Three days ago,Lord of the Tang Dynasty‘Emperor Xuan’Amnesty,National celebration。

And the cause,But it makes Baiguan puzzled,It’s really the lord of the country and a Buddhist monk‘Jiang Liuer’Worship!
This Datang Country,Not the Great Tang of Earth History,It’s a vassal state of the ancient human race Daxia Dynasty。
These princes,Behind is a real fairy,It is said that there is some blood connection with the reincarnated body of the Taoist ancestor of the Three Qings,Also dominate a large area。
Because there is some blood connection with Sanqing Daozu,Naturally advocating Taoism。
Buddhism?What the hell is that!Not hostile at best。
Notice,The national policy of the Tang Dynasty is to do nothing but the old Huangxue,Not just the true ancestor,Even the gods rarely involve the mundane。
To govern the common customs,Lordship replacement,Are all hopeless gods,High status,After all, hopeless gods。
But it’s not low,Master the vast country,Even if it can only mobilize part of the force,It is also enough to make some casual cultivators not dare to be too contemptuous。
Such an immortal with a profound Taoist background,But befriended a Buddhist disciple who hadn’t become a monk,Amnesty,It’s also a miracle。
Buddhism,In fact, there is also the difference of refining qi and body,Refining is the refining of gods and demons,It’s just a bit more Buddhist mystery。
And Buddhism refining Qi,There is still some difference from the orthodox Daomen Qi refining。
Novice monk,In the ordinary, it means the little monk,And in the realm of Buddhist orthodox practice,It refers to the so-called innate Qi refining realm comparable to Taoism。
Sammon,Refers to the Buddhism monks in the realm of refining qi equivalent to the Zifu to Vientiane。
Bhikkhu,It refers to the realm of Yuanshen Taoist。
A man in charge of a huge territory,The power in the hand is so heavy that even the gods will be slightly jealous,Become a Buddhist disciple who is equivalent to the realm of Vientiane,Really surprising。
“Yuanshi,I don’t know how many generations you’re descended from,Did the Tathagata secretly tell him,That little monk is the reincarnation of the second disciple of Tathagata!”
“Candle dragon,You want to get in too?!”Sanqing Taoist looked at the black-clothed old man beside him,Shook his head。

“younger sister,You should know what Doctor Fang is……If he did this deliberately,I’m afraid it won’t be delayed for three days。This is just to observe the recovery of other parts of me,Make other decisions!”

Jackson said seriously。
“Yep,I’m so worried about my brother……”
Christina finished。
Hung up!
Fang Yu is still a bit dissatisfied。
This Fang Yu won’t get oil and salt,And ignore her pursuit at all。
Brother over there,Actually also worship Fang Yu so much,Really speechless!
When Christina sighed。
Phone rings。
“how about it,Is your brother getting better?Can attend the meeting of the day after tomorrow?”
Over the phone,A deep voice asked。
“Brother over there……”
Christina helpless。
This is here again!
“that,What we agreed before,Then void!”
Finished,The phone was hung up。
Christina is completely speechless。
She has to find Fang Yu to settle the account!
Fang Yu lost her money……

And compared to other faits in the same way,Take the left child of the mountains in the whole day.,Yue Lao San’s fighting experience is also richer,See the Buli people flexible,Also afraid,Torp is another wave……

The Chu Deirers are flexible.,Repeatedly avoiding Yue Lao San,But see him a pair of palm,Catch on the tree is a gap、Grapping on the stone is also a crisp,Some cold sweat on the head。
He can no protective skills,Only rely on internal force,I am afraid that I have to get some parts.……
However, the Chu Deirers have no bottom.,The mouth is not honest:“Win me?Hahaha,Catch the corner, even if I lose!”
After all, the sex of Yue Lao San,Chu Deirers are now asking for mercy late.,If you are angry, he is also called the trick.,Not breathe。
“Wow.!Small white face is killed!”Straight the Yue Lao three gas。
See more than 50 strokes,I haven’t taken the Chu Deirers yet.,Yue Lao three directly removed the crocodile shears——Compared to hard work in the hand,This Qimen weapon,Is his signature!
I saw Yue Lao San this crocodile shear.,Make up,And between the opening,Focus on crocodile head-shaped purple influence of a big circle than the giant cut,The rock blocks that are scraped are acoustic.!
at the same time,Chu Deirers also feel,鲲 游 虚 虚 吸 吸 吸 内 效 效 效,Enhanced a large cut。
Although it is also effective,But because Yue Lao San mainly makes hard work,Little internal force,At this time, the internal force is separated.,Over-time。
However, the Chu Deiren did not dare to say“Have a good time”,Because this Yue Lao San is seriously,I have a little in my eyes.!
Just borrow a chance,Jump,Papers in the purple crocodile imaginary head in Yue Lao Sanzhi,The next step is flying back,Skate some distance。
Then Duan Yu saw,Chu brother is like just before practicing.,Sword refers to his own eyebrow……
Not in“Essay”State,Chu Deirers can only play with unspeakable Yue Lao San!
And the Yue Lao, who was opened,It is a cold snoring,Go forward,The whole person is over,Put crocodile in the forefront,At the same time,Internal force,The whole person is flourishing。
Not only is the vain of the crocodile head,The body is also true,Just color is even more light,As if a huge arrogant crocodile drift,Rock along the way、Broken wood……
However, at this time, the world in the Eye of Chu,More different than before,I only feel that I’m smart.,And the mind is inspired by the mind,All kinds of steps to change the voids!
Chu Deirers,Indeed“familiar”,But this kind of familiarity,Just like just downloaded it.“Monster”、Selected weapon,Try each button over again,Tongxia。
In“Essay”In the state, with the enemy,Although it does not grow attribute,But it can make Chu Debans is a few thousand hunters.,Even the same equipment,It is also very different from the rookie.!
I saw that I just didn’t care seriously.,Not yet, some hands are busy,Great advantages of all by the body,Talent sulfan,Instead, after Yue Lao San is serious,More exciting。
Whether the Yue Lao three shots,Strong effects,Chu Deirers can hide with the bottom line,And continue to walk around,even……Can you still pay attention to Yue Lao,Pat behind him behind him?。
So,Make Yue Lao San feel the evil door is,This little white face is not only a lightweight scary,Time to take him with him,It seems that the whole body hole seems to open the gate.,Don’t pay attention to this internal force。
And with the time of hand,Chu deer people circumference forms a colorless squid,And around the air,Also seems to be the old home of the fish,Under the toss of fish,Set off a burst of“ripple”。
The squid can take advantage of it.,Yue Laosan’s crocodile shear,But in this north,Obviously some soil is not satisfied,Focus on the resistance that appears in air……
It is often coming out,Many internal power consumption,Power is only six or seven points,And this feels more and more obvious,Yue Lao, gradually calming down,Think of what you said before you do,I can’t help but regret in my heart.,The force has also went many。
But what is a great injury trick?,It should now be locked in the victory,However……not at all。
Don’t say it is powerful.,Chu Deirers now look at Taizu long boxing eyebrows——Taizu long boxing at least a shallow function。
Unfortunately, now.,And pure Taizu holiday,Chu Deirers also can’t use it。
In fact, just a simple tricky shelf.,Chu deer can use it,is not needed“equipment”。
The meaning of equipment is,Make the end of interest in a specific manner,As for the big road, only the road, the road that does not involve the transfer.,The Chu Deiren is used out,However……No endlessness,Even if you give a sword,I am afraid that it is difficult to break the hard work of Yue Lao San.。
Take a look at the time,The effect of melting is gradually dissipated,Chu Deirers are in a hurry,Also。
I saw that the Chu Deiren was referred to the body.,Pull the Yue Lao three out a flaw,Take advantage of him“Hit crocodile”Old,Come behind him,then……

Haruno Sakura and Miss Chan came off the commentary stage,Pass the microphones to the players in the upcoming game,The interview started with the Oscar team。

“Hello everyone!I am the captain of the Oscar team and broke up suddenly——pineapple,We never fight unprepared battles,But except today!”The pineapple across the air to the players of the opposing team of flowers and plants,Thumbs down gestures with a contempt。
“Hello students,Hello fans,I’m a scout of Team Oscar——Sweet orange,Don’t look at me sweet and round,Kill you at the critical moment!”
“Hello everyone!I am the medical soldier of Team Oscar——watermelon,Members of the Flower Team,Today I will let you know that watermelon juice is salty(idle)of,Because my teammate will not get hurt in this game!”
“Hello everyone!I am the armored rider of Team Oscar——banana,Team Huacao pay attention,Don’t tell me to run,Because then you can only eat ashes behind my ass!”Banana made a driving gesture with both hands and crashed into the opposite flower team member。
“The last speaker of the Oscar team,Is the supernova ace sniper who joined the team this year——Dragon fruit!Personal data average kills per game1.64,mortality rate0.65,The overall glory value is shocking8.49,His skillful、Huge potential,I think he will become a professional player just around the corner!”Mr. Sakata specially introduced Long Xiyue,Because this was specially arranged by Long Shao privately。
“There are no flowers in my eyes,only you——!”When the interview shot was given to Long Xiyue,He stood up and looked at the auditorium behind him。Everyone see,I saw a beautiful girl in a white dress sitting in the player rest area of the Oscar team,She nodded and smiled at the camera,It’s like a white lotus in the gentle wind and drizzle,Became the third kind of stunning beauty on earth that was lost in the moonlight and snow。
“Braun?Isn’t that classmate Bailing??!”Zhang Song was shocked。
“Lark goddess!Lark goddess!Lark goddess!”
“Lark goddess?She is the school flower of the University of Science and Technology!How can I sit in the rest area of the Communication University Oscar team?Isn’t she going to have sex with Young Master Long??”A reporter with a camera in Communication University said。
“Bailing actually rebelled?!This is big news……its not right,Didn’t she just announce that she called‘Lu Yi’Are you together?Which is called‘Lu Yi’Is it you?”The news agency sister suddenly asked Lu Yi on the side。
“Do not,not me……Probably just the name is close……”Lu Yi answered。
“I guess it’s not you!Why would she like something useless like you?”Senior Sister Lu Yi mocked。
“My master seems to be green……”Zhang Song called。
“Not so much……Aren’t they not together?”Anna Cao in a wheelchair said softly。
“Although they are not together……But others don’t know!In an interview last week, Bai Ling said that she was very good with Master!Became someone else’s Oscar team in an instant‘Family members’Up,Don’t say it’s my master,Even I can’t stand it!”Zhang Song Qidao。
“Is there such a big melon??”Feng Xichuan poked his head,Discuss with everyone。
“Although it’s a woman whose heart is fickle,But I am more interested in you, the master!”Guo Yinzhe squinted and smiled。

I only saw two big men rushed to the water.,Two people a ugly,But ugly,The shape is thin and full of face,Another person is more ugly,But the ugly fierce,People are also higher。

“It’s a three masters and winds.!”Abi surprise called。
Before the Chu Deirers were peers,Also saved them,But after all is not a man,Not necessarily, this kind of rivers and lakes are killed,At this time, I saw the true Murong’s own master.,This is loose。
The person is the four of the four family members of Mu Rong.——Package、Wind wave!
Murong is not only a Zhuangzi,Like four people,Each is also small,The package is different from the Golden Zhuangzhuang、The wind is evil is the master of Xuanzhuang Zhuangzhuang……
“Hahaha,A bishi girl wants to worry,Sometimes,Screaming A Zhu son’s water clear,Four brothers make them pay!”Wind wave is smiling,Not worried about how many others,Even somewhat excitement。
Abi and A Zhu although“Grandfather”,But actually is not the people who serve people.,Otherwise listen to the fragrant water、Qin Yun, building these Murongshan Zhuang near island,I will give them to care.?
“what?Miss Table is also?My family went to Shaolin,If you want to find a son,Can walk with my brother。”The package also saw Wang Yizhen at this time.。
Wang Yizhen just wants to open,But hesitated,But I turned to see Chu Deirers.,She hasn’t forgotten in the three chapters of the previous law。
Packages different from the pseudonym,Actually a young man’s opinion,Can’t help but ask:“This young man is?”
“kindness?Quite happy……wrong,So many years of rivers and lake friends are damaged,What is I am happy??You don’t want to ask!”Chu Deeng Yi Zheng said。
The package has always been good to the profit,However, and the Chu Deirers are not a number of ways.,I gave a lot of。
A Zhu,I quickly explained the identity of Chu Deirers.,Special emphasis is that he saved himself and Abi in Manta Villa.,Solve three、Four masters。
“It turned out to be the family of Wang Mrs.,Thank you for helping me two sisters before.,Thank you, Thank you, Miss Miss.……”The wind wave is heard of the Chu Deirers.。
Chu Deirers did not understand,This situation is,Not counting a mother,Let’s take it.。
“Not dare,The lady was just scared by them.,As for Wang girl……I am taking the lady.,Taking Wang girl walking on the rivers and lakes,There is no relationship with Mu Rong.。”Chu Deirers shook their heads。
certainly,Packages and wind wave evils can be understood,Mrs. Wang is absolutely not“Scare”。
And the two also heard the Mrs. Wang.,This seems to have a lady with“outsider”the meaning of,This area is different and the wind wave is the man.,Ai A Zhu、Ai is naturally different。
One is in them,Miss people are very good,Love for my own son,As for the lady of my son, Miss Table is not close.,Both two people are not so sensitive,Two is also replaced by my son“overbearing”,I always feel that Wang Yan is really a true and others.,There is a kind of Murong’s feeling……
Murong Fu……Is not green!
“Not too,Miss Miss and my Gongzi,How can I say that it doesn’t matter??Chu Shaoxia is a mother of Mrs. Wang,But it should also know that。”The bag said differently。
Originally, the rice is gone by the wind wave.,I want to take the opportunity,But seeing the people of Murong,Actually, I and Chu Deirers.,Masterk,Others come to see revenge“Bitter”,Nothing,One heart in the heart:Play、Play……
“Your son is really emotional,Big can tell a white look,As for the intensity pro……Now I am a guardian of Wang,It is also what I am,It is also Murong‘lose’,To say this‘between’our,Also two‘cheap’Bar?”Chu Deirers said all the way to the stick。
And my road is yin and yang strange?That’s it、That’s it?
“Stinky boy!Mo juggling,See you saved A Zhu、Abi’s part,The wind is all the best!Loss quickly,Splash you a blood!”
Chapter 70 All flashed me……
Pack different like to fight,And the wind is evil likes the hand!
Not to tell the Chu Deirers,And provocative is not just a Chu Deirers,Mainly still in other“Bitter”,Sputplace?Who is it??
“It seems that Murong family is settled.?”
“Murong Mountain, Zhuang Guo, I have to be enemies with the martial arts.?”
“Chu Shaoxia,And this madman,We don’t have to talk to what the rules of the rivers and lakes are……”

I stared at him for a while,Rhetorical question:“What do you think?”

Paul and I looked at each other for a while,Finally shook his head gently。
“Who made me see you not pleasing to my eyes,,But you shouldn’t make it so,She wouldn’t be so ignorant!”
I took a sip of wine,A little silence。
“What a strong feeling will pass by as the years go by,You will meet a woman who makes you love,I quickly hide her in my heart and slowly forget。”
I patted Paul on the shoulder,Drink a glass of wine in one sip,I put down a banknote and turned away。
I can’t think of anything unexpected,This should be my last meeting with Paul。
But i didn’t expect,The facts are completely different from what I imagined!
Not long after I returned to Chen Ning’s apartment,Someone knocked on my door!
The bodyguard walked over and took a look,Whispered to me the police。
What is the police looking for?
I let the bodyguard open the door,ID card shown by the police at the door。
“Mr. Chen Ning, right?”
Middle-aged police officer looking at me,There is a picture of me on his phone。
“Hello police officer,I am Chen Ning,What on earth happened?”

Facing Xiangyang’s doubts,Ling Yun is also fluent,Don’t worry about your grades。

“you guys……You guys are good!Clean up by yourself!”
I feel my kindness has been abused,Xiangyang put down the dishes,Xiangyang rushed out。
“Don’t make false accounts when handing over the work!Otherwise, kill you two!”
Xiang Yanggang left,Meng Bo and Ling Yun sighed helplessly,Xiangyang suddenly killed the carbine,Let two people sprinkle rice directly。
Seeing Ling Yun and Meng Bo,Xiangyang left contentedly。
“Ling brother,This is a good girl!If you don’t cherish,But it’s cheaper for other grandsons!”
After the door is closed,Meng Bo imagined the back when Xiangyang left,Can’t help but sigh that there are really not many girls like this!
“Is the meal not tasty??I can’t stop your mouth?”
Ling Yun frowned and asked。
“Blocked mouth,But can’t stop people’s hearts!”
Meng Bo retorted,Let Ling Yun stop talking to him。
Chewing the food in your mouth angrily,For people like Ling Yun who don’t know how to cherish,As a friend,Meng Bo thinks he has an obligation to remind him to cherish the person before him!

I looked at Han Yu Xiang and then fell silent,The way children think is really different from that of adults。

“Really forgive?”
Xiang Chen seems to be unwilling to give up,Asked again。
“Of course!Mom said everyone will die,Since everyone will die,Why should i be angry?Just thinking that everyone will die,I will be sad,But I am also willing to forgive everyone!”
Listen to the elegant answer,The adults around have their mouths slightly open,Don’t know what to say。
From meeting this little girl,Everyone feels that she has excessive indifference,And after she met Xiang Chen,This indifference weakens a lot。
Until now,Everyone thinks that no one can have a sincere heart with a cold expression?
Everyone who looks at elegance,There was a slight change in my eyes quietly,Including Xiang Chen and Han Yuxiang。
“News from headquarters,For the sake of your demerits,Hungry Wolf Group.One-thousandth of that is realised to you。”Long Qi, who was sitting in the passenger seat, said to Xiang Chen。
“Five thousandths,Think of a clean way,To this child and her mother!”
Xiang Chen continues to tease this elegance,And they don’t know the elegance of the numbers in Xiang Chen’s mouth.,I don’t seem to care about the conversations between Xiangchen and others。
“Dragon Head’s Command,We cannot change!”
Drove Longsi coldly,But Xiang Chen doesn’t give any face。
“The old man surnamed Qu must have given you one percent permission,I deliberately asked you to say a thousandth to test my bottom line,I just thought that taking too much is not good for the little girl in the future,Don’t think I am afraid of you,Otherwise, let the old boy named Qu come and talk to me in person!”

Now let’s briefly introduce Russia’s privatization process.。

background:After the collapse of the Soviet Union,Russia to establish a market economy,Radical“Shock therapy”,The purpose is to make the state-owned enterprises,Convert all to private ownership。
Just one sentence,The property of the whole country,To the common people。
They one-sidedly thought,So even if privatized,The market economy will be unimpeded。
simply put,Russia’s privatization process is divided into two stages。
The first stage,1992year6Month to1994year6month。
At that time Russia had1.48Billion people,The country took a valuation of1.48Trillion rubles of assets,About one-third of companies in Russia。
Package these companies into1.48Billion securities,Face value1Ten thousand rubles,Free to everyone in the country,One per person,So these securities have become“National Securities”。
But the Russian people had a difficult life,You can only exchange securities for food and other daily necessities,So a lot“People with lofty ideals”Take the opportunity to buy these national securities in large quantities at low prices,Which gave birth to a large number of“small”Financial oligarchs。
second stage,From1994year7Month later。
The main approach is,The remaining two-thirds of Russian companies,Take it all out and sell it for a fee,But because the price is too low,The acquirer can use one percent of the actual value,Even one-thousandth of the price won the enterprise。
So after the second stage starts,A big banker with a lot of money in his hand,Began to frantically acquire companies from the state at very low prices,Which gave birth to multiple giants“Big”Financial oligarchs。
The seven Russian financial oligarchs that were famous all over the world,Was formed during this period。

[Cooked Chicken Tricks]_Good Food Practice_How to Make Good Food

[Cooked Chicken Tricks]_Good Food Practice_How to Make Good Food

Chicken is a big dish on the table of every household. The Chinese people who love to eat chicken for hundreds of years have also invented various and unique dishes.

But most chicken dishes are cut into pieces. Today we are going to mention chicken shreds for cooking.

The chicken is cut into filaments and has a more delicate texture. Combining it with cold dressings, it has both the heaviness of chicken and the refreshingness of cold dishes. It is the first choice for meals.

Ingredients: chicken breast, mung bean sprouts, cucumber, seasoning: raw powder, wine, garlic, wolfberry, fish sauce, sesame oil, salt, white sesame.

2. Clean the chicken breast, add some cooking wine and raw flour, knead for 5 minutes, and marinate for 20 minutes; 2.

2. After cleaning the bean sprouts, remove the roots, put them in boiling water and simmer for 10 immediately and remove them into ice water;

Pour out the ice water soaked with bean sprouts; 4.

4. Put chicken breasts in boiling water (about 90 degrees) just covered with bean sprouts, cover the pot according to the thickness of chicken breasts and let them soak for 5 to 10 minutes, then take out and immerse them in ice water; 5.

5. Peel the chicken along the lines and add to the bean sprouts; 6.

Add cucumber shreds; 7.

Add mashed garlic; 8.

Add the right amount of fish sauce; 9.

Add sesame oil, wolfberry and white sesame; 10.

Add just the right amount of salt.

6 Tips for Superb Cold Shredded Chicken: 1.

The bean sprouts should be simmered to remove the fishy smell, but the bean sprouts must be fast. Just turn it a few times with a spoon, and it should be out of the pot within 10 seconds, and it must be washed with cold water or put in ice water.Keep the sprouts crispy; 2.

The chicken breast must be tender and tender. In addition to the previous marinating, today’s trick is to use about 90 degrees of boiling water, put the chicken breast, cover the lid, and soak for 5 to 10 minutes depending on the thickness of the chicken breast, the chicken breast taste will beVery tender and slippery; 3.

4. There is not much garlic in the salad, one is to increase the aroma, and the other is to have the germicidal effect; 4.

Today, fish sauce was added. Fish sauce is made from small fish and shrimps. It is a delicious juice obtained after pickling, fermentation, and refining. The color is amber, and the taste is salty and umami.


Goji berries and sesame increase nutrition and enrich the taste; 6.

The final salt can be adjusted according to the amount of fish sauce in front, because the fish sauce is also salty; these are the 6 secrets of the best cold chicken in summer.

With a bowl of cold porridge, this time it was fun!