60 seconds of water burning in the water for 1 hour on land

60 seconds of water burning in the water for 1 hour on land

In the summer, if you want to avoid the heat waves in the air and ease the pressure of work and life, the most refreshing fitness method is to have a close contact with the cool water.

In fact, fitness in the water is not only so monotonous in swimming, today I will introduce you a few tricks “water patterns”, even if you can not swim, it does not matter, so that fitness in the water becomes easier.


hzh {display: none; }  水中健身好处多  人们在陆地上进行运动时,最容易造成损伤,水中健身则不容易拉伤肌肉。Because there is buoyancy in the water, the impact on the joint during the movement is reduced, the bone is not easily injured and deformed, and it is not as easy to fatigue as the ground movement.

  First, the water’s bias can better develop muscle strength and muscle squeeze.

Under the same conditions, people are much more active in the water than in the air.

  If the speed of movement is the same, the ratio of water movement to land movement, at least 6 times more force is required to complete the movement.

It can be seen that exercise in water can get twice the result with half the effort.

  In addition, the heat dissipation capacity of water is more than 28 times that of air, and the heat energy consumed by immersing in water for 1 minute is equivalent to the heat energy consumed in the same temperature for one hour.

The 30 minutes of heat in the water is equivalent to the heat consumed by normal people in the air, which can help consume excess porridge.

  Water sports can also enhance physiology.

Muscle activity, contraction, plus buoyancy, water pressure co-extrude blood vessels, promote circulation function, and enhance metabolic regulation.

Long-term adherence to water aerobics exercise can increase lung capacity, enhance oxygen uptake, and lose water.

  What swimming posture is most helpful for body shaping?

  Every year, hundreds of thousands of people in the United States are keen on water fitness. The Japanese swimming pool has a special jogging track. The water fitness is recognized by the world’s fitness experts as the most effective, fastest and safest body shaping exercise.

  Is your swimming posture correct?

  Swimming has a great impact on promoting metabolism, expanding skin blood vessels, and enhancing the body’s ability to resist disease.

At the same time, it helps to improve the ventilatory function, make the myocardial contraction powerful, improve the function of the circulatory system, and at the same time lose weight and reduce fat.

However, if the technical movements are not standardized, the purpose of exercise will not be achieved.

  For example, swimming mainly depends on the strength of the legs, but many people only notice the movements of the upper limbs while swimming, and the legs are basically not moving.

In this way, it is not only difficult to swim, but the legs that can provide power are cumbersome.

  There is also ventilation, which is a very important technology for swimmers.

Some people do not learn to change their temper. When they swim breaststroke, their heads are always on the water. Stepping on them, stepping on the muscles has been very tense, and it consumes physical strength in vain.

  In addition, because the head can not be tied in the water, the body’s distortion in the movement will expand, the same physical strength, the athletes with the standard movement can swim 100 meters, and the people with non-standard movement can only swim 25 meters.

Peanut oil is the health messenger of the elderly

Peanut oil is the health messenger of the elderly

Peanut, known as the “longevity fruit”, is being recognized by consumers as its nutritional and health benefits are increasingly being discovered.

Especially for the health of the elderly have a lot of effects.

  For a long time, many domestic and foreign experts have been studying the nutrition of peanuts and peanut products.

For the risk of cardiovascular disease, eating peanut oil can be reduced by 21%.

  Therefore, eating peanut oil often has a good health care effect for the elderly.

The results of the China Preventive Medicine Laboratory showed that the zinc content per 100 grams of peanut oil reached 8.

48 mg, 37 times that of salad oil, 16 times that of rapeseed oil, and 32 of corn oil.

6 times.

Zinc can promote children’s brain development, activate brain cells of middle-aged and elderly people, and have a special effect on delaying aging.

Regular consumption of peanut products can alleviate the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, reduce platelet aggregation, and inhibit the production of tumors and obesity.

  When talking about the role of peanut oil nutritional structure on the human body, experts pay special attention to: peanut oil itself is a high-energy, high-protein and high-fat vegetable food, excluding cholesterol and trans-fatty acids, and can be micronutrients, plant sterols, whiteResveratrol, isoflavones, antioxidants and other substances have important health effects, and are excellent substitutes for milk and meat. They play an important role in reducing the balance and improving the nutrition and health of Chinese residents.

  Experts at home and abroad – believe that high-quality protein in peanut oil plays an important role in the nutritional balance of the human body.

The protein of peanut oil is a high-quality protein, composed of 90% globulin and 10% albumin. The digestibility is very high, reaching 90%, which is easily absorbed by the body.

The protein contains 8 kinds of essential amino acids, the most important lysine content is 3-8 times higher than that of millet, wheat flour and corn, and the effective absorption is as high as 98.


It is believed that scientific research proves that lysine is effective for children’s growth and development and intelligence improvement, and also has a role in preventing premature aging of human beings.

  Today, the pursuit of healthy and nutritious diet has become a topic of increasing concern for the people. The research results of peanut oil nutrition and health care are constantly being released. Peanuts known as “longevity fruit” are bringing more surprises to the people.

Peanut oil has a good effect in reducing blood lipids and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Especially for middle-aged and elderly people, choose daily-quantified peanut oil as cooking oil, especially the peanut oil with the world’s first 5S pressing process, which fully retains more than 220 flavors and nutritional concomitants of peanut oil. 5S pressed peanut oil will make itOlder people are farther away from the dangers of cardiovascular disease and live healthier.

  In addition, peanut oil protein also has – quantitative glutamic acid, aspartic acid and catechin, which has the brain, promotes brain cell development and enhances memory.

  Therefore, experts recommend that people: daily consumption – quantitative peanut oil, can provide a large amount of protein, trace and energy and can reduce the accumulation of saturation and increase the intake of unsaturated fatty acids, greatly promote plant protein, accumulated fiber, vitamin E,Folic acid, potassium, magnesium, zinc, calcium and other nutrients that are beneficial to health, thereby improving the structure and quality of metabolism.

How to treat azoospermia diet conditioning azoospermia diet considerations

How to treat azoospermia diet conditioning azoospermia diet considerations

“Medical treatment” is not as good as “food therapy”. People often say that the mantra is not unreasonable. If you can pay more attention to the diet, can you take the effect of oral medicine?

So how do people with azoospermia regulate their diet?

Diet conditioning for azoospermia 1. Green vegetables + milk Many plants and healthy foods help increase sperm count and improve sperm quality.

The fresh dark green juice extracted from the pumpkin leaves is replaced with the same amount of fresh milk. One cup per day can penetrate a strong nourishing effect, increasing male sexual desire, improving sperm quality and restoring fertility.

2, shrimp + protein food azoospermia diet conditioning to eat more shrimp, shrimp kidney and impotence, through the milk detoxification.

It is rich in protein, lipids, minerals, vitamins, calcium and phosphorus. It is a good bone marrow product. The extract supplement for shrimp meat also contains immune-enhancing substances.

3, sea cucumber sea cucumber can be kidney and essence, nourishing yin and impotence.

Cationic iodine, zinc and other trace elements.

Azoospermia diet can participate in regulating metabolism and lowering blood lipids.

The contained mucin and other polysaccharides contain lipid-lowering anticoagulation, promote hematopoietic function, delay aging, nourish the skin, repair tissue and so on.

4, high lysine foods to eat more kidney filling, qi and nourishing blood to improve the quality and vitality of sperm, such as: squid, loach, squid, octopus, squid, sea cucumber, cuttlefish, snailSecond, there are yam, ginkgo, frozen tofu, tofu skin.

Because these foods contain high levels of lysine, they are important components of sperm formation.

5, zinc deficiency in foods with high zinc content also reduced excessive libido and reduced sperm.

Should eat more foods with high zinc content, from the perspective of Chinese medicine, zinc-rich foods have the effect of tonifying the kidneys, which is very helpful for improving male fertility; from the perspective of Western medicine, eat more zinc-rich foods.Not only is it good for the prostate, it can also increase the number of sperm, and vitamin E also has the effect of improving sperm quality.

6, fruit and fruit should eat more fruits with high sugar content, because improving sperm quality and vitality is related to the amount of fructose contained in the seminal vesicle. If the fructose content in semen is low, it is easy to cause death syndrome.

It is recommended to eat pears, apples, grapes, pineapples, sweet oranges and other fruits with a high sugar content.

Men should also drink more water, which can promote the discharge of toxins and prevent urinary tract infections.

Elderly people eat longevity


Elderly people eat longevity

When people reach old age, they raise their hearts and soothe their nerves, and their desire to be clear-hearted is the “secret” of longevity, while “living, eating festivals, cold and summer” is also regarded as an important “secret” for longevity.

  Although the elderly suffer from hypertensive dysfunction, loose teeth and missing teeth, appetite and food intake are significantly reduced, resulting in the elderly have to eat less, but this inactive diet lacks stability and changes, andIt can’t be considered an effective diet, and it won’t really benefit life extension.

  In order to achieve longevity through dieting, we need to understand the importance of dieting to life extension, and take active measures to achieve a scientific and rational diet, so as to ensure the body’s demand for nutrients without increasing the body load.The purpose of “benefit” and “life benefits”.

  Recognize the importance of dieting to life extension.

Modern medical research has shown that animals with speed-limiting tests are generally younger than those without interval-limiting animals, and their life span is extended by nearly a quarter.

  Because, the restriction can significantly reduce the oxygen load in mammals and reduce oxygen damage.

One of the important mechanisms of animal aging is the accumulation process of oxygen damage, reducing the metabolic potential of the body, splitting the normal function of the brain, heart and muscles, showing degeneration and morphological changes, and thus aging.

Scientists have also confirmed the value of dieting from another aspect, that is, frequent satiety, excessive intake of test animals are often short-lived, the biggest danger is unfortunate accumulation in the body, causing too much, while increasing the body’s oxygen load,Increased the degree of oxygen damage, thus accelerating the body’s aging process.

  Therefore, experts suggest that people must control diet, limit dietary substitution, reduce oxygen load and oxygen damage, and prevent weight loss from continuing to grow, so as to help delay aging and achieve life extension.

  Learn about the rational dieting points.

There are 5 points that the elderly must pay attention to: 1 the diet is regular, regular quantitative, not over-satisfying; 2 the type of food and cooking should be reasonable, not partial, not partial eclipse.

  3 reduce the intake of staple foods, while appropriately increasing the protein of non-staple foods, such as lean meat, beans, milk, fish, vegetables and fruits.

  4 primary adult food and high sugar, such as snacks, candy, etc. should also try to eat less, and avoid snacks, night food.

  5 In the casting should also be based on light, less dialysis fried cooking method.

  In general, proper dieting for the elderly is good for disease prevention and longevity.

Old people should not raise a small illness

Old people should not raise a small illness

During the Spring Festival, many people are influenced by traditional concepts and are reluctant to go to the hospital for medical treatment, especially the elderly, so that they can raise a small illness.

  The reporter learned from the Four Central Hospital that since the New Year’s Eve, the proportion of elderly patients with chronic diseases has a high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, lung infections, etc., accounting for about 30% of the number of emergency visits.

  Liu, who is 75 years old and living in Hebei District, Tianjin, has a history of cerebral infarction and stays in bed for a long time.

Before the festival, I saw that the children were tired of going through the holidays. They had coughing and coughing. He couldn’t bear to bother the children. He just let the children buy some cough medicines.

I don’t think that the symptoms are getting better, but they are getting worse.

On New Year’s Eve, the elderly had severe stagnation, chest tightness, suffocation, and cyanosis. They were forced to send their ambulances to the emergency department of the Fourth Central Hospital for treatment.

The diagnosis was diagnosed as a lung infection, and the symptoms of the uncle were significantly improved after the treatment of sucking, anti-inflammatory and the like.

But the old deceased who said that “the first month can not be hospitalized”, Liu, who just saw improvement, clamored to go home for the New Year.

  According to Liu Junling, deputy chief physician of the Fourth Central Hospital, the situation of Uncle Liu is very common in the past few days. His outstanding performance is twofold: First, he is sick and squatting. He can take medicine at home, but he is determined not to be hospital.Check the treatment.

  Second, after going to the hospital for treatment, he was asked to leave the hospital after a slight improvement, and he rushed home to celebrate the New Year.

  Director Liu said that in fact, many diseases are timely, standardized treatment can be quickly restored, superstitious old orders often delay the best time for treatment, and even pay a painful price.

  Remind the elderly, break the superstition, and raise the small disease, especially those patients who have a history of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cerebral infarction. It is necessary to seek medical treatment in time. In addition, it is necessary to follow the doctor’s advice and medication, and pay attention to daily living.Diet, exercise and follow-up to reduce the risk of danger.

Supplement with ten essentials, ten not greedy (on)

Supplement with ten essentials, ten not greedy (on)

The principle of “ten must” is: 1.

The food should be fragrant: it means that the food should be reasonable, the cooking should be done, and it is suitable for the food color, fragrance and taste on the table to improve the appetite of the elderly.


Good quality: refers to the elderly should eat more nutritious foods, such as high-quality protein with rich amino acids and easy to digest, such as eggs and soy products, vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins, and excessive starchfood.


The number is small: the number of foods consumed by the elderly is small, and should not be too full. It should be sufficient for seven or eight minutes, especially for dinner. You can use small meals.


Absolutely light: It means that the elderly should not eat salty foods. Excessive salt can cause high blood pressure and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, the daily salt absorption should be controlled below 6 grams.


The food should be rotten: the food that the elderly eat should be as soft as possible, rotten, and the brakes are absorbed and absorbed by the elderly.


Diet should be warm: refers to the food temperature of the elderly should be hot and cold, especially pay attention not to eat too cold food to avoid causing disease in the body.


Food should be mixed: It means that the coarse and fine grains should be reasonably matched, and the main food should be more.

Because the nutrients of cereals, beans, fish and other foods are different, the reasonable combination of various foods is conducive to the complementarity and absorption of various nutrients.


More vegetables: refers to the number of vegetables used by the elderly, the amount of food should be more appropriate, the standard is to eat more than 500 grams per day is appropriate.

Because fresh vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals and cellulose, they play an important role in protecting cardiovascular and anti-cancer and preventing constipation.


Fruits to eat: Fruits are rich in vitamins and trace elements, which have a great effect on maintaining the pH balance of body fluids.


Eat slowly: Refers to the elderly do not worry when eating, should chew slowly, both inhaled digestion and absorption, but also prevent accidents caused by improper eating.