“Yes,To the eighth floor,You can use all your strength,Go try that kid。”
“it is good,I want to see how strong he is!”
The eighth floor of Guyu Tower,A dark golden flame dragon lies in it。
“Ming Daojun!”The dark golden flame dragon made a trembling sound,“Can actually reach here.but,I can tell you clearly,The eighth floor is my deity。Want to break through me,Even the Lord of the Holy City may not be able to do it!Although I am optimistic about you,But you may also fall here”
“Seniors can try!”
“If you think you can’t resist,Just admit defeat。。。otherwise,I will burn you to annihilation!”A threatening sentence,The dark golden flame dragon slammed at Li Ming。
I saw the flame dragon change,It turns into a cloud of fire in the air。
Thereafter,Fire cloud comes,Turned into a flame cage,Completely enveloped Li Ming,The raging fire is like a stove,Continuously refining and burning internally。
“Liangyi Guardian Formation!”Li Ming’s sleeves flicked,Directly release a set of formations。
Around him,The image of black and white two instruments emerges,Yin and Yang change,Forming a flowing water dragon circling。
But different from the seventh floor,In the eighth floor,The flame’s power surged by half a level,The flowing water dragon is unable to compete head-on,I can barely protect myself。
The temperature of the cage transformed by the Dark Golden Flame Dragon is further increased!
Although I’m fighting,But this eternal fire is not hostile,Instead, he talked endlessly with Li Ming。
It seems that because of endless years, I rarely talk to people,This dark-gold flame dragon really has something to talk about。“Ming Daojun,You can fight me in the realm of the pinnacle Daoist,It seems that your method of unity of mind and force has reached the third level?It’s really amazing,Cultivating to the third state of unity of mind and force when you were in Daojun,I follow my master across countless realms,I haven’t seen a few such powerful Taoists!”
“Ming Daojun,Are you the disciple of the emperor in the endless territory?I cultivated alone!Maybe I still know your master。”