“See you fall asleep,No interruption。”Doctor Wang immediately passed a cigarette。

“How is my master?”Li Tianchou nodded and thanked。
“No problem,Is too much blood loss。I have prepared a little plasma for common blood types,But the number is limited,So Ahua needs a blood transfusion,look……”
“I will find a way,If conditions permit,Pick him up first。The other one?”
Doctor Wang shook his head,“A bit miserable,One leg must be scrapped,Two broken breastbones,Fortunately, there is no stabbing organ。Life-saving should be fine。”
“I gonna go see。”Li Tianchou turned around and entered the house again,In that simple rescue room,Both of them are lying quietly on the wooden platform。Ahao didn’t know if he was unconscious or asleep,No sound,Peng Weihua snored evenly,It looks really okay。
Wang Fan didn’t sleep well all night,The left and right eyelids alternately protrude,Make him irritable。All the little brothers were bombed by him to various places on duty,Strengthen prevention。But one night passed,Nothing。The people who temporarily arranged a few spots in Yuxing also sent back news,The other party is very quiet,None of the important people being stared at appeared。The only thing worth paying attention to is that the owner of the restaurant does not come back at four o’clock at night,Don’t know what to do。
The news gave Wang Fan an ominous hunch,Think of Aman telling him that Yuxing just bought a gun,He expected something big to happen that night,Just can’t think of a clue for a while。Until after nine o’clock in the morning,Xie Man called suddenly,“Fan Ye,Still nesting at home?Ahao has an accident, do you know?”
“What?Aman, don’t make a joke。”Wang Fan felt tight,Raised eyebrows。
“Ah Hao’s nest was served last night,Hung up several,I guess it’s over this time。Do you think this is joking with you?”
Wang Fan took a breath,The mouth opened suddenlyOtype。Even though I was satirizing Ahao yesterday,But he knew the energy of this person very well in his heart,Can be oldAIt’s not easy,Even Sun Kaizi at the time had to give him three points。I didn’t expect to be attacked twice in a week.,That’s it?Too exaggerated?There was a cold sweat on his head that was hot and cold,“The same group of people?Yuxing??”

This is the final counterattack,A counterattack from a master who thinks the supreme realm。

Xia Chenglong vomits blood,Then fell from the sky in an unexpected form,This is a very embarrassing process,So much so that after falling in the water, I still don’t want to come out。
The disc in the sky has collapsed,That Xiaoli Weng should have disappeared too,Tu Cancan gritted his teeth,Go straight to the lake in front。
Xia Chenglong calmly in the lake,Was suddenly pulled up,Brought directly to the ground。
“Hey,Are you OK!”
Back to normal,Shocked by what happened just now,Especially the last light,I almost died。
It was his unafraid of death that made the ghostly shadow of that illusory land think that it would die together.,Okay,At the last moment he realized!
All right,The biggest threat is really solved,did not expect,It takes longer to pass this level than before,He encountered all the essence of this Tu family。
“Has the problem been solved?”Tu Cancan asked curiously。
Xia Chenglong nodded。
Woman with wide eyes,Put on the look like that。
Now that the problem is solved,Where is the gate from this circle??
The environment at this moment,Except that it has been destroyed by Xia Chenglong and the previous ghost into a ruin,Doesn’t seem to change,Here is the same as before,There is no change in the energy between heaven and earth。
In other words……They still can’t get out。

It’s better not to offend people or not to offend,After all, what people say is the president of the student union,There is still a chance if you want to engage。

Ye Mei heard,There was a boy before,Dropped out of school by that guy,She doesn’t want this to happen to herself。
Chapter Four Hundred and Forty One misunderstanding
Liang Yishan feels very disappointed,It’s not the first time I dated that Japanese girl,He didn’t give face every time。
What to see friends,In the eyes of Liang Yishan,All excuses。If it’s not Japanese,He has used other methods a long time ago。After all, it’s a foreigner,Once an accident occurs in China,It may cause international problems。By the time,His father may not be able to keep him。
Play,But it doesn’t mean he has no brains,Know that there are some things you can’t afford。
If it’s a domestic girl,Why does he need so long?A lot of them are hooked all at once,After all, he is not ugly,Family background,rich,I was the president of the student union at school,Even play basketball。
Even if some girls don’t want to play with him,He also has the means to get to his bed,Medicine,He played a lot。
“I want to see,Who is she going to meet,Ha ha!”obviously,Liang Yishan’s patience is almost exhausted。He is impatient,Chasing a woman,More than three days,Will bore him。
He is bored,Then you have to use other means。
“Liang Shao,That girl is shameless,Do you want……”next to,Can’t help but speak。
“Forget it,It’s better to be careful with foreigners。”this time,Although Liang Yishan is annoyed,But reason has not been dizzy。
Next day,Ye Mei and Jiezi dressed up a little bit。Japanese women are very particular about going out to dress up,This is what they learned since childhood。
Two don’t know,There was still someone behind,Watching their every move。
“Really go to meet people?”Liang Yishan frowned slightly,I thought the other party was just an excuse,I didn’t expect to really dress up and go out。
Domestic women are tired of playing,Liang Yishan is very fond of the Japanese beauty,I feel a lot of accomplishment。of course,With his family’s financial resources,Actually, it’s not difficult to play with foreign women,But those who came out to sell,Different from school。
Hu Yang and Hua Zi came to Suzhou,Same as Hangzhou,This is since ancient times,One of the central areas of Jiangnan,Humanities,Rich cultural atmosphere,It is also the most famous place in Chinese garden culture。

Logging words,At the same time as harvesting, replanting saplings,Also consider transportation、Labor cost,So count it,That is**millionRBMNet profit,Maybe not yet。

In order to be able to seeRB211Engine information,Lao Maozi is willing to pay**million,Is quite sincere,But Chen Geng was disappointed:This**Making millions is too hard!
Wave his hand,Chen Geng said:“Forget this,Too troublesome。”
He wants to hit someone:Such a large sum of money,You don’t even see it?!
Chen Geng also gave up:Since Lao Maozi’s brain circuit is really unable to understand what he wants,Then speak for yourself。
He pursed his mouth,To Nicholas·Malinkov says:“Mr. Malinkov,I want different things。”
“You said。”
“One is from the Ivchenko Design BureauAI-25engine,”Chen Geng said:“I need toAI-25A full set of technical documentation and production authorization for the engine。”
AI—25Is a very good、Maximum thrust at1700Kilogram twin-rotor turbofan engine,The overall performance is not even inferior to that of GarrettTFE—731engine,This is understandable,if notAI-25The stability and reliability of the engine is excellent,Will not be selected asL—39Trainer’s engine。
In addition to being a power trainer,AI-25It is also widely used in civil aviation,It is also the most produced civil aircraft in the Soviet Union:Jacques—40Queen’s engine,Jacques—40The total output exceeds1200frame,A plane needs3Engine,Count the spare engine,Shan Shan Jacques-40You need to use at least4000Engine。
It can be said,AI—25In reliability、Fuel economy on the two major aero engine indicators,Has achieved the forefront of the Soviet aviation engine。
Chen Geng has been greedy for this level of power system for a long time,If you find a way to improveAI-25Fuel economy and noise reduction,This is the power system of a very good small business jet,right now,He finally caught the opportunity。
“AI-25Engine information and authorization?”Nicholas·Malinkov frowned。
As the deputy director of the Soviet Military Industrial Affairs Committee in charge of the aviation industry,He is forAI—25This engine is certainly no stranger,Naturally, I wonder why Chen Geng fell in love with this engine:Although the performance of this engine is good,But where is the thrust after all?,What does he want this engine to do?
Although I don’t understand,Although this engine is old enough(The official production is in1967year,already20Years old),Although Nicholas·Malinkov felt that the organization agreed with Fernandez·Chen’s possibility of this condition Enda,But Nicholas·Malinkov’s answer is still very cautious:“Your question,I can’t answer you yet,But I will take your request back、For the organization to discuss……Mr. Fernandez,What is your second condition?”
Chen Geng said with a smile:“Isn’t your Soviet Union discussing the development of a new advanced jet trainer??”
Nicholas·Malinkov became vigilant instantly:“What do you want to do?!”

Qin Feng sneered after hearing this,He said to those people with a serious face,“I now give you a way to survive,You leave this place right now。”

“You don’t need to worry about anything happening in the future,You should be free from now on,If you stay here,I’m afraid that you are the one who makes fertilizer here。”
Qin Feng looked at those people,I still have some conscience,Thinking of giving them a way to survive,Otherwise, he must have solved these people first,Destroy this piece of evil again。
A few people hesitated after listening,They are not all willing to do things for the old fox here,They also got tied up after coming here accidentally。
And use their wives and daughters to coerce them to work here,The old fox will give them some compensation,And ensure that their homes have nothing to worry about。
I just can’t reveal a word to the outside world,Otherwise, the life of the family will be accounted for here。
So although everyone here knows that what they are doing is not a good thing,Doing the opposite may cost many people their lives,But they have to do it。
One of them said to Qin Feng,“If we go now,Can you really protect our safety?And protect the safety of our family?”
After Qin Feng heard this, he knew that these people were not willing to stay here.,So nodded and said,“As long as you leave here immediately,Not only your lives are safe,I also promise your family will be absolutely safe。
But some of them really don’t believe Qin Feng’s words,Said to Qin Feng,“Why do we believe you,You are just a person who showed up here for no reason,Someone will catch you soon。”
“And you will be like us,Can only stay in this field forever,Doing these shameful deeds。”
Qin Feng sneered again after listening,“No one dared to force me to do things I don’t want to do。I dare say I can guarantee your safety,Can guarantee your safety。”
“Believe it or not is your business,but,if
If you don’t leave,I can guarantee you will die next。”
Qin Feng first salutes and then soldiers,Seeing a few people are not very cooperative,I lost patience and said directly,He doesn’t want to waste time with these people,The dozen acres of flowers and plants outside are still waiting for him to deal with。
After hearing Qin Feng’s words, several people made up their minds,After taking a few clothes and personal things,So she ran outside。
But a few people are still hesitating,As if to doubt Qin Feng’s words。Qin Feng watched them not leave。

And in this case,It’s better to fight melee,Take advantage of Xin Zhao’s speed。

“OK OK,Xin Zhao, fight against Qiangwei,And Qilin,You need to train your reaction ability,Your life-saving ability on the battlefield is a little bit worse,In addition to the defense of black armor,I can only rely on my own response,To predict。
War is not a play,The opponent must have a sniper,At that time, the attack speed will definitely be more than three times faster than your attack speed.。
As for your gun,Coming out soon,Then you can try it with Xin Zhao!”
“it is good,I will work hard!”Qilin’s advantage is to strike beyond visual range,Her abilities have not been developed to the extreme,And the equipment is only Guo Jia’s most advanced sniper rifle,Not as good as Yuhang Wenmin。
Sniper is a kind of very demanding firearms,If Qiangwei is equipped with a good gun,,God can block and kill God,Buddha block and kill Buddha。
Ok,just kidding,General firearms can’t reach this level。
“Big sister head,I am so tired,Flustered and short of breath,Can’t breathe!”For Lena, I have to train for Qiangwei,Xin Zhao refused in his heart。
“You big man,Qiangwei will serve you in a while,You can’t be generous?”Lena blatantly hinted to Xin Zhao。
The rose on one side looks so angry,Funny again。
Are these two guys blind?!
“Let’s go!”
Actually Xin Zhao is really good at practicing against Qiangwei,Also quite expected。
His specialty is speed,And Rose’s micro-wormhole transportation is the ultimate speed,If Xin Zhao can’t defend in advance,,Or find that the surroundings are abnormal,It is easy to be directly beheaded by Qiangwei。
After walking tens of meters,Stand opposite each other。
“Are you ready?”After Xin Zhao’s question,,Lightning began to fill my body。
“All right!”
Qiangwei even after speaking,The whole person disappeared。
Seeing Qiangwei opening her mouth to talk,Xin Zhao didn’t want to hear the sound at all,Just start to transfer。

[Do you eat red dates to gain weight?]

[Do you eat red dates to gain weight?]

Jujube is a tonic with very high nutritional value. Many people eat it, some drink it in water, some drink it in porridge, and so on.

The degeneration of jujube itself is not very high, but candied dates or jujube jujubes are different. It can be as high as 320 kcal. If you eat too much, it will make you fat.

First, will eating jujube be fat?

Jujube (jujube) fruit is very rich in nutrition and has been widely spread as a tonic product since ancient times. The sugar content of fresh fruits is between 19-35%, and the sugar content of dried dates is more than 50%.Jujube (jujube) has a denaturation of 200 kcal, which is similar to rice and white flour, so it is called “woody grain”.

The conversion of dried red dates (jujube) is about 200 kcal per 100 grams of red dates. The conversion is close to raisins. As long as they are properly consumed, these various body weight loss has no effect.

The following are some transient descriptions of red dates: 122 kcal per 100 grams of edible portion of fresh dates; 200 kcal per 100 grams of edible portion of dried dates; and 100 grams of edible portion of golden date.The energy is 322 kcal; the energy of seedless jujube per 100 grams of edible part is 320 kcal.

Second, do you eat fat at night?

Jujube is a good food, but the calories of jujube are very high, especially dried jujube. If you eat too much, you will get fat, especially before going to bed at night. If you eat red dates on the basis of a normal diet, you will increase your intake and sleepIt generally does not consume much energy before, so these properties will be converted into adults, stored in the body, and over time, they will become fat.

But if you eat a few red dates at night, it generally does not pose a threat to weight loss, so don’t worry, as long as you don’t overweight, you will not gain weight, and it is good for sleep.

Generally, it is best not to eat food three hours before going to bed at night, especially red dates. It is best to eat red dates at 10 am or 3 to 4 pm. These two times have the best effect.

[Do not defoam the cocoa sponge cake]_Do not defoam the cocoa sponge cake

[Do not defoam the cocoa sponge cake]_Do not defoam the cocoa sponge cake

To live happily, first of all, we must have a healthy body, and maintaining health needs to work hard on diet. In normal life, we should take three meals a day seriously. The method of not defoaming cocoa sponge cake is simple and not troublesome, Is a good choice for those who want to be healthy but also afraid of trouble.

1. Isolate the egg whites and egg yolks and weigh fine sugar.

2, the protein into fish eyes, add a few drops of white vinegar (I only added 3 drops, you can point the bottle by hand to prevent dripping too much) or lemon juice and add fine sugar in three portions.

3, beat to hard foaming (the sharp angle after lifting the egg head) 4, add egg yolk and continue to beat.

5, lifted to beat the egg head and bent down does not disappear.

6, add butter to 50g of milk and stir with an eggbeater, add 20g of low powder and continue to stir evenly.

7. Sift 50g of low powder 10g of cocoa powder into the egg paste.

8. Stir evenly and pour the egg paste directly into the milk paste.
Dangdang, because not afraid to defoam.

10. Repeat the countdown.

11. Pour it into a 6-inch mold and shake it a few times. Silicone paper can be placed in the mold or not?
You can release the mold without waiting for it to cool.

12, 0 warm up for 10 minutes?
Bake in the middle and lower layers of the oven at 180 degrees for 35 minutes?
13, cut open and see, more delicate, strong cocoa fragrance!

14, smeared with cream?
On weekdays, we should pay more attention to three meals a day. The method of not defoaming the cocoa sponge cake is especially simple, but it is a good idea for many people.

Tianchuang Fashion (603608) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Footwear Business Revenue Growth Rate

Tianchuang Fashion (603608) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Footwear Business Revenue Growth Rate

18 years of footwear business revenue increased by 2 every year.

3%, of which, the offline layout has been completed nationwide, the regional distribution has been maximized and balanced, and the direct channel structure has been optimized and adjusted. The number of channels has increased slightly while the quality of the same store has improved; the revenue of franchise channels has decreased due to inefficient store closures; online channel replacementXiaozi Technology enhances its digital operation capabilities and maintains steady growth.

Kid Technology consolidated the overall revenue growth rate to 18%.

The profit side was also affected by the consolidation to increase the overall growth rate to nearly 29%.

At present, the company’s total market value is 4.4 billion, corresponding to 19PE16X. The short-term estimate is reasonable. In the long run, the company is the second echelon after Belle.The synergies in the field 都市夜网 of digital operations are expected to further develop, maintaining a level of prudent recommendation.

The growth rate of footwear business has accelerated, and Kid Technology has consolidated its revenue and profit flexibility.

In 18 years, the company realized revenue, operating profit, and net profit attributable to the mother of 20 respectively.

5.2 billion, 2.

90 billion, 2.

4.2 billion, an increase of 18 each year.

37%, 26.

59%, 28.

87%, basically 0 benefits.

56 yuan; the dividend plan is a cash dividend of 2 for every 10 shares.

5 yuan (including tax).

Excluding consolidation factors, the company’s main business income will increase by 2.

3% to 17.

49 ppm, net profit fell by 21.

21% to 1.

4.2 billion.

In 4Q18, the company realized revenue, operating profit, and net profit attributable to the mother of 5, respectively.

8.4 billion.

5.8 billion, 0.

5.6 billion, an increase of 10 each year.

35%, 8.

68%, 14.


Footwear business income grows 2 every year.

3% to 17.

49 trillion, a significant increase over 2017.

1) Looking at different channels, and adding to the drag on the performance of offline business revenue; the synergy effect between e-commerce and Xiaozi Technology has appeared to achieve steady growth.

Offline: 18 years of offline channel revenue increased by 1.

41% to 14.

880,000 yuan, accounting for 85.


Among them, the revenue of directly-operated stores increased by 4 each year.

86% to 13.

00 million, the net number of stores increased by 91 to 1,377; franchise revenue decreased by 17.44% to 1.

With a net decrease of 8.8 billion, the number of stores decreased by 93 to 548.

Online: Leveraging the advantages of Xiaozi Technology in Internet digital marketing technology, it can accurately match users, develop potential users while cultivating existing users, increase repurchase rate, and increase sales revenue of e-commerce channels.

91% to 2.

5.5 billion yuan, accounting for 14.


2) Four major independent brands perform differently: Kisscat achieved revenue8.

40 billion (-4.

75%), with 44 net-closed stores to 1,007; ZsaZsaZsu grew faster and achieved revenue1.

5.3 billion (+23.

22%), with a net opening of 34 to 146 stores; tigrisso income4.

6.2 billion (+14.

09%), with a net opening of 9 to 427 stores; KissKitty revenue 1.

6.5 billion (-14.

81%), with 10 to 255 net-off stores; other agency brands achieved revenue1.

2.2 billion (+24.

60%), with a net opening of 9 to 90 stores.

The decrease in the expense ratio during the period was greater than the decrease in the gross profit margin, the increase in the provision for asset impairment losses, the increase in government subsidies, and the increase in net profit margin.

22pct to 11.


1) The kid technology business with a low gross profit margin also lowers the overall gross profit margin1.

74pct to 56.


Among them, the footwear business increased the overall gross profit margin by 0 while improving the efficiency of omni-channel retail operations, while strengthening cost control and improving the settlement rate of shopping malls.

68 points to 58.

64%, of which online gross margin increased by 0.

72 points to 57.

50%, offline gross margin increased by 0.

69pct to 58.


The gross profit margin of Kid Tech is 42.


2) The expense ratio during the period drops by 2.

03pct to 42.

05%, of which the changes in sales rate / management rate / financial expense rate were -1.

37pct / -0.

79pct / + 0.

14 points.

3) Under the influence of factors such as the decrease in the expense ratio over the period of the gross profit margin, an increase in the provision for asset impairment losses of 14.62 million yuan, and an increase of 14.8 million yuan in government subsidies, the net profit increased by 1.

22pct to 11.93%, net profit attributable to mothers grows 28 per year.

87% to 2.

4.2 billion.

Turnover of inventories and receivables accelerated, and net operating cash flow increased. Overall growth indicators were relatively healthy.

18 years of low inventory size reached 4.

83 ppm, an increase of 15 per year.

56%, inventory turnover days reduced by 20 to 180 days.

The scale of accounts receivable and notes reached 3.

33 ppm, a decrease of 4 per year.

47%, the turnover days decreased from 3 days to 58 days.

Net operating cash flows increase by 0 each year.

34 ppm to 3.

04 million, overall is expected to be partially healthy operating indicators.

The rapid development of Xiaozi Technology, digital marketing helps upgrade the main business of footwear: Xiaozi Technology mainly distributes and programmatically promotes mobile applications in the army. It has independently developed the Yuzu Mobile SSP, DSP, DMP and other platforms and many mobile Internet marketing expertise; meanwhile,, Also established business partnerships with large mainstream Internet companies including Baidu, Tencent, Qihoo 360, and established a media pool covering head, long tail and other media.

In 2018, the kid’s technology revenue increased by 31% to 3 per year.

04 million U.S. dollars, with a net profit growth of 47% per year to 1 million U.S. dollars, fulfilling a gradual performance commitment.

The synergy effect of the cooperation between the two parties is revealed. The company overcomes the digital operation advantage of Xiaozi Technology, reconstructs user portraits, accurately matches users, improves repurchase rate and sales conversion rate, and promotes online business growth.

Profit forecast and investment rating.

As a leading domestic mid-to-high-end multi-brand women’s shoes group, the company has established a brand series that meets the needs of female customers of different ages and different consumption levels.

The nationwide layout has been completed offline, and the regional distribution is evenly balanced.

At present, the optimization and adjustment of the structure of direct sales channels has achieved significant results, the same store quality has improved, and inventory has decreased; franchising channels are still in the process of adjustment; online channels have replaced Xiaozi Technology to enhance digital operation capabilities, and revenue has maintained steady growth.

EPS are expected to be 0 in 19-21.

64, 0.

71, 0.

78 yuan, the current total market value of 4.4 billion, corresponding to 19PE16X, short-term estimates are reasonable.

In the medium and long term, the company is the second echelon after Belle. The team’s operational capabilities are at the leading level in the industry. While the footwear business is steadily growing, the synergy with Xiaozi Technology promotes continuous play and maintains “prudent recommendation”-One “.

Risk warning: The consumption environment continues to be sluggish, and multi-brand cultivation is less than expected.

Weixing New Materials (002372): Operating continued steady and profit growth increased

Weixing New Materials (002372): Operating continued steady and profit growth increased

Investment Highlights Event: The company disclosed the 2019 first quarter report, reporting and realizing operating income7.

810,000 yuan, an increase of 17 in ten years.

89%; net profit attributable to mothers1.

30 ppm, an increase of 21 per year.

01%; net profit after deduction of non-return to mother 1.

20 ppm, an increase of 16 in ten years.

17%, basic profit returns 0.

10 yuan.

Opinion: The growth rate of attributable net profit for three consecutive quarters has picked up.

In Q1 19, the company’s revenue reached 7.

810,000 yuan, an increase of 17 in ten years.

89%, attributable net profit reached 1.

30 ppm, an increase of 21 per year.

01%, attributable net profit has picked up for the third consecutive quarter.

We believe that the company is expected to benefit from the recovery in real estate completion in the future. B and C will work together to achieve positive growth.

The gross profit margin dropped slightly, and the net profit margin continued to increase.

2019Q1 company’s comprehensive gross profit margin 43.

7%, reduced by 0 every year.

69pct, net interest rate 16.

67%, an increase of 0 every year.

45 points.

The company’s Q1 gross profit margin and net profit margin have continued to increase since bottoming out in 2012, showing that the bargaining power continues to rise.

Expense rate during the company’s 2019Q1 period is 24.

8%, reduced by 0 every year.

5 points.

The selling expense ratio is 15.

武汉夜网论坛4%, reducing by 0 every year.

6 points; management expense ratio (including R & D) 9.

9%, a year to raise 0.

1pct; financial expense ratio -0.

5%, flat for one year.

The negative cash flow was mainly due to the reserve of raw materials.

The net cash flow from the company’s operating activities in Q1 2019 decreased by 771 from the same period last year.

71%, mainly due to the increase in the purchase of raw materials in this period.

We believe that since the fourth quarter of 2018, the company’s main raw material prices have shown a downward trend, while crude oil prices have recently strengthened. The company grasps the time and purchases in advance, and it is expected that the future cash flow will improve.

Investment suggestion: The market concentration of the plastic pipe industry is low, and the company’s PPR product market share is less than 10%.

As a concealed engineering product, in the context of consumer upgrades, customer requirements for service quality have gradually increased, to a certain extent, it has magnified the differences in brand management capabilities of dealers, and brand agglomeration is the general trend.

We expect the company’s net profit attributable to its parent to be 11 in 2019-2021.4.3 billion, 13.

27 ppm and 15.

2.7 billion yuan, corresponding to the closing price of PE on April 25 is 23.

1, 19.

9 and 17.

Three times, maintaining the level of “prudent increase” and continue to be bullish.

Risk Warning: Demand Exceeds Expectations, Raw Material Prices Exceed Expectations