An Gong Express starts construction of Ximeng key road project construction fast horse whip

  Recently, the G5511 Erguang Expressway Ji Ai Line Anya to Princess Duan Expressway project (referred to as Anang Expressway) officially started construction. An Gong Expressway is an important part of Erlinhot to Guangzhou Expressway Jining to Along Flag, and is also an important part of the highway network of the autonomous region. It is an important transport link in the East and West of the Autonomous Region. The starting point of the project is located in the indian village of Xilin Gol League and Wulanchabu. Temperature is invested by Xilin Gol League, is blue flag, the end point is located in the princess of Xilin Gol League and Chifeng City, the construction mileage km, using two-way 4 lane high speed Highway standard construction, roadbed wide rice, design speed is 120 kilometers, and synchronously build a secondary road, the budget investment billion yuan, the project construction period is 3 years. After the project is completed, it is of great significance for improving national and autonomous regional expressway traffic networks, consolidating the effective connection of rural revitalization and rural revitalization, enhancing traffic public service levels, and promoting high quality development of regional economies.

  Since this year, Xilin Gol League has urged road construction as the top priority of infrastructure construction, and continuously increase investment and construction efforts, leading the economic and social high-quality development with traffic first. In 2021, there were 10 key highway projects in the whole of the world. The construction mileage was 877 kilometers, 9 have been opened, and the investment is 300 million yuan.

Among them, the total investment of 1.5 billion yuan National Road 331 line treasure Mountain – Arnolbron, Provincial Road 313 Line Ming Mapo – New Palag, Provincial Road 304 Road 4 River – Toninol, Altan – 4 key highway projects in Ulijiki Bao Bao Defense Highway will be opened in the year.

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China’s electric competition income is $ 360 million to become the highest income of electricity market

Original title: E-sports industry is derived "Super Digital Scene" Recently, 2021 Global E-sports Leaders Summit and Tencent EDonautical Annual Conference was held in Haikou International Convention and Exhibition Center in Hainan Province.

Tencent Group Senior Vice President Ma Xiaomei delivered a speech with the "domain competition and co-construction super digital scene". He believes that simple sports has been difficult to carry the value and boundary of electrical competition, and e-sports is becoming a brand new "super digital scene". For the value and energy, Ma Xiaomei believes that there are four keywords, respectively Yes: technology, people, responsibility and value.

Similarly, the electrical industry has also evolved into a "electric competition +" lifestyle. Good business China has become the highest-ended e-sports market in the past five years, and the "electric competition" has taken a policy dividend, and continuously improves its own industrial ecology and continues to achieve rapid development. Recently, Tencent’s E-Competition Joint Penguin Wisdom Released "2021 China E-sports Industry Development Report", showing 2021 global electricity audience billions, of which the core e-sports enthusiasts occupy hundreds of millions of, and occasionally watch the non-core audience. Among them, China’s core electricity competition is 92.8 million, including 39% of female electrical cell users. China’s electric competition has incorporated 100 million US dollars, which has become the highest income of global events, which has increased by 14% compared to 2020 billions, exceeding North America and Western Europe.

In China, the capital of more than 80% of the provincial capital of the national competition has completed the landing of the electric competition, Beijing, Shanghai, Haikou, Hangzhou, Xi’an, Wuhan and other cities have found their own electricity development path, 13 cities have an electric competitor.

According to incomplete statistics, the national total 26 provincial administrative districts clearly stated that supporting electrical industries or launching relevant support policies, many urban flowers in electricity industry, forming industrial clusters, electricity companies, teams have injected, pulling urban economic and cultural development . The new live-action e-sports scene "radiation" to the catering, shopping malls and other Tencent Essentials "Super Digital Scene", it looks indeed abstract and broad, what is it? Beijing Youth Daily reporter interviewed Ma Xiaoyu, senior vice president of Tencent Group, explained: "Super Digital Scene" is our understanding of the essence of the game and thinking about the value of game value. The game is actually a digital scene driven by technology, there are many possibilities.

It is possible to include more possibilities in the context of "super digital scene", such as the integration of electricity and traditional sports, "online + line" trend, traditional culture innovation and inheritance It has highlighted the unique development potential of digital economy, bringing new vitality for the global economic development.

In order to create a "super digital scene", Tencent’s electrical competition launched a "new business plan", including many aspects such as tourism, entertainment, catering and life, using its broad electricity IP resources, to create more immersive electricity for the public Sports. "Small to a cup of coffee, big to eat, and even the people exchange, today’s electrical competition can create a connection in more and more life scenes, becoming a new way of life." Ma Xiaoyi said, Tencent The race is a lot of exploration attempts with cooperation with major cities.

"In April this year, the CF professional alliance has settled in Wuhan. In addition to the event itself, it also opened a variety of line life scenes, including catering, hotels, shopping malls, travel, etc., build an electric competition. These have indicated that the electrical competition has transcendent itself. Energy, becoming new motivation to promote economic recovery and restart cultural exchanges.

"He is an example of Iceland.

Not only is the Icelandic tourism industry, but also to see the energy of the world, the energy of the new language of the electrical compete is connected to different cultures.

"The new selection E-Jing Hotel is attractive to the young people, and the e-sports hotel is generally opened in the country, and the domestic huge e-sports population provides full" power ". .

For this type of hotel form, the Papeng Gold Wing CEO Xu Peng Summary: "E-sports hotel is relatively high, young people are the main consumer groups, loyalty and repurchase rates are also super commercial travel customers, which also became energy competition. One of the reasons why the epidemic recovery is in advance.

"The data shows that in early 2020, the number of national electricity hotels is less than 1400. As of the end of November 2020, the national OTA can survive more than 10,000 national OTA. Such an e-sports hotel is not cheap, North Youth Daily reporters The hotel is available on the website, and the TV hotel is 10% to 30% compared to the ordinary hotel. Taking the Haikou International Chain Hotel, the normal reservation cost is 800 yuan / evening, the electrical competition is priced at 1588 yuan / Bally, it is mostly 95 or 00 for the customer base.

Compared to other hotels, the TV is mainly providing a more comfortable electrical environment, creates a more comfortable social place for young people, and the three five friends have a few games together, and the preferred electricity hotel.

Beiqing reporter founded the electrical hotel, as a professional electrical room, not in the hotel room, plus two computers, in addition to configuring super high game equipment: Also in the housing environment, there are many hard work, human body Engineering electrical competition, comfortable bedding, strictly disinfected environment, etc. Considering that game users typically like multi-person needs, they also set a variety of room types such as double room, triple room, quadruple room. The investment has been returned. Since the electrospheric housing, REVPAR has been compared to the ordinary room type by more than 150 yuan.

The emergence of the electrical competition allows the vast players to have more options.

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Baoshan District, the town of the town of the town, the list of election voters

Young employees Zhang Runjia: Unlike the excitement of young people, the old voters in many communities are Thai.

Before the announcement column of the Winnan Shengbao, the voyage Wang Ruyi came to see the list of voters.Although the old eyes are not good, they still look proud of their respective voters.Wang Ayi said that this is the second election event in the community, I feel that this electoral work is more open, transparent, as an old voter, will take the election activities seriously.Also in the Babyst Village Neighborhood Committee announcement column, Wang Ninghua, who has retired for many years, is exciting to his own name on the list.As an old voter, she actively responded to the election of the National People’s Congress.

Wang Ayi said that he became a glorious, and she would seriously elect the true heart of the people, representatives of the people’s people.

The first Guangdong and Guangdong Cooperation Modern Agriculture Industrial Park, which is in Qiannan, is officially unveiled in Chun’an.

On November 15th, in the construction of Jiangzhong Town, Xiangzhong Town, Chunzhong Town, China, Guangzhou Haizhu, Qiannan, China.

Deputy Secretary of Haizhu District, Guangzhou, Secretary of District Political and Legal Committee, deputy director of the Regional Standing Committee of Haizhu District, Huang Yunbin, Vice Chairman of the District Council, deputy director of the District Political Consultative Conference, deputy director of Guangzhou Collaboration Office, Guangzhou Yuezhang Collaboration Task Force Guangzhou Working Group Team Huang Hui, member of the Party Committee of the Weannan People’s Government, Deputy Secretary-General of the Weannan People’s Government, Guangdong Working Group of Guangdong Working Group, Liu Zhifan, deputy secretary of the Chun’an County Committee, Liu Huijiang, Secretary of the County Political and Legal Committee, Chun’an County Committee Standing Committee, Deputy Prefecture, Wang Wu, Chun’an County Deputy Country Huang Yiping and other two locations to attend.

At the ceremony, Deputy Secretary of Haizhu District Committee and District Administrator Commission, Secretary of the District Political and Legal Committee, deputy secretary of the Chun’an County Committee, and Liu Huijiang, secretary of the county law committee, unveiled the industrial park. Subsequently, a group detailed in detail the use of Haizhu District to help funds and project construction, planning and operation. It is understood that the industrial park is the first East and Western Ministry of China to build a modern agricultural industrial park. At present, Guangzhou has a total of support for 10,000 yuan to support the industrial park refined tea processing production line project.

The project has a total investment of 10,000 yuan, construction covers an area of ??78 mu, building 10,800m2 production workshops, supporting experimental buildings, exhibition halls and black tea (old white tea), tight tea, famous tea, big tea total 4 production lines and 1 finished packaging production line Configuration and other facilities. The project provides local access to 1786 jobs, and the annual annual increase of more than 10,000 yuan, which effectively increased the income of local people. On the morning of the 16th, Lu Zhaowa went to Pan’an County, Yunyi, poverty alleviation and relocation, and the center of the community, the integrated service center, the health service center, the employment poverty alleviation workshop and Haizhu District to help the key project (Guangzhou Haizhu Elementary School), in order to discuss the improvement of the community function of the resettlement point, the improvement of people’s livelihood services, increase employment positions, and school construction and student conditions.

After the inspection, the relevant leaders of the two places held a symposium of Haizhu District and the Cooperative Workshop of the East and Western Pharaoh, and discussed the progress of the cooperation work and project development of the East and Western Ai’an County.

Lu Zhaohua said that two places should consequent consensus, resolutely bear the cooperation responsibility of the two places, effectively strengthen labor cooperation, industrial collaboration, consumption collaboration, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading and deepen cooperative exchanges, ensuring that the new development stage works work Bureau, play a good step; and focus on the focus, two-way promotion work improvement, completing the town village to help, strengthen the ‘one county one park’ industry to build, improve the labor cooperation precision docking, strengthen the intersection of the two parts of cadres Resource sharing; simultaneously strengthening responsibility, continuously deepening the work of helping coordination, strengthening the communication and coordination of the two places and the supervision and work summary publicity, highlighting the cooperation between the Eastern and Western China, summarizing the economic and social development of the Economic and Social Development and Haizhu Help Experience Modes, promotion effective practices and vivid practices, create a good atmosphere for the whole society to share and support rural revitalization.

Liu Huijiang said that he must upgrade in the joint share, ensuring that collaboration work is newly achieved, and continues to force in project cooperation, jointly promoting the uniform development of the two industries and cross-regional enterprises.

At the same time, we will continue to deepen talents exchange cooperation, promote the promotion of professional and technical talents in all aspects of Chun’an Industry, Tourism, Urban Construction, and Technology. Continue to promote labor cooperation and do a good job in the town village to help work, ensure accurate output, effective acceptance, stabilize employment, actively plan planning to help project, ensure the continuity of project feasibility and help results, effectively promote the help of helping Resulting results.

At the scene, donation ceremony was held, and Guangdong Banghua Group Co., Ltd. donated 1 million yuan to the Red Cross of Chun’an County. The Red Cross staff received donations; Lu Zhaohua represents Guangzhou Haizhu District donated Wan Yuan.

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Tianzhu County held 2021 kindergarten gardener position professional training

In order to promote the development of pre-school education in Tianzhu County, implement the requirements of the Yangtze Garden League, enhance the management level of the gardener and professionalism, September 23, hosted by Tianzhu County Education and Science and Technology, Hubei Normal University Hosted by 2021 Tianzhu County Kindergarten Garden Long post professional training in Tianzhu County.

At the opening ceremony, Xu Mingbo, secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Education, Hubei Normal University, delivered a speech, Pan Cangfang, deputy director of Tianzhu County Education and Science and Technology, made a requirement for learning discipline and training, hoping that the teachers should recognize the situation, enhance the mission, and cherish The opportunity to come and actively participate in learning, discussions and exchanges; second, it is clearly cultivated, clear requirements, and strives to improve management level and the quality of the park, and make the contribution to the development of preferential generalization of Tiancheng; It is good to implement, learn to use the theoretical knowledge into the management of pre-school education, to ensure training quality; fourth is to study properly during training, strictly abide by training discipline.

The training is four days, and the way to take a long way and online remote training. The training includes the development of games and children, early childhood enrollment preparation, kindergarten course management, professional standards, kindergarten working procedures, and child mental health. 92 people participated in the training in Tianzhu County. (Tianzhu Education) Source: (Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

Chengdu medical insurance officially switched new platform unified standards to participate in medical treatment is more convenient

Original title: Unified standard, new medical treatment is more convenient ● At 0:20 on November 21st, Chengdu will fully suspend all medical insurance business; 0 hours from November 30th, the new platform officially enabled ● All Districts, Chengdu (City) county and city level of more than 1.8 million insured personnel, from 2001, the massive medical insurance data will move from the old platform to the new platform ● Nearly 10,000 hospitals in Chengdu, different types of pharmacies, under different technical conditions The information system will be connected to the new system Internet. The business standard is not uniform, improve the efficiency of the medical insurance business, improve the insured personnel to seek medical treatment, the Chengdu medical insurance information system is about to switch the national medical security information platform, the switching period (0:29 to 29 November 21), Chengdu will fully suspend all medical insurance business. Why is the shutdown time? How to buy medicine during the stop during shutdown? What convenience will be caused after switching a new platform? On November 16, the reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of the Chengdu Medical Insurance Bureau.

Why is the shutdown time for 9 days? "The new platform for the overall online, involving the face, covering all business insurance.

"The relevant person in charge of the Chengdu Medical Insurance Bureau introduced that in accordance with the unified deployment of the State and Provincial Medical Board, Chengdu will stop on November 21st to 29th, switch to the national medical security information platform. Chengdu Medical Insurance Bureau adopted more Optimize the operation process to shorten the platform switching test time limit.

"But the overall workload is very large, in fact, a lot of complicated data work, we started a few months in advance.

"This platform switch involves more than 1.8 million insured personnel in all areas of Chengdu (city) counties and city levels. Since 2001, massive medical insurance data will be migrated from the old platform to the new platform, and it takes a lot of time to safety. Backup and verification. At the same time, in order to achieve the "data multi-run road, the masses" goals, Chengdu Medical Insurance Bureau handled the medical insurance business to the information system, "need to do a large number of verification tests to deliver new systems to ensure The masses provide high quality medical insurance services. "In addition, during the stop, nearly 10,000 hospitals in Chengdu, the pharmacy originally different types and information systems under different technical conditions will be connected to the new system, and there is a need for a large number of targeted technical transformation, test. How to buy medical insurance during the stop Medicine? "During the downtime, all the medical insurance benefits of all insured personnel are not affected.

"The person in charge said that during the shutdown, the medical department will try to protect the doctor’s visit to the medical insurance. If there is any part of the business, the time limit will be delayed.

During the shutdown, the urban workers’ ordinary outpatients and pharmacies purchased drugs do not support the use of personal accounts to pay for medical expenses and purchase drug costs. The insured personnel need to pay relevant fees; outpatient special diseases (including postpatient blood absorbing) and special medicine medical insurance patients can be normal Tempea, after the new platform is on the line, then replenish medical insurance settlement, do not affect medical insurance reimbursement; need to enter the hospital’s medical insurance, should handle self-funded hospitality, then replenish the medical insurance for medical insurance; medical insurance, medical insurance, can be discharged from the hospital After the new platform is online, it will replenish the medical insurance settlement and do not affect medical insurance reimbursement. "If special reasons have not been credited, the patient can pay the medical expenses, after the new platform is on, return to the medical insurance department to reimbursement.

"The person in charge reminded that the medical insurance insured registration, the payment of the medical insurance, the rights and interest records, after the new platform, the insured unit can be handled through the online channel or to the participating medical insurance department to handle relevant business, participate Personnel can go to the corresponding medical insurance organization or service outlet to handle relevant business.

What is convenient on the new platform? "The new platform is like the ‘medical insurance Mandarin’, through unified standards, unified encoding, let ‘data multi-run road, and the masses are rampage", enhance the masses to participate in medical and convenience.

"The person in charge introduces that the past standards are not uniform, and the data does not mutual recognition is a common problem that the medical insurance department is generally facing," the medical insurance standards between the two adjacent cities may be different. "National Medical Security Information Platform is the national unified, efficient, compatible, convenient, safe medical information platform, unified development and construction of the National Medical Insurance Bureau. This platform will solve the problem of not unity, data is not interoperable, and further enhance medical insurance The business is efficient, enhances the convenience of the insured personnel in different places, helping the national medical insurance policy better and also helps the medical insurance fund supervision capacity.

It is reported that at 0:00 on November 30, the new platform was officially opened.

At that time, Chengdu Medical Insurance Office, medical insurance settlement service resumption of medical insurance, the medical insurance registration, the various medical insurance insured registration, the rights record query printing and other business synchronous recovery, entrants, personnel can also apply for relevant medical insurance business.

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Supervision Committee of Haikou City, Haikou City, Hainan Province: Supervision makes engineering more "sunshine"

On April 13, 2021, "The lessorial case lessons of the project investigation and punishment are profound. Now the supporting project will refine the list item by item, strengthen the integrity process control.

"Recently, the staff of the Jiji Monitoring Group of the Jikou City, Haikou City, Hainan Province, visited the second phase of the Meilan Airport, and knocked the police clock to the relevant units.

  The second phase expansion project in Meilan Airport, Juang Avenue, Meilan District, is a key project for the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port.

Previously, in the Haikou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision, in accordance with a tracking supervision and inspection of the project, the Haikou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision was received from the masses, and there was no building in a sheep base, but the residential house renovated by 80% to 90% standard. Compensate. "We first set up a survey group, focusing on land collection decisions, levy, land nature, housing rights, demolition compensation and other links." The discipline inspection and supervision cadres participating in the survey introduced that the survey found that the sheep base boss In order to obtain high demolition compensation, forged housing structures, false decoration standards, with the name of others, and bribery to relevant personnel, the national funds have been significantly lost. Today, the problem of relevant personnel has been transferred to the judiciary.

  With the continued speed up of the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, the increasing risk of public works involving public works and land transfer projects. Since June 2020, the Supervision Committee of the Haikou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission has led to the development of the city’s public project and the use of sea land projects. Through the supervision of the supervision, the audit and other supervision, coordination, residential construction, finance and other departments, close attention to key projects, bidding, acceptance payment, land approval, land acquisition, compensation compensation, etc., strengthening daily supervision, resolute Investigate and deal with violations of laws and discipline. Up to now, 929 projects have been included in the tracking supervision list, and 1012 issues have been found.

  "Our main practice is to put engineering land project ‘in the sun, public complaints, let the people know and supervise, and then combine the project promotion meeting, integrity talks, field visits, etc., continuously build, construction, The supervision and other units are conducted to track the supervisory pressure, and resolutely control the problem of non-acting, slow as, chaos, ‘eating cards, and interest delivery.

According to the person in charge of the Party Warranty of the Haikou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, introduced the promotion of the construction of a honesty and efficiency, Haikou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission also uses the "Red Huang Green" three-color process control mechanism to carry out dynamic tracking supervision, and promote according to the plan node The green project is supervised, and the yellow card project is listed slowly, the push-to-pending yellow project is supervised.

  Haikou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission also adheres to the "second half article" of the investigation case, focusing on the problem, deeply digging behind the reasons, supervising the investigation of honest risk points and supervision loopholes 398 times, and launched 1266 risk points for the investigation To perform, 25 of the discipline inspection and supervision, 58 perfect correlation systems are advised to improve the relevant system.

  "Next, we must continue focusing on key projects, focusing on problems, focusing on corruption, adheres to bribery, resolutely cut off the interest chain, and strives to provide strong discipline protection for Hainan Free Trade Port.

Feng Hanfen, director of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission, said.

(Editor: Pan Huiwen, Jiang Chengliu).

The second batch of political and legal teams in Liaoning Province has achieved remarkable results

  Xinhuanet Shenyang December 12th, in August this year, the national second batch of political and legal team education rectification, the Liaoning Provincial Political and Legal Co., Ltd. is moving, coordinated, carefully organized, carefully deployed, powerful and effective promotion education Work.

  Since the second batch of political and legal team education, the Liaoning Province political and legal organs have fully borrowed and use the first batch of education and rectification, forming 1 implementation plan, 5 supporting program guarantees, 5 department programs implementation program system , Combing 13 types of accounts such as "the construction of" in the construction of "in the construction of stubborn rectification, institutional mechanism", and establish the nine advancement mechanisms of checking the joint links.

The Liaoning Provincial Party Committee is unified and the strip is combined into the education and rectification work, and urges the guidance to promote the political and legal units, the various line education and rectification work, and realize the "double-wheel drive" "double line operation".

  In the process of promoting education and rectification, the Liaoning Provincial Political and Legal Administration adheres to the banner of politics as the first requirement, and puts the loyalty as the first standard. It will always run through the learning education, and the ideological and political work is always always in a variety of forms and carriers. Carry out political education, party history education, warning education, English mode education, continuously strengthen political construction, and build a loyal root base of the majority of police officers; at the same time, "self-examination is broad", " It is more than 5,700 people to talk about, and the organizational life will be more than 80 scenes, and the police officers of the active explanation will fulfill its policies under the premise of the law.

  Coordinate "the current rule" and "long-term", Liaoning Province put the system construction through the construction of the system mechanism, analyzes the problems of the first batch of education and rectification, combined with the second batch of education and rectification work, surrounding the violation of the illegal "holiday", The criminal proceedings of private enterprises have established a sound 100 institutional mechanism to establish and improve the 100 system mechanisms, and determine 115 key tasks.

  During the education and rectification, Liaoning Province depth excavation, vigorously select a batch of deeds, image, professional, professional, and advanced models.

Up to now, the province’s selection of trees have been awarded 4,722 advanced individuals, 719 advanced collectives; 845 games (preaching members) (preaching); organization watched the English model trace promotional film 2199 fields; 713 games convened 713 Opened the political and legal intention column 460; go to the red educational base to carry out 1955 English model education, participated in the police 143,597; 6740 public policy British model information, earnestly created the advanced model, advocating advanced, striving for advanced typical a good atmosphere. The education rectiment does not turn down the door to "self-respecting", but open the door to "the masses evaluation".

Liaoning Provincial Political and Legal Co., Ltd., based on the main business, continuously strengthening the transformation of results, and continues to deepen the practice activities of "I am doing practical things for the masses", helping to solve the grassroots court security facilities, grassroots police force team age aging, city county-level community correction power, etc. A series of people concerned about "urgent expensive" issues.

  There is a must, do not disgrace the mission.

At present, the second batch of education and rectification has entered the "look back". The Liaoning Provincial Political and Legal Organs will implement the nail spirit and comprehensive rectification of the central first supervision team feedback, strongly promote political construction, clear the influence of the fluid, the case, the case, stubborn Key tasks such as disease rectification, system construction, etc.

US media reveals the secret "moldy pentagon": Office culture is still in 1968

On October 31, the US "Foreign Policy" Biyue magazine website issued on October 25th article title entitled "The Office of Office Culture in the Five Universal Building", the author is a safety researcher in Dulun National Security Project, Tawr, Tyson Brown, and"Core: The author of the disaster in the Pentagon" Catherine J. Mikinis, the full text is extracted as follows: the Pentagon is the core of the huge war and the safety machine, a huge thing that is more than 70 billion US dollars (military expenses).

So you might think that the headquarters of the US Department of Defense itself is the most cut-up, and its staff are world-class talents, engaged in various projects with future color and make a murder decision. However, anyone who walks on the pentagillus collar or in a pile of a mustache or buried his head knows that this is not the case.

Everything seems to be stored in the Pentagon in 1968.

The United States is still strict, and modern organizations that have long received a fantastic architecture that contribute to faster, better make decisions.

The Ministry of National Defense is still obsessed with the festival, still subject to the rules. Yes, the Ministry of Defense has developed some very effective weapons but it will have more scary funds to waste in contract indirect fees and lasting procurement projects. These procurement is too long, so that the order of the order is almost out of time. .

Reference message network reported on October 31, the US "Foreign Policy" Biyue magazine issued article on October 25, the article entitled "The Office of Office Culture in the Five-Corner Building is still in 1968", the author is the US Dulun National Security Project Safety Researcher Za Chesi Tyson · Brown and "Cartur Core: The author of the disaster in the Pentagon Author Catherine J. Macinis, the full text is extracted as follows: the Pentagon is the core of the huge war and the safety machine, a huge thing for more than 70 billion US dollars (military expenses). So you might think that the headquarters of the US Department of Defense itself is the most cut-up, and its staff are world-class talents, engaged in various projects with future color and make a murder decision.

However, anyone who walks on the pentagillus collar or in a pile of a mustache or buried his head knows that this is not the case. Everything seems to be stored in the Pentagon in 1968.

The United States is still strict, and modern organizations that have long received a fantastic architecture that contribute to faster, better make decisions. The Ministry of National Defense is still obsessed with the festival, still subject to the rules.

Yes, the Ministry of Defense has developed some very effective weapons but it will have more scary funds to waste in contract indirect fees and lasting procurement projects. These procurement is too long, so that the order of the order is almost out of time. . World-level talent? The five-corner building does have some kinds of mentally keen talents, but many of them are about to retire, and hire newcomers need to be proficient in personnel management and Among these two black magic.

The working conditions of the Pentagon and other administrative departments are often too backward and discouraged, so that the national security department has been caught in the human crisis before the new crown epidemic in 2020.

Develop decisions? No matter what decision, you must first carry out horizontal coordination with the department involved, and then projetely approximately 7 layers. The bold ideas are often either being killed by a binding paradise, or die in a tired of suffocating.

Here, indifferent management is the default item, and people are often treated as an interchangeable part in a huge industrial machine.

It is built on a grade control study that reflects the impact of the military tradition and the pseudoscience management theory of pseudo-scientific management. . Conclusion, although the military strategist is still changing in the nature of the war, there is no doubt that the nature of work has changed, and the bureaucratic organism of the Pentagon swollen is increasing.

The workplace revolutionary forgetting a senior official, recently, said that the Ministry of Defense has been uneasy. Next, he described in detail in the area where the employees were crowded in the Pentagon building (forgotten Wi-Fi), and the poor situation of the conference that was perfunctive was endured. The 4G revolution has occurred, the upcoming fifth generation and sixth generation communications technology and more capacity, and more wide range of artificial intelligence will jointly promote space fixability, and speed up the speed of data transfer.

However, to harvest the benefits of the speed and efficiency of these technologies, administrative reforms are needed, giving more capabilities and autonomy of small teams within individuals and organizations.

Among the key management of the Ministry of Defense, the information is filtered, distorted or lost before the person who has reached the person who has sufficient power makes decisions, each level of the organizational steps will be filtered, distorted or lost, and as decided to return down to the execution In the hand of the decision, the information is again distorted. Some hopeful tests are currently underway.

National Defense Digital Service Bureau and the National Defense Innovation Organization, including the new part of all entrances, is committed to challenge the rooted habit.

Regrettably, these tests are still only trials, which have no more extensive administrative procedures for the entire Ministry of Defense.

Similarly, in order to make modern and communications technology infrastructure, it has achieved great progress.

The Ministry of Defense and the US intelligence industry are in digital communications, cloud computing, and of course there are also artificial intelligence to conduct large-scale investment. However, in the absence of corresponding investment, the former is like building a horsespace road system that is only available for train. Many people who touch the crawling in the bureaucratic agency of the Ministry of Defense include our own laughter to deal with the ridiculous place of the Pentagon over time; one of our people even wrote a book. However, although this ridiculous sometimes can laugh, the United States is a deadly competition as a country. The United States is still not affordable to disdain for this problem.

To address the challenge, the Ministry of Defense is required to operate at the speed of these challenges. In the Pentagon, you can recruit and retain the top talent of the United States and change its organizational culture, in order to better make good ideas into the top leaders’ ear, the United States can only barely cope with the challenge it faces. However, the risk is too large; it is completely not enough.

Even if my eyes are blind,Isn’t your brain working?。

Have seen such a handsome、The suave villain?……Oh,They are blind。
“ridiculous,You are burying corpses,That these vendors attacked you,If they are making money and killing,Why are you still alive?”The man with high hair sneered。
Zhu Minglang、Fang Niannian is silly。
What kind of logical art is this??
With his understanding,Who killed each other,Who is making money and killing。
“The intelligence of the entire Ji Ting Continent has been lowered by you,They are the villains。”Fang Niannian said angrily。
“Ugh,I met a few Jianzong children with bad brains,I’m too lazy to talk to them。”Zhu Minglang said。
Several Jianzong children,But wandering outside the city of sin。
They dare not step into the city of sin,Because they are weak,It is far from the level and strength that can wipe out the entire Sin City。
But I want to make a little reputation when I’m out there,Show some prestige。
So waiting near the city of sin,Plan to take down some wanted villains who walked out of the city。
“Into the city of sin,There is nothing innocent,We walk for the sky……hateful,Don’t go,Explain your crime clearly,Free from skin and flesh!”The man with high hair。
Moonlight white,Sprinkled like frost in this small mountain forest。