What is your chance of losing weight?

What is your chance of losing weight?

Time and again, you have done your best.

Your hard work and piety move everyone.

In fact, the reason why you can’t lose weight is your “heart”.

Excessive weight loss, pessimistic weight-loss mentality, and effective IQ for weight loss, etc., cause your psychological difficulty to ease, your mind is getting heavier and your body is getting heavier.

In fact, relaxation can decompress the body.

  What is your chance of losing weight? Although the desire to lose weight is very strong, do you really understand weight loss?

Before you decide to lose weight the next time, take a weight-loss psychological test to see how much you are likely to succeed.

  1. What causes you to want to lose weight?

  A, read newspapers, magazines, B, friend introductions, recommendations, C, parents, siblings urging, D, female (male) friends and husbands’ requirements, E, make up your own mind.

  2. When did you start to gain weight?

  A is not very clear, B is about 10 years ago, C is about 5 years ago, D, about 2 years ago, E, about 1 year ago.

  3. Why do you get fat?

  It is obvious that B is unable to restrain the temptation to eat, c is due to illness or medication, D, affects eating habits due to mood (work, emotional stress), E, pregnancy.

  4. Do you think a weight loss method is the most effective?

  A, weight loss tea or western medicine to lose weight, B, acupuncture, acupuncture point stimulation, C, weight loss equipment, D, eat only vegetables, fruits, E, eat less and exercise more.

  5. How much time do you think it takes to lose weight successfully?

  A 10 days, B, 15 days, C, 25 days, D 45 days, E 60 days or more.

  6. How many kilograms per week or one month or how much waist circumference do you lose? A, 3 per week?
5 kg, B is reduced by 3 every week?
5 cm, C is reduced by 5 every month?
7 kg, D, 1 kg per week, E 3 kg per month.

  7, if weight loss is unsuccessful, what would you think of A, no impact, 8, loss of money and time, c, sad, sad, D, loss of confidence, loss of charm, E, loss of affection, work, money . veryserious.

  8. How many times have you lost fat?

  A, many times (more than 5 times), B 3 times, C, 2 times, D, 1 time, E has never lost weight.

  9. How do you feel about your fat body?

  A is used to it, B is not flexible and is often laughed at, c is not beautiful and unhealthy, D has inferiority, and E has strong aversion.

  10. Do you think that diet is related to obesity? A, drinking water will be fat, B, not much relationship, c, will lose weight without eating, D, close relationship, E, high-calorie food will be fat.

  11. These foods are high in content, A, 2 apples, B, 1 bowl of rice, c, 1 cup of ice cream, D, 1 sausage, E half of fried chicken legs 12. Do you believe that weight loss has effect, A does not believe (Most of them are invalid), B, doubtful (some valid, some invalid), C, try to know, D, should have effect, E, must have effect.

  13. Whether you can continue to receive treatment (counseling) when losing weight. A has a low degree of control and B will cooperate if he has sufficient time. C, depending on the effect, D will cooperate with each other for a certain period of time and E will adapt to the end.

  14, the weight loss industry claims that one guarantee is reduced by 1?
2 kg or 3-5 cm waist, what do you think?

  A works well, I’m willing to try it, B sees how to guarantee it, you can try it, c is not expensive, just try it, D hoe, exaggerate, won’t try, E, lose weight, lose a few centimeters and kilograms at a time is meaningless.

  Analysis of test results: 1. Choose A for each item and suspend the action.

Not suitable for weight loss at this stage.

  2. If you choose B for each item, you must redouble your efforts.

Need to strengthen education and fully understand weight loss, otherwise the failure rate is extremely high.

  3, choose C for each item, I wish you success first, but you still need to learn more about the right way to lose weight before you have a chance to succeed.

  4. For each option, I wish you success, but you still need to learn more about the right way to lose weight in order to succeed.
  5, choose E for each item, congratulations!

The chances of losing weight are extremely high.

Etiquette in everyday communication

Etiquette in everyday communication

The first time you meet, you should say: Fortunately, you will see others. You should say: Visit and wait for others. You should say: Wait for others. Do not send applications.Say: Ask the trustee to do things: Please ask someone for advice Should say: Ask others for advice Should say: Enlighten others to solve the application: Please praise people’s opinions Application: Good opinions return to things should say: Give back to others forgiveness Should say: Include welcome customersResponse: Patronize the elderly Age Response: Gao Shou Long time no see Should say: Long-lost guests come to the app: Leave first halfway Should answer: Lost companion and others should say separately: Farewell empowerment Application: Yazheng

What is the reason why lips lick more and more in winter?

What is the reason why lips lick more and more in winter?

The weather is dry in winter, and many people’s lips become dry. Some people lick their lips from time to time to make their lips moist.

But the lips became drier.

Experts remind you not to lick your tongue when your lips are dry.

  Winter Beauty Lips ● Keyword Lip Redness There are only a few areas of redness around a person’s lips called lip redness. Its moistness is maintained by local rich capillaries and a small amount of sebaceous glands.

  The climate is cold in winter, the air is dry, the blood circulation of the skin and mucous membranes is relatively poor, and sebum secretion is reduced. For example, if you eat less fresh vegetables, and inadequate intake of vitamin B2 and vitamin A, your lips will become dry or even cracked.

  ● Highlighting the problem The more you lick the more you lick your lips with your tongue. You can only moisturize your lips briefly with saliva.

As the moisture on the licked lips evaporates, more moisture is taken away from the inside of the lips.

In addition, saliva contains substances such as amylase and mucin, which are relatively viscous and cause contraction of connective tissues, causing wrinkling of the lip and mucous membranes, which eventually leads to a vicious cycle of “more licking and drying, more dry and more licking, and more licking and cracking”.

Beauty siesta for an hour in the afternoon


Beauty siesta for an hour in the afternoon

Computer radiation, central air conditioning, in fact, the fate of work is difficult to change; the party banquet, night and night are not scattered . too many reasons make people “all night” and “all night”, and work punch system always makes us lateGet up early.

The “late-sleeping ethnic group” has indeed added a lot of vitality to the city, but it is a chronic damage to the skin of white-collar workers.

  Late sleep is the enemy of women’s skin. Usually, it is the opposite of folks who “feed by men and sleep by women”.

Occasional night shifts, urban white-collar women who entertain themselves so that they cannot rest according to their normal schedule, should take care of their skin differently from those who sleep normally.

  Now use 12:00?
14:00 lunch break for beauty treatments. In Japan and South Korea, OLs have long been a new favorite of skin care. The surprise of summer lunch beauty packages is to let you experience skin care and let you enter the beauty dream comfortably and comfortably.

If you are also working, would you try this one-hour beauty nap?

The professional equipment combined with the professional massage method of the beautician, I believe this experience will bring a completely different feeling from home DIY . The beauty siesta eye care sits in front of the computer and works every day, coupled with the night owl lifestyle, eyesThe problem is becoming increasingly obvious. How to get rid of the annoying fine lines, bags under the eyes and dark circles?

The lunch break of two hours at noon, in addition to the half hour of lunch at noon, there is an hour and a half remaining, which does not prevent the beauty salons near the company from doing regular eye care. While enjoying the professional treatment of beauticians, it also complements last nightWhy don’t you take the “sleeping account” owed to staying up late?

  Nursing effect: Basic care for the eyes alone can effectively promote blood circulation around the eyes, use targeted eye care products according to different eye problems, supplement skin moisture and collagen, and effectively eliminate eye bags, Dark circles and fine lines of the eye.

  Experience record: I came to the beauty salon at 12:30, and several people have already been here.

During this time, work is stressful, and it is often too late to sleep, and dark circles slowly climb up to the eyes.

The beautician specially selected an eye care kit for dark circles.


First use the eye makeup remover to remove the makeup from the eyes. Use a cotton pad to gently press on the eyes.


Clean the skin of the eyes with a special cleanser.


The beautician dipped the eye massage cream with the ring finger and gently massaged the eyes.


The eye serum is introduced using an instrument called “ultrasonic”.


After the essence is introduced, a translucent eye mask is stuck on the eyes, and it feels like a cold jelly on the eyes.


After cleaning the eye mask, the beautician applied eye cream to my dark circles.

  Applicable people: “Night cats” who have been using computers for a long time, or have been used to night life.

  Lip Care for Beauty Afternoon Maybe, lip care has not been included in the beauty plan for you, but I have to remind you that lips are more vulnerable than eyes.

Because it has no hair, sweat glands, almost no sebum secretion, and even the stratum corneum is incomplete. In addition to wrinkles brought by age, any external irritation, pollution, ultraviolet rays, smoking, excessive or cold weather, and lack of water in the bodyWill make it overwhelming.

  Nursing effect: As I do not like to drink water and use makeup for a long time, the lip skin is relatively dull.

Professional lip care is to make lips more delicate, deepen the lip skin metabolism, and add moisture.

  Experience record: I have never done a beauty salon treatment for the lips before. I heard from friends a few days ago that the lip skin is non-renewable skin in the facial skin, so you must take good care of it.

Professional beauticians believe that my lip skin has caused pigmentation due to long-term use of lip gloss, so she replaced the Glow Series Lip Care Set for me.


Clean lips with lip makeup remover; 2.

Beautician massages gently; 用 3.

Put a lip gloss on your lips; 4.

Finally, apply a moisturizing cream on the lips while having sun protection.

  Suitable for people: Pigmentation caused by long-term use of makeup, or faint lip color due to physiological reasons, once every two weeks.

  Beauty Afternoon Face Treatment If you feel that local beauty treatments are not enough, and you want the skin on the entire face to be radiant, then take care of your facial skin from now on!Professional beauticians tell us that the sooner you start planning and regular skin care, the longer you can maintain skin youthfulness.

Let’s start taking care of facial skin from today!

  Nursing effect: Deeply clean the skin, accelerate the metabolism of the facial skin, use special targeted skin care products, activate the skin, delay aging, and effectively alleviate skin adverse reactions caused by external environmental factors and own body factors.

  Experience record: I have typical mixed skin. Every summer, the T-shaped part is always oily. After getting up every morning, the nose is always oily. In summer, this situation is getting worse.

The professional beautician in the beauty salon did a professional skin test for me, and then a skin care product for me for combination skin.


Basic cleaning.

The beautician uses makeup remover and soft cotton pads to wipe the makeup on both ends. When the makeup on the eyebrows, eyes, lips, and face is removed, the face feels extremely cool, as if replacing amask.

After cleansing the makeup remover with water, cleanse the skin again with a cleanser.

Take a toner, don’t underestimate this toner, it is also an essential cleaning program!



This program is believed to be familiar to every fashion-loving MM, but exfoliating is also particular about it.

The beautician evenly wiped the peeled person’s face and wiped it off when the curry was half dry.

At the same time, the beautician told me that in order to avoid irritation of the skin caused by excessive exfoliation, inflammation and pigmentation, the time to exfoliate again should be one month later.

If you have arthritis or trauma to your skin, you should not be exfoliated to prevent symptoms from worsening.


That is, the beautician uses the moisturizing properties of the massage cream and uses professional methods to perform acupressure massage on the face.

This step is the most relaxing and comfortable step in facial treatment.

Because it is summer, the beautician used a cold spray machine to synchronize the massage with me. The main purpose is to calm the anti-inflammatory effect. According to reports, the skin pores are generally in the open state in summer. Using the cold spray machine also shrinks the pores.Effect, but the use time of the cold spray machine is generally shorter, the beautician will choose the length of the cold spray time according to the skin difference of each person.


The mask.

The beautician chose a different mask for my skin condition. First, apply a layer of dead sea mud mask on the surface, indicating that this mask has the effect of whitening the skin. Then cover the face with a thin layer of wet gauze, and gauzeApply a soft film made of film powder.

In the next 15 to 20 minutes, you can unconsciously enter your dreamland in the warm and beautiful environment of the beauty salon.

According to a professional beautician, the time that a facial mask stays on the body cannot exceed 20 minutes, because the first 20 minutes of applying the mask on the face can moisturize and nourish the skin. When the facial mask stays for more than 20 minutes, it absorbs the skinHydrating, so the beautician will cleanse your facial mask after 20 minutes.



After cleaning the mask, the beautician applied the mask cream to me, and a complete facial treatment was completed.


In general, after finishing the facial treatment, the beautician will do a changed head, neck and shoulder massage for the customer, which can overcome the local discomfort caused by long lying.

If you have a short time before work, it is also a good choice to take a nap in the beauty bed. In general, the beautician does not mind letting the customer lie down for a while.

What to do if anemia is insufficient?

Six medicated liquor recipes are easily cured

What to do if anemia is insufficient?
Six medicated liquor recipes are easily cured

It is said that women are made of water. In fact, for women, excess blood is very important!

What about anemia? Once a woman has anemia, it will affect normal life and work. How can anemia make up?

Now, let’s try the Chinese medicine bar, there is a set for treating anemia!

. Female anemia recommends 5 alcoholic beverages, gelatin wine, gelatin is one of the top choices for women’s blood. Correspondingly, when made of gelatin, it also has a good blood effect.

How to make gelatin wine?

Hurry up and take a look.

  Need 60 grams of red glutinous rice, 20 grams of gelatin, 40 grams of honey, and rice wine 15?
20 ml.

After adding red glutinous rice to a proper amount of water to cook porridge, add Ejiao, honey and rice wine and stir well. When eaten while warm, it can help women to nourish blood and treat anemia.

  Usage: Take 3 times a day for 10 consecutive days as a course of treatment.

  Shouwu longan wine Longan is also one of the foods for women’s blood, adding Shouwu and rice wine will have better blood effect.

First, you need 250 grams of longan meat, and 500 grams of Shouwu and Heterophyllum spp. And 1500 ml of rice wine.

Place the dried longan meat, Shouwu and chicken blood rattan soaked wine for 10 days, and shake it twice a day after soaking.

The method of Shouwu longan wine is relatively simple, the main effect is to use it for anemia.

  Usage: 15?
30 grams, take part once in the morning and evening.

  Meat skin yellow wine was shocked to see meat skin?

In fact, the flesh boiled wine tastes great.

Ingredients need pork skin 60?
90 grams, just the right amount of rice wine.

Put the pork skin in a stew pot, add water and rice wine, cook until the pork skin becomes rotten and serve.

This fleshy yellow wine is mainly used for hemorrhagic anemia.

  Usage: Add brown sugar to mix and eat.

  What is Huangjing wolfberry wine?

If you are not sure, you can go to a pharmacy to buy it. Generally speaking, pharmacies will sell it.

Huangjing wolfberry wine, the main ingredients are Huangjing and wolfberry, each need 13 grams.

The method is super simple, soak it with wine and take it.

For wine, rice wine is generally more suitable.

The effect is nourishing qi and blood.

  Usage: Twice a day, two times a day.

  Mussel wine Mussel wine is slightly more cumbersome than raw materials and methods.

First you need 60 grams of mussels, 25 grams of chives, 100 grams of pork ribs, and the right amount of liquor.

First clean the mussels, soak them in wine to swell the mussels, wash the leek and cut into sections, and cut the ribs into pieces.

Steam the mussels, pork ribs, and chives in a bowl.

In fact, the method is very simple and not troublesome.

The efficacy of mussel wine is to treat anemia and improve blood circulation in the body.
  Usage: When eating, you can add some condiments according to your preferences.

If you are in a bad mood, be careful of iron deficiency

If you are in a bad mood, be careful of iron deficiency

Many people think that psychological and emotional instability, and love to be angry is because of their natural bad temper. Maybe this is the body sending you a signal to remind you: you have iron deficiency!

  Girls’ bodies are very vulnerable to iron deficiency. One is that we become iron deficiency every month during the menstrual period, and the second is that girls cannot stand the temptation of sweets. Once they eat more sweets, people will be affected by iron.Absorbing too much energy produces satiety, which affects the intake of other intakes of protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber-supplemented foods. Of course, it is also easy to cause insufficient iron absorption. Third, we do n’t usually use iron pans for cooking, and there are fewerA direct pathway to absorb iron.

  Iron deficiency will not only affect the nutrition and health of the body, make you lose your complexion, and then lead to drowsiness, weakness, mood swings, irritability, irritability and crying, so eat more when you are surrounded by low moodOrder laver, black sesame and other foods with high iron content.

  In addition, American psychologists have found that looking up often also helps drive away bad emotions.

Look up and look up, the brain will transform, raise your head when you are in a bad mood, and prompt the bad emotions to be driven away as soon as possible.

If you keep your head down, the muscles on your face, neck and other areas will become soft, making you more listless and discouraged.

This also explains why we can’t help lowering our heads when we’re in a bad mood, and we naturally raise our heads when we’re in full bloom.

  7 “psychological fake moves” drive away worsening mood Deteriorating mood is the brain’s response to external stimuli.

Sometimes changing the stimulus can help improve mood.

The latest article in the American “Men’s Health” magazine pointed out that when you are in a bad mood, you may wish to try the following 7 “psychological fake actions”, which can let your bad emotions slip away unconsciously.

  1. Pretend to smile.

When you feel depressed, stressed or angry, pretending to smile can help release bad emotions and benefit the human body.

  2. Clean up the room.

A cluttered room or office can be disturbing.

Therefore, organizing the room can improve bad mood.

For example, leave the objects scattered on the floor, pack up the things on the table, and fold the quilt neatly.

  3. Wear a blue shirt.

Blue is a natural mood “relaxing agent”, which is the real reason for “looking at the blue sky and feeling relaxed”.

It can be seen that orange is the most irritating, and black is easy to irritate. Although red can increase human energy, it is easily disturbing.

  4, humming song.

Clinicians at the Norddorf Robbins Music Therapy Centre in London, UK, say singing is the easiest way to improve your mood.

Because singing can adjust your breathing so that your entire body is performing rhythmic movements.

Whether you hum yourself or sing with friends, even just listening quietly can help you relax.

  5. The key to good mood is to eat well.

For example, the combination of bitter and sweet flavors (adding orange juice to coffee), or the combination of soft and hard ingredients (eating popcorn and nuts) can bring freshness to the taste buds and improve the mood with robes.

Similar foods include sweet and sour pork ribs and sweet and sour chicken nuggets in Chinese food.

  6. Smell the lemon.

The latest research from Ohio State University confirms that lemon scent has anti-anxiety, soothing and analgesic effects.

Studies have found that lemon scent can indeed improve good mood, and smelling lemon flavor restores the concentration of the energy hormone “adrenaline” in the blood.

  7, intimate contact with pets.

Many studies have shown that stroking animals such as cats and dogs can help lower blood pressure and stabilize heart rate, while reducing the incidence of cardiovascular and other complications.

Deborah Wells, a professor of psychology and an expert on the relationship between humans and animals at Queen’s University Belfast in the United Kingdom, pointed out that close contact between humans and animals has an amazing soothing effect and helps the human body relieve its own stress.

Tea Rhythm Yoga


Tea Rhythm Yoga

There is no doubt that tea comes from China. China’s tea culture is extensive and profound, and today people are more and more aware of tea health.

Tea culture is also the closest part to Chinese culture in Chinese culture.

Just mentioning the tea word seems to have some realms.

In this sense, tea is still, and so is yoga. This inconsistent combination is the essence of Jinzhu’s tea rhyme yoga.

  Coupled with tea, it has the functions of refreshing the body, clearing the head, clearing the heat and quenching thirst, losing weight and reducing fat, lowering gas and digesting food, detoxifying and coughing, clearing heat and diuresis, clearing lungs and removing phlegm, and preventing cancer and anti-aging and other cleansing functions.

After trying to combine the ancient Chinese tea culture with the ancient Indian yoga culture, we found that through the fumigation of tea, the position of tasting and yoga can better replace toxins in the body and better promote the body’s beneficial functional substances.Absorption can also better improve human immunity.

  The efficacy of Cha Yun Yoga is mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1. Regulating the qi and blood of the five internal organs, improving blood circulation, improving facial nutrition, stimulating self-regulation of functions, promoting the formation of antibodies, and improving the immune capacity of the body.

And has the effect of eyesight, smart ears.

The ears and the kidneys communicate, and the kidney qi nourishes the bone marrow.

Therefore, some people say that the old kidney first declines.

It is related to Gantong, liver qi and eyes, and often practicing tea rhyme yoga has a positive effect on eye protection.

  Tea rhyme yoga is a new type of yoga of Golden Pearl Yoga. She can better bring you into the spiritual realm of cleanliness, oneness of tea, and physical integration.

  2. Tea rhyme yoga increases the permeability of the skin, accelerates the skin’s absorption of water, and promotes the phagocytic function of the reticular plasma system.

Enhance new Chen Daixie.

Obviously eliminate the dirt in the pores, smooth discharge of toxins from the pores, and enhance the epidermal cells and skin elasticity.

  3. The most important part of tea rhyme yoga.

It is to raise the heart, cultivate the spirit and adjust the breath.

Tea rhyme yoga absorbs and absorbs the new method of traditional Chinese culture in traditional culture. It cleanses and purifies the human respiratory tract through the breath of yoga.

Enhances respiratory function.

Helps yogis adjust the balance of inner and outer breath.

Taekwondo woman’s protector

Taekwondo woman’s “protector”

Taekwondo originated on the Korean peninsula and is a traditional sport of the Korean nation that uses hand and foot techniques for combat.
What is Taekwondo?
Tae, which means kicking, smashing; Kwon, is a symbol of strength, which means hitting with a fist, fighting with martial arts; Do, referring to morality, is an artistic method,This is the highest state pursued by Taekwondo.
It emphasizes technology and light power, and is an exquisite art that fully displays leg skills.
  Taekwondo not only makes lean people gain muscle, but also makes obese people reduce fat and restore weight to normal.
Taekwondo is different from general sports activities. It does intense activities, consumes 600 calories per hour, and consumes 3,500 calories to lose one pound.
Therefore, if you practice for an hour a day, you can lose one pound a week.
  Taekwondo is especially good for women. The reason is that it can fully exercise the lower abdomen, waist and thighs, and evenly develop the whole body muscles to keep women young and beautiful.
More importantly, it can restore the sagging abdomen and waist of women after delivery, as well as the muscles on the inner thighs. It has a unique effect on rebuilding a healthy body and a balanced body.
Moreover, this kind of sports-specific exercise method can greatly increase the flexibility and dexterity of the human body, and make the legs more beautiful. In addition, the training of special postures such as chest lift, head-up, and waist standing has great benefits for maintaining a beautiful posture.No less than any kind of bodybuilding.
“In addition, it has the effect of reducing mental stress.
From this perspective, Taekwondo is the best martial art to maintain health and feminine beauty.
  Remember the TV series Jade Guanyin?
In the play, Sun Xin’s beautiful back swinging legs cleverly hit the handsome guy Yang Rui, and also hit the pretty girls in the city.
Who wants to experience this mysterious, love and self-defense movement?
  So, what kind of magic is Taekwondo, let’s analyze it.
  I. Slimming and bodybuilding. Women are naturally beautiful, and having a beautiful figure and a fit body is the dream of every woman.
The ease in the office requires us to go to the fitness place to exercise mind and body. Although there are many sports, there are not many that really suit us.
Some people say that swimming is good, but you ignore the woman’s cherished hair.
Women regard hair as their second face, soaking in the water every day is undoubtedly a fatal blow.
While practicing Taekwondo, you can not only exercise your body and play the role of weight loss and bodybuilding, but also activate your flexibility, making your body lighter and more flexible.
What’s more important is that Taekwondo not only focuses on power and technology, but also emphasizes strict discipline, superb technology and strong spiritual education, which can cultivate our resolute, decisive qualities and a sense of justice.
  二、防身  首先女人在社会中属于弱势群体,是社会不良人员进行抢劫、侮辱的重点对象,特别是一些从事三班倒,上夜班的女人,学习了跆拳道就不再害怕走夜路,老公或Family members don’t have to be on the side of the road late into the night.
Women, especially those who are a little bit attractive, should also prevent sexual harassment by their superiors. When you are in danger, self-defense will help you get rid of the predicament and keep the woman’s chastity forever.
  Secondly, although people nowadays live in peaceful times and think that the world is too peaceful, it is very wrong.
Maybe wars and terrors lurk around you and me.
United States 9.
The 11 incident and the hostage incident in Russia not long ago have no doubt alarmed us.
Maybe the danger really happened. Taekwondo can’t do much, but it’s better than none. In an emergency, maybe it can make a life for itself.
  Third, prevent domestic violence: People say that marriage is like a bet. Men in love are always sweet and affectionate to women.
However, after truly entering the palace of marriage, after everything has turned into a bland life, the trivial and irritable emotions of housework will inevitably make the couple interact with each other.
As long as you do it, it will always be the woman who suffers. If our woman would order Taekwondo, would the husband dare to do it?
As long as he doesn’t feel bad about his wife and dares to violently attack a woman, let’s not be polite. Let’s take a kick first and let him feel the woman’s hearty attitude.
This kind of trivia is just an episode in the life of loving couples, and does not hinder the happy life between husband and wife, but there are also many women living in the shadow of domestic violence in marriage.
  In animals, the winner is king, so it is still the case in human society.
Only because of women’s submission and patience, men repeatedly use violence. Such marriage life is full of fear, helplessness, and pain.
  If you still love him, please save him with your taekwondo, beat him up, and let him fall under your pomegranate skirt. The winner is the king and the loser is the pirate, shocking his arrogance, your martial artRemind him to be timid, and you will be the queen of your family ever since.
  If you don’t love him, use your fists and tears for the last time to reward him for not cherishing you.Maybe he has a swollen face and a swollen face. From then on, he will remember that there was such a woman in his career . Above three points, you can understand it as nonsense, but I still hope that women can get some inspiration.

As the saying goes, apply what you have learned, and now society must have a purpose and practicality no matter what it does. If you also pay attention to this, then women, let us be in the great Taekwondo movement without any disregard!

Heart and soul are difficult to survive (easy to maintain health)

Heart and soul are difficult to survive (easy to maintain health)

The first priority of the first state of mind health care is the mentality, “the state of mind is peaceful, then the righteousness.”

“To achieve the goal of health.

There are many ways to maintain a good mentality. If you look at the problem with the balance of the yin and yang of the Yijing, you can solve the problem and achieve the effect of health.

If you have a different heart, you will be very tired.

The famous Chinese medicine professor Kong Lingqi believes that the first priority of health care should be to raise the heart.

He said: “The “Nei Jing” has such a sentence as ‘a faint emptiness, sincere qi is from it’.

That is to say, if the state of mind is peaceful, then the righteousness is preserved, then your ability to resist the evil spirits is strong, and the chance of maintaining health is great.

“A healthy person or a person with a disease, the mentality is the first.”

A happy mood is better than ten good medicines.

Expert research has found that those patients with cancer, who are more optimistic and open, live longer; the more afraid of nervous people, the more unfavorable his condition is getting better, the more likely it is to go wrong.

From the perspective of long-lived people, the environment in which they live, personal eating habits vary widely, but they are all open-minded and bleak people.

Judging from the reports of the elderly with longevity, the centenarians rarely have temper and a little bit of people.

How big is it to be angry with something, what to see in the chest!

Mentality determines a person’s health.

Everyone applies their heart to do things, to be a man, to maintain a peace of mind.

In order to keep people healthy, the American Mental Health Association has proposed 11 tips.

People expect not to be too high. Many people pin their hopes on human beings. If the other party fails to meet their own requirements, they will be disappointed. In fact, everyone has a length and does not have to ask others to cater to themselves.

Do not criticize others casually, but also accept criticism.


If you don’t put yourself too hard on your own goals and requirements, you will naturally feel comfortable.


Occasionally, if you want to give in to a person who is doing something big, you should look at it from the big picture and be open-minded.

As long as the atmospheric pressure is not affected, there is no need to insist on excessively in small matters to reduce your own troubles.


When you are angered by your own anger, you will cause a lot of stupid things, and you will regret it afterwards.


Temporarily avoiding the setbacks, you should temporarily put your troubles down and do something you like to do (attention shift).


There is only one thing in the incident. Psychologists find that the primary cause of illnesses such as anxiety and mental breakdown is that patients face many urgent needs, and the mental stress is too great.

To reduce your mental burden, don’t deal with a few things at the same time, so as not to make it work.


Finding people to pour troubles and burying all the depression in your heart will only make you feel depressed. If you tell your friends in time, the teacher will feel comfortable.


Doing something for others helps others not only to forget their own troubles, but also to prove the value of their existence and to gain valuable friendship.


Show goodwill to people If you show your goodwill at the right time, make more friends, and less enemies, your mind will naturally calm down.


Entertainment is the best way to eliminate psychological stress. The way of entertainment is not important. The important thing is to feel comfortable.
Use less derogatory, negative, negative phrases, more praise, and affirm and praise others.

Cultivate a positive mindset 15

Enjoy the joy of fantasy.


Clean the room and wear bright clothes.


Flip through the album.


Enjoy painting and calligraphy.


Make a call to a friend who has not been in contact for a long time.


Read a few humorous jokes.


Listen to old songs you like.


Watch movies, videos.


Spend some time with your child.


Take a walk in the sun.


Give yourself a small gift.


Enjoy a massage.


Plant some flower plants.


Try a new sport.

Degree of a “mini” holiday.

These methods are unreasonable, you can use the book “Yi Jing Health” to check the test.

We believe that as long as they conform to the yin and yang five elements, they generally have a role.

Six elements that affect the balance of mind 1. Afraid of poverty.

2. Fear of being criticized.

3. I am afraid of getting sick.

4. Fear of losing love.

5. Fear of old age.

6. Fear of death.
Anything is afraid, living in the shadow of “fear”, how is the mind balanced?

One professor made a cruel experiment. He kept a death row in the house, put on the eyes of the death row, and said to the death row: “We are going to change the way you let die. We will cut your blood vessels and letYour blood drops and you die.

Then the professor opened the faucet and let the death row hear the sound of dripping. The professor said, “This is the sound of your blood dripping.”

“Open the door the next morning, everyone knows what happened: the death row is dead.”

I saw his face pale, a blood drop.
In fact, his blood has never been dripped.

The best way to adjust your mindset and overcome your worries The first step is to think about the worst situation.

The second step is to accept this worst case.

The third step is to improve it.

As the saying goes: “Retreat to the sky”, this is a way to balance your mindset.

Life is to learn to endure, let, bend, avoid unnecessary obstacles, troubles.

What is a bend?

There is such a case: Canada has a pair of young couples who are quarreling and want to get divorced, but when they think about our deep feelings, they still quarrel. If they are divorced, they are not more noisy.

The two decided to go out to travel and save the marriage.

The two came to a north-south valley in Quebec. They were surprised to find that the eastern slope of the valley was covered with pine trees, son-in-law, birch trees, but only cedar on the west slope.

Why is the difference between the east and west slopes so large?

They found that the cedar branches were soft, and the branches of the snow were bent, and the snow recovered after it fell.

The other tree was stiff, and the last branch was broken by the snow and died.

The two finally understood that they should learn to bend when the pressure is too great.

Husband quickly rushed to his wife: “I am not good, I am not doing it right.

When the wife heard her husband return, she immediately said, “I have not done enough.

As a result, the two sides have nothing to do, and they are as good as ever.

The knife is sharper, and it doesn’t matter if it is broken.

We must learn from the Taijiquan in Chinese traditional culture, balance the yin and yang, and use the soft-kun; learn from the ancient coins, and direct to the front and the outer circle.

It is certainly difficult at first, but we have to work hard.

Only then will the mentality be balanced.

Keeping the empty cup mentality, in ancient times, a person with a profound knowledge of Buddhism heard that there was a highly respected old Zen master in a place and went to visit.

After entering the door, he was very arrogant about the master’s apprentice, but the old Zen master received him very respectfully and re-teated him.

When pouring water, it is clear that the cup is full and it is still falling.

He asked inexplicably: “Master, why is the cup full, but also going inside?

The master said to himself: “Yes, since it is full, why am I still falling?”

“The original intention of the Zen Master is that since you are already very knowledgeable, why should you come to me for advice?

Similar examples happen every day in our work and life.

Everyone wants to constantly enrich themselves, but because they don’t maintain a good attitude, they can’t do anything.

No matter what you learn, you must learn to be a person who knows nothing about it.

Those who are unable to maintain an empty cup mentality have always had a prejudice about what they have learned. The robes have become difficult to communicate, and finally they have been unable to hear and hear.

It is a common problem for the Chinese, which will lose the trust of friends, and I will live very hard and very tired.

At the same time, the difference between the table and the yin and yang is also the performance of the uncoordinated, long-term, the psychological burden is very heavy, will get sick.

Such as the following cartoon, the humanity is portrayed to the fullest.

Maintaining a good attitude, in fact, a good attitude is also a balance of yin and yang.
Depressed, sad, worried, angry, irritated and pessimistic disappointment, Gu Ying self-pity, blaming the heavens and so on, according to the yin and yang five elements, is the fire and fire, the sun is too strong.

Because things don’t go well; because the costs are unfair; because they have lost hard earned money; because they have been punished for not being treated, and so on, people will be angry and angry. This is the truth.

A successful mental state constitutes the three elements of a successful mind.

Positive self-awareness This self-centered psychological conditioning is appropriate to harmony with time, environment, and interpersonal relationships. This harmony is actually a five-line balance.

The so-called assessment of clear values is simply a low-key estimate of yourself.

If you are too high, you will always put yourself in an unsatisfied position, and your mind will not be balanced.


Good self state What is a good self state?

It is to have a kind of upward desire for oneself, to have a kind of tolerance for others, and to have a kind of adaptation to the environment and encounters.

Mentality and the five elements of health balance diagram In real life, people are often unbalanced in the five elements, especially modern people have a fast pace of life and strong economic sense. They often only think of popularity, to achieve the goal of wealth, and some people exercise the essence of exercise and diet.However, there is not enough understanding of good deeds and religion, so that the mentality is out of balance due to the imbalance of the five elements.

The degree of happiness of a person is the ratio of his income to desire.

The desire is big, the income is small, the happiness is small; the desire is small, the income is much, and the happiness is big.

The second section of erotic health care is to relax.

If you take work as a yang, then entertainment is overcast, and doing your favorite leisure activities properly can help you relax.

First, the Yijing hobby is on the upper reaches, and there are not many people who study and study the Yijing.

In foreign countries, there are also many fans.

Except for a few people who want to make a living, basically most people regard it as a hobby.

It can also be said that they are first of all because of their hobbies and interests, and then they use this as a means of earning a living.

Learning the Book of Changes is an academic study and a way of health.

Most of the people who have learned through the Book of Changes are uncontested with the world and have a calm mind. They are mainly “moderate”.

Second, the comfort space map comfort space map (1) When people are young, the comfort space is very large. Through the increase of experience, the comfort space gradually changes.

Comfort space map (2) If people can widen the comfort space after adulthood, they will be happy for a lifetime!

Wu Shangguang, a famous doctor in the Qing Dynasty, said: “The seven emotions are also sick, watching flowers relieved, listening to music, and better than taking drugs.”

“Entertainment benefits people health, better than drugs.

Entertainment is a positive rest. It can make people feel happy, increase the fun of life, eliminate nausea, relieve pain, irritability and anger, relieve fatigue, and promote blood circulation.

Work is paying, five behaviors are yin; entertainment is harvesting, and five behaviors are positive.

Work and entertainment are yin and yang, and must be complementary to yin and yang.

Just like “荀子?

“The Music Theory” said: “Folk music, music, and human feelings are inevitable, so people can not be unhappy.

“Modern people work hard and compete fiercely. We must work hard to cultivate and maintain an optimistic life, laugh at the psychological state of life, talk to people with a little more sense of humor, and watch more comedies, cross talks, jokes, comics, etc., to maintain the mood.”Pleasant, smiles often open, which helps people live longer and healthier.

Third, the fun of the new game of entertainment, the material civilization is developing at a rapid pace, and the way of playing is also endless.

Below is a new trick for foreigners to play: regular: 1.

Buoyant box 2.

Kick the fireball 3.

Blow bamboo and bamboo 4.

Poetry reading 5.

Learn to crawl 6.

Running barefoot unconventional: 1.

Change house travel 2.
Wild Adventures 3.

Bungee jumping, drifting 4.

Life and death grid 5.

The bar pairing Chinese old people is playing with flowers, birds and fish.1.

The color, fragrance and life of flowers and flowers stimulate people’s attachment and excitement to life, enhance conservation, and regulate vitality, so as to achieve the purpose of health and longevity.
The flower five acts on the wood, and the people who are sick with the blood and the liver have great benefits.


Birds play with birds, since ancient times, it can also enrich life and fitness.

The bird’s five elements belong to gold. For the elderly who have chronic diseases, long-term insomnia, and lack of energy, they have certain therapeutic effects.


Fish fishing is also a kind of health, it makes people feel calm, gentle and courteous, open chest, is conducive to health and fitness.

Fish five elements are water, which is good for people with kidney and liver disease.


The insects play with insects, many in ancient times, and some people are playing now.

It can be cultivated like a bird.

The five elements of the worm belong to the soil and will be beneficial to people who are sick of the spleen and stomach.

Qin chess painting and calligraphy is good for anyone.

According to some books, Zhou Xinglian said in “Lin Chi Guan Jian”: “When a book can raise the spirit, it can also help the gas. When sitting quietly as a cross or a number of crosses, you will feel flat.

“Subordinate books are heavy and stable, such as the joy of entering Linquan, making people’s blood calm, emotionally stable, and can adjust the psychological state of patients with headache, insomnia, high blood pressure, neurasthenia, coronary heart disease and other patients.

The grass is cheerful, lively, and free-spirited. It is soft and soft, makes people feel unrestrained, has high emotions, and is depressed, weak, emotionally negative, and lacking in anger. It can stimulate their enthusiasm and increase their vitality.

In the “Lin Chi Guan Jian”, Zhou Xinglian said, “If you go to the grass, you can arbitrarily sway, and when you are so happy, you will be refreshed.”

“The third section of music health singing, talking is related to the five notes of the rhyme.

The five-tone is the five elements of the Book of Changes. It is related to the level of sound, yin and yang. A good song, the yin and yang five elements are balanced, which can make people feel refreshed and calm.

Singing is not only entertainment, but also gives people health.

Music has become a health care, in fact, there are many examples of the past and the present.

A beautiful and smooth song makes people feel comfortable; a song that is so stimulating and high-spirited will be refreshing; people who are sick for a long time will alleviate the pain of the disease because of the sweet voice.

The ancients often played the piano under the moon, not only cultivated the sentiment, but also achieved the effect of health.

The treble in the music can be seen as yang, the bass is overcast, and a song is a combination of yin and yang.

1,3,5,7 in the music is yang, 0,2,4,6 is yin; 1,2 is gold, 4,5 is wood, 7,0, soil, 3 is fire, 6 is water, oneThe first song is a combination of a group of yin and yang.

Therefore, a good song, a pleasing music, its yin and yang five elements are balanced and harmonious, it can make people prolong life and achieve health effects.

The Chinese text is a square word, which hides mystery.

There is a certain rule in Chinese language, that is, the four rhymes of Mandarin.

The ancients divided the four voices in the voice into flat, up, go, and into the sound. The five rhymes are five methods, which are divided into lips, teeth, teeth, tongue, tongue, and throat.

The Book of Changes refers to the five rhymes as palaces, merchants, horns, levies, and feathers.

The tooth sounds g, k, h are angles, and the five elements are wood.

The tongue sounds z, c, s, d, t, n, l, j, q are signs, and the five elements are fire.

Tooth sound x, zh, ch, sh, r, i is a quotient, and five elements are gold.

Lips b, p, m, f, u, ü are feathers, and five elements are water.

The throat sounds a, o, e, ai, ei are palaces, and the five elements belong to the earth.

Therefore, in a song, not only the yin and yang five lines, but also the lyrics and yin and yang five elements.
Music for a short time, singing and singing, good for health.

When a person sings, the lungs increase and the mouth opens, which is good for health and good for health.

Singing often, it is actually a physical exercise, a physical hygiene cleanup.

The fourth section is about religious beliefs, and everyone cultivates their minds.

Faith is yin, people are yang, people have faith, yin and yang can be coordinated and balanced, and they will be calm.
In real life, although people’s material life is relatively rich, they cannot guarantee that life has no sufferings and setbacks, and it cannot guarantee the fullness of meaning in life.

Life still faces many problems that cannot be solved by itself, and still cannot fully control its own destiny, thus causing harm to the human body.

In this case, people naturally think of their own outside to find a kind of power, which is the following way to introduce to you a kind of health-religious health.

People must have faith so that they can live more.

With faith, life has goals.

Faith can make life dying people have the courage to live; faith makes people’s lives have norms and constraints.

According to the principle of the Book of Changes, this is also the mutual root of yin and yang.

The psychological roots of religion 1.

Demand sense 2.

Limited feeling 3.

Fear 4

Gratefulness 5.

Guilty 6.

The development of loneliness and religion 1.

Spontaneous – artificial 2.

Tribe – nation – world 3.

Nature – Polytheism – Monotheism, Religious Overview 1.

Consciousness: plays a decisive role (beginning thought).

Organization: It is an essential element. It is a social group formed by religious believers who are connected with a unified religious belief goal and behavior system.

Organizational symbols such as: Temple 庵 – Buddhism; Mosque – Islam; Palace View – Taoism; Church – Christianity, also divided into: accession to the world, that is, religious community organizations, such as Christianity, Islam.

The birth type, that is, personal practice, has a way, such as Buddhism, Taoism.


Etiquette: It is the behavioral expression of religious consciousness. It is a standardized expression of behavior used by believers to communicate the relationship between man and God, such as sacrifice, prayer, festival, and practice.


Utensils: places of worship (temples, monasteries, churches, holy places, monasteries) (generalized); idols, sacred objects, instruments (narrow sense).

For example: the Vatican “St. Peter’s Cathedral” (the largest church); Jerusalem (Judaism, Christianity, the holy place of Islam, where Jesus was crucified and resurrected.

The Messenger of Allah, Muhammad, is here, the Jewish Wailing Wall).

Mecca: The holy place of Islam, the birthplace of Musheng and the birthplace of Islam, the number of pilgrimages per year is millions of people and so on.

Second, religion and yin and yang 1.

People have three needs: physical, emotional, and spiritual;

The needs of the body include eating and wearing, and it is a form of yang, which must be solved with material things;

The need for feelings is joy, anger, sorrow, joy, sadness, thinking, fear, is the form of the combination of yin and yang;

The spiritual need is the peace and stability of the soul, and it is the form of yin;

Religion solves the problem of the spirit and belongs to the category of yin.

Third, religion and the five elements four, the function of religion is yin, people are yang, as long as they are people, they will get different benefits in religion.

It can make the different individuals, groups or various social forces of the society condense into a unified whole, which is conducive to social development.


Psychological adjustment of social individuals and groups.

Create the power of Superman and provide psychological comfort and security for members of society.

Teaching heritage.

For example, in high-level management, Chinese integrated Yi people are studying at the top level.


Social interaction.

Increase contact between individuals, groups, regional countries, etc.

To a certain extent, it can buffer contradictions and dilute hostility.

In short, the role of religion is: spiritual sustenance, ethnic end, hope, basis for survival, post-mortem explanation, value.

V. Religious Profile In the 1990s, the world population was about 51.

500 million people with religious beliefs reached 41.

700 million, of which Catholicism and Christianity are 17.

58 billion, Islam 9.

35 billion, Hindu 7.

500 million, Buddhism 3.

03 million, a variety of Protestant 1.

3.8 billion, the rest believe in primitive teaching or cult.

Among them, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam are among the three major religions in the world.

Although the teachings are different, they have many things in common, such as: 1.

Faith is firm.


People live in harmony with nature.


Do good deeds, the heart of fraternity.


Control selfish desires and practice.


Peace of mind, hope for the future, and so on.

These will help people get rid of frustration, distress, embarrassment, frustration, make the body healthier, and have more hope and confidence in life.

Religion also has a profound influence on the tourism culture. There are religious disputes everywhere in the famous mountains and rivers. It is found that there are people who are religiously discriminated against each other, and they have a sense of tranquility and calmness, and they have achieved a harmonious balance.

Sixth, the outline of religious health 1.

Expect the future and release pressure.


Spiritual support, spiritual home.


Cultural heritage, ancient for today.

Lifestyle, good mood.


Happy thinking, galloping fantasy.

Men don’t get married because you are a favorite

Men don’t get married because you are a favorite

I married my first girlfriend.

  Seeing this message from Ding Fan on my mobile phone surprised me and asked him quickly: No, your kid was n’t just in love, he just poured his bitter tears to me, why is he here again?Married?

With whom?

  You don’t know, there is a girl in my hometown, 22 years old this year.

It was settled after being introduced.

Married after dating for one and a half months.

Ding Fanzhong sent me again.

  I’m marveled at it, and it’s too fast, can I order a lifetime for a month and a half?

But marveling, marrying, they still have to say a few words of blessing.

So I teased him: You guy is an old cow who eats tender cows, so you treat other girls very much, have more children, and I will admit a son.

In the end, he didn’t forget to let him find a chance to tell me about his efficient love and marriage process.

  When thinking of Ding Fan’s office, a colleague pulled him to show his hand, solemnly told him that there will be peach blossoms in his life in the next ten years.

We smiled and bent over, dare to love this kid with such good luck.

But with a smile, Ding Fan’s emotional history can really be described as rugged and bumpy, almost driving him to the edge of despair.

  Ding Fan is very handsome and has been an armed policeman, so from appearance to spirit, it is very attractive.

He also has the advantage that he loves cleanliness, and ordinary girls do not necessarily have his concern for hygiene. Shoes are always as neat and tidy as new ones. Leather shoes are always shiny, and there is a sense of simplicity and refinement on his body.

  Ding Fan’s first girlfriend engaged in propaganda work in an enterprise.

The little girl has a “baby fat” face, and her figure is quite standard. In Ding Fan’s words, it is called “the big place is big, the small place is small”.

At that time, they felt like children playing house. When they were good, they wanted to wear a pair of pants, and they panicked when they didn’t see them for a second.Who.

Their relationship ended after a year of maintenance because the girl resigned and went to another city.

  The first girlfriend was Ding Fan’s “sexual enlightenment”. She called Ding Fan to her place the day before she left.

In the dark room with the lights off, she slowly took off her clothes and pulled Ding Fan’s hand over her.

Ding Fan touched her sexy clavicle and plump breasts, then moved her hand to the girl’s lower body, and her body immediately reacted.

He thought he was going to say goodbye to the virgin era tonight and was very nervous.

But the girl didn’t give him this opportunity, whispered and begged him not to force her to do what she didn’t want to do, she had to leave her husband for the first time.

Maybe she knew that she couldn’t be her husband, and Ding Fan didn’t insist any more. The two were slept on a single steel bed for one night without any problems.

After Ding Fan talked about this, every male colleague gave him a thumbs up, praising him that he would try to keep Liuxia Huibi down.

  Second girlfriend The second girlfriend was also introduced, a company employee, cheerful, and can talk to anyone, of course, looks good, and figure is “awesome.”

Although she often brought the dirty clothes on the top and let him wash them, and her long nails made him look at goose bumps, and joked with Ding Fan’s colleague, Ding Fan still liked her very much, and evenI wanted to marry her, and once called my mom over.

The second girlfriend finally turned Ding Fan into a man. It was the girl ‘s birthday. Ding Fan withdrew her salary in advance, bought her a gift, and invited her to eat Western food.

The candlelight swayed, and the girl’s eyes were full of teasing and desire, making Ding Fan tasteless, and only wanted to eat her meat.

After meals, Ding Fan took her to the hotel room that was opened early. After entering, she wanted to enter the actual combat stage.

The girl knew about Ding Fanjie’s fetishism, went to the bathroom, carefully washed her body, wrapped in a towel, wrapped her hair, and walked out with bare feet, her eyes were as foxy as a cat.

Ding Fan saw the two groups of things wrapped in the towel, and he strangled to death. He threw her underneath like a hungry tiger, but he couldn’t help but always couldn’t get up.Sweat and discouraged.

The girl covered her mouth, hey, hey, while still not forgetting that he was useless, he was even more anxious, he just got up and took a cold shower, trying to cool the hot body with cold water.

After he returned from the shower, he finally succeeded. The two almost tossed all night, but the next day Ding Fan decided to break up with the girl, because he did not see the legendary red, and the girl’s performance was not like the first time.

This made him very sad, feeling like an innocent boy being played with by an old river.

  After breaking up with his second girlfriend, Ding Fan was very depressed, and even said such discouraging words as “I won’t fall in love anymore”.Colleagues laughed at him, where did this go? It ‘s like a little frustration. It should be more frustrated and more courageous. Besides, it ‘s only been a few years since the peach blossoms of this decade?

Ding Fan ignored everyone, Wu felt sad.

  For a long time after that, Ding Fan was really honest and quiet a lot.

I haven’t seen him running away on both ends for three days, or listening to him constantly answering the phone, even coming to his girls, he is also polite to keep a distance with others, as if he has lost interest in all women.

He even picked up the book, preparing to seriously review the national judicial examination.

Colleagues couldn’t help but look at him. It seems that falling in love is not all bad. Some people sink in love, some people forge in love.

Ding Fan is ordinary, and he has a higher awareness.

  Of course, he didn’t pass the judicial examination and didn’t even take it, because he talked to his girlfriend again after a few months of cessation.

This time, this is a teacher who teaches English with his family name.

Although he is not as beautiful as his two girlfriends, and he is not as good as the former, he is gentle and gentle and well-informed.

What made him even more relieved was that Xiao Si was still a virgin, and thinking of herself felt a little sorry for her.

“At first glance it looks like an orthodox girl, and I like it.

“Ding Fan said.

As soon as the words were spoken, it immediately caused a laugh, and some colleagues joked that you were the first to be deceived, so you feel guilty and want to find an honest person to get through.

Ding Fan gave the man a fist and solemnly told everyone that this time he must have taken it seriously.

  Everyone felt that Xiao Si and Ding Fan were a good match.

Although the appearance is a bit worse, the temperament and personality are exactly complementary.

Xiao Si was very attentive and took care of Ding Fan’s diet and living carefully. In just two months, Ding Fan became blessed and gained several pounds.

He often caressed his uncle’s belly slowly, and pretended to be an annoyance: oops, what to do, there is a good wife at home, and it ‘s so good for me.

Hearing this, the male colleagues were anxious to give him a kick, this boy, who got cheap and sold well, showed off here.

  Is this true love? When Ding Fan was living carefree under Xiao Si’s care, something unexpected happened to him suddenly.

He was at work that day and received a phone call from Xiao Si’s colleague, asking him to rush to the hospital. Xiao Si had an accident.

Ding Fan’s frightened legs were all soft. He grabbed the phone and ran, leaving a room of colleagues anxiously guessing what happened to Xiao Si.

  The next day, Ding Fan asked the leader for leave, his tone was sad.

Everyone felt that something serious had happened.

  On the third day, Ding Fan returned, his hair was messy, his eyes were bloodshot, and his expression was distressed.

After our questioning, he said something that scared everyone.

  It turned out that Xiao Si was pregnant.

Because she had no experience with her first pregnancy and did not have a particularly obvious response, she was not attentive.

However, during the class that day, she suddenly had abdominal cramps and fainted on the podium, and then her lower body turned into reverse blood. The students in the room were frightened, and they tried their best to find the school teacher and leader. When they placed the hospital, their pupils were almost dilated.
Because the operation submission required the family members to sign, no one of the school teachers and leaders dared to write, so he called for Ding Fan.

After Ding Fan ran away, he saw Xiao Si’s face like white paper and dark purple lips. He had a terrible name in his heart. The pen in his hand seemed to be heavy and couldn’t write.

The simplest stroke he usually used was a period of time to stabilize the god before he wrote it down.

Fortunately, Xiao Si was finally pulled back from the death line after rescue.

The operation cost was nearly 10,000 yuan, and Ding Fan ran out of his pocket for only 6,000 yuan. His mother rushed over to give the hospital money, and also took care of the food of the prospective daughter-in-law.

  The accident of Xiao Si dealt a heavy blow to Ding Fan.

He didn’t expect that his instantaneousness had brought her a fatal disaster, and his heart was filled with deep regret.

He vowed secretly that he must take good care of him, marry her when she recovered, and love her alone in this life.

  Under the care of Ding Fan and his mother, Xiao Si recovered quickly and went to work after more than a month.

The doctor told Ding Fan that Xiaosi was a congenital fallopian tube insertion, and the same situation may occur in pregnancy. Therefore, do not be careless, and even prepare for pregnancy, you must scientifically conceive under the guidance of the hospital.As soon as Ding Fan fell into the abyss, he was just complaining. This gentle and kind person loves you the most and does not marry your house for delivery. Ding Fan plans to start the renovation and two people will get married after two months of airing.

However, on the issue of decoration, Xiao Si had differences with him.

Ding Fan pursues the view that “simple is beautiful”, suggesting that the room should be dominated by white, simple and elegant. Xiao Si, however, yearns for the idyllic style. He likes the checkered tablecloths, wooden furniture and floral wallpaper.

The two held their own grounds and refused to make concessions, which eventually turned into a quarrel.

In the end, both defeated, and both were very angry, and the house was renovated into a semi-pastoral and semi-simple style.

  While discussing the marriage, Xiao Si’s mother made a compulsory request: the man’s family must give out a 66,666 yuan gift of money to discuss the success and success, and they all enjoyed it.set.

Xiao Si is notorious for the high cost of marriage. The women’s family often asks for money and things, and it’s never end without tossing the man’s family into trouble.

Ding Fan and his parents cannot accept this request.

Because at the time of the engagement, they bought 20,000 yuan worth of jewelry for Xiao Si, including nearly 50,000 yuan in gifts and gifts. Now they are getting more than 60,000 in marriage. They ca n’t afford it anyway.
But Xiao Si’s mother insisted on her own opinion and admitted that she would never marry a daughter unless she gave it.

This made Ding Fan close off the dilemma.

  Little Division is the most contradictory among them.

The goal is that as the customs of the hometown improve, parents will never give in; Ding Fan’s realistic conditions can not afford so much money.

What makes Ding Fan even harder to resist is that Xiao Si’s mother even said some nonsense, taunting that his parents were incapable and couldn’t even marry a daughter-in-law, which made his parents very embarrassed., Can’t get off the stage for a long time.

Ding Fan suffered a heavy blow to his self-esteem. After the parents of both parties left, he severely gave a temper to Xiao Si and said a lot of rude things.

This time, both were sad.

  The marriage was stranded. The brothers Ding Fan only spent 20,000 to 30,000 yuan on the family when they got married. The brother and sister-in-law already had a lot of opinions about Ding Fan’s engagement. The parents must not take out more than 60,000.It’s a dollar, and even if I give it, I won’t make it.

Ding Fan was unwilling to let her parents be so distressed for her own affairs. She had to do the ideological work of Xiao Si constantly, asking her parents to lower the standard.

However, the facts disappointed him. The attitude of Xiao Si ‘s parents was more and more determined day by day. They also blamed Ding Fan ‘s family for not being positive enough and treating the matter negatively.

  The relationship between the two parties suddenly became tense.

Ding Fan’s parents saw that the situation was not good, and they wanted to condescend to go to their in-laws and discuss everything.

Ding Fan didn’t agree with life and death, believing that this would further promote their arrogance.

With regard to Ding Fan’s constant Cold War attitude, Xiao Si also became angry, often saying “I still don’t matter so much in your mind” and “You don’t love me so much” such negative words, making him even more upset.
After that, Ding Fan received a call from Xiao Si ‘s mother one day: Xiao Si had agreed to break up with you, and you have nothing to do with Xiao Si from today.

  The simple Xiaosi wants to gradually stimulate Ding Fan and let him take the initiative to ease the tension with his parents.

However, to her disappointment, Ding Fan did not ask for their understanding, and did not explain. He directly said “I have no opinion” on the phone and hung up Xiao Si’s mother.

This time the little division was annoyed, so under a negative mood, the fake breakup became a real breakup.

  A few months after the bland life broke up, Xiao Si married a ten-year-old man.

I heard from Xiao Si ‘s colleague that Xiao Si ‘s life was not happy. This made Ding Fan very distressed. He also blamed Xiao Si for his waywardness and anger. How can marriage be a drama?

He didn’t know if one day, Xiao Si would regret it, and Xiao Si’s mother thought that she had arbitrarily prevented her daughter’s marriage from regretting it.

To this day, his favorite is Xiao Si, and the one he can’t let go of is also Xiao Si.

Since then, he can no longer be enthusiastic about feelings. Looking at colleagues around him has long been paired or a family of three, he also has a negative thought. Since sooner or later, all those who want to get married are living, getting marriedWho isn’t married?

  Ding Fan’s fourth girlfriend finally successfully upgraded to become his wife.

This twenty-two-year-old girl doesn’t have much requirements, as long as Ding Fan is good to her.

They had a relationship within a few days of each other. After that, the little girl gave herself her first crying and sadness for a while. Ding Fan calmly said to her, rest assured, I will marry you if you want.

  Now, Ding Fan’s wife has been pregnant for more than three months. In his words, “I’m about to become a father.

“You can’t hear any joy in your words, just plain.

I advised him that life was the way it was.

He laughed and was speechless.

I still have no idea about Ding Fan who hastily chose to marry someone who does not understand. I don’t know if they can go through smoothly in the future, but what I tell him now is nothing but a wish.   I hope that Ding Fan will be a good dad in the ordinary life.