Non -toxic youth health -anti -drug propaganda enters campus

In order to popularize the knowledge of drug control, curb the spread of drugs, strengthen the publicity of campus anti -drug knowledge, improve the psychological prevention capabilities and awareness of drug control, and create a good atmosphere of everyone participating in anti -drugs in schools.

Recently, the police of the city’s public security anti -drug department in Shigatse walked into campuses at all levels to carry out the theme anti -drug education publicity activities of "non -toxic youth and health growth".During the event, the school organized teachers and students to listen to the on -site lecture on the special education of drugs in the school, and watched the anti -drug promotional videos and drug simulation props.By watching publicity pictures and props, students deeply realize that "what is drugs", "types of drugs", and "dangers of drugs" and other knowledge have improved students’ awareness of drug knowledge, anti -drug, and drug rejection.In the next step, the school will continue to strengthen the anti -drug propaganda and education efforts of students through speeches and theme classes, etc., and work hard to create a civilized campus, a harmonious campus, and a safe campus, and create a good learning environment.

The owner let him give up the revenge,Go outside the wind。

Mr. Big warn him,Leave,Don’t stay in one second。
Otherwise,He will die without burial!Just because of a name。
Summer!Who is he?!This moment Bai Jiarong,I have no hatred of the pain of being killed.。
Only fear。
Endless fear。
Leave!Immediately leave。
The elevator finally stopped。
After the elevator door is opened,Bai Jiarong ran away from outside,Great,“Block him for me!”
At this moment,Summer figure has fallen on the fifth floor of the air-conditioning box。
Several bodyguards that rush out of the elevator stopped,Always shoot in summer,The rest of the people followed Bai Jiarong to the parking lot。
咻咻 咻咻。
Facing the fire,Summer is like a spiderman,Do not stop on the vertical wall,And then jumping。
Semi-air,He stretches the body,When it is about to land,Ingredients an incredible angle,And the latter half of the dragon turned over。
Flavor,Foufoot,Borrow, move forward。
The bodyguard blocked in front did not play the role of blocking.。
When the summer is going into the crowd,Just as if a bomb fell。
Seventeen bodyguards all like a broken kite in the cruelty。
No one can describe the scene of this electric flash。
Just ran to the parking lot,Bai Jiarong, who is ready to get on the bus, hurried,I only saw a magic eye like steel casting.,In the crowd。
Next second。
Extremely magnified in his retina。
“Drive!Walk away!”
Bai Jiarong screamed,Quickly drill into the car,One of the front bodyguards immediately launched the car。
Bombard!Engine roaring,Luxury car。
But next second,A remaining shadow arrived in front。
In Bai Jiarong and the bodyguards,The coming, one foot, is real, on the side of the car。
Only listening to a sudden sound。
Whole head instantly out of control。
Wheels bring a sputum,In extremely harsh sound,On the side of the vehicle。
First2003Chapter Ni
Bombard!Bai Jiarong’s luxury car head,A car body that hits it on the side。
Time of the head,Burst of black smoke。
The driver driven in front of the car hit on the airbag。
White Jiarong on the back seat,It is also hitting a seven episodes.,Faint。
Survival can make the driver driving quickly,Summer that shot into the summer。
White Jiarong slammed the brain,Push the door,Take your legs。
However, did not run a few steps,Loud。
He warehouses behind。
I saw the window of the driver position in the summer.,Hold a pistol in your hand,The muzzle of the black hole is aiming at him.。

Skyworth BM series complete home appliances, living appliances that enhance happiness

I talked to my girlfriend and talked about the little thing that made herself happy in my life. She said that I bought a washing machine with a high value, which made me feel very happy.

This aroused my curiosity. What was the laundry function made her feel that life was beautiful. She showed me the picture. It turned out to be a set of home appliances for Skyworth BM series. I have seen this series before. I launched a lot of BMW elements in the design. The girlfriend happened to be a loyal fan of BMW, so she felt that it was very happy to buy the same home appliances in BMW. If you need to start a new home, you can consider the Skyworth BM series, because compared with other ordinary appliances, its BMW style design is unique and stylish, and it looks very textured at home. In the past few years, the dark -colored home appliances are more popular. Compared with the traditional white home appliances in the past, the dark -colored appliances will be more versatile in appearance.

Skyworth BM series of sets of home appliances cross -border cooperation with BMW, the full set of design highlights the characteristics of BMW that is not converging, BMW -class atmospheric art color color, high -end model leather touch design, rear light convex lighting factoring, etc. The details are condensed with high -end artistic ingenuity.

The manual rotation increases the design of the touch screen, gathered two major features of smart home appliances and exquisite craftsmanship. It also improves our quality of life and happiness.

The machine design has the BMW logo grille element, which makes the kitchen instantly highly artistic value … Keywords:.

certainly,It also does not refine。

Just like the martial arts,Apoted part of the spindle,And anti-energy essence。
to be exact,These two things are not refining,It is extremely cost-effective。
This is visible,How strong the original fire。
After coming to the road line,The metal ore ingot here is so strong,With the improvement of summer strength,Refining speed is higher than others。
This 万 万 母 母 母 气,Invested in black flames。
Summer mission,Continuous adjustment temperature。
At the end,Black flame color is getting deeper,More and more strong。
The internal temperature has reached an incredible state。
However,That one rice grain size is gas,No change in change。
Only the peripherality of the breath fluctuations,I was barely refined。
Is these emotions,It also contains a pound of pure energy。
I dare not I want to neglect in the summer.,Take it out of the sky, and it is also in the flame.。
Controlled the energy,Slow injection of bow。
only,Summer is not happy,Instead, browling。
The speed is too slow。
If this speed is pressed,Nothing,It is difficult to refine。
To know,This is only a germplasm of a rice grain.。
Continue to mouse the god,Tai Chi map in Dantian is crazy,Transformation into extreme force,All used to proton flame。
Hidely,The original fire has risen again。
The dark color seems to be deep in the abyss,even……Reform into 光。
Temperature inside,As if I can burn all things。
Rice size,Finally, a variation occurs。
The outermost energy fluctuation,Refinered again。
but,Still too slow。
And this state can’t maintain long-lasting summer in summer.。
Half,Flame collapse,Summer will re-income the jade bottle in the summer。
Take the speed of him,I want to refine all the abortion,Can’t implement it in a short time。
He thought that it is easy to rely on his original fire.。
Now it seems,Temperature is still not enough。
His dish is sitting next to the boundary,Taken a goddess stone。
Can only take the second method。
Always,He started from the first touch refiner,I learned the law of my heart.。
Almost no use of Ding furnace。
Now he wants to borrow external forces in this Ding furnace。
first step,Place five lines of solid fire。
Second step,Refining a trip。

Assisting farmers’ services as farmers (China Road China Dream · Struggler Zheng Youth ③)

When I went to school, I learned the major of crop cultivation and farming, and I was "growing" in the ground almost a year. Design the squatting point test plan in April, starting rice seedlings, transplanting, and field management in May. After the harvest of November, the test data was organized … Although the skin was sunny because of the frequent land, my professional level and practical ability have also been obtained. promote. After graduating, I would like to become a agricultural technology promotion worker, promote agricultural technology, and study production problems, which became my daily work.

Affected by the epidemic, this year’s spring is facing a lot of challenges.

In order to allow technical guidance to reach the field faster, I have developed the idea of ??exploring the use of online new media to carry out online training and guiding services. A small house, a computer, and multiple ports, the "small classroom" of agricultural technology came into being.

Unexpectedly, it was welcomed as soon as it was launched. Many kinds of grain households interacted with us enthusiastically and discussed warmly.

New ideas solves new problems.

For training online, you can learn through your mobile phone. If you miss the live broadcast, you can watch it repeatedly. The learning method is more flexible and the effect has been improved a lot.

From the promotion of high -yield and efficient cultivation technology to refining the production measures of various links, for more than two years, we have organized more than 20 periods of online training in production technologies such as rice, wheat, corn, etc., and let the agricultural technology promotion work have been on the Internet Express. Essence

In order to track the results, I also set up a WeChat counseling group to share various agricultural knowledge knowledge, and timely answer the technical problems of folks.

In agricultural production, the losses caused by the maximum reduction of natural disasters are of great significance to ensuring farmers’ income and ensuring national food security. Because of this, we have always kept a keen sense of "smell" about changes in agricultural weather.

Taking winter wheat as an example, during the growth period of 8 months, droughts and floods, frost, rain and snow and hailing wind.

Which area needs to prevent staining and humidifying and moisturizing, which monthly drought has the greatest impact on the output, and which targeted measures should be taken to prevent and remedy, etc., we all have formed a solution.

Last year, there were rare autumn floods in many places across the country. Wheat was postponed. The proportion of weak seedlings in late broadcasts was high, and the difficulty of field management increased.

Relying on the accumulation of learning on weekdays, my colleagues and I worked overtime and produced a series of charts and pocket books that are convenient for seedlings, divided into links, and regions. In the hands of farmers, the effective guarantee and improvement of wheat seedlings. To help farmers, we must also be a wealthy farmer to help sell good food and sell good food.

The team contacted and coordinated the strengths of leading enterprises, large grain farmers, and other parties, promoted production and marketing and connecting, building exchange platforms, and fully promoting the development of high -quality wheat industrialization. At a conference on production and sales and sales of the production and sales of the production and sales, a number of grain companies signed high -quality wheat acquisition orders with large grain breeding households and cooperatives, which contributed to millions of tons per annual transaction volume. The continuous extended high -quality wheat industry chain has made more and more folks taste the sweetness. Youth must be early, how can you grow up.

As a young agricultural technicians, inheriting the good traditions of predecessors from village to ground teaching technology, we are trying to move from the ground to the market to help farmers and serve farmers. Learning while learning, learning, diligent and pragmatic, we will definitely help more farmers solve production problems and show the mission of young agricultural technicians in the new era. (The author is an agronomist at the Food and Crops of the National Agricultural Technology Promotion Service Center, and the reporter Chang Qin interviewed and sorted out).

then,A very quirky picture has appeared in a high school,in the corridor,Sometimes students will feel that someone will pass by himself.,I can’t look back but nothing.,Some people even feel that they are pushed.,But you can see it around you.,Suddenly caused a unsteady riot。

Population,The upper strip of the face is in the exclaimed population.,From time to time, I am deeply sigh.。
“This look,After we finished eating, is it really coming?”Upper strike,But the intense hunger in the abdomen makes him decisively choose to give up thinking about this problem.,All the way, running with everyone,what,Do you ask him how to see??Just follow the people who follow the riots.。
“Is it here??”Wire fence standing in the edge of the campus,Wrinkle with frown,“What do we want?!”After her words, half of them were directly turned into a sharp scream.,Because the Qing Palace in front of her is directly putting a big hole。
“this”The blue ear ring does not help but have a big mouth,“This is not a bit too arrogant.?”
“Why do you have so much?。”The Qing Palace turned over white eyes,“I don’t eat lunch.?”
“lunch!”This sentence,A group of people with accompanying eyes are bright in an instant,Out of the rays of green oil,It seems that a group of wolves who don’t know how long I have seen food.,It looks unusually ferritous。
Very full staff!
“go!”Blow the machine,The first one across the fence,Then, a group of boys and girls came out.,Finally, leaving only two people in the Qing Dynasty and the upper strip.。
“Let it go。”The Qing Dynasty took the lead,Obliquely on the top,“I always feel that your disaster is degree.,There will be something”
“Hey!Qing Palace!Upper strip!What are you doing??!”I haven’t waited for another Qing Palace.,A roar is just not far from the two.,Upper strikes,Look back,Suddenly frightened。
“Disaster error teacher!”
Under anxious,The upper strip,I jumped out of the fence.,But perhaps because it is too urgent,The iron wire burned by the Qing Dynasty was hung by his pants.,Just listen‘Thorn’A synchronous acid sound,The upper pants suddenly torn out a huge crack。
Urgent situation,The upper strip also can’t take care of it.,Decisively wear a big pants that are torn off a big straw,Look at the Qing Palace。
“Hey!you”at this time,The disaster error has finally chased it.,Anger is rushing to watch the Qing Palace,“How do you destroy??”
“Nothing teacher。”Qing Palace,The disaster in the school is being blocked, 嘿嘿 smile,When the wire fence behind, I don’t know when I have returned.,“Has been repaired.。”
“and also,Can you please help me with a fake afternoon??”
Chapter 576 Stripping and dragon
After leaving the school,The Qing Palace does not go around,Instead, I went to the hospital of the soul of the soul.。
He is going to see a person。
In the hospital,The Qing Dynasty asked a sentence in the office of Tong Shuzhen.,After getting the determined result,Before going straight to a hospital home,I knocked two times,Go straight to pushing。
Go into the ward,The eye is a disease service,Skinny brown girl,Girl lying in bed,Although the spirit is still slight,But it is still unable to cover her pretty and influence of this age.,In the moment of seeing the Qing Palace,Girl is slightly surprised,Can soon relieve, slight smiles in the Qing Palace。Before the window of the girl,Sitting with a refreshing handsome teenager,Positive care will be good。
“long time no see,Schiline。”Qing Palace, watching the girl,Pizza slightly,“Since you can be here,It seems that your hidden dangers have been solved.。”
“how do you know”Si Qi Tuanmo is shocked,So some curiosity look at the Qing Palace,“this”
“I know something is still a lot.。”The Qing Palace is a mysterious smile.,Then go to the head looking at Aiji sitting in the bedside,“I thought that you didn’t appear on that day.,I didn’t expect it to be this reason.。”
“It’s a pity that I missed a good play.。”Ai Li stands up,Looking at the Qing Palace,Can’t help but smile,“The battle in that day is really wonderful.。”
“This kind of thing is wrong.。”After listening to the Qing Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty smiled.,“After all, you have saved something important to you.。”
“Is it quite important??”Aiger’s eyes are slightly confused,After a while, I will laugh.,“what,Yes。”
“Is it a quite important person?。”
“Empty words,I will let Zuiti to see you.。”The Qing Palace once again smiled slightly,Looking at the latter, some look at it is a look,Smile and shake your head,“Do not worry。”
“There are a lot of shapes in the urban city.,Have a good person, there is a villain,”Qing Palace,Waving the two people,“So don’t have to worry about what the organization behind you will cause what happening to you.。”

Electricity empowers the beauty of Tibetan township "money view"

State Grid Gannan Power Supply Company Figures since 2021, State Grid Gannan Power Supply Company combined with the rural revitalization strategy and the "Wuwu Gannan" construction idea proposed by the Gannan Prefecture Government, based on industry advantages, and strives to create a "full -power scenic spot" to help help the power to help Tibetan native development. A number of characteristic tourism benchmark villages such as Zhouqu Tuki, Xiahe Leninba, Cooperative Galabima, and Orgra have successively completed the transformation of a good power support for rural tourism development.

It is reported that since the establishment of a "full -power scenic spot" in Orgra Tourism Resort, the use of electricity load has increased by 87%. At present, the village brightening project, racetral field, local production workshop, Tibetan homestay and tent restaurants have been put into use.

State Grid Gannan Power Supply Company will continue to build a new energy consumption ecosystem with electricity as the core. By creating a diversified "full -power scenario", to clean up the "new cultural tourism" with clean power, to depict the new picture of the integration and development of the cultural tourism industry, and further further and further develop, and further further develop the cultural tourism industry. Help the village rejuvenation.

There are many farmers and herdsmen like Sanji Tassey in Ohlala Village. Some transform their own idle houses into Tibetan boutique homestays. In the Malaysia Team Station, the family of 34 farmers and herdsmen in the village all had "industries", and all the villagers were "boss" at the doorstep.

Rural tourism is an important way for the development of Gannan Tibetan Township and the revitalization of rural rejuvenation. As the energy support industry, electricity is related to the development of life. The Tibetan villages located on the grassland are developing rapidly in a unique way, and the powerman is also going to go all out to inject the continuous development momentum for this plateau fertile soil.

(Yang Kai Wang Xiongwei) (Responsible editor: Zhou Wanting, Wang Tong) Share more people see recommended reading.

She is in love with Wenlang,But Wen Wen did not accompany her to the cinema.。

Think about her and Wen Lang for three years,Where is it in love?,Even friends can’t,They have a few times a month.,There is very little time for calling,It’s hard to eat a meal for a month.。
She ridiculely evoke Yingrun’s red lips,It’s all whiskers that fall in love.,The woman in love is idiot,This is also true to。
Life is just a diloy in the sea,However, there is too much to carry too much.!
If you don’t find Wen Wen,How can I go back to think that they have seen a few times a month?,Is it a love between them?。
Elevator is coming,More people have more,After two people go in,Mu Zizi has a lot of music to him in front of him.,There are many people who enter the elevator.,Will still squeeze them。
His body will not be pourmed forward,His face,If there is no, if you don’t touch her up and curved wavy hair,Evil, if there is no fragrance,Let him heart,Convinced。
Muzi Hohop,Push all the emotions of your heart,He warned himself,It’s still time to show your own mind.。
Now Le Yu,I am very painful in my heart.,She has to help her out this pain,He has the opportunity。
The feelings have always been anxious.,He is absolutely can’t ruin the future because of the temptation at this moment.。
Muzi,Do you see how big you?!Who can tell you like this woman??
It’s easy to get too long.,Long long time will not come so easy。
There is always one person in the world.,Let your own heart is willing to have no heart。
And that person is Le Yu。
At the first floor,Le Yu looked back at him,Belt in the eyes。
Compared with Wen Wan,He is so subtle,Let her feel very warm。
She and Wen Wen are in the elevator,Wen Most is low-headed mobile phone,Which pipe will not be squeezed。
Muzi Handed her to the underground garage,His car parked in the garage。
He said:“Gather,Let’s go to the parking lot,Car in the parking lot。”
Le Yu smiles:“Your company is really good,Do you have a trip??”
Mu Zizi:“Gather,We have never losing our own employees.,Each branch has a car,And are luxury cars。”
Le Yu is listening,Laughing,“Lu Hao Cheng is also very rich,But if you have money, you can’t play this.,These days, their two of them flew,I don’t know what you think.?
He should know that the blue is a mother with three children.?”
Mu Ziyan listened to this problem,I don’t want to answer instantly.。
People’s instincts are going to chase those things from her.,And often ignoring what is chasing her.。
妍 妍 妍。
He laughed:“Gather,do not worry,Hao Cheng is not a casual person,It is a person who will not easily hurt others.,Blue Director and Hoheng,You don’t have to worry。”
NS433chapter:Strip-twist melon is not sweet

NS433chapter:Strip-twist melon is not sweet
Le Yu is dissatisfied with him.,“Lu Hao Cheng is your friend,You are naturally speaking for him.。”
Mu Ziyi listened to her,Quite helplessness,His belly is black,Say:“Gather,Blue Xin is your friend,You are naturally talking to her.,but,I am not worth you believe.?
I tell you,Hoheng is absolutely serious。”
Le Yu 妍 妍 愣 愣 愣,Look at him,“You said this,My family Xiaoxi should be more effort。”
“Else!”Muzi fucked quickly。
“why?”Le Yu’s charm is quietly looking at him quietly。

Fighting the sea and the sky day and night! Actual combat and training in the northern theater’s navy detachment

昼夜鏖战海天间——北部战区海军某支队实战化演训见闻■亓松张喆解放军报特约记者马玉彬“前方海域发现’敌’舰一艘,准备实施炮火攻击!”日前,北部战区海军某驱逐舰The detachment organized a ship formation to conduct practical training in a certain sea area. As soon as the formation left the port, the harsh warning alert suddenly sounded.

The officers and soldiers moved to move, and immediately moved quickly to the target waters, and prepared for the "enemy". The radar rails, Tangshan ship locks the target first, and transmits the target information to the formation through the data chain. Other ships adjust the direction according to the target information to prepare to launch a multi -aurse firepower blow. When the three ships were encircled by the target, unexpectedly occurred.

The "enemy" ship took the lead in using weapons to attack the formation. Each ship was ready to carry out firepower counterattack while moving to avoid it. The fighter aircraft was fleeting, and the danger of being exposed to the range of the opponent’s firepower was risked. In a short time, the sound of artillery between the sea and the sky was loud, and the smoke was filled with smoke.

Under the continuous attack of strong firepower, the "enemy" ship was precisely "destroyed", and the sea surface stirred the road to the sky … "Yichang Ship’s side side of the ship was damaged in the water, the fuel pipeline was damaged and fire, and other ships supported the deployment of damage control!" Facing the subsequent situation, the formation immediately rang the alarm and cooperated with the "rescue" Yichang ship.

"Hanging a boat!" With the commander’s order, the officers and soldiers brought the damaged tube equipment to the support.

The motor was roar, and the boat broke the waves on the sea. Fire extinguishing, leakage, equipment repair, war -wounding and rescue … With the cooperation of the officers and soldiers of various ships, Yichang ship quickly recovered its combat effectiveness.惊 Zhanhai and the sky, shocked by step.

Zhang Shenchang, staff member of the team’s training department, told reporters that in this training, they organized a number of ships to launch more than 20 high -difficult subject training including air defense, comprehensive offensive and defensive, and sneakers under the harsh sea conditions and complex electromagnetic environments. , Really enhance the combat effectiveness of the troops. During the training, they embedded in multiple temporary guidance, with interlocking and pressing step by step, inspection commanders ‘decision -making command capabilities, officers and soldiers’ emergency disposal and coordination and coordination.

The sea is calm and quiet, hidden murders underwater. Suddenly, Kong Xianghao, the head of the Tangshan ship sons, found that there is a submarine echo suspected of the current sea area. However, for a few hours, the "enemy" submarine did not move at all. Nevertheless, the tight nerves of officers and soldiers dare not relax at all. "The torpedo strikes!" Before he had time to breathe, he received a report from the underwater situation. The Tangshan ship immediately implemented the water sound confrontation and successfully resolved the danger. "In this practical training, tactical homework wants to determine and actual use of weapons throughout.

Officers and soldiers are constantly exploring new warfare in the danger bureau, crisis, and difficult bureau, and they have practiced their excellent combat skills.

"Tangshan Ship Captain Mo Lin told reporters. The night was like ink, and the warship was lying.

After a day of high -intensity maritime training, officers and soldiers felt tired. Just when everyone thought that the training was about to end, the combat alarm sounded again, and a night’s main artillery was launched at sea shooting training …

Several breathing rooms,The giant axe has already seen a flaw,A simple swipe of the axe,The energy formed was slow for an instant,Then jump into the Deshen Stream。

Li Ming smiled slightly,Demon Killer Clone’s clone flashed,Several clones recovered,Firmly fixed on the shoulder of the giant axe and transform into a decorative clone,Fall with the giant axe。
Cong Mie Shen Jian,Penetrate the endless magma sea,Arrive at Yanshui Lake,A total of seven lives and deaths,Eventually reach the stream of death。Li Ming has also seen the extremely dangerous area in the universe。
Some place,Single thread,A ray of flame can kill the Lord of the universe。
The most dangerous place, even his River Spirit clone, may not be able to stop the continuous destructive power。
But fortunately,As the strongest giant axe, avoid carefully,At a speed tens of millions of times the speed of light,Cautiously but quickly broke into a dangerous place‘Twelve Abyss。’
The Ninth Abyss,deep。
The founder of the giant axe with a giant axe wielding a Xeon treasure,And Li Ming, who stood on his shoulders, used the secret method of talent from World Tree clone【Control time and space】,Explore around。
“As expected, the abyss is the most dangerous place,I have released enough these days198Avatar,The longest one lasted for a long time!”
Li Ming’s clone,Only double the genetic level,But the attack power is also comparable to the threshold of the Lord of the Universe。
Actually,Most clones are good for three minutes。
“Luo Feng, that kid in Primordial Universe has publicly stated that he has fallen,But we have to find a way to get those treasures back。”The giant axe said with a smile:“But what I hope most is the presence of the strongest of the God Eye Race。。。I can use them to practice my axe。”
Li Ming glanced,Even if he smashed in,Terran did not get a fake Qingfengjie map,The founder of the giant axe also got the Xeon treasure—Li Ming is worried now,This guy won’t run into the world beast when he is running on his own,Then play yourself to death!