[Cooked Purple Cabbage Baba Dad’s Practice]_Chilled Purple Cabbage Baba Dad’s Hometown Practice_Cold Mixed Purple Cabbage Baba Dad’s Practice Guide_Cold Mixed Cabbage Baba Dad’s Practice

[Cooked Purple Cabbage Baba Dad’s Practice]_Chilled Purple Cabbage Baba Dad’s Hometown Practice_Cold Mixed Purple Cabbage Baba Dad’s Practice Guide_Cold Mixed Cabbage Baba Dad’s Practice

Health is more valuable than anything. If you lose more health, you will notice that it is meaningless, and a reasonable diet is an important guarantee for health. The practice of cold purple cabbage’s Baba father is easy, and the materials are allIt is everywhere in our lives, and is especially suitable for those busy office workers.

1. After cleaning the purple cabbage, tear it apart piece by piece.

2, shred, cut as fine as possible.

3. Pour in all the seasonings and shake them manually.

4, protein yolk separation.

5. Add salt pancakes separately.

6. Press out the eyes with a suitable bottle cap.

7, scissors cut out small flowers.

Buckle out Baba’s body with a drinking glass.

8. Nori decorates the eyes.

For the health of themselves and their families, many people start cooking at home, without hindering you to learn more about the practice of Baba Dad, who is serving purple cabbage.

[Can you eat eggs with high blood sugar]_Eggs_High blood sugar_Can you eat

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[Different new experiences every day, both men and women want]

[Different new experiences every day, both men and women want]

How can men and women live fresh?

I believe many people want to know this answer.

Give sex a new trick every day to keep men and women fresh.

Many people have to worry about 30 days a month, 30 personality styles, how can it be done?

Don’t worry, the following editors will share with you 29 personality patterns, so that your sex is not the same every day.

Many people will ask why it is 29?

Don’t you need to rest?

Have sex for a month?

Here’s a look at 29 personality love tricks: experts teach you to experience different sex lives of men and women every day: bath pressure is a big killer of sexual desire, foam bath relieves stress and restore sexual desire.

Day 2: Massage the navel eyes The navel can be called “sex switch”. Clockwise massage around the navel eyes can stimulate sexual desire.

Day 3: Buying “sexy” sheets Nina Helms, the promoter of the “Sexual Health Lover” organization, said silk or cotton sheets can increase sexual desire.

Day 4: Swap sex. Wonderful couples write down 5 ways of sex that have never been tried or never thought about, and then swap.

Day 5: Write down the visual stimuli. Pay attention to some visual stimuli in your daily life that make you feel “sexual”, and write them down.

Day 6: Drinking a glass of red wine Drinking 1-2 glasses of red wine daily can increase genital blood flow and increase female sexuality.

Day 7: Underwear Show A sexy lingerie show can inspire each other’s passion.

Day 8: The smoother the sensitive area of the lubricating oil, the faster and stronger the sexual arousal.

Day 9: Sharing sexual fantasies. Sharing secrets is extremely private and intimate, while sexual fantasies are a treasure trove of sexual excitement.

Day 10: Create a sexy bedroom and make the bedroom a “private oasis”. Red scarves, rose petals, scented candles, etc. can come in handy.


FAW Fuwei (600742) first quarterly report in 2019: slightly negative growth in the first quarter

FAW Fuwei (600742) first quarterly report in 2019: slightly negative growth in the first quarter

Core point of view events: The company released the 2019 first quarter report: the company achieved operating income in the first quarter of 201829.

5.8 billion, a decrease of one year.

26%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

07 million, a decrease of 6 every year.

93%; net profit after deduction to mother 1.

0.6 million yuan, a decrease of 2 each year.


The company’s equity incentive plan completed the first grant of incentive objects: The company completed the first grant of stock options to the incentive objects on April 25, 2019. Except for one incentive object giving up on its own initiative, the company granted 2,280 for the first time to a total of 161 people.

One million stock budgets, exercise price of 13.

04 yuan / share, accounting for 4 of the company’s total share capital.


Our comments on this are as follows: In the first quarter of 2019, the company’s performance slightly overlapped in the short term, and the net profit attributable to the mother company stabilized from the 上海夜网论坛 previous month, and the industry average.

Domestic car sales in the first quarter of 2019 were 637.

240,000 vehicles, a decrease of 11 per year.

32%, the company’s performance was dragged down by the industry, and operating income was slightly replaced every year.

26%, net profit attributable to mothers is slightly broken down every year6.

93%; compared with the previous month, as the domestic auto industry ‘s sales growth in the second half of 2018 changed from positive to negative, the company ‘s net profit attributable to mothers decreased quarter by quarter: 2018 Q2 – 2018 Q4 net profit attributable to mothers were 1.

4.3 billion, 1.

3 billion, 1.

07 million yuan, the net profit attributable to the mother in Q1 2019 is 1.

07 trillion, began to stabilize.

70% of the company’s revenue comes from FAW-Volkswagen, which will benefit significantly from FAW-Volkswagen’s new car cycle.

In 2018, 70% of the company’s one-year operating income was derived from FAW-Volkswagen. FAW-Volkswagen started a super new car cycle in 2018. In 2018-2020, it launched 16 new and replacement models (including 8 new SUVs) and launched a newThe “Jetta” sub-brand (including 3 new vehicles) has entered the low-end market, and the company will fully enjoy the FAW-Volkswagen new car cycle industry chain dividend.

We forecast FAW-Volkswagen’s annual sales in 2019 to reach 225.

80,000 vehicles, an increase of 10 in ten years.

8%, annual sales in 2020 will reach 270.

90,000 vehicles, an annual increase of 20.


Equity incentive plan completed the first reward, fully motivated employees, and further promoted mixed reform.

The company completed the first grant of a mixed-equity equity incentive plan and awarded 2,480 to incentive objects.

One million stock budgets, about 4% of the company’s total share capital.

49%, incentives include one company director, three senior management personnel and 157 core management personnel, a total of 161 people, the grant price is 13.

04 yuan.

As a traditional state-owned enterprise, the company now provides large-scale and wide-ranging fair incentives which will definitely improve the work enthusiasm of the company’s employees, and the company’s mixed reform will be further promoted.

Investment suggestion: The company has significantly benefited from FAW-Volkswagen’s new car cycle. The large-scale and large-scale equity incentive plan was announced for the first time, followed by mixed ownership reform. The profit margin is likely to increase. Conservatively estimate FAW Fuwei’s total revenue in 2019-2021.Followed by 158.

45, 197.

72, 215.

91 trillion, with a growth rate of 16.45%, 24.

78%, 9.

20%, net profit attributable to mother in turn is 5.

91, 7.

61, 8.

62 trillion, with a growth rate of 19 in turn.

4%, 28.

9%, 13.

3%, the current market value is 66.

20 ppm, corresponding to PE in order of 11.

2, 8.

7, 7.

7 times, maintaining the “recommended” level.

Risk reminders: ① the risk of rising raw material prices; ② FAW-Volkswagen’s production capacity is less than expected; ③ the domestic automobile market is sluggish.

Use M & A to Dress Up 2017 Performance

Use M & A to Dress Up 2017 Performance

Every reporter Xu Lianlian and Ding Zhouyang’s editor Du Wei in 2014 and 2015 can be described as a year of A-share mergers and acquisitions. Among them, the film and television and game sectors are hot spots for mergers and acquisitions, and cross-border mergers and acquisitions are frequent.

For example, Songliao Motors (now “Wintou Holdings”) acquired Shanghai Duwan Network, Dadongnan acquired Shanghai Youtang Network, and Julong Pipe Industry acquired Aegras Technology. The amount of acquisitions was basically over 1 billion. These traditional companies have changed.And start “telling the story of the game.”

  Recently, listed companies have issued 2017 annual performance notices and quick results.

“Daily Economic News” reporter combed a “transcript” issued by a listed company with games as its main business based on wind data.

Among the 36 gaming companies that have announced their results, 15 companies have seen penetrating gains or losses in listed companies ‘net profits due to mergers and acquisitions.

A large number of companies have serious financial reports because the target results of mergers and acquisitions have not been completed, and the aftermath of mergers and acquisitions has gradually begun to appear.

  Internet demographic dividend no longer results in mergers and acquisitions leading to large growth in performance “Daily Economic News” reporters found from 36 game companies that have released quick performance reports that the overall performance of game companies in 2017 is not bad, and many companies ‘performance has increased significantly.Zhongqingbao, Xunyou Technology, Kaiying Network, Aeglas, performed well in the financial report, with an average increase in net profit of more than 100%, and Zhongqingbao’s net profit rose by a staggering 237.


  In 2016, the popularity of mergers and acquisitions of game-listed companies continued to increase. Tianshen Entertainment, Aofei Entertainment, Palmtech, Kunlun Wanwei, Giant Network, Perfect World, Zhongqingbao, and other companies successively merged and reorganized.

Under the pressure of three-year performance commitment of M & A and reorganization, the performance of game companies in 2016 was greatly enhanced by M & A.

By 2017, the trend of games listed companies relying on mergers and acquisitions to make up their performance is more obvious.

  In analyzing the “enthusiasm for mergers and acquisitions” of listed game companies, Miao Chunyang, a senior game investor and partner of Shenzhen Kunfang Venture Partners, told the Daily Economic News reporter that the growth of the game industry is largely due to the rapid development of mobile Internet.Brought, but now the demographic dividend of the domestic mobile Internet is almost over.

“The game industry is also a highly traffic-dependent industry. Now almost all of the traffic entrances are occupied by Tencent and NetEase. Without traffic, game companies cannot play.

In order to boost performance, game listed companies can only reach for mergers and acquisitions.

“And as the game industry cools down and market share is increasingly concentrated with giant companies such as Tencent, the target of mergers and acquisitions by game listed companies is no longer attached to game project companies.

For example, Xunyou Technology, which has a net profit growth rate of 164% in 2017, acquired the mobile Internet tool development and promotion company “Lion’s Roar” at a high price of $ 2.7 billion last year. The lion’s trump card product is “Mobile phone cleaning optimization butler”, APPs such as” Mobile Lock “are obviously very large compared to game projects.

  ”Because the game industry has changed a lot, the market likes new and hates the old, and R & D often can’t keep up with the pace of the market, so game companies are eager to use M & A to extend the extension and use the number of projects to pile up to meet the growth of performance.

Cao Haitao, an investor in the field of cultural and creative industries, told the reporter of “Daily Economic News”, “However, it is important to note that some companies did not maintain stable growth because of the large increase in M & A performance last year, not because the fluctuations were particularly large.

“In the case of Qingbao, the net profit in 2017 increased by nearly 238% compared with the same period in 2016.

One of the reasons is “there are too many reports, and a business combination under the same control has occurred. The company merged Shenzhen Proton Internet Technology Co., Ltd.”.

The net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company realized by the merged party during the reporting period was approximately 21 million.

However, Zhongqingbao spent more than US $ 400 million in 2013, and the acquisition of Meifeng Digital and Sumo Technology in Dafa’s income bag caused hidden performance risks.

In 2014, Meifeng Digital and Sumo Technology did not complete their performance commitments, and Zhongqingbao’s net profit was about -22 million.

In 2016, Zhongqingbao’s net profit continued to expand and expand by 176%, breaking through nearly 50 million yuan.

From this point of view, A-share game companies that use M & A to dress up their performance still have risks and challenges.

  Corresponding to the “maternal body” of being unable to complete performance is dragged down. Corresponding to the sharp rise 深圳桑拿网 in performance, the performance of some companies has plummeted, and “mergers and acquisitions” have become one of the key words of performance change.

Reporters’ statistics found that among the listed companies with games as their main business that released their performance reports, 12 of them have risen sharply because of mergers and acquisitions, but 3 have also fallen sharply because of mergers and acquisitions.

Mergers and acquisitions can make the performance of listed companies better in the short term, but if the succession of the target of the merger and acquisition is weak, the performance of gambling can not be completed, it will also become a performance drag.

  IResearch data show that 2013?
In 2015, the transaction value involving game mergers and acquisitions reached 105.6 billion US dollars.

A security 北京夜网 analyst who researched the media industry said in an interview with the reporter of “Daily Economic News” that through the Securities and Futures Commission to suspend the cross-border value-added of four industries including film and television, the number of mergers and acquisitions in the past two years has decreased,The aftermath of some M & A high premiums is beginning to show.

  Game industry mergers and acquisitions are often accompanied by high premiums. Long-term analysts have said that in the case of A-share listed companies’ mergers and acquisitions of game companies, the premium is 15 to 30 times more.

High premium acquisitions are often accompanied by high amount of goodwill and performance gambling. Once the performance is not completed or the target revenue of the merger and acquisition is weak, it will inevitably bring risks.

  Take Tianrun Digital Entertainment as an example, in 2017?
In June, its wholly-owned subsidiary Shanghai Diandianle had a net profit of 3534.

980,000 yuan, which is off the promised performance1.

15.0 billion is far away.
2016 deduction of non-net profit is limited to 7772.

730,000 yuan, 95% completed.

66%, performance is not up to standard.
This became one of the leading points in the net profit of Tianrun Digital Entertainment.

The securities analyst said that the merger and acquisition of game companies has a very short-term financial boost. Merge and acquisitions are accompanied by performance betting, and revenue will increase significantly. From the perspective of cash flow, game companies have good cash flow.

However, once performance gambling is not completed, then goodwill impairment will be required, and profits will be affected. “If performance gains are not achieved, goodwill impairment will be required, which will further affect financial data.

“Even if it cannot be completed, the target revenue of the merger and acquisition is still very important, and outstanding performance will lead to impairment of goodwill and bring improvement.

For example, Great Southeast Performance Express shows that in company 5.

4 out of 7.5 billion trillion.

The US $ 3.7 billion impairment of goodwill. The initial improvement in the performance of Great Southeast is the impairment of goodwill brought by the weak performance of game companies. The game companies that were acquired at a high price initially became mines with improved performance.

  Many game companies have realized that mergers and acquisitions are only the beginning, and high-quality game products can make the company “lasting peace.”

Taking Century Huatong, a large-scale acquisition and expansion of games, as an example, it has gradually established its own game operation system and embarked on a self-developed road.

Air Force Century Huatong CEO Wang Yan said in an interview with “Daily Economic News” that “original” has always been the core competitiveness of game companies.

  The trend of high-quality game products is becoming more and more obvious, which has led game companies to gradually shift from capital trends to product development.

The aforementioned securities industry analysts said that from 2016 onwards, the entire game industry has experienced a significant increase in concentration, and the targets of game companies acquired by a large number of companies will also be affected by the industrial environment.The richer but the limited entertainment time, the ordinary quality things, the smaller the living space will be.

How to spend the marriage crisis after having an affair

How to spend the marriage crisis after having an affair

Among couples who usually have an affair crisis, the affaired party is somewhat regretful.

This guilt is the lighter to save the relationship between husband and wife, while the tolerance on the other side is the breeze that allows this Mars to burn.

Without these two points, a marriage that has begun to enter a cold state will probably not be able to recover.

Unfortunately, Liang Yu’s marriage lacked both Mars and peace from the beginning of the crisis.

  No one is willing to admit their faults, and they all put the burden of marriage misfortune on the other party.

Does Liang Yu’s accusation make any sense?

Many couples have a wrong understanding of marriage: they think that marriage is a substitute.

  As Liang Yu thought, his wife loves him more than he loves his wife. There is nothing to worry about.

Unexpectedly, betrayal happened exactly in this “reassurance.”

The reason for betrayal is simple: the husband cares little about himself and is too negligent.

  Is this lesson not deep enough?

  Many couples often neglect the care of their partners after marriage, don’t pay attention to the consolidation and cultivation of the relationship between them (emotional blog, let’s talk about it), and don’t understand the marriage also need to be constantly injected with fresh blood, just like plants in flower potsYou need to water, fertilize, control insects, and even replace potting soil, otherwise the plants will die due to lack of nutrients.

  If both spouses can take timely remedial measures after the extramarital affair occurs, the marriage may still have hope for recovery.

But Liang Yu insisted after his wife Hongxing came out of the wall: even if he did make a mistake, his wife shouldn’t treat him this way, so he couldn’t replace her first.

So that in the long days that followed, there was no chance of reconciliation, but they all missed.

  Liang Yu said he made the last effort to save the marriage.

But does his wife really not show any reconciliation?

When he returned from a business trip, his wife left him to eat. In fact, she had a strong sense of self-esteem. She carefully and tentatively formed the tentacles of reconciliation, but Liang Yu stepped off without knowing the timing.

  In this way, a loving couple in the past frozen all the love and affection in the past with their resentment. When one side sent a signal of reconciliation, the other side ignored it, and finally lost the thaw moment of the marriage and eliminated all the costs of reconciliation.the way.

  Many divorced couples are almost tolerant of each other because one side is wrong, but the other side is unwilling to lower their attitude, and eventually divorces; or if one side is wrong, it prevents self-esteem or face from begging for understandingEventually the marriage fell apart.

This is really a very unwise attitude towards marriage.

Ancient saying: couples fight at the head of the bed and talk at the end of the bed.

This statement is very reasonable, it contains the meaning of no revenge between husband and wife, and another more mundane meaning that there is no so-called “face” between husband and wife, that is, “shameless.”

The couple have confidence and often only need one side to lower their posture to find a way to reconcile.

Sometimes, it is just a gesture of showing affection by the husband, and a tender look of the wife.

  Liang Yu’s divorce from his wife must be regretted.

They have a good foundation for marriage, and what they encounter is just the occasional impact of extramarital relationships that countless couples are now experiencing. If they could understand each other, they could have survived this crisis.

But over a thousand days and nights, they missed every possible opportunity.

I think the reason why Liang Yu ‘s wife has refused any reconciliation from the beginning is because she knows that although her husband has said he wants to start again, the betrayal of his wife in his heart cannot be truly forgiven, and what ‘s more in her heartThe resentment is no less than him, the deeper she loves him, the less he can forgive him for being indifferent to her in any form.

This mentality has always dominated, although her heart has been soft at some moments, but once under the anger of her husband, she quickly becomes hardened and strengthens her unconciled mentality.

Before or after meals, drink soup and gain weight

Before or after meals, drink soup and gain weight

Among the various foods we eat, soup is both nutritious and digestible.

According to a survey by American nutritionists, among the more than 60,000 people who receive nutrition screening, those who are well-nourished are those who often drink soup.

However, because the soup can be evenly dispersed in the small intestine, nutrients are easily digested and absorbed, so soup is easy to make people gain weight.

  Many people think that drinking soup is a very simple matter. As everyone knows, only scientifically drinking soup can better absorb nutrients.

In this regard, what do we need to pay attention to?

  Drinking before meals, drinking after dinner is very different. The time is very particular. As the saying goes, “Drink soup before meals, slim and healthy; drink soup after meals, drink more and more fat”, this is reasonable.

  Drink a few soups before meals, and lubricate the mouth and esophagus to prevent dry and hard foods from stimulating the digestive tract mucosa, which is good for food substitution and agitation, and promotes digestion and absorption.

The most important thing is that drinking soup before meals can make the food inside the stomach close to the stomach wall, enhance the feeling of fullness, thus inhibiting the feeding center and reducing the appetite of people.

Studies have shown that drinking a bowl of soup before a meal can make people absorb less than 100-190 kcal of heat.

On the contrary, drinking soup after a meal is a way to eat healthy.

When it is reached, the rice is already full, and then drinking the soup can lead to overnutrition and obesity. In addition, the soup that is finally consumed will replace the chyme that has been well mixed with the digestive juice, affecting the digestion and absorption of the food.

  It is not easy to gain weight in the soup at noon. Which meal is more suitable for soup in the middle and late?

Some experts pointed out that “the least absorption of soup at lunch time.”

Therefore, in order to gain weight, thin people may choose to drink soup at night.

Rapidly absorbed nutrients accumulate in the body and can easily lead to weight gain and gain weight.

  The slower the soup is, the less likely it is to gain weight. American nutritionists point out that if you extend your meal time, you can fully enjoy the taste of the food and give you a feeling of being full in advance.

You can also drink soup.

Slowly drinking soup will leave extra time for the digestion and absorption of food. When you feel full, it is just right when you eat it. When you drink soup quickly, you can eat enough and may absorb more food than you need.the amount.

Ten principles to comfort others

Ten principles to comfort others

When a friend is crying and speechless, how can he listen to and appease his anxiety and worry in accordance with his inner anxiety and doubt?

And when you are facing difficulties and endangered, how to ask for help in a timely manner?

Do we all have the ability to accept others’ help?

What should we “say” and “call” at such times?

  For many people, witnessing the pain and anxiety of others is very painful, and we often want to resolve it quickly, take some action, or try to provide immediate relief.

  Some people choose to say nothing to avoid saying the wrong thing, and miss the opportunity to express their concern.

When others need support or they ask for help themselves, they are often indifferent or out of bounds.

How to start a deep conversation “from the heart”, instead of just a superficial conversation that “brains the brain”?

How to integrate the body, mind, and spirit to make the most effective conversation in a natural posture?

  Nancy, author of Therapy Dialogue?

Geer Martin provides ten principles of “dialogue of curative effect” on how to heal the gap in interpersonal communication and express his concern in a timely and appropriate manner.

The so-called “effect dialogue” refers to a conversation that compares the heart to the heart and puts people in the place, so that the helper can get a moderate relief, and the robe naturally achieves the “treatment effect”.

These ten principles are: Listening Listening is not keeping silent, but listening carefully to what the other person said, did not say, and the true meaning.

The so-called listening should use our eyes, ears, and heart to listen to each other’s voice, and at the same time do not rush to know the cause and effect of the matter immediately.

We must be willing to set aside our “inner dialogue”.

The so-called “internal dialogue” refers to a dialogue that is not consciously carried out in the mind while listening, including thinking about what to say, how to respond to the other party’s words, or thinking about the next topic.

  Pausing between conversations, sometimes speaking, sometimes listening; we must also remind ourselves to slow down the unconscious mechanical reaction. For example, if we want to quickly resolve the other party ‘s anxiety, we jump directly to the stage of action-say or doSome things we think are good for each other.

If there is no pause, we may say something that we will regret later.

The art of comfort lies in “speaking the right words at the right time” and “speaking the wrong things without being impulsive.”

  When friends are improper heroes to help others through difficult times, it is not the same as “saving” them from their painful situation.

We should agree with their pain, let them feel the pain, and do not try to dispel the pain quickly.

We only try to provide the axis that allows them to cross the “river of fear”.

When friends, family members are in emotional or physical pain, the most basic way to support them is to allow the other person to cry.

Crying is a way for the body to try to excrete emotional toxins, and tearing is a process for healing.

So please don’t rush to give the other person a facial tissue, just let him know that you support him.

  Giving Comfort is not telling others: “You should feel .” or “You should not feel .” People have the right to keep their true feelings.

Consolation means: don’t judge them, don’t think that they are suffering and need help; consolation means: give them space to be themselves and agree with their feelings.

We do not need to express concern by “agreeing or disagreeing” with their choices or dealing with breakthroughs.

  Empathy When we’re busy trying to help others, we may forget that people will perceive a change in our hearts-thoughts and feelings that are not spoken.

Although people cannot know exactly what we think, we can usually detect whether we are panicked, judge them, or feel sorry for them.

Comforting others face to face has a lot to do with our true state of mind.

Because we feel the same for their experience, we share the pain of each other, but also endure our own suffering.

There is no doubt what the situation is, the appearance of goodwill and comfort is a gift to the other party.

  Long-term waiting for change will bring a lot of chaos, and no one can quickly rectify that chaos.

People need time to adapt, adjust, change and ask, “What if .

“The problem.

In the “Effective Dialogue”, we learned to accept the fact that our family members, colleagues or neighbors sometimes only need us to be their “resonance box” and they can use it repeatedly.
  It is unhindered to stand up bravely regardless of your situation and feel embarrassed about not knowing what to say; it is also okay to let the people we want to know how we feel.
You can even honestly say: “I don’t know how you feel or what I should say, but I really care about you.

“Even if you think this expression is ridiculous, you can still let the other person know that you are not in a hurry to talk to him now.

You may choose to express your feelings and thoughts in writing.

In addition to verbal expressions, there are many different forms of “earnings dialogue”.

  Providing practical resources does not require others to find answers to all questions, but you can try to provide available resources-other friends, experts, friends of friends, to help them find answers.

You can make a few calls for the other party to connect with them; you can also find relevant books for them to read; or simply provide a space for evasion so that they can continue to find their own answers in peace.

  Set yourself up and help out when we ask, “Is there a place I can help?

“Sometimes there are answers, sometimes they don’t know they need some kind of help.

However, sometimes people may not be able to speak for themselves.

Thinking about the assistance people might need is the first step to helping others effectively.

  Making good use of empathy Even though we have encountered similar experiences, we cannot fully understand the feelings of others, but we can make good use of empathy to care for each other.

Remember to listen patiently to other people’s stories first, and then consider whether it is necessary to share your own stories and whether the results shared are beneficial to the other party.

What is your child’s partial eclipse?

What is your child’s partial eclipse?

Children are sensitive to taste and show different likes and dislikes to different foods. This should be a manifestation of human personality, so this performance cannot be attributed to partial eclipse in general.

The real partial or picky food is that the child selectively supplements the food, only likes to eat some food, only accepts certain flavors, and obviously rejects other foods or flavors.

  Children like to accept foods and flavors that they are familiar with.

If he was given a single food from his parents, by 4?
Failure to add muddy food in 6 months, and not paying attention to the variety and reasonable combination of muddy food, may cause children to recognize or eat only the food they have eaten.

The reason for this picky eater or partial eclipse is the parents’ inappropriate behavior.

  When a child accepts an excess of food from the beginning, he may refuse to eat it again. This is often because the parent “does bad things with good intentions.”

This kind of food is often milk, eggs, fish, and other protein-containing foods that parents think are nutritious “high-end” foods.

As everyone knows, when these stuffed foods cannot be digested and cannot be absorbed, the child will be “eaten”, followed by the aversion and rejection of the food.

No matter how good things are, there is a principle of moderation. We must not force children to eat.

  When a child rejects certain foods, parents also need to observe whether the child has experienced allergies after eating this food.

If a child has a stomachache as soon as he eats this food, he will instinctively reject the food.

This situation cannot be attributed to a partial eclipse.

  From a nutritional point of view, we hope that children can get balanced nutrition from food. Longing for partial eclipses and picky eaters will lead to malnutrition. This child’s bad eating habits must be corrected.

Parents should use their own examples to show their children; make things that children do not like to eat colorful, fragrant, delicious, and well-formed, and find ways to arouse the child’s appetite; explain the reason to the child and let him participate in the production;Outdoor exercise increases the sense of mortality; usually tells stories of small animals to help children use associations to solve likes and dislikes about food.

In short, children should not be forced to accept a certain food, only behavior correction.

Kung Fu is worthy of care. After repeated attempts, the child will one day like the food he once refused.

What to do if anemia is insufficient?

Six medicated liquor recipes are easily cured

What to do if anemia is insufficient?
Six medicated liquor recipes are easily cured

It is said that women are made of water. In fact, for women, excess blood is very important!

What about anemia? Once a woman has anemia, it will affect normal life and work. How can anemia make up?

Now, let’s try the Chinese medicine bar, there is a set for treating anemia!

. Female anemia recommends 5 alcoholic beverages, gelatin wine, gelatin is one of the top choices for women’s blood. Correspondingly, when made of gelatin, it also has a good blood effect.

How to make gelatin wine?

Hurry up and take a look.

  Need 60 grams of red glutinous rice, 20 grams of gelatin, 40 grams of honey, and rice wine 15?
20 ml.

After adding red glutinous rice to a proper amount of water to cook porridge, add Ejiao, honey and rice wine and stir well. When eaten while warm, it can help women to nourish blood and treat anemia.

  Usage: Take 3 times a day for 10 consecutive days as a course of treatment.

  Shouwu longan wine Longan is also one of the foods for women’s blood, adding Shouwu and rice wine will have better blood effect.

First, you need 250 grams of longan meat, and 500 grams of Shouwu and Heterophyllum spp. And 1500 ml of rice wine.

Place the dried longan meat, Shouwu and chicken blood rattan soaked wine for 10 days, and shake it twice a day after soaking.

The method of Shouwu longan wine is relatively simple, the main effect is to use it for anemia.

  Usage: 15?
30 grams, take part once in the morning and evening.

  Meat skin yellow wine was shocked to see meat skin?

In fact, the flesh boiled wine tastes great.

Ingredients need pork skin 60?
90 grams, just the right amount of rice wine.

Put the pork skin in a stew pot, add water and rice wine, cook until the pork skin becomes rotten and serve.

This fleshy yellow wine is mainly used for hemorrhagic anemia.

  Usage: Add brown sugar to mix and eat.

  What is Huangjing wolfberry wine?

If you are not sure, you can go to a pharmacy to buy it. Generally speaking, pharmacies will sell it.

Huangjing wolfberry wine, the main ingredients are Huangjing and wolfberry, each need 13 grams.

The method is super simple, soak it with wine and take it.

For wine, rice wine is generally more suitable.

The effect is nourishing qi and blood.

  Usage: Twice a day, two times a day.

  Mussel wine Mussel wine is slightly more cumbersome than raw materials and methods.

First you need 60 grams of mussels, 25 grams of chives, 100 grams of pork ribs, and the right amount of liquor.

First clean the mussels, soak them in wine to swell the mussels, wash the leek and cut into sections, and cut the ribs into pieces.

Steam the mussels, pork ribs, and chives in a bowl.

In fact, the method is very simple and not troublesome.

The efficacy of mussel wine is to treat anemia and improve blood circulation in the body.
  Usage: When eating, you can add some condiments according to your preferences.