“Su big brother,In other words, I am not listed now.,But I need to open the market right.?”

“Correct,North China, I can stay with Laojin,Continue to walk in the South,Develop the south,certainly,If you can extend it directly to the city, it will be fine.。”
Li Hui has nothing to do with the style,After all, he is already quit.,Shares also gave Xu Ruzhen。
But I heard the departure city,He thought of Qin Su Ya in the first time.。
If you can take root there,It seems to be looking for Qin Su Ya,Just do things in your hands。
“Hey-hey,This is not too big,However, our village Su big brother also knows,It is still very important there.。”
“Lupi is rest assured,I will help you in your village.,how?”
Li Hui is what is going on.,When I got it, I nodded.:“Can,I am going to the first stop to visit the depth city,Then take the root there,How about it?”
“Lee brother,How do I feel that I still need to steady and steady?,If you go directly there,The water there is deep,I am afraid that you can’t drive there.!”
If this is before,Li Hui is really worried.。
But now his strength will increase again.,It is not afraid of these.。
A congenital master,How couldn’t be able to open?,As long as he wants,He feels that many people will end their help.,The premise is to show the original master’s identity.。
“Su big brother,I will bloom everywhere in the deep city.,As long as the departure is opened,Then I expanded to the north,Then you expand in the south,Let’s go back and drive,how?”
Although Su Qi knows that this idea is very good,But he also understands that the water on the latter is not bad.。
Even some families with new rise there,Some companies’ relationships are complicated。
Li Hui, which is so fierce.,He is afraid that even water is unable to。
“Lee brother,If you have confidence, it is nature.,But how much do you know the room price??
And I estimate that there is not much money in your hand.?”
“Hey-hey,I don’t dare to say more.,More than ten billions or still。”
Su Cooked did not expect that Li Hui Rong is now actually so much money.。
He knows clearly,The lotus village is burning money。
Make money, also vegetables,Apple,Strawberry。
But he didn’t know that Li Hui’s price can sell hundreds of millions of prices.。
Of course, these don’t want to ask more,After all, Li Ping also has its own privacy.。
“Row,More than ten billions, I feel enough.。”
“Hey-hey,Su big brother,More than a dozen billions, I am stocking.?
Still help?”
Li Hui Feng does not want to take out more than 10 billion to burn directly,He also went in deep city.,The land there is simply inch inch。
Not a little bit bad,The most crucial is that he is more than a dozen billion to go to the restaurant.,No need at all,Because he is not a shareholder of the drug house now.。
“Hahaha, I have forgotten it.,How about it for you??”
Su Liang hesitated and asked:“Plus Xu Ru’s shares,I will give you a percentage of 50%.?”
This value,Li Hui Feng hesitated,road:“Row,But when I want to continue to expand, I will definitely not continue to pay from me.。”
“Lupi is rest assured,If you can open the first,The second family doesn’t have to,I will send people directly here.。”
With this words,Li Anti-style is not much more。
But directly, I called Xu Ru.。
Received the phone from Li Hui,Xu Ruzhen is also a surprise,After all, Li Pei’s wind has not been called for her.。

Plus now Li Hui Feng is also the hand of the engineering team.,The decoration team also has the development of the mountain field,Village development,The most important thing is that there are industries in the magic.,This is a busy person,He is naturally not so embarrassed。

“Row,I know this.,You go back first.,If you really have to build a vegetable factory,Women in your village I first recommend,Let your Zhaojia Village be rich first。”
Have a little Si Si,Zhao Pengyu is also a happy return to the village and boasting a wave.。
However, the people in the village are often accustomed to Zhao Pengyu’s boast.,There are few people in the roots。
Shen Tian Si is also directly giving Li Hui Rong a call.,Asked about the vegetable factory。
Li Hui Feng did not expect Zhao Pengyu so soon, I went to Shen Tian Si here.。
“Hey-hey,Shen Da Ge,I am to persuade Zhao Zun Chang.,However, this vegetable factory is definitely building,Prerequisite is not to pollute the environment,Cannot pollute water quality,So many equipment, I have to find someone in advance to understand.,Sewage treatment equipment,Vegetable processing,Vegetable,Vegetable disinfection is needed to need many equipment。”
Listening to Li Hui。
Shen Tianxi is also an idea.。
“Haha Xiaoli,If you are rest assured,How do I use my secretary??”
“Forehead,Shen Da Ge, what are you talking about??”
Shen Tianzi, this moment, let Li speak in the wind.。
Han Shanshan’s big beauty used him?
how to use?
Be said by Li Hui,Shen Tian Si is also immediately responding。
“Hahaha, your kid, less, I,I am saying that Shanshan will help you.,Her family knows,The construction of this vegetable factory is handed over to her.,I feel that there is no problem at all.,how do you feel?”
“Forehead,Can you work if you work??”
“Can dryness,But she is internship with me.,In fact, Shanshan still likes it.,Walking this road is not good,She mainly doesn’t like,Just, you have a chance.,Do you want her to try??”
This proposal of Shen Tian Si is that Li Hui is very feasible.。
“Hey-hey,Then thank you big brother.,When is the big squad leader, let her call me.,I also have a nice thing to handle,Field rats have been acquired yet.,I have to contact it.。”
Shen Tianzi heard that Li Hui’s promise is very happy.,As for behind,He also understands Li’s meaning of the wind.,However, the purchase price of the Nurs is twenty-one pounds.,If he helps to find a sales,That price is definitely higher,Such a sales have no hand。
Directly told Li Hui to speak a few passengers,Hang up。
Li Hui also didn’t think that the words of Shen Tian were too much.。
Apea,He directly gave Xu Ru,Su Yu played a call.。
With the 茹 芸 芸 芸 打 俏 俏 俏 俏,Then miss the words。
Even in the end, I heard Xu Ruzhen’s some small grievances.,Little disappointment,He can’t wait to fly directly.。
It is the side of Su cool to make him some accidents.,Because the drug aware house in the Magic has begun to expand。
With the increasing network,Su Qing also created the drug aware house into a network of net red hotels.。
Especially about recipes,Topic,Directly crushing Li Mei。
Li Mei is also carrying back,But with the recording of Lan Bai Yan, a small paragraph,Just a few words,It is thoroughly blown up in the network.。
Originally, the medicated house and drunk fairy gathers are half a catty.,No one is not necessarily copying。

Chu Tianxing looked over here,The more I think about it, the more I feel a little doubtful。

But by Chu Tianxing’s side,The people hurried forward and said。
“Young master,He is jealous of you。”
I heard what my subordinates said,Chu Tianxing thought for a moment,like,Really like this。
Since this is the case,So let’s not entangle with Ye Xuan for now。
“Wait for me to take the Success Building,I’ll clean up you later!”
When Chu Tianxing’s words are finished,In the hearts of those around you,Even more eager to try。
Actually like this,It’s a good opportunity。
And now,Others already feel it。
But now,There are still people curious,I can’t help but ask before my eyes。
“Young master,I always feel,This kid is not easy。”
“we,Do you want to investigate?”
The people around look at Chu Tianxing,Don’t forget to say。
And this time,Chu Tianxing waved his hand。
After all, now,Actually such a thing,It came very indifferently。
in fact,Chu Tianxing didn’t feel the impact of these at all。
So I’m looking at it all,Chu Tianxing waved his hand,Don’t forget to say here。
“Actually these,It’s just a small thing,Don’t worry about it!”
When Chu Tianxing said these words,The people around are dubious。

“Sister, don’t be sad,When they are under control,already dead,I can’t see their soul。”The girl said。

“You can see the soul?”Li Xinghua was a little surprised。
“Ok,Even someone who just died,The soul will stay for a while。And their soul,Long gone。”In the girl’s light purple eyes,Seems to reflect another world。
“Yin Ling Master?”Li Xinghua said。
“What is Yin Ling Master?”The girl asked puzzledly。She seems to have never heard this word before。
People in the stockade,Don’t like talking to her so much。
She knew there was a big world outside,But she never left Lihuagou。
“I told my uncles and aunts,Those who went out on patrol have no souls when they come back,They all scold me。”
“I am afraid they scold me,Later, more and more people have no souls,I dare not say。”
“sister,I shouldn’t be so cowardly,Should tell everyone,This way the village will not become like this,right?”
Girls sometimes talk to themselves,Sometimes blame yourself,Sometimes communicating with Li Xinghua。
On the seemingly calm little cheeks,But it is a kind of self-anaesthesia。
“do not blame you。”Li Xinghua brought the girl closer,Hug her gently,Let her have a soft embrace to rely on。
Leaning on this gentle big sister,Feel her temperature,The girl seemed to remember the cold corpses at the bottom of the well,Tears burst out of the embankment for a while……
She pressed her small mouth tightly,Dare not cry,But the tears can’t stop,Full of face。
First275chapter Batwing
On the cliff rock,I wish Minglang surrounded by the white storm phantom feathers with the withering breath of ice,The clothes show a state of ghost ghost。

While Zhu Yande is speaking,Look like a moment,Staring at Zhu Xiaoguang,At the same time exudes a powerful shock。

This is the style of the Jincheng business giant Zhu Yande,Solve the biggest problems at the least cost,And make other people unable to fault,Both virtue and wealth are winning。
Hearing Zhu Yande’s decision,Not only the guests around,Even Zhu’s children were taken aback,They didn’t expect the boss of the Zhu family to be so easy to talk!
Obviously prevailed,But still willing to use morals,Give an unclear piece of minerals to the other party,In the eyes of many people,This is the real great virtue and kindness!
of course,Why these people feel this way,Because they just consider the problem from their own perspective。For many people,How amazing is the value of a rich mine,How many people will be beaten for this wealth,Life or death。
But they didn’t expect,The Zhu family has already completed this bloody primitive accumulation,At their current level,I don’t care about wealth at this level anymore。
Zhu Xiaoguang under Zhu Yande’s gaze,A little confused。
He is contradictory,On the one hand, he felt that his father’s feud,Shouldn’t let go so easily,So many years of hatred,Is it true that the smoke disappeared today??
on the other hand,He also thinks it is wise to accept it when he sees it,Zhu has already made concessions,Willing to return mine 97 to myself,Equivalent to fulfilling the father’s last wish,If you keep going,Fight to death with Zhu’s family,It’s not worth the loss to the brothers and the Menglin Group。
Just when Zhu Xiaoguang was at a loss,Almost ready to promise Zhu Yande’s old fox’s condition,A big hand on his shoulder,This hand brings not only temperature,There is firm support。
“Let me say a few words!”From behind Zhu Xiaoguang came someone’s Qingliang
A powerful voice。
Hear this voice,Many people present involuntarily found it pleasant to the ears,Full of conviction,Even want to keep listening。
Seeing Lu Menglin finally stand up,Ready to speak。Chen Jiannan and Wang Shaoxiao sat back on the chairs together。obviously,I don’t need their performance anymore。
Zhu Yande heard this voice,Can’t help but feel tight,His most worried thing finally happened,The only young man he couldn’t see through,Stand up。
“Regarding your proposal just now,I do not accept!Menglin Group will not accept。”Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Tao。
Zhu Yande has not had time to speak,The second brother Zhu Yanshou stared,Anger:“Who are you??How old are you?Can represent Menglin Group?”
“My name is Lu Menglin,Menglin Group is mine。”Lu Menglin looked like an idiot,Gently glanced at Zhu’s second child,Lightly。
This remark,Everyone was shocked。
Without exception, everyone turned their eyes to Lu Menglin,There is surprise in these eyes,Envy,Surprised,And more accidents。

John Zhang shrugged his shoulders graciously,Smiled:“My father is a shareholder of this gym,I think I have the right to give you a lifetime card,The premise is that you can win me。”

“what?Brother Nan’s son is so old?”Zhou Min on the side suddenly exclaimed。
Zhang John suddenly full black line,Hurriedly shook his head and explained:“Brother Nan is the owner of the gym,He is not my father,My father is one of the shareholders。”
“Oh,I just said!I thought you were Nan Ge’s son!It’s fine,Hurry up and play!”Zhou Min pretending to be naughty,Smiled。
Chapter four hundred and twenty seven One punch
It turns out that Zhou Min played stupid on purpose,Vent your breath for that mainland kid,Belittle John Zhang。
But this John Zhang is quite cultivated,Not moved with beautiful women,Instead, he smiled at Zhou Min,I don’t mind。
“Then,Can we start?Actually I am also very curious,With your strength,What kind of punch can be hit!”John Zhang vs. Lu Menglin,True color。
Lu Menglin nodded,Smiled:“I also want to know。”
“please!”John Zhang holds a fist。
The crowd suddenly dispersed,Crowded in front of the force measuring device。
This force measuring machine consists of three parts,The front is a fist target,Sponge hardwood,In the middle is the metal plate for detecting impact,Behind is the computer recorder,Record the instantaneous impact change,Then use the computer to calculate and feedback。
The professionalism of this dynamometer,It is much more precise than the boxing machine Lu Menglin played in the game hall。
“You go first!I’m afraid you won’t have the guts if I shoot。”Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Carrying hands,Pretending to be inscrutable。
John Zhang doesn’t refuse,Nod,Tao:“it is good!Then I will give you a demonstration。Strong strength does not mean strong punch,Fighting is skillful。”
The voice has not fallen,I saw that John stride forward,Left leg in front,Right leg behind,The whole person is like a bow and arrow,Actually took a lunge。
Followed by,John Zhang sinks into the wrong horse,The feet are like roots,Hold firmly,While suddenly kicking the ground,Twist the waist、Moving crotch、Swing arm,Action in one go,The whole person is like a whole,There is an indescribable sense of power。
boom!John Zhang punched out,As if to gather the power of the whole body,Wave along the arm,Burst from fist,Hit the target hard。

But Chen Wenjin thinks,The most worrying thing is Xiao Gao,Just ask him in a low voice:“Did Hye promise you??”

“It’s not three months yet。”Xiao Gao still seems confident,Promised,Kanhui is back,Hurriedly helped her adjust the chair slightly to let her sit down,Hui smiled and said thank you。
The moment Chen Wenjin and Hui met,I read that she was full of thoughts,I couldn’t help but observe for a while,I found that Hui felt like Xiao Gao……A little more polite。
Chen Wenjin asked Hui on purpose:“Is there someone named Jiang Zai in your class??”
Hui Wei was startled,Then he answered with a strange and enthusiastic look:“Yes!you know?”
“Heard it mentioned,Said he was handsome。”Of course Chen Wenjin knows that there is such a person,This ginger,Is the rival that Xiao Gao must face,Because this person’s appearance and personality are Huang Hui’s food,At least the initial attractiveness is like this。
“There is still such a person?”Xiao Gao Hehui is not in the same class,Surprised,I remembered again:“correct,When I first started school, I seemed to hear you say。”
“I told you,It’s Jiang Zai from the Fourth Brother One Wang.。”Hui smiled brightly,That enthusiasm bursts naturally。
Chen Wenjin sees it,I feel more worried about Xiao Gao’s road ahead,Does Hui choose inner beauty or outer beauty??
One Wang Si Ge,Talking about this,Wang Shuai couldn’t help but smile。
Yi Wang is talking about him,Refers to the handsome guy with no dead ends at the town school level,Fourth brother refers to the other four handsome men second only to him,Jiang Zi is one of them。
Wang Shuai disagrees with Jiang Zai,Jiang Zai’s family is in good condition,Is for business,But ordinary businessmen can’t fit into Wang Shuai’s eyes。
Xiao Gao knows who Jiang Zai is,But didn’t think much,Just to Chen Wenjin:“It is said that there are many beautiful women in Pengzhong this year.,The first fairy on the cloud,Seven fairies go down to earth,There are four beautiful in the world。Needless to say, you know the first fairy,Xiao Xiao;peach,Lulu,Water ripple,benefit,Lin Shangyun,Thousand grasses collectively called six fairies。Except them,There are four beautiful people in the world,May is among the four beautiful。”
May is actually quite unhappy,She thinks nothing else,She is not worse than Hui,The body may be a little weaker,But I don’t know how much my skin is whiter!It turned out that she was not among the Six Fairies。May think it’s because she sells her face,She was the eldest sister in school before,Know many people,With Xiaogao’s face。
Chen Wenjin thought that Taozi and Xiao Gao did not go to Pengzhong and dropped out of school in his memory.,In addition, of course there is also Pengzhong who was not originally here.,Undoubtedly, he used the power of material inverse motion to influence these,and,When the quota is fixed, it means that three people have not been able to enter Pengzhong.。
It’s just that he is strange,In my memory, although his time in Pengzhong is very limited,But I also heard people say that Brother Wang Si,but,But I have never heard of the first fairy Xiao Xiao。
‘Xiao Xiao didn’t choose Pengzhong?Or……What accident happened to her originally?’Chen Wenjin became more curious about this,But he wants to know the answer,Need to pay a relatively large time price,The curiosity at this moment is obviously not enough to make him willing to live again from when he first met Xiao Xiao。
Chen Wenjin does not have much overlap with the people in Pengzhong in his memory,I just want to care about the situation of a few people I know。

Compared to staying in the dormitory to fight Zhu Xiaoguang,Don’t go downstairs to see what Zhong Liying is going to do,After all, they are little girls,It’s more seductive than Zhu Xiaoguang。

“I go out for a while,You guys talk first。”Lu Menglin smile,Then opened the door,Out of the dormitory。
text Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty Three Causal signs
The lights under the male dormitory are as bright as daylight,There are reluctant men and women on the road from time to time。
but,Compared to the balance of the male to female ratio downstairs in the female dormitory,Downstairs in the male dormitory is obviously still mostly male,So Zhong Liying only waited a while,There are many boys deliberately turning around her,Humming softly,Some people took off their shirts and started showing their muscles,There are also those who are ready to recite poems,All in all,Everything。
Until Lu Menglin appeared,Little beauty obediently followed him,This made the gang of animals downstairs reluctantly withdraw their eyes,Temporarily stopped。
The two walked to the corner of the dormitory building,Relatively quiet here。
Night is as cool as water,Evening breeze。
“what can I do for you?”Lu Menglin asked casually。
Zhong Liying’s face first showed a naughty smile,And then happily:“Poorest dormitory in history?”
“Haha!Even you know?”When Lu Menglin heard this name,Immediately happy。
If it is an average boy,Was honorably called poverty,May be very sensitive,Even feel inferior,Feels embarrassing among peers。
But Lu Menglin obviously has no such obstacles,Because he knows what he has,There are upcoming,Not moved by foreign objects。
“You still laugh?Your dormitory is almost regarded as a scourge by the girls building!I will be bachelor from now on!”Zhong Liying Haha Dao。
“Then bachelor!Just to study for the rise of China!”Lu Menglin smiled and replied。
“what?Your ideal is quite great!admire,admire!Boss Lu,You are not gay?How else could it be so great?”Zhong Liying smiled。

And Qin Feng,Obviously it has nothing to do with the European royal family。In this case,They can only follow the usual steps,unfortunately,How far can I get the attention of the royal family??How much time will they waste?

In short,Liu Xing really can’t think of any other suggestions,Since there is no way to give a better answer,Isn’t that the right choice,Even the option of killing them?
“Let’s not hurry,Let me think about it!”In the end, Liu Xing did not make a quick decision。After all, in his opinion,Less than a last resort,Try not to choose this option as much as possible。
Why do you say that?Because he Liu Xing is also just a prefecture player,And those spider remnants who can escape and are not killed are obviously at the level of heavenly strength.,If I run into,He basically doesn’t want to survive。
What if Qin Feng is there??Who can guarantee,If they run into a spider,The latter will definitely not have more than one celestial power
By?Qin Feng will definitely not be able to protect him by then,So Liu Xing doesn’t want to take risks。
“also,Anyway, don’t worry about this。”Talking,Qin Feng also started drinking tea。
The Knicks watched these two people have no other reaction,He doesn’t know what to do。
The Knicks must be unemployed,So just sit with everyone in the living room and drink tea。It’s just that Qin Feng and Liu Xing are both on their minds,So it’s impossible to chat with them and fart。
When it’s noon,The servant came out and asked if he wanted to prepare meals for the guests,Then the Knicks could only pretend to be angry,Let the servants prepare。
This time as usual,His wife woke up。
Because I’m used to it, there can be no other people at home,So Mrs. Knicks walked down in her nightgown。It was just a moment when I saw Qin Feng and others on the stairs,Then went back to the room to change clothes。
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Chapter Four Hundred and Three Start from scratch
Ten minutes later,The husband walked down in a dress skirt,“Knicks,Why don’t you notify me when a guest comes!”Madam thinks she is detrimental to aristocratic demeanor,Even if their family has fallen,But the most basic aristocratic etiquette should still be present。

[Can the mother eat salt]_Maternal_Can you eat it?

[Can the mother eat salt]_Maternal_Can you eat it?

Pregnant women begin giving birth at the end of pregnancy, so what should be noticed after delivery is the diet of the mother.

Especially when the mother is confinement, because confinement is a very critical period.

Many mothers do not have a good diet during the confinement period, or their lifestyle is not good, leading to problems with their health.

Can the mother eat salt?

Can I eat salt during confinement? I believe that too many mothers have heard that it is not possible to eat salt during confinement. It is said that if the mother eats salt during confinement, it will affect the maternal milk and affect the health of the baby.The introduction said that it is completely wrong to say that confinement cannot eat salt. Salt is a condiment and an essential element of the human body. Therefore, it is still necessary for women to confine the confinement, but only eat less.During the period of confinement, the diet should be light and nutritious, but it is not to say that confinement cannot eat salt.

Confinement confinement does not eat salt harm1, affect appetite Postpartum confinement diet will not directly affect the maternal appetite if not put salt, especially some amaranth if you do not put salt, it is more obvious, maternal confinement appetiteIf it falls, it will be more detrimental to the secretion of breast milk, so the mother should still eat some salt in confinement.

2. Unbalanced nutrition If the confinement does not eat salt, it may also cause maternal nutritional imbalance. We all know that it is easy for a woman to sweat during confinement. Sweating can easily cause the loss of body salt.Failure to add salt in time will affect the postpartum recovery of the mother.

3. Affecting the secretion of milk. Confinement will not directly affect the secretion of maternal milk. Because the mother easily sweats during the confinement, the loss of salt in the body will lead to less milk, so the confinement will still be less.Eat some salt.
Confinement to eat salt precautions Confinement can eat a moderate amount of salt, but remember not to overdose, because the ability of children in the stomach during the confinement period cannot be developed and the gastrointestinal system of the newborn is not perfect.Excessive salt consumption during confinement can cause edema in pregnant women, and it may also affect the baby’s intellectual development.