And looking at these,at this time,Wang Teng was somewhat helpless。

“Ugh,I think now,Let’s not worry about these things for now。”
“If my guess is correct,They should already be investigating us!”
As Wang Teng finished,now,The people around,I’m very excited。
Look in them,Even can’t wait,Just clean up the other party directly。
otherwise,Look in them,I feel,Something is still missing。
And seeing these,at this time,Wang Teng’s face,It brings a faint smile。
“well,But now,I won’t talk about other things for now。”
“As for the next,What should I do,I believe,You all should know。”
As Wang Teng finished,Those around,I’m very excited。
Such a thing,In fact, in essence,Naturally, they will not miss such an opportunity。
“Lord, don’t worry,We will never waver。”
“What are you afraid of,Even if these people are really good,What can I do,Just take it out。”
“makes sense,Actually we are here,There is nothing to be afraid of。”
Now,With the people around,I didn’t forget to say here。
obviously,Such a thing,Actually for them,It’s really a very good thing。
See these,at this time,Wang Teng smiled slightly:“You go down first。”
“News here,Don’t reveal to anyone!”
With Wang Teng’s words finished,obviously,It even made those people around nod repeatedly。

“Forehead,not understand well。”

Li Hui Feng is really do not understand,He doesn’t know what is the operation of Qin Shouye.。
“Gill you stupid,You still have college students,Say you smart?
Your college student is no brain,Your Qin Shi is giving birth to me.,Want me to try another man try,I want to think that Liu Dafu can,Because Liu Dafu is accounting,I just want to blow the front of the pillow.,You will have a lot of benefits.,You understand now.?”
This time,Li Hui Feng is thoroughly understood,Just understand this matter, he suddenly felt that the other party did it very much.,It seems to be the same as Liu Dafu as a chip.。
“Scull,Do you determine your cause??”
“have no idea,Anyway, I have no pregnancy for a long time with your Qin Union.,With Liu Dafu is also,May be really can’t have children.。”
When I said this,Li Cuihua is also very helpless,Laughing very poor。
One time,Li Hui also knows how to comfort each other,After all, this thing doesn’t know how it is good.。
“breeze,Do you want to try with a scorpion??
In case,At least a law, a normal woman,No hen who can’t go down egg,If it is really successful,Your Qin Shu will definitely return to the fart.。”
Li Hui looked at Li Cuihua’s expectation,A speech in my heart。
“Scull,Do you have a good impulse?,I feel that this is not necessarily your reason.,Maybe I or Qin Shu’s reasons?。”
Just this, didn’t wait for him to finish,Li Cuihua took the initiative to rush。
Facing the charming movement of the other party,Facing the various moves of the other party like the fire,Li Hui also feels that there is a fire in his heart to be ignited by the other party.。
But reasoning to tell him that you can’t do this?,He always feels that there is still a lot of things between Li Cuihua and Qin Shoujing.。
Just when Li Cuihua stretched out,He suddenly woke up,Quickly get up and finish your clothes。
“Scull,You drink more,You go back early to rest.,I am still something。”
Say this,Li Hui Feng disappeared directly at the door of each other。
Li Cuihua looked at Li Hui’s back,A pair of beautiful eyes flashed crystal tears,Then, the faded is falling.。
“Do you like to abandon your sorrow??
Just a woman,Just a woman who wants to be loved.,I went to the city, but I saw you Qin Shu with another woman rolling sheet.,Sorrow,Your Qin Shu is really abandoned.” Li Cuihua muttered back home。
And Li Hui is sighing at the corner of the corner.。
He also didn’t think that Li Cuihua actually knew that Qin Shouco in the city.,Originally, he still hesitated, don’t tell Li Cuihua.,But it seems that it has not been necessary now.。
Just think of those things that Qin Shouye do,He feels very shameless。
Don’t feel Li Cuihua is also a poor woman。
The next morning,Li Hui Feng came to the orchard early.。
At this time, Dong Xiaojian in the orchard is a little incredible to see each other.。
Because they are always greasy。
But the body is very light.,The spirit is also very full。
“Dong Director,I didn’t lie to you.,I am apple, you say value, worth a thousand blocks.?”
Looking at the other people’s faces on the face of the oil greasy,Li Hui Feng knows that it is apple to play。
Dong Xiaojian, a few people, the incredible look of Li Hui Feng。
“Li Shen doctor,We like this to eat your apple.?”
“Yup,Otherwise you think.?
It’s hard to drink, you can drink greasy.?

Rui Rui’s ability to act naturally,Zheng Yao is unsolved,Look at him to Shanghai this shortage of results.,It is said that a good agent can resist the thousands of people.,From the current performance of the current performance, he is such a good seed.,Because he is not only a good hand of collecting information,Still a designed action plan。

Zheng Yao is indeed a lot of things.,It’s left.,Rui Rui looked at Blue Carrier and Feng Manna after three hours, asked them before and before.,Mainly in order to enhance your feelings,In order to further understand them。
“Kugant,Who is the person who just talk to you??”Blue ko,
“a friend!”
“It should be a military person who can go to the training ground.!?”
The rouge of the rouge is obviously in the set of yourself.,Can’t help but laugh,Say:“He is also an instructor,Is it very handsome??Do you want me to tell him to train you??”
“However, this tutor has a nickname called Zheng Degun.!”Rui Rui, she said,Blue Kofi This small machine spirit is necessary to fight the fight,
“Devil!Awkward?You are a deputy!”
“His surname!Because those who follow him will be called hard,Every training is all mourning,It’s like just walking from hell.,He is the legendary devil,No a few people can live with his trainer!Do you dare to train him??”
“cut!People don’t suffer!Isn’t it training?!If you can’t die,I am not afraid of Blue Koff.!”
“I am afraid!Kugant!I feel very good.!”Von Manna shakes his head and the chopsticks are put down.。
“Hey, you have no interest.!Didn’t see he deliberately frightened you!”Blue blush,
“I feel that I am scaring you.?it is good!Wait, he has time.,I will let you know what is the devil training.!”
“come!Who is afraid of who?!”
“Row!How to say!”
Finish,Rui Rui sent them two to Rouge,Then drove to the pharmacy,Fu Yingxue has received the organization reply,Advanced agreement,And also proposed a comrade of the code tungsten wire。
Qi Rui knows tungsten wire is Zhou Yuhao,It seems that the story is still not changed.,Organize agree with him to implement this task,Then you can say hello to Zheng Yao first to send people to monitor Zhou Han Guang.。
Next month,Rui Rui is still more,pharmacy,pier,Rong Society,Training Course,Special high-class class ran back and forth,He still didn’t go to the foreign spy,Although the United States and Britain have given him a speech.。
this day,Rui Rui drives blue carp and von Manna to Shanghai City suburban training,In the half-way, two cars are moved in the middle.,From the car, six people who have grown up,After you come over, I will force the door to open the door.,Then I don’t say that three people are bundled and blocked with a mouth.,Someone drives their cars to continue driving。
Three people cannot communicate,Later, Blue Carriers and Feng Manna were tired.,Waiting for the car is still open。
It seems that it is a long time,The car stopped,Blue carp has been in a small black house by two people.,Waiting for the eye mask,There is a lamp photo with her,In this way, she can’t see anything.,Someone tied her,I took the cloth that blocked her mouth.。
“Blue carp!I am old and tell me.!Who is it in the end??”A person asked with a blunt Chinese,
“Hurry, what people are not more clear than me!Less to me!I know that you are trying me.!”Blue-kong said,
“Why do we try you??Why do you have such an idea??”
“There are many soldiers here.,But it is not a Japanese,Instead of wearing shoes,In addition, you block my mouth is very clean.,And the rope tied to me is not very hard.,If I guess, what is wrong,It should be near Nanjing here.!”Blue blush,
“How do you know this is near Nanjing?,And we determine that you are still asleep during the car.!”
“The car has been driving for so long.,When we got off the bus, although I took a black cloth, I also felt now is a big day.,So, the car is at least one night.,Plus yesterday day away,In addition, I have just heard people who have several Nanjing accents talking.,So I guess it should be near Nanjing.,But it is never in the city!”
Chapter 65 Scratch
Xu Zhengyuan is also very surprised to see the blue carp.,Old Six Zheng Yao first sent people to send people,Say these two girls are very valuable,Especially Blue Carrier,I didn’t expect such a memory and analytical ability to be very outstanding.。
Since guess, you don’t have to be negative.,Xu Zhengyuan laughed:“Talent is good!Then do you know what to bring you here??”
“Training,Qi Chuan officials have long said that they will let the son of the guides training us.!I suddenly said that I was strange to bring us to the suburbs.,Everything is he premedited!”
“Hahaha……There is no Zheng devil here,There is a Xu Deville,Li Devil still has Liu Deguan!”Xu Zhengyuan laughed to open the lamp in the house,Put the blue caring light is also close。
Blue Koff, this room has a middle school military officer.,In addition, there are four serious women who are uniform.,just ask:“Manna?”
“do not worry,Waiting, we will know her performance.,Can you take it??”
Time urgent,Only three hours of training time is obviously not enough for Blue Carp and Von Manna.,So after I have negotiated with Zheng Yao first.,Decided to be sent to the Bowns Mountain Training Base,Here is also a female training camp。
Von Mana, which is also taken to the small black house is really scared.,I didn’t send a devil to her.,It is directly that I am a special location.,Said that her father Feng Zixiong is a traitor,Let her honestly explain the father’s problem,As a result, Feng Manna screamed for his father.,No matter how frighten threatens, she is crying, saying that their father can’t be traitors.,Observe her interrogation expert two,So the last conclusion determines that she does not know that her father is a traitor.。
Some blue carp and von Manna are taken outside the house,I found that it is indeed a military base.,There are mountains around,But not very high,The training facilities here are more complete,There is also a bright slogan to shoot.。
“Welcome two beautiful ladies to hell!My name is Liu Lan Ting!You will call me Liu Jiao official.!”A young school female officer came to the two girls。

“Damn!Chief Chen!So much snow,Why are you here?”Xia Jian was laughing,Hurriedly greeted。Chen Xiaolan glanced at Xia Jian,Indescribable joy flashed in my eyes。

Zhao Hong also stood up,Busily letting the two women into the house,Then swept away the snow on them。Xia Zecheng laughed,Pulled Chen Haiping to sit by the fire。Rural people treat others so kindly and honestly,Sun Yuejuan was busy making tea for them。
“Damn!Big brother and sister!We are all our own,Don’t be so polite。Because Mr. Xia’s time is usually tight,So we have high volume,Come to you a little earlier today,Talk to Mr. Xia afterwards,I didn’t expect it to snow,I can’t go fast”Chen Haiping holding hot tea in his hands,Hehe said with a smile。
Chen Xiaolan glanced at the table,And said to Xia Jian:“We left early,Haven’t eaten breakfast yet,Add a few pairs of chopsticks,Everyone sit down,Talk while eating,Otherwise the dishes on this table would be cold”
“That won’t work,I have to make a new one for you,We have already started eating these dishes”Sun Yuejuan laughed,Began to clean up。
Chen Haiping stood up,Stop Sun Yuejuan and say:“Sister-in-law!I said we are all our own,So you’re welcome。How about this!Let’s eat together,If you finish,It’s never too late for you to fire,But this table dish,Can we finish eating”
“also!Jianer,Bring two bottles of the good wine you brought back,It’s so cold,Let’s have a few drinks”Xia Zecheng is happy。Friends come from far away,Unhappy。What’s more, this is for his son to pay a New Year greeting。
Several people sat down again,Xia Jian opened the bottle,Poured a glass for everyone。Sun Yuejuan smiled and said:“Don’t rush to drink,Let them eat something to cushion,Otherwise, you will get drunk easily”
Zhao Hongyi listen,Busy greeting Chen Xiaolan and Wang Cuilan。Originally all acquaintances,So people don’t think of themselves as outsiders,They eat,While drinking slowly。
Xia Jian drank too much last night,I still feel a little sick in my stomach right now,So he dare not drink,So the wine goes down slowly。
“Hey!Chief Chen,Is there any new idea?”Xia Jian is a smart man,He knew that the village chief Chen came to pay him New Year greetings so early,Surely something。
as expected,Xia Haiping smiled and said:“You are not just an investor in our village,And also the honorary mayor of Pingyang Town,So you have to take care of our village affairs”
“Chief Chen!You are more and more able to talk,You didn’t seem to talk a lot before”Zhao Hong glanced at Xia Jian,Speak softly to Chen Haiping。
Chen Haiping shook his head and said:“Shuijing Village is in Pingyang Town,Either the last or the second,You said I still have the face to speak in front of you。But it’s different now,Tap water into the village,The fruit industry base is also in our village,Seeing good days are coming,Can you say i don’t talk?”

I don’t know my sister’s identity.,Now I know,I love her too much.,How can I do for her??”

Lu Haocheng does not believe his words,“Your brain is not good,Your sister is just a few words.,You may make an unexpected thing.。”
Gu Yi heard this,In the face,“Hao Jun,That is the previous thing.,Now no,what are you thinking?”
Lan Xin looked Lu Haozheng,Know what he is worried about him,“You go back first.。”
Blue Xin looked at the home,Everyone has not come back yet.。
“I am waiting for you here.。”
Lu Haocheng said,Just sit down on the stone pier of the door.。
Gu Yi,Nothing to say,Obviously it is your own sister,Degree with an outsider,Even his brother is prevented.。
“Hao Jun,This is my sister。”
Gu Yi looked at Lu Haoheng helplessly。
Lu Haozheng looked at him,Blame Blue Xin said:“This is my wife,I will raise my wife from a small child.。”
Blue Xin:“”His confidence is there?!
NS682chapter:Do you want to give me zero money?
This,That is, Gu Yi also has some petrochemicals.。
He looked at Lu Haocheng’s dissatisfaction.,“Lu Hao Cheng,When you were young, he domineed my sister.,Growing up and always,My sister seems to have been born for you.。”
Lu Hao Cheng suddenly became happy.,“Recall,You can say it right this.,The blue blue from birth is destined to be mine.,When she is small, I hold her.,Can you grow up??”
Lan Hin is a little in the amount of Lu Haozheng,This,What kind of ghost。
Is she not him??
no,Why always mention this?“Intimate”What??
Gu Yi, I understand,He looked at Lu Haozheng,Look back:“I don’t fight with you this matter.,My sister is seduce you.,My grandmother came back.,Chat with you,You have time to go back and see my grandmother.。”
Lu Haozheng slightly eyebrows,The eyes of the old lady loving。
“it is good!That will be tomorrow night,I have a blue blue together.。”
Lu Hao Cheng suddenly thought,Since the blue and Gu Jia,Blue and blue can’t take a look at。
Gu Yi, looked at Lu Haozheng.,It seems that I have forgotten that Lu Haocheng is still holding my sister.。
“That is,but,Gu Anan can’t。”
Lu Haocheng Road。
“hehe,This simple。”
Gu Yi heard this,Be happy。
“My parents, I know that I will come back.,Will be very happy。”
Gu Yi smiled silly。
Blue Xin glanced at your own big brother,Which of his brother’s brother??
Gu Yi looked at Blue Xin,Smile:“Small memory,We go to the opposite park to say the session。”
Blue Xin smiled and nodded,I saw a look of Lu Haozheng.,Follow Gu Yi。
Lu Haicheng looked back at the house,A person has not come back yet,these people,How can I come back late than they??
Lu Haocheng is in a dark black, looked at the back of Blue Xin and Gu Yi.,This little girl,Now there are big brothers and second brothers.,Is it very happy??
“Small memory,You are awesome today!Hoheng has a good celebration for you.?”

“you,you,I hate it,The sky bears me!”

Qiangwei’s face is black, playing with the black dagger in her hand,There is no blood on it。
And Qilin has only two words for Xin Zhao’s performance,Grandiose,Too exaggerated。
Lena looked at Xin Zhao with a smile on her face,That look,Seems to look at the same kind of eyes,And the two eyes are even more written‘I am not alone!’
“Lena,Can i do it?”
Watching Xin Zhao still play dead there,Qiangwei turned her head and asked Lena。
Lena heard what Qiangwei said,Nod“Do it yourself,Don’t care about me!”
“OK,What you are waiting for!”Qiangwei reached out and patted Qilin,Then the whole person disappeared,Then the next second appeared on Xin Zhao’s back。
‘I let you pretend,I let you pretend!’
Rose’s pink hands,The black armor fell straight on Xin Zhao’s head。
Then Xin Zhao was confused,I go,I just installed it,Are you hitting me so hard?!
“I surrendered,stop fighting!”
I thought that after surrendering, no one would beat him Xin Zhao,I heard Qiangwei mumble directly“How can the Xiongbing Company have a scam like you?,Time to hit!”
Xin Zhao understands,Anyway, I have to be beaten,Don’t blame me for breaking out!
“Break out,My little universe!”
Xin Zhao burst into a blue-white electric current,Draw Qiangwei directly,Then fell to the ground。Take advantage of this good opportunity,Xin Zhao stood up directly,Looking at the rose lying there,Disdain on face“My Saint Zhao Xin,It’s not a vain!”
“Saint Seiya,Lord Xin, aren’t you a white horse and silver gun Zhao Xiaoxin?!How come you become a saint again!”Rui Mengmeng used the most innocent words,Speaking what hurt Xin Zhao the most。

text Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Six Life is like a play

? The effect of this palm shot is amazing,Even Fat Dun stared at Lu Menglin in surprise,I don’t know what to say。
Lu Menglin looks like a grandmaster like Yue Linyuan,It’s just that when his eyes look at those village ruffians,Where do you look,Wherever people go back desperately。
The old village ruffian who opened the game hall was also taken aback,But he finally saw the world outside,And he’s almost fifty years old,Go north and south,Know more about Guangdong,Although I’m still confused,But I didn’t completely believe in the trick Lu Menglin did just now.。
And in the end,There are so many Qigong practitioners across the country,There are so many qigong masters,But who has actually seen such a hot scene?Most of them are based on falsehood。
Lu Menglin does not squint,Faintly ordered:“Bring people over!”
Fatton and the companion behind him were shocked,Wake up like a dream。
The purpose of everyone in this fight is to rescue Feng Nan and the others,Now Daxia Lu has stopped the scene,Of course I have to save people first。
Thinking about this,Fat Dun took the first big step,Ran to Feng Nan。
His brothers also went to rescue the other trapped。
now,It’s like a silent pantomime on the long street。
Under Lu Menglin’s shock,No one in the village dared to stop,Watching them abruptly as if they were in no one,They all helped Feng Nan, who was left in front by the village ruffians, back across the street。
At this moment,The old village ruffian is finally a little uncontrollable,Refers to Lu Menglin Road:“Don’t be afraid!He is playing tricks!I know,That is magic,Must be magic!”
Everyone was said by him,I’m a little eager to move again。
So many people came to the village,Crowded,How could I be scared off by the fire??
Since the old village ruffian said it was magic,Then everyone is considered magic,At least if you think so,Will be better psychologically。

While speaking,The red light in Bei Gongwang’s eyes is getting stronger。

Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Tao:“You do not want《Hero Summon》Up?kill me,You won’t get anything。”
Bei Gongwang actually thought about it very seriously,Shook his head:“You killed her,We are on the same boat,I will keep you。”
Lu Menglin turned his head and looked at Mu Feiyan,Smiled:“Miss Mu,We are dying,You don’t have anything to defend yourself?The elders in the family should prepare for you!What forbidden curse!Great sacrifice!Really not?”
Mu Feiyan smiled sadly,Shook his head in embarrassment。
Till now,She can’t even tell the attitude of the hero Lu,What this guy said is strange,Seems to be indicative,But it makes people very speechless。
“Kill if you want,Don’t be hypocritical!But I want to remind you,Bei Gong Wang Langzi ambition,You know his secret,May not live long!”Mu Feiyan smiled sadly。
“like,Also has some truth。Forget it!”Lu Menglin smiled and nodded,Straighten up。
Bei Gong saw him still hesitating,Can’t help but frown。
“Sorry,I never kill women!Brother Bei Gong,It’s better to stop here,we
When nothing happened,good or not?”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
“it is good!well!Then you go to die together!”Bei Gongwang no longer waits and sees,Red light in the eyes,Hand furiously,Dazzling,Turned into an arc,Broke through,Cut to Lu Menglin’s chest。
Bei Gong looks at this shot,Is force,Without reservation。

A moment of effort,The person who was hugged and bitten by him stopped moving,And the other person was scared to death,Have lost the courage to continue fighting。

“by!What kind of monster is that!Bros,Copy guy,Hack him!”And Liansheng’s new leader finally couldn’t help it,Roared loudly。
The subordinates are greatly embarrassed in front of Mr. Lu,The face of the new leader is not good,Can only order a swarm,Tried my best to bring back this city。
At this moment,The police officers present also commotion,They can’t allow the community members to draw their swords in the street so arrogant,But that lunatic who can kill people can’t help but clean up!
“Back off!All back!Hand it over to the police!”A senior inspector draws out his gun,Roar loudly。
Under the order of the top police,At least a dozen police officers present at the same time drew their guns and pointed them at Niu Qiuye。
“Stop now!Let him go!Squat on the ground with your head in your hands,Otherwise we will shoot!”The police yelled。
now,Niu Qiuye is like a bloodthirsty beast,Completely lost basic sanity,Still holding the hapless gold medalist,Gnaw。
The senior inspector couldn’t help it,Loudly:“shot!shot!”
Gunshot!At least a dozen police officers fired at the same time,Because they can’t bear it anymore。
Who has seen such a tragic sight,Ate a big living man to death on the street?This is a real monster!
The bullet hit Niu Qiuye’s body,Beat him back again and again,Strange sounds like bulls roar constantly from the throat。
at last,Niu Qiuye lying on the ground,There is only a heavy gasp,Several bullets,I haven’t died yet,It can only be said that his vitality is really a bit strong。
“Look over!”Seeing that the weird man has lost his mobility,Senior Inspector waved,Several police officers boldly stepped forward,They want to check the status of the weirdo。
I don’t know how many police officers approached,Niu Qiuye’s belly suddenly bulged like a balloon,And the bigger the bigger,In an instant, even the belly became crystal clear and translucent。
“Retreat!All back!”At this moment,Lu Menglin frowned suddenly,Shouted。
Those police officers froze for a while,Involuntarily took two steps back。
In an instant,I only heard a loud bang,Niu Qiuye’s whole body suddenly burst and exploded。
The shock wave from the explosion sent the police officers to the ground.,And the blood that exploded when his body shattered,But splashed those police officers all over their faces。

Even though they have been prepaid,But these days,That’s superfluous, none of the leaders came,What kind of situation is this??

Why is this company a big company?,It can’t be like this without anyone。
Qin Feng knew what these people were thinking,He walked straight in。
Many people know Qin Feng,So everyone stood up and shouted:“President Qin。”
“Cough,This period of time,Really sorry,Because I met some emergency,The phone can’t be turned on,So there is no way to arrange some things,This also caused everyone to be negligent,I’m really sorry。”
Qin Feng said seriously, too,After speaking,He still bows。
moment,Everyone else is in a hurry。
Other dormitories have also come,Because they all heard Qin Feng’s movement。
“Qin Feng is back,What’s going on?Appearing now?”
“Didn’t you hear?Something went out,There is always no way to turn on the phone,Otherwise, why do you think you are not here??”
“Ugh,This thing seems to be the same,Otherwise,Who is full and needs so many of us??”
Many people started whispering directly,They also know very well that they have something here。