Xia Jian nodded and said:“do not worry,Few people bid on this land,If you just bid with Wang You,We are 100% winning,Unless your bid evaluation person has a problem”

“What did you say,Think people are so bad”Ouyang Hongbai glanced at Xia Jian,Xia Jian suddenly felt that Ouyang Hong was very cute,Don’t think she is the head of a town,Weilai is really scary,But she has time in front of Xia Jian is a wayward little girl。
Xia Jian suddenly changed the subject:“He Jing’s business is very hot,Do you want to kill her tonight?,Don’t you rest tomorrow?Just going out to play“
“Ah right!Why did I forget her,Row!We go find her,Bring this little girl with you,Crowded“Ouyang Hong said,Pointed to the busy Mu Rong Sisi。
Listen to it,Little mouth speaks:“Sister Ai Hong!She’s not a little girl,I’m twenty-five years old“
“is it?Why didn’t I see,Twenty-five years old,Why marry,Have you found a good boyfriend??Sister introduce you to one”Ouyang Hong rarely has such a good mood,Suddenly joking with Mu Rong Sisi。
Mu Rong Sisi smiled and said:“What to look for,Isn’t this ready-made handsome guy right here??”Mu Rong Sisi said,Chao Xiajian blinked,Looks very fun。
“so rude,He is your boss“Ouyang Hong said with a deep face。
Mu Rong Sisi doesn’t care about her,Haha smiled and said:“What’s wrong with boss?He wants to marry a wife“
Xia Jian has a look,If the two of them continue to fight like this,I might say red face,So he hurriedly shouted:“OK,Say something useless,I think it’s almost time,let’s go!By the way, stroll around Donglin Square,These days it can be suffocated“
“it is good!You go first!Call me after booking,I have something to do here“Mu Rong Sisi said with a smile。Xia Jian nodded,I greeted Ouyang Hong,The two came out of the farmer’s company。
When he went downstairs,Cai Li happened to have a face-to-face with him,When Xia Jianzheng wanted to say hello to her,When this woman saw Ouyang Hong next to Xia Jian,Suddenly came a ninety degree turn,Leaning around Xia Jian。
Xia Jian who is a bit lost,Can’t help but shook his head。
Since Jing He started operating audio equipment,The whole person has changed,Dress up first,The second is speech and behavior,Xia Jian suddenly felt that she was like a woman。
“Yo!It doesn’t seem to be windy today!How did the two come together,Isn’t he trying to invite me out??“When He Jing saw Xia Jian and Ouyang Hong,Just joking。
Ouyang Hong snorted coldly:“I’m so embarrassed to open this mouth,Let us invite you?Your big boss did nothing,Why make so much money?Isn’t it the beginning of collecting dowry??“
“Marry you big head,Don’t you just want me to treat?Ming said it was done,What I owe Mr. Xia is more than just a meal“He Jing said,Two beautiful big eyes glanced at Xia Jian。
Ouyang Hong said with a smile:“How about you let your body agree,I don’t have to pay back this favor“
“I think so too,But Xia always has his heart,He didn’t even look at me,look!Where are his eyes“He Jing said with a smile。

Li Tianchou’s heart moved,He originally planned to go straight to Myitkyina after leaving the country with the tour group,It’s not far from the area where the Qin Gang is active,A little further southeast is Pampa Port,It’s also very close to Mengke Town,Not even half a day’s journey。

It’s just that Li Tianchou is really new to Myanmar,The only understanding is the inculcation of international relations during the training camp,Limited to humanities history and a little current affairs,Then there is a bit of evil to make up for online travel guide articles。Now that I have an old man with me,Much more convenient along the way。So he nodded,“First time,Also want to see more。According to the itinerary of the tour group,I’m worried I can’t see anything,So I want to walk by myself。”
“Oh yo,That feeling good,If you don’t dislike it,Follow the old man,Keep you safe。But be careful,This visa has time,Don’t run away and never come back。”
Li Tianchou laughed,“Don’t worry, sir,I still have a mess in my domestic company,How can I just run,Rare easy days。”
In this way,The old and the young have a good chat。In the gossip,Li Tianchou learned that the old man’s surname was Pan,Early widowed,Have been living inSZcity。One child and one daughter,Eldest daughter married and married,Settle in the magic city with your husband’s family,Youngest son is still single,Live with the elderly,The company was dispatched to the Myanmar branch the year before last。
As for why Old Man Pan didn’t apply for passport and visa directly in the name of visiting relatives,Li Tianchou also got an idea,First, my son is too busy at work,Inconvenient to interrupt,I stay for two or three days every time I go back,Second, the old man likes to travel,Walk around,So the route of each cross-border travel is different,It seems that this situation is reasonable。
And for my own situation,Li Tianchou’s introduction is very simple,The old man doesn’t seem to know too much,Because of the fatigue of the journey,Fell asleep early。
Tour in Banna on the second day,Li Tianchou apart from walking around,Also bought a lot of maps,In various forms,Attraction map、Administrative division map etc.,Even the tourist map of Myitkyina has,Still translated into Chinese。
Since returning from the scenic spot,Li Tianchou kept flipping through various maps,Don’t carry the old man,And claimed to be geographically blind。Although there are detailed maps in the information sent by the instructor,But not as intuitive as the one just bought at hand,Many pictures merged,A clear three-dimensional picture was formed in his mind。
The next day is the second attraction on the itinerary,Ruili, a famous tourist city on the China-Myanmar border,That is a picturesque、A small city rich in ethnic characteristics,And there are a lot of jade,Especially Burmese jade is very popular。
Many mainland merchants and collectors love to buy rough stones here,Looking forward to producing high-quality beautiful jade、gem,Gradually a well-known gambling market was formed,So Ruili is also called“The Land of Gambling”。
Ruili is located in Dehong Prefecture, northwest of Banna Prefecture,Not close,Crossing Pu’er northwest、Lincang two states,Take the bus6Hours。Leaving at five o’clock in the morning,I may not be able to arrive before noon。Give Li Tianchou the feeling that joining a tour group is like marching on the road,This secretly met his needs,But for real tourists, it’s a bit guilty,The so-called view,Can only look at the state of mind。
Not as famous as meeting,Ruili’s jade market is located in the tourist pedestrian street,Large and small jewellery and jade stalls and various tourist crafts stalls crowded the market。
Li Tianchou didn’t expect it to be so popular,Small streets can be described as shoulder-to-shoulder,People everywhere。From all over the country,Do not,Should be jade from all over the world、Jewelers have gathered in this small place。Tangible*、There are countless tour groups waving various flags。
On both sides of the small street are buildings with national characteristics,But almost everything is modern reinforced concrete,Really not worth seeing。Li Tianchou is also very uncomfortable with such a crowded environment,And the initial excitement of the old man surnamed Pan passed,Can’t stand it,So the two hardly need to discuss,Left the tour group together。
Unexpectedly,The next project is that the tour guide will pull everyone to a relatively remote shop,Start selling products hard,Call everyone to buy,If not buy,Hum,What to do,Old man Pan knows a lot,Talking about introducing Li Tianchou。
As for whether it is really as the old man said,Li Tianchou doesn’t care。The two are planning to walk around,Have lunch,And then join the tour group,The afternoon route is to Moria Tropical Forest,Then return to Nankan in Myanmar via Wanding Bridge,It is naturally much more convenient to follow a tour group,As for whether the tour guide will retaliate for leaving the team without authorization,Is not in his consideration。

Probably only two weeks later,A few days of indicators to develop good,Zhao Xiaoying took away the ventilator,Take the tracheal intubation,Can breathe freely。

Before you get sick,People can probably understand free breathing and satisfaction,I have walked from the ghost door to Zhao Xiaoying’s deep understanding。
Now she is still weak because of treatment of the body.,But you can open your eyes and look at the ward.,Can speak a few words with Zhou Ye,What is good to look at the previous thing?。
“thank you,doctor。”Zhao Xiaoying looked at the Wild, I suddenly said in the ward.。
Zhou Yewu is also a cold behind it.,Even busy:“Do not talk,have a good rest,You are still oxygen in oxygen,Underwent。”
Although Zhao Xiaoying although these days have been mad。
But she can still hear the sound around the bed.。
I know what happened in myself these days.。
I also know that Wanyi will run for himself.,I don’t know how many days and nights on the side of the bed.。
soon,New reviewctTime,Doctors did not find the trace of thrombosis,It seems that the pulmonary embolism is already good.。
Factual prove,Antiocoagonal treatment solution is effective,Most of the thrombosis is dissolved.,Pulmonary artery flow recovered smooth。
Even if some small thrombosis does not matter,Will not cause a significant impact,Will be met with people naturally。
After the unremitting efforts of Zhou Yewu and Li Tianci,Also because Zhao Xiaoying’s tenacious life will,17After the day,Zhao Xiaoying lefticuWard,Go to Grease Medicine to continue treatment。
Digestive internal ward。
“I thought I want to be a big surgery.,Leave a scar on the belly。”Zhao Xiaoying smile,Although the face is not very good,The body has not recovered yet,But the spirit is good。
Not everyone has the luck of the dead escape,But Zhao Xiaoying did,The body is weak but has a hopeful hope,Take a break in a while。
“Heavy pancreatitis does not require surgery,Cut the pancreas?”Zhou Yewu was smiled by Zhao Xiaoying’s imagination.,The pancreas is different from the appendix,It is a very important digestive organ,If you cut off the entire digestible system, it will be confusing.。
Zhou Yewei stood in the Acacia patient looked at this from emergency.icu,Patient who sent it to the digestive internal medicine,Suddenly, some distressed……
One28Aged girl just married,But I have experienced so many twists and turns.,I think of it now.,It is really feeling and embarrassing。
But not saying,Zhao Xiaoying after recovery,The appearance is really moving。
No wonder Li Hui can stay in the door and stay with you in the door.……
This is true love.!
Zhou Ye blessed two,I have gone out the ward,Back to the emergency again。
If a person does not have a pancreas,His digestive system will soon disorder,Big problem。
On the other hand, he will soon suffer from diabetes.,Because of pancreatic production of insulin,Is a very important organ。
Diabetes is because of lack of insulin,So I need to pay attention to the diet.,Injection of insulin remains healthy。
Zhao Xiaoying’s pancreatitis reported a paragraph,But how did this pancreatitis happen??
Later, Chen Riyuan also joined research,Carefully study gallbladder stones、Pancreatic catheter blocking、High glycerol triaphochloride, etc.,These are the most common culprits that cause pancreatitis,Unfortunately,Zhao Xiaoying did not have these situations。
later,When an emergency department is discharged from the hospital,And Zhao Xiaoying’s conversation,Chen Riyuan learned that Zhao Xiaoying has a history of high blood pressure,I have been eating a buck。
then,Chen Riyuan is thinking,So Zhao Xiaoying’s husband took over,I found that it is a diuretics of hydrochlorothiazine.。
This medicine is really good for the treatment of high blood pressure.,However, there is a possibility of induced pancreatitis in actual life。
Can you use this reason?,Chen Riyuan is just a guess。
But it is impossible to let Zhao Xiaoying try again.,The evidence currently master can only explain this,However, it is still not used after hydrochlorothiazide.,There are still many effects on high blood pressure.
This is because Zhao Xiaoying has made pancreatitis,Pancreatic liquid secretion port in duodenum,Connected with the stomach,If you use a stomach tube,,The food will reach the duodenity through the stomach tube。

even,It’s more terrifying than encountering a strong fairy。

Xianjun strong,Just one person。
I still have a chance to run away。
But I met a few in the middle of immortality,The opponent takes turns up to shoot himself。
The chance to run away,nothing。
“after,Who dares to do it in Dan,That is not to abolish the cultivation base,But to kill without mercy。”
A person who has the cultivation base of Xianyuan。
The strong man of the Danhui,Don’t put it in the eye。
Look inside the Danhui,People doing errands,A word of warning,Also left。
And before,The second to collect data。
With a lot of information,Get out of it。
“This guest officer,The information you want,All here。
There are twenty spirit stones in total。”
Finished,So he passed this information to Lin Yu。
“This is Lingshi,You take it。”
Lin Yu who received the information,I don’t want to stay here for a minute。
There is only one thought in my heart at the moment,That is,Improve your cultivation as soon as possible。
Stay here for more,I’m in danger for a while。
Lin Yu,Never like today,So longing to be strong。
Beyond Xiancheng。
Lin Yu,Dare not stay in the city。
because,Once someone finds himself in the city,Then I must die。
And outside the city,That’s different。
There is a way out everywhere。
Once there is a strong chasing oneself,That self,Can run east-west, north-south。
“It’s here。”
Lin Yu,Walked for a long time。
After finding a place where no one is,Changed myself again,then,Looking for a stone mountain nearby。
Among the mountains,Dig a huge cave,Into the cave,then,Put the stone,Blocked the entrance of the cave。
Let no matter who is passing by,Or who,Can’t find myself。

Ringo lifted his eyes“Don’t know this,The reward order was issued secretly,There is no information about the publisher,And I heard from my friends,You just go out of town,Someone will do it on you!”

Fuming took a deep breath“Ha ha,Let them do,I’m not afraid of this”
Ringo is anxious“Boss,Did you know that they have already paid a lot of money for surveillance?,This is just monitoring,After receiving a reward for killing you, the ghost knows how much money it has!”
Fuming patted Ringo on the shoulder,There is a grateful look in his eyes“Ha ha,do not worry,I have always been lucky,correct,This thing for you,Just go to this address,Someone will arrange an errand for you,It’s more comfortable than you are a thief!”
Then he handed Ringo an information card,Ringo took it and raised his head,Fuming has left the alley,Ringo looked at her clothes,Open info card,Looked at the address,Eyes wide“Fucking,Murong House!”
“It seems that nine out of ten are the rewards issued by the Wang family,only。。。”Fuming looked at the information device in his hand,The above shows that the blacksmith mentioned by Fengwang is in Parkway City。
“Really troublesome!”Fuming put away the information device,Back to the college。
“drop,A combat technique that can be modified is detected,Whether to modify”
Xuyuan’s cold voice sounded,Long Yuan within his genes only feels cold all over,Particularly uncomfortable,It’s as if everything about yourself is known to others!
“What’s wrong with you Longyuan?”Let’s see Long Yuan’s mood is wrong,Asked。
Longyuan’s whole body shrinks,Eyes full of fear“This one。。。This guy just read all my memories!”
Wu Ling frowned upon hearing this“how is this possible!”
“I will lie to you!”Long Yuan whispered angrily,It contains a bit of fear。
“Please choose yes or no!”
“Combat skills—Longyou Jiuxiao,As a dragon,Travel above the nine heavens!Combat skill level—Platinum level,Best fit properties“mine”(already edited,Can practice)”
Fuming filtered the information in his mind,It’s actually a platinum-level speed combat technique,Really send charcoal in the snow!
“This。。。This is Lao Tzu’s combat skills!”Long Yuan said in horror。

“Meet the old man!”Su Jianfeng bowed to the end,Shouted。

All the Su family present leaned over,Salute to Su Daqiang’s ancestors。
Under this blood-connected atmosphere,Even Su Yi and Su Xuehen couldn’t help bending over to salute,Only Lu Menglin is still sitting in the chair,Hold still。
And at this moment,Other people noticed,Except for the kid surnamed Lu,There are also a few people who did not bow down and salute,They are the ones following Su Daqiang。
At once,These people suddenly became conspicuous。
Chapter six hundred and ninety three Ming Tianjiao
Those who follow Su Daqiang,Obviously not from the Su family。
Headed by a young man with white hair,This person has handsome features,Slender,Although gray hair,But there is no trace of twilight,Instead, it exudes a special sense of mystery,I can’t help but want to find out。
The unique mystery of this young and mature,For many little girls,It is a lethal lethality,What’s more, his looks are always first-rate,The gray hair,The juvenile feeling in this person is even more vivid。
Standing beside the gray-haired youth,Are four young men with strong builds,Their faces are firm,Calm eyes,At first glance, you are in the army,With an undisguised iron-blooded temperament。
The four soldiers in the army stand beside the white-haired youth,Formed a natural guard,Like the stars holding the moon,Brings out this person’s extraordinary,Aloof。
“Hey!Ming family boy,Chasing girls must do it yourself,Now my boyfriend is here,Can it be done,It’s up to you。”Su Daqiang supports the wheelchair with both hands,First slanted his eyes and took a look at Lu Menglin,Then turned his head and shouted at the white-haired young man under the steps。
He shouted,It made Lu Menglin look at him with admiration,Almost didn’t laugh out loud。
I thought this old man’s personality is really unusual,Completely different from what I imagined,It’s not like behind the scenes of Su MansionossStyle,It’s like the old rascals common in a certain village。
but,After the old man shouted,Everyone present finally knew the origin of the white-haired youth。
It turns out that he is Su Xuehen’s blind date,The second son of the Ming family,Ming Shizun!
Ming family is a big family in Beijing,In terms of power and background, it is several times stronger than the Su family,And Ming Shizun is the new generation of Ming family unicorn,It is said that this person is a rare young genius in a century,Can recite poems and paint at the age of six,And won the junior champion of the National Go Tournament,Also known as the Junior National Player。

Gu Cangnan was taken aback,His eyes also looked suspiciously at Wu Yibo。

What kind of person is Gu Cangnan to this brother-in-law?,I couldn’t understand it better。
Arrogant、domineering,In short,Gu Cangnan has never seen such a domineering person。
After graduating from college,Say I want to start a business,The family gave him a million without saying anything,But less than a month,He lost everything。
Lose it,Also found many high-sounding reasons for myself。
Lost a million back,Not long at home,And said that I wanted to go to further study,At that time, the family was rejoicing for a long time because of his decision,This prodigal son knows he has taken the initiative,Actually asked to learn。
I didn’t say anything again,A lot of relationships,Sent him into a well-knownMNational school。
After returning from school,He also said that he was not for business,Then I have to learn from my own hands。
I certainly don’t want to,Where is the place where he works?。
But my father-in-law dotes on this son,Has reached the point where there is no bottom line,So since Wu Yibo put forward that absurd idea,To polish yourself in two days。
I wanted my wife to help me,But my wife is very filial to her parents,Because I can’t refuse my parents,So I had to embarrass him。
At this time,The minister in charge of approval needs to go to further study,Gu Cangnan considered Wu Yibo’s three-minute hot temperament,So I thought of a way,Let Wu Yibo take over the work of Minister temporarily。
But all the work he has handled has come to him,It’s just a cutscene,So these days,There hasn’t been any mistakes。
But just in the morning today,Gu Cangnan’s secretary told him,There is a project to be approved by Wu Yibo deducted。
That’s why he came to Wu Yibo to see what was going on,But I haven’t waited for him to ask what happened,I saw Wu Yibo was beaten like this。
Although Gu Cangnan saw Wu Yibo’s appearance,It’s too heartbreaking,But just think of what will happen when this ancestor returns home,Gu Cangnan felt a headache。
Wu Yibo saw that he was beaten like this,Gu Cangnan looked at him suspiciously because of Xiao Fan’s words。
Suddenly not happy!
Because the teeth were knocked out,So Wu Yibo said vaguely:“Brother-in-law,What do you see me doing?Now i was beaten,I have to investigate this matter to the end,Brother-in-law,You call the police to catch them!I want them to know the consequences of beating me!”
Gu Cangnan helped Wu Yibo up and sat down on the sofa,Then said:“After I asked the situation clearly,If it’s really their fault,I won’t just let it go。”

“I go,Maid outfit,Should I consider surrendering?!”Liu Chuang whispered,Then he looked at Lena and Qiangwei unkindly。

“What do you think!”Qiangwei is desperate for Liu Chuang’s brain“Chuangzi,All,including you,You will wear it then!”
Liu Chuang passed by Qiangwei’s reminder,I thought of myself wearing a maid outfit,Then I feel that the whole person is not good。
“Kill him,Such a bitch can’t stay in the world to harm people!”If only women wear it,Liu Chuang feels he can bear it,After all, he is a gainer。
But you want him to be a big man,Also wearing this thing,He thinks this kind of world,It should be destroyed。
Although some double standard,But who makes this a human instinct?。
“All right,Start fighting,Qilin captures the vision,Liu Chuang is ahead,Qiangwei protects Qilin’s side,And Mengmeng and Liu Chuang fight together,Be careful to protect yourself,Xin Zhao’s speed is too fast,And his first target,It should be Qilin!”
“Roger that!”
Analysis of Lena,Everyone is convinced。
“Then the five of us can’t lose and keep defending here.,If you enter the jungle,It is very likely to happen to something we can’t imagine,So what to do this time?”Liu Chuang asked。
Let him hide here and wait for Xin Zhao to come out,Liu Chuang feels aggrieved,And if you want to go in,He was also worried about Xin Zhao’s speed。
“go in,If the five of us continue to wait here,That battle is likely to remain deadlocked。Besides, Xin Zhao has long-range attacks,Here we are very likely to be sniped by each other。”
“Sister said,Then let’s go in,I’ll open the way first!”Liu Chuang takes the lead,The whole person walked straight ahead,And Rui Mengmeng is by his side,Change your position from time to time。
As for Lena, she is in the middle.,An energy bomb in hand is ready to be launched at any time,Qilin is going to use her eyes to capture Xin Zhao’s movement,Qiangwei is there ready to attack at any time。
Although Qiangwei’s melee ability is not strong,But after Dukao had the resources,I prepared a dark alloy dagger for her,It is considered that Qiangwei has the super high attack ability of an assassin。
Xin Zhao is also considering the opponent’s strength at this time,When starting again,Liu Chuang and Rui Mengmeng are the best solutions,Threat to Xin Zhao,Also the smallest,Because he is too fast,It’s not that Liu Chuang who is idle can go to the mountain。

“What are you doing??Break it!”Lu Menglin frowned,Shen Sheng。

“but.Ok!”Mi Xiaochong heard Lord Wu Hao’s voice,Suddenly thought of those companions who died tragically in front of me,Those people and him are teachers and friends,Along the way,But I didn’t expect to die on this plane。
Mi Xiaochong gritted her teeth,Don’t care about the benefits,If the chest is not flat,What’s the point of being alive?Do not avenge the teachers and friends,Are you still a person??Meet on Huangquan Road in the future,What else is there to see them!
Want to be here,Mi Xiaochong got hot in her chest,Suddenly understand,Struggling to knock the staff in his hand on the glass cover。
Lu Menglin saw this scene,So I lightly refreshed my brows,I feel better。
At least Mi Xiaochong is willing to do it,It shows that the sacrifice of Gao Dajin and the others is worth it,If their sacrifice,In exchange for a profit,Little master,It would have been too wrong to die。
boom!Mi Xiaochong’s staff hits the tempered glass cover,Just heard the sound,The glass stays still。
This cover is a container used by Glacier Girl to protect her body,How could it not be strong?Mi Xiaochong as a linguist,Although the strength is not weak,But to crack this kind of thing,It still depends on the martial artists。
“Forgive me!I can hand over the lowest level of authority,From now on,Willing to be controlled by you!”Glacial girl screamed。
“Do it!What are you doing??help!”Lu Menglin shrugged,Said angrily。
Tu Shanming made a strange cry,Rush forward,Picking up the Iron Slasher, just a guy hit it,The huge glass container cracked immediately,The crack spreads in all directions like a spider web。
“This knife is for Strict Shou Copper!Such a good big bald head,I was killed by your ugly thing!”Tu Shanming scolded,I started to slash again。
“This knife is for Gao Fatty!He still owes me Yuyuan yet!”Tu Shanming hit another backhand,Knocked hard on the glass cover,The crack on the top is bigger。
“And this knife,When given to Dabra!I remembered,That guy bought me dates!”Tu Shanming made his third shot with all his strength,Slash in place。
boom!The glass cover finally can’t stand the sword strength,Burst,Shattered。
The liquid inside flows all over the floor in an uproar,That giant brain is lying in the almost dry pool,A weak look,Looks really ugly to the extreme。
“Do not,Don’t destroy me!I can do many things!”The image of Glacier Girl is getting blurred,The voice has also become a lot thinner。

To this,Xia Chenglong unceremoniously accepted everyone’s cheers,This is not just for myself,And his dead brother。

and so,This brilliance also belongs to them!
Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty Nine First in the conference
“it is good,Then i declare,Today’s game is over,Tomorrow is still this time,Everyone see or leave,By the time……”
“and many more!”
Dream Butterfly has not finished speaking,Xia Chenglong speaks out。
“Mr. Xia,do you have any requests?”
“Start today!”
Very simple words,Directly lifted everyone’s appetite,Dream Butterfly Heart Understanding:“Mr. Xia,Are you sure for the last match today,Let me remind,The Liu family didn’t fight!”
“Yes,I am sure!”
On the surface,Such a decision is too hasty。
I knew they would face the Liu family next,An existence more terrifying than the Chen family,And they fought continuously,This is extremely unfavorable for the Zhao family。