“Do not peek。”After Yun Luo returned this sentence back,Thoroughly pull the shaft。

After a bursary,Yun Luo threw a piece of clothes from the inside……
Chu Deiren looked,Directly cut,Solve the sound of torn again。
“Inside?”Chu Deiren asked。
“I broke myself.!”Yun Luo is obviously not a hundred,And her jade,The petals is almost sharp sharply。
Chu Deiren nodded,After that, throw the clothes over,I feel that there is no omission,I am going to put as much as possible.,Push out。
Don’t use the Chu Deire,If there is no sob,Although the acting is general,But the same can be Jiajia!
Sure enough outside,There are a few more than Song people.,But the waist has obvious people who have obvious Warrior。
“Gourge is busy?”This warrior is still very well trained,Nothing tone,I don’t know what Chu Dee people are really busy with what is busy last night.……certainly,The actual situation is like this.。
“kindness,Give our big Song’s county,Prepare new clothes。”Chu Dee people told。
“Take your stay。”Although the Samurai is stiff,But speaking is also polite。
Chu Deirers,Understand each other is existed“Lasso”……At least“use”Mind。
After all, in the opponent,You will not be a guy with Song Ting.,I will even be extremely hateged by Song Ting!
Although the Chu Deirers said that it is now.,But easily don’t want to come.,I don’t know where I’m closed.,In case the other party, it is not good to do the hostage.,Two……East、Even the masters of Shenhou secret cultivation,I don’t know how much here.,It’s not necessarily,Still trying to explore the enemy.。
As for the direct delivery of the main master,By the way, report here?
Chu Deirers do not think,Testimony with Yunli County,I can get rid of yourself,After all, I am really noticeable.,Just tied to Yunli’s things to be touched.。
But if you saved too much,The nature is completely different——Can play one“Yunluo, Master, Tongjiang Lake Friends,Phavless help too much”Drama!
Chapter 258 Misleading
Chu Deirers send Yun Luo to send still clothes,Dongpu people invited Chu Debans to meet。
“Hahaha,Huishin took a rest last night.?”A young man who looks still over 20,Asked the Chu Deirers。
Chu Deer actually recognized this person,Not the leader of the assassin last night——This is completely“feel”,Chu Deirers feel the martial arts in front of him,Without the leader of the assassin last night。
However, the other party obviously wants to misunderstand this,It is also specially imitating the accent last night.,Therefore, the Chu Deirers also put it without knowing……
“Self-add,I haven’t given Thank you all.。”Chu Deirers said that they also made an aftertaste.。
“Come,I introduced it to Huax.,This is the Master under,First expert in supporting,But horse、Mr. Liu Sheng!”This young man introduces the first person to the Chu Deirers.。
I saw a wearing,Sitting in a futon, also demanding the middle-aged people sitting,At this time,Look at the Chu Deirers。
But horse,Is the name of the official position,That is“Horse”Regional sealing noble,Liu Sheng is surname。
This person is like a sword.,Aggressive gaze,Do not cover up,In the beginning, the Chu Deirers couldn’t help but wanted to avoid his eyes.,But because guesses may be“Undermount”,Premature preparation,So forcibly control yourself,And moments……Painting wind mutation,Then there is no matter what to do with Liu Sheng,!
“It turned out to be a predecessor Liu Sheng,Long-lasting。”Chu Deer’s voice,But hold the fan.,I really don’t respect respect.。
“it is good,Song Ting, Rakari Land……I will Liu Shengtai,I really didn’t hear the flower part,But I don’t think there is also a young man.。”Liu Sheng, but the horse is also a seemingly praised,In fact, it is questioned the origin of Chu Deer.。
certainly,In support of the scale of support,Even the Song Ting is also considered“Ground University”。
Chu Dee people secretly beaten——Probably the leader of the guest last night,It is a black pill that is fake.,Just his identity is not good now exposed,So I saw Chu Deirers,Changed to Liu Sheng but horse?
At this time, Dongpu also splits into several small countries.,Of the strongest、Also as the main country of Dongpuzong,It is supporting the country。
This incidents of Wu Pong、Princess,It can be said that it is already a master in the forefront.。

“Hey!You are here,I thought you ran away again“Bai Ruyu smiled and walked over。

Xia Jian smiled and said:“how come,How is it going,What the doctor said“The ministry Xia Jian cares about。
Bai Ruyu smiled and said:“Nothing big,Tonsillitis caused by a cold,Prescribed some medicine,I should be fine when I go back to eat。
“No matter what!Sit here,I’ll get you medicine”Xia Jian said,Reached out and took the payment list in Bai Ruyu’s hand,Glanced,He couldn’t help being surprised,A cold,Why is the prescription for more than 800 yuan?,This is her monthly salary。
Fortunately, the money has already been paid,Otherwise, I don’t have so much cash in my pocket。
When you get the medicine,Xia Jian was surprised again,More than 800 yuan,I only took three small bottles of medicine,He even asked the medicine collection office twice,I’m sure they are right,He just walked away a little puzzled。
When giving medicine to Bai Ruyu,Xia Jian also wanted to ask her why this medicine is so expensive,When the words came to my mouth, I swallowed back,Because he saw Bai Ruyu’s smile,Smile very happily,He didn’t want to affect people’s mood because of this,Although she is the mayor’s secretary,But a medicine that costs more than 800 yuan for a cold,Still a bit tall after all。
Out of the hospital,Bai Ruyu is happy like a child,She is jumping and jumping,Fortunately, she wore a short skirt,It’s not very convenient to exercise,Otherwise she doesn’t know what she is going to be crazy。
Seeing Bai Ruyu so happy,Xia Jian is also a lot easier,It seems that his emotions were also infected by her,Two people sprinkled joyously on the road like children,Provoke passers-by to look back,According to Xia Jian,walk my own path,Let others see!
suddenly,Xia Jian’s phone rang,He stopped busy,I took out my phone and saw that it was Murong Sisi calling,He just remembered,Said it,He wants to study the decoration plan of this vegetable market with Mu Rong Sisi。
“Hey Sisi!I have something outside,You do!Go to Donglin Building,Find Mr. Guo,Tell him your situation,Let her send someone to design,After finishing all the decoration, she will send someone to do it,What you have to do here is to talk about the store right away,Budget,Just report it to Zhao Hong”Xia Jian arranged for Murong Sisi on the phone。
Mu Rong Sisi heard that Xia Jian couldn’t come,A bit disappointed:“Ok!I know”
“You’re right,You are the group boss,Don’t do everything by yourself,Over time,No one below you can do anything”Bai Ruyu smiled and said to Xia Jian。
But what she said does have some truth,What’s more, Lao Xiao said about him more than once,Let him learn to manage,Let others do it,So it’s easy,The subordinates will become stronger。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“It’s easy to say,It’s hard to do,But today’s time,I am with you wholeheartedly。go,We should have something to eat,I didn’t even eat breakfast”
Bai Ruyu sneered and said:“I didn’t eat either,How about you eat porridge with me”

Theoretically, the Chu Deeman after returning the essence of the heaven and earth,I haven’t integrated myself.、Ability to move。

The last use of integration,It is a Chu Deirers“Taoine release bad”and“Tiandi Road”combined……
As a result,Tiandi road is successful,And the Chu Deiren also sent a forming tire——Worth with previous expected,The tire is formed after molding,Can have the ability to form a similar body avatar。
If there is no such thing,Larger you can find a stone of heaven and earth,Make“Unmistive”,Carry your own tire!
And now,It is the sky“Chu Deman’s Tag”,However, it is not established in turn.……
After incorporating the complete sky,Chu Deirers are impossible to control the tires,Otherwise, it is really like the power of the god.。
But for the current Chu Deirers.,This“car”Too big,It is impossible to open。
But at least Chu deer can control the tire,In their own body,Symnation——Just like it is the same as other people!
certainly,Chu Deirers give themselves,Different from those tracks,In essence, this is an intercepting part of the strong streak.。
Use this fetail,Chu Dee can still fusion martial arts,It is even more unlimited to me.——Because it is no longer consumed to consume the military will,But through the tire body、That is to resonate with Tiandi Drawing,to realise“Essay”!
Chu Deirers think about a generous metaphor:Just like a big capitalist donated all the houses,Seemingly“donate”,However, it is actually an foundation of the foundation.,Also appointed the president of the Foundation,After overhead, you can directly take the fund’s account.……
That is, not only, not only your own money is not less.、Tense,Things that can be secretly touched to do many,Falling a good reputation。
Chu Deirers also fell one“good reputation”,This kind of famous is《A heart》——The high person who once broke the void,The ultimate martial arts created!
《A heart》Essence,It is the martial arts pursuit of the high person.,Think that all martial arts are from the same“one”,The highest realm is also attributed to“one”。
So in the end he can take it“Martial arts”In one way,about“Integrate”Part of the essence……
This idea is not necessarily truth,But it is the ultimately crushed high-defense road.!
This《A heart》This is in the consciousness of Chu Deirers,It seems to be set to as long as the Chu Deirers“Plug-in”disappear,The form of will appear。
Means of,This is the donation“good reputation”——As long as the Chu Dee is selfless in his life“return”Tiandi Road Series,Nature will get his inheritance!
That high person should haven’t thought of,The Chu Deirers are still practicing.“Taoine release bad”This martial school。
certainly,He is not,After all, the Chu Deirers did return this part of the essence.。
“Hahaha……so it is、so it is……”
Lord of Longmu Emu Island,Sideline vomiting,I got up and laughed。
After the sky, the road is restored.,Although I didn’t immediately reimburse the invisible rules,But it has also become easier to touch again.、Perceive,There is no previous disadvantage.。
Originally by its confused mind,Suddenly, the magical disability dissipates,I have a sense of greatness to find out.!
“Chu League is laughing.。”Long Island is still a weak open mouth。
Because of them,The most influence in the day and earth,Almost have been alienated into the heaven and earth“Spokemony”,Even the special people who specially collect the number of quarters of the martial arts road……So know more more。
Although it is unidentified,But also understand,It seems a matter of tightness,Now returns to normal,All the fun of Bechu people!
“This《Tai Xuan Jing》……What is going on??”The stiffness and meager in the main face of Kow Island,But there is a strong curie desire。
Forty years,During this day, you can’t die.、Do not live,The problem is solved now.,Whoever wants to get a clear one?,What exactly is so miserable?!
Chu Dee,Simple and two island owners explain a few words……
Too highly,Chu Deirers also seem to understand、Half guess,Can only talk about it。
“so it is、so it is……”Longmu Er Island is constantly realizing。
Chu Deeng’s eyewood looks at them,The heart is totally, they are going to die.?
Feeling that the eyes of the Chu Deirers have some weird,Long Mu 2 Island is also awkward。
Obviously the two people are exhausted and there is also a distance……
at the same time,There is also no more noise outside.——This final stone chamber stone door,Almost any voice can’t hear,The reason why there is a sound,It is because stone door is pushed open.!
I saw the ghost boy.,The first drill came in,After seeing the Lord of Chu Deirers and Longmu Em,Jumpway:“They are nothing!”

Wang Youcai stopped the car and said:“Do it so seriously,I can send you back。Moreover,This bus is crowded and dirty,You can stand it。Anyway, I sent you to Pingdu,Just don’t show up in the office”

“clever!Boss Wang is so nice,I don’t know how to thank you”Feng Yan heard that Wang Youcai wanted to send her back to Pingdu,Suddenly it seemed like a different person。
Wang Youcai glanced at the deserted streets of Baishui Town,Smiled and said to Feng Yan:“Thanks,If you have a chance to sleep with me more”
“roll!Just know nonsense。Do this in the future,I ignore you”Feng Yan’s face changed,Become serious。Wang Youcai knows Feng Yan best。She is very good face,Also very greedy for money,Otherwise someone like him,How can Feng Yan look at him?。
Jeep starts again,Drive towards Pingdu。Because Wang Youcai left early,So there are basically no vehicles along the way。If it wasn’t for the thin ice on some road sections,Wang Youcai arrived long ago in the car。
Even so,It was not ten o’clock when Wang Youcai and Feng Yan arrived in the city。Feng Yan asked to get off halfway。Wang Youcai pretended that he went back to the city。Feng Yan is still very grateful to Wang Youcai,No matter what,She didn’t squeeze the shuttle bus。
Wang Youcai put Feng Yan down,Turned around at the intersection ahead,Ran to his small clinic quickly。It’s bustling in front of the small clinic,Wang Youcai saw a group of people all around。
Took a closer look,It turned out that Wu Wu was helping out with a bunch of little brothers。
Doctor Lu with hands on hips,Shouting loudly,Looks like a boss。When Wang Youcai stopped the car,,Wu Wu and Doctor Lu discovered him。
When the two saw Wang Youcai,I can’t help but smile。Wang Youcai didn’t speak first,But walked around in the small clinic。My good!Haven’t come for a few days,The small clinic has changed。Shelf grid,Have put all the western medicine。
And put the Chinese medicine on the cabinet,The name of the Chinese medicine has been written with a brush。Wang Youcai couldn’t help but take a look,All the boxes are filled with Chinese medicine。
“Boss Wang!Till this afternoon,The work here is all in order。You have to bring the girl you hired,I first teach her how to recognize medicine、How to give the patient medicine。As for this western medicine?,For the time being, the person who grabs Chinese medicine will be responsible,When I’m too busy later,It’s not too late to recruit”
Doctor Lu said with a smile at Wang Youcai。It seems that he is confident,Have their own plans for the work here。
Wang Youcai laughed and said:“Doctor Lu!Don’t call it Boss Wang from now on。Just call me Xiao Wang,Things here,You decide。I’ll bring you over in a while,A very honest person。There is nothing,Despite your criticism”
“Hey!The boss is the boss。Watch for yourself,I have to go over and see”Doctor Lu looked happy,It seems that he is also two years younger。
Wang Youcai pulled Wu Wu aside,I asked them about their situation this time.。Wu Wu said with a smile:“Wang Ge!You really asked the right person this time,Doctor Lu is not just a good doctor,The key is that he is quite business savvy。Go out this time,He is buying medicine,Really did a lot of effort。Bargaining,Really an expert”
“it is good!Here you look after,I’ll take Julan”Wang Youcai said with a smile on his face。

Under the satisfaction,The pace begins the six pro,At the same time,Will no penalty in the future。

He Zhou Xingxing said,Jesus is not used!
“Assault test,Legal penalty station playground a week。”
History teacher hugs into the classroom,Odor,Like a killer without feelings。
Scientific research shows,FagCan’t go upright,Otherwise it will die very miserable。
Test paper looking at the front,Zhou Xingxing knew that he finished,No need to take advantage of Jesus,History teachers can let him stand on the playground。
After all, it is a face.,Say that there is no standing playground,Then I will never go to the station playground.,Zhou Xingxing touched the big brother,Quietly contact Cao Dahua。
Examination is not cheating coming as a school brother,This truth,Zhou Xingxing understood ten years ago。
the other side,Liao Wenjie sits in front of the computer,His job is the office clerk,A ruthless codewoman。
Everyday work is statistics,Turn it up to the computer,Finally, enter the company’s total file。
This work is no pressure to Liao Wenjie,Go to easily,There is a lot of free time after completing the work.,Can take the basic knowledge of the crowd。
Perhaps the particularity of Harbor Island,Perhaps it is the current chaos of the current worldview.,His company,Obviously the main decoration design,It can be used in the business that looks at the number of feng shui meters.,Corporate image、Personal name consultation planning,And art design processing。
It sounds very powerful,I don’t know what is actually operational.,Liao Wenjie came to first arrived,Feel unreliable。
“Who is Liao Wenjie?”
Company door push,Three police officers have an enlarged audience,Let the lobby quietly。
“NSSir,Looking for our company employees?”
Twelve two seconds,The company’s high manager quickly,Demonstrate:“Is there any misunderstanding?,What we do is doing business.!”
“You are Liao Wenjie?”
“Then what do you do with so much nonsense??”
The policeman headed to see the watch,Face reveals anxious color,Open again in the hall:“Who is Liao Wenjie?”
Liao Wenjie got up,The three police officers got the past。
“It’s so prostured,Younger,Unfair”
Police workers,Noddion:“Mr. Liao,There is a pile case here,Please work with us.。”
“police officer,Can you tell me??”
Liao Wenjie,I don’t remember myself.,Before,This world
There should be no。
“do not worry,Our total police officers please drink tea is really drinking tea.。”
Police workers close to Liao Wenjie,Small channel:“I don’t know the specific situation.,Be 100,000 fire,Sitting in the meeting room,Minimum is also a police,Take us now,Don’t delay time。”
“I see。”
Liao Wenjie nodded,What is the situation?,Turning to myself upload:“High manager,A little thing on the hand,I can only leave a holiday today.。”
“no problem,you go first,The rest is given to me.。”
Although the police said very small,Can hear a high manager or hear,Soup, Liao Wenjie’s identity,Sighing unlucky。
I want to recruit a clerk.,As a result,Ask God to make it difficult,After his day, he was sad.。

“Killed!”Wu Weihua answered categorically。

“Not to mention the actions he planned,He killed it himself,Deputy National Level One,Three ministerial level,13 Deputy Ministers,More below,A hundred people cut is enough,But Zhu Sanye killed all corrupt officials,Make people unable to fault。”
Wu Qiaohua introduced Zhu Guosheng’s brilliant record to Xiang Chen。
“Abroad,Zhu Sanye without any restrictions,More joyful!”
He whispered to Xiang Chen,The tone is rather helpless。
Nodded,Xiang Chen is understandable,Why was at home last time,Even if Wu Weihua has pretended to be dead,When talking to Zhu Guosheng,Still can’t help but restless。
“You told me so much,I’m not afraid that Zhu Guosheng will seek revenge from you afterwards?”
Xiang Chen raised one eyebrow,Looking at Wu Weifeng questioningly。
I heard Xiang Chen’s question,Wu Weifeng was stunned for a while,Then he pointed to his bedroom,Said helplessly:“Looks exactly like my first love,Very strong little girl,Everything is on her own,To avenge Tian Dazhuang,Gave me my innocence,Don’t I even dare to tell Mr. Xiang you some news??”
“I said,She still has nothing to do with Da Zhuang,So you don’t need to explain to me。But you took things from others,We have to give people corresponding remuneration,This is fair。I want Tian Dazhuang’s justice,I’ll talk about all the truths,Count your worth slowly!”
Xiang Chen jumped straight downstairs,Fall heavily on the ground,Then he stomped a few times,Then left。
Wu Weihua, who is leaning on the armrest, has not finished smoking the cigarette in his hand,Look slightly solemn,But there was a smile at the corner of his mouth。
Now seems to understand,Why does Master Ziqing admire this man so much?。
Re-enter his bedroom,Wu Weihuan didn’t lie on the bed anymore, Sun Luyao’s body,But went to the desk。
“Don’t forget what you promised me!”
When Sun Luyao is talking,Bit her lower lip lightly。

Recalling that God armed the five scums that were hammered by himself before,And those petty ghosts who adore Lan Youmeng and are pissed off by themselves,What mentality would they be if they knew their coordinates in China,Xiang Chen can have several colorful endings with his feet。

Back against bricks,Far from being comfortable on the sofa,But Xiang Chen can laugh。
I drank all the green plum wine in my hand in one breath,And threw the jug downstairs,Ignore the subsequent shouts。Xiang Chen misses a little,It’s time for Paradise Island to have four super masters at the same time,Many people were still there at that time。
“The green plum wine I bought is not high,You won’t be rascal enough to want to escape today through drunkenness!”Lan Youmeng stared at Xiang Chen seriously,The look in his eyes is like scolding Xiang Chen for being a coward。
“I said,I came to China for vacation,It was an accident in the magic city,I can find you in Wanghai,Can be considered luck!”
“It seems that my luck is not so good!”Xiang Chen sighed。
“Not very lucky?”Lan Youmeng raised her brows,Then for the first time boldly try to approach Xiang Chen,Before Xiang Chen’s face changed,Hurriedly continued to ask:“You mean the degradation you are going through,Still meet me?”
Watching Xiang Chen’s expression carefully,Lan Youmeng returned to a safe distance。
“Both have!”
Xiang Chen answered calmly,Somewhat curious,How did Lan Youmeng know his physical condition。
“Don’t forget,I was one of the people who survived after fighting against the commander,Although the ability to catch up with the army commander was deteriorating!”
Lan Youmeng seems to see through Xiang Chen’s doubts,Without waiting for him to ask,Lan Youmeng has already given the answer Xiang Chen wants。
“In the magic city,I saw you from a distance,Many opportunities can be killed in one shot,But you didn’t seize the opportunity。and also,My distance is indeed farther,But the old you,Can’t find it!”
“I was so good before?”Xiang Chen raised and lowered his brows,A little confused。
“You are just so strong that you can’t even imagine it!”
The smile on Lan Youmeng’s face is unabated,Then he comforted Xiang Chen:“Don’t worry too much,We live in an environment of high tension all the time,It’s like a boxer will get Parkinson,It’s not unusual for us to degenerate,What you experienced,Our boss is also experiencing!”
I didn’t feel like I said anything that I shouldn’t say,Lan Youmeng’s expression is still light and light。
“You betray your boss like this,Not afraid that he cleans the door?”
Xiang Chen looked at Lan Youmeng with some surprise,It’s hard to believe what she said,But her look doesn’t seem to be fake。
“be honest!If he can stop his degeneration,Then it’s no use what I said!There is,I like you!So i don’t want to lie to you!”

Jin Sanggang finished saying this,Then died。

At this moment, Yin Sang squinted,“why,I just want a place to live well。In fact, the treatment of Xuan-level scavengers is pretty good,Usually deal with some weak traitors。Besides, here in the island country,There are not many masters。And we have at least six-figure income every month。This kind of life is actually pretty good.”
Listening to Yinsang talking to himself,Zhong Fa didn’t dare to act rashly。Because Yinsang’s speed has already surpassed the strength that Xuan-level should have.。
It is clear,This person is not a profound expert at all。The speed just now,Even Zhong Fa dare not say that he can keep up。In other words,The opponent is at least the same level as him,It might even be a heavenly powerhouse。
But he can’t figure it out,Why should a heavenly powerhouse hide in a profound scavenger?And it looks like,No one knows about the Scavengers department。
Kim Sang, who has been partnering with him for many years, never thought that the person next to him is a super master in disguise。Maybe Jinsang never thought that he died in the hands of his companions?
next moment,Yinsang raised his head and looked at Zhong Fa and Chen Feng。
“Ha ha,Just eat rice。”
Finished,He closed the knife and left。
Zhong Fa swallowed
,Looking at each other’s back,For a few moments,He has an urge to rush forward and continue fighting with the opponent。
Unfortunately he dare not,The spirit is withered。In the case of being suppressed in various aspects,Fight against such a person,Maybe he will die。
When I was in China,Of course Zhong Fa wouldn’t be like this,At that time, even if you are facing up to the strong,Zhong Fa won’t flinch。I even feel that I can play against the sky level with my own strength,At the same time, with the help of such a battle to break through to become a heavenly level。
But since I came to the island country,Zhong Fa started to be a little scared。So this time,He still failed to break through the sky level,Don’t even dare to do something with Yinsang who is hiding his strength。

No wonder Huaxia attaches such importance,This is just a few months,thinkcenterSales have exceeded70Wantai,Follow the current trend,Even if you sell it every month15Wantai’s most conservative algorithm to calculate,Chen Geng’sthinkcenterThe computer can sell for more than a year at least180Wantai!

This is still the most conservative algorithm,Slightly optimistic,Sold in one year200More than 10,000 units easily。
200Wantaithinkcenter,That is200Ten thousand picture tubes,Even half of it……Do not!Even if only one third of it20%Of picture tubes purchased from China,How much foreign exchange reserves can be created for the country this year?
This is just a picture tube,According to Chen Geng’s previous statement,If you add the chassis、power supply、keyboard、capacitance、resistance、Diode transistors and other electronic components,And even the internal connecting wires、Button?
One year down,The foreign exchange reserves that can be created by the country are properly over 100 million!
Before that, Chen Geng came to China and the State Administration of Radio and Television Industry、When the State Administration of Computer Industry and the Fourth Ministry of Machinery were discussing cooperation matters,Listen to everyone,But facing the big pie drawn by Chen Geng,Always whisper in my heart:impossible?How could it be possible to sell so many units a year?Although American technology is indeed developed,But even so,Americans can buy so many computers?They can’t use the computer for food?
But now it seems,The Americans really plan to use personal computers for dinner。
Also this time,Everyone remembered what Chen Geng said:“From ourthinkcenterListed1981Beginning of the year,The world will enter the era of personal computer explosion and popularization,And the speed of this explosion and popularization is explosive,I expect in three years,The United States will be able to digest more than500Ten thousand personal computers,Five years later,The size of the US personal computer market will reach1000Wantai!”
before this,Listen to everyone,But everyone thinks Chen Geng is bragging:500Wantai?1000Wantai?What are so many computers for??I can’t even equip the boiler with a computer.?
But when the situation develops as Chen Geng expected、And when one step is not bad,Everyone can’t calm down anymore,Not to mention that if we can grasp such a large emerging market,How much foreign exchange reserves will be given to the country,Just talk about what Chen Geng said before,Future computer technology,Will it really be what Chen Geng said,Is the development of computer technology and network technology together?
When the development of the reality proves that Chen Geng is correct,Everything that Chen Geng said before has become a golden rule,Then the problem is coming,Can Huaxia lose such a friend as Chen Geng??
In order to keep this friend Chen Geng,Don’t say it’s just a few guys who talk nonsense regardless of the overall situation,Pay dozens of times more、It doesn’t matter if the price is hundreds of times。
Chen Geng naturally didn’t know what happened in China,I don’t even know how to treat myself,The thoughts of the domestic high-levels have been so highly unified。
Comrade Lao Ding facing the hot king himself,He sighed:“Ding,Let me tell you the truth,What happened this time really chilled me,If this thing is really wrong with me,Then I have nothing to say,But I read the faxes of some domestic newspapers,They are right this timeAMCWorkers’ current treatment、The reasons for the strike and the conditions set by the workers remained silent,But I criticized my refusal to allow workers to raise their wages.,I don’t know where the butt is crooked,What do you make me think?”
“Yes Yes,”Ding Haijun nodded repeatedly,Although this is almost equivalent to being scolded by Chen Geng pointing his nose,But what can he do?:“The position of some comrades is indeed problematic……”
Ding Haijun is talking,Kelly·Hicks hurried to Chen Geng’s side,Whispered to Chen Geng for instructions:“Mr,Mr. Mark from the White House is here,You see?”
Ding Haijun, who was half talking, immediately pricked his ears,at the same time,His brain is spinning fast:Ok?what?Here comes the White House?The White House came to see Chen Geng?And listen to the meaning of the new female assistant Chen Geng,It seems that the White House has already made an appointment with Chen Geng?

“These in your hands are some of the industries of our Qiao family in Yunshi,if you are willing to,From today,These industries belong to the Lin Group。”

Qiao Shan just finished。There is no response from Xiao Fan here,I saw that Lin Feng over there had stood up from his seat in surprise。
Then I came to Qiao Shan step by step,Asked incredulously:“you,What did you say?”
Qiao Shan investigated Xiao Fan,I naturally know who is standing in front of me,This person is Lin Feng, the former chairman of the Lin Group,That is Xiao Fan’s father-in-law。
So after Qiao Shan heard Lin Feng’s question,Answered immediately:“Uncle Lin,I mean,As long as Xiao Fan is willing,All of our Jiang family’s properties in Yun City,From today,Will belong to the Lin Group。”
As if to show your attitude,After saying the sentence just now,Qiao Shan immediately added:“Of course,If you are not satisfied with this apocalypse,I can still add,These are still negotiable。”
When Lin Feng heard such words,Wave your hand immediately,Said:“Do not,Do not,No need to,Really don’t need!”
He didn’t understand why the young master of the dignified Jiangnan family would come to their house to apologize to Xiao Fan,And also gave such a heavy apocalypse。
That’s the Jiang family’s industry in the entire Yun City!
Don’t look at anything else,Just look at the thick pile of documents in the lawyer’s hands,Lin Feng guessed and guessed it!
What did Xiao Fan do?,Would make the young master of the dignified Jiang family,Gave him such a big compensation。
Lin Feng looked at Xiao Fan at a loss,After all, Qiao Shan came to apologize to Xiao Fan,Although he is his father-in-law,But in this matter,He is also not qualified to say a word。
Lin Feng’s eyes looked at Xiao Fan,I saw Xiao Fan also looked calm and gentle。
And Qiao Shan looked at Xiao Fan who hadn’t said a word from beginning to end,I was also worried。
If Xiao Fan disagrees,Qiao Shan really doesn’t know what to do!
Chapter One Hundred and Eighteen Mystery call
So Qiao Shan’s eyes have been fixed on Xiao Fan’s body motionlessly。
But this can’t help Qiao Shan’s carelessness,Because of him,The whole Qiao family,The power of life and death is now placed on Xiao Fan。