Children who make parents’ headache are likely to be a "high demand baby"

  For newbie parents, with the child can always use a sentence to sum up, but not very clear why the child is not good?When the baby is small, all of their questions is not to eat Dr. Jacai!It is not difficult to say that it is not simple.They still don’t speak at this age, and they will be guess by their parents.If your baby is a high demand baby, the baby is difficult to upgrade.When your baby’s baby is born, it is not good!When you sleep, someone must sleep, just put it in bed, you will wake up, and cry.

  Adults, the old people say that he will grow up and there is a person.

In fact, they just have a high demand baby, carefully observe, these high demand babies are just in such phases to express their meaning in different characteristics. The need for infancy often expresses the baby in the first year of crying, such as the feeling of being hugging, the novice parents are still in the stage, more hugging. Baby can increase the intimacy between children and parents. The recognition is also a rejection of children in this age. Since they just come out from the mother, they have a strange thing in the face of new things. At the same time, the baby is in this stage, all of his meaning can only be expressed by crying or limb. For example, when the baby is sleeping, it must be sleeping, just put it in bed, I will wake up, and cry.

  When there is a diaper, it is necessary to replace it immediately, otherwise it is to cry, not he is deliberate. The childhood period began to show stronger dependencies and occupies the children who have the age of this age to start food supplements. It is still more dependent on breast milk.

Because such food is more inclined to draw nutrients in the baby stage or in the parent. And they have new cognitions for emotions, such as the love of parents, like toys will have certain profits, even facing intimate people prefer to stick them, like a small ass.

  After 3 years old, it seems to be very independent baby. It has gradually grown up. It has its own thinking about things around them. It has gradually exposed to more children, such as entering kindergarten, and goes with their parents to go to the amusement park to accept fresh things. When your child enters an extremely exciting state, you want them to quickly extract will cause them to separate anxiety.

It is not necessarily timid and not independent, but they need to be with Mom and Dad and need a sense of security. There is also an interesting phenomenon that the children will be extremely active, and all kinds of energy dissipate, watching the parents of the child will be very headache. It is energetic during the day, and all kinds of small toys are not stopped. I don’t sleep at night, continue to turn around the parents, so that most of the parents have a sigh … I can observe, this high demand baby is really no place? not really. They also have their own advantages, only need parents to have a pair of eyes to find the eyes of their children, find the highlights of them: High demand baby This word is earliest is the United States Sriz, and she has certainly different people. . Hills, who started, is also very headache, often with a headache, often a calm life. Subsequently, the couple began to carefully observe the child’s habits and guided children according to their children’s unique character, and educated her in a way that was suitable for this child. Sure enough, the child became very creative, and the girl had a very sensitive, facing things! High demand babies are one of the normal character and have a lot of benefits.

  High demand babies have superior observation because they have a high requirement from small things, which works for the same thing in different levels. It has strong observation. The same type of product, different batch, possibly its experience, touch, and even taste are different. If the high demand baby gets carefully, it will always make your parents more worried, worry that they face the temptation of the green green green in the world, do not know if they hurt their own premise.

  But from the tempted world of the world, in front of them, they will have their own judgments before they grow up, and they will not be hurt because they are ignorant, and they are worried.

  The high demand for the baby is also the case. From small to the parents’ ability to meet them, after growing, it will have a forward judgment in the face of anything, and the mentality of such children will be more mature. High demand baby, often with parental relationships to find out education methods from small fit such children, parents and children will constantly communicate. Instead, parents have educated children, but also to say parents and children grow more.

  Mutual respect each other.

In this way, let the child be more open to the parents, and the communication will be more smooth, and each other is more common. So how do you want your child to make better development for novice parents? To do the next two points, you will find the independence after meeting the normal demand for your baby. In fact, there are many times, and the parents will have a vague concept for letting children independence, and parents don’t exclude their novel ideas. Don’t spoiler in front of your child’s unknown.

  Standing at the perspective of assistants to help children, etc., these are how they grow independently.

  Second, for the high demand baby, the biggest support is that parents’ recognition may have experienced children in their own parents, but they face their own children.

  Respect the child choice, communicate with them, even if you can’t do a hundred percent of the child, you have to understand the world in their eyes, and let your child clearly feel that parents are trying to keep up with their children, and children will do Reflections on between transposition.

  In fact, each child’s growth trajectory is different, and the gap between high demand children and the peers will not last too long.

We can’t always ask a group of children, like the character, the same learning ability, this is not a copy clone? High demand children are only the characteristics of the special stage and the well-behaved baby is different, but can not determine that their future must have hope, and it is important to guide the parents how to guide! .

China steunt stevig tegen U.S. Smeers op religieuze vrijheid FM woordvoerder

:.. FMspokesperson () BEIJING, (Xinhua) – ChinafirmlyopposesthegroundlessaccusationsandsmearingofChinasreligiousfreedombytheUnitedStates, ForeignMinistrySpokespersonZhaoLijiansaidhereThursday, addingtheChinesegovernmentprotectscitizensiousfreedominChina "Chinesepeopleofallethnicgroupsenjoyfullfreedomofreligiousbelief,", Chinahasnearly200millionreligiousbelievers, over380,000clericalpersonnel, some5,500religiousorganizationsandmorethan140,, evenifitsrepeatedathousandtimes, "Islamophobia" arerampantintheUnitedStatesandhavecausedmanytragedies ,, butfrequentlyusesreligiousissuestointerfereinothercountriesdomesticaffairsindisregardofthefacts ", conductitsownaffairswell, respectfacts, discardprejudiceandstopusingreligiousissuestointerferewithandsmearothercountries " HEESAID. (Webeditor: ShiXi, Liangjun).

China @ 四 川 | Traveler Giant Panda "High" Back to China Giant Panda Protection Research Center

  Xinhua News Agency, November 1 (Reporter Yu) reporter learned from the China Giant Panda Protection Research Center on the 1st that the "high" high-tall "in the United States returned to the protection research center on the same morning, and now stayed in the center of Dujiangyan. Qingcheng Mountain Base Isolation Quarantine Beasts. At 6:45 in the morning, the "high" special car driving into the research center Dujiangyan Qingcheng Mountain Base, the staff has already waited here. After the veterinary is re-viewed again, the staff will unload the "high" transportation cage in an orderly manner.

Under the patient’s patient and induction, "high" quickly entered the circle. Big Panda "High Tall", Male, Spectrum Word: 415, was rescued in the wild in 1992, and about 2 years old, and June 2003, the United States San Diego Zoo is now. According to Li De Sheng, the giant panda expert in China Panda Protection Research Center, the big panda "high" is 28 years old this year, which is equivalent to about 98 years old, is an old giant panda. During the American life, "high high" has suffered from testicular cancer and has been implemented. As an old giant panda, "high" also has some common diseases in older pandas. In the 15 years of the hotel in the United States, "Tall" is not touches the hearts of each staff in the research center.

Since the Protection Research Center and the US Santiago research cooperation, the annual protection research center will send experts to the San Diego Zoo for technical guidance and exchange, and the San Diego Zoo will regularly send people to learn, and the two sides have established a good learning and communication mechanism.

  Under the common efforts of China and the United States, the big panda "high" and "Baiyun" have bred five descendants, respectively, the giant panda "beautiful" "Su Lin" "Zhenzi" "Little Gift". At present, in addition to "small gifts", the remaining giant pandas have returned to the protection research center. The big panda "high" as a hero father, contributing to the international cooperation and breeding of giant panda. According to Zhang Zhizhong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Chinese Giant Panda Protection Research Center, China Giant Panda Protection Research Center has established long-term cooperative relationships with 13 countries in 15 zoo, in the world, has established long-term cooperative relations with 15 zoo in 13 countries. Panda scientific research scientific research, public education, human communication, etc. have achieved fruitful results. With the giant panda "high" back to China, the China Giant Panda Protection Research Center has increased to 13, forming the world’s largest sea Giant panda star population. (over).

Chinese human rights field experts: guarantee judicial fairness and fairness, promote the development of human rights

Recommended reading researchers launched whether drugs or diet is more effective in reshaping nutrient sensation and other metabolic pathways, as well as whether the interaction between drugs and diet makes it more effective.

2021-11-1810: 48 Due to the technical means, it is difficult to identify individual star-collagen in living animals, and the dynamic process of recording the calcium signals of the star cells can be synchronized throughout the learning memory.

2021-11-1810: 46 Red Handless Punch will make the compressive force and friction of the finger tip together, so that the speed is maximized, and the impact wave generated makes the finger to issue a signature "" sound. 2021-11-1810: 34 The main author said: "For a long time, triglene molecules have not been synthesized in crystalline because it will be aggregated.

2021-11-1810: 03 During the infection, the vs. VHH antibody is also demonstrated to relieve symptoms, inhibit viral proliferation, and thus the VHH antibody can not only be used as therapeutic drug, but also may have a preventive action. 2021-11-1810: 02 To better understand these rarely described complexes, the team studied similar proteins and determined new discovery proteins based on the newly discovered protein interaction with previously known proteins. Role.

2021-11-1810: 01 Recently, Xu Yu, Xu Yu, Xu Yu, Xu Yu, Xu Yu, Xu Yu, Xu Yu, Xu Yu, Xu Yu, Xu Yu, Xu Yue, Xu Yue, a second case of HIV, and Self-healing.

2021-11-1810: 00 Researchers said that there is significant differences in isomeric diversity of specific genes between human and mouse brains, and huge changes between fetus and adult cortias have also shown that selective splicing is important in neurological development. effect. 2021-11-1809: 58 According to the British "New Scientist" magazine report, IBM claims that it has developed a quantum computer "eagle" that runs 127 quantum bits, which is the world’s largest super Guaranum computer.

2021-11-1809: October 18, 201, 18, China Academy of Sciences, the official website of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the results of choice of academiciases, produced 65 academicians and 25 Chinese Academy of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Academician. 2021-11-1809: 45 This year is the 10th anniversary of the implementation of China Mobile Science and Technology Museum.

The reporter learned from the China Science and Technology Museum that, in the past 10 years, the project has distributed 566 scientific exhibition resources, and the 4682 station in 1888 county-level administrative districts across the country, serving the public 100 million, and promoting science public services are remarkable. 2021-11-1809: 45 Using network disk services, transmission rate and publicity speed are serious; network disk upload download data is limited, do not buy members unable to advance … With the popularity of mobile Internet and intelligent equipment, file information, Personal data assets such as photo videos are stored in the network disk, which has become a habit of many users.

2021-11-1809: 44 Next China Petrochemical Preparing for the development and engineering design of millions of tons of crude oil steam cracking in Xinjiang Tak River, built "oil conversion" industrial demonstration device. 2021-11-1809: 41 The industry is generally believed that the carbon neutral and industry chain is large, involving "front-end strengthening energy structural adjustment – mid-end enhancement energy conservation and emission reduction level – backend enhancement resource recycling" multiple links.

2021-11-1809: 39 Cai Jiaguan No.1 Tunnel is underway to wear nursery tunnels and railway and high-risk project construction, and the project department has also installed tunnel safety alarm systems. 2021-11-1809: 32 "Escape" in the real world is verified, for example, the above-mentioned two multinational pharmacter’s candidate drugs also displayed at the Delta variant in the test results. escape.

Xie Xiaoliang said, I hope that my country’s new crown special medicinal medicines developed soon. 2021-11-1809: 31 Huawei further narrows the wearengine size, loaded into a smaller-diverse sensor, realizing a diversified wear device, taking the monitoring these capabilities open to all services. 2021-11-1721: 29 This study is expected to provide a potential biomaterial for OP bone defect repair, and provide new entry points for subsequent OP and bone deficiency therapy. 2021-11-1710: 55 Slow resistance is a complex disease, affected by genetic factors and environmental factors, where smoking is the largest environmental factor, and people who smoke more easily slowly resist. 2021-11-1710: 52 The cosmic line is a high energy charged particle produced in an extremely analog environment.

The research team also found that the cosmic energy density of the cosmic wire in the central molecular cloud area near Yinxin is lower than the energy density of the cosmic "sea" outside the molecular cloud. 2021-11-1710: 49.

The Supreme People’s Court and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Justice on Further Strengthening Exchange Cooperation

  In order to implement the major decision-making deployment of the "14th five-year planning of the People’s Republic of China, the 14th Five-Year Plan of Social Development and the Outline Outline Outline Outline", in-depth promotion, in-depth, supporting Hong Kong to better integrate into the national development overall situation, strengthen the Mainland and Hong Kong Judicial Exchange Cooperation, the Supreme People’s Court and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Justice Department reached the following consensus: 1. The two parties agreed to improve the mainland and Hong Kong, especially the legal rules in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, and the mechanism. Actively promote mutual recognition and assist bankruptcy procedures, explore the specific measures of optimization of mutual entrustment to the people’s business judicial instruments, improve the improvement of the evidence-related assistance system, further strengthen the construction of inter-inter-inter-inter-inter-inter-inter-inter-inter-inter-inter-inter-inter-inter-inter-inter-inter-inter-inter-area judicial assistance mechanism construction, providing more integration in mainland and Hong Kong Comprehensive legal guarantee.

  2. The two sides agreed to further optimize the diversified dispute settlement mechanism of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Dawan District, and promote mediation and arbitration services.

Supporting Hong Kong legal professionals to join the Supreme People’s Court International Commercial Expert Committee and serve as the National People’s Court invited mediator, people’s jurors, strengthening the law ascertaration, and explore the establishment of the Judicial Research Platform of Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macai District. 3. The two sides agreed to encourage and promote mutual communication.

Under the coordination of the State Council Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office promoted regular training training, training and training in judicial assistance, to conduct judicial assistance; to arrange mainland judicial practice training for Hong Kong legal professionals through Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Duwan District Lawyers.

  4. The two sides agreed to encourage judicial information construction, explore the strengthening of Internet justice cooperation and construction justice to assist network platforms.

  In order to facilitate both parties to communicate and contact the relevant matters related matters, both parties agree to exchange their respective assigned contact data after signing this talks.

Tianzhu e-government external network realizes the full coverage of the third-level administrative region

According to statistics from Tianzhu County Information Center, Hechi City, as of now, the county e-government external network backbone network has realized the three-level full coverage of counties, township, villages to the side, and vertical, and the government’s external network coverage reached 100. %, 9 townships, 95 administrative villages, including horizontal networks, including horizontal networks, and township allocation of 372 units, all kinds of government affairs business applications carried by digital special line e-government external networks. Tianzhi County revolves around the development of new economies and strengthens the construction of e-government external network infrastructure. It is committed to accelerating the construction of wisdom, and focusing on cultivating "new kinetic energy". The business carrying capacity of the government’s external network, continuously enhances the carrying capacity of the government outside the Internet, realizing "one network Tongda", opening the "last kilometer" of the government service to facilitate the masses, providing public entrances, public channels, public support for all departments at all levels , Core applications and full process supervision and other comprehensive government service construction information "highway".

At the same time, we will help promote all kinds of non-confidential business special network to integrate and integrate interconnection to Guangxi e-government external network, build a unified Guangxi e-government external network network to ensure network vertical and horizontal Unicom, data resource sharing, business synergy, to achieve full The important objectives of the county government service one Netcom Office lay a solid foundation to provide the most solid and powerful infrastructure guarantee for the integration of the county stocks.

(Huang Yuansong, Yang Ken) (Editor: Liu Jia, Huang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Shanxi Road Transportation Enable "Electronic Document"

  Original title: Road transportation enabled "Electronic Document" March 4th Provincial Transportation Department news, the official line operation of the road transportation electronic license system in the province, marking the province’s 870,000-channel transport employees, 170,000 business workers, 10,000 The operating vehicle can achieve basic functions such as the application, brightness, scanning code certification, license authorization, etc. At the same time, the electronic license APP also provides a violation inquiry, truck navigation and other service functions for road transport practitioners.

  As a professional, voucher electronic document, which has legal effectiveness and administrative effectiveness, and has become a major electronic voucher for the market entity and citizen activities. It is an important basic data to support government service operation. It is also to implement the State Council to promote the "Internet + government service" "Remind service" reform deployment and continuously carry out specific requirements for "loss of interest".

  Next, the Provincial Department of Transportation, the Provincial Administrative Approval Service Administration will further improve our province’s integrated online government service platform and the docking of road transportation electronic license systems, and solidly do a good job in electronic document data collection, interoperability and synchronous update. Online sharing, offline brightness and social and convenient applications accelerate the application of electronic license applications, allowing electronic licenses to give full play to convenience and leisure people in our province’s "venting service" reform and digital government construction.

(Reporter Li Tao).

Refined "three big packages" from the stone area, poverty alleviation

In 12 townships (streets) involved from the Stone area, the number of poverty benefits from the caregiver is invisible.

In recent years, the district has made employment entrepreneurs as an important starting point of achieving stable and spilling, helping the universities, grasping the solid work of skills training, poverty alleviation work, public welfare position resettlement, refining "skill training + poverty alleviation workshop + public welfare position "Package, doing finely and poverty alleviation."

Up to now, the accumulated training of 2832 people in poverty, driving 4,644 poverty labor.

Skills training to solve poor households "I am difficult" to teach people to give people fish. By carrying out skill technology training, the stone area is carried out to make rural poor labor to achieve huge transitions from "selling hard work" to "eating" with technology. Since this year, the district has opened the "Luliangshan Materials] Training Experts, establishing" Hui Kang Admixant "skill brands, will participate in the training of care worker training and obtain the skill certificate, the poor labor force, the local nursing home, Kang The center and urban area of ??66 communities, the district government took out a certain amount of funds to pay in the form of employment in the form of the government, which solved the employment of poor labor through the training and skills training, and solved the township street. The needs of communities, nursing homes, and day care centers.

Give a 12 township (town), street office Human Resources Service Center, responsible for receiving and unreachabled workers and skills training, strengthening the degree of labor output organization, and effectively stabilizing poverty Labor’s wages. At the same time, it will include Easy to relocate labor and poor labor into the national skills improvement project, and identify 27 training majors in 9 winning bid training institutions, prioritize the local entrance to the local entrance to participate in the site at home.

At present, online skills training is being carried out. In addition, the area relies on the professional skills platform on the line to learn the professional skills training platform for strong country platforms, workers’ skills learning platforms, and is free to implement key courses for workers.

Skill training is carried out by flexible forms such as online live, video recording, online interaction.

Building a platform to solve the poor household "seeking difficult" how to make the easy-to-relocation labor and poor labor to achieve "moving, stable, can get rich"? The rope area has been explored through the continuous practice, giving their own answers.

"The poverty alleviation workshop is built at home, but I can not only be employed at home, earn money to subsidize home, but also take care of the family, this is a big fact that the party and the government have done for us.

"Recently, the family lived in the poor of Majiacun resettlement in Tianjiahui Street. Liu Bao Xiao is in China magnetic Shangshan Technology Co., Ltd. poverty alleviation engineering, mainly engaged in electronic products to winding processing, with a monthly salary of 1,500 yuan. There are more than 383 people in the workshop from the stone area, like Liu Zhu, is more than 383 people. It is reported that this year will take the initiative to divert the four labor intensive poverty alleviation works this year. According to the employment needs, it is recommended to recommend easy to relocate labor and poor labor. Nearly employment in the ground.

At present, there are more than 383 workshops, of which China magnetic Shangshan Technology Co., Ltd. has been developed 100, and Hyde Traditional Craft Development Co., Ltd. absorbs 190, Jane Food Co., Ltd. absorbs 93. At the same time, to all townships and streets release "Notice on the Poverty Alleviation of Poverty Alleviation Workshops", and actively recommend poverty labor. At the same time, from the Stone District, the "online spring breeze action" and employment assistance activities are organized to build a supply and demand service platform for the majority of laborers. It is also recommended to recommend poor labor employment and easy relocation of labor. At present, 108 household workers (units) have been collected, providing more than 3,300 jobs. Public welfare position resettlement solves the public welfare positions provided by the poor "employment difficult" "government, so that I can make money at the door, I am happy!" Feng Yueming is a forest man in Tang Zhen Village, Red Eye-seek Township. As a poor household, he cherishes the post of this ropes.

It turned out that Feng Yueming was mainly based on nurses, and all spending can only rely on him. In his heart, I have always hope to find a stable job and let a family live a good day.

On the occasion of Feng Yueming, the Wishi District combined with its will, provided him a public welfare position.

Feng Yueming successfully became a forest staff and can receive 800 yuan for salary per month.

"The government given by the government, I will definitely cherish it." Feng Yueming said happily, this job not only gave him a stable income, but also made him more worthy, and harvested full of happiness. Today, work hard to work, go home, caught the cattle, let Feng Yueming feel very fulfilled.

It is understood that in order to solve the "difficulty", it is preferentially solves the labor or poor labor or poor labor of the Poverty alleviation by the establishment of the Yulin Cooperative, the government to develop public welfare position, the provincial employment poverty alleviation. At present, 362 public services have been developed, including 106 photovoltaic poverty alleviation power station administrators, 237 forest guards, and 19 new employment poverty alleviation. (王燕华) (Editor: Zhang Tingting, Chang Huizhong).

Shanghai has a "grandfather" in Shanghai, free to repair nearly 20,000 umbrellas in 7 years

  In 2016, Zhang Yongxing has been famous in the community.

Considering that two old people always have to receive strangers at home, not very convenient, there is not enough place to place various tools and materials, and the Leye Si Village Commission will take the initiative to include "grandfather" into the residential volunteers. "Home" service, and provides a small room at the bottom floor of the hunting committee, as a complimentary triuhi studio. Since then, someone else wants to find Zhang Yongxing during the day, and it will be able to find him in the studio.

In general, at 8:00 in the morning, the studio will open the door. Before 11 o’clock in noon, Zhang Yongxing will temporarily close home to eat, and then we will take it again in the afternoon, and have done dinner. When there is a job, Zhang Yongxing will work, when he is not live, he will open a small sound listening to music channel, holding a cup of tea. Some people don’t understand, ask him, do you stand in the small room every day, are you not bored? Zhang Yongxing feels that this kind of life is very suitable for him to help others’ tastes, especially good. "I want to go to play mahjong or in the community, I’m busy, I still don’t want it.

"Zhang Yongxing said with a smile. During that many umbrellas, did not have an error," Grandpa "of the umbrella, only 10 square meters.

After walking, you will feel the beauty of order.

  In the right room of the square, each corner that can be utilized, including the walls are utilized.

The center of the room is the work station of Zhang Yongxing. The cabinets and shelves on both sides are placed on various tools and materials. A person who is relying on the wall to take the umbrella waiting to rest, and the four-sided wall is almost hung up. Colorful. Long short umbrella.

Although the whole gives people a strong visual impact, it will not make people feel messy.

Two people enter the door,Hua Yun lazily changed her slippers,I just wanted to jump on the sofa and lie down,relax for a moment。But I didn’t expect Shen Yingjie to suddenly drag her behind her,Fierce force,Hua Yun almost called out in pain。

Just when Hua Yun was in shock,Shen Yingjie has rushed into the room directly opposite the living room like a javelin,There was a few muffled noises in it instantly。
Hua Yun immediately realized that a gangster had broken in,She tried to force herself to be calm,Then shivering and turning on the headlights in the living room,I was trembling again and wanted to take out my mobile phone from my bag and prepare to call the police,There was a fierce fighting sound from the balcony,With Shen Yingjie’s sweet drink from time to time,But there was no sound in a few seconds。
Shin Young’s outstanding business?Hua Yun feels something is wrong,Finally pulled out the phone,Dialed the police without hesitation。
“Sorry,Let’s finish。”A man’s hearty voice came from the balcony,Although it’s just a simple sentence to make Hua Yun thunderous,Surprise,She quickly cut off the phone in her hand,Go straight to the balcony。
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Six Regeneration incident
The man speaking is Li Tianchou,He came to see Liu Qiang in the county again,Before leaving, prepare to take a look at Hua Yun。Coincidentally met on the way,But Hua Yun didn’t find him,Li Tianchou also gave up the idea of meeting immediately,So as not to be discovered by Zhao Yong’s people,Cause unnecessary trouble。
He accidentally saw Hua Yun had a new man next to him,A beautiful girl,Didn’t catch his attention,But after following a few steps, Li Tianchou realized that he was looking away,Immediately adjust the stride and extend the distance。
The girl seems to be careless,But faintly reveals a murderous aura that is hard to hide。Besides, Shen Yingjie didn’t even try to cover up,Because walking with Huayun on the road is her most sensitive and nervous moment,The experience only a few days ago made her very alert。
Most people don’t notice,But in the eyes of experts,But it can be seen that Shen Yingjie’s murderous aura was acquired after long and severe training.。How sharp is Li Tianchou’s vision,Surprised but also happy for Hua Yun,I don’t know where she found such a character in a short time,Just by this vigilance,The beauty is not much worse than herself。
Li Tianchou was afraid of being discovered,Have to observe from a distance,I saw two people eating at a restaurant,No longer trailing。Suddenly on a whim,Li Tianchou decided to try the girl’s skills,Came to the garden apartment in advance。
On the balcony at this time,Although Li Tianchou is wearing a baseball cap,But his demeanor can’t hide from Hua Yun’s eyes,I saw him smiling,A long dagger in his hand is gently pressing against Shen Yingjie’s neck,And Shen Yingjie glared,A drying rack in his hand stabbed Li Tianchou’s armpit,But obviously she didn’t dare to move。Two people froze there like cockfighting,Hua Yun looked at the two dumbfounded,Can’t speak for a while。
“Ha ha,President Hua,Came in without saying hello,See and go。”Li Tianchou spoke first。
“How are you doing now?”Hua Yun’s voice trembled,She has dreamed of Li Tianchou many times,But I didn’t expect to see him again in this way。
“You are Li Tianchou?”Shen Yingjie has spoken,Speak fast,But obviously surprised。