“Hurry up!Keying,Contact Sanye Cui quickly,I want to see Cui Sanye right away!”Qiao Tianyu can’t wait。
Since the four major families were driven out of the United States by the Arrow Sakura organization,It’s been more than 20 years now,And Cui Laosan seems to be doing pretty well in Zurich,Maybe he can really help!
Under Qiao Tianyu’s urging,Xiaopanglian immediately contacted Cui Laosan,And when I heard that Qiao Tianyu wanted to see him,Cui Laosan agreed,He is also looking for Qiao Tianyu!
Qiao Tianyu and Xiao Pang Lian set off immediately,I arrived at Cui Laosan’s villa in a while。
Same as last time,This time I just entered the villa,A strong aroma of medicinal materials is tangy。
But different from last time,Today’s medicinal scent has a hint of sweetness,It makes people feel relaxed and happy after smelling,The whole person is more energetic。
“Haha,Qiao Tianyu, Qiao Tianyu,Awesome you!”Qiao Tianyu just entered the villa lobby,Cui Laosan, who was rushed by, threw a punch on the shoulder excitedly。
“3700One hundred million U.S. dollars!The Arrow Sakura organization was lost in World War I3700One hundred million U.S. dollars!Our Fuxing Club has you, Qiao Tianyu,Why don’t you see the day,Hahaha.”
Wait for Qiao Tianyu to relax,Only then discovered that the heads of the three families of Cui, Lu, and Chen were all gathered here.,Qiao Tianyu dare not neglect,Quickly bow to the three heads。
But now Qiao Tianyu’s mind is full of golden things,The three-day period set by Chubais is coming soon,Qiao Tianyu certainly doesn’t want to be the KGB corpse on the street。
So after greeting the three heads,Qiao Tianyu came to Cui Laosan,Whispered,“San Ye,The junior came to see you today,Yes.”
“Haha,Tianyu,Everyone is here,You can’t just have a small meeting with Laosan Cui。”The careless Chen Honglie smiled readily。
“All right,Talk business。”Lord Lu, who was sitting in the middle, spoke,“Tianyu,Today everyone is here waiting for you,Just to ask you for advice。”
“Junior dare not be,Lord Lu, please indicate。”
Since the last time I met, I was scolded by the Lu master,Qiao Tianyu still has lingering fears,So he didn’t dare to do it again in front of Lu Ye。
“Nothing big,It’s the battle of shorting the crude oil market you traded today,Everyone didn’t understand,How did you lose the Arrow Sakura organization3700Billion dollar?”Lu Ye asked blankly。
“This old man’s mood is a bit wrong。”Qiao Tianyu murmured in his heart。
Since I just came in,Qiao Tianyu found that there was something wrong with Master Lu,This morning, it was Qiao Tianyu who won the victory,This is a gratifying event,Cui Laosan and Chen Honglie are also too excited,Only this Lord Lu,But keep a face,has a problem。