Why is this company a big company?,It can’t be like this without anyone。
Qin Feng knew what these people were thinking,He walked straight in。
Many people know Qin Feng,So everyone stood up and shouted:“President Qin。”
“Cough,This period of time,Really sorry,Because I met some emergency,The phone can’t be turned on,So there is no way to arrange some things,This also caused everyone to be negligent,I’m really sorry。”
Qin Feng said seriously, too,After speaking,He still bows。
moment,Everyone else is in a hurry。
Other dormitories have also come,Because they all heard Qin Feng’s movement。
“Qin Feng is back,What’s going on?Appearing now?”
“Didn’t you hear?Something went out,There is always no way to turn on the phone,Otherwise, why do you think you are not here??”
“Ugh,This thing seems to be the same,Otherwise,Who is full and needs so many of us??”
Many people started whispering directly,They also know very well that they have something here。