Two golden giant swords collided in the air,It’s like two peerless assassins are fighting。

Eleventh Floor Controller,Is a pure fast swordsman,Jianguang missed a hit,Stick and go,Swordsmanship is fast and pure。
And Li Ming’s sword,It’s a sword of killing,The boundless murderous intent caused a bloodshot on the edge of the golden giant sword。
But even at a speed that is not very good,Li Ming’s sword is also comparable to the golden giant sword of the eleventh floor controller。
Every collision,The controller’s golden giantsword trembled。
After dozens of collisions,The golden giant sword was shattered frontally by Li Ming’s blood-colored golden sword。Although the final explosion of the golden giant sword also hindered the blood golden sword for a moment,But Li Ming’s spear penetrated at the same time,One shot cut through the head of the eleventh floor of the master。
Through the 11th floor。
Li Ming sighed slightly after breaking through the eleventh floor,He understands that he has little confidence in breaking through the twelfth floor。After all, I spent a lot of effort on the 11th floor,If you go to the twelfth floor,The Golden Sword Slashing Void has already mastered the battle,Basically defeated。
of course,Li Ming is not without tricks,If Li Ming goes to deal with‘Illusionist’,Estimated by the strength of his will,Don’t talk about breaking through twelve floors,There is some hope even on the 13th floor。But he doesn’t like such a speculation。
Moreover,He only stayed in Chaos City for four years,There are still twenty-six years,How far he can progress?
But before that,Just break through the Tianshan Mountains!
Just when Li Ming entered the secret realm of Tongtian Mountain,The news that he had crossed the eleventh floor of the Tongtian Bridge was sent to the Lord of Dragon Walk by Bafen the Holder。
“It’s only four years,He actually went up two more floors,This speed。。。Tut,Actually didn’t come to see me。。。So I went to pass through the Tianshan Mountains!”The Lord of Longxing showed a slight smile,Obviously very satisfied with his disciple。
And in another special plane in the virtual universe。
Virtual universe,Specially open up a plane space。
A vast land in space,There are three towering mountains on the vast land,One is taller than one!

When Wang Youcai got to the side of the road,,Stopped a Di,Go straight to Donghai Restaurant。There are not many vehicles on the road,Didn’t spend much time,Wang Youcai went to Donghai Restaurant。

This is the first time he has come to this horrible place,Should be newly opened。Wang Youcai doesn’t want to look more,But a quick stepV8Private room。In the private room,Hu Huiru sat alone at a dinner table。When Wang Youcai went in,She is slowly drinking tea。
“Yo!What is so urgent?“Wang Youcai said,He sat openly beside Hu Huiru。Two lustful eyes swept over Hu Huiru’s tall chest。
Hu Huiru glanced at Wang Youcai and said:“Sit opposite,Just what we two are doing together?”
“Hi!Two talents squeeze together,I’m embarrassed to squeeze with more people”Wang Youcai takes advantage of Hu Huiru’s mouth,But the others walked over and sat across from Hu Huiru。This woman,Different from other women,He dare not come tough。
Hu Huiru shouted at the door:“Serve wine and serve”
“Hey Hu!I won’t drink this wine,You can drink it alone,I can’t drink”Wang Youcai is afraid that Hu Hui will not believe it,Pull up the sleeves,Showing purple scars。
Hu Huiru glanced casually and said:“Nothing,Liquor Promotes Blood Stasis,The doctor now doesn’t understand,Just drink less”
Wang Youcai still wants to talk,But Hu Huiru’s face is not pretty,So the words came to my throat and pressed back。I had to laugh and say:“I drink it,Just a little bit”
Hu Huiru poured two glasses of wine,Take a sip yourself,Then asked:“President Wang!what happened?Are you avoiding me too!This call has been on for so long,Only started today,What do you mean?”
“President Hu misunderstood, right?!I got hurt,In the hospital these days,So I don’t know when the phone is turned off,Just discharged from the hospital this morning,Your call is coming,I went to the appointment with injuries,You don’t thank me,Blame me,This makes me a little sad!”Wang Youcai said,Sipped some wine。
Hu Huiru smiled and said:“I blamed you,I thought you were the same as your brother,Avoid me。Is such that,My investment in Pingdu City suffered a setback,This won’t find you out,I want you to clear it up,Or the loss is too great,But you can rest assured,It’s done,Your benefits are indispensable”
“what’s up?It depends on whether I can do it?You speak first”Wang Youcai is also learning fine now,Not like before,No matter what he does。
Hu Huiru lowered her voice and said:“I am going to invest in Donglin Township,Unexpectedly, Xia Jian from the Venture Group took the lead,This kid doesn’t eat soft or hard,What do you think about this?”
“what?Want to grab business from Xia Jian,I’m afraid this is too difficult。Don’t you know,This kid has a startup group to back him up,He is almost in and out of no one in Pingdu,Plus his personal relationship with Ouyang Hong,This is too difficult”Wang Youcai shook his head and said,But what he said is true。
Hu Huiru smiled and said:“Everyone has a dead spot,I don’t believe he is really invulnerable。Ming can’t come,Can’t be dark?”

Chang Hong raised his head,Glanced at the attic ceiling,At this moment in the ceiling shadow,A shadowy dragon crawled down from it,It runs along the wall,Like a giant dark gecko,quietly!

this moment,Zhu Minglang finally understands what everyone in the attic is afraid of and afraid of。
It turns out that there is a shadow dragon staring at them on top of their heads,Make them afraid to act rashly。
The Order of Qingniu Mountain……
It’s not a good product。
He is using the Hu family to find the evil star dragon。
When I gave it scale feathers,He is impatient,It’s hard to trust this guy。
Not to mention his actions at the moment。
It is clear that they are holding several people in the cabinet,Force yourself to tell where the evil star dragon is。
“Tu Guo’s brown flag army will be here soon,Won’t you take care of it??”Zhu Minglang asked。
“Hahaha,Zhu Sanzhu,Why do you think this army came from,Is it for this shabby old city??”Chang Hong asked。
Zhu Minglang glanced out the window,From here you can see a piece of land outside the tower,One by one brown flags fluttering in the air,A large group of armed soldiers is approaching this Runyu City。

“Dead girl!What nonsense?”Donna’s voice is very small,But I was still heard by Wang Yihua,She immediately reprimanded Donna。

Donna snorted:“What is this?Are you a lay disciple??And no real monk。Moreover,Who are truly monks,Not yet…”
“Shut up!Nonsense,I am here you don’t come again”Wang Yihua’s seriousness。She said this to Donna,It’s also for Xia Jian。
Donna glanced at Xia Jian,Took a breath and said:“Isn’t it OK if I don’t say anything??It’s just that you are so young,and…”
“do not talk,Go down and arrange the nanny to cook,If there is no good food,You go to the supermarket yourself。Let’s have lunch at my house!The nanny’s vegetarian food is very good,You two follow me to get some light!”Wang Yihua interrupted Donna,Arranged something for her。
Donna smiled and said:“If you don’t let me speak”Donna said that,,But she still walked downstairs quickly。
“Hey!The boss is not young,Still alone。Does your generation hate getting married??”Wang Yihua sighed and asked Xia Jiandao。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“I do not know either,It’s just that there are really a large group of people around me like me,Unmarried men and women”
When I got to this topic,Xia Jian and Wang Yihua started their different views。Until the nanny called them to eat,Two talents stopped。
First1960chapter Encounter
Downstairs,Xia Jian found out that Donna was gone。Just ask the nanny,Donna is afraid of being vegetarian,So I ran outside to eat。
But Xia Jian felt,This vegetarian food tastes good,He still eats and is relish。Wang Yihua sees Xia Jian eating vigorously,She is also very happy。Two people eat and talk,I ate a meal for almost an hour。
Through chat with Wang Yihua,He has a deep understanding,If there are no distracting thoughts in people’s hearts,Lost desire for anything,Then this person will live peacefully,There will be no so-called worries。
At two o’clock in the afternoon,Xia Jian bid farewell to Wang Yihua,Drove to Hongchuanhe Hot Spring Resort。While staying at Wang Yihua’s house,Xia Jian felt particularly depressed,But when I get to this place,He feels like a bird that ran out of the cage。
It seems that not everyone can do it。It’s like Donna doesn’t eat vegetarian food.。

Don’t read books,Wang Shaoxiao used his commercial potential to the fullest,Almost everyone is impressed。

Under the personal guidance of his financial father,Wang Shaoxiao even made a set of franchise specifications for the Jiehuang brand,The operating conditions of the game hall,The decoration style features are all written in style。
a,CThe first batch of Jiehuang Game City officially opened,Nearly one million franchise fees are accounted for,It made Wang Shaoxiao and his brothers really happy。
To know,This is Baihuahua’s pure profit,No need for everyone to work hard,I just moved my lips。
andCThe four big guys in the city,Seems to have confidence in opening franchise stores,As long as the first five stores are operating normally,The profit meets their requirements,I believe they will continue to open stores soon,Even more bosses to do franchise business。
After all, this kind of money-giving business
,And be able to make friends,Why not?
You Fat Dun and Wang Shaoxiao do things for themselves,One try to join,One inCThe city looks everywhere,Prepare for buying land and building。
Ninety-nine yearsCcity,Real estate hasn’t become popular yet,Buy a good lot according to Lu Menglin’s wishes,There should be three to five million。
but,When they really took a fancy to a piece of land,When I go to talk specifically,But encountered obstacles。
It’s really not enough money!To buy a piece of land that can be used as an electronic city,Even in 1999 when real estate didn’t break out,Nor is it something that can be solved by three or five million。
And it has to open up various joints,The situation is complicated,Not easy to operate in a short time。
By contrast,Lu Menglin, who returned to Liufang No.1 Middle School, looked much lower-key。He attends class every day,Although I don’t try my best like my classmates,But didn’t relax and study。
It’s just that Lu Menglin spends two hours playing basketball every day,Thunderous。
Because he knows the importance of keeping in shape,Maintain a stable physical and mental state,Is definitely helpful to improve academic performance。
Time flies,Another two months passed in a blink of an eye,unconsciously,The day for the college entrance examination is getting closer and closer。

“what!Is Chiyue Equipment!There is a red moon ring here!”A moment later,Tu Shanming yelled with excitement。

Everyone shines,I couldn’t help but stared at his palm。
“moron!That’s called the holy war ring!Not the Chiyue Ring!”Huang Shaotian heard Tu Shanming’s call,Exasperated。
This guy is a hillbilly,Don’t even recognize the holy war ring,Barking,Too lost!
“Wu Hao boss,Did you say,Give me another piece of Chiyue equipment?Won’t regret it?”Tu Shanming really yelled heartlessly。
When everyone heard this,I sweated for this idiot one after another!
How can there be a subordinate like him??Purely death-seeking!I found Chiyue equipment,It’s not the first time to hand it over to the boss,Still want to embezzle?
Even if the boss said something like that,Can’t I change my mind??Kill you a mere 38,That’s not like playing around?
Even Long Zhanye frowned slightly,I’m a little worried about Tu Shanming’s fate。
He asked himself,If it’s own,Subordinates dare to speak to him in this tone,I’m probably already dead by this time!
In full view,Lu Menglin was not even interested in taking a look at the holy war ring,But waved,Replied casually:“Yes!It’s yours if it’s yours!Keep it for yourself!”
This remark,Uproar,Don’t say Long Zhanye and the three masters,Even the 40th-level subordinates behind them,They all looked shocked,I can’t believe what I heard。
That’s a holy war ring!I really gave a small character of level 38?Follow this Wuhao,Really have such a big advantage?

“Oh。”See here,Sanjiyou left disappointed,Go to the playground to gather。

“Baba,he…Their wings?”After a while,Wait for them to leave,Little Sasha asked。
“Them,Are all earthlings,Those angel sisters who are not yours,Without wings。”Wu Xing explained to his daughter with a smile。
“Yeah。”Little Sasa seems to understand。
Ba Ba’s mother’s wings are folded,Little cutie knows,Aunt Hexi also took her back yesterday,Even the one with her。
“OK,Let’s go find your Aunt Hexi。”Looking at the baby girl thinking about something,Wu Xing said with a smile。
Little salsa,No longer think about it,Cheered“Find Aunt Hexi,Find Aunt Hexi。”
“Clever ghost,Wake up,I heard you calling auntie a long time ago,What’s so happy。”Just when Xiao Sasa clapped her hands and cheered,Hexi walked out of her makeshift room,Meet the happy little cute,Could not help but smile。
Saw Aunt Hexi come out,Xiao Sasa is even more happy,Hurriedly shouted milky milk“Aunt,Baba,band…we eat…delicious。”
“Your father takes you to eat delicious food, you are so happy,Auntie said to take you to eat delicious,Not willing。”Hexi looked at the happy little naughty in front of him,Couldn’t help but joked。
“Yeah。”Little Sasha heard this,She immediately hid in Baba’s arms shyly,Unwilling to emerge,Obviously she still remembers the last time,I don’t know how to answer Aunt Hexi’s words。
“Auntie Lose is so kind to you,Your little guy only thinks about your father。”See the cute behavior of the little guy,Hexi pretends to be angry。
“Yeah”Little guy,After taking a look at Aunt Hexi,,Realizing that Aunt Hexi is not really angry,But looking at yourself with a smile,Shyly buried his head in again。
Wu Xing and Hexi, who watched such a series of actions, are so happy。。。

() Liu Wenzhang left after speaking,Only Lu Menglin entered the barracks with the three Black Blood Cavalry Guards。

There is nothing special in this black blood cavalry camp,The same as the barracks under the sky,Concise and powerful,Is their standard。
Three black horse blood guards took Lu Menglin to a barracks。
One of them took out an iron medal,Handed him。
“This is the Tieweiying brand,Lend you proof of identity use。You took this brand,Can stay in the camp,But don’t walk around。Sleep when it’s dark,I will send someone to give you food。”The black blood riding guard said with a cold face。
“Ok!This brother,What do i want to do?”Lu Menglin is not afraid of the other’s face,Said with a smile。
The black blood guard snorted,Pointing to the open space in front of the camp,Tao:“You can practice here!I asked someone to bring some equipment to you。”
Lu Menglin nodded,Tao:“it is good!I am a man,Like heavier guys,Thanks a lot!”
The three black blood guards looked at each other,There seems to be some joking in the eyes,Nodded at the same time。
Three left,Lu Menglin advanced into the barracks and made a round,I found nothing interesting inside,A broken board,A dining table,Then there is a futon for meditation,Nothing empty。
then,Lu Menglin opened the door,Standing generously in the open space in front of the door,Start practicing。
His set of punches,It’s called a tiger,Between gestures,Introverted,Light pattern power is hidden,Purely with one’s own strength。
quickly,Lu Menglin’s set of punches attracted the black blood riding guards who passed by.,Pointing。
“What kind of boxing is this?It seems very powerful!”Someone whispered。
“Who is this person?He is not our black blood guard。Practice boxing in our camp,Isn’t this courageous?!”
“Something!Combination of virtual and real,Introverted,Only when you hit the enemy will it explode,Good boxing!”An obvious cavalry captain nodded repeatedly,Evaluation Road。
The three black blood guards who just left,Probably never expected,This guy from the border town,So bold,Practice boxing directly in the camp,Not afraid of being watched at all。
God nation itself is a fighting nation,Can be selected as the Black Blood Cavalry Guard,Are all elites in the army,Rich practical experience,So of course they can see some ways,I feel that this person’s boxing technique is really good,Although never seen,But it’s already indescribable。
“His set of boxing is very beautiful!Do you have a chance to fight Ye Yingzheng’s big drifting fist??”Some people can’t help but whisper。
“Just kidding!Ye Ying is the number one boxing in the Black Cavalry,How old is he?”Someone immediately retorted。

This is an adventurous sword,Because no one can tell whether the sword can reach the old man Lone Eagle’s throat,But sure,The opponent’s feet must reach Zhang Shengyi’s waist。

The old man Lone Eagle gave up the attack after all,Choose back,Zhang Shengyi is right!
The other party has been famous for a long time,So many comments about this person appeared,One of the rumors is that the old man Lone Eagle takes his life very much!
that’s enough!
Even though that sword may not be able to pierce,He still won’t take risks。
“well,Hope you can take another trick。”
The other party didn’t want to give Zhang Shengyi a chance to breathe,This is used to deal with a junior,Too shame,But very useful。
Just when Zhang Shengyi was too late to speak,Just when the old man alone was ready to act,A broken sword suddenly flew from the sky,In between them。
Chapter five hundred and ninety five Easy thing
Everyone was attracted by the broken sword that suddenly appeared,Unknown so,Only Zhang Shengyi,I smiled when I saw Broken Sword。
The original attacking rhythm of the old man alone was disrupted,I also looked at things that suddenly appeared。
“friend,This is something between me and Shengde Academy,Please don’t interfere!”
“how,Dignified old people,Even shot some students,Don’t you feel ashamed??”
The voice has not fallen,A black robe appeared silently beside Broken Sword,Invisible face and body shape,Let it be full of mystery。
“you are……”
“Wanliumen,Influential school,Since you want to fight,Then I will play with you。”

[Does eating watermelon make you fat? _Recommended diet

[Does eating watermelon make you fat? _Recommended diet

Watermelon is a favorite of many people, especially in the hot summer, eating a bite of refreshing and delicious watermelon is really a summer magic weapon.

Many people are worried that eating fruits with such high sugar content will cause weight gain?

So will eating watermelon cause obesity?

1. Does eating watermelon make you fat? Although the trace content in watermelon is very low, the content of sugar and conversion is very high.

Eating a watermelon will be equivalent to the volume of five or six bowls of rice, and the sugar content of watermelon is particularly high. Eating too many watermelons at night will cause a large amount of sugar to accumulate inside the body, and the digestive function of the human body will decline at night, and the volume consumed is veryLess, your aunt ca n’t be consumed, and the amount of insulin in the body increases rapidly, and a large number of aunts will be formed.

Therefore, watermelon can be eaten in moderation, and it is best not to eat a large amount at night, so as not to cause too much.

2. I do n’t feel full after eating watermelon. Many times we will feel full after eating a bowl of rice, but we wo n’t feel too much after eating a lot of watermelon. Why is this?

And watermelons are sweet and don’t feel tired.

Because the sweetness of rice is glucose, and the sweetness of watermelon is more fructose, the lower the temperature, the stronger the sweetness of fructose. In summer, we usually eat iced watermelon at home, and the taste is very sweet.

And fructose does not cause a significant increase in blood sugar, so there is no feeling of fullness, and the effect on body obesity is not particularly great, but the main reason for the increase in eating watermelon is that the body consumes watermelon too late, causing the bodyIt cannot be consumed normally, so it may cause too much, and eating a normal amount of watermelon will not cause too much.