Woman conquered by forty moments of man

Woman conquered by forty moments of man


Decisively and guiltfully extinguished the cigarette butts.

Just because of your appearance, he is smoking, and immediately welcomes you with this action, silent, but that action is very masculine, which is more intimate and convincing than taking off a jacket and pulling a chair for you.


“I do, you feel free.”

The man who said this on the wine table was bold, but there was no lack of tenderness, and he was very empathetic, as if he could go to the soup for you, but the back was not cold at all.


“Don’t answer the phone at the tuyere.”

He said such a word when he called his distant girlfriend on his mobile phone on the street, the wind was blowing his face, his squinting eyes, it was charming!


Suddenly pull you into your arms.

There is no doubt that the domineering of men is manifested in a warm way, and you can’t refuse it.


Pull the tie in front of the mirror.

At this time men are very serious and have a moment of childishness, which will stimulate women’s gentle desire.


When not talking.

The man who looks silently but intently at you is bound to be rich in heart. The girl is most fond of the man at the moment, because there seems to be a fatal magnetic field on him, which makes you feel cool.


Smiling with half a drink.

In order to respond to you, even if he has coffee or wine in his mouth, he will not rush to swallow it. He will first give you a positive and friendly smile. This way of thinking that the gentleman’s behavior of women will certainly make you feel warm and affectionate.


Whistled down the stairs.

It was a melody that was beautiful but a part of his memory. Women like to study the lips and teeth of men, and at that moment, he will satisfy you.


Shocked sickle innocently.

Women like to see the body language of men at this time, every detail makes you pity and love.


chewing gum.

Some men who chew gum are cynical, especially the NBA star, who always chews gum in a hurry, a sense of indifference, with a bit of men’s “痞”.


Man lying on the beach in the sun.

Ancient skin, blurred eyes, do you have the urge to bury him alive?


Suddenly drive the car to you, roll down the window and smile at you.

This is the beginning of many romantic stories.


Jumping and waiting in the cold wind, with both hands in his pockets, the collar stood high.
At this moment, do you wish you were the one he was waiting for.


Bend over and caress a dog wagging its tail.
A caring man looks particularly comfortable.


When a hand turns a rose from behind, you will definitely think he is the best magician.

Maybe he can’t change the wind, but he can change your mood.


He runs playfully.

Because he holds your leftover cake in his hand, he always likes to share your leftovers.


When he was doing push-ups, his bladder was sexy sweat.

Very manly.

  18 years old

Right to basketball towards you.


The pause before the inaugural address glanced at the audience.

Atmospheric men are very preventive.


Looking at you badly, bright and warm.

This compliment is a deep laser touch.

  twenty one

Smiling brightly, the key is to show two rows of white and fresh teeth.

Women’s lips and men’s teeth are sexy weapons.

  twenty two

Forehead line, this is a wrinkle when thinking or questioning. For men over 35 years old, if there is no frontal line, then the grandmother does not have white hair.

If there is a word “chuan” in Meiyu, it will be more content.

  twenty three.

Running or striding meteor.

Because Halma is also confident.

  twenty four

When man shaves.

White foam, very room for reverie, bright chin, if there is still a beauty ditch, it is a kind of sexy that will make a woman scream.

  25 years old

Man changing a light bulb or nail.

Men with strong hands-on ability have a sense of making sure.


When teaching children to read and play the piano (except for formal teachers).

So many noble ladies accompany the child’s piano teacher for stigma, and that’s why.

Take off the gloves and shake hands with you, warm, but the palms are not wet.


Happily promise you when you go to pick stars or go to fire.


Throwing off your jacket is almost at your fingertips.

  30 years old

When men make quick decisions.

Women are most afraid of men dragging water, except for bed activities, of course.


When men wear hard hats.

A weird handsome.


Kissing man.
At that moment there was a kind of greedy charm, as if to cover the sky with one hand and devour the world alone.


Man shooting with a single gun.

If he is bald, the effect will be better.


Laugh at yourself and make you laugh.

  35 years old

Wearing a pair of jeans without a belt, of course, the abdominal muscles must be developed.


When you clenched your teeth, it was a tenacious and fortitude face. “Strength” was the man’s “third” character.


When seduce you well.

Men who do not seduce are incomplete.


A man trembling with excitement to hypoxia.

At this time, you will certainly have a lofty ideal: extinguish him!


He bet, he lost again. At this moment, he is very cute. He is the result of your victory.


Say, when he doesn’t love you, this charm has unlimited potential, so be careful.

  After editing: In short, the charm is instant, because it needs to be captured; the charm is also eternal, if you have love .

Three skin whitening formulas _1

Three skin whitening “formulas”

It is undeniable that factors such as heredity, attitude to life, toxins in the body, freedom and even age are all factors that affect the skin. Whitening is a comprehensive and long-term homework, so it is also a good way to try and listen to the whitening of others
  Whitening should be targeted, not guerrilla warfare, and a protracted war.
Some experts point out that intensive whitening care once a week is a prerequisite for fair skin.
In fact, different types of skin have their own unique whitening points.
  [Normal skin]Maybe you are born with natural beauty, or you do not work outdoors often and are less exposed to the sun, but this does not mean that you will never have spots or darken!
If you don’t care, spots will find you just like dull.
Therefore, the whitening work you should do is to suppress the melanin that has not yet formed. Use more moisturizing and repairing whitening products. In addition, the whitening around the eyes cannot be ignored.
  Recommended by the editor: Magnolia oil deep moisturizing and whitening nutritional leech Reference price: 69.
0 Product Specifications: 150ml Xiaobian Comments: Olay deep moisturizing whitening nutritional water unique emulsion water formula, combined with emulsion whitening essence (including mulberry extract, vitamin B3 and vitamin E) and plant moisturizing and nourishing ingredients (including barley, aloe and greenMelon extract) helps the skin to have a clean and white glow; combined with plant moisturizing ingredients, it exerts deep moisturizing effects to nourish and moisturize the skin.
  [Dull skin]If you do n’t wear makeup, you are always judged to be the same as you after you put on makeup, so if you do n’t wear makeup, you will be said to be insane.It is a good way to strengthen exfoliation, but it must be gentle!
In addition, a whitening UVA / UVB protective cream can improve the skin tone while avoiding sunburn, so try it.
  Editor’s Choice: Clarins Clear Whitening Cleansing Scrub Reference Price: ¥ 360.
0 Specifications: 50ml Senior Editor’s Comment: Clarins Clear Whitening Cleansing Scrub is suitable for women looking for beautiful, clear skin.
Features opaque white emulsion texture, rich in pink frosted micro beads, easy to clean.
Dermatologist tested and free of oil.
Moreover, passing the Asian skin test in Japan can be said with confidence.
  [Spotted skin]The spotted spots, depth, and depth can only be treated with concealer for emergencies.
For those who are more sensitive to sensitive skin, as long as the sun is exposed, it is easy to grow small acne or small acne, so you need to strengthen local whitening!
Therefore, it is best to use a full set of anti-allergy whitening products, so that stubborn spots and you say byebye!
  Editor’s recommendation: Vichy Whitening and Brightening Sunscreen Lotion SPF20 Specifications: 50ml Editor’s Comment: Vichy Whitening and Brightening Sunscreen Lotion SPF20 can fade and prevent the formation of dark spots and improve dull skin tone.
The texture is fresh, comfortable, easy to absorb, non-comedogenic formula.
Tested by Asian skin experts, it can provide a moisturizing effect for 8 hours. After use, the skin is comfortable and elastic, and the complexion will be fair, transparent and even.

TCM teaches you to know Du Zhong

TCM teaches you to know Du Zhong

Guide: Medical research proves that Eucommia is the highest quality natural antihypertensive drug in the world.
Eucommia ulmoides contains various medicinal ingredients, which can speed up blood flow and improve the body’s microcirculation function, which not only makes it have a good antihypertensive effect, effectively improves the symptoms of dizziness and insomnia caused by hypertension, but also helps normalPeople prevent the rise of blood pressure.
In terms of lowering blood sugar, experts have pointed out that 5 kinds of α-glucosidase inhibitors can be obtained from eucommia ‘s separable components. They can hinder or delay the production of glucose and the absorption of the intestinal tract, thereby maintaining proper blood glucose levels in the body.Has a good hypoglycemic effect.
Therefore, Eucommia ulmoides can be used as an ideal dietetic product for people with diabetes and obesity.
In addition, eating Eucommia ulmoides can reduce the body’s absorption of bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein cholesterol) and raise good cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein).
For people with high blood pressure and normal blood sugar and blood lipids, in cold winter, 10 grams of Eucommia ulmoides, 10 grams of wolfberry, 10 chestnuts, and 100 grams of rice can be used to make porridge for dinner.It is also effective in lowering blood pressure and warming the stomach, and has certain effects of nourishing qi and strengthening the spleen.
If you have high blood pressure combined with high blood lipids or high blood sugar, 10 grams of Eucommia ulmoides, 5 grams of hawthorn, decoction of offspring tea.
Long-term drinking can get good blood pressure, fat, sugar, and bowel and laxative effects.
In addition, Eucommia leaves also have the same effect of lowering the “three heights”. Use 15 grams of Eucommia leaves, 10 grams of white chrysanthemum, soak in boiling water, substitute tea, or 15 grams of Eucommia leaves and 10 grams of prunella., Take the medicinal solution instead of tea, can receive a good antihypertensive effect.
Decoction of Eucommia ulmoides and Ginkgo biloba leaves is a great drink for activating blood and reducing fat.

Weekly whitening maintenance plan


Weekly whitening maintenance plan

Girlfriends help you arrange a blind date?

Inviting you to meet her Prince Charming in a week with her?

Are you sure you are ready for a blind date?

There’s none

Do n’t worry, it ‘s too late to start now. Today I ‘ll bring you a week-long maintenance plan, so that you can easily maintain it step by step within a week, and you will achieve translucent beauty and a beautiful date.

  DAY1: Remove fragile dirt, sebum and old waste cells!

  Method: The surface of the skin is rough to the touch, not slippery, usually because of the accumulation of dirt, sebum and old dead skin cells in the pores.

Therefore, in addition to the daily plot, regular deep skin maintenance can help the skin to be smooth and soft.

This is also the first step into the ranks of beauty.

  DAY2: Actively condition, calm and soothe, and keep skin healthy!

  Method: After the stratum corneum is metabolized, then the skin needs to be soothed and conditioned in order to activate the skin cell regeneration mechanism and cause skin aging and the risk of damage and restore the skin to its original muscle age.

Achieve soft skin condition.

  DAY3: Moisturizing products that make the skin supple are absolutely necessary in summer!

  Method: What is needed for dry summer skin is sufficient water retention capacity. If it is just hydrating, the water will be evaporated immediately.

Therefore, if you want to have more complete moisturizing, you also need to strengthen the water-holding power of the skin cells, so that you can delicately repair the damaged cells and increase the skin’s water storage capacity.

  DAY4: Relaxed, puffy facial skin can be improved with a simple massage!

  Method: Do you feel that the face is a bit puffy? It does not hinder intensive facial massage with massage cream or night cream. With simple finger massage, it can eliminate toxins in the body, eliminate puffiness, and promote metabolism.The face became small and firm.

  DAY5: If you want to have whitening skin, you can start by diminishing the spots and dullness!

  Method: Whitening products are more and more focused on the effect, and the highly concentrated ingredients are incorporated into the whitening products to make the skin more transparent and fairer every day during the application process.

In addition, daily routines need to be adjusted together to make whitening more enjoyable.

  DAY6: Delaying aging and smoothing the skin’s lines will make you look younger and younger!

  Method: It is found that the generation of fine lines is the beginning of aging. Relatively anti-aging of the skin must be repaired both internally and externally. Strengthening moisturizing and sun protection can prevent external environment from harming the skin.

While the skin texture is not obvious, quickly apply moisturizing cream to the skin, which can activate the fibroblasts of the dermis and change the internal aging phenomenon.

  DAY7: Everything is ready, put on a beautiful makeup to see Prince Charming!

Efficacy and consumption method of longan meat

Efficacy and consumption method of longan meat

1. Longan meat’s effect and effect Longan meat is an excellent tonic, it can nourish qi and blood, and can also calm the nerves, can relieve fatigue, supplement nutrition, produce insomnia and forgetfulness for women and high human incidenceAnemia has a very good therapeutic effect.

In addition, longan meat can also delay aging, improve heart function, and lower blood pressure and blood lipids.

  2. Longan meat can be used to treat anemia. Longan meat can treat anemia in humans. When treating anemia, longan meat and lotus seeds can be eaten together with Chinese herbal medicines such as Zhishi. The specific consumption method is to add 15 grams of longan meat to 20 grams of lotus seeds.Twenty grams of ravioli, then add water to fry together, and eat it directly after cooking, twice a day.

  3. Longan meat can cure pregnancy edema. Longan meat also has a good therapeutic effect on women’s pregnancy edema. During treatment, 30 grams of longan meat can be added, five slices of ginger, fifteen dates, and decoction with water.Then take it once a day, morning and evening.

  4. Longan meat is an effective method for treating anemia. Longan meat also has a good therapeutic effect on human anemia. Longan meat can be eaten alone during treatment, or it can be cooked with porridge and other ingredients such as jujube and longan meat.Five grams and thirty grams of mulberry seeds, fry them together with water, add honey to serve.

What should I do when I eat?

What should I do when I eat?

What should I do when I eat?
Some people think it is very simple.

In fact, plugging teeth does not mean that your teeth are out of order. Over time, it will cause some damage to the gums and even cause periodontitis.

  There are many reasons for tooth plugging. Some are caused by dental caries in the gaps between the teeth; some are restored to the original shape of the teeth after filling, leaving gaps between adjacent teeth;

In addition, excessive tooth surface wear can cause plugging.

  Old plug teeth have many potential hazards to teeth.

First, it is one of the common causes of localized periodontal tissue destruction and inflammation.

At the tip, food stuffed in the teeth will irritate the gum nipples and cause damage; reorganization, the surface of the food is prone to bacterial accumulation, and multiplies locally, forming plaque, aggravating inflammation of the gum tissue, manifested as gum swelling, bleeding andPain, leading to “gingival papillitis”.

Generally speaking, the gums always suffer from chronic irritation of food stuffed in the interdental space, which will develop into periodontitis, manifested by gingival recession, abscesses, often bad breath, and eventually cause tooth looseness and even replacement.

In addition, old plugged teeth will aggravate local dental caries, make food easier to impact, and form a vicious circle.

  Once you plug your teeth, do not force them out with a toothpick, otherwise gum damage will be aggravated, it is best to use dental floss.

People with old teeth should ask the doctor to check the cause as soon as possible and perform related treatment.

Discrimination against IT by women

Discrimination against IT by women

Girls pay little attention to the IT industry. Even in western countries, various measures have been taken, and the number of female IT employees continues to decline.

At present, from a global perspective, girls are usually boys in school exams, and young women can choose professions such as law, medicine, and accounting, but stay away from IT.

  Does this matter?

If women want to be doctors or teachers and men want to work in the IT industry, why not go with them instead of worrying about “multiple” issues?

  Carrie, Intellect’s project manager?

Carrie Hartnell said the issue was significant: “This is no longer a gender divide, it’s about how Western economies remain competitive.”

She pointed out that, in terms of economic scale, the IT industry, as one of the most important industries, has no reason to reduce its available talent pool.

  So why do women in Western countries lose interest in the IT industry?

At what stage did they come up with this idea?

  However, a report commissioned by e-skills UK stated that when girls reach 14 years of age, the “geek” image of information technology is beginning to bore them.

Strength also shows that boys often take their own devices in IT classes, which can also scare girls.

E-skills UK is an employer-led, UK-authorized group that improves the skills of the IT industry.

  In addition, women also misunderstand IT careers.

Wendy Hall, director of the Department of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton (School of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton) and former president of the British Computer Society (British Computer Society), said that the British Computer Association was 14 years oldA survey of girls’ attitudes to the IT industry by the age of 16 found some surprising.

  Women in the workplace still face a large number of “glass ceilings” today, but there seems to be reason to expect that the daring tech industry will set an example in many ways.

  Women in the workplace still face a large number of “glass ceilings” today, but there seems to be reason to expect that the daring tech industry will set an example in many ways.

  However, people are not seeing a new generation of women making a name for themselves in the IT industry.

In this case, the opposite is true.

  The proportion of female employees in the IT industry has been declining.

A report by the British IT industry association Intellect states that currently, the proportion of female employees in the IT industry in the UK is 16%, which is much lower than the 27% in 1997.

  Only 8% of CIOs are women, 16% of female employees, often concentrated in job positions in the IT industry: about 61% of women are engaged in low-wage, low-skill jobs.

The highest positions, the fewer female employees: A recent survey conducted by recruitment company Harvey Nash found that only 8% of CIOs are women.

  This is a typical phenomenon in the West.

In these countries, the percentage of female employees in the IT industry has been declining.

This is also the case in the United States, where the proportion of female IT employees in the country is currently about 27%; in European countries such as Norway and Germany, the number is less than 20%.

  In emerging economies, working in the IT industry is considered a possibility, so things are different there: in Malaysia, for example, 50% of computer science students are women.

  India’s vibrant IT industry is playing an increasingly important role on the world stage, and the country’s overwhelming computer programmers are women.

  The problem facing western countries is that few women enter the industry, and those who enter the industry cannot stay.

  In 2008, the UK Department of Trade and Industry (Ministry of Trade and Industry) commissioned a report entitled Women in IT: Business Reasons for Diversity (Women in IT: Business Cases for Diversity).

The report said: “Women often leave the industry after childbirth, but often leave in the middle and later stages of their careers (usually between the ages of 40 and 50).

At this age, they are already experienced and skilled employees-which means that finding someone to replace them is difficult and costly.

What is your child’s partial eclipse?

What is your child’s partial eclipse?

Children are sensitive to taste and show different likes and dislikes to different foods. This should be a manifestation of human personality, so this performance cannot be attributed to partial eclipse in general.

The real partial or picky food is that the child selectively supplements the food, only likes to eat some food, only accepts certain flavors, and obviously rejects other foods or flavors.

  Children like to accept foods and flavors that they are familiar with.

If he was given a single food from his parents, by 4?
Failure to add muddy food in 6 months, and not paying attention to the variety and reasonable combination of muddy food, may cause children to recognize or eat only the food they have eaten.

The reason for this picky eater or partial eclipse is the parents’ inappropriate behavior.

  When a child accepts an excess of food from the beginning, he may refuse to eat it again. This is often because the parent “does bad things with good intentions.”

This kind of food is often milk, eggs, fish, and other protein-containing foods that parents think are nutritious “high-end” foods.

As everyone knows, when these stuffed foods cannot be digested and cannot be absorbed, the child will be “eaten”, followed by the aversion and rejection of the food.

No matter how good things are, there is a principle of moderation. We must not force children to eat.

  When a child rejects certain foods, parents also need to observe whether the child has experienced allergies after eating this food.

If a child has a stomachache as soon as he eats this food, he will instinctively reject the food.

This situation cannot be attributed to a partial eclipse.

  From a nutritional point of view, we hope that children can get balanced nutrition from food. Longing for partial eclipses and picky eaters will lead to malnutrition. This child’s bad eating habits must be corrected.

Parents should use their own examples to show their children; make things that children do not like to eat colorful, fragrant, delicious, and well-formed, and find ways to arouse the child’s appetite; explain the reason to the child and let him participate in the production;Outdoor exercise increases the sense of mortality; usually tells stories of small animals to help children use associations to solve likes and dislikes about food.

In short, children should not be forced to accept a certain food, only behavior correction.

Kung Fu is worthy of care. After repeated attempts, the child will one day like the food he once refused.

Two conditions that must be met for fattening

Two conditions that must be met for fattening

In the online consultation, it was found that too many people saw the “fat increase” as simple. They believed that as long as the weight gradually increased, they would achieve the purpose of fattening. In fact, this practice is not correct.

To maintain a healthy weight gain, the human body must meet two conditions.

First, an extra 500 kcal of heat must be added each day.

When the body’s absorbed toxins are greater than the transients consumed, there is excess conversion to muscle and tissue growth.

First, the introduction of transitions must be scientific.

50% of the body’s absorption?
About 60% should be supplemented from the top, about 20% from protein, and others from adults, in order to increase the “heavy”, rather than increase the “fertilizer”, while improving physical fitness.

  If you want to gain weight, you must first be afraid of doing sports. Many thin people worry that exercise will lose weight. Therefore, be cautious in sports, lest you lose your hard-earned weight.

However, experts believe that for those who are sitting in the office for a long time, they should take some time to exercise every day, which is beneficial to improvement, but also makes the muscles strong and physically fit.

The muscles of the human body are “used in and out.” If you do not get exercise for a long time, you will shrink relatively, become weak and weak, and people will be thin.

  In terms of exercise style, jogging is a good choice, because the number of gastrointestinal motility increases significantly when jogging, so that it can consume human energy, and the appetite is good when eating.

First of all, large-volume exercise, short-term exercise and rapid explosive exercise all achieve the effect of increasing fat, and it is also the most taboo for those who want to lose weight.

  The method of fattening that is big and big is not scientific. Many people think that to gain weight, you need to eat and drink without fear.

Therefore, they continue to take snacks and eat high amounts of high-protein, for a long time, the weight is naturally up, but the feeling is puffiness.

Therefore, it is not a method of scientifically increasing fat without having to worry about eating and drinking. It can only increase the weight.

  Experts believe that weight can be the same as bank deposits, and when the supplemental copy has no way to exceed the required transfer, the weight naturally cannot be maintained.

Of course, there are many reasons for not eating fat. Physiological factors include: gastrointestinal function, drugs, psychological factors, such as worry, nervousness, depression, etc., as well as poor diet and lifestyle.

Therefore, fattening needs to be based on the reasons for not being fat.

Rough Dark Skin Five Elements Skin Rejuvenation

Rough Dark Skin Five Elements Skin Rejuvenation

In nature, the five elements are: “gold, wood, water, fire, earth”, and in the human body, there are five elements, which correspond to: “lung, liver, kidney, heart, spleen” and five internal organs.

In many cases, the skin is deteriorated and the external causes are directly related to the five internal organs of the body.

When someone’s organ is in a bad state, it will trigger a series of reactions of the body and the skin will worsen.

Therefore, when you discover skin problems, you must start from the outside and find the secret of the five elements to rejuvenate your skin!

  Jin Jiao’s weak and white muscles Note that the enviable white skin of the respiratory system also has a lot of weaknesses. It is slightly easy to dry, with dry lines, fine lines, and easy to age.

Too pale skin will feel malnourished.

  Experts analyze that traditional Chinese medicine classifies typical skin texture as “gold”, with gold as the main lung and lung as the main fur.

Therefore, people with weak lungs often have insufficient skin and are relatively fragile.

  Conservation “plants” nourish the skin.

  Symptom 1 If the skin is too pale, the lack of exercise and sufficient maintenance can make the skin function worse.

  Rescue massage with plant essence oil twice a week to promote skin circulation and help nutrient penetration.

  Symptom 2 If the skin has dry lines and fine lines are left in the air-conditioned room for a long time, the protected skin will inevitably have small dry lines and fine lines.

  After saving your face, quickly apply moisturizing water and use a moisturizing mask at least 3 times a week.

Use moisturizing cream products every night.

And choose products with antioxidant effects during the day.

  Symptom 3 If the skin appears spot-caused and stressed, severe sun-stained spots increase significantly.

  Free selected plant whitening products.

Mulberry skin, ursolic acid, and citric acid are all proven to effectively target whitening.

In the season when the ultraviolet rays are not very strong, continuous use of intensive whitening products is also a good way to lighten spots.

  Experts in Chinese medicine remind us that people with pale skin should eat yam and poria and other foods that supplement the spleen and stomach.

When using them to cook soup, you can also add traditional Chinese medicine such as astragalus and angelica.

  Wood annoying oily muscles pay attention to liver oily skin is prone to oil and acne.

In Chinese medicine, oily skin belongs to the “overdivergent” type. Although it is shiny, it has large pores and darker complexion.

  Expert analysis: oily skin is “wood” in the five elements, corresponding to the liver.

Frequent temper, anxiety, depression, or excessive introversion can all hurt the liver.

  Checkup on the checkmark: The irritable and irritable person’s reaction is diffused with luster on the skin and excess nutrition; the melancholic and introverted person stagnates in the body because “qi” stagnates in the process of excessive divergence, so even though there is not much oil secretion,But it is easy to get acne.

  Care tips: “High hydration” balances skin shine.

  Symptom 1 If the skin is often oily, the pressure rises, the skin glands secrete too much, and the forehead and the sides of the nose are especially severe.

  Choose a refreshing cleansing product, with moisturizing lotion and refreshing cream, to store moisture for the skin and restore water and oil balance.

  Symptom 2 If you are experiencing acne, in addition to endocrine, nervousness will also cause acne.

  Rescue eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid spicy, adjust endocrine.

  Symptom 3 If the skin has ulcers and ulcers that cause irregular schedules and little movement, all toxins will accumulate in the body and cause a full length sore.

  Rescue increases the amount of exercise, do not let the toxins stay in the body; perform regular work and rest, fall asleep before 11 o’clock every night, and must have occurred for 1 month.

  TCM experts especially remind that people with oily skin should usually eat more citrus, strengthen astringency, and use soothing skin care products containing cholesterol and mint essential oil.

  Water dimmed and tired muscles pay attention to people whose kidneys often stay up late and overworked, which will damage kidney cells, face gray, dull, and even dark circles, but also inevitably have backache, fatigue, and poor mental health.

  Expert analysis: due to the main kidney of water, excessive loss of vitality is classified as “water” skin, eat more snow clams, toads (tonicate the lungs and kidneys), almonds, cordyceps, all can adjust the kidneys.

  Maintenance tips: “Manganese, zinc and other trace elements” can help you restore your complexion.

  Symptom 1 If the skin is rough and fatigue causes, the body has metabolic complications and abnormal keratin changes.   Rescue mineral scrub products can remove aging cutin that causes skin unevenness and tarnishing.

  Symptom 2 If the complexion is dull, when the body cannot get rest for a long time, the energy in the body is insufficient, and the complexion will not be good.

  Rescue and maintain a short sleep of 9 hours a day, go to bed early, you do not need to take medicine or change skin care products, the complexion naturally turns healthy and rosy.

  Symptom 3 If the cause of dark circles is insufficient sleep for a long time, the circulation around the eyes becomes weak, and the accumulation of pigments. To improve dark circles, it can never be achieved in the short term.

  Rescue eye concealer containing mineral reflective particles can instantly modify the dullness, the pigment metabolism and a variety of nourishing ingredients, and long-term conditioning skin around the eyes.

  Experts in Chinese medicine remind us that the key to people with bleak ethnicity is to change their living habits. Do not stay up late or overwork, especially as the age gets older, the energy in the body will become weaker.

In addition, don’t watch horror movies because you are afraid of hurting your kidneys.

  Fire embarrassing flushing muscles Note that once the heart is tense, the face flushes when excited, which is a manifestation of excessive yang and dry skin.

In western medicine, it is called emotional microvasodilation, which makes the skin easily dry and tight.

  Expert analysis: The flushing muscle belongs to the “fire” in the five elements, which corresponds to the human heart.

As the yang in the body rises (both joy and excitement are yang), blood circulation speeds up and the complexion looks red.

  Checkup question: Pure plant, low-stimulation skin care products are best for flushing muscles.

Moisturizing products can also effectively reduce flushing.

  Maintenance tips: “Cooling and tonifying the yin” to relieve the flushing muscles.

  Symptom 1 If the skin is suddenly flushed due to emotional fluctuations and poor sleep, it will cause the nerve to regulate the blood vessels and cause the skin to easily become red.

  Relieve foods that are clearing heat and reducing fire. Containing green tea, legume products can effectively relieve dry skin.

  Symptom 2: If the skin suddenly becomes hot, it may cause the skin to become hot because of sudden entry into a room with high temperature, or emotional agitation.

  When rescue room temperature is too high, use a sedative and soothing spray in time.

When you are emotional, slow down your breathing and keep your eyes closed for 5 seconds to relieve your emotions.

  Symptom 3 If you have hot and dry acne, the skin qi and blood will not run smoothly, which will cause acne outbreaks.

  Rescue suggest choosing products containing natural plant extracts to eliminate acne.

  Experts in Chinese medicine remind us that people with flush skin should eat more detoxifying and heat-reducing foods, such as sky sunflower.

Skin care products with cool botanical ingredients are best.

  The yellow loose muscles pay attention to the spleen and stomach. Chinese medicine believes that there is less exercise, and the office workers who like to eat sweets are more spleen and weak. Therefore, the eyes and face are easy to swell when they get up early, and the skin is more relaxed than their peers.

  Expert analysis: The “soil” in the five elements corresponds to the spleen and stomach. Irregular diet and insufficient rest make the spleen and stomach weak, and it is difficult to absorb and transport the water that is drunk to the internal organs and skin. This is also the reason why OL is most prone to skin dehydration.

And when the moisture in the body is transpiration to the skin, the skin will become yellow and swollen, especially the position above the nasolabial sulcus is most likely to relax.

  Maintenance tips: “Massage and exercise” enhance yang and restore vitality in the body.

  Symptom 1 If the skin is dry and dull, dead skin may accumulate, resulting in loss of skin moisture.

  To save the skin’s keratin metabolism, you can massage your face for 3 minutes every day.

Covering your face with a hot towel can also effectively relieve fatigue.

  Symptom 2 If there is a cause of tiredness under the eyes and depression, body fluids will accumulate under the eyes.

  Relieving products containing chamomile, witch hazel and caffeine can all improve eye puffiness.

But eyes with bags under the eyes should not be massaged too much.

  Symptom 3 If there is a cause of double chin, there will be double chin in addition to weight gain.

Lymphatic circulation is poor, and stress can cause double chin formation.

  Rescue dipped in massage oil between your fingers, massage deep and slowly from both sides of the nose to the ear, and then insert the forehead into the hairline through the earlobe to the collarbone. Repeat 6 times.

  TCM experts especially remind people who have yellowed skin to eat more ginger and spicy food.

Need to immediately improve the “soil” skin texture, may take a hot bath, a few drops of spleen refreshing lavender essential oil in the bathtub, can effectively soothe and moisturize the skin.