The owner let him give up the revenge,Go outside the wind。

Mr. Big warn him,Leave,Don’t stay in one second。
Otherwise,He will die without burial!Just because of a name。
Summer!Who is he?!This moment Bai Jiarong,I have no hatred of the pain of being killed.。
Only fear。
Endless fear。
Leave!Immediately leave。
The elevator finally stopped。
After the elevator door is opened,Bai Jiarong ran away from outside,Great,“Block him for me!”
At this moment,Summer figure has fallen on the fifth floor of the air-conditioning box。
Several bodyguards that rush out of the elevator stopped,Always shoot in summer,The rest of the people followed Bai Jiarong to the parking lot。
咻咻 咻咻。
Facing the fire,Summer is like a spiderman,Do not stop on the vertical wall,And then jumping。
Semi-air,He stretches the body,When it is about to land,Ingredients an incredible angle,And the latter half of the dragon turned over。
Flavor,Foufoot,Borrow, move forward。
The bodyguard blocked in front did not play the role of blocking.。
When the summer is going into the crowd,Just as if a bomb fell。
Seventeen bodyguards all like a broken kite in the cruelty。
No one can describe the scene of this electric flash。
Just ran to the parking lot,Bai Jiarong, who is ready to get on the bus, hurried,I only saw a magic eye like steel casting.,In the crowd。
Next second。
Extremely magnified in his retina。
“Drive!Walk away!”
Bai Jiarong screamed,Quickly drill into the car,One of the front bodyguards immediately launched the car。
Bombard!Engine roaring,Luxury car。
But next second,A remaining shadow arrived in front。
In Bai Jiarong and the bodyguards,The coming, one foot, is real, on the side of the car。
Only listening to a sudden sound。
Whole head instantly out of control。
Wheels bring a sputum,In extremely harsh sound,On the side of the vehicle。
First2003Chapter Ni
Bombard!Bai Jiarong’s luxury car head,A car body that hits it on the side。
Time of the head,Burst of black smoke。
The driver driven in front of the car hit on the airbag。
White Jiarong on the back seat,It is also hitting a seven episodes.,Faint。
Survival can make the driver driving quickly,Summer that shot into the summer。
White Jiarong slammed the brain,Push the door,Take your legs。
However, did not run a few steps,Loud。
He warehouses behind。
I saw the window of the driver position in the summer.,Hold a pistol in your hand,The muzzle of the black hole is aiming at him.。

certainly,It also does not refine。

Just like the martial arts,Apoted part of the spindle,And anti-energy essence。
to be exact,These two things are not refining,It is extremely cost-effective。
This is visible,How strong the original fire。
After coming to the road line,The metal ore ingot here is so strong,With the improvement of summer strength,Refining speed is higher than others。
This 万 万 母 母 母 气,Invested in black flames。
Summer mission,Continuous adjustment temperature。
At the end,Black flame color is getting deeper,More and more strong。
The internal temperature has reached an incredible state。
However,That one rice grain size is gas,No change in change。
Only the peripherality of the breath fluctuations,I was barely refined。
Is these emotions,It also contains a pound of pure energy。
I dare not I want to neglect in the summer.,Take it out of the sky, and it is also in the flame.。
Controlled the energy,Slow injection of bow。
only,Summer is not happy,Instead, browling。
The speed is too slow。
If this speed is pressed,Nothing,It is difficult to refine。
To know,This is only a germplasm of a rice grain.。
Continue to mouse the god,Tai Chi map in Dantian is crazy,Transformation into extreme force,All used to proton flame。
Hidely,The original fire has risen again。
The dark color seems to be deep in the abyss,even……Reform into 光。
Temperature inside,As if I can burn all things。
Rice size,Finally, a variation occurs。
The outermost energy fluctuation,Refinered again。
but,Still too slow。
And this state can’t maintain long-lasting summer in summer.。
Half,Flame collapse,Summer will re-income the jade bottle in the summer。
Take the speed of him,I want to refine all the abortion,Can’t implement it in a short time。
He thought that it is easy to rely on his original fire.。
Now it seems,Temperature is still not enough。
His dish is sitting next to the boundary,Taken a goddess stone。
Can only take the second method。
Always,He started from the first touch refiner,I learned the law of my heart.。
Almost no use of Ding furnace。
Now he wants to borrow external forces in this Ding furnace。
first step,Place five lines of solid fire。
Second step,Refining a trip。

then,A very quirky picture has appeared in a high school,in the corridor,Sometimes students will feel that someone will pass by himself.,I can’t look back but nothing.,Some people even feel that they are pushed.,But you can see it around you.,Suddenly caused a unsteady riot。

Population,The upper strip of the face is in the exclaimed population.,From time to time, I am deeply sigh.。
“This look,After we finished eating, is it really coming?”Upper strike,But the intense hunger in the abdomen makes him decisively choose to give up thinking about this problem.,All the way, running with everyone,what,Do you ask him how to see??Just follow the people who follow the riots.。
“Is it here??”Wire fence standing in the edge of the campus,Wrinkle with frown,“What do we want?!”After her words, half of them were directly turned into a sharp scream.,Because the Qing Palace in front of her is directly putting a big hole。
“this”The blue ear ring does not help but have a big mouth,“This is not a bit too arrogant.?”
“Why do you have so much?。”The Qing Palace turned over white eyes,“I don’t eat lunch.?”
“lunch!”This sentence,A group of people with accompanying eyes are bright in an instant,Out of the rays of green oil,It seems that a group of wolves who don’t know how long I have seen food.,It looks unusually ferritous。
Very full staff!
“go!”Blow the machine,The first one across the fence,Then, a group of boys and girls came out.,Finally, leaving only two people in the Qing Dynasty and the upper strip.。
“Let it go。”The Qing Dynasty took the lead,Obliquely on the top,“I always feel that your disaster is degree.,There will be something”
“Hey!Qing Palace!Upper strip!What are you doing??!”I haven’t waited for another Qing Palace.,A roar is just not far from the two.,Upper strikes,Look back,Suddenly frightened。
“Disaster error teacher!”
Under anxious,The upper strip,I jumped out of the fence.,But perhaps because it is too urgent,The iron wire burned by the Qing Dynasty was hung by his pants.,Just listen‘Thorn’A synchronous acid sound,The upper pants suddenly torn out a huge crack。
Urgent situation,The upper strip also can’t take care of it.,Decisively wear a big pants that are torn off a big straw,Look at the Qing Palace。
“Hey!you”at this time,The disaster error has finally chased it.,Anger is rushing to watch the Qing Palace,“How do you destroy??”
“Nothing teacher。”Qing Palace,The disaster in the school is being blocked, 嘿嘿 smile,When the wire fence behind, I don’t know when I have returned.,“Has been repaired.。”
“and also,Can you please help me with a fake afternoon??”
Chapter 576 Stripping and dragon
After leaving the school,The Qing Palace does not go around,Instead, I went to the hospital of the soul of the soul.。
He is going to see a person。
In the hospital,The Qing Dynasty asked a sentence in the office of Tong Shuzhen.,After getting the determined result,Before going straight to a hospital home,I knocked two times,Go straight to pushing。
Go into the ward,The eye is a disease service,Skinny brown girl,Girl lying in bed,Although the spirit is still slight,But it is still unable to cover her pretty and influence of this age.,In the moment of seeing the Qing Palace,Girl is slightly surprised,Can soon relieve, slight smiles in the Qing Palace。Before the window of the girl,Sitting with a refreshing handsome teenager,Positive care will be good。
“long time no see,Schiline。”Qing Palace, watching the girl,Pizza slightly,“Since you can be here,It seems that your hidden dangers have been solved.。”
“how do you know”Si Qi Tuanmo is shocked,So some curiosity look at the Qing Palace,“this”
“I know something is still a lot.。”The Qing Palace is a mysterious smile.,Then go to the head looking at Aiji sitting in the bedside,“I thought that you didn’t appear on that day.,I didn’t expect it to be this reason.。”
“It’s a pity that I missed a good play.。”Ai Li stands up,Looking at the Qing Palace,Can’t help but smile,“The battle in that day is really wonderful.。”
“This kind of thing is wrong.。”After listening to the Qing Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty smiled.,“After all, you have saved something important to you.。”
“Is it quite important??”Aiger’s eyes are slightly confused,After a while, I will laugh.,“what,Yes。”
“Is it a quite important person?。”
“Empty words,I will let Zuiti to see you.。”The Qing Palace once again smiled slightly,Looking at the latter, some look at it is a look,Smile and shake your head,“Do not worry。”
“There are a lot of shapes in the urban city.,Have a good person, there is a villain,”Qing Palace,Waving the two people,“So don’t have to worry about what the organization behind you will cause what happening to you.。”

She is in love with Wenlang,But Wen Wen did not accompany her to the cinema.。

Think about her and Wen Lang for three years,Where is it in love?,Even friends can’t,They have a few times a month.,There is very little time for calling,It’s hard to eat a meal for a month.。
She ridiculely evoke Yingrun’s red lips,It’s all whiskers that fall in love.,The woman in love is idiot,This is also true to。
Life is just a diloy in the sea,However, there is too much to carry too much.!
If you don’t find Wen Wen,How can I go back to think that they have seen a few times a month?,Is it a love between them?。
Elevator is coming,More people have more,After two people go in,Mu Zizi has a lot of music to him in front of him.,There are many people who enter the elevator.,Will still squeeze them。
His body will not be pourmed forward,His face,If there is no, if you don’t touch her up and curved wavy hair,Evil, if there is no fragrance,Let him heart,Convinced。
Muzi Hohop,Push all the emotions of your heart,He warned himself,It’s still time to show your own mind.。
Now Le Yu,I am very painful in my heart.,She has to help her out this pain,He has the opportunity。
The feelings have always been anxious.,He is absolutely can’t ruin the future because of the temptation at this moment.。
Muzi,Do you see how big you?!Who can tell you like this woman??
It’s easy to get too long.,Long long time will not come so easy。
There is always one person in the world.,Let your own heart is willing to have no heart。
And that person is Le Yu。
At the first floor,Le Yu looked back at him,Belt in the eyes。
Compared with Wen Wan,He is so subtle,Let her feel very warm。
She and Wen Wen are in the elevator,Wen Most is low-headed mobile phone,Which pipe will not be squeezed。
Muzi Handed her to the underground garage,His car parked in the garage。
He said:“Gather,Let’s go to the parking lot,Car in the parking lot。”
Le Yu smiles:“Your company is really good,Do you have a trip??”
Mu Zizi:“Gather,We have never losing our own employees.,Each branch has a car,And are luxury cars。”
Le Yu is listening,Laughing,“Lu Hao Cheng is also very rich,But if you have money, you can’t play this.,These days, their two of them flew,I don’t know what you think.?
He should know that the blue is a mother with three children.?”
Mu Ziyan listened to this problem,I don’t want to answer instantly.。
People’s instincts are going to chase those things from her.,And often ignoring what is chasing her.。
妍 妍 妍。
He laughed:“Gather,do not worry,Hao Cheng is not a casual person,It is a person who will not easily hurt others.,Blue Director and Hoheng,You don’t have to worry。”
NS433chapter:Strip-twist melon is not sweet

NS433chapter:Strip-twist melon is not sweet
Le Yu is dissatisfied with him.,“Lu Hao Cheng is your friend,You are naturally speaking for him.。”
Mu Ziyi listened to her,Quite helplessness,His belly is black,Say:“Gather,Blue Xin is your friend,You are naturally talking to her.,but,I am not worth you believe.?
I tell you,Hoheng is absolutely serious。”
Le Yu 妍 妍 愣 愣 愣,Look at him,“You said this,My family Xiaoxi should be more effort。”
“Else!”Muzi fucked quickly。
“why?”Le Yu’s charm is quietly looking at him quietly。

Several breathing rooms,The giant axe has already seen a flaw,A simple swipe of the axe,The energy formed was slow for an instant,Then jump into the Deshen Stream。

Li Ming smiled slightly,Demon Killer Clone’s clone flashed,Several clones recovered,Firmly fixed on the shoulder of the giant axe and transform into a decorative clone,Fall with the giant axe。
Cong Mie Shen Jian,Penetrate the endless magma sea,Arrive at Yanshui Lake,A total of seven lives and deaths,Eventually reach the stream of death。Li Ming has also seen the extremely dangerous area in the universe。
Some place,Single thread,A ray of flame can kill the Lord of the universe。
The most dangerous place, even his River Spirit clone, may not be able to stop the continuous destructive power。
But fortunately,As the strongest giant axe, avoid carefully,At a speed tens of millions of times the speed of light,Cautiously but quickly broke into a dangerous place‘Twelve Abyss。’
The Ninth Abyss,deep。
The founder of the giant axe with a giant axe wielding a Xeon treasure,And Li Ming, who stood on his shoulders, used the secret method of talent from World Tree clone【Control time and space】,Explore around。
“As expected, the abyss is the most dangerous place,I have released enough these days198Avatar,The longest one lasted for a long time!”
Li Ming’s clone,Only double the genetic level,But the attack power is also comparable to the threshold of the Lord of the Universe。
Actually,Most clones are good for three minutes。
“Luo Feng, that kid in Primordial Universe has publicly stated that he has fallen,But we have to find a way to get those treasures back。”The giant axe said with a smile:“But what I hope most is the presence of the strongest of the God Eye Race。。。I can use them to practice my axe。”
Li Ming glanced,Even if he smashed in,Terran did not get a fake Qingfengjie map,The founder of the giant axe also got the Xeon treasure—Li Ming is worried now,This guy won’t run into the world beast when he is running on his own,Then play yourself to death!

But now,When these people looked at Wang Teng,In their hearts,Even more angry。

After all, from the current point of view,these questions,In fact, it’s completely on the bright side。
As for the next,How do you deal with this,Actually just this,It’s not easy。
“All right,Don’t worry so much for now。”
“Since i’m here,So what do you want to say,Hurry up,Otherwise I’ll just leave。”
As Wang Teng is talking here,at this time,Wang Teng got up and planned to leave from here.。
But the more so,In front of,In front of Wang Teng,A large group of people stopped Wang Teng。
“Humph,You killed our young master,Still want to leave so safe and sound,That is impossible。”
“Don’t talk about anything else,Since you dare to do so,Then next,We all shot together,Teach him a lesson。”
“Humph,This time,You must die。”
When those people around,I didn’t forget to say here。
obviously,Such a thing,It’s a little unexpected。
But the more so,Judging from the current situation,Such a problem,In fact, it makes other people’s hearts,Somehow already understood。

Seeing Li Huiqiao in a hurry,Liu Dafu is also very urgent,After all, such a good opportunity is too hard to find.,Moreover, Li Hui also drank wine.,It is very likely that it will attack for a while.,Once the attack,Then, the chance of his two sons is coming.。

“Xiao Li,What is this big night makes you so anxious?,I have a little thing to say tomorrow.。”
When I said this,Liu Dafu is also standing up.,Then give Zhao Xiaoli to make a look,After Zhao Xiaoli, I pushed the opponent forward.。
I have been with Li Hui, some near Zhao Xiaoli.,So Liu Dafu,Immediately install accidentally puff into Hui Rong。
“Oops,You said you,How do you still hit me??”
Although Liu Dafu,However, Zhao Xiaoli puffed into Li Hui Huaiqi’s instant, but it was gently and then sliding.。
That pair of small hands also put it along Li Hui’s body。
Li Hui also didn’t expect the other party to put into his arms.,Hurry to support the other party。
“uncle,Scull,Tonight is really something,I will ask you again.,You must ask you to eat a big meal.。”
Li Hui said, while talking。
I saw that Li Hui’s wind is going to the door.,Liu Dafu is also an emergency。
Little voice facing Zhao Xiaoli:“Not willing to leave people,Who will solve it for a while?,And as long as people leave,We are equal to Jinshan Yinshan.。”
Zhao Xiaoli natural is also the meaning of understanding Liu Dafu.,But at this time, Li Hui Hui is thinking.。
Bite your teeth,She goes directly to go,Then the arms hugged the arm with the wind.。
“Xiao Li,You only drank a glass of wine.,This is going to go,It’s really so that the scorpion has no face.,How can I drink more drinks?。”
While talking,Zhao Xiaoli is also a small means to use their own。
Summer is hot,Everyone wears less,And Zhao Xiaoli hugged his arm,He can clearly see that his arm is swallowed by the snow.。
That feels that he does not help with his own time.。
“Scull,I really have something,I really have to go.。”
Under the constant entanglement of Zhao Xiaoli,Li Hui is also the same as a flame in his lower abdomen.,Quickly open the arm to fly the same quick opening disappeared in the night。
See the disappearance in the dark,Zhao Xiaoli’s obstacles,She really can’t understand that I have already expressed this obvious.,Why is Li Xiang’s wind that is indifferent to her?。
Liu Dafu is also deeply sigh in the yard.。
The failure of the second link made him feel a decadent。
This table tonight is more than 200,There is also a medicine that is bought,Add up five or six hundred,The result is a bamboo basket to play an empty space.。
“Old Liu,Do you say that Xiao Li is not??
Why do I take the initiative?,He still did not respond。”
“And I just used my hand to touch it.,Root root does not change,Our plan is not using wrong.?”
Zhao Xiaoli reminded like this,Liu Dafu is also a great realistic。
“Wife,What you said is really right?,I didn’t think about it before.。”
“Gill you think I can think of it.,If it is not my best, I have a confidence?,And watching you look at my look, you have flowing out.,I will not doubt it towards us.。”
Looking at Zhao Xiaoli’s laughing look,Liu Dafu’s eyes are glowing。
Go quickly to the door to lock the door,Then sit on the dinner table,Dipped a glass of wine directly。

Summer stunned。

Ji Bao bottle,“You know him?”
……Just in the summer and the Ji Bao bottle,Inside the city of Jingcheng,Some people are talking。
Dialogue,Is Liuhe Mountain and Xia Ming。
“Xumi brother,Do you feel,Adults have changed many this time.,Come into trouble,More terrible。”
Liuhe Mountain asked with a joke。
Xia Ming is silent。
After ten seconds,He nodded,“Adults have been imprisoned,It is said that it has suffered a lot of hardships.,It is also inevitable in character.。”
Liuhe Mountain laughed,Ask,“The adult said he has been changed,Do you believe??”
“What is the relationship I believe?。”
Xia Ming does not matter,“Ten thousand steps,The true and false of this thing is nothing to do.。”
“That is also。”
Liuhe Mountain laughs,“Two two dogs are,Why do the owner?,but……Xumi brother,I feel that the summer is very good for you.,This adult sent you out,You must be careful.。”
Xia Ming face,Immediately,“Abundance。”
He looks not resistant,I deeply looked at Liuhe Mountain.,Turn and get rid of。
Until his back completely disappears,Liuhe Mountain is only a sulking。
Go to the door。
Faces become cloudy。
Half half。
He took out the phone,Issue a message。
“Tonight’s 12th point,Same place。”
NS2902chapter Vocal
“If you are talking about the law,I have seen it once.。”
Living room。
Summer is very surprised,“When the Ghost Valley Tomb was found,I happened to Changan Li Jia,I met Quanzi people.。”
Toned,Also,“Venus,The maintenance of the guardian alliance.Wang Tong,It is his brother。
The last time he is still oral agreement with me.,Said that it will secretly join my hand,Go to the ghost valley cemetery。”
Merely,He shook his head,“Unfortunately, I didn’t see him.。
Jiyi,What is the cause of this public?,It has a relationship with the ear.?”
Ji Baibao bottle is not concealing,Straightforward,“He is a brother of the ear of ear。”
“Right,Everything happened in the past,Queen Taoist left ear,I went into a small road concept,After that, I didn’t return my ear.。”
Ji Baibao bottle did not go deep into this topic,Swift。
“Since you know him,That’s just how much it is.,Although he has no cave,But his state of mind is very high.,And the understanding of the mood is also very deep,What is important is that he has a power,Ability to take people into a proof,then……”Toned,Her face revealed a memories,Spin and shake your head,“Don’t say it.,It is some of the things of Chen Zhima.,In short,His ability has a lot to you.。”
Summer contemplate,“Ability to take people into the hall,He is very powerful。”

“Really rich stone?

Legend has a small stone that can store the vitality?”
“I have only seen the stone stones that have been grinded.,The original stone stone has not seen it yet.。”
“Me too……”A boy is a surprising appearance。
The summer in the crowd is also curious.。
“correct,And one more thing。”
Left small fish body is slightly delayed,The smile on the face slightly converges,Positive color,“After entering the immortal forest,Everyone feels as soon as possible,But don’t loudly,Because of the depths of the secret,There is a spirit of Linghai in the closed door,And in other places,There is also Wu Zong and Wu Wang strong in the sense of feeling.。”
Everyone’s look is solemn,Have a sound。
Also leave a moment,Everyone is suddenly turned over.。
In the field of view,Is a vast prairie,Look at it。
The earth is full of vitality,Various generations of lush。 also。
On the grass,Established a statue。
These statues are like a tower and horses.,All over,And each statue of the statue is different。
the most important is,These statues are not stone casting,It is a typically translucent lamina.,Reflected gloss in the sun。
Just like the legendary Tianfang Tian。
Can be described as a road,Ten thousand strokes。
Look at it,Can’t see the end。
Everyone is shocked by the scene in front of him,The young people have grown eyes,Open mouth,Unbelievable。
Summer is also the case。
Rao is that he has a variety of Mixqi experience in the outside world.,It was also deeply shocked.。
These stone statues,Not only the prairie in front of you,And it has been spread to a giant mountain in front.。
This giant mountain is a steep,Insert the cloud,In their hill surface,Similarly, the countless statue。
“This is the immortal forest。”
Left small fish surface smile。
Until this time,Her exquisite pretty face has emerged as a beautiful beauty。
Yes,This is the immortal forest。
This can only be a cactus。
This is the sound in all the hearts of the born。
“One of the advantages of the immortal forest,Even if you have no extraction,But only the statue of the heart,I can also perceive the mystery。”
Left small fish rose sound,Patience,“I am probably talking now.,Those statues holding a weapon,About all the truthful skills,And the hands of the hand,The category is more,Some is a heart method,Some secret,Some secret law,If it is lucky,Maybe you can get a complete practice,also,There are also some contesthes and array.,Just immerse your heart。”
Toned,She indicates everyone to follow。

Then I said with a sake of us.:“That kind of thing doesn’t have to say that I am also prepared.,I don’t have a partner to leave and not have no ability.,But don’t want to stop。”

“whispering sound!”
Roshalia pulls this eyelid with fingers,After hiding in Han Jiang, I made a ghost face for apricots.。
“alright, alright,no kidding。”Han Jiang touched the head of Roshalia,Ask:“Lily?”
Han Jiang returned,I saw Roshalia and Bronia ya.。
When the children have breakfast,The apricots opened the bus,There are also two inverse entropy on a version of the armored car.。
Armored car maintenance,Although this thing is backward inverse entropy main legion one version,But in some second-line bases or the main battle。
“Is energy sufficient??”Han Jiang saw the armored car,Asked the apricots on the bus。
Apricot is not very like talking,Because the passenger car coming out is a real bus。
On the windshield of the passenger car,There is also a row of red fonts。
Bangnil City Storm City。
This is an intercity shuttle from the nearby small town.,Products at the era of old storms。
“Electromagnetic gun energy is sufficient,This car is still gasoline,Is also sufficient,Even if you don’t have enough distance, you have a gas station.,There is also a legged gasoline。”
The little girl who opened the armored car stretched out to explain to Hanjiang。
Han Jiang smiled and said:“That’s good,Don’t open halfway, no oil。”
“Wow even!”Roshalia stared at the shuttle bus from the apricot.:“Lily, you’ll see,I thought that these cars exist in front of the computer.,The bus is not the same as the birlry.,This great。”
“Yes,Yes,Really big。”
“Hahaha,You have never seen it.,This is when we fled at the end of the collapse.。”There is a child like Roshalia and Lilya.。
As for apricots,I don’t want to say anything.。
“Ania,If you have finished eating, you will run out.?”Little apricot is slightly angry。
Little girl is not afraid,Brain is happy:“Finished,Of course I have finished eating.,If you don’t believe, you can check the apricot.。”
Apricot, one turned to the room,Of course, it is not checked that there is no food in Anja.。
She has to let other children check that there is no items.,This time, if you leave,Then there will never come back.,Definitely will not come back halfway again。
Han Jiang followed Bronia to check the performance of three cars,Important part。
On the way to the storm city, you will definitely encounter zero dispersive collapse.,The safety of children is the first。
At eleven, the children packed up,I have passed the bus.,It is the girl called Ka, driving。
A apricot has a armored vehicle,She is responsible for guarding her child with Hanjiang.。
Bronia and apricots sitting with the same,Roshalia and Lilya in another,Han Jiang and Hibia are coming to the car。
Three armored vehicles Arch passenger car out of the base,Start to start to the destination storm。
“Can bring your partners to a better place,Nothing idea??”Hanjiang asked。
Hiinger snorted,“My partner has only Hidden and Bronia。”
Han Jiang is silent,No longer talk。
Zimi calmly looked at the scenery of the window outside the window,Face is very calm,But I am a little panic.。
Han Jiang is the first to recognize her existing?,She shouldn’t talk like this.!!
But the words have already been said.,Let her change the mouth, it is impossible.。
A while,Xier used Yu Guang to steal the serious face of Hanjiang.,Talking about one or two remedies,I can’t say it.。
“Hi Jier。”