Daxing Airport, "City, living room"

  Located in the international business complex project in the Empty End Economic Zone, Beijing Daxing International Airport, it is operated in the end of this year, and it is a "city session living room" integrating meeting, hotel, business and office. International business complex project is approximately 800 meters from the terminal, with a total construction area of ??180,000 square meters. It is composed of an international conference center, a 5A office building, an international brand hotel and a hotel-style service apartment. Shen Green Square, Sunshine Swimming Pool, 24-hour service for catering, leisure, entertainment, shopping, fast connecting with airport, providing high quality, efficient equipment for passengers.

  According to the relevant person in charge, the project has adopted green energy-saving measures such as environmentally-friendly energy-saving materials, high-energy air conditioning units, new wind recovery systems, lighting atrium, intelligent lighting, first-level water saving instruments, roof and other green energy-saving measures, will provide users with efficient and comfortable Living space. (Reporter Chen Qiang correspondent Wang Yan Chen Shuo Yang) (Original title: Daxing Airport, "City, the living room" is shipped at the end of the year).

China’s resident representative: the problem of dealing with gas changes should be "pan-safe"

People’s Daily Online December 13th (Reporter Li Xiaohong) On December 13th, the Chinese delegation put abstained the bill of draft resolution proposed by Ireland, Niger, China’s resident of the United Nations Zhang Jun’s polling position in China Make a description. Zhang Jun said that China has always attached great importance to addressing climate change and has always actively participated in international cooperation and play a responsible and constructive role.

We have made important contributions to the "Paris Agreement", effective and follow-up implementation. At the moment when the "Paris Agreement" encounters serious setbacks, China is not changed, and it is unswervingly unwaffected to implement the action of the implementation agreement. China is also a pragmatic initiative under South-South Cooperation Framework, and do what you can help other developing countries should respond to climate change challenges. On the issue of climate change, all commitments have been made, China is all going to go, saying to do; anything is conducive to global environmental governance, which is conducive to developing countries, China has always positively attitudes.

Zhang Jun pointed out that climate change may affect peace and security, but should not "pan safely" in climate issues.

Climate change is the product of human unsustainable development model since the industrial revolution, only in the process of green transformation and sustainable development, this issue may be fundamentally resolved.

Climate change may affect peace and security, but the relationship between climate and security is very complicated. More specifically, compared with climate change, environmental degradation, drought, drought, food shortage, resource allocation, and unfamiliar factors that may trigger tight and conflict.

From climate change to security risks, what kind of conduction mechanism is still far from now on.

Analysis of the driving role of climate factors on safety risks must be analyzed in conjunction with specific conditions, and it is possible to obtain practical conclusions. We do not avoid serious discussions on this issue, while avoiding the "pan-safeization of climate issues". The arbitrarily believes that climate change is the only safety challenge of humanity. This is not a scientific attitude. It is not good for climate change international cooperation. It is not beneficial to effectively resolve conflicts, but will disperse and have a negative impact. Zhang Jun pointed out that no matter which platform, from which to discuss and deal with climate issues, the principle of responsibility is unavoidial. The most fundamental approach to climate change impact is a substantial reduction of greenhouse gas emissions until it is finally realized. In this regard, the principle of responsibility in common but distinctive is unmovable. Developing countries, especially in African countries, and small island countries, facing the special difficulties and situation in climate change, developed countries have a responsibility to help them strengthen capacity building and enhance economic social toughness. The draft resolution is not involved in these important issues, which obviously did not grasp the direction of discussing this issue and fair.

The Chinese is concerned that if you walk in this direction, you will be a historical responsibility for developed countries, and refuse to fulfill your commitment to provide new excuses. In addition, the AU Peace and Security Council passed a communique on March this year, and the specific proposal and common expectations of African countries in climate and security issues were proposed. Zhang Jun emphasized that the judgment of the value of the Security Council’s actions on climate issues, not in terms of step or the status, but to see the practical significance.

What we need is not more text reports, but strive to provide a real help to conflict and conflict countries.

At present, developing countries are most concerned, and the United Nations Secretary-General Guitres has repeatedly emphasized, that is, developed countries should earnestly focus on current climate financing, technology transfer, capacity building, etc.

The Security Council is not to do, not political. If some countries really pay attention to the problem, they should support the Security Council to use their own unique authority, establish supervision mechanisms, and promote the fulfillment of developed countries to ensure that the commitment is in place.

If you want to invite the United Nations Secretary-General to take action, you should appoint a special envoy to supervise climate financing, promote technology transfer, rather than listen to the promise only to stay in verbal, this is the most urgent, most important issue.

Zhang Jun said that the Council did not act in climate change, in fact, in fact, climate issues under certain country issues, China advocated the Council to continue along this direction, from the perspective of peace and security, start processing from specific situations Climate issues, based on the mechanism of accurately grasp the risk of climate drive safety, study targeted response. Climate Change has caused serious impact on Sahel region, and regional countries are looking forward to providing assistance in the international community.

China, Russia, and India have jointly proposed a draft resolution for the security issues of Saheler region including air challenges, with the aim of responding to specific concerns of countries in Saheler. China hopes that members of the Council will participate in the consultations of the draft resolution.

Like other global challenges, it is more necessary to handle gas changes, rather than confrontation.

(Editor: Wang Yu, Chang Hong) Sharing let more people see.

City of good governance, Shangshan Water – experience "Night Tour Jinjiang" visual feast in Chengdu

  This year’s Spring Festival, Chengdu has two new net red card points to be popular.

One is the Tianfu Financial City Shuang Tower, the beautiful light show hellou-screen friends; there is one is "Night Tour Jinjiang", in the boat river, the fantastic night scene brings a visual feast, which is intoxicated in the park city."Night Tour Jinjiang" is the key implant project of the two rivers in Jinjiang Green Road. The project is mainly used as the "Jinjiang Story Roll" as the main line.To create a "night market, night food, night show, night show, night festival, night" six major ace, drawing old Chengdu,, international style life aesthetics map, dynamic display "Mames Dongwu Wanli Boat"And the beautiful pictures of "Flower Golden Official City".(Wang Vanadium, Zheng Wei, Cai Ying ").

The Global Connection of the Communist Party of China provides inspiration for other countries – Vice President of Poland New Left Party

  Xinhua News Agency, June 28, Poland, the vice chairman of Poland, the vice chairman of the Poland, Shetcad received the Xinhua News Agency reporter in Warsaw, said that all countries must concentrate on promoting national economic development, enhance the people’s well-being, and the Communist Party sharing the country Experience is very important to provide inspiration and reference for other countries.

  Shejabe has visited China many times. He said that in communication with the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese government, he found that the issue of China’s party and the government’s continuous thinking is how to improve the living standards of the people, enhance social equality, and achieve sustainable development.

  Sheen is sincerely admire China’s achievements and progress in economic development, social governance, and highly praises the Chinese Communist Party ‘s Central Governance. Shejab said that Poland and China exchanged cooperation in economic development, reducing poverty, and China accumulated in these areas of Poland benefits.

He is looking forward to China’s experience in creating a miracle with the world. Shejab is emphasized that the Chinese Communist Party sharing the country of governance is very important.

The Governance Idea of ??the CPC has brought inspiration to other countries, and China’s experience provides a reference in terms of fair distribution of social development results. Shejab pointed out that in the face of poverty, climate change, countries are difficult to adopt efficient and consistent response, so human fate community concept is very great, "China’s philosophy is the concept of progress, focusing on world peace and development and human sharing Happiness and future ". Shejab said that Poland’s new left party and the Chinese Communist Party have always maintained a close relationship. On the occasion of the Chinese Communist Party of China, he sent a blessing to the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese people, and I wish China to achieve greater development, and Chinese people live more happily. Total plan: Zhou Zongmin planning: Chen Yizheng Xia Yong Poster Design: Yang Yizhen Editor: Zhao Weiwang Zhaomun Shu Hou Li Ping Wang Yu Zhu Mengna Rain Jin Zheng Xinhua News China International Sports Video Department Xinhuanet joint production Xinhua News Agency International communication converge platform produced.

Comprehensively, from the strict governance, six years, Xi Jinping emphasizes these keywords.

[Review] Huimin poverty alleviation funds is the "life-saving money" of poor people, and you can’t make a flowers in one point, and you can’t use it privately.

Although the "flies" in the field of poverty alleviation is not strong, but its hidden is around the grassroots people, once the "嗡" sounds, not only destroyed the party and government image, but also directly infringed the people’s personal interests.Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized that it is necessary to close attention to the field of poverty poverty.

It is one of the three major attacks in the 19th National Congress of the Party. If you want to win the poverty battle, you must win the battle and attack, and put the style of the wind and build the outstanding position.implement.(Editor: Li Yuan, Yao Wei).

The 8 departments of Xiamen jointly rectify the residual supervision of agricultural drug residues in 11 kinds of agricultural products

The people’s network Xiamen On July 16th, "Xiamen City’s consumption of agricultural products" to control drugs to promote "three-year action implementation plan" (hereinafter referred to as "plan") released, the program was published by Xiamen Agricultural Rural Bureau, City Ocean The development bureau, the Municipal Market Supervision Administration, Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Sports People’s Court, Municipal Health and Health Committee, etc. Residual exceeding the standard. This action focuses on the beans, leeks, celery, poultry eggs, black chicken, beef cattle, meat sheep, big mouth, black, squid, rhubarm, etc., "a variety of row, a list of remediation, a set of attacks The "four one" accurate governance model "of the program, a batch of management measures, fully promoted centralized governance," Let the people eat healthy, eat with confidence. "

Among them, criminal responsibility will be investigated for the presence of illegal violations.

Pesticide veterinary drug feed is implemented in accordance with the "Program", Xiamen City will strictly pesticide veterinary feed production and management, agricultural rural departments will carry out special governance action for agricultural resources and fake, accurately carry out the quality supervision of pesticide veterinary feed quality supervision, strict investigation of implicit addition Ingredients or other ingredients illegally.

At the same time, give full play to the role of agricultural regulatory information platform, establish and improve the pesticide veterinary feed electronics purchase station account, implement traceability management within the city of Xiamen, implement the two-dimensional code labeling system of pesticide products, implement veterinary drug products, to ensure veterinary drug products All of them are listed.

In the three-year action, the city will also carry out special rectification actions for the cleanup of farm and animal drug management, through organizational search engines, third-party trading platforms, etc. Conduct severe blow. During the operation of the quality monitoring of farm and vast drug products, Xiamen City will focus on guiding farmers using green technology models, abandoning traditional planting habits of big fat, promotes ecological farming model, and continuing to implement a beast antibacterial drug use reduction action. Promoting the creation of aquaculture, aquaculture demonstration area, and vigorously promotes the modern cultured approach to "producing controllable, ecological and safe, environmentally friendly". At the same time, the agricultural rural departments will also increase quality monitoring density, improve 7 key varieties, risks, and supervision of 7 key varieties of planting, animal husbandry. Among them, the city, the city, and the high-level products are listed in the peak period, carry out seasonal, targeted risk monitoring and supervision, to ensure at least one of the production mains of all key varieties every year; the town (street) is subject to all listed key products After the fast inspection, the results were qualified to be listed.

The information empowerment implementation is worth mentioning that the three-year action will actively explore the "Sunshine Nong’an" model, use informationization tools, and promote the application of convenient, electronic, and strengthen the production process control service.

By promoting the consumption of produce, the co-standard certificate certificate and the one-piece code traceable parallel system, all of the production subjects of the 11 key varieties are included in the supervision of parallel system, and the line inspection is increased, and urge timely uploading information, before listed. To the code, the document is sold.

In addition, the market supervision and other departments will also strengthen the daily inspections of the certificate / traceability. If the 开, false, listed in the quality and safety of agricultural products, implement credit, accurate management. (Zhang Meng Wu Xiaojing) (Editor: Wu Zhou, Zhong Xia Liuhua) Share let more people see client downloads.

Using AI engaged in espionage?British intelligence department will confidential data to Amazoniator

On November 16, the Singapore "Joint Morning Post" website recently reported that according to the British "Financial Times" disclosure, the British espionage is signed with Amazon Cloud Technology (AWS), and its confidential information is handed over to AWS hosting.

The report believes that this is to strengthen the use of data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) in English espionage.According to the report, the British Government Communication Headquarters (GCHQ) engaged in signaling services supports procurement of high security cloud systems.

In the future, other government departments such as the Five Army in the British military situation and the Ministry of Defense will also use this service in joint operations.British espionage signed contracts with Amazon Cloud Technology (AWS), handed over its confidential information to AWS hosting.

Solid advancement of common prosperity

  Common wealth is the essential requirement of socialism. It is an important feature of Chinese style modernization. It is not only an economic problem, but also a major political issue of relations party.

Achieving common prosperity is the mission of the Chinese Communist Party. It is a common expectation of the broad masses of the people. We must consciously take the initiative to narrow the region, urban and rural and income gaps, providing a more quality and balanced public service to achieve high quality development and high quality life.

  Scientific grasp the basic connotation and vision of the common prosperity and the common prosperity are all people through hard work and mutual help, and generally reach rich rich and rich, spiritual self-confidence, environmental shoulder, social harmony, public service popularity, people Comprehensive development and social progress, sharing the reform and development results and a happy life.

  Grasping the connotation of common prosperity must start from Marx’s historical materialism and socialism with Chinese characteristics. "Wealthy" is the purpose, representing the advanced productivity of socialism, reflecting efficiency, and focusing on the development of unsuccessful development, the purpose is to achieve the maximization of social wealth "cake" through high quality development.

"Common" is the way, embodying the advanced production relationship between socialism, highlighting fairness, focusing on regional, urban and rural, income gap, is equitable to fair and fairly divide social wealth "cake", and constantly resolve development imbalance.

Therefore, "Common Wealthy" is an organic combination of socialist advanced productivity and advanced production relationship. It is an important feature of superiority of socialist institutions. It is an important feature of Chinese style modernization, with distinctive characteristics and Chinese characteristics. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, my country will take an important pace in the common prosperity field. By 2035, my country will have achieved more obvious substantive progress in the common prosperity field, and the economic development is more high quality, and residents have more high quality. Development is more balanced, urban and rural development is more coordinated, and the income distribution pattern is more reasonable, and the public service is more quality and balanced. Properly dealing with the relationship between a number of major relationships that promote common prosperity.

Promote common prosperity to pay attention to efficiency, play the decisive role of market configuration resources, improve the full factor productivity through effective market, promote high quality development, and lay a solid substance foundation for achieving common prosperity.

At the same time, we must pay attention to fairness and play a guiding role of the government, establish a scientific public policy system, and form a reasonable allocation pattern of everyone. Handling the relationship between development and sharing. High quality development is the cornerstone of common prosperity, achieving common prosperity needs national participation, and all people build, and finally realize the sharing of all people.

Adhere to the development of the people’s livelihood, to improve the degree of education in education, enhance the development capacity, create more preferential conditions, smooth flow channel, create a chance to create a rich opportunity, to form everyone’s participation, people share the development surroundings. Handling the relationship between the first rich and the rich. Promote a common prosperity to allow some people to be rich, focus on encouraging hard work, legal operation, daring to start a business, and constantly improve the richest riches, the mechanism of helping and Hindu, in-depth implementation of the East and West collaboration and counterpart support, continue Promote intellectual support, industrial support, people’s livelihood improvement, cultural education support, and strengthen the benefits of land support, vigorously promote industrial cooperation, consumer help and labor cooperation, explore all interest sharing models such as co-construction parks, flying economies. Handling the current and long-term relationship. Perseverance, the long-term, arduous, complexity of common prosperity, but also to follow the law, actively, and can not get from the actual, to the ground, long time, in the process of realization, step-by-step Realize common prosperity, encourage all local conditions to explore effective paths, summarize experience, gradually push, enabling common prosperity and economic development phase, coordinated with modern construction processes, continuously forming the stage of promoting common prosperity, landmark results. Solidly promoting common prosperity achieved more obvious substantive progress to achieve more and more quality employment as a starting hand, focusing on income in residents. Adhere to the economic development employment orientation, improve the key group employment support system such as college graduates, migrant workers, and establish a promotion of entrepreneurship, multi-channel flexible employment mechanism, support and standardize new employment form, improve employment public service system, and focus on structural Employment contradictions. Improve the proportion of labor remuneration in the initial distribution, improve the rational growth and payment guarantee mechanism, and improve the policy system, increase the property of urban and rural residents, and improve the proportion of farmers’ land value-added benefits.

  To implement innovation-driven strategy as the starting point, strive to improve the quality of economic development entities. The technological self-reliance as a strategic support for national development, in-depth implementation of innovation-driven development strategy, improve national innovation system, accelerate the establishment of modern industrial system, and constantly improve the economy, the overall strength and international competitiveness of science and technology, to seize the opportunities in the digital transformation, unswervingly improve the quality and efficiency of the real economy.

Unswervingly consolidate and develop the public economy, and unswervingly encourage, support and guide non-public economic development, and constantly get rid of structural and institutional obstacles restricting the development of high-quality, continuing to enhance the development of power and vitality. To implement a coordinated regional development strategy as the starting point, efforts to reduce regional disparities.

Based on the comparative advantages of each region, according to local conditions to promote the development of high-quality, high level of balance in high-quality development.

Development of the Western form a new pattern, the implementation of a number of major ecological projects, strengthen the construction of a major thoroughfare open. Promote the revitalization of northeast achieve new breakthroughs, enhance the interests of national defense, food, ecology, energy, industrial security capabilities, develop the private economy. And create a new situation in the rise of the central region, advanced manufacturing bigger and stronger, and actively undertake new industrial layout and metastasis.

Promote the eastern region to lead the development of high-quality, accelerate the development of world-class advanced manufacturing clusters, the first to establish a comprehensive and open economies, to support the development and construction of high-quality common prosperity Zhejiang demonstration area.

Helping to improve after the first money to help the rich, adhere to the eastern and western counterpart support and cooperation, deepen cooperation in Northeast and East counterparts, perfect for old revolutionary base areas, border areas, areas ecological degradation, resource-based region and other old industrial bases accurate support policy to better promote common development developed areas and less developed regions. Urban-rural integration as the starting point, focus on narrowing the gap between urban and rural areas.

Coordinate development of new urbanization and rural revitalization strategy, and gradually break the urban-rural dual structure, promote resource elements of urban and rural two-way conduction and equal exchange, improve agricultural work to the public mechanism, establishment of urban talent, industrial and commercial capital, scientific and technological achievements into the township incentives, reform improve the rural land contracting system. Promoting urban public services extended to rural, urban and rural areas to enhance the level of equalization of basic public services, urban and rural infrastructure planning and construction of a unified management and protection. In order to strengthen the middle-income population size as the starting point, focus on narrowing the income gap. Implementation of action plans to expand the middle-income groups to universities and vocational college graduates, skilled workers, migrant workers as the key to improve the matching of graduate employment and labor participation rates, raise the level of skilled personnel benefits and social status, implementation farmers cultivate high-quality programs, and improve small and micro entrepreneurs support policies. Fulfill the functions of government regulation redistribution, increase the tax, social security, and other transfer payments adjust the intensity and precision, regulate excessively high incomes and ban illegal income. Third distribution role played by charities and other social welfare undertakings, mobilize the whole society to the poor and the weak, and promote social harmony.

Do reveal all the details of social assistance, improve and enhance the level of social security, improve security standards reveal all the details dynamic adjustment mechanism, enhance security benefits and fairness of the availability of social services.

  Equal to the quality of public services as the starting point, efforts to improve governance and build common share level. Promote education, health care, pension, child-care and other basic public services more equal Pratt & Whitney and can steadily improve security standards and service levels. Adapt to new trends in urban population, the promotion of quality education resources balanced layout, speed up the expansion of urban schools by bit, to improve remote and rural school teachers and school conditions. We attach great importance to the less developed regions of vocational education, to training skilled labor. With an aging population areas focus on accelerating the construction of the medical support and facilities for the elderly, and gradually improve the basic pension for urban and rural residents. In the first implementation of rural underdeveloped areas of preschool children nutrition improvement program, improve the rural left-behind children care service system. Helping people with disabilities improve the system, improve development capacity to protect people with disabilities. Promote fiscal spending less developed regions give priority to basic public services make up the short board. Increase the central and provincial government on the less developed areas of grass-roots government to provide basic public services, financial support, and gradually narrow the differences in per capita expenditure among the resident population of the region. (This article Source: Economic Daily Author: Wang Changlin Jia Ruoxiang were president of the Chinese Academy of Macroeconomic Research and researchers).

Two golden giant swords collided in the air,It’s like two peerless assassins are fighting。

Eleventh Floor Controller,Is a pure fast swordsman,Jianguang missed a hit,Stick and go,Swordsmanship is fast and pure。
And Li Ming’s sword,It’s a sword of killing,The boundless murderous intent caused a bloodshot on the edge of the golden giant sword。
But even at a speed that is not very good,Li Ming’s sword is also comparable to the golden giant sword of the eleventh floor controller。
Every collision,The controller’s golden giantsword trembled。
After dozens of collisions,The golden giant sword was shattered frontally by Li Ming’s blood-colored golden sword。Although the final explosion of the golden giant sword also hindered the blood golden sword for a moment,But Li Ming’s spear penetrated at the same time,One shot cut through the head of the eleventh floor of the master。
Through the 11th floor。
Li Ming sighed slightly after breaking through the eleventh floor,He understands that he has little confidence in breaking through the twelfth floor。After all, I spent a lot of effort on the 11th floor,If you go to the twelfth floor,The Golden Sword Slashing Void has already mastered the battle,Basically defeated。
of course,Li Ming is not without tricks,If Li Ming goes to deal with‘Illusionist’,Estimated by the strength of his will,Don’t talk about breaking through twelve floors,There is some hope even on the 13th floor。But he doesn’t like such a speculation。
Moreover,He only stayed in Chaos City for four years,There are still twenty-six years,How far he can progress?
But before that,Just break through the Tianshan Mountains!
Just when Li Ming entered the secret realm of Tongtian Mountain,The news that he had crossed the eleventh floor of the Tongtian Bridge was sent to the Lord of Dragon Walk by Bafen the Holder。
“It’s only four years,He actually went up two more floors,This speed。。。Tut,Actually didn’t come to see me。。。So I went to pass through the Tianshan Mountains!”The Lord of Longxing showed a slight smile,Obviously very satisfied with his disciple。
And in another special plane in the virtual universe。
Virtual universe,Specially open up a plane space。
A vast land in space,There are three towering mountains on the vast land,One is taller than one!

When Wang Youcai got to the side of the road,,Stopped a Di,Go straight to Donghai Restaurant。There are not many vehicles on the road,Didn’t spend much time,Wang Youcai went to Donghai Restaurant。

This is the first time he has come to this horrible place,Should be newly opened。Wang Youcai doesn’t want to look more,But a quick stepV8Private room。In the private room,Hu Huiru sat alone at a dinner table。When Wang Youcai went in,She is slowly drinking tea。
“Yo!What is so urgent?“Wang Youcai said,He sat openly beside Hu Huiru。Two lustful eyes swept over Hu Huiru’s tall chest。
Hu Huiru glanced at Wang Youcai and said:“Sit opposite,Just what we two are doing together?”
“Hi!Two talents squeeze together,I’m embarrassed to squeeze with more people”Wang Youcai takes advantage of Hu Huiru’s mouth,But the others walked over and sat across from Hu Huiru。This woman,Different from other women,He dare not come tough。
Hu Huiru shouted at the door:“Serve wine and serve”
“Hey Hu!I won’t drink this wine,You can drink it alone,I can’t drink”Wang Youcai is afraid that Hu Hui will not believe it,Pull up the sleeves,Showing purple scars。
Hu Huiru glanced casually and said:“Nothing,Liquor Promotes Blood Stasis,The doctor now doesn’t understand,Just drink less”
Wang Youcai still wants to talk,But Hu Huiru’s face is not pretty,So the words came to my throat and pressed back。I had to laugh and say:“I drink it,Just a little bit”
Hu Huiru poured two glasses of wine,Take a sip yourself,Then asked:“President Wang!what happened?Are you avoiding me too!This call has been on for so long,Only started today,What do you mean?”
“President Hu misunderstood, right?!I got hurt,In the hospital these days,So I don’t know when the phone is turned off,Just discharged from the hospital this morning,Your call is coming,I went to the appointment with injuries,You don’t thank me,Blame me,This makes me a little sad!”Wang Youcai said,Sipped some wine。
Hu Huiru smiled and said:“I blamed you,I thought you were the same as your brother,Avoid me。Is such that,My investment in Pingdu City suffered a setback,This won’t find you out,I want you to clear it up,Or the loss is too great,But you can rest assured,It’s done,Your benefits are indispensable”
“what’s up?It depends on whether I can do it?You speak first”Wang Youcai is also learning fine now,Not like before,No matter what he does。
Hu Huiru lowered her voice and said:“I am going to invest in Donglin Township,Unexpectedly, Xia Jian from the Venture Group took the lead,This kid doesn’t eat soft or hard,What do you think about this?”
“what?Want to grab business from Xia Jian,I’m afraid this is too difficult。Don’t you know,This kid has a startup group to back him up,He is almost in and out of no one in Pingdu,Plus his personal relationship with Ouyang Hong,This is too difficult”Wang Youcai shook his head and said,But what he said is true。
Hu Huiru smiled and said:“Everyone has a dead spot,I don’t believe he is really invulnerable。Ming can’t come,Can’t be dark?”