Yandi and ginger

Yandi and ginger

In ancient times, people ate the meat of the beast, and the wild fruit spent a lot of time dying because of illness.

At that time, people did not know about medicine. Once they were sick, they had to resign themselves.

Yan Di saw the pain of people’s diseases, and his heart was very anxious.

  One day, Yan Di came back from the mountain, tired and sweaty, with a sore back and leg pain.

The one who greeted him at the door was the transparent glass lion dog that he replaced.

Yan Emperor suddenly remembered: This dog shook his head and swayed over the mountains, but he never got sick. Is it eating something different from people?

Is it eating the roots, stems and leaves of the mountains?

  In order to find out the mystery, he ignored the personal safety, wading with the glazed poodle, and carefully observed the reaction of the dog after eating various foods.

One day, Yan Di took the dog from the Chaling Tiejia Mountain to the Bailuyuan on the side of the river, while admiring the scenery of nature and taking medicine to recognize the grass.

Suddenly a heavy rain drenched him, and he felt dizzy, chest tight and vomiting, which made him unstable.

At this time, the glazed poodle was licking the roots. Yandi also smashed a piece. After washing, he sat on the ground and chewed slowly. He only felt full of spicy and tasteless.

After a while, my heart was refreshed and my spirits rose.

Therefore, Yandi named the plant “Ginger” with his surname “Jiang”, which meant that he obtained his second life.

This article from the old Chinese medicine health network expert group reproduced please indicate the source: old Chinese medicine health net health channel

Why the packaging carton is mostly light brown-

Why are the packaging cartons mostly light brown?

Color has an incredible magic power, and it will have a huge impact on human feeling.

For example, color can make people’s sense of time overlap, which is one of its many magical powers.

When people look at red, they feel that time is longer than the actual time, and when they look at blue, they feel that time is shorter than the actual time.

Ask two people to do an experiment, and let one of them enter the red room with pink wallpaper and dark red carpet, and let the other enter the blue room with blue wallpaper and blue carpet.

Don’t give them any timers, let them feel like they are out of the room after an hour.

As a result, the people in the red room are at 40?
It came out after 50 minutes, and the person in the blue room was at 70?
It didn’t come out after 80 minutes.

Some people say that this is because someone in the red room feels uncomfortable, so it feels like a long time.

There is a reason for this, but not necessarily.

The main reason is that people’s sense of time will be disturbed by the surrounding colors.

  Why are the packaging cartons mostly light brown?

  The reason why the packaging carton is mostly light brown is that it is made of recycled paper to maintain the original color of the pulp.

The packaging carton can be said to be an outstanding leader in waste recycling. More than 80% of the packaging carton will be recycled.

  However, there are more than one reason for the use of light brown packaging cartons.

This is also closely related to psychological weight.

Recently, in addition to light brown, white packaging cartons have also increased.

Some large logistics companies have unified their packaging cartons to white.

Light brown can make people feel that the weight of the packaging carton is relatively light, and under the name, white is even lighter.

Packing goods in color-packed cartons can reduce the psychological burden on transporters.

Also, white looks cleaner.

  The packaging carton can be recycled and reused, thereby reducing environmental damage and the burden on the environment.

That being said, light-colored packaging cartons can also reduce our psychological burden.

Only use pure natural OL favorite maintenance holy product_1

Use only natural OL favorite care products

Advocating health, we must eat naturally and maintain it naturally.

When you are avoiding the chemical ingredients of health products, one natural skin care brand knows that you are safe, and harmless is their promise.

Netizens’ hot 9 natural skin care products are notorious on the forum. How about it, haven’t you tried it?

First look at the comments of OLs!


hzh {display: none; }  怎样挑选天然护肤品?  1.

The first five major ingredients of natural skin care products must be natural plants.


There is no strong chemical synthetic fragrance, and the taste is light and even colorless.


The molecular weight of the plant component is small, and the molecular weight of the product should be very fine and smooth.


Because the molecules are small, the absorption at both ends should be very fast.


The packaging is exquisite and the bottle mouth has intact sealing tools.


FANCL Pore Cleansing Set ¥ 388 FANCL’s “Pore Cleansing Set” limited edition is a set of concentrated care for pores in the summer. The natural safety ingredients brought by green tea will comprehensively solve the “blackhead pores”,The three major pore problems, “pores” and “relaxed pores”, make the pores fine and inconspicuous. It is a must-have pore product this summer. It can remove the pores blocked by oily keratin and dirt, so as to keep the skin fresh.

  The netizen at the age of zero and 31 was used two years ago, but it was from Japan. It was so kind when I saw it in the New World a few weeks ago.

I personally think that the blackhead mask and T zone oil control essence in this set are very good. The blackhead mask is more affordable than buying the bag alone. The butterfly mask, just a few of them have no immediate effect, and I am not impressed.

Overall, I really like this set.


Body Shop Hydrating Whitening Eye Essence ¥ 460 is refreshing and refreshing. It contains natural vitamin C and licorice extract. It has deep moisturizing, moisturizing and soothing effects. After use, the eye skin is soft, bright and shiny.

  Netizen xiuxiuyoyo dry skin / 28-year-old to follow the trend of shopping, good moistness, relatively thin, friends brought back from Singapore, buy one get one, super cost-effective, so the price is OK.


Pin Mu Declaration Mushroom Essence Cream ¥ 600 This highly effective cream formula is unique in that it contains a mixture of dried elm pleurotus, Cordyceps, Ganoderma, ginger, tulip root, holy basil and more.

Lightweight and easily penetrates the top layer of the skin.

Use it twice a day and you will see the skin renewed and shiny.

Skin feels calmer, healthier and soothing.

  Netizen violetgigi combination skin / 25-year-old great face cream, I have used a lot of products of Pinmu family, this series is best to use, if the series is sensitive and then mixed, it is strongly recommended to use this, it is the best I have used for many yearsCream, and the essence of their home does not use this cream.


Herborist Ice-Cream Serum Repair ¥ 120 contains extracts of Centella asiatica, chamomile, chrysanthemum and other Chinese herbal medicines, which can quickly reduce the surface temperature of the skin, calm the skin, and replenish moisture to prevent skin discomfort caused by sunlight drying.

Chinese herbal extracts can nourish and repair the skin, replenish cell nutrients, and effectively combat sun damage to the skin.

  Netizen zhangying1979 mixed skin was not sunburned thanks to it when going to Hainan for vacation this year.

Friends who are traveling are molting!

LG and I were fine without sunburn.

LG also boasted that I did a good job!

Recommended when going to the tropics or the sea.
But everyone needs to be prepared for thoughts. It has a little tingling, but the sedation is super good.

No wonder Dongdong of Herborist heard that it is selling well in Europe!

Like it!


Jiameile Mint Refreshing Body Moisturizer ¥ 108.

hzh {display: none; }  富含水分和多种植物精华,并独有薄荷均衡清爽配方,夜夜细细呵护,可令你的肌肤清爽滋润不油腻,天天好心情。   Netizen rita I’m super porridge, haha!

Of course, there are many and many brands of body lotions, and there are also very good ones, but this one wins at a fair price.

Large capacity coupled with this attractive price, of course, there will be a lot of MM’s favorite slightly.

The effect is also very good. It absorbs quickly without oil or greasy.

Persevere, the body’s skin will improve, be a beautiful woman.


L’Occitane Olive Hand Lotion This product contains L OCCITANE’s unique high-quality AOC olive oil, as well as olive water, which is an oxidizing and antioxidant substance. This antioxidant substance can restore the health of your skin without injury.

In addition, it also contains moisturizing shea butter, honey and olive leaf extracts for an extremely relaxing feeling.

  After the netizen Meow Meow was applied, the effect at that time was nothing to say, the hands were even tender and still had a slight fragrance.

It’s just that the moisturizing time is not too long, so if it is JM with extremely dry skin on the hands, you may need to re-paint it after washing your hands, but in general it is enough.


SKINFOOD Lip Control Lip Balm ¥ 156 is a lip balm made from fennel and grapefruit extract. Apply an appropriate amount to your lips. The natural fennel oil contained in it can control appetite control.

  Netizen fyface mixed skin / 24 years old food control effect is not very obvious, but the part is not bad.

It’s a little sticky. I use orange. The light color looks natural and the gloss is moderate. It won’t be exaggerated.


Fei Shi Xiao Pu Speed Cleansing Acne Toner ¥ 168 contains fresh green tea ingredients and contains no other additives.

Quickly clean the skin, control the oil to replenish excess water, and clean the deep dirt inside the hair space, and quickly improve the pore expansion. It is most suitable for oily skin.

  Netizen cat love peach mixed skin / 21-year-old MM prone to acne use this, really good.

It will dry after using, but I don’t care, mainly because it feels like treating acne when I wash it.

I like this because I have experience in using the product to feel acne.

Even someone as slow as me will feel good.

And without frothing, it is convenient and clean.

It ‘s inconsistent. I do n’t think it should be used around the eyes, because it feels irritating, and it ‘s too fast, maybe because I use it a lot, I use this bottle for two months.

This is the only product I think is going to be used all the time.


Kiehl s seaweed mask ¥ 420 This mask is suitable for dry, normal and normal to dry skin.

Contains plant extracts, which can effectively nourish and soothe dry skin. In addition, vitamin E and green tea extracts have antioxidant effects!

  The netizen baby pig is using it, the taste is very strange, but the effect is good, especially when it is washed out a lot, it will continue to buy.

Multi-vitamin B2 makes it easy to become a muscular man

Multi-vitamin B2 makes it easy to become a muscular man

Building strong muscles is the dream of every man.

Everyone knows that long muscles of the body depend on protein, but if you supplement your protein lightly, without vitamin B2, supplementing more protein is useless.

  This is because among the many vitamins, vitamin B2 is the easiest to lack. It participates in the anabolic metabolism of body proteins, maintains the integrity of the skin and mucous membranes, and plays an important role in muscle development.

Fitness expert Zhang Jianmin pointed out that vitamin B2 mainly exists in the internal organs of animals, such as liver, kidney, heart, etc. Milk, eggs and red meat also contain vitamin B2.

However, because the animal’s internal organs contain a relatively high amount of feces, do not overeat.

Choose milk and eggs thoroughly. Ordinary trainers eat 4?
5 eggs, don’t exceed 500 ml of milk.

  Green leafy vegetables, beans, wild vegetables and nut foods (such as walnuts, chestnuts, pine nuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, etc.) also contain vitamin B2, these foods are also a good choice for those who do not like to eat offal.

Rainproof season

Rainproof season

Rainwater is the second solar term in the year after 15 days in the spring.

There are 15 days from rain to horror, divided into three.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic?


The Linglan Secret Code Theory says: “When the five days are called, the three waiting times are the gas, and when the six gas is called, the four-year-old is the age of four.

“Five days to call, three times to call the gas, six gas total 90 days for a season, spring, summer, autumn, winter, the four seasons total 360 days for one year.

At the beginning of the rain, the river was frozen and the fish began to surface; the second geese began to migrate from south to north; the three waiting plants began to sprout.

However, due to the “cold spring” this year, the moisture in the air increases after the rain, resulting in a continuous low temperature and wetness in the cold.

This humid cold climate has a certain impact on the human body’s internal organs and joints.

Health care should pay attention to the following matters: Do not lose your coat too early.

“Dry and cold meat, wet and cold into the bones.

“Because of the spring surge, people with hot body feel the desire to reduce their outerwear.”

Body heat leaks, wet and cold exchange in the bone, easy to hurt the bone joint disease.

Old and infirm people should not use cold water.

According to the Five Elements of China, water corresponds to kidney and kidney.

In the rainy season, the elderly and the weak are washing their faces with cold water, washing their hands, and the cold is easy to invade the joints, and there is no extra yang to drive the cold. The wet and cold stays in the hands, the fingers are easy to be sore, and the weight is deformed; the wet cold stays in the head, the headEasy to get pain.

Wash your hair in time.

After washing the hair, it should be dried by hot air blower in time.

Otherwise, the water will remain cool in the hairline, and the “same gas phase” will make the wet cold gather in the head, and it will penetrate into the skull from the surface and the inside, causing headache.

If the hair is not dry and is blown by the cold wind, it is prone to “head wind”.

Eating food is suitable for flatness.

This year’s “cold spring” is easy to make people’s internal organs stagnation, so it is not easy to eat hot and cold foods.

Depressed “cool”, too much cold, and will “same with steam” to make wet and cold and dirty, causing imbalance symptoms such as stomach cold, stomach cold, diarrhea.

Therefore, the diet remains moderate, eat hot meals, but do not eat cautiously eat peppers, do not drink less alcohol, such as warm wine, hot food is appropriate.

  (The author is the president of the Beijing Health Culture Society)

Office workers dry eyes and astringent drink pumpkin soup

Office workers dry eyes and astringent drink pumpkin soup

Many office workers turn around the computer every day, work in front of the computer, eat in front of the computer, the computer has become their best friends.

Over time, dry eyes and astringent eyes cause eye fatigue and even vision loss.

How should office workers protect their eyes?

Here I will recommend pumpkin soup to you: Creamy pumpkin soup Ingredients: 500 grams of pumpkin, 200 grams of pure milk, 60 grams of whipping cream Method: 1. Peel and peel the pumpkin, wash and slice it, and place it in a steamer to separate the waterSteam for about a quarter of an hour; 2, add the steamed pumpkin to the milk cooking machine and mash it, then put the pumpkin puree in the pot, add 60 grams of whipped cream, stir well, and then heat it to serve.

  First, proper eating of pumpkin can help protect the eyes. Pumpkin is a common fruit and vegetable in life. It has orange-red color and sweet taste. It can be fried, stewed, or cooked directly.

According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica” note, pumpkins are warm and sweet, and can be used to replenish qi, relieve inflammation and relieve pain, relieve phlegm and pus, and detoxify insects., Malnutrition, lung dysentery, water and fire burns, etc.

However, eating more can promote blood wetness, especially the skin and skin ulcers are susceptible to wind and itching. People with jaundice and beriberi should not eat a lot.

  From a nutritional point of view, pumpkin is rich in vitamin C and β-carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A for physiological functions.

Vitamin A, also known as retinol, has the functions of protecting eyesight, maintaining dark vision and preventing dry eye. For white-collar workers who have been staring at the computer for a long time without blinking, they are very susceptible to dry eye.The beta-carotene contained in pumpkin can effectively prevent dry eye.

In addition, eating more pumpkins can also moisturize the skin and protect the gastric mucosa, which has multiple health effects.

  Second, it ‘s better to eat pumpkin with a little oil. Many people think that pumpkin, carrots and other ingredients that overcome β-carotene must be fried with oil. This is because vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin.It can be better absorbed and utilized by the human body, but the practice of only using oil for cooking is too rigid. In fact, it is also good to add milk and cream to pumpkin soup like this. The milk contains a certain aunt, and at the same timeThere are also certain aunts in the cream, so eating pumpkin can effectively promote the absorption and utilization of vitamin A.

  In addition, unless it is a boiled pumpkin, as long as there are some other meats on the dining table, then pumpkin dishes without any fats and other substitute fats can also promote the absorption and utilization of vitamin A.

It is not possible to eat pumpkin and carrot without fuel, but because fat-soluble vitamins are broken down into the body, it is easy to cause excessive poisoning, so it can cause perception in food intake.

Ten principles to comfort others

Ten principles to comfort others

When a friend is crying and speechless, how can he listen to and appease his anxiety and worry in accordance with his inner anxiety and doubt?

And when you are facing difficulties and endangered, how to ask for help in a timely manner?

Do we all have the ability to accept others’ help?

What should we “say” and “call” at such times?

  For many people, witnessing the pain and anxiety of others is very painful, and we often want to resolve it quickly, take some action, or try to provide immediate relief.

  Some people choose to say nothing to avoid saying the wrong thing, and miss the opportunity to express their concern.

When others need support or they ask for help themselves, they are often indifferent or out of bounds.

How to start a deep conversation “from the heart”, instead of just a superficial conversation that “brains the brain”?

How to integrate the body, mind, and spirit to make the most effective conversation in a natural posture?

  Nancy, author of Therapy Dialogue?

Geer Martin provides ten principles of “dialogue of curative effect” on how to heal the gap in interpersonal communication and express his concern in a timely and appropriate manner.

The so-called “effect dialogue” refers to a conversation that compares the heart to the heart and puts people in the place, so that the helper can get a moderate relief, and the robe naturally achieves the “treatment effect”.

These ten principles are: Listening Listening is not keeping silent, but listening carefully to what the other person said, did not say, and the true meaning.

The so-called listening should use our eyes, ears, and heart to listen to each other’s voice, and at the same time do not rush to know the cause and effect of the matter immediately.

We must be willing to set aside our “inner dialogue”.

The so-called “internal dialogue” refers to a dialogue that is not consciously carried out in the mind while listening, including thinking about what to say, how to respond to the other party’s words, or thinking about the next topic.

  Pausing between conversations, sometimes speaking, sometimes listening; we must also remind ourselves to slow down the unconscious mechanical reaction. For example, if we want to quickly resolve the other party ‘s anxiety, we jump directly to the stage of action-say or doSome things we think are good for each other.

If there is no pause, we may say something that we will regret later.

The art of comfort lies in “speaking the right words at the right time” and “speaking the wrong things without being impulsive.”

  When friends are improper heroes to help others through difficult times, it is not the same as “saving” them from their painful situation.

We should agree with their pain, let them feel the pain, and do not try to dispel the pain quickly.

We only try to provide the axis that allows them to cross the “river of fear”.

When friends, family members are in emotional or physical pain, the most basic way to support them is to allow the other person to cry.

Crying is a way for the body to try to excrete emotional toxins, and tearing is a process for healing.

So please don’t rush to give the other person a facial tissue, just let him know that you support him.

  Giving Comfort is not telling others: “You should feel .” or “You should not feel .” People have the right to keep their true feelings.

Consolation means: don’t judge them, don’t think that they are suffering and need help; consolation means: give them space to be themselves and agree with their feelings.

We do not need to express concern by “agreeing or disagreeing” with their choices or dealing with breakthroughs.

  Empathy When we’re busy trying to help others, we may forget that people will perceive a change in our hearts-thoughts and feelings that are not spoken.

Although people cannot know exactly what we think, we can usually detect whether we are panicked, judge them, or feel sorry for them.

Comforting others face to face has a lot to do with our true state of mind.

Because we feel the same for their experience, we share the pain of each other, but also endure our own suffering.

There is no doubt what the situation is, the appearance of goodwill and comfort is a gift to the other party.

  Long-term waiting for change will bring a lot of chaos, and no one can quickly rectify that chaos.

People need time to adapt, adjust, change and ask, “What if .

“The problem.

In the “Effective Dialogue”, we learned to accept the fact that our family members, colleagues or neighbors sometimes only need us to be their “resonance box” and they can use it repeatedly.
  It is unhindered to stand up bravely regardless of your situation and feel embarrassed about not knowing what to say; it is also okay to let the people we want to know how we feel.
You can even honestly say: “I don’t know how you feel or what I should say, but I really care about you.

“Even if you think this expression is ridiculous, you can still let the other person know that you are not in a hurry to talk to him now.

You may choose to express your feelings and thoughts in writing.

In addition to verbal expressions, there are many different forms of “earnings dialogue”.

  Providing practical resources does not require others to find answers to all questions, but you can try to provide available resources-other friends, experts, friends of friends, to help them find answers.

You can make a few calls for the other party to connect with them; you can also find relevant books for them to read; or simply provide a space for evasion so that they can continue to find their own answers in peace.

  Set yourself up and help out when we ask, “Is there a place I can help?

“Sometimes there are answers, sometimes they don’t know they need some kind of help.

However, sometimes people may not be able to speak for themselves.

Thinking about the assistance people might need is the first step to helping others effectively.

  Making good use of empathy Even though we have encountered similar experiences, we cannot fully understand the feelings of others, but we can make good use of empathy to care for each other.

Remember to listen patiently to other people’s stories first, and then consider whether it is necessary to share your own stories and whether the results shared are beneficial to the other party.

Toothpaste contains abrasives to damage teeth

Toothpaste contains abrasives to damage teeth

Toothpaste usually uses the friction agent contained in it to achieve the brushing effect, but dental experts remind: friction agent will destroy the smoothness of the tooth surface, causing tooth discoloration and corrosion, it is recommended to choose a toothpaste with smaller friction agent particles, do not force too much.


hzh{display:none;}  中华口腔医学会儿童牙科专业委员会委员、福建医科大学附属口腔医院儿童牙科主任姚军博士告诉记者,牙膏是刷牙时所必须的辅助材料,牙膏清洁牙齿的作用是通过其中After the granular friction material contained in the tooth surface is repeatedly rubbed, it is achieved by removing food residues attached to the tooth surface.

At present, almost all toothpastes contain friction agents.

  Yao Jun reminded that these friction agents rub on the tooth surface twice a day. Continuous friction will destroy the smoothness of the tooth surface, make some food residues and pigments more easily adhere to the tooth surface, and it will easily cause tooth discoloration andCorrosion, which is why some people feel that the more they brush their teeth, the more they get dirty.

  Yao Jun said that the cells that make teeth will disappear by themselves when the teeth are healthy and will not regenerate for life.

Therefore, the damage to the tooth surface cannot be repaired, and the damage is permanent.

Especially for children, because the deciduous teeth and newly-grown permanent teeth are not fully developed and the tooth surface is relatively soft, the damage caused by friction will be valued.

  Experts recommend that you choose toothpaste with smaller friction particles and don’t use too much force when brushing your teeth. Please check with a professional doctor regularly to provide guidance on brushing supplies and methods.

Baby eat white porridge, 3 misunderstandings to avoid

Baby eat white porridge, 3 misunderstandings to avoid

White porridge is easy to digest, and its rich nutrition, rice soup has become an important complementary food for many babies, especially now it is winter, feeding a bowl of warm white porridge to the baby, and the effect of warming the stomach.

However, when mothers are affected by taste and eating habits, they will add other ingredients to the seasoning, but some of the ingredients are not good.

Let’s take a look at some of the misunderstandings about eating white porridge.

  Myth # 1: Adding indigestible grains to white porridge. Some mothers will add other cereals to white rice porridge in order to be more nutritious.

It should be reminded that rice is best for porridge in autumn and winter.

Because rice has a sweet taste, and other rice, such as millet and barley, are sweet and slightly cold, they are not very suitable for autumn and winter.

Also like corn, the fiber is thick, and the baby who is just starting to take complementary foods is not easy to digest, but instead increases the metabolic burden.

  Misunderstanding 2: Adding heavy-flavored food to white porridge, and some mothers feel that the taste of white rice porridge is too light, and they are afraid that the baby will not like it, and will add white sugar or broth to season it.

Traditional Chinese medicine usually classifies meat, oversweet foods and fried smoked and grilled foods as thick-flavored foods. These foods should be added to the blacklist of complementary foods. Therefore, mothers should let their baby develop a light diet and should not be in porridge.Add too much flavor.

  Misunderstanding Three rice oil and milk powder mixed with porridge to cook, a layer of delicate, sticky, ointment-like substance floats on it, this is rice oil, commonly known as porridge oil.

Rice oil is very nutritious and is the best choice for babies who are new to food supplements.

  Some mothers think that nutrient-rich rice soup and milk powder intake of babies will get double nutrition, but this is not exactly right. The nutritional ingredients in rice soup and milk powder, such as a small amount of oxidase in rice soup, can destroy vitamin A in milk. It is appropriateEat separately.

  When mothers add white rice porridge to their babies, in addition to avoiding the three misunderstandings mentioned above, they also need to know the best time to eat white rice porridge and the best way to cook white porridge, so that the loss of nutrients will not be too much.Nutritional supplements are also more effective.

  The best time for your baby to eat white porridge is to drink it on an empty stomach in the morning.

After waking up in the morning, a bowl of hot porridge can both cheer up the baby’s stomach and stomach that has been resting for a night, and it will not cause an excessive burden on the spleen and stomach.

Therefore, the mother does not have to worry about how to make a rich breakfast for the baby and the whole family. A bowl of ordinary white rice porridge can take care of the needs of the whole family.

  In fact, not only early porridge, night porridge is also a good choice.

Many health experts have suggested that drinking proper porridge in spring is appropriate. Drinking porridge on an empty stomach every morning between the beginning of spring and the spring equinox can not only protect the health, but also dispel the poisonous evils accumulated in winter.

Especially now that it is just after the holiday, so a bowl of white porridge is best for conditioning your baby’s stomach.

  The best way for mom to cook white porridge is to soak the rice for a while before cooking. Adding a few drops of sesame oil while soaking will make the rice easier to cook.

  Add porridge water once.

Depending on the ratio of rice to water, different porridges can be cooked.

The most basic white porridge is the so-called whole porridge rice, with a water ratio of 1: 5, a water-rich seven-point porridge rice, a water ratio of 1: 7, and a smooth five-point porridge rice, with a water ratio of 1:10.

The best pot for congee is the casserole. When cooking, use a high fire. After the water is boiled, use a low fire to slowly boil the rice.

During the porridge cooking process, you can add two iron tablespoons to the pot to prevent the porridge from boiling and accumulating, so you don’t have to worry about the loss of nutritious porridge oil.

A comprehensive battle plan against acne


A comprehensive battle plan against acne

At present, women’s pace of life is accelerating, work pressure is high, and ultraviolet light is ruthlessly exposed, the original smooth bladder will inevitably be affected by acne.

In order to get acne, maybe you have expanded the money and time, but acne is still reluctant to your face!

  Daily Combat Plan Combat Plan 1—Successful cleaning and half of acne will be caused by pore segmentation!

In summer, the secretion of oil is strong, and the normal metabolism of pores will be hindered if the oil and dirt in the shell are mixed together.

In addition, staying up late, stress and other factors will also cause abnormal metabolism, acne naturally report over time!

  Therefore, washing the face clean can almost bring dirt on both ends, which can help clean the pores and further promote metabolism.

A series of acne problems can be solved.

  Combat Plan 2-Use Acne Gel to Suppress Inflammation For acne that has emerged, E Meimei recommends the use of acne gel that has anti-inflammatory, calming and bactericidal effects.

The thick upper layer before going to bed, the acne disappears a lot in the next morning.

If you carry it with you, apply a thin layer and apply it every 2 hours. You can also see obvious results!

  Weekly Combat Plan Combat Plan 3-Regular exfoliation is almost the same every time you get acne, it is annoying to repeat and repeat the same cycle.


This is because the deep layers of the pores are still inflamed, and regular exfoliation every week can completely penetrate the pores to strengthen the cleansing, help the skin to be thoroughly cleaned, and also promote skin metabolism.

  Combat Plan 4-Deep Cleansing Mask In addition to exfoliating work, deep cleansing work is indispensable.

Because the deep cleansing mask can penetrate into the fine pores, and use the effect of adsorbing oils such as kaolin to take away the old cuticles.

Apply a little more to the acne-prone area, and remove all the bad things from the shell!

  Monthly Battle Plan Battle Plan 5—Using Fruit Acid to Condition Skin Condition The benefit of fruit acid is that it can enter the accumulation of skin and accelerate metabolism after loosening keratinocytes. In other words, fruit acid is the nemesis of closed acne!

In addition, it has the effect of suppressing the amount of oil produced, and conditioning oily muscles into oil-water balanced neutral muscles.

  Combat Plan 6-Medical Aesthetic Skin Rejuvenation For girls whose acne is severe or has been out of control for a long time, it is recommended that the annoying acne problem be solved by an effective medical aesthetic treatment.

Although the price is a bit more expensive, the effect is fast and good!


  1. Emergency recipe: If the acne has turned white and has pus head, apply heat, then gently squeeze the acne with a tissue.

  The pus has not yet protruded from the skin surface. You can apply vitamin E ointment, then apply concealer to the acne area, apply foundation, and gently dab the excess foundation with your fingers. Finally, puff on the same powder as the skin., Blush thicker.

  2, conditions and time: buy some alcohol, and cotton ball sticks, a tip thicker than the needle, basically that’s all.

  The acne has turned white and has pus, so it can be treated. First, use a cotton ball with alcohol, wipe the acne, and then disinfect the pointed needle with alcohol. Use the needle tip to puncture the acne, and then use the needle.Roll and squeeze the acne on the acne. This will squeeze it clean. Use a cotton ball to wipe out the pus.

This makes it less susceptible to infection and scarring.

  The climate is dry, how should we deal with acne?


Dry climate, countermeasures for skin moisture loss: In this case, pay attention to the work of cleaning the skin. Use mild facial cleansing products, moisturizing products after washing your face, and at night you can use honey and pearl powder as DIY masks to moisturize and reduce inflammation.

  DIY —- Honey Pearl Powder Vitamin E Mask Ingredients: 1g of pearl powder, a small spoon of honey (a small spoon in Babao porridge is sufficient), and one vitamin E capsule.

  Method: Put 1g of pearl powder in the small box, then squeeze the vitamin E in the capsule onto the pearl powder, and then put the honey in, then stir well with a cotton swab stick for later use;More than half an hour.


Inner body Huowang Inner body Huowang is also one of the causes of acne.

Those with acne will experience symptoms such as dry throat, bad breath, and dry stool.

  Solution: This situation should be improved by eating more fruits and vegetables.

In severe cases, you can take some gunpowder.

Midnight is taboo, because midnight is easy to get angry!

  3.Changes in climate, endocrine disorders, changes in weather cause endocrine disorders, acne is often the initial manifestation of endocrine, and acne will appear before a period of time, disappear after the period, or increase in pressure, environmental changes, uneven dietUnder the conditions, etc., it is most susceptible to acne.

  Solution: This situation is to pay attention to rest, adequate sleep is a good helper for beauty.

Also keep your mood happy and regulate your endocrine.


If you do not clean the hidden “acne” machine, if you wash your face every day, it is very difficult to prevent acne.

You must know that the keratin metabolism of the skin is strong in autumn. If the aging keratin is not washed thoroughly, it will block your pores with some makeup caused by incomplete makeup removal and cause acne.

  Solution: You should choose a cleansing milk with good cleansing power and weak acidity, wash your face 2-3 times a day, and preferably exfoliate 1-2 times a week.