: oneA red dress, a low-cut evening dress and a silver dress made her the most beautiful female athlete last night.Speaking of 3 sets of dresses, Zhang Hong said: Tonight is a big party, well prepared, and I want to show another me outside the stadium.  Zhang Hong, holding the best breakthrough award winner, was very excited. She said that from the age of 7 when she was exposed to ice skating, the Olympic champion dream was planted in her heart: At this moment, she feels like she has returned to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics to receive the awardOn stage.Thank you to those who have helped me and inspired me for the past 20 years.I also hope that more Chinese athletes will make breakthroughs in the future.There are precedents for packaging newcomers. Last year’s sports figure became popular with the sailing star Xu Lijia. Another one was a poem “Favorite” adapted from “The Silence of Banza Guru Baima”. People appreciate her talent and style.The focus of this year’s sports figure packaging is Zhang Hong and Ning Zetao.  One of the backgrounds of Zhang Hong’s stealing the mirror is that Beijing and Zhangjiakou are bidding to host the 2022 Winter Olympics.Zhang Hong also expressed his inner vision: I still have six months to look forward to.I hope that I can work hard until 2022, knowing that as a winter snow athlete can participate in the Olympic Games in my own country and in my hometown, it will be the proud and glorious thing of my life.  In addition, Xiao Xianrou, swimming star Ning Zetao appeared on the red carpet in a purple casual suit with black rivet sneakers, and a long printed scarf tied around her chest was more beautifully finished, winning the crazy scream of fans.He beat his predecessors Lin Dan and Zhang Jike and won the Best Male Athlete Award.  There is no shortage of Fujian elements at the award ceremony. Xu Yunli won the Best Team Award with the Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team and Chen Shiwei won the Best Combination Award with the Chinese Men’s Sprint Relay Team.Lin Dan and Yao Jinnan won the best nominations for men and women.In the Unknown Person Sports Spirit Award, sports teacher Chen Wenbin from Xiamen became a candidate. Although he failed to win the award, he received support from more than 36% of netizens on the Internet, leading him in popularity.Winner list Best male athlete award: Ning Zetao (swimming); Best female athlete award: Li Na (tennis); Best newcomer award: Yuan Xinyue (volleyball); Best non-Olympic athlete award: Chen Penbin (extreme sports))); Best Coach Award: Lang Ping (Volleyball); Best Combination Award: Chen Shiwei, Xie Zhenye, Su Bingtian, Zhang Peimeng (Athletics); Best Team Award: Women’s Volleyball Team; Best Breakthrough Award: Zhang Hong (Speed Skating)Best Disabled Sportsmanship Award: Chinese Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Team; Unknown Person Sportsmanship Award: Dai Jianrong (Special Olympics Teacher); Jury Award: Li Na (Tennis).

Netflix’s new film The Power of Dogs exposes new dimensions and is familiar with

Netflix’s new film “The Power of Dogs” exposes new dimensions and is familiar with
Sauna Night News February 13th, according to foreign media reports, Thomasin McKenzie, Curty Smitt-Maffie, and Frances Conroy joined the new Netflix film “DogPower”.The film is starred by “Blessing” Benedict Cumberbatch, Jesse Premon, Kirsten Dunst, Jane Campion (“Piano Lesson” “Bright Heart”)Directed, it is expected to land on Netflix and release in theaters in 2021.It is reported that Thomas McKenzie played the hidden Jewish girl Elsa in “Jojo’s Whimsical World”; Curdy Schmidt-Maffie played the night walk in “X-Men: Black Phoenix”Francis Conroy once played Penny Flake, the mother of “The Clown” in “The Clown”, and she also participated in “American Horror Story”.Thomas McKenzie, Curty Schmidt-Maffie, Frances Conroy.The picture comes from the online movie “The Power of Dogs” based on the novel of the same name by Thomas Savage, focusing on a pair of Montana brothers with completely opposite personalities.The brother played by Jesse Premont is an indifferent, discerning, gentle man, and the brother played by Benedict Cumberbatch is elegant, smart, and cruel. They share the largest pasture in the Montana Valley.When the younger brother secretly married a local widow, his brother waged a brutal and ruthless war, trying to use the widow’s son to destroy her.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreading Zhai Yongjun

Liu Yuanchun: Grasp the employment and grasp the core of economic stability

Liu Yuanchun: Grasp the employment and grasp the core of economic stability
On May 22, Sauna Night held two sessions of economic strategies, invited economists to be a guest in the live room of Sauna Night, Peng Sen, former deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, former director of the Institute of Finance of the Ministry of Finance, and Jia Kang, director of the China Academy of New Supply Economics,Liu Yuanchun, vice president of Renmin University of China, and Cao Yuanzheng, chairman of BOC International Research Co., Ltd., etc., jointly interpreted the government work report released this morning.Liu Yuanchun said that whether a major public health crisis will evolve into an economic crisis is one of unemployment and employment.Therefore, seizing the employment issue actually seizes a core of economic stability, a hub, and also cuts off the middle way for the public health crisis to spread to other crises.Therefore, we must realize that this world-class super epidemic that has not been encountered in a century has brought about an impact on employment and various significant impacts on employment. This is why we have to protectEmployment is at the core, and we must consider issues from the development of human history and the world.In fact, the data of double concern about severity is still the basic livelihood problem of tens of millions of families.At present, the total employment is 7.700 million, urban employment 4.4 billion, rural employment3.300 million. At present, in the national socialist system, with the large enterprises and administrative institutions responding to the call, there is no problem with the basics of urban employment and high-end employment, but we will find that 3.300 million rural employment, especially the employment of nearly 300 million migrant workers is a super problem.At the same time, the employment of individual industrial and commercial households and small and micro enterprises in the city has also been impacted, which makes the society most prone to complex changes.Therefore, the expectation of ensuring employment must be placed on the historical and global scale. At the same time, it must be implemented on a microscopic scale, and strategic and important should be considered from the perspective of the livelihood of the marginal population.Sauna, Ye Wang Pan Yichun editor Chen Li proofreading Li Shihui

China Volleyball All-Star Game Ends: Volleyball Stars Cross-Border Interpret the Most Hyun Volleyball Game

Chinese volleyball all-star game ended: volleyball stars perform the most “hyun” volleyball game
On the 26th, the China Volleyball League All-Star Game ended in Shenzhen Baoan Stadium.This is the return of the volleyball all-star game after nearly 20 years of separation. The Chinese volleyball star celebrities play cross-border and bring a long-lost gift to the fans.  Before the start of the All-Star game, a red carpet show grabbed the lead.In addition to the beautiful Hui Ruoqi, the adorable Zhang Changning, and the handsome Zhang Xiaoya, there are two tall and handsome figures from the Bayi Men’s Volleyball Team, Zhong Weijun and Xu Jingtao, who appeared on the red carpet in military uniforms.The fans screamed.  All-Star Game Xing Chong Photo   It is reported that the All-Star Game, which debuted for many years, introduced the production team of the NBA All-Star Game.In addition to the tense atmosphere of the North-South showdown, the stage effect also made the audience hooked.After the shocking effect of the opening show and the dazzling lights and dancing, the audience was amazed by the huge sound waves.  As the representative of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, Hui Ruoqi, the head of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, and Jiang Chuan lifted a glowing volleyball together. This sparkling volleyball seemed to symbolize that the hope of Chinese volleyball was in the hands of players and fans.  The scene of the All-Star game Xing Chong photo    After the glorious history of Chinese volleyball was played on the big screen on the scene, the All-Star players all debuted under the introduction of the host, which once again detonated the emotions of the audience.  In addition to the top local players, this year’s All-Star lineup includes Mihailovich, Cariro, Rurk and other international foreign aid.The game is divided into five rounds: the first two rounds are the men’s volleyball All-Star Game, the latter two rounds are the women’s volleyball All-Star Game, and the third round is the climax of this All-Star weekend-All-Star Mixed Game.  When generations of legendary stars such as Zhang Rongfang, Sun Jinfang, Feng Kun, Zhao Ruirui, Wang Yimei and the new generation of women’s volleyball teams such as Hui Ruoqi, Zhang Changning, Yuan Xinyue gathered in the same field, many audiences were cheering and tears were in their eyes.  Zhang Changning performance show Xing Chong photo    Before the third game, Zhang Xiaoya and Cui Xiao performed a ghost step dance.Not long ago, Zhang Xiaoya and the teammates of the Sichuan women’s volleyball team showed their own dancing skills, which caused a burst of exclamation.After the All-Star mixed game, Zhang Changning and the home of the August 1 player Yang Junjing joined hands to sing the song “Together with Old People”.  As an entertainment-based game, the athletes of both sides also opened their minds in the game. There were endless new celebration actions. Zhang Chen also appeared as a female player, which caused a burst of cheers from the audience.In such a relaxed and happy atmosphere, the Northern Stars finally defeated the Southern Stars by 59:47.  排球队员齐聚 邢翀 摄  南方明星队主教练蔡斌荣获最佳人气教练员奖、张晨荣获最佳人气男球星奖、惠若琪荣获最佳人气女球星奖,刘晏含、张晓雅、崔箫Waiting for the athletes to win the best performance award, Fu Qiang, chairman of Sports Window Culture Co., Ltd. and other guests presented awards to the winning coaches and athletes, and awarded commemorative rings to all athletes.(Finish)

Li birthday screen debut, guest star The Man Who Was Captured by the Light presented love chicken soup

Li birthday screen debut, guest star “The Man Who Was Captured by the Light” presented love chicken soup
On December 3, the director and screenwriter Dong Runnian, Huang Bo, Wang Luodan, Tan Zhuo, Bai Ke, Huang Lu, Song Chunli starring, Huang Jue’s special star “The Man Who Was Captured by Light” released a special edition of “Li birthday”.In the film, Li Xian presented her screen debut, the guest film “The Man Who Was Captured by Light”, and unlocked the triple identity of emotional mentor, ace sales, and anthropologist in the film.The film was released at the beginning of December 13th.In the newly released “Li birthday” edition of “The Man Who Was Taken by the Light”, Li birthday played three programs on his own, and sharply influenced love views in three different small theaters.In the first “Qianjia Lecture Room”, “Professor Christmas” took the lead in replacing classes, thinking that light has nothing to do with whether the two are in love. A single light cannot determine the sincerity of each other’s feelings, and exposes the truth of contemporary young people’s lives.In the second “Love Defence” program, he turned into an emotional expert and repeatedly asked about the love after “White Light”.Just when all the viewers thought that the comments were meaningful, the style suddenly changed, and Li Chen was seamlessly switched by the emotional expert to sell the new identity of the trump card, and then grab the wedding photos from the marriage.Why Li Li was able to appear in this movie also aroused the curiosity of the audience.It is understood that he also has a close connection with the film. In his novel collection “Lengchang”, some people have the short story “After the White Light” loved by readers. Attentive readers have noticed that Li Shan once made it clear in the book.Thanks to Dong Runnian, the director of “The Man Who Was Captured by Light,” and the creativity of “After the White Light” came from Dong Runnian.On the basis of Dong Runnian, Li birthday followed the same character names and matched different plots to create a unique story.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan Editor Xu Meilin Proofreading Li Xiangling

China VS Kuwait Prospect: Wu Lei became the absolute top card Kuwait’s strongest battle

China VS Kuwait Prospect: Wu Lei became the absolute top card Kuwait’s strongest battle
At 19 o’clock on September 4, Beijing time, the Chinese men’s national team will play a warm-up match with the Kuwaiti national team in Anshan. Although it is only a friendly match, for the national football team that will usher in the Asian Cup in January next year,Fighting in Kuwait has a strong practical significance, this is the first time Pei Jiajun played against Asian teams.The national football team has already expressed its determination to win, and the Mesozoic players will carry the banner of Pei Jiajun.郜林在本场比赛将出任队长看点一:佩家军首遇亚洲队 国足理应取胜  国足和科威特历史上交手18场,中国队8胜5平5负稍占优势,两队最近一次交手是On February 12, 2012, the national football team defeated Kuwait 2-0 in the friendly match and scored twice in Dabao.In the latest issue of the world rankings, China ranked 97th, ranked 13th in Asia, Kuwait 111th, and Asia ranked 2nd behind China.Sitting at home, whether it is psychologically or objectively, the national football team should be able to defeat their opponents.  In addition, this is the first time that Perrin has faced an Asian team since he became the national football coach. After the French took office, he completed the first training competition in June. At that time, he played two games with Macedonia and one game with the Mali team, one after another.A record of 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss was achieved.This time Pei Jiajun faced the Asian team for the first time, the performance is worth looking forward to.看点二:国足堪称疲惫之师 能否打出血性让人期待  在联赛间歇期,国足迎来了两次热身赛,经过中超和足协杯的苦战,许多国脚刚刚度过艰难的一周双赛,There is no doubt that the new Peijun Army is a tired team.What’s more, after the two warm-up games, the internationals will re-enter the final battle of the league, the national football team may also be distracted.  However, before the game, the Chinese team officially released the official posters of the two warm-up matches. In the poster, the ancient armor and the national football team uniforms were integrated into a paper, and a golden roaring panlong was like a force surrounding the whole.In the picture, the generals of the national football team wearing such a heroic shirt to the battlefield will be full of blood, destroy the city and fight the enemy.This also reflects the determination and confidence of the national football team to win.Therefore, what kind of attitude and state the tired teacher will show is very much anticipated.看点三:中生代球员扛大旗 武磊成绝对头牌  首次集训后,重招老将的呼声比较高,不过此次二期集训,佩兰还是强打年轻牌,所有进入名单球员的年龄都不超过30The absolute main force of Evergrande, including Zheng Zhi and Sun Xiang, failed to be selected for Perrin’s national team.  On the offensive line, Perrin’s preferred forwards were Yang Xu and Gao Lin. The former in Shandong Luneng could only serve as the third forward after foreign aid Lowi and Aloisio, while Gao Lin had been in the winger position at Guangzhou Evergrande.Although Wu Lei’s status and goals are far more than Yang Xu and Gao Lin, but in the national football, he needs to assume more of the role of offensive organizer.看点四:科威特最强阵出战 国足热身含金量足  从科威特的来华阵容来看,主教练维埃拉几乎选拔了国内最好的球员、组成了最强阵容参赛,球队只缺后防中坚Nada.The actual significance of the two warm-up matches in front of the national football team has clearly exceeded the warm-up match itself-the national football team is to prepare for the Asian Cup group match against Saudi Arabia through Kuwait and Jordan. Kuwait and Jordan also hope to prepare for the Asian Cup against China.The same group of East Asian rivals South Korea and Japan.