Even if my eyes are blind,Isn’t your brain working?。

Have seen such a handsome、The suave villain?……Oh,They are blind。
“ridiculous,You are burying corpses,That these vendors attacked you,If they are making money and killing,Why are you still alive?”The man with high hair sneered。
Zhu Minglang、Fang Niannian is silly。
What kind of logical art is this??
With his understanding,Who killed each other,Who is making money and killing。
“The intelligence of the entire Ji Ting Continent has been lowered by you,They are the villains。”Fang Niannian said angrily。
“Ugh,I met a few Jianzong children with bad brains,I’m too lazy to talk to them。”Zhu Minglang said。
Several Jianzong children,But wandering outside the city of sin。
They dare not step into the city of sin,Because they are weak,It is far from the level and strength that can wipe out the entire Sin City。
But I want to make a little reputation when I’m out there,Show some prestige。
So waiting near the city of sin,Plan to take down some wanted villains who walked out of the city。
“Into the city of sin,There is nothing innocent,We walk for the sky……hateful,Don’t go,Explain your crime clearly,Free from skin and flesh!”The man with high hair。
Moonlight white,Sprinkled like frost in this small mountain forest。

“Six brother,There are a lot of devils.!”Wan Zhi Chao said on the side,

“More than this time we have to act,This is the order of the peak!”
“I know,Now the brothers are all ready.。”
“it is good!You go to the command personally,Never mistaken。”Zheng Yao first arranged a task ordered to give the task order in advance.,
Wan Zhiyue leaves two people,Zheng Yao said in Song Xiaofei on the side.:“You go to the local area of the road.,See what information he will give us,remember!The gun battle begins to leave quickly,Jellyfish will protect yours!”
“Six brothers rest assured,I all touch the situation around me.,Guaranteed to evacuate the first time!”
After Song Xiaofan left,Zheng Yao first asked Zhao Jianzhi:“Song, are you ready??”
“Six brother,I have already prepared it.!”
“I hope to be the same as our speculation.!”Zheng Yao first observed around the Japanese consulate building with telescope,In the heart:Small nine,I hope you can explore the residence of the devil.。
“All right!let’s go!”Zheng Yao first said that it was packed up with Zhao Jian and left this building.。
Rui Rui wearing a military uniform, looking at the surrounding situation,Watanabe first called a phone call,Then I’m going to the long history:“Long pool,Wu Zuo consuls let us see him。”
Wugo Zhixiong in the consulate,Hurgia also saw the general Consul General of Wu Teng Zhixiong and Ying Ying Yixi。
“Wu Zuo Consulate!Vice President of Rock!”Rui Rui Square,
“Fate course,Long pool,What happened to us?。”Wu Yizhi said,
Rui Rui,Wu Tianbao,Daji cow thirteen,banker,Wang Fuzhen and others have the same point to say it.,Afterwards:“Wu Zuo Consulate!Vice President of Rock,I am sure that Zheng Yao first came to Shanghai’s ultimate goal is the prince.!”
“Why are you so certain??”Wu Teng Zhixiong asked,
“The conclusions speculated from various signs and intelligence analysis!If there is a mistake, I am willing to punish!”
“You also see defense,Do you feel that Zheng Yao first rush into the consulate to kill??”
“This is definitely unable to,But the prince is impossible to live in the consulate.。”
“rest assured,Prince will live in our best Fuchun Building in Hongkou,This hotel is open from our Japanese.,Absolute security。”
“Oh!This hotel is not far from our special high school.。”Watanabe said,
“And it is not far from the garment of the army.,And there is a police guard responsible for security tasks,You don’t have to worry。”
“that’s great,Do you want to go to Fuchun Building Hotel??”Qi Rui,
“Yes,Prince is now listening to the general report,It will pass over an hour.。”
“It is necessary not to arrange in advance.?”
“Need not,I have sent people to have passed in advance.,Because it is not exposed,So now I can’t see it from the surface.。”
“Wu Zuo Consulate is really planned!In this way, we are relieved.!”Ritual,
“Ferry,Long pool,You are very responsible,very good,As long as the prince will leave Shanghai smoothly,I will definitely award you.。”Wu Teng Zhixiong did not dare to let the princes say something in Shanghai.,
“Thank you Wu Zojun!Xie Xie Ranjing Deputy General Community!”
Favado is very grateful to the long history:“Long pool,It’s too right to listen to you this time.!”
Just got praise,For previous pass events,The big island cow 13 is assassinated.,This should make the crossing edge should be fine.,So will so happy。

Bai Xiaoru sighed and said:“I know there is no connection between you。But at this time she needs the care of her friends,Even a word of encouragement。I believe she listens to you most,Don’t argue,This is what my instinct told me”

Xia Jian shook his red wine glass,Slowly fell into thought。He remembered the first time he saw Ouyang Hong,Which night is there when the snow is flying…
Xia Jian freed his thoughts,Can’t get back to God for a long time。Bai Xiaoru sat opposite Xia Jian,Looking at Xia Jian quietly。Until someone outside called the waiter,Xia Jian shook his head violently。
“Like it!We will cloud the province together tomorrow,How about I send you back?”Xia Jian said,Ha ha A happy。
Bai Xiaoru took a breath and said:“OK!It seems that I have caught the light of Ouyang Hong。But you can do,I’m still very happy。At the very least, Bai Xiaoru didn’t see the wrong person”
that’s it,Xia Jian and Bai Xiaoru made an appointment,Xia Jian sent her to the place,Then Xia Jian returned to the Convenience Hotel。Guan Tingna rented a house outside,She doesn’t want to stay in the hotel anymore。Thus,This house is temporarily occupied by Xia Jian。
Although Yao Junli’s bedroom is unoccupied,But now it’s a bit unsuitable for him to live。Because of this,Xia Jian was afraid of others’ random arrangement。
the next morning,Xia Jian got up earlier。He packed up some of his clothes,Then stuff it into the bag,Just went to the office。
About half past seven,Bai Li and Guan Tingna came one after another。Xia Jian held a small meeting for them,Tell me about my recent work,Then tell them,He is going to the provincial capital。
Where is the boss,The employees below dare not ask at all。This is the rule,Guan Tingna and Bai Li naturally understand。So the two of them didn’t ask anything。
Arrange work,Xia Jian went back to the room and carried his bag。Because the province and city are compared,I must stay overnight if I drive,If you run back and forth,It’s very hard for one person。
After getting in the car,Xia Jian wants to call Ma Yan,Tell her to go to the provincial capital,But I took out my phone,He doesn’t want to fight anymore。Because he thinks there is really no need to tell her about it。
Xia Jian first found a gas station,Filled the car with gas。Then I went to the place where Bai Xiaoru lived。He past tense,Bai Xiaoru moved all the bags to the roadside。This woman is really capable,Normal women can’t do this。
Put Bai Xiaoru’s luggage in a car,Xia Jian bought a few bottles of drinks at the roadside store,That’s why I started the car happily,Drive quickly towards the highway。
When leaving the city,Xia Jian saw tears in Bai Xiaoru’s eyes,Don’t say it’s a woman,Men also have this emotion,It’s just that the man has tears and doesn’t flick。

This girl knows Zhang Teng,So it didn’t stop,Zhang Teng led Xia Jian to open the door and walked in gently。This is a carpeted,Very elegant room。Coffee table sofa,There is also a single bed with white bedding。

I saw someone sitting on the sofa looking forty to fifty years old,Fair skin,Brightly dressed,The woman with the charm。Beside this woman,Also sat a long hair shawl,Beautiful figure,A woman as beautiful as a movie star。Xia Jian glanced,According to Zhang Teng’s introduction,These two women should be mother and daughter。
And near the window,A man stood still,It looks like Princess Huahua。
First2548chapter Show up for friends
“Ms. Zhang!This is Mr. Xia,Let him see you。President Xia,This is Ms. Zhang Fenglan,This is her daughter Lei Lei”
Zhang Teng introduced everyone to each other。
Zhang Fenglan stood up,Just about to reach out to say hello to Xia Jian,But the daughter Lei Lei beside her stood up fiercely,Her big beautiful eyes swept Xia Jian twice。Then shouted at Zhang Teng:“Boss Zhang!A run away,Just find someone to make up the number,Does your life really have eight?”
“Zhang’s,You think I’m such a lie to Li Wei?If you don’t have a reasonable explanation,Your Jupeng Villa will disappear from the map of Buchuan City!”
The young man standing at the window watching the scenery suddenly rushed over in two steps,He pointed to Zhang Teng’s nose and yelled loudly。
This man is of medium build,Neither fat nor thin,It’s just that a face is really not handsome。Two very thick and short eyebrows with shrimp-like eyes,It can even be described as ugly。
If this matter is put before,With Zhang Teng’s temper,Let him go。But now Zhang Teng has a tempered temper a lot,He feels at a loss,So not serious,He just took a step back and said:“Didn’t I tell Ms. Zhang just now,I will refund all the money you received。As for I didn’t lie to you anymore,Let Mr. Xia give Ms. Zhang a try, don’t you know??”
“In your dreams?Do you think it will be enough to refund the money you collected?We run around,Everyone’s time is money,And the aunt’s disease is getting more and more severe by your people,There must be a statement about this”
Li Wei raised his neck,Two fingers,He poked at Zhang Teng’s chest。Xia Jian standing behind Zhang Teng can’t help it anymore。He shakes,A skater arrived in front of Zhang Teng,He seemed to wave his right hand casually in the air,I grabbed Li Wei’s wrist。
“This gentleman is a bit angry,Time to converge。You are here to heal,Instead of calculating gains and losses。If your time is precious,Then don’t use it。Moreover,This lady’s disease is so well treated,Do you still spend a lot of money on running here from abroad??”
Xia Jian said word by word,Keep pushing。The muscles on Li Wei’s face twitched,He wants to withdraw his hand,But can’t twitch。I want to shout but I am embarrassed,It was particularly embarrassing for a while。

If Xiang Chen can’t bear to do it,Yao Yaosi doesn’t mind doing it for you。

“She is not suitable to be a killer!From the trajectory of the shot to the mentality,Amateurs are revealed everywhere。I don’t know what made her want to kill me,But her goal seems to be only me。Otherwise it’s been so long,I didn’t see her trouble with anyone!”
Xiang Chen leaned back in the chair,After the training of Han Zhili last time,For China’s liquor,He still has a certain awe,Of course it also has a certain resistance。
Hiccups are full of happiness,This is Xiang Chen since his birth,The fullest and most reliable meal。
Yuan Qing’s trembling figure is reflected on the bulletproof glass,Xiang Chen said silently, quite persistent!
As long as Yuan Qing doesn’t trouble other people in the inn,Xiang Chen doesn’t mind having a little tail always following him。
Turned to look at Yao Yao,Yao Yao seems to have known what Xiang Chen wanted to say,Speak:“I will pack these,You go to solve the trouble!”
Afraid to wake up three sleeping people,Yao Yao was also awkward to tidy up the dining table。
Finally saw the two people in the inn cleaning the battlefield,Unfortunately,Those two don’t look like a hangover。
In Yuan Qing’s memory,The five people in the inn should have drunk four or five bottles of liquor,But the facts are here,Two other people are sober。
It seems that I can only give up today!Yuan Qing was disappointed,But there is no alternative。
Life and death,The essential difference between women and men。
Look around,Yuan Qing found that she had nowhere to go,As for the house that always remembers the two brothers,Yuan Qing has regarded it as her last home,Before there is no revenge,Yuan Qing doesn’t plan to go back。
Trembling all over,But the cold on my body didn’t get any relief。
Yuan Qing looked inside the inn again,But found that only the very feminine man is busy alone,And Xiang Chen has disappeared。

His hand turned into a palm,Put fingers together,Forest white flames condensed,Finally turned into a white sword!

Reiki Sword,This is the method Liu Jianshen used for him. It is now reversed.。
of course,Xia Chenglong didn’t deliberately target,He just really doesn’t have a sword。
“One sword!”
This made Xia Chenglong dare not reveal the slightest martial arts of the wind.,Appearing from Xia Chenglong again,The aura around becomes manic。
If it is powerful,This sword is not much stronger than Liu Jianshen’s,Even weaker,But this sword is one of the seven swords,Breaking Sword!
Liu Jianshen thought he could see through life and death,So his power is the power of life and death,Such a huge potential is difficult for anyone to crack,Very embarrassed,Xia Chenglong is within the scope of being able to crack:
Their sword moves did not make a loud sound,Or it’s over at the moment of contact。
Momentum and break,It’s that simple!
Liu Jianshen did not vomit blood,But he took two steps back,This is the result。
“Thanks a lot!”
“No thanks!”
Thanks Liu Jianshen,It’s not because of Xia Chenglong’s desire,But he untied the knot。
The defeat by chance and the defeat with integrity,These are two different concepts。
Now I know that even under normal circumstances,He is not Xia Chenglong’s opponent either,The knot in my heart has been untied,Maybe even arouse each other,To go further。
This is the end?

Tian Lu happily holding the meat skewers,Turn around instinctively,Doing the skewers,I didn’t see Ye Xingkong by my side,The smile on his face suddenly solidified。

Tian Lu panicked,Even shouted the name of the stars,The starry sky didn’t call,But passersby looked back at her。
Tian Lucai ignored the strange eyes of passers-by,I just want to find Ye Xingkong quickly,Shuttle in the crowd,Stretch your head and search for the stars everywhere。
Ye Xingkong keep her footsteps,walking back,Hope to find Tian Lu,But the mobile crowd,The night is only illuminated by the low light of the lamp,Huge crowd,How difficult is it to find someone。
Ye Xingkong’s heart seemed to be grabbed by someone,Faint pain,Take out the phone and send a message to Tian Lu:where are you?
Tian Lu saw the phone vibrate,Free up a hand for skewers,took a look,Finger flexibly typing,SMS back immediately:I’m at the Dongmen skewers place,How about you?
Ye Xingkong responded quickly:“Where is the Dongmen skewers,Send a location,I will look for you。”
Tian Lu will soon send the geographic location to Ye Xingkong,No longer move。
Ye Xingkong looked at the location,Pressed the iron button,Time and space are still,Merchants are busy soliciting business、Crowd walking,What you were doing before is what action,Everything is fixed in place。
Ye Xingkong was stunned by this feature,He never thought that ironware had this function。
He has no time to study these,Anxiously searching for Tian Lu among the shuttle crowd,This is the first time I want to meet someone so eagerly。
Finally I saw Tian Lu who was frozen in there near the East Gate Kebab,Ye Xingkong let out a sigh of relief,Laughed,This kind of smile is like the joy of being lost and recovered,Like laughing at her stupidly。
Ye Xingkong took a meat skewers from her hand,Took a bite,Looked around,All kinds of people,Found myself a little gaffe,Pressed the switch on the iron,The frozen people and objects immediately restored their original appearance。
After Tian Lu recovered,I saw Ye Xingkong at first sight,Surprised,Pouting:“Starry sky,Where are you going,Finally met。”
Ye Xingkong holding meat skewers,Shook in front of her,And there is no such thing as a gentleman,Ate a bunch。
“Be careful,The bamboo stick will stab you,Tasty?”Tian Lu smiled and watched him finish eating。
“bawl,and also,Give you,This is something you can’t usually eat in the apartment,Looks unhygienic,But just cute,look,People who want meat skewers are lining up to buy,They say barbecue is not hygienic,It doesn’t matter if you eat a small amount。and also,look,Just line up to buy the stall,It means that the stall must be delicious。”Tian Lu introduced him。
Two you a kebab、I have a skewers,Put it quickly“wipe out”Up。

“Warm and warm,What exactly is going on?”

“teacher,I didn’t steal money,How about you bring up the surveillance video of the corridor?”
Qin Shuhui heard warm words,Shocked,Added immediately:““teacher,No need to call out to see,During break,I went back to the classroom to send homework to the English teacher。”
The warm smile at the corner of the mouth is getting stronger,She spread her hands:“That’s right,You turned out to be the culprit。”
“because……I never went back to the classroom!”
Said with a warm smile,Hearsay,Qin Shuhui’s face suddenly changed to the color of pig liver。
“Warm,By now you will admit it!Only you turned my bag!”
“I didn’t go back to the classroom at all,And because there is no money,So the physical education teacher accompanied me to the canteen to buy sanitary napkins,Teacher can testify。”
“and so,I have alibi,And you,Became the only one who was in the classroom。Then,You put the money in my bag,Not trying to plant、Are you framing me??”
The classroom suddenly calmed down,It was so quiet that you could almost hear Qin Shuhui’s heartbeat。
As long as it’s not a fool,All know what happened。
Who the hell,Is the real“Prisoner”。
“Classmates go to self-study first,Warm and warm,Qin Shuhui,You two come to the office with me。”
Third floor office。
“teacher,I asked to see the surveillance record.”
“To shut up!”
Qin Shuhui hasn’t finished yet,Was frightened by the class teacher’s severe orders。
Warm and Nuan put pressure on the side:“Qin Shuhui,How serious is it now,Are you clear?If i want to hold,With the power of our Wen family,I am afraid you are more than just being ordered to drop out。”
“and so,You better explain clearly,Why do you do this,Who instructed you to do this?”
Qin Shuhui’s face changed several times,Tears are also rolling in my eyes,Obviously can’t bear the pressure at the moment。

Everything is just suspicion!

But he ran away to explain the problem,This is the inertial thinking of people when they are extremely scared,I always feel that the enemy has a chance to win。
Xia Chenglong out,The old guild leader also appeared in the courtyard,It was his old man who did it just now。
“Ugh,It’s my responsibility to happen,I didn’t expect to raise a white-eyed wolf for so many years,Too failed!”
“Old man,Actually you don’t have to be sad,This is a good thing for the union,After all, I pulled out a decayed tooth for you。”
Xia Chenglong just soothed,After all, the old man is a sensible person,Naturally, I won’t be melancholy for a long time because of this kind of thing。
Chapter six hundred and forty two Joint Assembly
What happened tonight will not change much for Lingxiao City,The dead are the existence that shouldn’t exist,They are just to prove or explain certain things。
No one will be publicly responsible for this matter,Including the angry Tujia。
In the largest manor in Lingxiao City,The reception hall in the center of the manor,Many people are angry because the owner of those shops died on the street。
Several powerful and transcendent middle-aged people looked embarrassed,As for the man sitting in the first place, his face is still calm。
“Patriarch,Someone has done something to the Tujia!”
“Can you find out the specific person??”

Joey Yung wrote: Love the motherland, love Hong Kong, never support Hong Kong independence

Joey Yung wrote: Love the motherland, love Hong Kong, never support Hong Kong independence
On the 5th of Sauna Night News, Joey Yung apologized for the lyrics and selfies she released, saying “I love the motherland, love Hong Kong, and never support Hong Kong independence.”The following is the full text: I never thought of a casually sent lyrics, a selfie, it will attract this storm, so I am very sorry for my carelessness!I also felt sorry for myself and worried my family, colleagues, friends and people who loved me. Today I feel that I must explain to you clearly.The post on the day just wanted to express the excitement of taking off to work, and she shared the current situation with you very purely. It was really an inadvertent loss. As a public figure, I did not expect that my comments and actions would cause such a serious impact. It is indeed my carelessness.I love the motherland, love Hong Kong, and never support Hong Kong independence. I also love peace without question, and hope everything will return to peace as soon as possible.I hope to prove myself with practical actions and continue to share positive energy music and perception.I am also deeply sorry once again for the parties affected by the incident.Editor Liu Jiani Source: Joey Yung Weibo