Beijing Changping: Online ordering and delivery of home poverty alleviation products to send the city civil table

Recently, in the Changping District Development and Reform Commission, employees wear masks, 1 meter, and sequentially collected their online ordered products in accordance with the prevention and control requirements of the epidemic. These products include eggs, millets, mung beans, white duck, beef and other total 32 poverty alleviation products such as eggs, millet, mung beans, white duck, beef and beef and beef, etc.

Zhang Jianzhu, the employee of Changping District Development and Reform Commission, said: "I bought eggs, beef, these products are green without pollution, the taste is delicious, and we can pick up the goods, it is very convenient." It is understood that all the agencies in Changping District Unit employees, can subscribe to the order of the consumer poverty alleviation products in Changping District, and then register the order, and then distribute the home of Changping Center in Changping Center in Beijing. The event has been remarkable since June this year. "As of now, we have walked more than 30 units and schools. The sales of two months exceed 200,000 yuan, driving poor households to get rid of 420 people." Beijing Consumer Poverty Alleviation Double Shuangli Center Changping Division Director Zhuo Zhuo Yanwei introduced, "online ordering poverty alleviation products and then distribute, this timing fixed point is flexible, reducing operating costs, and facilitating the employee to purchase consumer poverty alleviation products." In order to reduce logistics costs, increase help strength Beijing consumer poverty alleviation dual-creation center Changping Sub-center is concentrated in purchase of poverty alleviation products, while strictly controlling product quality, let everyone buy a heart, eat peace of mind.

"Next, we are ready to carry out different topics, consumer poverty alleviation activities, recommend high-quality poverty alleviation products in Changping District to the citizen dining table with different scenarios, different retail models." Zhu Yanwei said.

(Queon: Dong Zhaorui, Guo Yifei).

2020 "Yixing City Trust Demonstration Enterprise" list

Original title: 278 companies have known a few days ago, the list of "Yixing City Trust Demonstration Enterprise" was released, and 278 companies such as Red Niu Weiwei Drink (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. have on the list.

  In order to further promote the construction of the corporate credit system, encourage the company’s integrity management, from 2018, according to the spirit of the superiors, the city has issued the "Yixing City Trust Demonstration Enterprise Selection Corporation".

At the beginning of this year, it was recommended by the relevant departments of the city (park, street). After the relevant departments were reviewed, 278 "Yixing City Trust Demonstration Enterprises" were selected.

  According to the selection requirements, the "Yixing City Trust Demonstration Enterprise" not only within the appointment of the selection, the annual sales income of industrial enterprises reached 50 million yuan, and the annual sales income of commercial and trade flows reached 20 million yuan, and the annual sales income of other enterprises reached 10 million yuan, or Enterprise tax contributions to 3 million yuan (based on the financial department), while also need to meet "National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System, Credit China, Wuxi Integrity Network, Yixing Integrity Network and other systems, no new increase Heavy, severely lost letter record "" Selection In the same year, there is no overdue, arrears, and bad loans "" Select the annual corporate environmental credit rating is not evaluated black or red "" "Selection of the annual tax credit rating is B-class" and other conditions .

Its selection conditions, high, fully reflect the amount of "trustworthy demonstration enterprises" honor. The relevant staff of the Municipal Industry and Information Technology said that "trustworthiness demonstration enterprises", which have an important role in promoting the market competitiveness of the company’s standardization management, and even enhanced enterprises.

Last year, this batch of the finalists actively supported the municipal party committee, the municipal government decision-making deployment, which not only contributed to the strength of the financial risks, laying the pollution prevention and control, but also actively showed actively in the tax contribution. Last year, the city’s fiscal and tax contributions over 20 million yuan were 140, an increase of 9 in the previous year; 23 more than 100 million yuan, added 2 more than the previous year. In particular, Red Niu Wei Titu Beverage (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. has been put into operation for more than 6 years. The accumulated sales exceeded 20 billion yuan, paying more than 3 billion yuan, and tax contribution has maintained our city for many years. (Editor: Gu Shi Cong, Xie Long).

Baqi big super early birth baby, 152 days "life shackle"

According to Zhang Qin, Director of the Newborn Pediatrics, the system organs have been in complete, and the lung conditions are particularly poor. It realizes normal breathing. It is the basis and necessary conditions she can live, and the primary problem facing the medical team.

After the treatment of respiratory distress syndrome (RDS), congenital bronchial puver development (BPD), the long-term lungs have been obviously improved, and the medical staff of the neonatal intensive care unit, her breathing support gradually from insertion The tube has a ventilation to transition to non-invasive ventilation. The same big child is still growing during the parent, how to make a long time to achieve normal development in the mother, is the second big problem facing the medical team.

"The previous period is dominated by parenteral nutrition, slowly through breastfeeding, increase the specific gravity of nutrient supplement in the intestine.

"Indicated doctor Lu Hongru said.

The medical team passed the "supply channel" of the intestinal nutrition through the umbilical venous tube (UVC) and neonatal intravenous vein. After a long time, after a long time (corrected pregnancy week 25 weeks), she discharged black fetus, which means that the external input of nutrients can absorb, the nutrition plan is feasible, and it means a long time. The gastrointestinal system is well developed. She is working hard, a little bit bigger. After recently, after 70 days of deep venous nutrition (10 days UVC, 38 + 22 days PICC), it has finally transitioned to full intestinal feeding in day 75 for a long time.

However, due to the pregnancy and body weight, in addition to chronic lung disease, complications such as retinal lesions (ROP) have occurred for a long time. In order to solve the problem of long-term visual retinopathy, the medical team is combined with the eye examination, and insists on checking the bottom of the bed next to each other.

After a long time, an acute premature baby retinopathy was seen, and the ophthalmology was carried out for her 2 anti-visual analysis (VEGF), and the fundus was well resumed. Time, the attending doctor, Lu Hongru, often watched this weak life in a long time.

She recalls, "These we have all been estimated, but it is more worried.

After a long time, the power is very weak. I rarely hear her crying, but every time she saw her, she tightly grabbed my hand and smiled towards me. I think her smile has given me a lot of confidence. ".

3D-print Nieuwe technologie bevordert de traditionele oude culturele erfenis

  Het aangename Chinese oude architecturale model is niet alleen een kunstwerk, maar ook een rigoureuze ervaring van de oude oude professional.

In oude gebouwen, onderwijs, archivering en daadwerkelijke constructie is het oude modelmodel een zeer nuttige, effectieve tool en methode. Meestal is het oude modelmodel gemaakt van ervaren houtbewerkingsmeesters op basis van traditionele houtbewerkingsmethoden. Het is al lang verschillende maanden, lange cyclus en hoge kosten geweest.

Het laatste model van het eindproduct is vaak weeskinderen, opgeslagen in het museum, voorheen verwachting, niet.

  Onlangs heeft de opkomst van nieuwe 3D-printtechnologie ons een nieuwe mogelijkheid gebracht.

In deze twee jaar studeerde ik op het gebied van 3D-printen als oud modelmodel.

Tot nu toe zijn drie oude modellenmodellen met succes ontwikkeld (Nanchan Temple, Triple Tower, Temple Temple, The Forbidden Palace Corner). In vergelijking met traditionele houtbewerkingsmethoden is deze methode sneller, nauwkeurig, duur, zeer geschikt voor de overgrote meerderheid van de oude bouwvakkers en gerelateerde majors.

  De 3D-printer kan het digitale model rechtstreeks omzetten in een entiteit, kan ononderbroken zijn, waardoor het proces van zaag, schaaf, beitel en grafische weergave van het hout wordt ge?limineerd. Het model dat eerder moet worden voltooid, is het al een paar weken genoeg. Bijvoorbeeld, met behulp van vier printers als het verboden paleis hoekmodel, kan het ongeveer 2 weken worden voltooid. Nu heeft de nauwkeurigheid van de 3D-printer een millimeter niveau bereikt, zelfs wanneer het model miniatuur is tot een klein formaat, is het ook mogelijk om de details van de oude bouw houtcomponenten (balken, kolommen, 枋, vechten, enz. Te behouden ).

Dit maakt het oude bouwmodel herhaaldelijk gedemonteerd en opnieuw opgebouwd.

Dit vergemakkelijkt het leren en het onderzoek van oude gebouwen, en kan ook worden gebruikt om het oude architectonische ontwerp en de leidende praktische constructie te verifi?ren.

  Oefenen heeft bewezen dat 3D-printtechnieken de kosten van de productie van het oude modelmodel aanzienlijk kunnen verminderen, die in ieder geval van de kosten van traditionele houten modellen of minder zullen zijn.

De productiekosten van het verboden Palace Corner-gebouw zijn bijvoorbeeld slechts ongeveer 600-800 yuan. In de oude constructie zal 3D-printmodel ook een zeer goede vorm van lesgeven zijn, studenten helpen begrijpen en leren over publieke kennis.

Tegelijkertijd kunnen studenten ook hands-on capciveren via hun eigen ontwerp- en productiemodel. Evenzo heeft 3D-printtechnologie brede vooruitzichten voor andere majors zoals machines, gebouwen, luchtvaart, medische en medische zorg.

  Bovendien kan het 3D-printende oude bouwmodel ook worden ontwikkeld tot een intellectueel spel, jongeren aanmoedigen om een ??model in de hoogste muziek te bouwen, de interesse hobby’s te cultiveren en de traditionele cultuur te leren. Dit betekent ook dat meer oude gebouwen digitaal digitaal zullen zijn wanneer ze deelnemen aan de oude modelproductie. Dit of zal helpen bij het bouwen van een open nationale architectonische database, als een gemeenschappelijke rijkdom aan menselijke wezens, en ervan genieten voor de wereld. We proberen te printen in 3D-printmodellen, net op dit nieuwe veld, ik hoop de rol te hebben van de introductie en bevordering van de Chinese traditionele oude architecturale cultuur. (Auteur Xiaoro Department, Department of Pharmacy, University of Columbia, Canada, Bachelor of Pharmacy; Samsungjiang University, School of Wood Engineering, School of Management, Master of Management, Sascong University, Canada, China, Saxiejiang University

The opening of the 27th Lan Dynasty Lanzhou New District

The opening of the 27th Lan Dynasty Lanzhou New Division. People’s Daily, Gao Xiang photo, July 6th (Gaoxiang), on July 6th, the 27th China Lanzhou Investment Trade Fair Lanzhou New District Division held the opening ceremony, the guests at home and abroad and the merchants met the Langzhou New District, Chang Xi Friendship, discuss cooperation, seek common development.

The Lan Chamber will set up a division in the Lanzhou New District this year, and the imported cars and special vehicles and wisdom agriculture and flower professional exhibition areas.

Smart Agriculture and Flower Professional Exhibition Zone consists of three parts: garden garden, bonsai, orchid, fresh cut flowers, agricultural products, leisure sightseeing agriculture, 7 sections of agricultural resources, mainly show new district Internet of Things monitoring, cloud computing statistics, big data analysis, visualizing 3D models and other modern technology, lead Gansu agricultural products to the world. The import and export commodity exhibition hall established in the Lanzhou New District Import Commodity Wholesale Center mainly exhibits nearly 10,000 products such as Germany, New Zealand and other countries. The auto exhibition has been exhibited more than 150 import models at home and abroad. All brand new pure electric vehicles are exhibited, electric buses, road vehicles, logistics vehicles, rides, sweeping vehicles and garbage customs vehicles. .

Agricultural Development Fuyu Branch puts poverty alleviation loans to help rural resolution

Recently, the Rural Development Fuyu Branch issued a loan of 2.2 million yuan to Fuyu County Ruiqiang Food Trade Co., Ltd., used in the production of production materials such as pesticides, seeds, and fertilizers, and solved the shortage of enterprise liquidity management funds. It is understood that Ruiqiang Grain Trading Co., Ltd., located in Daxiazi Village, Fuji County, Fuyu County, is mainly engaged in corn, rice, wheat acquisitions and grain drying, initial production of agricultural products.

"Thanks to the farmers of the farmers, we provide the industrial poverty alleviation loans, this subsequent loan out of the 200,000 preferential loans, solve our urgent needs, really send charcoal in the snow, this can have liquidity, not only can settle salary, but Further expand production, I really thank you very much! "The manager of the Ruiqixiang Grain Trading Co., Ltd. said excited.

Up to now, the balance of the branch industry poverty alleviation is 5.5.2 million yuan, and the industrial poverty alleviation loan enterprises account for 80% of all loan companies, mainly used to solve the problem of flowing fund turnover of pig breeding, agricultural products acquisition, small micro enterprises.

The person in charge of the Rural Development Fuyu Branch said that since the beginning of the year, we have always been a key task of party history as the key task of our bank. Big poverty alleviation credit investment, it is expected to put 25 million yuan in the industry’s poverty alleviation loans this year, and at the same time continue to increase the capacity, it is expected that the industry poverty alleviation loans will be 55 million yuan next year. Fully consolidate the results of poverty attack, help rural revitalization construction, contribute to the comprehensive service county economic development contribution policy financial strength. (Shen Zhen, Li Mingze) (Editor: Wang Sidi, Wang Yan) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Shanxi college entrance examination registration begins on November 13

  Original title: The registration of the college entrance examination started on November 12 this month, the provincial recruitment center news, the province’s 2022 ordinary college entrance examination unified online registration has ended on November 10, currently, there are still few candidates because of various reasonsRegistration within the specified time.The provincial recruitment center decided that any candidates who meet the conditions for the regular college entrance examination for our province can make the college entrance examination network on November 13th to 15th.After the registration point (station) qualification examination set by Ci Dian County (City, District), the registration point (station) is issued to the candidate code and the initial password, and the candidate will log in to the Shanxi Admissions Test Network with the candidate number and initial password (), Enter the "Ordinary College Entrance Examination Network Service Platform" for subscription registration.After the online subscription registration is completed, the candidates must complete the camera, verify the registration confirmation procedures such as the registration point (station) before 18:00 on November 16th.

Reporter Zhang Xiaoli).

The Signing Project is expected to over 200 during the 5th World Intelligent Conference.

Original title: The 5th World Intelligent Conference is expected to sign a contract, the 5th World Intelligent Conference Forum, exhibition, competition and intelligent experience held in our city from May 20th to 23rd. World Intelligent Science and Technology Fields Constructing Exchange Cooperation Together, win – win platform.

According to incomplete statistics, the General Assembly is expected to surpass more than 200, and the total investment exceeds 100 billion yuan.

Among them, the amount of the domestic project has exceeded 80 billion yuan, about 80% is a new energy project, 80% from the Beijing-Bei area; 21 foreign contracted projects, total investment of billion US dollars.

Intelligent projects are helped, hundreds of billions of funds in Jinjinmen, Tianjin launched in the world intelligence conference, continued to introduce source live water for the high quality development of Tianjin. Docking enterprises, Tianjin, leading cadres, leading cadres, accept important merchants, visiting key enterprises, organizing important docking activities, solving practical problems, makes companies, projects, and people are staring, some people, let enterprises, letting enterprises, stay , Well-developed "; service enterprise, Tianjin firmly established" everyone is the business environment "concept, deepening" venting service "reform, and do a good job of" ten kinds of business "to implement landing, and report to enterprises.

Tianjin equality protects the legitimate rights and interests of all kinds of markets, continuously builds marketization, rule of controlling, international creative business environment, with solid praise, and helps companies win in Tianjin and win the future. (Reporter Wu Qijun) (Editor: Sun Yifan, Tao Jian).

Pichdated middle school students collectively to Taikang isolated love mother bag hundred ten pounds dumplings to send hotel

Love mother bag dumplings. Qing Junshi People’s Network Zhengzhou November 14th (Time Rock, Chang Li Yuan) "Today, the dumplings sent by Taikang love people, let me think of the taste of my hometown, I believe this epidemic will soon In the past, we all returned to the podium.

let’s work hard together. "On the 14th, a student, a student, a student, a student, a student, a student, a student, a collective isolation of Zhoukang County, Henan Province," The baby can eat well, no white is busy! " "After two days of busy Wang Cui finally relieved. These two days, she personally handed her hand, 156 students in Punta Prefecture in Puugou County, which were protected from Taikang, was packaged by hundreds of dumplings. Wang Cui, 38 years old. A love mother volunteer in the Kang County Hiking Association.

A few days ago, she saw the volunteers to move in the WeChat Friends. Of the leeks and eggs, after returning, because of the child, the husband is not at home, she has a dumplings at home. Sitting with the stuff, Wang Cui is tired, sitting in the chair and resting, the whole package for two days. On the morning of November 14th, with the help of volunteers, she wrapped nearly 100 pounds of mushrooms, dumplings and leeks egg dumplings to the hotel. On the same day, in addition to love dumplings, the students also received a book of more than 13,000 yuan in Tsinghua Garden Bookstore, Taikang County.

Li Dan, head of Tsinghua Garden Bookstore, Taikang County, introduced that on the morning of 14, when she was chatting with volunteers, I heard that some junior high school children in Pugou were protective isolation, and they selected 312 from Tsinghua Garden Bookstore 312. This literary book, 156 本 水 字 帖 and 312 transistors sent a hotel in the student.

"The child is coming to the county. I have to take care of it. I can’t lack the child’s learning supplies." Li Dan said in a pain. It is understood that after the epidemic of this wheel, November 8th, Zhoukou City, Pudigou County two-level epidemic prevention and control headquarters quickly organized, 959 students in Pudgou County Experimental Middle School implemented closed-loop transfer, and dispersed temporary Protective isolation. Seeing the dumplings and books sent by love, the students are also very moving, and they will leave a message online.

"We are very safe and happy in Taikang life.

Please rest assured! "A middle school student said.

(Editor: Yu Siyuan, Xu Chi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

The 3rd Opening of Sports Culture Festival in Wuqing District

Original title: The opening ceremony of the 3rd Wushen District Sports Culture Festival on September 20th, the 3rd Wuqing District Sports Culture Festival opening ceremony and "Tong Du" fitness dance competition held in the District Sports Center.

Wu Weifeng, a second-level inspector of the Municipal Sports Bureau, and Zhao Zhenjiang attended the leaders.

The 3rd Wuqing District Sports Culture Festival was hosted by the District Sports Bureau, Beijing Tongzhou District Sports Dance Association, the Hebei Provincial Sports Dance Association, with "Beijing-Tianjin Pearl, Happiness Wuqing, Health Physical, Well-Kang" The theme, from August 28th to November 8th, 19 rich national fitness activities such as badminton, balancing cars, basketball, table tennis, etc., in order to promote high-quality development of Wuqing sports work, continuously improve sports comprehensive strength and service level Improving the people’s fitness awareness and health index have laid a solid foundation.

In the "Tongdong" fitness dance competition, the "Tong Du" fitness dance competition held after the opening ceremony, more than 400 people enthusiastically, exhibition style, combined with anti-vloys, with a positive topic and fullness and beauty dance, The three-legged fitness dance enthusiasts have promoted their lives, the whole country is concentric, forgets to die, respect the scientific, destiny and the great importance and love the motherland, and love life. (Reporter Pang Junxi) (Editor: Tang Xinyi, Tao Jian).