Zheng Yao is indeed a lot of things.,It’s left.,Rui Rui looked at Blue Carrier and Feng Manna after three hours, asked them before and before.,Mainly in order to enhance your feelings,In order to further understand them。
“Kugant,Who is the person who just talk to you??”Blue ko,
“a friend!”
“It should be a military person who can go to the training ground.!?”
The rouge of the rouge is obviously in the set of yourself.,Can’t help but laugh,Say:“He is also an instructor,Is it very handsome??Do you want me to tell him to train you??”
“However, this tutor has a nickname called Zheng Degun.!”Rui Rui, she said,Blue Kofi This small machine spirit is necessary to fight the fight,
“Devil!Awkward?You are a deputy!”
“His surname!Because those who follow him will be called hard,Every training is all mourning,It’s like just walking from hell.,He is the legendary devil,No a few people can live with his trainer!Do you dare to train him??”
“cut!People don’t suffer!Isn’t it training?!If you can’t die,I am not afraid of Blue Koff.!”
“I am afraid!Kugant!I feel very good.!”Von Manna shakes his head and the chopsticks are put down.。
“Hey, you have no interest.!Didn’t see he deliberately frightened you!”Blue blush,
“I feel that I am scaring you.?it is good!Wait, he has time.,I will let you know what is the devil training.!”
“come!Who is afraid of who?!”
“Row!How to say!”
Finish,Rui Rui sent them two to Rouge,Then drove to the pharmacy,Fu Yingxue has received the organization reply,Advanced agreement,And also proposed a comrade of the code tungsten wire。
Qi Rui knows tungsten wire is Zhou Yuhao,It seems that the story is still not changed.,Organize agree with him to implement this task,Then you can say hello to Zheng Yao first to send people to monitor Zhou Han Guang.。
Next month,Rui Rui is still more,pharmacy,pier,Rong Society,Training Course,Special high-class class ran back and forth,He still didn’t go to the foreign spy,Although the United States and Britain have given him a speech.。
this day,Rui Rui drives blue carp and von Manna to Shanghai City suburban training,In the half-way, two cars are moved in the middle.,From the car, six people who have grown up,After you come over, I will force the door to open the door.,Then I don’t say that three people are bundled and blocked with a mouth.,Someone drives their cars to continue driving。
Three people cannot communicate,Later, Blue Carriers and Feng Manna were tired.,Waiting for the car is still open。
It seems that it is a long time,The car stopped,Blue carp has been in a small black house by two people.,Waiting for the eye mask,There is a lamp photo with her,In this way, she can’t see anything.,Someone tied her,I took the cloth that blocked her mouth.。
“Blue carp!I am old and tell me.!Who is it in the end??”A person asked with a blunt Chinese,
“Hurry, what people are not more clear than me!Less to me!I know that you are trying me.!”Blue-kong said,
“Why do we try you??Why do you have such an idea??”
“There are many soldiers here.,But it is not a Japanese,Instead of wearing shoes,In addition, you block my mouth is very clean.,And the rope tied to me is not very hard.,If I guess, what is wrong,It should be near Nanjing here.!”Blue blush,
“How do you know this is near Nanjing?,And we determine that you are still asleep during the car.!”
“The car has been driving for so long.,When we got off the bus, although I took a black cloth, I also felt now is a big day.,So, the car is at least one night.,Plus yesterday day away,In addition, I have just heard people who have several Nanjing accents talking.,So I guess it should be near Nanjing.,But it is never in the city!”
Chapter 65 Scratch
Xu Zhengyuan is also very surprised to see the blue carp.,Old Six Zheng Yao first sent people to send people,Say these two girls are very valuable,Especially Blue Carrier,I didn’t expect such a memory and analytical ability to be very outstanding.。
Since guess, you don’t have to be negative.,Xu Zhengyuan laughed:“Talent is good!Then do you know what to bring you here??”
“Training,Qi Chuan officials have long said that they will let the son of the guides training us.!I suddenly said that I was strange to bring us to the suburbs.,Everything is he premedited!”
“Hahaha……There is no Zheng devil here,There is a Xu Deville,Li Devil still has Liu Deguan!”Xu Zhengyuan laughed to open the lamp in the house,Put the blue caring light is also close。
Blue Koff, this room has a middle school military officer.,In addition, there are four serious women who are uniform.,just ask:“Manna?”
“do not worry,Waiting, we will know her performance.,Can you take it??”
Time urgent,Only three hours of training time is obviously not enough for Blue Carp and Von Manna.,So after I have negotiated with Zheng Yao first.,Decided to be sent to the Bowns Mountain Training Base,Here is also a female training camp。
Von Mana, which is also taken to the small black house is really scared.,I didn’t send a devil to her.,It is directly that I am a special location.,Said that her father Feng Zixiong is a traitor,Let her honestly explain the father’s problem,As a result, Feng Manna screamed for his father.,No matter how frighten threatens, she is crying, saying that their father can’t be traitors.,Observe her interrogation expert two,So the last conclusion determines that she does not know that her father is a traitor.。
Some blue carp and von Manna are taken outside the house,I found that it is indeed a military base.,There are mountains around,But not very high,The training facilities here are more complete,There is also a bright slogan to shoot.。
“Welcome two beautiful ladies to hell!My name is Liu Lan Ting!You will call me Liu Jiao official.!”A young school female officer came to the two girls。