While speaking,The red light in Bei Gongwang’s eyes is getting stronger。

Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Tao:“You do not want《Hero Summon》Up?kill me,You won’t get anything。”
Bei Gongwang actually thought about it very seriously,Shook his head:“You killed her,We are on the same boat,I will keep you。”
Lu Menglin turned his head and looked at Mu Feiyan,Smiled:“Miss Mu,We are dying,You don’t have anything to defend yourself?The elders in the family should prepare for you!What forbidden curse!Great sacrifice!Really not?”
Mu Feiyan smiled sadly,Shook his head in embarrassment。
Till now,She can’t even tell the attitude of the hero Lu,What this guy said is strange,Seems to be indicative,But it makes people very speechless。
“Kill if you want,Don’t be hypocritical!But I want to remind you,Bei Gong Wang Langzi ambition,You know his secret,May not live long!”Mu Feiyan smiled sadly。
“like,Also has some truth。Forget it!”Lu Menglin smiled and nodded,Straighten up。
Bei Gong saw him still hesitating,Can’t help but frown。
“Sorry,I never kill women!Brother Bei Gong,It’s better to stop here,we
When nothing happened,good or not?”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
“it is good!well!Then you go to die together!”Bei Gongwang no longer waits and sees,Red light in the eyes,Hand furiously,Dazzling,Turned into an arc,Broke through,Cut to Lu Menglin’s chest。
Bei Gong looks at this shot,Is force,Without reservation。

A moment of effort,The person who was hugged and bitten by him stopped moving,And the other person was scared to death,Have lost the courage to continue fighting。

“by!What kind of monster is that!Bros,Copy guy,Hack him!”And Liansheng’s new leader finally couldn’t help it,Roared loudly。
The subordinates are greatly embarrassed in front of Mr. Lu,The face of the new leader is not good,Can only order a swarm,Tried my best to bring back this city。
At this moment,The police officers present also commotion,They can’t allow the community members to draw their swords in the street so arrogant,But that lunatic who can kill people can’t help but clean up!
“Back off!All back!Hand it over to the police!”A senior inspector draws out his gun,Roar loudly。
Under the order of the top police,At least a dozen police officers present at the same time drew their guns and pointed them at Niu Qiuye。
“Stop now!Let him go!Squat on the ground with your head in your hands,Otherwise we will shoot!”The police yelled。
now,Niu Qiuye is like a bloodthirsty beast,Completely lost basic sanity,Still holding the hapless gold medalist,Gnaw。
The senior inspector couldn’t help it,Loudly:“shot!shot!”
Gunshot!At least a dozen police officers fired at the same time,Because they can’t bear it anymore。
Who has seen such a tragic sight,Ate a big living man to death on the street?This is a real monster!
The bullet hit Niu Qiuye’s body,Beat him back again and again,Strange sounds like bulls roar constantly from the throat。
at last,Niu Qiuye lying on the ground,There is only a heavy gasp,Several bullets,I haven’t died yet,It can only be said that his vitality is really a bit strong。
“Look over!”Seeing that the weird man has lost his mobility,Senior Inspector waved,Several police officers boldly stepped forward,They want to check the status of the weirdo。
I don’t know how many police officers approached,Niu Qiuye’s belly suddenly bulged like a balloon,And the bigger the bigger,In an instant, even the belly became crystal clear and translucent。
“Retreat!All back!”At this moment,Lu Menglin frowned suddenly,Shouted。
Those police officers froze for a while,Involuntarily took two steps back。
In an instant,I only heard a loud bang,Niu Qiuye’s whole body suddenly burst and exploded。
The shock wave from the explosion sent the police officers to the ground.,And the blood that exploded when his body shattered,But splashed those police officers all over their faces。

Even though they have been prepaid,But these days,That’s superfluous, none of the leaders came,What kind of situation is this??

Why is this company a big company?,It can’t be like this without anyone。
Qin Feng knew what these people were thinking,He walked straight in。
Many people know Qin Feng,So everyone stood up and shouted:“President Qin。”
“Cough,This period of time,Really sorry,Because I met some emergency,The phone can’t be turned on,So there is no way to arrange some things,This also caused everyone to be negligent,I’m really sorry。”
Qin Feng said seriously, too,After speaking,He still bows。
moment,Everyone else is in a hurry。
Other dormitories have also come,Because they all heard Qin Feng’s movement。
“Qin Feng is back,What’s going on?Appearing now?”
“Didn’t you hear?Something went out,There is always no way to turn on the phone,Otherwise, why do you think you are not here??”
“Ugh,This thing seems to be the same,Otherwise,Who is full and needs so many of us??”
Many people started whispering directly,They also know very well that they have something here。

[Formula and practice of quicksand stuffing]_How to_Method

銆 愭 祦 娌 嬓 曓 勯 勯 勯 Holding the hot pot of pottery pots
Unknown and unsophisticated Unesco  浜 洪 兘 銆 勗 埽 埆 Cang 悽 Cang 悽 Cang 椋 燂 纴 琗 埗 圆 浜 浜 Play the pot’s 椋 椋 憋 殩 囤 囨 尽 婱 峼 峼 峆镊繁浠婂ぉ鑻﹁嫤鍋氬嚭鏉ョ殑缇庨锛岀粰鑷繁鐨勫浜哄悆锛屼粬浠寰楀浜哄悆鐨勫紑蹇冩槸鏈€骞哥鐨勪簨鎯咃紝鎵€浠ヤ粬浠細涓轰簡瀹朵汉鐨勫垢绂忔悳瀵诲悇鍦扮殑灏忓悆锛屾祦娌欓鏄竴绉嶆瘮杈冨嚭鍚嶇殑灏忓悆锛岄偅涔堟祦娌欓鏄€庝箞鍋氬嚭鏉ョ殑鍛紵闈㈢毊鐨勬潗鏂欙細闈㈢矇250鍏嬨€侀叺姣?鍏嬨€佹场鎵撶矇2鍏嬨€佺墰濂?0 What’s the matter? What is the difference? Argon is the last thing you want?涓€佺櫧绯?5 What about paper? 2 Ad?锛夈€佺墰濂跺皯璁搞€侀粍娌瑰皯璁稿仛娉曪細1銆佹妸闈㈢矇銆侀叺姣嶃€佹场鎵撶矇鍔犵墰濂舵弶鎴愬厜婊戠殑闈㈠洟锛岄ェ15鍒嗛挓2銆佸捀铔嬮粍钂哥啛锛岀敤鍒€鑳岀⒕纰庯紝鍔犵硸銆佺墰濂跺皯璁搞€侀粍娌规贩鍚堣皟鍖€锛屾垚棣呭効3銆佹妸闈㈠洟鎼撴垚闀挎潯鐘讹紝鍒嗘垚10绛変唤锛岀敤鎵嬪帇鎵?銆 丢 棣 呮 呮 叡 握 鏡 握 Fear of 湪 闱 ㈢ 斊 璊 駾 咾 廾 璱 雙 珴 鏀 鷺 倛 逅 個個 尽 尽 尽 尽 尽 尽 尽 尽 兽 尽 兽 尽 兽 倽 倽銆 佷 笂 鍐 锋 铌 和 璴 璴  伀 钂?0 闒 嗛 捓 鍗 堗 勲 吧 鐧  悗 悗 悗 悗 悗 悗鍒嗛挓鍚庡啀寮€鐩栵紝鍑洪攨绉佹埧璇濓細鐗涘ザ涓嶅疁澶锛屽皯璁稿嵆鍙紝鍙槸鎻愬懗鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€Effectiveness of the problem: the tricks and tricks in the drama:  : What are you going to do?What is the pot?1銆佹妸鎵€鏈夌殑鏉愭枡鎻夋垚鍏夋粦鐨勯潰鍥紝鍙戦叺鑷?Link ぇ ad?2 銆 妹 妸 鍙 叺 叺 参 界 揂 界 旑 闱 ㈠ 掟 撴 垚 雀 蓀 擔 揔 钟 菹 纴 鍒 嗘 垚 10 绛 尉 尀 尀 尤 嫔 垪 哫 嬫 嬫3 銆 佸 獢 賐 诲 ソ 氶 氶  揂 椤 备 鍑 Monkey 獒 嗘 垚 垚 10 簛 尾 逾 逬 逬 雗 盰 雗 盏 雏 盏What do you want to do? Do you have a hard time? 54. If you want to read it, please click on it. 54?0 鍒 挓 鍗 冲 彲 6 壣 呮 撡 氡 揭 珶: argon 四 囶 婂 區 哔 哮 咍 咂咂 咂 咾 図 庳 唳 凲 尤 専 専 尽 尽 尽 尽 尽 尽 尽 尽 尽 尽 圽 尽 尽 尽 尽 圽 尽娣峰悎锛屾渶鍚庡姞鍏ラ粍娌癸紝灏嗘墍鏈夋潗鏂欐贩鍚堝潎鍖€锛屾斁鍏ュ啺绠卞喎鍐昏嚦缁撳潡锛屽緟鐢?

[Chicken Breast Weight Loss Recipes]_Slimming_How to Eat

[Chicken Breast Weight Loss Recipes]_Slimming_How to Eat

For many people who want to lose weight, chicken breast is a better choice.

This is because the chicken breast contains high-quality protein that can promote muscle tissue growth. At the same time, the trace content in the chicken breast is very low. Eating it properly will not cause the problem of weight gain and achieve the effect of losing weight.important.

1, buy the main ingredients-chicken breasts!

Usually large supermarkets such as Carrefour, Tesco, Wal-Mart, etc. sell chicken breasts that are much cheaper than the vegetable market, and are very fresh. Buy more at one time and save money.

Note: There are also chicken breasts that I haven’t tried. I can try them.

2. Don’t worry about cutting horizontally. Take out the needed part first and put the rest in the freezer to keep it fresh.

Then sharpen the Hooche chicken breasts!

Cut the chicken breast into the shape you want. It can be sliced, sliced or stripped. Remember: the fiber of the chicken must be cut horizontally!

Soak in water for later use.

3. Grab the most important part over and over again!

Remove the cut chicken breasts (I’m a small piece), put them in a large bowl, put in the right amount of cooking wine, the right amount of soy sauce (you can add black pepper powder), and repeatedly scratch.

4. Add the seasonings and find that there is no excess liquid in the bowl, then put in some starch (large half a spoon?

Look at it, don’t make it into fried chicken), then continue to knead until you feel that there is no starch on the chicken.

Note: The steps of starch, cooking wine, and soy sauce must not be mixed together, as it has no effect.

5. The last step of the simmering water is very different. You can choose: cold scald, hot sauce, frying pan, oven baking and other methods. If you master the time, you will find that the chicken really becomes as tender as the restaurant!

Put it on vegetables, pour some salad dressing or Thousand Island Dressing, and start eating directly.

Conch Cement (600585): Profit hits record high and faucet continues to expand

Conch Cement (600585): Profit hits record high and faucet continues to expand

Note: Unless otherwise specified, the currency unit here is converted into RMB.

  The company’s 2018 revenue was 1284.

03 billion, previously +70.

5%; net profit attributable to mother 298.

14 trillion, +88 a year.

05%; net profit after deduction is +111.

81% may send out a golden bonus of 1.

69 yuan.

  The trading 苏州桑拿网 platform helped promote the rapid increase of market share. The self-produced and sales volume was affected by the environmental protection error peak: the company’s comprehensive sales volume of cement clinker in 20183.

68 billion tons, a sharp increase previously24.

77%, far faster than the industry growth rate, of which the sales volume of the trading platform is about 7,000 euros, which has increased 12 times every ten years, which has helped the company to expand and increase rapidly, showing the company’s market share and control as a leader; in addition, its own production and sales volume2.

9.8 billion tons, an increase of 2 in ten years.

69%, slightly lower than the national cement output growth rate of 3% in 2018, which was mainly affected by the core and core markets of East China last year. Environmental impact 返回码: 500 网站打不开?重查 peaks and restrictions on production were severely affected. We estimate that the company ‘s self-production and sales of Q4 can only be slightly reduced (last yearIn November and December, the monthly output of cement in Anhui Province was -7 per second.

34%, -4.


  Multiple favorable factors resonate, and the profit hits a record high: the company’s self-products ton revenue in 2018 was about 328 yuan, an increase of 81 yuan, of which Q4 ton revenue reached about 364 yuan, a substantial increase of about 37 yuan, mainly due to the peak season demandNew start-ups are pulling ahead of expectations, overlapping the environmental protection peaks of the Yangtze River Delta in autumn and winter, overcoming the supply of energy-saving and power-restriction, multiple favorable factors resonate, and pushing prices in East China to a record high.

The company’s profit has therefore reached the best level in history. In 2018, the gross profit per ton of self-products was about 154 yuan, which was increased by about 66 yuan each time. Among them, the gross profit was estimated to be about 180 yuan in Q4 tons.103 yuan, an increase of about 50 yuan per year.

  Cash cows with continuously optimized capital structure, expanding internally and externally to maintain expansion: In 2018, the company’s net operating cash flow was 360.

59 billion, an increase of 107 previously.

68%; cash in hand at the end of the period was 37.6 billion, interest-bearing debt was only 13.5 billion, and the asset-liability ratio continued to fall to 22.

15%; financial expenses turned negative to -4.

7.4 billion; abundant cash flow also lays the foundation for the company’s internal and external expansion of the continuous expansion. It reports that the merged company acquired Guangying Cement, overseas projects continue to progress in an orderly manner, and aggressively expand the aggregate business; the company plans to have capital in 2019Expenditure is about 10 billion yuan. It is expected to increase cement production capacity by about 400 replacements (excluding M & A) and aggregate production capacity at 1,700.

As there are still too many positive expansion expectations, the company’s dividend rate for 2018 is 30.

04% has fallen, but the dividend yield is still close to 4 at the latest closing price.


  Investment suggestion: The company has obvious advantages as a leader, leading the industry in profit, and maintaining continuous expansion through internal and external expansion; and industry demand can still be transformed, and the supply layout is good. The company’s EPS is expected to be 5 in 2019-2021.



79 yuan, corresponding to the latest closing price of PE respectively 6.



21 times, PB is 1.



15 times; based on historical estimates over the past three years (average PB1.

62 times), considering the company’s ROE profit center moved up in the past three years, giving the company 1.

85 times PB, quantified net assets in 201924.

63 yuan, corresponding to a reasonable value of 45.55 yuan / share; the latest closing price of H shares is 5 relative to A shares.

27% premium, so based on the current A and H share premium ratio and exchange rate calculation, the reasonable value of H shares is 56.

09 made / share.

Maintain “Buy” rating on A and H shares.

  Risk warning: demand worsens severely, the industry’s supplementary supply exceeds expectations, and collaborative shutdowns rupture

Lanyan Holdings (000968): 18-year performance meets expectations Shanxi Gas Resources Integration is worth looking forward to

Lanyan Holdings (000968): 18-year performance meets expectations Shanxi Gas Resources Integration is worth looking forward to
Event Lanyan Holdings released the 2018 annual report and the 2019 first quarter report. Lanyan Holdings achieved operating income in 201823.3.3 billion, an increase of 4 over the same period last year.29 ppm, an increase of 22 in ten years.57%; realize net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.79 trillion, an annual increase of 38.85%.The company achieved a profit of 0 in 2018.7 yuan, the expected average ROE is 19.39%, an increase of 0 every year.5 units.In addition, the company released the first quarter report for 2019, and the company achieved net profit attributable to mothers in the first quarter1.26 ppm, an increase of 14 in ten years.87%. Brief comment on the rise and fall of coalbed methane prices, increase in income from gas well construction business and growth of the company’s coalbed methane production in 2018 14.6.4 billion cubic meters, an increase of 2 every year.16%, sales 6.8.7 billion cubic meters, down by 1 previously.86%, but the company adjusted the CBM sales price according to market expectations, reaching an average reduction of CBM (excluding taxes) to 1.72 yuan / square, previously raised 0.12 yuan / square, while the unit cost of sales from 1 in 17 years.02 yuan / party expected 0.98 yuan / m3, the company’s coalbed methane sales revenue increases by 5 per year.41%, reaching 11.81 ppm, gross margin reached 40.74%, an increase of 6 per year.6 units.At the same time, the company actively contracted for coalbed gas well projects, which led to the company reporting an increase in the construction volume of continuous gas well construction projects, and realized revenue from gas well construction8.44 trillion, an increase of 79 in ten years.64%. The exploration of the new block is advancing steadily. In the future, the production capacity will be released in an orderly manner. In 2017, after the company obtained the coalbed methane exploration rights for four blockchains, the amount of resources will further increase.As of the end of March 2019, the Liulin Shixi blockchain has completed drilling 34 wells, gradually compressing and cracking 18 wells, and successfully ignited the gas test. At the same time, the block has also completed the construction of 26 kilometers of gathering and transportation pipelines.The connection of the new energy Linfen-Linxian pipeline is expected to reach a maximum capacity of 500 million cubic meters in the next 4-5 years.The Wuxiangnan Blockchain gradually drilled 13 wells and fractured 10 wells, conducted gas test, and successively ignited.The Heshun Hengling blockchain has gradually drilled 3 wells and gradually fractured one well; the Heshun West blockchain has accumulated 1苏州夜网论坛3 points. Gas Group’s restructuring plan was implemented, the company is expected to fully benefit from the implementation of the Shanxi Gas Group’s restructuring plan in February 19th. According to the plan, Shanxi Gas Group will form 3 to 5 billion m3 / year of new coalbed methane production capacity in the next 3-5 yearsIn 2020, its own CBM extraction volume will reach 4.3 billion cubic meters.In March of this year, Jinmei Group will hold 40 of the companies it holds.The 05% share capital increase was injected into Shanxi Gas Group and became the company’s new controlling shareholder.We believe that the company, as a subsidiary of the gas group, is responsible for coalbed methane extraction. In the future, the company will fully benefit from the upstream resource acquisition and cooperation with the city transportation 武汉夜网论坛 company. Maintaining the “Buy” rating of Blue Flame Holdings. We believe that in the long run, natural gas consumption will continue to maintain a high-speed growth trend. With the limited increase of domestic conventional gas, unconventional gas such as coalbed methane is in the process of maintaining domestic natural gas supply.There will be increasingly important territories.The company’s current four new CBM blockchain construction work is progressing steadily, and benefiting from the implementation of Shanxi Gas Group’s restructuring plan, the company’s coalbed gas resources will continue to grow in the future.We expect the company’s revenue levels to reach 23 in 2019-2021.8 billion, 25.4.5 billion, 27.24 ppm, net profit attributable to owners of the parent company was 7, respectively.5.9 billion, 8.2.6 billion, 9.04 trillion, corresponding to 0 EPS.78 yuan, 0.85 yuan, 0.93 yuan, maintaining Lanyan Holdings’ “Buy” rating.

What is emotional intelligence

What is emotional intelligence

Formally presenting emotional IQ is Peter Salovey of Yale University and Professor John Mayer of University of New Hampshire.

  1990: Emotional IQ is defined as: 1.

Ability to accurately evaluate and express emotions 2.

Ability to effectively regulate emotions 3.

1993: Emotional IQ is defined as: 1.

Ability to distinguish between one’s own emotions and those of others 2.

Ability to regulate one’s and others’ emotions 3.

1996: Emotional IQ is defined as: 1. Emotional perception, assessment and expression ability: 1.

Ability to identify one’s emotions from one’s physical state, emotional experience and thoughts; 2.

2. The ability to recognize emotions from other people’s works of art, various designs through speech sounds and instruments and behaviors; 3.

The ability to accurately express emotions and the needs associated with them4.

Second, the ability to promote emotions in the thinking process: 1.

The ability to guide emotional thinking; 2.

3.Vivid emotions have the ability to positively affect the judgment and memory processes related to emotions.

Environment 4.
The ups and downs of the mood change the individual from positive to negative, and change the individual’s ability to think from multiple perspectives;

The ability of emotional states to promote specific problem solving.

  Third, the ability to understand and analyze emotions and gain emotional knowledge: 1.

The ability to label emotions and understand the relationship between emotions and language expressions; 2.

The ability to understand the meaning of emotions; 3.

Ability to recognize and analyze the causes of emotions; 4.

The ability to understand complex moodsFour, the ability to mature and regulate emotions: 1.

Ability to accept various emotions in an open mood; 2.

2. The ability to immerse or leave a certain emotion maturely according to the information and judgment obtained; 3.

Ability to maturely monitor emotions related to oneself and others.

Spring sleep syndrome group quietly expands

Spring sleep syndrome group quietly expands

When I arrived at the office, I was lethargic and always felt that my eyelids were sticking . Recently, many white-collar workers feel that their work mood has fallen rapidly, and people are prone to fatigue and sleepiness.

Experts said that the crowds suffering from the “spring difficulties” are quietly expanding, eating hot pots, and turning on high air-conditioning can be regarded as two “culprits.”

And the spring sleepiness indicates that the human body has a sub-health signal, which needs to be recognized.

  Dr. Fang Bairu, a member of the Chinese Medical Association of Hong Kong, said that rising internal fires said that eating too much hot food in winter, such as spicy, fried grilled foods, dog meat, mutton, alcohol, hot pot, etc., can easily cause stomach fire to rise and eye swelling and pain, Swollen face, severe cases will be accompanied by flushing, and even rising heart.

Internal fire will affect people’s mental state and work mood, and problems such as fatigue, drowsiness, insomnia, dizziness, and lack of concentration of work energy will directly cause the “spring sleepiness” syndrome.

  Hot pot air conditioner is the two major culprits. Dr. Cai Deheng, deputy director of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of Huashan Hospital, said that in the cause of the internal fire, the influence of hot pot and air conditioner cannot be ignored.

  Hot pot is mainly suitable for the high temperature and high humidity climate in the southwestern region, which is relatively hot for Shanghai people.

Among the hot pot spices currently in use, many are hot Chinese medicines, such as peppercorns, cannonball appendages, etc., which can be converted into liver-yang hyperactivity and dryness of the lungs after consumption. Related medicines such as artillery are gradually being used.When attaching a block, you need to increase the dose.

  In addition, many homes or office buildings turn on high air-conditioning in a closed environment, causing excessive levels of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide in the air, which will also increase the symptoms of “spring sleepiness”.

The dust of leaves and pollen in the spring environment will cause some people with allergies to be prone to “spring sleepiness”.

  Always open the window and drink plenty of water to exercise. Fang Bairu reminds that “spring sleepiness” is actually a signal of sub-health, which indicates that the body has bad “signs” such as lung yin deficiency, dryness of the lungs, wet sputum, hyperactivity of liver yang, and kidney yin deficiency.In addition to sleepiness, there will be many symptoms such as flushing, excitement, hair loss, decreased memory, stool disorders, and increased vaginal discharge in women, which will affect people’s normal work and life.

  Therefore, in an office building, if 20% of people have drowsiness, yawning, cannot open their eyes, flush their faces, shed tears in the wind, hair loss and other symptoms, they should stop turning on the air conditioner.

Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the air conditioner should be controlled below 21 degrees, and the windows should be kept ventilated.

  Dr. Shi Ming, the deputy director of the City TCM Insomnia Medical Collaboration Center, suggested that in order to alleviate spring difficulties, citizens can exercise early, take deep breaths and aerobic exercises that can increase lung capacity, and open windows as much as possible at home and office to release the air in time.harmful gas.

Usually drink plenty of water, eat less greasy, hot food, especially hot pot.

When white-collar workers in the office are sleepy, they can do head massage to recover symptoms.

Weekly whitening maintenance plan


Weekly whitening maintenance plan

Girlfriends help you arrange a blind date?

Inviting you to meet her Prince Charming in a week with her?

Are you sure you are ready for a blind date?

There’s none

Do n’t worry, it ‘s too late to start now. Today I ‘ll bring you a week-long maintenance plan, so that you can easily maintain it step by step within a week, and you will achieve translucent beauty and a beautiful date.

  DAY1: Remove fragile dirt, sebum and old waste cells!

  Method: The surface of the skin is rough to the touch, not slippery, usually because of the accumulation of dirt, sebum and old dead skin cells in the pores.

Therefore, in addition to the daily plot, regular deep skin maintenance can help the skin to be smooth and soft.

This is also the first step into the ranks of beauty.

  DAY2: Actively condition, calm and soothe, and keep skin healthy!

  Method: After the stratum corneum is metabolized, then the skin needs to be soothed and conditioned in order to activate the skin cell regeneration mechanism and cause skin aging and the risk of damage and restore the skin to its original muscle age.

Achieve soft skin condition.

  DAY3: Moisturizing products that make the skin supple are absolutely necessary in summer!

  Method: What is needed for dry summer skin is sufficient water retention capacity. If it is just hydrating, the water will be evaporated immediately.

Therefore, if you want to have more complete moisturizing, you also need to strengthen the water-holding power of the skin cells, so that you can delicately repair the damaged cells and increase the skin’s water storage capacity.

  DAY4: Relaxed, puffy facial skin can be improved with a simple massage!

  Method: Do you feel that the face is a bit puffy? It does not hinder intensive facial massage with massage cream or night cream. With simple finger massage, it can eliminate toxins in the body, eliminate puffiness, and promote metabolism.The face became small and firm.

  DAY5: If you want to have whitening skin, you can start by diminishing the spots and dullness!

  Method: Whitening products are more and more focused on the effect, and the highly concentrated ingredients are incorporated into the whitening products to make the skin more transparent and fairer every day during the application process.

In addition, daily routines need to be adjusted together to make whitening more enjoyable.

  DAY6: Delaying aging and smoothing the skin’s lines will make you look younger and younger!

  Method: It is found that the generation of fine lines is the beginning of aging. Relatively anti-aging of the skin must be repaired both internally and externally. Strengthening moisturizing and sun protection can prevent external environment from harming the skin.

While the skin texture is not obvious, quickly apply moisturizing cream to the skin, which can activate the fibroblasts of the dermis and change the internal aging phenomenon.

  DAY7: Everything is ready, put on a beautiful makeup to see Prince Charming!