[Can the mother eat salt]_Maternal_Can you eat it?

[Can the mother eat salt]_Maternal_Can you eat it?

Pregnant women begin giving birth at the end of pregnancy, so what should be noticed after delivery is the diet of the mother.

Especially when the mother is confinement, because confinement is a very critical period.

Many mothers do not have a good diet during the confinement period, or their lifestyle is not good, leading to problems with their health.

Can the mother eat salt?

Can I eat salt during confinement? I believe that too many mothers have heard that it is not possible to eat salt during confinement. It is said that if the mother eats salt during confinement, it will affect the maternal milk and affect the health of the baby.The introduction said that it is completely wrong to say that confinement cannot eat salt. Salt is a condiment and an essential element of the human body. Therefore, it is still necessary for women to confine the confinement, but only eat less.During the period of confinement, the diet should be light and nutritious, but it is not to say that confinement cannot eat salt.

Confinement confinement does not eat salt harm1, affect appetite Postpartum confinement diet will not directly affect the maternal appetite if not put salt, especially some amaranth if you do not put salt, it is more obvious, maternal confinement appetiteIf it falls, it will be more detrimental to the secretion of breast milk, so the mother should still eat some salt in confinement.

2. Unbalanced nutrition If the confinement does not eat salt, it may also cause maternal nutritional imbalance. We all know that it is easy for a woman to sweat during confinement. Sweating can easily cause the loss of body salt.Failure to add salt in time will affect the postpartum recovery of the mother.

3. Affecting the secretion of milk. Confinement will not directly affect the secretion of maternal milk. Because the mother easily sweats during the confinement, the loss of salt in the body will lead to less milk, so the confinement will still be less.Eat some salt.
Confinement to eat salt precautions Confinement can eat a moderate amount of salt, but remember not to overdose, because the ability of children in the stomach during the confinement period cannot be developed and the gastrointestinal system of the newborn is not perfect.Excessive salt consumption during confinement can cause edema in pregnant women, and it may also affect the baby’s intellectual development.

[Fried Agaric Cucumber Scrambled Eggs]_Agaric Cucumber Scrambled Eggs_How to Make_How to Make

[Fried Agaric Cucumber Scrambled Eggs]_Agaric Cucumber Scrambled Eggs_How to Make_How to Make

Fungus cucumber scrambled eggs is a family common diet, rich in nutrition, light and delicious, and the process is very simple. The required ingredients are also very common in life. Instead of cooking with fresh cucumbers and fungus eggs, it is often eaten with fungus.Certain benefits can also promote gastrointestinal motility and improve gastrointestinal diseases.

Main ingredients: 200g cucumber, 2 eggs, fungus seasoning; proper amount of salt, raw filtrate, washed and sliced cucumber.

Water edible fungus water for later use.

Heat the oil in a pan and fry the eggs.

Push the eggs aside and pour in the cucumbers to stir fry quickly.

Pour the cucumber into the fungus.

Stir fry for a while and add salt.

Join the soy sauce.

Stir fry evenly.

Black fungus, also known as fungus, wood fungus, tree chicken, cloud ear is delicate and soft, delicate taste, delicious taste, special flavor, is a well-known nutritious edible fungus, known as “food aspirin”.

Black fungus has the effects of nourishing qi, nourishing the lungs, nourishing the brain, lightening body, cooling blood, hemostasis, astringent intestines, activating blood, and beauty.

Contains a lot of nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, iron, calcium, phosphorus, carotene, vitamins.

It is rich in plant collagen, which has the function of absorption and absorption, and also has the function of dissolving and oxidizing foreign matter such as husk, wood residue, sand, metal shavings, etc.

New city system’s market value evaporates 31 billion

New city system’s market value evaporates 31 billion

Original title: Opening hard to escape double bond debt!
Shanghai police has informed that the chairman of Xincheng Holdings is suspected of molesting a 9-year-old girl!
More than a hundred heavy warehouse funds have stepped on the mines and issued bonds amounting to 31 billion yuan Source: The brokerage China’s blue bottom announcement and listed company announcements are here!
  Immediately, Xincheng also issued the “Announcement on the Change of the Company’s Chairman”. The announcement showed that the actual controller and chairman of the company, Mr. Wang Zhenhua, was criminally detained for personal reasons. The company elected director and president, Mr. Wang Xiaosong, as the company’s second board of directors.long.

  This is true of previous news reports. According to media reports, Wang, chairman of the listed company Xincheng Holdings, was taken in Shanghai for compulsory measures on January 1 for allegedly molesting a 9-year-old girl.
This will put pressure on the stock and bond trends of the three listed companies in the New City Department.
  According to relevant data, Xincheng Holdings has about 7.
700 million shares, accounting for 34% of the total share capital, of which, Fortune Development Group Co., Ltd. has pledged 7.
0.6 billion shares, which holds 13.
7.8 billion shares, with a pledge of 51.
25%; Changzhou Derun Consulting Management Co., Ltd. has pledged 65.2 million shares and held 1.
3.8 billion shares, pledged 47.
In addition, the pledgers involved CITIC Trust, Shanghai Haitong Securities Asset Management, Shanghai International Trust, Huatai Securities (Shanghai) Asset Management, Huabao Trust, Haitong Securities, Guangfa Securities Asset Management (Guangdong), etc.
  The announcement of the chairman’s alleged indecent assault of a 9-year-old girl with a blue background officially announced Wang Moumou’s suspected crime.
  At 15:00 on July 3, a news screen swept the circle of friends.
Xinmin Evening News reported that Wang, chairman of the listed company Xincheng Holdings, was taken in Shanghai on January 1 for allegedly molesting a 9-year-old girl.
In response to the chairman’s alleged indecent assault on a young girl, Xincheng Holdings said to the media that the current situation of the company is the same as that of the outside world, and executives of the company are also convening a meeting to study the relevant situation. The company’s internal operations are normal and details will be announced to the public.
  It is reported that the crime occurred in the afternoon of June 29, at a five-star hotel in Wanhangdu Road.
After being molested, the girl called her mother in Jiangsu and cried. The mother came to Shanghai to call the police, and Wang was immediately taken a coercive measure.
At present, the girl has been inspected for injuries, with a laceration in her vagina, causing minor injuries.
  Zhou, the woman who brought the girl to the hotel, has also arrived.
Zhou is 49 years old and is from Xuzhou, Jiangsu.
According to her confession, she brought two girls to the hotel on the day of the incident, one was 9 years old, and the other was 12 years old.
The mother of the two girls is a friend of Zhou.
Zhou lied about taking the two girls to Shanghai Disneyland to play and bringing them from Jiangsu to Shanghai.
On the same day, Wang committed a crime against a 9-year-old girl and later paid Zhou a cash of 10,000 yuan.
  Subsequently, the Putuo police in Shanghai issued a police briefing. At about 22:00 on June 30, 2019, the Putuo police in Shanghai took Ms. Wang’s alarm and said that her daughter was brought by her friend Zhou Moumou (female, 49 years old, from Jiangsu) to her hometown in Jiangsu.He stayed in a hotel in Shanghai and his daughter was molested by a man in the room.
After receiving the report, the police attached great importance to it and quickly carried out related work.
On the afternoon of July 1, the suspect Wang Mou (male, 57 years old, from Jiangsu) went to the public security organ for investigation under police work.
On the evening of July 2, the suspect Zhou Moumou surrendered to the public security organs.
At present, the suspects Wang Moumou and Zhou Moumou have been detained by Putuo police for criminal indecency, and the case is under further investigation.
  新城控股发布更换董事长的公告,公告中提到新城控股于 2019 年7月3日接到上海市公安局普陀分局通知,公司实际控制人、董事长王振华先生因个人原因被刑事拘留,公司于The 16th meeting of the Second Board of Directors was held on July 3, 2019.
The board of directors elected Mr. Wang Xiaosong, the director and president of the company, as the chairman of the second board of directors of the company. Mr. Wang Zhenhua will continue to serve as the director of the second board of directors of the company.
  Newtown Holdings’ A-share stock price is worrying. The chairman of Newtown Holdings is Wang Zhenhua, 57 years old, and has announced total assets of more than 300 billion yuan.
He is A-share New City Holdings (601155.
SH), New City Development Holdings (1030.
HK), the actual controller and chairman of the two listed companies, and Xincheng Yue (1755.HK) is a non-executive director. As of the end of 2018, the shareholding ratio reached 73.


  As the A-shares were closed when the news came out, they have not been affected by the news, and they are expected to close up by 3.


As of 4 pm, Xincheng Development Holdings closed down 24.

24%, with a market value of about 150 billion tons.

In addition, its property management company Xincheng Yue (01755).

HK) fell 23.

72%, the market value evaporates 16.

700 million feet.

New Town Development Holdings’ US dollar debt due in 2023 hit a record decline.

  According to market analysts, referring to the decline of H shares, I am afraid that the selling pressure of A shares on the opening Thursday is not small.

The three listed companies, Wang Zhenhua, have a stock market value of over 80 billion yuan.

  The current public opinion has been verbal about Wang Zhenhua’s case, and investors have boasted that they “stepped on the black swan.” Until now, Xincheng Holdings has three A-share shareholders.

80,000 households.

  Corporate bonds are not optimistic. In addition to stocks, New Town Holdings bonds are not optimistic.

  With New City Development Holdings (01030.

HK) is expected to crash late at the end of the day, and the company’s related 2023 US dollar debt also hit its highest drop ever.

  Relevant data show that Newtown Development Holdings currently has a bond stock scale of up to 11.

500 million, a total of only 5 stocks, the scale is less than 500 million.

  In addition to Xincheng Development Holdings, related data show that Xincheng Holdings’ existing bond stock scale is as high as 309.

8.8 billion, with only 28 in stock.

Among the debt-grade bonds, the debt rating of the bonds issued by New City Holdings was changed to the highest grade-AAA grade.

  Of the US $ 30.9 billion in existing bonds, four have more than 2 billion (including US $ 2 billion) of bonds, and the bond balance is 10 trillion?
There are 14 between 2 billion U.S. dollars and 10 with a bond balance of less than 1 billion U.S. dollars. According to the distribution of the size of the bonds to be repaid, there are 600 million tons within 1 year.
There are 202 between 3 years.

4.7 billion yuan, 3?
There are 80 between 5 years.

600 million yuan, 20 over 10 years.

8.1 billion yuan.

  Xincheng Holding said that the company’s actual controller could not perform its duties normally or would harm the interests of the company and investors.

The company ‘s largest shareholder, Rich Domain Development, directly holds more than 60% of the company ‘s total share capital and is in absolute control. The actual controller of the company is Wang Zhenhua.

  Wang Zhenhua himself, the army has been subject to investigation by the Discipline Inspection Commission. Wang Zhenhua has successively served as the director of the workshop of Wujin No. 1 Cotton Spinning Plant in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, and the director of a weaving mill in Hutang District. He established a new city in 1993.

In 2009, Xincheng relocated its headquarters to Shanghai and gradually moved towards nationalization.

  In 2015, Xincheng Holdings was listed on the A-share market, becoming the first private housing company to successfully achieve a B-to-A conversion.

Since 2015, Xincheng has ushered in an explosion of scale and has become one of the housing enterprises that has been rising at a speed of several times in the past. In the past two years, its compound growth rate has reached 99%.

  Xincheng Holdings Group’s official website mentioned that the group is headquartered in Shanghai and has experienced rapid development for 26 years. It has become a comprehensive real estate group involved in residential real estate and commercial real estate. It has ranked among the top 20 in China’s real estate industry for ten consecutive years, and its total assets exceed RMB.290 billion yuan.

Xincheng Holdings’ business model is mainly divided into three major business divisions: residential development, commercial development, and commercial operation management. Its core product is Wuyue Plaza. At present, Xinyue Wuyue Plaza has achieved nearly 60 large cities and more than 70 commercialProject layout.

  Obviously, in 2016, Wang Zhenhua once lost contact briefly.

Xincheng Holdings announced on the evening of January 22, 2016 that the company’s actual controller, chairman Wang Zhenhua, is being investigated by the Changzhou Wujin District Discipline Inspection Commission for personal reasons, and he can participate in the company’s decision on major issues in an appropriate manner.
Company characteristics, the above matters have nothing to do with the company’s operations.

But just half a month later, Wang Zhenhua returned to the company to work normally.

Since then, he continued to fully operate the New City for three years, and Wang Zhenhua resigned as the company’s president in August last year.
His son Wang Xiaosong became the company’s president. According to information, Wang Xiaosong was born in December 1987, graduated from Nanjing University with a major in environmental science, and entered the new city after graduating in 2009. He has been an assistant manager of the engineering department of Shanghai since April 2010.
  Obviously, Wang Zhenhua often talked about social responsibility when he was in office, proclaiming himself a charity.

At the public event of Xincheng Holdings in September 2018, Wang Moumou stated, “Corporate management and corporate social responsibility are unified and inseparable.

For example, once a company is well established, it can increase employment and pay more taxes.

I have been saying that there are three main contributions to society. More support means more employment, more taxes, and more charity.

When asked “how to fulfill social responsibility”, Wang Zhenhua said that in the field of public welfare, the company created a large-scale public welfare brand “Seven-colored Light Plan”, and continued to make efforts in the public welfare fields such as environmental protection and cultural engineering.

By the end of 2018, the company had expanded more than 300 million US dollars in social welfare.

According to the official information of Xincheng Holding Group, the “Seven-colored Light” plan mentioned by Wang Zhenhua is divided into 7 sections including child health, environmental protection, humanitarian assistance, cultural engineering, and sports.

  Public information shows that Wang Zhenhua has won the National May 1st Labor Medal, National Labor Model, Outstanding Private Entrepreneur in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Socialist Construction Contribution Award, Shanghai United Front (Working) Advanced Individual, Changzhou Star EnterpriseHome, China Charity Outstanding Contributors and many other awards.

  Will Wang Zhenhua face a potential fine?

  Article 236 of the Criminal 北京夜网 Law indicates that[rape]who rapes a woman by violence, assault or other means shall be sentenced to three to ten years in prison.

The rape of young girls under the age of fourteen is based on rape, and it is a fallacy.

Rape of women, rape of young children with severe consequences can be punished by more than ten years in prison, life imprisonment or death.

  According to Article 237 of the Criminal Law,[compulsory violation of the law, crime of infringement]where violence, infringement or other methods are used to force violation of others or discriminate against women with human rights, the following five fixed-term imprisonment or detention shall be imposed;Those who commit the crime of the preceding paragraph in public or have other serious circumstances shall be sentenced to imprisonment of more than five years; those 天津夜网 who molest children shall be re-offended in accordance with the provisions of the preceding two paragraphs.

  Hundreds of heavy warehouse funds have been involved in mines along with listed companies.

As Xinchengyue has just been listed in November 2018, it has been reporting data for consecutive quarters. At present, there is no public information showing that funds have a heavy position. There are three funds in Xincheng Development Holdings, and Xincheng Holdings is a domestic heavyweight stock of more than 100 publicly-raised funds.

  According to relevant data statistics, as of the end of the first quarter, a total of three funds held a large number of Hong Kong stocks New City Development Holdings, including Harvest Financial Select A, ICBC Credit Suisse Shanghai and Shenzhen A, and ICBC Credit Suisse Shanghai and Shenzhen Select A, each accounting for 5 of the fund’s net worth.

26%, 2.

15%, 1.


The three funds mentioned above all lightened up on New City Development Holdings in the first quarter.

  According to relevant data statistics, as of the end of the first quarter, a total of 132 funds held heavy positions in New City Holdings, of which 44 funds held New City Holdings accounted for more than 5% of the fund’s net worth. China Merchants Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Real Estate, Golden Eagle Small and Medium Cap Selection, Wells Fargo Financial Real EstateWaiting for the positions of the six funds to exceed 8%, or they will be affected in this event.

  From the perspective of the number of shares held, as of the first quarter of this year, 7 public offerings such as TSE Asset Management and Bank of Communications Schroder held more than 5 million shares in Xincheng Holdings. Among them, TSE Asset Management, Bank of Communications Schroder, Huaxia even boughtEntered into the top ten of New City Holdings, Oriental Red ‘s domestic demand growth capital management plan, Bank of Communications Schroder selected and mixed, Huaxia returns, and Oriental Red No. 8 two-way strategic asset management plan respectively ranked New City Holdings seventh, eight, and nine.Top ten shareholders.

  Regarding whether the company will carry out the position adjustment, the fund company that was interviewed merged and responded that “there is an urgent discussion on the corresponding plan, and it will also depend on whether the listed company of Xincheng Holdings is suspended from trading in the future, and it is not convenient to deal with it too much.

“A related person of a fund company holding shares in Xincheng Holding said,” This is the minimum quantitative issue, and this behavior cannot be tolerated morally or legally!

“A fund company insider disclosed,” specific to a certain type of “black swan” incident, it needs to return to the core issue of the company level.

For example, like the previous Visual China, we are reportedly not involved in the company’s core business internally, so the visual China also rebounded.

Whether the fund company makes an assessment is essentially no problem for the company.

But things like vaccine incidents are directly related to the microcosm of the company.

According to the conventional process, the event of Xincheng Holding will likely announce the size of the listed company tomorrow. After the listed company announces, the fund company will look at the market price tomorrow.

If the company itself has no problem, the price will drop sharply tomorrow, which actually means that the market has absorbed the substitution.

“Xincheng Holdings appeared on the block platform, and Guotai Junan’s first business department received a premium. On July 3, Xincheng Holdings had a block transaction with a total volume of 320,000 shares and a total transaction value of 1401.

60,000 yuan, the transaction price is 43.

8 yuan / share, a premium of 2 from the closing price of the day.


The buyer is Guotai Junan Securities Ningbo Rainbow North Road Securities Sales Department, and the seller is Haitong Securities Ningbo Jiefang North Road Securities Sales Department.

  In the last 3 trading days, 5 major transactions have occurred in Xincheng Holdings.

Sichuan Changhong (600839): Color TV business continues to be sluggish

Sichuan Changhong (600839): Color TV business continues to be sluggish

3Q19 results were lower than our expected 3Q19 results: 1-3Q19 operating income 622.

100,000 yuan, an annual increase of 7.

6%; net profit attributable to mother 无锡夜网 0.

3.8 billion, down 81 a year.

2%, corresponding to a profit of 0.

0083 yuan.

Among them, 3Q19 operating income was 222.

4.2 billion, an annual increase of 15.

9%; net profit attributable to mother-0.

1.3 billion, a decline of 128 per year.


The company’s performance was lower than our expectations, mainly due to the fierce price war in the color TV market.

  Financial analysis for 3Q19: 1) Gross profit margin 11.

9%, a decline of 0 per year.

3ppt, mainly due to fierce competition in the color TV market, 11.

9% away from historical lowest gross margin 11.

5% is already very close.

2) Management costs are stable, -0 per year.

1%, corresponding to the management expense ratio of 1.

8%; In order to open up the market, the sales cost is +16 for ten years.

5%, corresponding to a sales expense ratio of 6.

9%; budget, the company increases R & D expenditure, R & D expenses every +35.

6% to 3.

700 million, accounting for 1% of revenue.

7%, which is a legal level among home appliance companies.

3) Exchange rate fluctuations resulted in a significant reduction in exchange losses; net gains from changes in fair value increased by 27%.

  Development Trend The domestic color TV market continues to be sluggish.

1) Affected by low-cost dumping by companies such as Xiaomi, the price war in the color TV market is fierce.

AVC data monitoring, 1Q-3Q19 color TV retail sales online, offline -4.

5% /-16.

4%; the average online retail price is -12 years.

4%, residual content still.

2) From July to August 2019, the global TV market integration volume was 35.58 million units, alternating flat.

Among them, the July / August Chinese TV market has doubled -11% /-7%, and they still overlap.

  Changhong color TV market performance needs to be improved: 1) AVC data shows that 1Q-3Q19 Changhong color wires, offline retail sales are at -5.

5%, -21%, are weaker than the color TV industry.

2) In July / August, the global expansion volume of Changhong TVs was -19% /-28% at intervals, which continued to expand and the market share decreased.

3) Under pressure from the color TV market and intensified industry competition, the company’s product competitiveness is not outstanding enough. 厦门夜网 We expect the company’s business to continue to face pressure in the short term.  Earnings forecast and forecast As the performance exceeded expectations, the EPS forecast for 2019/2020 was lowered by 21% / 21% to 0.

06 yuan / 0.

07 yuan.

Currently corresponds to 45 in 2019/2020.

5 times / 39.

5 times price-earnings ratio.

Maintain Neutral rating and 2.

Target price of 88 yuan, corresponding to 47.

3x 2019 P / E ratio and 41.

0 times the 2020 price-earnings ratio, there is 4% upside compared to previous performance.

  Risks Competition in the color TV market increases risks.

Why the packaging carton is mostly light brown-

Why are the packaging cartons mostly light brown?

Color has an incredible magic power, and it will have a huge impact on human feeling.

For example, color can make people’s sense of time overlap, which is one of its many magical powers.

When people look at red, they feel that time is longer than the actual time, and when they look at blue, they feel that time is shorter than the actual time.

Ask two people to do an experiment, and let one of them enter the red room with pink wallpaper and dark red carpet, and let the other enter the blue room with blue wallpaper and blue carpet.

Don’t give them any timers, let them feel like they are out of the room after an hour.

As a result, the people in the red room are at 40?
It came out after 50 minutes, and the person in the blue room was at 70?
It didn’t come out after 80 minutes.

Some people say that this is because someone in the red room feels uncomfortable, so it feels like a long time.

There is a reason for this, but not necessarily.

The main reason is that people’s sense of time will be disturbed by the surrounding colors.

  Why are the packaging cartons mostly light brown?

  The reason why the packaging carton is mostly light brown is that it is made of recycled paper to maintain the original color of the pulp.

The packaging carton can be said to be an outstanding leader in waste recycling. More than 80% of the packaging carton will be recycled.

  However, there are more than one reason for the use of light brown packaging cartons.

This is also closely related to psychological weight.

Recently, in addition to light brown, white packaging cartons have also increased.

Some large logistics companies have unified their packaging cartons to white.

Light brown can make people feel that the weight of the packaging carton is relatively light, and under the name, white is even lighter.

Packing goods in color-packed cartons can reduce the psychological burden on transporters.

Also, white looks cleaner.

  The packaging carton can be recycled and reused, thereby reducing environmental damage and the burden on the environment.

That being said, light-colored packaging cartons can also reduce our psychological burden.

Office workers dry eyes and astringent drink pumpkin soup

Office workers dry eyes and astringent drink pumpkin soup

Many office workers turn around the computer every day, work in front of the computer, eat in front of the computer, the computer has become their best friends.

Over time, dry eyes and astringent eyes cause eye fatigue and even vision loss.

How should office workers protect their eyes?

Here I will recommend pumpkin soup to you: Creamy pumpkin soup Ingredients: 500 grams of pumpkin, 200 grams of pure milk, 60 grams of whipping cream Method: 1. Peel and peel the pumpkin, wash and slice it, and place it in a steamer to separate the waterSteam for about a quarter of an hour; 2, add the steamed pumpkin to the milk cooking machine and mash it, then put the pumpkin puree in the pot, add 60 grams of whipped cream, stir well, and then heat it to serve.

  First, proper eating of pumpkin can help protect the eyes. Pumpkin is a common fruit and vegetable in life. It has orange-red color and sweet taste. It can be fried, stewed, or cooked directly.

According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica” note, pumpkins are warm and sweet, and can be used to replenish qi, relieve inflammation and relieve pain, relieve phlegm and pus, and detoxify insects., Malnutrition, lung dysentery, water and fire burns, etc.

However, eating more can promote blood wetness, especially the skin and skin ulcers are susceptible to wind and itching. People with jaundice and beriberi should not eat a lot.

  From a nutritional point of view, pumpkin is rich in vitamin C and β-carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A for physiological functions.

Vitamin A, also known as retinol, has the functions of protecting eyesight, maintaining dark vision and preventing dry eye. For white-collar workers who have been staring at the computer for a long time without blinking, they are very susceptible to dry eye.The beta-carotene contained in pumpkin can effectively prevent dry eye.

In addition, eating more pumpkins can also moisturize the skin and protect the gastric mucosa, which has multiple health effects.

  Second, it ‘s better to eat pumpkin with a little oil. Many people think that pumpkin, carrots and other ingredients that overcome β-carotene must be fried with oil. This is because vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin.It can be better absorbed and utilized by the human body, but the practice of only using oil for cooking is too rigid. In fact, it is also good to add milk and cream to pumpkin soup like this. The milk contains a certain aunt, and at the same timeThere are also certain aunts in the cream, so eating pumpkin can effectively promote the absorption and utilization of vitamin A.

  In addition, unless it is a boiled pumpkin, as long as there are some other meats on the dining table, then pumpkin dishes without any fats and other substitute fats can also promote the absorption and utilization of vitamin A.

It is not possible to eat pumpkin and carrot without fuel, but because fat-soluble vitamins are broken down into the body, it is easy to cause excessive poisoning, so it can cause perception in food intake.

Share 12 tips for autumn moisturization_1

Share 12 tips for autumn moisturization

When you change seasons, do you often feel that your body is dry and a bit tight, and even worse, the skin is peeling. Not only can the powder not be uniform on makeup, the makeup is always floatingThe most scary thing is that small fine lines quietly ran out using this great opportunity.


hzh {display: none; }  入秋以后,天气渐凉,气候干燥,人们的皮肤在阵阵秋风吹拂下多显得粗糙不适。This is the season to remind you: it’s time to take good care of the skin!

In autumn, the skin’s ability to retain water is greatly reduced.

Therefore, moisturizing is the most important homework.

  Here are 12 tips for moisturizing in the autumn. Let’s share them together.

  Coup # 1: Drink more water, drink more water, drink more water.

  Drinking plenty of water is the best and easiest method of skin care. It can not only accelerate the metabolism, expel excess waste out of the body, but also keep the moisture film on the skin’s surface layer at any time to maintain moisturizing and elasticity.Worried about getting fat.

  Get together in the morning and drink a large glass of boiling water to make you bright and beautiful all day!

  Tip 2: Put a basin of water in the room and let it dry for you.

  In order to avoid the loss of water under the silent air conditioner, it is recommended that you put a basin of water in the room to maintain the humidity in the room and let the air conditioner take away the water from the basin instead of your body.

Of course, putting a washbasin is not very good-looking. If the room is large enough, it is a good idea to put a small fish tank, taking into account the beauty and practical effect.

  Coup 3: Apply a thick layer of lotion to the bladder at night.

  Doors and windows are closed at night, the room is dry, and the face is tight.

It doesn’t matter, apply two or three layers of your moisturizing lotion thickly. The moisturizing factor in the lotion can leave moisture in the stratum corneum and prevent it from losing too much.

  Remind you, don’t sprinkle water directly on Bush like watering flowers. It can’t be absorbed in the stratum corneum, or it will make your face feel drier due to the evaporation of water.

  Coup 4: Set up green plants to give you a fresh environment.

  Usually put a small plant near the table and let it integrate into a small air filter to make you feel fresher.

The water in the basin also helps reduce the power of the air conditioner killer.

The lady who stays in the air-conditioned room all day is even more in need.

  Coup 5: Lotion + paper mask is effective and saves money.

  Applying a moisturizing mask every day is too luxurious. Now I will teach you a simpler method.

Use your usual lotion (it must be alcohol-free to avoid irritation and allergies). Pour it on the paper mask, apply it to your face, relax for 10 minutes, and immediately glow, you will feel the skin’s elasticity immediately.

  Tip 6: When traveling for a long time, after sun exposure, apply some moisturizing lotion.

  You are deliberately avoiding the crowded summer, and you plan to use this time to travel, it is a good idea!

But remember to rehydrate your skin at any time during the trip.

The moisturizing spray lotion is refreshing and non-sticky, so that the interstices of your cells are filled with sufficient moisturizing factors at any time, which can increase the skin’s moisturization even more than water, and you can spray even after applying makeup.

After the sun, it is also the time when the skin is the least hydrated, spray the moisturizing lotion, and then apply the repair lotion, so that the sequelae of dehydration will not find you.

  Tip 7: The air conditioner is very comfortable, but don’t stay too long.

  Air conditioning means both air conditioning and heating in winter.

The humidity in an air-conditioned environment is much lower than in nature.

In winter, the humidity of the entire environment is reduced, and the skin is already feeling a little tight. If the room is heated up again, the temperature rises and the water quickly runs away.

If you are the type of person who can’t live without air conditioning, please force yourself to drink at least two liters of water a day, which is about a large bottle of mineral water and a small bottle of mineral water.


  Coup 8: Quickly moisturizing mask, quickly bright and beautiful.

  Quick mask pack in vacuum single sheet, save you the trouble of using paper mask and lotion, and it usually soaks the mask sheet with moisturizing essence, which is more precious than lotion, and the unit price is usually higher.actual.

  Coup 9: Insufficient lotion to solve “muscle thirst”, multiple bottles of moisturizing essence!  The moisturizing essence has a smaller molecular volume than the emulsion and can penetrate into the stratum corneum to moisturize dry cells.

First apply the essence and then apply the lotion, the lotion will be like a hat, covering the essence tightly under the surface, prolonging the time for the water to be evaporated.

  Coup 10: Baby care products keep you moist.

  The top, joints, and corners of the mouth often experience dry peeling. When you wear a short skirt, you always feel that it is not elegant. After taking a bath, you can apply baby oil to dry areas to improve the desquamation phenomenon.

However, dermatologists warn that baby oil is not for you if you have had follicular keratosis (small dots on the surface of the skin).

  Coup 11: Use the steam from your bath to save time.

  Apply a moisturizing mask, preferably in the bathroom, with steam to help, and the ingredients in the mask are more easily and quickly absorbed.

In addition, use a deep cleansing mask, not in a place with heavy moisture. It relies on the tensile force after the mask dries to adsorb the dirt in the pores. If the moisture is too heavy, the mask will not be dry that day.

  Coup 12: Take a sauna, take a hot bath, don’t forget to put a bottle of water beside you.

  When taking a sauna, it is the time when a large amount of water is lost inside the body. The hot steam makes the body sweat and waste continuously discharge. It is important to replenish the body water at any time, so as to promote the smooth metabolism cycle.

Men don’t get married because you are a favorite

Men don’t get married because you are a favorite

I married my first girlfriend.

  Seeing this message from Ding Fan on my mobile phone surprised me and asked him quickly: No, your kid was n’t just in love, he just poured his bitter tears to me, why is he here again?Married?

With whom?

  You don’t know, there is a girl in my hometown, 22 years old this year.

It was settled after being introduced.

Married after dating for one and a half months.

Ding Fanzhong sent me again.

  I’m marveled at it, and it’s too fast, can I order a lifetime for a month and a half?

But marveling, marrying, they still have to say a few words of blessing.

So I teased him: You guy is an old cow who eats tender cows, so you treat other girls very much, have more children, and I will admit a son.

In the end, he didn’t forget to let him find a chance to tell me about his efficient love and marriage process.

  When thinking of Ding Fan’s office, a colleague pulled him to show his hand, solemnly told him that there will be peach blossoms in his life in the next ten years.

We smiled and bent over, dare to love this kid with such good luck.

But with a smile, Ding Fan’s emotional history can really be described as rugged and bumpy, almost driving him to the edge of despair.

  Ding Fan is very handsome and has been an armed policeman, so from appearance to spirit, it is very attractive.

He also has the advantage that he loves cleanliness, and ordinary girls do not necessarily have his concern for hygiene. Shoes are always as neat and tidy as new ones. Leather shoes are always shiny, and there is a sense of simplicity and refinement on his body.

  Ding Fan’s first girlfriend engaged in propaganda work in an enterprise.

The little girl has a “baby fat” face, and her figure is quite standard. In Ding Fan’s words, it is called “the big place is big, the small place is small”.

At that time, they felt like children playing house. When they were good, they wanted to wear a pair of pants, and they panicked when they didn’t see them for a second.Who.

Their relationship ended after a year of maintenance because the girl resigned and went to another city.

  The first girlfriend was Ding Fan’s “sexual enlightenment”. She called Ding Fan to her place the day before she left.

In the dark room with the lights off, she slowly took off her clothes and pulled Ding Fan’s hand over her.

Ding Fan touched her sexy clavicle and plump breasts, then moved her hand to the girl’s lower body, and her body immediately reacted.

He thought he was going to say goodbye to the virgin era tonight and was very nervous.

But the girl didn’t give him this opportunity, whispered and begged him not to force her to do what she didn’t want to do, she had to leave her husband for the first time.

Maybe she knew that she couldn’t be her husband, and Ding Fan didn’t insist any more. The two were slept on a single steel bed for one night without any problems.

After Ding Fan talked about this, every male colleague gave him a thumbs up, praising him that he would try to keep Liuxia Huibi down.

  Second girlfriend The second girlfriend was also introduced, a company employee, cheerful, and can talk to anyone, of course, looks good, and figure is “awesome.”

Although she often brought the dirty clothes on the top and let him wash them, and her long nails made him look at goose bumps, and joked with Ding Fan’s colleague, Ding Fan still liked her very much, and evenI wanted to marry her, and once called my mom over.

The second girlfriend finally turned Ding Fan into a man. It was the girl ‘s birthday. Ding Fan withdrew her salary in advance, bought her a gift, and invited her to eat Western food.

The candlelight swayed, and the girl’s eyes were full of teasing and desire, making Ding Fan tasteless, and only wanted to eat her meat.

After meals, Ding Fan took her to the hotel room that was opened early. After entering, she wanted to enter the actual combat stage.

The girl knew about Ding Fanjie’s fetishism, went to the bathroom, carefully washed her body, wrapped in a towel, wrapped her hair, and walked out with bare feet, her eyes were as foxy as a cat.

Ding Fan saw the two groups of things wrapped in the towel, and he strangled to death. He threw her underneath like a hungry tiger, but he couldn’t help but always couldn’t get up.Sweat and discouraged.

The girl covered her mouth, hey, hey, while still not forgetting that he was useless, he was even more anxious, he just got up and took a cold shower, trying to cool the hot body with cold water.

After he returned from the shower, he finally succeeded. The two almost tossed all night, but the next day Ding Fan decided to break up with the girl, because he did not see the legendary red, and the girl’s performance was not like the first time.

This made him very sad, feeling like an innocent boy being played with by an old river.

  After breaking up with his second girlfriend, Ding Fan was very depressed, and even said such discouraging words as “I won’t fall in love anymore”.Colleagues laughed at him, where did this go? It ‘s like a little frustration. It should be more frustrated and more courageous. Besides, it ‘s only been a few years since the peach blossoms of this decade?

Ding Fan ignored everyone, Wu felt sad.

  For a long time after that, Ding Fan was really honest and quiet a lot.

I haven’t seen him running away on both ends for three days, or listening to him constantly answering the phone, even coming to his girls, he is also polite to keep a distance with others, as if he has lost interest in all women.

He even picked up the book, preparing to seriously review the national judicial examination.

Colleagues couldn’t help but look at him. It seems that falling in love is not all bad. Some people sink in love, some people forge in love.

Ding Fan is ordinary, and he has a higher awareness.

  Of course, he didn’t pass the judicial examination and didn’t even take it, because he talked to his girlfriend again after a few months of cessation.

This time, this is a teacher who teaches English with his family name.

Although he is not as beautiful as his two girlfriends, and he is not as good as the former, he is gentle and gentle and well-informed.

What made him even more relieved was that Xiao Si was still a virgin, and thinking of herself felt a little sorry for her.

“At first glance it looks like an orthodox girl, and I like it.

“Ding Fan said.

As soon as the words were spoken, it immediately caused a laugh, and some colleagues joked that you were the first to be deceived, so you feel guilty and want to find an honest person to get through.

Ding Fan gave the man a fist and solemnly told everyone that this time he must have taken it seriously.

  Everyone felt that Xiao Si and Ding Fan were a good match.

Although the appearance is a bit worse, the temperament and personality are exactly complementary.

Xiao Si was very attentive and took care of Ding Fan’s diet and living carefully. In just two months, Ding Fan became blessed and gained several pounds.

He often caressed his uncle’s belly slowly, and pretended to be an annoyance: oops, what to do, there is a good wife at home, and it ‘s so good for me.

Hearing this, the male colleagues were anxious to give him a kick, this boy, who got cheap and sold well, showed off here.

  Is this true love? When Ding Fan was living carefree under Xiao Si’s care, something unexpected happened to him suddenly.

He was at work that day and received a phone call from Xiao Si’s colleague, asking him to rush to the hospital. Xiao Si had an accident.

Ding Fan’s frightened legs were all soft. He grabbed the phone and ran, leaving a room of colleagues anxiously guessing what happened to Xiao Si.

  The next day, Ding Fan asked the leader for leave, his tone was sad.

Everyone felt that something serious had happened.

  On the third day, Ding Fan returned, his hair was messy, his eyes were bloodshot, and his expression was distressed.

After our questioning, he said something that scared everyone.

  It turned out that Xiao Si was pregnant.

Because she had no experience with her first pregnancy and did not have a particularly obvious response, she was not attentive.

However, during the class that day, she suddenly had abdominal cramps and fainted on the podium, and then her lower body turned into reverse blood. The students in the room were frightened, and they tried their best to find the school teacher and leader. When they placed the hospital, their pupils were almost dilated.
Because the operation submission required the family members to sign, no one of the school teachers and leaders dared to write, so he called for Ding Fan.

After Ding Fan ran away, he saw Xiao Si’s face like white paper and dark purple lips. He had a terrible name in his heart. The pen in his hand seemed to be heavy and couldn’t write.

The simplest stroke he usually used was a period of time to stabilize the god before he wrote it down.

Fortunately, Xiao Si was finally pulled back from the death line after rescue.

The operation cost was nearly 10,000 yuan, and Ding Fan ran out of his pocket for only 6,000 yuan. His mother rushed over to give the hospital money, and also took care of the food of the prospective daughter-in-law.

  The accident of Xiao Si dealt a heavy blow to Ding Fan.

He didn’t expect that his instantaneousness had brought her a fatal disaster, and his heart was filled with deep regret.

He vowed secretly that he must take good care of him, marry her when she recovered, and love her alone in this life.

  Under the care of Ding Fan and his mother, Xiao Si recovered quickly and went to work after more than a month.

The doctor told Ding Fan that Xiaosi was a congenital fallopian tube insertion, and the same situation may occur in pregnancy. Therefore, do not be careless, and even prepare for pregnancy, you must scientifically conceive under the guidance of the hospital.As soon as Ding Fan fell into the abyss, he was just complaining. This gentle and kind person loves you the most and does not marry your house for delivery. Ding Fan plans to start the renovation and two people will get married after two months of airing.

However, on the issue of decoration, Xiao Si had differences with him.

Ding Fan pursues the view that “simple is beautiful”, suggesting that the room should be dominated by white, simple and elegant. Xiao Si, however, yearns for the idyllic style. He likes the checkered tablecloths, wooden furniture and floral wallpaper.

The two held their own grounds and refused to make concessions, which eventually turned into a quarrel.

In the end, both defeated, and both were very angry, and the house was renovated into a semi-pastoral and semi-simple style.

  While discussing the marriage, Xiao Si’s mother made a compulsory request: the man’s family must give out a 66,666 yuan gift of money to discuss the success and success, and they all enjoyed it.set.

Xiao Si is notorious for the high cost of marriage. The women’s family often asks for money and things, and it’s never end without tossing the man’s family into trouble.

Ding Fan and his parents cannot accept this request.

Because at the time of the engagement, they bought 20,000 yuan worth of jewelry for Xiao Si, including nearly 50,000 yuan in gifts and gifts. Now they are getting more than 60,000 in marriage. They ca n’t afford it anyway.
But Xiao Si’s mother insisted on her own opinion and admitted that she would never marry a daughter unless she gave it.

This made Ding Fan close off the dilemma.

  Little Division is the most contradictory among them.

The goal is that as the customs of the hometown improve, parents will never give in; Ding Fan’s realistic conditions can not afford so much money.

What makes Ding Fan even harder to resist is that Xiao Si’s mother even said some nonsense, taunting that his parents were incapable and couldn’t even marry a daughter-in-law, which made his parents very embarrassed., Can’t get off the stage for a long time.

Ding Fan suffered a heavy blow to his self-esteem. After the parents of both parties left, he severely gave a temper to Xiao Si and said a lot of rude things.

This time, both were sad.

  The marriage was stranded. The brothers Ding Fan only spent 20,000 to 30,000 yuan on the family when they got married. The brother and sister-in-law already had a lot of opinions about Ding Fan’s engagement. The parents must not take out more than 60,000.It’s a dollar, and even if I give it, I won’t make it.

Ding Fan was unwilling to let her parents be so distressed for her own affairs. She had to do the ideological work of Xiao Si constantly, asking her parents to lower the standard.

However, the facts disappointed him. The attitude of Xiao Si ‘s parents was more and more determined day by day. They also blamed Ding Fan ‘s family for not being positive enough and treating the matter negatively.

  The relationship between the two parties suddenly became tense.

Ding Fan’s parents saw that the situation was not good, and they wanted to condescend to go to their in-laws and discuss everything.

Ding Fan didn’t agree with life and death, believing that this would further promote their arrogance.

With regard to Ding Fan’s constant Cold War attitude, Xiao Si also became angry, often saying “I still don’t matter so much in your mind” and “You don’t love me so much” such negative words, making him even more upset.
After that, Ding Fan received a call from Xiao Si ‘s mother one day: Xiao Si had agreed to break up with you, and you have nothing to do with Xiao Si from today.

  The simple Xiaosi wants to gradually stimulate Ding Fan and let him take the initiative to ease the tension with his parents.

However, to her disappointment, Ding Fan did not ask for their understanding, and did not explain. He directly said “I have no opinion” on the phone and hung up Xiao Si’s mother.

This time the little division was annoyed, so under a negative mood, the fake breakup became a real breakup.

  A few months after the bland life broke up, Xiao Si married a ten-year-old man.

I heard from Xiao Si ‘s colleague that Xiao Si ‘s life was not happy. This made Ding Fan very distressed. He also blamed Xiao Si for his waywardness and anger. How can marriage be a drama?

He didn’t know if one day, Xiao Si would regret it, and Xiao Si’s mother thought that she had arbitrarily prevented her daughter’s marriage from regretting it.

To this day, his favorite is Xiao Si, and the one he can’t let go of is also Xiao Si.

Since then, he can no longer be enthusiastic about feelings. Looking at colleagues around him has long been paired or a family of three, he also has a negative thought. Since sooner or later, all those who want to get married are living, getting marriedWho isn’t married?

  Ding Fan’s fourth girlfriend finally successfully upgraded to become his wife.

This twenty-two-year-old girl doesn’t have much requirements, as long as Ding Fan is good to her.

They had a relationship within a few days of each other. After that, the little girl gave herself her first crying and sadness for a while. Ding Fan calmly said to her, rest assured, I will marry you if you want.

  Now, Ding Fan’s wife has been pregnant for more than three months. In his words, “I’m about to become a father.

“You can’t hear any joy in your words, just plain.

I advised him that life was the way it was.

He laughed and was speechless.

I still have no idea about Ding Fan who hastily chose to marry someone who does not understand. I don’t know if they can go through smoothly in the future, but what I tell him now is nothing but a wish.   I hope that Ding Fan will be a good dad in the ordinary life.