Next moment。

Zhang Luo Yan’s long sword was broken by a knife,It was also flying in a huge force.。
boom!He is heavy,Into the moment。
“Tick……”Pad, a drop of blood drops ground,In this silence, like thunder。
Everyone sees,Zhang Luo Yan face pale,It also contains horrity in the eyes。
In his forehead、Facial、Chest、rib cage……Shallow knife marks appear。
Not a snake knife true,But the horrible knife。
This is still in the summer.,Otherwise, a knife will be built twice.。
Not exaggerated。
Summer is absolutely such strength。
Within the same level,No opponent。
Don’t look at him is now just the realm of the initial god.,It is a god of the gods and not necessarily win him.。
Another drop of blood drops on the ground。
The whole site is dead。
Zhang Luo Yan still is still difficult to calm,Hearts in the heart,Until this time,The sweat on the whole body is still in Championship.。
His hearts have jumped into a,Soul flying outside。
The whole person’s spirit,It is also evacuated in an instant。
Others are not clear,How can he not clear?,I have gone in life and death.。
“Father……”Zhang Shi Yun screamed。
Zhang Luo Yan is cold and drink,Zhang Shi Yun’s figure is abundant,“Father……”Zhang Luo Yan did not answer,A pair of eyes and dead stare at the summer,A word a meal,“you—Yes—Who!”
Summer doesn’t speak。
He income the snake knife,Immediately take a storage ring,Flexion,Falling in Zhang Luo Yan。
“There are 7 billion yuan in coins,Change Wang Sheng male parents’ freedom。”
Zhang Luo Yan face pale,Turn another,I don’t know if it is still scared.,Face on the face of blood imitation。
Zhang Shi Yun has already rushed to the past,A helped Zhang Luo Yan。
She stares at the summer,“Who do you think you are……”Summer station cold light,啵,Magical shape。
NS3614chapter Take
“careful……”Zhang Luo Yan Huoran,Fierce。
Summer is the same,A boxing。
Very casual punch。
The air is like a big wave,Pouting a spatial crack,Eruption unable to describe madness。

Contrary to them,Willow。 She looked at the summer of summer,Shocking,More, reverence and worship。
She has fantasy,Summer may be like grandfather,It is very likely that the team of four masters。
But I didn’t think of it.,He has already standed in the peak of this industry.。
Just thinking about her cranky,See you in the summer,“Smoke,You and come over。”
Liu Ru smoke。
See this scene,When Liu Yu suddenly hate iron,Jam,“What is it?,Go soon。”
Liu Ru smoke under the construction,It can go two steps,I found my own legs。
Five big masters,There are two five big masters in front.。
It’s easy to get a near,Summer laughing,“What are you afraid of?”
“I……I……”Liu Ru smoke does not know how to answer,Hurry,“Liu Ru smoke is seen in the meeting,See,See the Master。”
Transformation on the identity,Let her realize,In front of this youth,No longer that can be laughing casually,Young military person who can talk freely。
But a master,A live peak,Let people look up。
“Five masters are also people。
Looking at the nervousness of Liu Ru smoke,Summer helpless,“Brother,I put some foundations about the simplicity and compression genre,Also passed to Liu Ribu,Say,She is also half an apprentice。”
Zhang Tai’an’s eyes became bright,Upper and down, weigh the Liu Ru smoke。
When he gets the three-piece runner pistol,Zhang Taian suddenly made a moment。
Don’t look only three products,But from all aspects,It has been considered perfect works.。
No, the three-character refiner can refine。
Even the four masters do not necessarily refine。
Many layouts and ideas inside,Too much cleaning、Incredible。
And I heard the report,Summer refining this jack,It also uses a short time。
This makes Zhang Tai’an more confirmed,The opponent is very likely to surpass the four products。
So he specially called,Act as a four-master master’s assessment committee。
but in fact,He finally did not have an assessment of summer。
Instead, I exchanged the summer seven nights in the examination room.。
Two people from materials、Pure、Node arrangement、Changes in the front, etc.,Many respects have launched a deep exchange。
Directly let the four masters,Dumbent, a good half。
If someone reminds,I have already been assessment time.,Zhang Tai’an also wants to communicate with the summer。
no way。
This has been,Only he is a big master,Even a peer that can communicate with the discussion。
What is the loneliness?。
Now there is a mid-a person,Imagination,What is excited and excited?。

Yang Su even suggested that the high-minded thief shouted to make it a review,Divided into nine episodes,The result is rejected by Gao Baoyi。

The reason is that it is equal to the face of the madness solo letter。
The outside thing is getting awkward,However, the parties can’t do it.。
“Gao Baoyi,Your Seism,It’s too slow to write.?How can I write the third time now?。”
Shanva sitting in front of the desk,Eat the pastries sent by Yang Su,Little Hibai who urges the struggle next to the book.。
“Big sister,Concindeline these take time is good.,Would you like to go shopping in Chang’an City first??”
Gao Baoyi is not good for,Lite the lonely。
“Ugh,My pure white body.,Be seen by a man.,Touch,Rubbish,This is what I still see people in the future.。”
Solitary,Gao Boyi really。
“Row,I am afraid of you.,Say you can change one sentence later,I will be back.!”
Gao Boyi handed the manuscript in his hand to the Shanvia Road:“Fourth back,There is no more time.。You forced me again,I will put you in your wooden bucket now.,Humph!”
This big sister is really difficult to wait,Three Kingdoms notice,Look at the West Hall!
His Gao Bao is a big thing.,It is good to disturb the North and the Government.!
How can I send a solitary home??
You said what you didn’t do for my daughter.,Can you believe it??Gao Bo Yi does not believe。
And forcibly send back,Identity exposed,Sepafulness,Will definitely tell your own information。
Add another oil to add a vinegar?,At that time, you can sin.。
He can’t expose your identity now.,Otherwise, some drama will not sing very much.。
Leave and right think,Gao Baoyi found that he was really solitary, and the little girl was pinned.,I can only temporarily hurt her.,Don’t let her get something。
Ugh!Think of my Xiangyang Wang Yiying,Chen Bao first,Weijing Xuan is all sent to it.。
This year, there is no daughter who can’t solve the letter this year.。
Gao Baoyi lamented,Exchange with Yang Su。He found Yang Su with a lot of intensive counts on weekdays,At this moment, it is also a war.。
Solitary believe that he Gao Biyi is not afraid,I can even take the nose.。
Beauty, he is not afraid,How beautiful is,I can sleep,Can’t sleep, send people,His Gao Bao is also very skilled。
But beautiful, alone, daughter, this fatal combination,His Gao Bao is really kneeling.,With Yang Su,。
“Leader,Waiting for the fish,Let us give him a slaughter.。”Yang Suyi smiled。
If you kill the fish, you can let all restore.,Gao Baoyi will now make a knife to find this。
The problem is to kill him useless.。
Did not find a daughter’s solitude letter,After all, let this matter。Because of the quiet manager for a long time,Finally!
The other party’s trick is the positive of the local road,So I solve the twelve spirit,I plan to confront the Writ on the championship.!

This woman who usually looks elegant,I didn’t expect to drink too much alcohol,He didn’t care about anything。Lie down!But the problem is that after Donna lay down,I stretched my legs on the back of the sofa,Keep rubbing up and down to play。

Thus,The hem of her skirt slipped to the base of her thigh,The two beautiful white legs are all exposed。Such a scene is that men will not calm down when they see it。
“You should sit down!Your cousin said,She won’t take care of company affairs anymore,Just let you keep going。As for whether what she said is true or not,I can’t guarantee this。But i think,Since you did it,Then do it well“Xia Jian lowered his head,I tried to control myself and said。
Donna’s tone changed suddenly,Said softly:“Thank you Mr. Xia!I’m not joking with wood like you anymore。Come over and grab me,We will go back“
Xia Jianyi listen,Stood up quickly。It’s late at night,If two people stay together for a long time,Nothing is wrong。Xia Jian walked over,Reached out and grabbed Donna’s beautiful little hand,A little harder,Donna not only sat up,And he hugged Xia Jian’s body abruptly。
Donna’s soft breast was pushed onto Xia Jian’s thigh,Xia Jian only felt his head buzzing,Bloody stools began to surge。At this time,The door of the office was pushed open from the outside with a crash。
“You bitch woman,Sure enough, still messing around here,Lao Tzu scrapped your broken shoes today“I heard the roaring voice of a man coming over。
Xia Jian was shocked,Most of the wine wakes up,He turned sharply。A 30-year-old man behind him leaped towards him and Donna。The man holds a half wooden stick in his hand,Obviously they came prepared。
This is incredible,Go down this stick,No matter who it hits,No one can stand it。Xia Jian’s side,One gear left,Wrap the gold wire with the right hand。
Just listen:“Ouch!“Bang,The wooden stick in this person’s hand is in Xia Jian’s hand。
First1743chapter Lace news again
? Do nothing but never stop,Since I have already started,Xia Jian is not a vegetarian。I saw his shoulders sink,Fierce force,Who was hit and flew out,Fell on the sofa with a plop。
“Chen Hao!What are you crazy?”Donna came over at this time,Her hands on hips,A menacing look。
Chen Hao got up from the sofa,I helped the skewed glasses。Xia Jian can see clearly,This guy is pretty handsome,Should be a few meters tall,Handsome face。With a pair of gold-rimmed glasses,Give people a very learned look。
“Donna!You vicious woman。Called me from the south to such a poor place,You dare to fool around with others outside,Really shameless”Chen Hao is desperate,Pointing at Donna and cursing loudly。

“Not,This thing is right and wrong, I have already understood。”Tang no trace is smile:“I will give a fault handling。”

“Thank you!”Lin Feng and Tang Yinyao heard that he nodded。
“Brother,You are the iron to manage it.?”Longtaihuang carrying hands,His dragon tiger stepped to Tang no trace,Powerful gas field,Jin Guang Wanzhang,There is a feeling of suffocation in the scene.。
Golden windbreaker,Long Taihuang is like a emperor.。
“Not my tube,It is a matter of matter,Why don’t you come with a small generation??”Tang no trace:“What’s more, he is my Tang family’s son-in-law.,Dragon brothers do this to put my Tang family where?”
“Humph!”Long Taihuang snorted:“Brother,You are this private law,His all of his people know,What is the reason why Tang brother??”
“World people know?I don’t know what the brother does it mean.?Does the five major power destroyed Hu Jia??Is it a five major power to join hands to mad a Qinglong Chamber of Commerce??”Tang no trace is like electricity, looking to Longtai Empress Road。
“Tang brothers really can speak right。”Just in this void again sounded a moving sound again.,A man in a white windbreaker walked down from the helicopter of Longtai Emperor.,This person has a long figure,Fruit,middle aged,Give people a sense of Confucian,With golden glasses。
Like a Confucian businessman。
This shadow is like Long Taizhuang.,Step by step on the ground。
“Beijia Master Buben Dragon!”A few shocking sounds in the crowd。
Belle dragon is like water,The eyes are as deep as deep pangry,Take the breath between the lifetime,Then after the eyes fall in Bai Xueyin,Liu Wei,And Benindez in the crowd,Beihai’s own。
Beninde,Liu Wei,Beihai three people have gone out,Come to the front of the Belle Dragon:“See the master!”
Bei Shen Dragon Face is slightly cold,The scorpion is dead and staring at the Snowy and the sound:“Need me to break your face??”
NS544chapter Yue Moon
Belle dragon rises to the horrible breath,This breath is like a sea,Give people an irresistible feeling,In addition to the Donuts and Longtai Emperor,Others feel depressed。
Bei Shenlong’s scorpion,cold,It’s like a cold ice.,Let the Bayi shadow,May be born,Take the time。
But very fast, the kind of willful will rise in the snow.,She launched:“Beijia master,I am the god of the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce.,I don’t know what you mean by this sentence.。”
“Bubei Dragon,You got the wrong person,The people of my Qinglong Chamber of Commerce are still doing whenever you manage.!”Lin Feng cold road,His figure greeted,Directly in front of Beckham。
Tell this,Suddenly!
“I rubbed,This is too big.,Talk to the home of the shebei with this tone。”
“This is a good play.。”
“Lin Feng was killed。”
“Be a hair,People obviously。”
“Beshi, I don’t know how to pack Lin Feng.。”
Many people have stared at Babi Dragon,Bei Shen Dragon Face Tie Youth,Gloomy,The horrible breath is straight,He stared at Lin Feng.,And then staring at Beckhawa:“Disdain,Give me the face of the people in the world,Unveil your face mask,Go back to accept the punishment of the family!”
Bei Shenlong step by step approaching Lin Feng and Bei Xue Yin,Tang no trace frowns,When his figure is just taken,But I was stopped by Long Taihuang.。
Bei Shenlong’s breath once again climbed,The horrible breath is sweeping。
A mad sound sound,A Sword of Sword is fried in the void,Jiang Fishing Village is carrying too much sword.,A sword stab,Sword,The horrible sword gas is directly rushed to the Belle Dragon with the devastating power.。
This breath can kill the sky。
But the figure of Bubei Dragon is like walking.,He has a light screen on his body,Sparkling,And the horrible sword is in this sparkling light curtain,Then, like a hit in cotton.,Then I disappeared。
A righteous response,Jiang Fi Village’s figure flew out,Heavy falling on the ground。

“‘Fantasy killer’?”Snowy’s face fierce,It’s no longer like it’s easy to express as it.。

Although her purpose is to make the fire of the war,But there is no need to take yourself in this purpose.。
‘Heat control’、‘Super electromagnetic gun’、‘Fantasy killer’Three people are there,Your own combat power is not enough to pay three people。
“what?”The upper strip is stunned.,“you know me?Who are you saying??”Although I said,But his right hand has already launched a fist.。
Although the upper strip is often unlucky,But he is not stupid。
The invader is the magician,In addition to this wearing a wearing woman,Who else??
“how,‘Number of mysterious diamonds’Didn’t you be with you??”Although Xueli is planning,But she still smiled and looked at the upper strip in front of it.,“Or you have seen it through it’s essence,So put it from it.?”
“what are you talking about?”The upper strip is still inexplicably,“Your guy is crazy.?”
Although there is no reaction,But the palace face on the side is full of cold。
Another violent loud sound,Shi Giants are directly bombarded by a strong power.,Heavy smashed on the side wall of the channel,Let Cheleti have grown up their eyes。next moment,She screamed,Directly defeated a force。
“ground”Meiqin is amazed, watching the still is still not infected.,Look at almost almost melted into glass,Grounding of white smoke,Some sluggish。
She still saw such a violent Qing Palace for the first time.。
‘Number of mysterious diamonds’What is something??Meiqin is in mind,Can let the Qing Palace so angry?
“What rights do you have such a call??”The collar of the Qing Dynasty, the color of the bride, the collar of Xuellen Will in the ground,Under the latter is not credible,A pair of light golden scorpions seem to be emitted from flames.,“Still you think,The old things of the Arestea put it in,You can really do things casually.?”
“I will not fight women.。”Qing Palace is blinking,“but,As you have a selfish desire,Eggs who are willing to destroy others’ lives”
“I will never look at it.!”
Sound,Insarcisive,Meiqin is amazed,The Qing Dynasty is on the face of Snow Len Will.,Bigger,Even the head of Xueli was smashed on the ground.。
“hiss”The upper striking angle is crazy,“I thought that this habit of hitting face is not good enough.,I didn’t expect the Qing Palace, this guy is still violent.!”
“Listen to it。”Even the mouth of Meiqin can’t help but smoke。
Although she didn’t figure out what happened,But look at Xeli on the ground,Meiqin suddenly gave birth to a pity。
“useless”Snowy Croollen Well, who was smashed by the Qing Palace, actually can talk,She is struggling to raise her head,There is no yield meaning in your eyes.,Double eyes are still unwilling,“I will definitely buried the war.”
“you!”The palace pupil is shrinking,Just once again grabbed Snow Li,The latter is a brutal smile,Her right hand,I don’t know when I once again appeared a chalk.,It is quietly painted the last parent of the spell.。
Another crazy explode,The stone giant man who was smashed by the Qing Palace to the wall.,Burst,The ground is like an earthquake,Countless soil stone, such as a storm, usually fall from the sky,Imitation。
“not good!”The Qing Palace suddenly shocked,Another can’t take the snow,He stood up,A beautiful piano who will be horrified is in his arms,Then I put down the upper strip.,at the same time,‘Absolute field’Speed open!
While he just finished all this,The top of the head is like a larile-like earth and the stone is poured down.
on the ground。
“So slow”Yindith is on the shade of the roadside,Hot exhaust tongue,The wind, the wind, Ice Hua, I am worried about her.。
“Do you know the glasses before Ice Hua??”Yintke curious lifts,Looking at the wind of the wind,“Feeling that you and he are very familiar with him?。”
“Um。”Refer to the Qing Palace,The look of the wind is a little bit happy.,“He is the first person I have seen.。”
“What is the strange syntax?。”Yintke silk is confused and scratched,“So what is your brother??and also,Your glasses are like him.。”
“Um。”Wind, ice, ice, smile,I can’t help but touch the soybean glasses with yourself.,It seems that it is recalling the scene three years ago.。
think carefully,She doesn’t know anything about my origin.。
She is natural,But I will never be confused. I don’t know where I have come.。
If it is not a Qing Palace?,She is now afraid that even their names don’t know.,How can this happen to doubt??
Although she still thinks that she is just an ordinary girl.,But she has a strange feeling.,That is different from others.。
As for where the end,She also said that she is not clear.。
Nowadays,It is the second time to give friends.。
The first time is the Qing Palace,The second is that Yintick and the upper strip。
Always felt,It seems a very kind person around yourself.。Think of this,The wind, ice, I can’t help but smile.。
“That is going to drink ice coffee?”Wind, Ice, smiling, looking at the inner thlecha,“That is the first time I bought it.。”

Cheng Li Xue should follow this time,Scared Tesla and Ali Stein。

Ask her that she is not in the second crash,Not already
Cheng Li Xue did not say,Just say that you are lucky enough to live。
China is broad,There is currently not much combat power, Need to fight against collapse with some external force。
The mechanical organic organisms inverse entropy is undoubtedly the best choice,Through the relationship between Shengfu’s Reeda, I came.。
Next,Cheng Lixue,Ai Minstan,There is also Tesce a meeting for six hours.。
Finally, I decided to support the company’s support.,Three versions of the machine model than reverse entropy,But also within the service,Categories that don’t immediately eliminate。
Alternative,Shenzhou must provide a certain material,Open some channels and trade tracks,Resource interchange。
Inverse entropy is not a charity,It is impossible to rely on your face,Or a sentence gives you strategic equipment。
Can grow into a worldwide organization,Reverse entropy can not be a tissue that has become such a cow?。
This time agrees with a small amount of resources,This still looks at Cheng Li Xue’s face.。
Shenzhou area belongs to the defense line of life,There is no complete indication of our position in Shenzhou.,Reverse entropy will not be able to do business。
Just demonstrate the innate,A fierce discussion has been conducted in the conference room.。
“what?”Leisure area outside the conference,Han Rong lying on a chair like a broken bottle,Looking at the ceiling,Familiar sound from the ear。
Look up,The door came in an unsatisfactory acquaintance。
“You are nothing”Han Tong Children shakes his head and hurry to change mouth:“You are fine, it is really good.。”
Han Jiang squatted,Asked:“What can I have??”
“The last time is so dangerous,You return to the base alone.”Hankong children see Han Jiang’s eyes full of questions,A little explained a little。
Han Jiang then reacted,The last time is really dangerous,But it is just a thrilling,Nothing。
Small base is broken by the world snake,Hankong children temporarily bring several children to run。
After a danger,Han Jiang has no long time,I left the next day.。
Hanjiang’s identity,His security is or not,Naturally, it will not be discussed in the mouth by Tesla.,Hankong children don’t know how this home is。
“You come this time to”
Han Jiang looked at the direction of the meeting room:“A little bit。”
Have a familiar person,Waiting for the meeting time, there are a lot.,Han http://www.zyfpay.cnJiang and Han Tong Children have a chat with a chat.。
Cracking from all aspects of the world,Talk to some interesting things happening in your respective life。
Han Tong Tong said that they have become busy recently.,I don’t know what I am busy one day.,Be busy。
A small assistant as Tesla,Han Tong Tong is very much every day。
Han Jiang guess,Moonlight throne,Should be ready to finish。
Five p.m,Cheng Li Xue came out from the conference room,Tired than smile,It seems that I have a long time to fight against the crash.。
“well enough?”Han Jiang greeted。

Zhao Ping saw his game screen,There is a heart icon,The center is dark red but the edge of the blood vessel junction,There are still some green bloodshot eyes,It seems that the poison has not been cleaned up,It’s just that the blood loss rate is significantly lower,About every second1HPThe speed is decreasing……

“do not worry,You put‘Fast bandaging’Leave the skills to yourself,I went to explore the murloc’s lair,Hope to find the cure……”Lu Yi knew that the attack progress of the Army of Flowers and Grass should have been behind the Elite Army,So I have to take a risk。
“what?Do you mean to go to the Murloc’s Lair by yourself?”Zhao Ping dare not Believe in my ears……
“Master Lu,You should wait for me and the president!The Murloc’s Lair is too dangerous,Visually available5Murloc,Do you really want one dozen five?”Shunzi has a calm personality,He persuaded Lu Yi to wait for him and Erma Pingchuan, who was resurrected。
“It doesn’t matter,I will try to be careful before you come!”Lu Yi rejected his kindness。
at this time,On the map3Murloc Lair,The Flower Corps is locatedCPoint around,And the Elite Army is locatedBpoint,Since it’s the treasure mode,Then every stronghold must have important strategic significance。
And Lu Yi’s timer,Have clearly felt,The opposing legion throws in4Manpower,Murloc lair is likely to be conquered……
No time to think so much!
Lu Yi’s fingers quickly tapped on the keyboard,The scarlet bright spot of the mouse held by the right hand is in the night environment of the Internet cafe,Dancing like a firefly。
After Lu Yi entered the murloc lair,Ignore the two melee murloc guards patrolling back and forth,But towards the darkness in the nest,Fired three shots!
“Master,Are you going to start acting again?”Zhang Song frequent urination tonight,After coming out of the toilet, I saw the picture of Lu Yi braving the murloc’s lair alone.。
Feng Xichuan on the side looked at Lu Yi’s screen and was immediately stunned.,This is a way of playing that is more reckless than yourself?!
I saw Lu Yi jump along a wall of the murloc’s lair,Passed into the lair between the weapons of the two melee murloc guards。

This made Ou Che shake all over,She couldn’t think her father was so crazy!

“Good daughter,Do not worry。People are afraid of death,Especially the rich!”
“Tang Ren and Ye Hongfei are the rich among the rich,they
597 The temptation of longevity
Qin Bodong looked at Chen Xiu in disbelief,Seeing him nod for sure。And Ou Jianhua opened his mouth,I just feel my throat is dry,After swallowing, he asked:“Have……Is there any evidence to prove?”
Chen Xiu looked at Tang Ren、Ye Hongfei and Gong Changchun,Ye Hongfei took out the letter Ge Hong left,Qin Bodong and Ou Jianhua both reached out to grab。
“What are you worried about!”
Gong Changchun was afraid that the two of them would fight for the right to watch the book again,First to take over the book from Ye Hongfei,Spread on the stone table,Smiled:“No need to grab,Watch at the same time!”
“Xiaoxiong,Light me up!”
“Xiao Che,Cell phone!”
598 Counterattack
“Don’t say so much。”
Ou Jianhua said anxiously:“Naturally I will let people from Hong Kong Island cooperate with you about Wei Kai。Let’s go to Centipede Ridge,Don’t miss the fairy!”
Qin Bodong also said:“Thirty years ago we met,Almost missed again。This fairy chance comes,Really can’t miss!”
“My private jet is parked at Ansan Airport,Can go anytime。”Ye Hongfei said。

“really,Liu Qingsong this wave is also a full operation,RWCharterEQ,Flashing to the palaceQ,The tacit understanding of two people is really exaggerated.。”

“Yes,Gongbao is also extraordinant,The operation is too dead.,The skills are too dead.。”
“have nothing to say,Palace is full of。”
After this wave operation,IGDouble group directly cooperates to go to the roadngThe first fire dragon that is refreshed。
then,12minute,Aion directly won the gorge pioneer。then,He is directly putting this canyon pioneer in the road.。
Bouring,FWThe next column is also directly posed thereafter。
but,After a long time after this wave,There is no outbreak in both sides.。
even,Even fighting conflicts have little。
Until the time15Minute45second,I started to be an article around the two-side fire dragon.。
Next wave group battle,Talented again。
This wave group battle,Titan and the emperor,All skills are in the body of the glow.。
Palace Qingwen’s Xia,I have to pay my own skills,Come to Titan and the emperor’s entry。
but,The key to this wave group battle,It is not here.。
instead,The key to this wave of group battle is on the side wings,Kaikam is about to enter the position。
but,Just over Kaikam,Then when the next moment is ready to enter the field.。
Luo has already opened his own big trick,Restricted to Kaikam’s actions。
after this,The group battle began to become extremely confusing。
finally,This wave group battle,IGPlay a one3Change4Ending。
This fire dragon,It is alsoIGIncome in the capsule。
after this,Compared to the previous wave of longer wind and calm arrival。
At this time, it has already fallen into disadvantages.FWDon’t want to pick up,I just want to wait for my ownCLocation continuing,Time point to the time point。
IGIt is in this process.,Constantly invadingFWVision and wild。
FWHere,The reaction is relatively,Not because this is going to beIGIf you feel the feeling of killing。
This style of calm picture,Continued until the field25minute。
25One wave of group battles,DirectIGThe winning situation is completely determined。
Field25Minute15second,On both sides in the river, the rivers, the gods of the vision。
Developed this time point,FWI feel that I can get a group.。
FWTime ratioIGSlightly faster,In the grass in the middle of the road to the river,Also accounts for a certain initiative。
Among the perspective of God,Titan shoulder carry an anchor,Crouch in this grass,waitingIGEveryone’s arrival。
Titan is very clear,IGEveryone will certainly come to the grass inside.。After all, they are now an advantage.,It is impossible to put it.FWOccupational position。
Next moment,Among the sight of Titan,A slightly thin figure suddenly flashed from his own face。
No one is hesitant,Titan directly selects the hook group。
This time,Nothing needs to see who is necessary?。
IGLineup,No matter who is driving,FWHave a skill that kills the capital。
so,Can seize the opportunity,Just grab it directly.。
then,This hook continues to extend,The figure in front of the exquisite。
Titan,I have already succeeded halfway.。