“Didn’t you say that spiders have been wiped out by you??In this case,You don’t have to follow me。”Qin Feng can’t tell if the other party will beat him up because of anger。
After all, Qin Feng is still not used to staying with this unfamiliar person。
“The spider was maimed, yes,But shouldn’t your enemy be a Skynet member??The Skynet organization still hasn’t emerged yet。Besides,How do you know that there are no god-level powerhouses??If encountered,Are you afraid you will die?”Yinsang said not to the front。
“amount.”Qin Feng touched his chin,“That makes sense,But the problem is,Skynet people,It’s not easy to deal with。Besides,You follow me,I have no money for you!”
Qin Feng tells the truth,The money paid to each other before needs the help of Dynasty Group,So it’s impossible to get enough money to give to the other party。
“That’s all right,I just want to stay with you to protect you!No money!”Yin Sang opened his mouth。
“Can you give me a reason?”Qin Feng frowned。I think Yinsang is deliberate!
“because,My adoptive father is your biological father.”
“What the hell?”
Of course Qin Feng was quite surprised when he heard this information,Because fifteen years have passed,Qin Feng has never heard of his father Qin Wangchu。
But now suddenly a“Islander”Tell him that his father had adopted a child?
of course,After thinking about it, I still think this kind of thing is still possible。
Qin Feng asked,“Why didn’t I hear my father mention it??”