Qiangwei’s face is black, playing with the black dagger in her hand,There is no blood on it。
And Qilin has only two words for Xin Zhao’s performance,Grandiose,Too exaggerated。
Lena looked at Xin Zhao with a smile on her face,That look,Seems to look at the same kind of eyes,And the two eyes are even more written‘I am not alone!’
“Lena,Can i do it?”
Watching Xin Zhao still play dead there,Qiangwei turned her head and asked Lena。
Lena heard what Qiangwei said,Nod“Do it yourself,Don’t care about me!”
“OK,What you are waiting for!”Qiangwei reached out and patted Qilin,Then the whole person disappeared,Then the next second appeared on Xin Zhao’s back。
‘I let you pretend,I let you pretend!’
Rose’s pink hands,The black armor fell straight on Xin Zhao’s head。
Then Xin Zhao was confused,I go,I just installed it,Are you hitting me so hard?!
“I surrendered,stop fighting!”
I thought that after surrendering, no one would beat him Xin Zhao,I heard Qiangwei mumble directly“How can the Xiongbing Company have a scam like you?,Time to hit!”
Xin Zhao understands,Anyway, I have to be beaten,Don’t blame me for breaking out!
“Break out,My little universe!”
Xin Zhao burst into a blue-white electric current,Draw Qiangwei directly,Then fell to the ground。Take advantage of this good opportunity,Xin Zhao stood up directly,Looking at the rose lying there,Disdain on face“My Saint Zhao Xin,It’s not a vain!”
“Saint Seiya,Lord Xin, aren’t you a white horse and silver gun Zhao Xiaoxin?!How come you become a saint again!”Rui Mengmeng used the most innocent words,Speaking what hurt Xin Zhao the most。