Love encounters,kazafExcept,Say that:“Before the count killing the royal family,Several important characters of the long-lived conference were missing or dying,Returns only a dead road,Run back with your big old,It’s better to die in Hong Kong Island.。”

“Do not,The current Europe is safe。”
Liao Wenjie’s first two steps,Smile and pattedkazafShoulders,Ambient:“I occasionally I went to Europe.,So it is very safe.,understand?”
kazafMeasuring,Two steps after the decline。
“Don’t see me like this,I am not intentionally……”
Liao Wenji mouth,The identity name will not write on the face,Who did he know who the other person is?。
in addition,Next time!
“I understand,I will return to Europe overnight.,Will not appear in Hong Kong Island,But I andhelenThing,Trouble you to tell her big brother,I won’t give up.。”kazafBite。
Liao Wenjie two hands,The ghost will tell this breakdown。
kazafQuite tangled looked at Liao Wenjie,Test:“Queen’s blood……”
“I,I know,Listen to me first。”
kazafCorner,Continue to say:“Blood infection is extremely strong,If you don’t want to become a bloody vampire,Then don’t take it.。”
“Are you finished?,Go away, let’s go.,Let me send you all the way,It’s not Europe.。”
kazafI still want to say anything.,quiltpradaBlocking on the shoulder,Quickly rush out of the church gate,Disappeared in the night。
Liao Wenjie shakes his head,Figure disappears,Instantly move to sports cars。
Solving this batch of vampires entering Hong Kong Island,The system is generous to reward two thousand financial resources,Plus three hundred points of no head,All homes rise to 555。
I feel that I have money.!
A group of vampires are not worth two thousand points,Even the count,But the strength is in this,Some people can pack him.。
Key blood in the royal family,This is the focus,Prescription,Blood is a strengthening agent,In addition to let him not fear sunshine,Can also make his strength penetrate,Dacted unimaginable height。
For Liao Wenjie,This group of blood is a coordinate,Connect independent space similar to ghost nest,Use the three-story small moving to enter the exploitation。
Not in a hurry,First, I will definitely report the female report.。
Hemishan area。
Liao Wenjie pushes the bedroom door,Open the bedside lamp,Very ruthlessly wakes the toolman。
Confused to see Liao Wenjie’s appearance,Cheng Wen Jing suddenly woke up,Small channel:“do not do that,Jude sister is next door,She will hear。”
“I want to go,This time is a business。”Liao Wenjie raised his hand in Cheng Wen’s brainny door.,Pull her from the bed,Press to sit on the office desk.。
“It is also a matter of doing it when you do things.……”
Cheng Wen Jing fits the head,Proficed paper pen:“what happened,I have to report it.?”
“Um,This situation is very simple,Not so complicated before,Just write write。”

Because Baihua Group has a few times of shallow cooperation with the monastery of the monastery.,Nature wants to give each other。

certainly,There is also a reason。
They naturally know that thing,Come here, I want to see what the season is there.。
At this moment, the season is said to the summer name.,Many people ‘s eyes in the field come。
“I knew it,This woman is not well。”Qinling Road lows sound,Judge。
Liu Qingqing is still cold if frost,For surrounding eyes,Not in a very good mood。
Until now,She is still very speechless before the summer.,Make her very uncomfortable。
See her,Qinling had to comfort,“Clear,Don’t care about that bastard,you know too,He is a mouth……”
“I didn’t care,I am……”Liu Qingqing is barely smile,“I am a bit uncomfortable.。”
Qinling mouth smoked,Is that still not very interested?。
At this moment,The woman named Zhang Wei suddenly improved the sound.,Seem surprising,“Season,You also invited the guy called the summer.,The guy is super big.,Still。”
The surroundings have exposed a different look.,But no one speaks,They have some wind blowing in this circle.,Will definitely spread quickly。
A few days ago,Shizhengxiang eats in Wolong Lake,Surgent is scared by summer crying,These people have heard of it.。
But as the owner of Wollong Lake,Jin Yourong has to express。
Actually until now,He is all unclear,Why is the season to choose a wine in Wollong Lake?。
He even skepts,This sly woman is afraid of seeing some of his own purposes.。
“Season,About the summer,I have been in contact with several times.,Um,People are still very nice,Some……how to say,Some arrogance。”Jin Yourong said faintly。
These people are different from these people,But you can listen,Jin Aolong this is in a clear relationship?。
Seasonal smile,then,Her eyes finally looked at the left direction,Liu Qingqing and Qinling sitting not far away。
“Liu Miss,I heard that the summer is the staff in your company.?”
Everyone looked over。
“Our company staff。”Liu Qingqing’s bending crumpled wrinkled。
The season is very enthusiastic,“Miss Liu can say,What kind of person is your staff??”
“Season,There are thousands of people in Baihua Group,And hundreds of middle-level employees in summer,I can’t understand everyone.。”
Liu Qingqing said,Some of these elites present in the scene。
Because there are some rumors,Said that summer is a boyfriend in Liu Qingqing。
“Hehehe,Miss Liu Company’s staff can be described as a tiger?,That day he and my bodyguard Alice,After that, she will become seriously injured.。”
The words of the season are calm,But people in the scene felt her anger。
“exactly,I also have a few masters in my hand.,It is a pity that day is not on the scene.,So today, the seeration,I want them to learn from Mr. Xia.,Miss Liu felt how?”
Seasonal red identity,And her strength,No need to cover up at all,Directly said true purposes。