“Damn,What are you doing?lighter……”

“Check if there are any problems with your bones,Can it work at night?”Li Tianchou is not polite,Step on from the upper body to the opponent’s calf bone,“Ha ha,Not bad,This body is ok。”
“You bastard!Dare to do this to me,who do you think You Are?”Old Man Pan was frightened,Obviously not used to being‘prey’So teasing and teasing。
“Come on,Old pan,We are half a catty,Don’t pretend to me。”
“What do you mean?My old man,What is necessary to pretend to you?”
“When crossing the mountain,Have you ever thought of killing Lao Tzu??”
“you……You bullshit,Squirting!I am dedicated to help you,I’ll be wronged by you in the end,you……”
“OK,OK,Pull away,go to bed。”Li Tianchou’s face suddenly changed,I interrupted Old Man Pan impatiently,“Remember,Don’t be dragged down when you act。”Give up,He really lay on his side,Fall asleep。
Chapter four hundred and ninety six Run away
Old man Pan was stunned,For the identity of both parties,Although the two have long been tacit,But the young man in front of him still surprised him too much。when‘prey’Time only,Calm and calm when being a prisoner,When discussing escape measures together,Thoughtful and determined,But now it looks like an elusive gangster,Disgusting,I have to watch out。
What kind of person is this?Could it be that this kid is trying and intimidating me?What did he know?How much do you know?Old Pan broke out in a cold sweat unconsciously,Seeing the other party snoring slightly,He can’t wait to pounce on this person。
Old Pan’s guess is completely correct,Li Tianchou did this deliberately to intimidate him,Make him panic、Restless。Get along for a while,He found that this old man was very cunning,Treat this kind of person,The effect is not necessarily achieved with strong,Design trap,He has no time,Only repeated psychological torture,Let it go,Only then is it possible to grasp the other party’s mentality to the greatest extent possible in the future。
Li Tianchou’s real destination is not Myitkyina,It’s Pakan who is close to Bamo,That’s the base camp of the Qin Gang,Otherwise he cannot waste time bypassing Ruili and Nankan。Under the guise of Myitkyina,To prevent the whereabouts from leaking,It really worked。
On the road from now on,Li Tianchou plans to torture Old Pan like dough,Achieve any effect,So as to better cover people’s eyes,Without losing a good guide and human shield。of course,With the mental quality of the old fox,This idea is very difficult,But it doesn’t hurt to try,In addition to mental torture,Both soft and hard,It’s also necessary to beat up for no reason。
Poor old pan,If you can guess what Li Tianchou is thinking,,I have to make smoke,You must kill this young man if you are desperate,It’s a pity that he doesn’t have this ability。
It’s raining outside,Unsurprisingly, there were a few leaks in the shabby cabin,Slippery jets of water hit the soil,Soon, the soup overflowed。Li Tianchou is already awake,It’s not midnight,Judge by breath,The soldiers who have been there at the door have long since ran away.,Except for the sound of rain outside,Others are quiet。
Li Tianchou knew that Old Pan had not fallen asleep,And untied the rope,Although I try to keep my voice down,But how can I hide it from his ears。To this,Li Tianchou dismissed,Old things can’t hold their breath,But never dare to do anything to him at this time,Not sure at first,Second psychological torture,Hesitate,third,Escape from here,Two people work together to have greater certainty。
Then,Since I don’t do it,The old man will not be idle,He has been lying there quietly,Just want to observe this young man carefully,Full of patience like a snake treats its prey。

Fortunately, the horrible air tearing sound soon stopped,The bottom of the underground palace is finally quiet,The huge threat in my heart seems to be reduced a lot,Pan Mang didn’t see the two mighty figures from beginning to end,I can’t be sure whether the two masters left after they fought.。

It’s a pity the good times don’t last long,Just when Panmang was about to get up,The piercing roar sounded again,This time it is no longer the sound of air tearing caused by violent energy,But the milky white light around me started to spin,Then slowly lifted off,Expose the thick and round pillars below。
Pillars start to pull off the surface,Make a thrilling bang,Panmang couldn’t stand and fell again,Zhong Lixun and Baimei, who were smashed into the rock wall, had no strength to struggle at all.。
Hidden in the air‘Instructor’Also forced to show up,It’s just a will that doesn’t have a real body,But somehow,Will have that heavy heartbeat feeling,Make it very uncomfortable,With the boom、Booming rhythmic dull sound,at this time,It seems that this rhythm is echoing in every corner of the world,The other will is gone,I believe it should feel the same right now。
This is obviously a huge flower、Flowers in bud,Actually grows under the underground palace,In any case, Panmang can’t compare with the imaginary appearance of Jinshanki,Actually it is Zhenshanchu,The essence is the core part of the earth axis,Stolen by the only powerful person of the Qingyang Jianzong in the far north,Hidden in the underground palace for tens of thousands of years。
The reason why the mortal world gradually loses its aura,Of course there are factors that practitioners can’t ask for,But the fundamental reason lies in the absence of Zhen Shan Chu,This mighty man has cleverly used the weak will of the new generation of mortals,And the ancient will stole Jinshanki when he was afraid of being involved in the wars of the heavens and did not dare to come forward.,Originally brought into the fairy world,But found that the barriers of the world are extremely stubborn,Failed。
All these years,The fairy world has long been destroyed,The mighty one turned into smoke and dust and returned to the void,I know the origin of Jinshanki,There are only two wills in the mortal world,And the monks of the Qingyang Jianzong dynasties,Up and down, only a few people know the existence of Zhenshanchu,But I don’t know what it is。
Zhenshanba, like a giant flower, slowly rises,As the branches below are completely off the ground,A terrifying deep hole is just a flash in the pan,Then gush out orange-red magma,Braving the hot breath,Swallowing everything around,The surface melts quickly like chocolate,The underground palace seemed to be suddenly pulled away from the supporting force and began to collapse,in spite of‘Instructor’Hastily continuously used supreme mana,But still couldn’t stop Zhenshanchu from flying above the underground palace。
Flower part above Jinshanki,Looks like a soft and boneless light ball,Really tough,Crash all the way up,All the shelterable buildings in the underground palace are as soft and fragile as tofu,And the unmanned large formation is a joke in front of Jinshanki,With the collapse like the last days,A mess in the underground palace,Jinshanki pulls out a white trail,Already rushed out of the palace,Then rushed out of the ground and skyrocketed。
‘Instructor’Chased in midair,But stopped abruptly,Looking at Jinshanki going away,Don’t know what it feels like,It’s actually closer to Zhenshanchu,They are one,But why did Jin Shanchi leave so resolutely?
Li Tianzhen, who was wrapped in the bud, was not unconscious,Did not suffer any harm,He seems to be back in the deep hole of the small world,The breath and closeness are very similar,The only difference is,He became a navarro,But it doesn’t fall apart like a crock,Then self-repair,Just floating quietly in the air on the side of the flower。
This huge flower,Or it might be called that Jinshanki should have its own will,Li Tianzhen can feel its anger,It’s not just that the other party unscrupulously explored his gods,And the hot smell in the bud、The harsh sound like cut beech wood,Like venting anger,Or maybe it’s a curse like broken thoughts。
Li Tianzhen didn’t know that Zhenshanchu had already rushed out of the underground palace at this moment,And flying higher and higher,He just wants to try to communicate with each other,Since there is will,The communication of divine consciousness is amazing。
“Don’t know if you can understand me,I always feel familiar with you,At least we have the same attributes,Such as rebuilding aura,Or the chaos they said。”

“What are you fucking crazy?It hurts me so much”Wang Youcai shouted loudly。

Ni Xiaoli crosses her eyebrows,She cursed in a low voice:“Bastard stuff,Let you take safety measures,You just say you are uncomfortable,Ok now!You are comfortable,But i’m sick”Ni Xiaoli just finished cursing,I covered my mouth and ran towards the bathroom,Soon there was a vomiting sound。
Oh my goodness!Could it be planted?Wang Youcai thought of this,Get up immediately,Or thirty-six tactics。Anyway, a woman like Ni Xiaoli,I don’t know who owns it?
Ni Xiaoli might have been guarded against Wang Youcai’s trick,When Wang Youcai turns around,Ni Xiaoli is already standing at the door of the office。
“how?Are you trying to slip?”Ni Xiaoli said coldly。
Wang Youcai laughed and said:“What to slip,What a big deal。Are you pregnant??If it was mine,Wang Youcai must be responsible for it”
“Get out!What are you shit,I really treat my old lady like a bus”Ni Xiaoli called out loudly。
Wang Youcai panicked at first sight,If this matter goes out,Others are fine,His boss will definitely wear small shoes for him,Thought of here,He rushed over in two steps,Pulled you Ni Xiaoli up,Hurry and close the door。
“Are you scared?How about this!If you don’t admit it’s your kind,Well,I gave birth to him,Then I will sue you at the Public Security Bureau,Let’s do a paternity test again,Do you think this works?“Ni Xiaoli said,I grabbed the folder on the table and hit it。
This woman doesn’t look good,Anger,Much better than Chen Xiaoju。Wang Youcai hurriedly pulled her down and sat down,Then smiled and said:“I was just joking with you just now,Mine is mine,Others can’t take it away, right??You sit down first,We have something to discuss”
Ni Xiaoli’s mood slowly stabilized,Wang Youcai sat next to her,Speak softly:“Xiaoli!You see this is not my intention,Of course,Now that something happened,Let’s find a way to make up。Look like this!This is how i am,Everything is good,Just love,If you can stand it,Then marry me!”
Wang Youcai has his own way of dealing with women,He said so,It’s just to make people look down on him,as expected,Ni Xiaoli scolded coldly:“Marry you big pervert?In your dreams”
“Well!Since you don’t want to marry me,Then let’s go to the hospital,Find a better doctor,This is also good for your body,money is not the problem,I will satisfy you”Wang Youcai said very generously。
In fact, he has started to scold himself secretly,If you be careful,10,000 yuan saved again。This happy,Two months’ salary is gone again,Isn’t he too busy?。
Ni Xiaoli’s attitude to see Wang Youcai suddenly became so good,She couldn’t help but let out a long breath:“This matter can’t be publicized,After all I haven’t been married yet,Since you have this heart,Just give me 10,000 yuan!I finished the operation,Want to stay in the hospital for a few more days,Can you understand?”
“can,Too capable,Do you want me to go to the hospital to take care of you?”Wang Youcai cares about money,While pretending to care about Ni Xiaoli’s appearance。Because he knows,Women are most impulsive at this time。
Ni Xiaoli smiled and said:“OK then!I will go to the hospital tomorrow,Here you have to cooperate with me,Tell the boss I’m sick,Need a few days of treatment”
“This is no problem,You wait for me,I’ll go downstairs and get some money up”Wang Youcai finished,So he got up and walked downstairs,He really wants to run,But when I thought of a boss behind Ni Xiaoli,,He dare not do it,After all, this job is most important to him。
When he gave 10,000 yuan to Ni Xiaoli,Feel particularly uncomfortable,But his face still pretended to be very relaxed。He whispered:“After you determine the time of the operation,Just call me,I come with you”
“ no need,I just let my girl come over,Besides, when you enter the mountain,Your phone can still be reached?”Ni Xiaoli said,Smile。This woman still looks pretty when she smiles,Wang Youcai suddenly had a weird idea in his heart。

Just talking,Matai altar is lying in bed,Suddenly the limbs began to twitch,Face is pale。

“Come to doctors,Our boss seems to be fine.……”
“I go,I said that I am coming.。”
“You,You,Dead horse as a living horse doctor。”
A wave of twists,Xu Tian arrogant was pushed by the bodyguard to the Mahuaimei。
He took his hand in the radial artery of the patient according to the system’s tips.。
Instantaneous moment on the pulse,He closed his eyes。
System page Raised loading……
The text of the screen in front of him begins to change!
“Patient Mathematal,Complaint1Hour。”
“Diagnostic is diabetic ketoacidosis。”
“Treatment opinion,Suggest fast replenishment!Small dose of insulin treatment!”
I go,Cow。
Xu Tianjiao looks at the main complaint and diagnosis of the system.,The spirit suddenly shakes it。
Now it seems,This medical god system is the ability to automatically obtain the patient’s complaints and diagnosis!
And also provide a treatment plan?!
Xu Tianjiao looks at the above-mentioned constantly loaded words and diagnosis,Although it is sufficient to be surprised……
But still forcibly stabilizing!
After all, he is also a person who has seen a big scene.,I think of the blamed bird in the world.。
Everything in front of you is not enough.。
“Nurses sister,Trouble and prepare to continue。”
Xu Tianjiao’s voice echoed in an emergency room。
Nurses who have not dare to act rashly, after hearing, after he wants to continue to make up,Stunned。
“Still?”She is a little suspicion of Xu Tianjiao。
Before, even if Feng Xiaoyi heard Xu Tianjiao.,Make up100lPhysiological saline into,As a result, the Mahua Terminal is directly twitching.。
At this time, the black bodyguard has a eye of Xu Tianjiao.,Some questioned his ability:“Your kid also gives me a mess.?Just even if you let the salt water,youtIs it too miserable??”
“Patient is diabetic ketoacidosis,You must believe me,It’s now necessary for treatment now.。”
Xu Tianjiao’s voice is very firm。
Although he saw the horror tattoo on the bodyguard,Some panic,But the patient’s life and death,He can’t be here.。
“diabetes……What to poison?You are kidding.,Our boss has no diabetes,Give me again,I think you are not。”
Speech,Black bodyguards are ready to call Xu Tianjiao.。
Xu Tianjiao reaction,The situation will catch it.。
Also this moment,He suddenly felt his strength……It seems to be strong!
He used to force so much.。
“Ah, ah.,Stinky boy, you release,I didn’t expect you to practice family,Idaching me。”
Xu Tian arrogant,Is there a cross-world trip?,This bloody awakening and system start,Let his body skills have changed。

“To shut up!You are ashamed to say in front of me that you are the director of Donglin Township Police Station?The four of them,Man as a national official,Actually in full view,Openly gather people to gamble in the meeting room of the township government,What kind of nature is this?Since you admit that you are the director of Donglin Township Police Station,Then why don’t you know this?”Xia Jian beat the table,Shouted angrily。

Outside Feng Xiaowei’s office,Several eavesdroppers stood there。When they heard Xia Jian patted the table and yelled,Scared and ran away。They are also afraid,Xia Jian’s fire burned to them。
“Don’t give me this set,I am also a national official,To put it bluntly, my direct leader is not you。Since I haven’t left,This matter today”Ruorin looks like a dead pig is not afraid of boiling water。
Xia Jian ignored him,But take out the phone,I directly called Mao Jianmin, Director of the Public Security Bureau,One call,Mao Jianmin laughed and said:“Chief Xia!Mayor Chen just called me,Saying that you get something as soon as you go”
“Director Mao, stop joking,Ruo Lin of Donglin Township said he had not received an official transfer order,So not only did he not leave,But want to take care of today’s affairs,He is here”Xia Jian is straight to the point,Since Mayor Chen has already told Director Mao,There is no need for him to go around。
Director Mao said coldly:“Mischief!You give him the phone”
Xia Jianyi listen,Handed over the phone。Ruo Lin hesitated,But still took it。He only said:“Director!”There is no more sound,Keep your head down,Suffocated and flushed。till the end,He just said:“Ok!I just do”
Xia Jian took the call from Ruo Lin’s hands,And said to Director Mao:“Director Mao!The situation sent by Donglin Township is not optimistic。I want Director Zhao to clean up the team,May have to touch some people”
“Move around,Return those who can’t,I will replenish the new force。Donglin Township, I wanted to move,Have you over this time,I feel more relieved”Director Mao said very readily。
Xia Jian glanced at Zhao Chunling,Then he said to the phone:“Director Mao!Take office on the first day,I will give you a big gift,But you have to send someone to pick it up”
“Ha ha!Chief Xia is really smart,The person I sent is already on the way”Director Mao finished,Hung up。
Zhao Chunling hurriedly asked Xia Jian:“What did the chief say?”
”These four people,Director Mao has sent someone to pick it up。You go back right away,Clean up the existing people,Incompetent,Where did he go“Xia Jian in front of Ruo Lin,Said loudly to Zhao Chunling。
Ruo Lin glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Chief Xia!I’ll go back and hand over work to Deputy Director Zhao,But I remind you。Huang Shigui is not moving,He not only has the background,And Hu San from Huwangcun is his cousin。I don’t want to do this job well,But they are too powerful“

Dr. Wang hurried to the main house,Simply nodded to Ouyang Wuji,Said hello,I immediately went to Ouyang Jianfeng’s side,Simply take a look,Then ordered,Simply cleaned Ouyang Jianfeng,Then there are a bunch of tests on various instruments。

At last,Doctor Wang said to Ouyang Wuji:“Father Ouyang,Don’t worry too much,Young Master Ouyang, he just has some skin injuries,Didn’t hurt the bones,Just raise more!”
Words from Doctor Wang,It also let Ouyang Wou-ki’s hanging heart completely return to his stomach。
Ouyang Wuji ordered people to carry Ouyang Jianfeng back to the room,Then let Doctor Wang go to the room to treat Ouyang Jianfeng’s wound。
because,He has a lot to do next,He can’t accompany Ouyang Jianfeng all the time。
Just when Ouyang Wuji wanted to call Wen Tianli,Suddenly I saw a young man standing at the door!
“you,who are you?”Ouyang Wuji asked in horror。
Xiao Fan didn’t speak,Walked into the main house,Then I consciously found a sofa to sit down,Raised his wrist and glanced at his watch,Said slowly:“You still have fifteen minutes!”
One sentence,Let Ouyang Wuji know his identity immediately。
Want to come,He is the person Murong Huainan said will make his home disappear within half an hour!
Murong Huainan has always been ignored,at this time,Trembling body even more,Came to Xiao Fan’s side,Said:“Xiao,Brother Xiao,I,Can i leave now?”
Xiao Fan raised his eyes and glanced at Murong Huainan,Said coldly:“get out,Today,I don’t care about you,If there is another next time,I will let you know what life is better than death,What is pain!”
Murong Huainan was so scared that he quickly knelt on the ground,Kowtowing,Said to Xiao Fan:“I remember,I will be a good person in the future,I won’t do anything like this again!I will get out!”
“Get out!Is it possible for me to see you off??”Xiao Fan said coldly。
“I will get out,Get off now!”Once Murong Huainan finished speaking,Immediately he really rolled out the door of Ouyang’s house。
“presumptuous,Where do you treat me as Ouyang’s home,Just rely on you,Do you dare to call five and six here??”After Ouyang Xiahua got out of Murong Huainan,,Immediately shouted at Xiao Fan。
Xiao Fan raised his eyes and glanced at Ouyang Xiahua contemptuously,Then I took another look at Ouyang Wuji,Said lightly:“I thought Wen Tianli had already made things clear to you,I didn’t expect you guys to dare to challenge my temper,Tell me who is not good,Dare to move my woman,If I let you go like this,Wouldn’t our family become something anyone can bully??”
Ouyang Wuji and Ouyang Xiahua looked at each other,No one knows what to say to Xiao Fan at this moment?
Xiao Fan is right,Wen Tianli also beforehand,Really warned them,but,Who knew Ouyang Jianfeng could be so uncomfortable,He even dared to provoke his wife behind the two of them。
but,What’s the point of saying this now??

If two people go so smoothly,Go on peacefully,Maybe one day in the future we will encounter the same difficulties,So it’s not necessarily a bad thing to experience something earlier。

Xiao Fan came to the new base again,Since this new base has been handed over to Shen Lin for management,Xiao Fan rarely comes,Only at the beginning was I worried that Shen Lin could not handle it,Just took a look。
But Xiao Fan didn’t expect that in a short time,Shen Lin was able to plan and develop the new base in such an orderly manner,The training every brother should train。
Even if Shen Lin is not there,Now Yiming is taking over,And didn’t get any other influence,Xiao Fan feels that capable people can do well no matter what they do。
It so happens that Shen Lin and Yiming are both like this,This is why Xiao Fan dared to let them do it all these years。
In fact, the foundation they are laying is not for others,But for themselves,Everything they do now,Xiao Fan will give it to them in the future,The better they do,The better you will receive in the future。
When Xiao Fan came to the new base, he saw that nothing had become disorderly or a little chaotic because of the absence of Shen Lin.,It’s better than before。
Maybe this is a person’s influence,Shen Lin is usually good to these brothers,So they don’t want Shen Lin to worry, right,I hope Shen Lin can see them better when he wakes up。
Chapter four hundred and ninety three Working is hard
Xiao Fan held a meeting with the people in charge of the new base,In fact, Yiming is taking care of the new base now,But Yiming still has the base and company to take care of。
Sometimes Chu Yao will come to help,These people are very obedient to the management of Yiming and Chu Yao,Everyone thinks that since the person sent by Xiao Fan must be capable。
And they knew before that both Yiming and Chu Yao are very good people,They feel convinced,Xiao Fan simply held a meeting for them。
Specifically talked about the arrangements for these days,And there shouldn’t be any more missions in the new base recently,Must use this time to strengthen oneself,Strengthen all aspects of training。
Several people in charge are firmly stating that they will perform well,But actually these people really want to ask when Shen Lin can come back。
They also know that Shen Lin was seriously injured that day,They worry that if they ask, Xiao Fan will be upset,But in fact, Xiao Fan knew what they were thinking。
So I didn’t go around with them,Just tell them:“Behave well,When will Shen Lin come back is unknown,But if he gets better,Any good news will be notified in time。”
The brothers below are very happy,Because they think Shen Lin will wake up,As long as Shen Lin is still,They just waited for Shen Lin to come back and continue to manage them,Keep training them。
This is the character and ability of a person,Convinced many people,In fact, these brothers are not waste materials or incompetent people。
On the contrary, each of them has their own abilities,And they all have their own good aspects,When tasked,They can have a clear division of labor,Very well cooperated。

So everything is slaying dragons through their hands。

This is a terrible and huge assumption,Dahua Country actually has a dedicated family,Targeted at slaying dragons,Or occupation。
You know that the dragon is a sacred symbol of Dahua,People are actually spirit beasts,It’s just a more advanced existence of this other spirit beast。
And the dragon is the king of all spirit beasts,Nature is also an existence that humans respect。
Someone even carried the entire Dahua country in Tulong,This is incredible。
“This is fake!”
“fake?”Tu Cancan puzzled,“Shouldn’t you just say these are true,There is a change now。”
“Everything else is true,But this is fake!”
Xia Chenglong is so sure,Naturally because of his feelings。
The dragon looks mighty and sacred,It’s far worse than a real dragon,Mainly lies in the embodiment of Longwei。
He also has dragon blood in his body,It stands to reason that both sides will feel,But in his perception,The dragon inside him,Dragon blood is something that I disdain,Even with some hatred。
“Don’t mention what dragon is?”
“If you didn’t guess wrong,It should be similar to Jiao Yi,It’s just that this guy cultivates to a certain level,It’s almost finished getting rid of the dragon!”
Tu Cancan nodded,The way it turns out。
“All right,Nothing good,Still hurry up and find a way out,I always feel like here is not**all!”
“What is insecure,Some ice sculptures,Could it be that they will survive?”Tu Cancan doesn’t care at all,Did not realize the danger is approaching them step by step。
Right where they just came in,Cracks appeared on the surface of the ice sculpture,And this kind of crack slowly extends to the whole body。
Not just it,There are other guys touched by Tu Cancan,This happens。

“I’ll open an account tomorrow,Where is Xiao Xiao?”

“I have to discuss with my mother,Not sure。”
“Hey,Why don’t you think about where to go??”Abao thinks it’s time to enjoy it,I have been in the securities department for most of the day。
“I found the tank a few times,He is in the boxing gym,Go play?”Wang Shuai proposed,Leopard is very interested。
Chen Wenjin just wants to go home,Because I didn’t buy stocks today,He has to spend the next time again。
But Chen Wenjin hasn’t had time to speak yet,Abao’s phone rang,It happened to be red again,He took,Then say:“Have a suitable car,Let’s go see?Red trot,Two hundred and fifty thousand。”
Chapter One Hundred and One No?
“Send me back to get the money,Then go to see the car!”Wang Shuai is very excited,His first mobile toy in his life!
Chen Wenjin promised Abao,Just say:“If you are satisfied with this car,Wang Shuai, do you have to give Abao a big red envelope as a thank you fee??”
“no problem!Should!”Wang Shuai suspects that Chen Wenjin is revenge for the barbecue dinner last night,But he is in a good mood,Introducing Abao Intermediary,Take advantage of it。
“Look down on me?You all look down on me?Just that,Do i have to collect money?I’ll be so clear between brothers?”A leopard is a true face,Screamed very seriously。
Chen Wenjin thought about Abao, this is shooting himself in the foot,Maybe Abao thought Wang Shuai would actively persuade him to collect money, right?……
Wang Shuai said with a smile:“right,I forgot that Leopard is a million leopard!Row,Since it is a good brother,Don’t talk about money,Thank you so much!”

[Can pregnant women eat bamboo fungus]_Pregnancy_Can you eat it?

绔硅崻鏄潪甯稿悕璐电殑涓€绉嶈弻绫伙紝鍛抽亾鏋佸叾椴滅編锛屽叿鏈夊寮洪娆诧紝琛ュ厖澶氱钀ュ吇鐨勫姛鏁堬紝鍑嗗濡堝湪鎬€瀛曟湡闂磋韩浣撻渶瑕佽惀鍏伙紝鍚屾椂涔熼渶瑕佹竻鐑鼎鑲猴紝璋冭妭琛€鑴傦紝鎵€浠ョ鑽槸鍙互鐨勶紝鍚屾椂鑳界粰鑳庡効甯︽潵寰堝ソ鐨勫彂鑲层€傚瓡濡囪兘鍚冪鑽悧锛熻兘鍚冨鍑嗗濡堢殑濂藉锛氱鑽槸涓€绉嶇弽璐电殑鑿岀被锛屽懗閬撻矞缇庯紝涓嶄粎鑳芥彁楂橀娆诧紝鑰屼笖鑳借ˉ鍏呭绉嶈惀鍏汇€傚噯濡堝椋熺敤绔硅崻鍙互娓呯儹娑﹁偤锛岃皟鏁磋鑴傦紝棰勯槻鐤剧梾锛屾湁寰堝ソ鐨勬粙琛ヤ綔鐢ㄣ€傜鑽瘜鍚玍B銆乂D銆侀挋銆侀搧绛夊绉嶈惀鍏诲厓绱狅紝鑳介闃插瓡鏈熸娊绛嬨€佸績鐑︺€佽传琛€绛夌棁鐘躲€備笉杩囩鑽睘浜庡噳鎬чI donate money and donate money, I do n’t know how to do it, I do n’t know how to do it, I do n’t know how to do it, I do n’t know how to do it, I do n’t know how to do it.Admittedly, you will be able to find out what is going on, what is going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on?搧鑳介闃茶儙鍎垮厛澶╂€ц传琛€锛岄摐銆佺7銆侀捑鑳戒績杩涜儙鍎跨缁忕郴缁熺殑姝e父鍙戣偛銆备骇How to stack stacks, drills, and stacks, stacks, stacks, and stacks, and fans, and fans, and stacks, and stacks, and tools.€佹仮澶嶄綋鍔涖€傜鑽瘜鍚挋銆侀搧銆侀攲绛夊绉嶇熆鐗╁厓绱狅紝鑳介闃蹭骇鍚庤传琛€銆佺己閽欍€佸績鎯呬綆娌夌瓑鐥囩姸銆傛澶栵紝绔硅崻鍚湁鐨勫绯栬繕鑳芥彁楂樹骇濡囩殑鍏嶇柅鍔涳紝棰勯槻鐤The drama is prepared, the drill is done, the drill is picked, the patent is picked, the patent is not available, the effect is not available, and the effect is fried.It’s hard to get a good idea of silicon, and it’s hard to get a good idea. It’s very difficult to get a good idea. It’s very difficult to solve this problem. It’s hard to find out what’s going on.楃梾鑳藉姏銆傜鑽瘜鍚攲鍏冪礌锛岃兘淇冭繘瀹濆疂鐨勬櫤鍔涘彂鑲层€傛澶栵紝绔硅崻涓赴瀵岀殑閽欍€侀搧绛夊厓绱狅紝瀵逛簬瀹濆疂鐨勯楠笺€佺墮榻垮彂鑲诧紝琛€娑插惊鐜潎鏈夌泭澶勩€備笉杩囩鑽睘浜庡噳鎬ч鏉愶紝鑲犺儍鍔熻兘宸殑瀹濆疂寤鸿灏戝悆銆傜鑽€夎喘鎶€宸ч暱瑁欑鑽姣旂煭瑁欑鑽殑璐ㄩ噺宸竴浜涳紝鎵€浠ヨ喘涔扮殑鏃跺€欏彲浠ユ寫閫夎弻鏌勭矖澹殑鐭绔硅崻銆傝繕瑕佹敞鎰忕殑鏄紝鏈変竴绉嶇鑽殑鑿岃鏄煚妾粍鎴栨槸姗橀粍鑹茬殑锛岃繖绉嶇鑽湁姣掞紝涓嶈兘椋熺敤銆傜鑽甯哥殑棰滆壊鐣ュ井娉涢粍锛屽鏋滃緢鐧界殑璇濇湁鍙兘浜哄伐婕傜櫧杩囥€?