China Teacher Development Report is released: "Hidden Worry" in the professional happiness

  For a long time, teachers’ profession are considered "the most glorious career under the sun." However, some experts said that now, the society’s excessive "sacred" for teachers’ occupation has made many teachers feel more serious. Recently, the "Chinese Teacher Development Report (2020-2021)" issued by Professor Liu Haimin, Professor, Northeast Normal University, Professor Liang Hongmei, etc. Li Guang is the executive dean of the Teacher Education Research Institute of Northeast Normal University.

He said in the 12th to interview with the new newspaper reporter, this praise reflects people ‘s expectations for people’ s idealization roles.

"Appropriate social expectations can be converted into the power and sense of responsibility of teachers, but excessive expectations will cause the psychological pressure of teachers.

Li Guang said that whether it is the public, or the teacher’s group itself, he should understand the teacher’s role from the "people" teacher and as a teacher’s "person" dialectical relationship to help improve the professional happiness of teachers. This. Why is the report pay attention to the development situation of primary and secondary school teachers’ professional happiness? Li Guang explained that China has basically built the largest educational system in the world. With the education change into the deep water area, teachers face a more grand mission and expectation, And unprecedented challenges and stress, professional burnout and happiness deletions have become an important issue that is urgent to solve the high quality development. "With the boom of global education reform, the development of teachers has become a major topic of global education development, to a certain extent, The quality of teachers determines the success or failure of education reform. Li Guang said.

  According to the report, the overall level of professional happiness in China’s primary and secondary school teachers is higher, but it faces the "moral kidnapping", the conflict between the "moral kidnapping", the relationship between the family, the implementation of the education policy, and the high-happiness index. "Dotted collapse" and other phenomena.

  Li Guang pointed out that the family school relationship is a unique dilemma of China’s basic education.

Under the wave of socio-economic and cultural reforms, the school no longer plays the character of absolute authority. The family school relationship has different education concepts. The responsibility border is unclear and other issues, and even the "exiting WeChat group" and other education hot events.

  Li Guang believes that society has challenged the traditional education method. At the same time, China lacks relevant education laws and regulations, and teachers serve as one of the protagonists in the relationship between home schools. It plays a key effect. While making a question, this report also tried to give a response measures. Li Guang said that the professional and happiness of primary and secondary school teachers direct the compensation, and teachers almost consistently increase the pay-by the main path as a professionally happiness. Recommendations for remuneration benefits mainly around two aspects: one is the level of focus pay treatment; the second is the focus of paying the resolution structure, and the initiative of the subject is stimulated.

  In addition, the report also suggested that the professionalism of professionalism can be improved by improving teachers ‘professionalism, grant professional security, strengthening professionalism, and strengthening professional stations and other measures to enhance teachers’ professional happiness. Li Guang said that in the context of the new era, Li Guang is concerned that the teacher’s professional happiness is the active choice of China’s compliance with social transformation and global education reform.

To achieve the professional development of teachers, you need to pay attention to human factors, that is, from "knowledge" to pay attention to "life", pay attention to the teacher’s main body needs to be happy with occupational happiness.

31 cases of new diagnosis cases in the province, including 8 cases of local cases

Original title: 31 new diagnosis cases in 31 provinces in which 8 cases of local cases were reported on the website of the Ministry of Health, the website of the National Health Committee. At 0-24 on November 16th, the new diagnosis of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps 31 cases. Among them, there were 23 cases of overseas input (14 cases in Jiangsu, 1 case in Yunnan, 1 case in Tianjin, 1 case in Shanghai, 1 case in Guangdong, 1 case in Shaanxi); Native cases (all in Dalian, Liaoning), 2 Examples are converted to confirmed cases (all in Liaoning). No new death cases. There are 2 cases of new suspected cases, all of which are overseas input cases (all in Shanghai).

  On the same day, there were 69 cases of newly discharged cases, 2,613 close contacts were released, and 2 cases were reduced by 2 cases before the day. Overseas input existing confirmed cases (3 cases of severe cases), existing suspected cases were 4 cases. Accumulated cases of 9919 cases, cumulative treatment of 9,541 cases, no cases.

  As of 24:00 on November 16, according to 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps report, there were 1257 cases of diagnosis cases (including 18 cases of severe cases), cumulative treatment of 92,475 cases, cumulative death cases 4636 cases , Cumulative report confirmed 98,336 cases, existing suspected cases of 4 cases. Cumulative tracking to close contact 129,9515, still in close contact in medical observation, 42,581 people.

  Thirty-province (autonomous region, municipality) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 15 cases of no symptoms, including 14 cases of overseas, 1 case (in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province); 2 cases of confirmed cases (no overseas input 23 patients observed in medical observation on the same day (21 cases of overseas inputs); 500 cases who are still inhabitable infected infections (352 cases of overseas).

  Accompanied by 28963 cases of diagnosis in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions.

Among them, 12388 cases (12099 cases of death, 213 deaths in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region), 77 cases (76 cases discharged from the hospital), 16,498 cases in Taiwan (848 deaths in the hospital).

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Consultation on the "spontaneous self-use, Yu electricity network" on the roof of the third-party investment park

  Question: At present, all localities are actively promoting the total number of photovoltaic development in the whole county, and the project mainly uses "spontaneous self-use and 余 电子".

As a power generation company, our company has signed a roof lease agreement with the roof owner of the park, and the contract energy management agreement, and the project has been allowed, and our company is planned to invest in the roof PV. The current project access cannot be implemented. The local power grid requires that "the whole village development and the third-party development of the industrial park project must access the public power grid".

The grid requirement must be the roofed photovoltaic roof of the roof owner’s own investment, in order to "spontaneously use itself, the 余 电网".

At present, the various production and manufacturers of the park have large-scale roof resources, but they invest in "electricity" projects. One is not professional, and the other is no cash flow. Enterprises are more willing to cooperate with third-party power generation companies to take advantage of electricity prices.

Excuse me: Whether the power grid requires "third-party investment project must access the public grid" in line with relevant regulations. Whether it violates the general policy. Whether it violates the distribution of "spontaneous self-utilitarian, 余 电 电网" policy.

  Message Time: Reply: "Several Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of PV Industries" (Guo Fa [2013] No. 24) Section (1) "Some Powerful Development Polaroid Power Market" Party Proliferate According to ‘spontaneous self-use, marginal Internet, grid adjustment’ method construction distributed photovoltaic power generation system "; Seventh (1)" Some Supported User Side Photovoltaic Applications "Summary" Open User Side Distributed Power Supply, Support And encourage companies, institutions, communities and home installations, use photovoltaic power generation systems. Encourage specialized energy service companies and users to cooperate, investment construction and management for users to power PV power generation and related facilities. "" National Energy Bureau Comprehensive Division issued Notice of Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation Demonstration Zone Working Plan "(Guo PET Adiant Energy [2013] No. 274) Section (4) suggests that" photovoltaic power generation project can be built from power users, or the contract energy management method can also be used. " "Notice on Printing and Distributing the Interim Measures for Distributed PV Power Generation Projects" (Guo Can Xinyi [2013] No. 433) Chapter 3, "Encourage all kinds of power users, investment enterprises, specialized contract energy service companies Such as project units, investment construction and business distributed photovoltaic power generation projects. "In addition," Notice on the Pilot Pilot of Distributed Power Generations "(Development Reform Energy [2017] No. 1901) Section 2 also proposed" distribution Power generation project units and distribution networks in the power transaction of power users in the distribution network. "

  It is recommended that you work in accordance with the above documents. Reply time: Reply unit: New Energy Division.

Beijing Dongcheng District gevestigd Garbage Classificatie "Five-Way Five-Level" volledig processysteem

  ■ Gecumuleerde propaganda training tienduizend uiteinden in het land, voer de supermarkt in, voer het hotel in, voer de venstereenheid in, accumuleer opleiding 10.000 velden (tijden).

Partij-leden en kaders in de regio namen de leiding in het ondertekenen van het boek, gecombineerd met de "party-leden en twee kranten", "het bureau kaders" en andere activiteiten namen deel aan de begeleiding van het vat en propaganda. 851 instellingen, staatsbedrijven en instellingen en residenti?le eenheden implementeren papierloos kantoor, gecomprimeerde wegwerpbenodigdheden, uitvoeren "CD-actie", gestandaardiseerde faciliteiten en logo, tijdig zelfonderzoek, "lamp zwart", enz. 49 sterrenhotels in de regio, 3309 catering-eenheden standaardiseren de geclassificeerde container- en identificatieomgeving. Alle gemeenschappen bevorderen ondernemingen met "kloppende actie", die twee rondes van mobilisatie (tijden), verbeterde binnenlandse vuilnis "verzamelen, die, die geclassificeerd is geclassificeerd", en "niet vervangen, niet getrouwd" onderwerpbewustzijn, effectief het bewustzijn van ingesneden bewoners bevorderen. Tegelijkertijd begeleidt het precies verschillende groepen, het inspireren van het belangrijkste leger, de rol van de primaire en middelbare schoolstudenten, en innovatieve "21 dagen die worden gebruikt om Japans te ontwikkelen" "Dannen die classificatie" en andere mobilisatieactiviteiten promoten, de kennis van classificatie bevorderen, markeer groene milieubescherming erfenis van het huis.

Hier hebben de bewoners het thema van het thema "problemen en ik niet lastig gevallen" "Garba" en andere werken, en handhaven van de aandacht van de vuilnis. ■ Vorm een ??reeks vuilnis die nieuwe modellen van het vierkante kilometers van de Dongsi Street Bungalow-gebiedsoorten sorteren, waarvan 1017 in het parket.

Vóór de invoering van de nieuwe "Regulations", de grootte van de bungalow gebied heeft een totaal van meer dan 20 ton afval.

Sinds 2019, de Oost-Si straat nam de leiding in het proberen om alle afval te verwijderen kan stoppen in het gebied van huisvesting, op basis van de versterking van de vuilnis binding van de bewoners, en de schoonmaak voertuigen werden schoongemaakt in de ochtend en avond vaste tijd.

Na de implementatie van de nieuwe "voorschriften", consolideerde het vlakke huisgebied de resultaten van de toilet emmer, slechts 8 emmerstations in de 16-bouwende gemeenschappen, en implementeerden 100% staren en de steeg bleef "Garbage Not Landing" Model, Advancement implementeren "Intrekking emmer + timed gedetailleerde manier om afval te verzamelen, 46 vuilnisklemathers in de steegreis, en 60 inwonersvrijwilligers zijn verdeeld in voertuigen om de taxonomie in te dienen.

Na meer dan een jaar, wordt de ander afval teruggebracht tot meer dan 10 ton, en het afval indeling van de bewoners vormt langzamerhand een gewoonte. Het einde combineert ook vuilnis classificatie en de schoonheid van de prachtige binnenplaats. "Small Garden", huurde professionele gardeningists, het uitvoeren van de "meest prachtige binnenplaats" evaluatie-activiteiten, zodat de mensen diep voel de uitgebreide voordelen van vuilnis classificatie. Dongzhimen Straat nam de leiding in de lancering van de eerste vuilnis indeling integratie supermarkt in Hu Jiayuan Gemeenschap, de oprichting van een groen integratie verlossing-account, enkele aflever keuken vuilnis 500g en recyclebare 250g kan 1 punt te krijgen, kan 20 punten worden uitgewisseld "switch vervanging ‘of’ Lijnonderhoud "Service, 30 punten kunnen worden uitgewisseld" Verlichting vervangen "enzovoort. Volgens de werkelijke behoeften van de verschillende buurtbewoners, heeft de dienst project werd continu toegevoegd, en vijf ge?ntegreerde uitwisselingen zijn voltooid, en meer dan 80% van de hele straten zijn gedekt. Nadat de prullenbak kan stoppen onder de 11e verdieping van Guangqu Homeli, Donghua City, Donghua City, is geüpgraded, en de afvalstiming wordt ge?mplementeerd.

Dit nieuwe spam-puttingstation wordt gebouwd door twee vuilnisbakken in de weg. Het is de eerste piloot in Guangxiao-gemeenschap om vuilnistiming te implementeren. Volgens de keuze van de meeste bewoners op de vragenlijst, is de afvalbezorgtijd ingesteld op 7:30 in de ochtend en 18:00 uur. Afval in de aangegeven tijd, faciliteer het beheer van de Gemeenschap en het onroerend goed bespaart meer humane resources.

  De Yin Street Chamber of Commerce heeft het systeem ontwikkeld van "zelfdiscipline Garbage Classification and Improvement Work Plan" en "Self-Discipline Convention", de weg, publiciteit en mobilisatie, lancering "die de catering en de CD van de afvalpraktijk van de catering en de afvalpraktijk zou stoppen, actie" initiatief om alle handelaren activiteit, en produceerde de overeenkomstige ‘mobile rode vlag’ en evaluatie-systeem, de evaluatie van de uitvoering van de resterende handelaren in de uitvoering van de projecten in de maandelijkse basis. Tegelijkertijd bevordert de wijk ook het netschotel om de winkel binnen te gaan, waarbij klanten "N-1" (dwz het aantal gerechten minder is dan het aantal mensen), de resten zijn verpakt, versterken de voedselcontrole, Het jaar, het eten en ander afval dalen 50%. ■ Verbeter de verschillende soorten bezorg- en verzamelysteem Dongcheng District volgens de category-samenvatting van de 9e categorie van 6,893 Classificatie Verantwoordelijke onderhavige informatie, het laten vallen en overlay van de ruimtegegevens zoals Wegnetwerk, Barrel Station, Redelijke Planning Facility Point and Collection Transportation Route . Niet alleen in de Oost-Si-straat, er zijn meer dan 100 steegje in het hele district, maar ook de afvalcollectie en straatreinigingsactiviteiten, implementeren van een uitgebreide ontwenningsbak, patrouilleren het transport en realiseerden "Vuilnis niet landing + garbage classificatie" .

Tegelijkertijd hebben de straten de recycling van recycling ‘omgekeerde express’ geopend voor bewoners om ervoor te zorgen dat de recycling van lage waarde "zou moeten ontvangen".

  Dongcheng District heeft ook een regionale, straat vuilnis classificatie en emissie registratiesysteem, en het totale aantal van de kritiek van de verschillende soorten afval, bevorderd afval, ingezameld, vervoerd en traceren van de bron tot verdere bron Hoeveelheid, het verbeteren van de indeling kwaliteit en de uitvoering van de Meetkosten.

  Tegelijkertijd mobiliseert Dongcheng-district de Grid-supervisor, de sanitaire voorziening Paulus, de externe supervisor "drie" vermogen in de front-end, en de bronclassificatie van het bucket-station is ge?nvesteerd in het hotline "12345", stedelijk managementraster Case. Punt, drang om de frequentie van het opruimen van de frequentie en de nachtbezorgingskracht te verhogen, blootstelling aan afval te verhelpen, vuilnishoorn is niet tijdig, het vatstation is vol met milieuproblemen; de backend regelt de inspectie van de geclassificeerde kwaliteit, implementeert "Niet-gekwalificeerd inspectie, , niet in rekening brengen ", deblokkeerde de illegale aanwijzingen om mechanismen over te dragen, de bovenste bereik te achterhalen, de verantwoordelijkheden voor classificatie implementeren. Vervolgens zal Dongcheng verder alle soorten afvalclassificatie en leveringssystemen, complementfaciliteiten, site, capaciteit en management verbeteren, standaardiseren van verzameling transportoperaties, en consolideren de "Nissan Daqing" van de binnenlandse vuilnis.

Bevorderde de bronvermindering, diepgaande praktijk "CD-actie", maak een einde aan afval, implementeren van relevante verbodvereisten, aanmoedigen en bevorderen van catering, zakelijke super-, fruit- en fruitmarkt om net gerecht te bevorderen, het gebruik van keukenafval bevorderen, het gebruik van keukenafval bevorderen controle en water controle en in situ verwerkingsfaciliteiten, het bevorderen van express, afhaalmaaltijden en andere industrie?n te implementeren verpakking reducties, en gemeenschappen aan te moedigen oude duur uitwisseling transacties uit te voeren.

Doe goed in het Normative Management van hernieuwbare hulpbronnen, speel effectief de stralingsrol van het Living Waste Classification-station, krachtig promoten van de Home Service van de Recycling Enterprise, en gebruik van marketization-methoden om verder hernieuwbare resources recycling, sanitaire voorzieningen, afvalclassificatie, flat-huis, huisvesting, afvalclassificatie, flat-huis te integreren eigendom en andere projecten, financi?le fondsen besparen. Richtende bewoners onafhankelijk geclassificeerde nauwkeurigheid, versterkende toezicht en wetshandhaving in de Gemeenschap, gericht op het gemengde bewijs, de implementatie van "ongeschoolde, niet-harmonieuze", speciale behandeling van afvalvervoer is niet tijdig en "tweede sortering" en andere problemen. Op 6 mei wees de "begeleiding van de classificatie van het binnenlands afvalwerk" die in Dongcheng-district wordt uitgegeven, wees erop dat Dongcheng-district streven naar het totale aantal demonstratiecellen in het hele district aan het einde van dit jaar, "val niet + Vuilnisclassificatie "Het patroon is volledig bedekt, en ten minste 3" getimede-puntsplaatsing "pilotcellen in elke straat worden voortdurend gepromoot naar de nieuwe trap.

WEN / WANG YIZHUI (Editor: Mensus, Gaoxing).

108: 103 Guangsha stopte alle Huaman Li-gevecht

Originele titel: 108: 103 Guangsha stopte de hele Huaman toonaangevende subsidue buitenlandse hulp CBA League derde fase gisteravond (10 maart) Vervolg, Zhejiang Guangsha vertrouwt op Hu Jinqiu, Sun Minghui, Zhao Yan, Feng Xin en anderen The Player Team Fights 108: 103 Om Guangzhou te verslaan, vermijdt 3 Games en Guangzhou eindigt 3 games.

Voor het spel is het basketbalteam van Guangsha Heren verbonden met twee wedstrijden en de rangorde van Jiangsu Men’s Basketball-team verloor, wat leidde tot een aantal ranglijsten op hun eigen lijst. Dus deze game wordt geconfronteerd met 14-cijferige Guangzhou Herenbasketbalteam, en Guangsha Heren Basketball-team heeft dringend een overwinning nodig en hun overschoolse hits hebben een grote bedreiging in de binnenlijn, dus deze game zal een bittere strijd zijn.

Er zijn veel fouten in de twee kanten, en het hit-tarief is niet hoog. De eerste twee teams hebben slechts 28 punten. Oorspronkelijk versterkte Zhejiang Guangsha Herenbasketbalteam ooit de verdediging, met behulp van de fout van Guangzhou Men’s Basketball-team, via Zhao Yanzhen en Feng Xin speelde om twee cijfers te sluiten, maar sneller in de eerste helft op het moment, ik maakte een kleine climax vanwege De eigen fouten van het basketbalteam van Guangzhou, achtervolgt punten op twee punten. Echter, deze game, het basketbalteam van Zhejiang Guangsha Heren besefte dat het niet kon vertrouwen op "drie minder" om te spelen, jongeren waren meer inspanningen dan de eerste twee wedstrijden, Zhu Junlong opende een drievoudige pointer, en speelde de rol van Boost Morale, en Dit is het spel, de hitsnelheid van Zhu Junlong is vrij hoog, de eerste drie secties duren 15 punten, 5 in 4, drie punten 3 in 3.

Hoewel de andere kleine buitenlandse hulp in de laatste sectie, 40 punten, maar het basketbalteam van Zhejiang Guangsha heren op het geheel, en de eersten duurt.

In dit spel heeft Guangsha opnieuw het korte plank van buitenlandse hulp blootgelegd. Raudus’s gebrek aan gebrek aan Guangsha heeft de interne lijn van de binnenlijn genomen; en de buitenlandse hulpkosten zijn zeer verkopen, maar het heeft veel effect, de tijd van uiterlijk ook beperkt, slechts 8 punten van 7 rebounds, Zhejiang Guangsha Heren Basketball-team vertrouwt voornamelijk op de hele Chinese Klasse-line-up won eindelijk het spel. (Editor: Guo Yang, Zhang Liwei).

Russian media: Russian Navy’s latest strategic nuclear submarine first sea trial, will test "Bulava" intercontinental missile

According to the Russian Navy’s latest 955A strategic nuclear submarine, the Russian Navy’s latest 955A strategic nuclear submarine, the first time I tried the sea. During this time, "Brava" intercontinental ballistic missile will be tested. According to the report, the report of the Russian military union was reported that the "Oreg" strategic nuclear submarine went to the White Sea on May 30 and started the first sea test.

The news also revealed that this sea trial will begin in early June earlier, but the possibility of planning changes is not excluded. However, during July 25 this year, during the Russian Navy Festival, the "Oreg" nuclear submarine will not deliver the Russian Navy Fleet. For Tasm News, the Russian shipbuilding enterprises in the "Oleg" were built did not comment.

According to the Russian Navy, the Nikola Evmernov Naval, the Nikla Evmelov Navy said before accepting the "Hongxing" interview, the Russian Navy will receive the "Oleg" strategic missile submarine before the end of 2021. Tascia reports that during this strategic nuclear submarine test, a "Brava" intercontinental ballistic missile will be launched from the water of the Cong Bunen Sea.

It is reported that the Russian Navy has 4 955 / 955A strategic nuclear submarines (ie the god of north of the North Breeze / North Wind – A).

The "Oleg" is the latest second "North Wind Game-A", and there are still three 955A types in different construction stages. According to data, the 955A strategic nuclear submarine has improved communication and detection systems, improves acoustic (stealth) performance, and the internal structure of the boat also has been significantly improved. Its underwater drainage is as high as 10,000 tons, which can be sailed at the speed of nearly 30, while having the smallest noise. Each 955 / 955A nuclear submarine is equipped with 16 "Bulava" subtracting intercontinental ballistic missiles, each missile is equipped with 6-10 nuclear warheads.

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US control gun big parade is difficult to invade the gun violence

  Xinhua News Agency, Washington, March 25 (International Observation) US Control Gollars, Bruity, New China The reincarnation of the victims of the Parcown Campus shooting, protesting the US government on the control gun problem.

  Analysts pointed out that the US government has only symbolic adjustments to the firearms purchase regulations after the shooting case, indicating that the influence of the growth gun forces is still difficult.

Most of the requirements of the gun now require young people, perhaps in their generations, they can really change the US firearms policy after they become the social backbone.

  Students "Parade for Life" participated in the control gun protests called "Parade" for life parade on the 24th.

The crowd gathered on the Pennsylvania Avenue between the US Congress and the White House, putting it in water for tens of meters wide streets.

  This is the second national demonstration parade after the US student held after the Pakland’s shooting, and is also the largest parade demonstration in Washington, Washington, January 2017.

  In the crowd, many slogans with black humor, the US National Rifle Association of the Schole, the Government of the Government and the government, condemning the politicians to say a set, criticizing the so-called "guns more security".

  "Will I am next?" A student wrote a high slogan.

  After shooting in the Parker campus, just more than a month, the United States has two campus shooting events. One of them is to shoot his parents in the school, and there is also a high school student to shoot girls due to emotions. In the face of campus shootings, students and parents’ fear are increasing.

  In addition to Washington, nearly 800 pairs of parade in the United States were held, and the number of participants was close to 2 million. There are also many other cities such as Berlin, Tokyo and Rome, there are also many people gathered outside the local US Embassy to protest.

  The politician "pretending in listening" although the protest sounds can hear a clear two in the Capitol, the Congress has not responded. Because the Congress began to be closed on the 24th, the members also returned to their respective constituencies.

On the other end of Pennsylvania, the White House owner Trump has also been flying to the south to play golf.

  Congress has just passed the 2018 fiscal year government budget, and there is not much to truly change the contents of the firearms issue.

US public opinion generally believes that at least before this year, Congress will not touch the gun legislation. Dedini Tall, who experienced the shooting of the Pakland Campus, condemned the politician to neglect the students’ voice, or only "pretend to listen". The "pretending in listening" in Tall, refers to some symbolic initiatives taken under public opinion pressures. For example, Florida Legislation will be 18 years old to 21 years old.

The US Department of Justice is also proposed to ban "hit the fire rifle" throughout the country, as this component allows a semi-automatic rifle to reach an angle of approaching the automatic rifle. In addition, the US Congress has also joined the funding of campus security and settlement guns on the review database of campus security and settlement guns in the budget.

  But in the opinion of control gun, some measures not only do not involve the fundamental, but it is possible to make the situation "馊馊". For example, the Florida government allowed the training-aged faculty to take guns after the Pakland campus shooting case, and Trump also publicly expressed this is a good way, "can deter to those who are changing." But many protesters believe that this idea violates common sense, because more guns will only make campus more dangerous, not safer.

  Hope or in the future analysts pointed out that politicians’ indifference is reason. Based on past experience, the voting enthusiasm in the election is often higher than the control gunpaign, and a candidate that supports control gun may not get too much support, and will suffer the fierce boycott of the guns. However, the intensive protests seem to be loose this soil, because many students participating in the demonstration will admire their rights in a few years, they or will become the main force of the guns in the future.

  The US media has recently been shown that 69% of the United States believe that it should be legislative to limit the use of guns, 55% in 2013 and 61% in 2016 have increased significantly.

  Some experts are expected that with the increasingly important political power that is increasingly important in the American society, the increasing part of the growing part of the American society will eventually arrive. However, this day may have waited for many years.


Red file 丨 Semi quilt is a good time to see 50 years unpredictable

  In early November 1934, the Central Red Army broke through the second blockade line set by the Kuomintang reactionaries, and began to pass the Yucheng County, Hunan Province.

  Encoured by the Kuomintang reactionary to deceive the rumor, the local people have fear the Red Army who has never seen before, many villagers hide on the hill.

Xu Ji Xiu, who lives in Shazhou Village, because it is still in the production, and can only stay in the home. But she quickly found that this force is totally different from the previous army, they neither grabbed things and did not hurt villagers.

Xu Ji Shi is vigilant to relax.

  So she let the three female Red Army who hides the rain outside the door home.

When I saw only a broken cotton in the bed and a broken clothes, the three female Red Army took out the only march to Xu Ji Xiu’s mother and child. When I left, the three female Red Army had to leave the march to Xu Ji Xiu, but Xu Ji Xiu said nothing, and a female red militarity found a scissors to cut the march to half-cut, leaving half a half.

  In this way, half of the quilts and a promise of a victory, let Xu Ji Xiu in the next more than 50 years, no longer let go of the concern & hellip; & hellip;

Qinghai Provincial Procuratorate Helps Migrant Workers to discuss more than 230 million yuan

  On August 12, the reporter learned from the Qinghai Provincial People’s Procuratorate that in order to fully perform the legal support to support the prosecution function, the reporter maintained the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers, and the civil procuratorial department of Qinghai Provincial Procuratorate will serve the safety of migrant workers as a norm. Chemical work is carried out to protect social stability, from January to July this year, helping migrant workers will recover more than 230 million yuan. The province’s civil inspection department combines traditional media and new media, in-depth construction, enterprises, communities, set up consultation points, production publicity exhibition boards, distribute publicity materials, use WeChat public account, shake, etc. to make short video, actively publicize "The People’s Republic of China Code" and "Guarantee Organizational Salary Payment Ordinance". While popularizing labor rights protection, the migrant workers will be guided to prosecutors when they encounter difficulties.

At the same time, strengthen the internal and external collaborative mechanisms, forming helping migrant workers to share the salary. Relying on the communication link-related mechanism established by the relevant departments, actively visiting the People’s Social Security Bureau and the Labor Monitoring Department, providing legal help for migrant workers. Xining Municipal People’s Procuratorate and related units have been assessment groups, and the city’s central government has been investigated for investigating the wages of the wages in the city. "Procuratorate a play chess" concept, establish criminal prosecution and civil inspection two-way clues transfer mechanism, comprehensive use of criminal, civil inspection, civil inspection, and the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers. In addition, use hearing and mediation, strive to solve the complaint.

Pay attention to social effects and check in cases in the case of supporting complaints. After accepting the case of supporting the complaint, the investigation is verified, and the company with payment ability, reconciliation will actively conduct mediation work. Through interpretation, it is actively facilitating the agreement between the two sides to reach a decision; for a large number of differences in bilateral, through the holding of the hearing to promote both parties.

  According to statistics, from January to July this year, the civil inspection departments of Qinghai Provincial Procuratorates received 164 cases of prosecution, and supported 168 pieces (including last year), including 153 people to sue, the court adopted support prosecution 65 Due to the re-explanation of the withdrawal of the support, the application or 40,000 yuan of review of 40,000 yuan is not complied with the termination of the prosecution conditions. According to reports, the next step, the civil inspection department of the Qinghai Province procuratorate will guarantee the salary of migrant workers as a normalized work, improve the political station, and pay the height of the help of migrant workers to improve the stability of social stability. Efficiency and social effects; at the same time, actively broaden the scope of support for prosecution, and help more vulnerable groups according to law by supporting prosecution.

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Shandong clear "Timetable" and "Road Map" in the Yellow River Basin Ecological Environment during the 14th Five-Year Plan Period

People’s Network Jinan December 3 (逄 Xinshan) On the morning of the 3rd, the Shandong Provincial Government Information Office held the "Yellow River Basin Ecological Protection and High Quality Development" Theme series of press conferences, Shandong Ecological Environment, the relevant person in charge introduced it. Population and Measures in the Ecological Protection of the Yellow River Basin.

Members of the Party Group of Shandong Provincial Ecological Environment Office, deputy director of the deputy director said that in recent years, Shandong has further promoted the ecological environmental protection of the Yellow River Basin, and has achieved remarkable results. For more than two years, the average concentration of fine particles () in the yellow nine city will improve 25%. The national control assessment section is fully eliminated with inferior V water body. The water quality of the Yellow River is stable in the Class II level, and the cumulative water for the Yellow River Delta wetland. Renovation to repair the wet area of ??the coastal area.

This year, the Shandong Ecological Environment Office completed the "Special Plan for Ecological Environment Protection of Yellow River Basin" in Shandong Province, which explicitly "timetable" and "road map" in the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" period.

"Planning" planned 2025 years, in 2035, the main goal of the ecological environment protection of the Yellow River Basin in Shandong Province has proposed the construction of the "three paragraphs of the Yellow River" three paragraphs ", that is, the upper section of the Yellow River forms the south of four lakes, Dongping Lake water safety feature The high-quality water source of the Yellow River Basin and the hysteresis city group in the middle section of the provincial capital of the provincial capital, the provincial capital, which is characterized by urban ecological livable, and created the national park characteristic of the Yellow River into Haikou Dahe Delta ecological conservation, and constructs riverside along the Yellow River. , Green ecological corridor with ecological construction of shoreline and beach area. In addition, in order to improve the operability of planning, focus on key regional key areas, it is proposed to implement the Huanghe Delta Wetland Ecosystem Repair Project, Taishan Regional Ecological Protection Repair Project, Dongping Lake Basin Ecological Protection Repair Project, Water Pollution Comprehensive Management Project, Atmospheric Pollution Six major key projects such as comprehensive governance projects, soil pollution control projects, planning 22 categories of 303 key projects.

Clarified the leadership of the organization, improve the "River Sea Coordination" governance mechanism, improve the value of ecological product value, strengthen the ecological environmental supervision, strengthen environmental protection technology and industrial support, prevent the environmental risks of environmental protection, and vigorously cultivate 7 guarantee measures such as ecological culture.

In response to the important task of "to strengthen the Yellow River Delta, Yellow River Dry Burning, Key Region Ecological Protection Repair", the department has formulated "Strengthening the Implementation Plan for the Implementation Plan of Huang River Dry Burning Ecological Protection Repair" "Yellow River Dry Flow (Shandong Section) Water Quality Stability Total nitrogen control special solution (2021-2023).

Wang Qing, director of the ecological protection department of the hall, "program" clarifies the specific goals of 2023 and 2025.

By 2023, 6037 in Huang County (City, District) completed all the rivers in the river, all the rural rural areas in the Huanghe Tan District completed the treatment of domestic sewage, the farmland deformation of the beach area did not directly discharge into the Yellow River through the dractom, of which Dongying City Realize the "zero emissions" of rice field, the water quality of the Yellow River Dry flow (Shandong Section) has a stable surface water level III standard, and the total nitrogen concentration is effectively controlled. The annual nitrogen in the Jinshui River and the Peking University Sandy River is less than 5mg / L, Yangxi The six rivers of the river, the dragon, the jade river, the Jinshui River, the South Dazha River, the Peking University Shahe River built "a moisture". By 2025, the Huanghe River Basin Ecological Protection Sample Zone, the Huang River Dry Broken Ecological Protection Repair has achieved remarkable results, and the stability of ecosystem is significantly increased, and the biodiversity is more rich.

In terms of key tasks, one is to hit the environmental problem of the Yellow River Basin, implement the comprehensive management of water pollution in the Yellow River Basin, the comprehensive governance of the Yellow River Basin, the soil pollution control project of the Yellow River Basin and the ecological environment rectification of the Yellow River Basin area. The second is to hit the ecological protection and repair of the Yellow River Basin, and build the Shandong Yellow River Ecological Corridor, respectively implement the Yellow River Delta Wetland Ecosystem Protection Project, Dadu River and Xiaofei River Regional Ecological Protection Renewal Project and Dongping Lake Watershed Ecological Protection Repair Project.

The third is to improve the ecological compensation mechanism of the Yellow River basin, establish longitudinal and horizontal, compensation and compensation, government and market organic combined Yellow River Basin Ecological Product value realization mechanism, strictly implement the provincial-level ecological civilization construction fiscal prize mechanism.

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